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Ask to Join Sonic: Pure Chaos

(Discussion thread here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/sonic-pure-chaos-discussion-sign-up.15565/
RPers: @The Ringmaster @Lucky Ace @Trainer Moar @Rene2is @PokeKitty42404 )
Welcome to the planet Mobius - a world unique and beyond what you know from the SEGA games! Where Sonic and his heroic friends work to save the world from the forces of evil!
Two years ago, the devious Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik began his conquest of the world. He started by attempting to mine the Chaos Emeralds from South Island, to power his engine of destruction - the Death Egg! However, the doctor crossed paths with one hedgehog who would stop his evil plans time and time again - Sonic the Hedgehog!
Every time the doctor hatches a new evil scheme, Sonic will always be there to stop him. The Death Egg, the Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald, an ancient water god, the ARK... Sonic has saved the world from Dr. Eggman's crazy schemes time and time again. Now, the Doctor is setting out to collect the Chaos Emeralds again, and it's up to Sonic to stop him!

The city of Furville is a nice, quiet town. Safe and calm. It's a large settlement, with no need for any armed forces. It's the perfect place for a nice, peaceful life.
Or was, anyways.
At this time, the Egg Carrier was stationed above the city. Egg Pods were dropping, allowing the Egg Pawns and Badniks inside the pods into the city. Villagers fled from the robots, being gathered up. Eventually the townspeople had all been rounded up into the city for purposes unknown to them. A small door opened up from the Egg Carrier, and the Egg Mobile flew down. One of the Egg Pawns activated a jukebox, as E.G.G.M.A.N. began to play. Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik arrived in the Egg Mobile (with Orbot and Cubot on side-pods), floating in front of the people.
"Helpless citizens! It is I, your great leader and conqueror, Dr. Eggman!" Robotnik said. "You shall be brought to my Egg Carrier where you shall be then taken to White Acropolis Zone, where you shall then work in my Badnik factory until the end of your life. You will receive food and water, however. You can work for me longer that way. Oh, and you're not getting paid. Egg Pawns, begin taking them to the Egg Carrier!"
Upon the Doctor's command, the Egg Pawns began to gather up the people. Orbot noticed something on his radar.
"Uh... boss? We might have a problem..."
Then a blue wind started swirling around the group. One by one, the Egg Pawns were destroyed.
"No! Not him! Not now!" the Doctor shouted.
The blue streak slowed down, grabbing the music box and smashing it.
"Heya, doc! Long time no see!" said Sonic the Hedgehog, standing triumphantly.
"Sonic!" the Doctor said. "Destroy the hedgehog, you boltbrains!" The badniks started to fire on the hedgehog, but Sonic ran out of the way. Spin-dashing, he destroyed multiple Motobugs, Egg Pawns and Buzzbombers. He ran away, all the Motobugs chasing him. The Egg Pawns tried to follow, but they were too slow. When they arrived, they saw Sonic holding a Motobug like a ball.
"PASS TO YOU!" The hedgehog wound up his arm and threw it. The badnik exploded, destroying a large portion of the Egg Pawns. "Aw... you didn't catch it." Sonic said with mock sadness. The remaining Egg Pawns took out blasters and started firing at the hedgehog, accompanied by the Buzzbombers. Sonic dodged the shots, moving too fast to be seen. The hedgehog jumped onto the back of a Buzzbomber, using it to destroy the other badniks. At the end, Sonic got the robot to blast itself.
"Oh for the love of...! Orbot! You better have a way to clean up this mess!" the Doctor said, pointing to Orbot.
Tails and Amy should be here soon. Sonic thought. Just gotta keep the doctor busy. If he leaves, then this distraction will have been a waste of time.
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Having done nothing but sit and watch as Dr. Eggman's Egg Pawns were destroyed by a certain blue hedgehog, Orbot looked over to him with his glowing blue eyes once he was called upon, flying over to him. The miniature robot saluted in mock-readiness, saying in an almost monotone voice, "yes, Your Egginess. I got it." More Egg Pawns were called upon from the Egg Carrier, and Orbot commanded them to clean the mess Sonic had created, handing each one a broom, also taken from the Carrier, to assist them. "There ya go, Boss," he said, looking back to Eggman. "Happy?"
Sonic stopped running, looked at what was happening, and started laughing. "Phahahahah... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"
"Like you'd eat either of those!" Sonic said, matter-of-factly.
"YOU'RE NOT HELPING!" the Doctor shouted.
A yellow, cube-shaped robot assistant began to laugh alongside Sonic as he watched the scene play out before him, having done nothing so far. "That funny!" Cubot said, pointing at a cleaning Egg Pawn.

With a roll of his electronic eyes, Orbot sighed quietly as he grabbed a smoke bomb he had placed in his pod and tossed it down to the ground below, watching boredly as it blew up into a large, white cloud. He flew over to Cubot and his pod, told him to "c'mon," and flew back up to the Egg Carrier, his robo-partner trailing behind him. While he traveled, he recalled all the working Egg Pawns, and they, too, began to fly back to the Carrier.
"Wh- GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!" Eggman said, flying after them.
"Ah, dangit!" Sonic said. "Oh, well. Guess we'll have to put that tracker on them another time." The hedgehog looked around. "Actually, where is Tails? He and Amy were supposed to be here by now."

Arriving at the Egg Carrier, Dr. Robotnik went up to Orbot and Cubot. "Grr... You two are USELESS! At least I know Project SSII won't screw it up like you. Actually, on that note... METAL SONIC! SHADOW! GET OVER HERE!"
Metal Sonic activated upon his creator's call, flying over to Dr. Eggman. The silent assassin stomped the ground upon landing, scaring the nearby robots.
(@Lucky Ace and/or @Rene2is can now enter)
Shadow followed Eggman's order with a sign of anger, "what, did we fail again? I fell like your plans get dumber and dumber." Shadow said with smirk thinking it was funny that Sonic beat him again. "That blue hedgehog always seems to amaze me." he added.
Tails flew in, airlifting Amy. Tails let go of the Female Hedgehog, the Female landing on her feet, her Piko Piko Hammer in hand. Tails slowly glided down, making a less sparkling entrance. He then sighed.

"Sorry bout that Sonic. The Tornado broke down, and there was no time to repair it, so we ended up here the old fationed way; Tailsportation." Tails smiled slightly at his cunningly bad joke.

Amy on the other hand was slightly annoyed. "And it was pretty slow." She sighed.

"Hey! I don't see you trying to take me to the middle of a battle zone, need I remind you I'm still faster then you on foot and air!" Tails exclaimed.

"Anyways, I see that you were able to defeat Eggman by yourself. Nothing less to expect from my Darling Sonic!" Amy smiled, then hugging Sonic.

Tails pulled out his Radar, an application on his handmade phone. Their was a flurry of red dots on the green cellular grid. "What?" Tails questioned, poking at the small screen. At that, the Red flurry dissapeared. "Still need to work out a few kinks I guess." Tails sighed.
Having been looking the other way, Sonic quickly turned around. "Ah. That's understandable. So, Tails, what's - GET OFF ME AMY - what does that invention do, again?"

"AH, SHUT UP!" Eggman said, turning to Shadow. Turning back, he activated a computer screen. "And since that didn't work, we STILL don't have the necessary man-power to complete the Egg Fleet just yet. WONDERFUL! That's why I called you two here!" Eggman turned to his deadly enforcers. "I need you two to begin to search for Chaos Emeralds. I need them to power Project SSII. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a robot that I'll send to help you on your mission. AND DON'T DISAPPOINT ME! OR ELSE!"
Nodding, Metal Sonic interfaced with the Egg Net Database. Finding a probable location of a Chaos Emerald, he zoomed off.
"Well its supposed to be designed to track chaos emeralds, picking up their energy signals, but I made it so it could track almost anything. A green dot, means that their are life signals around so any of us. A red dot, means their are probably eggman robots. And a blue dot, means that theres a chaos emerald nearby, but I don't think it works too much, its pretty glitchy." Tails sighed, looking back to Sonic.

"Anyways we should start looking soon." Tails smiled.
"Ugh, fine." Shadow replied to Eggman's order. Shadow then looked at the Egg Net Database and found a perfect location, " Ah this well be easy." Shadow said before heading off to a chaos emerald's location.
"We'll probably need a real Chaos Emerald before you can get the rest of the kinks out, huh?" Sonic said. "Ah, well. Do you have any leads on a Chaos Emerald? We might not need it right now, but it's better to have one than to not. Ensures that Eggman doesn't have it, at least."

Watching Shadow teleport away, the doctor sighed. "Things will go MUCH better when I have the Emeralds. ORBOT!" The doctor said, turning to his service robot. "I want some good news. What's the progress on the Egg Fleet, the Death Egg and Project SSII respectively? And have you found out what happened to Projects Mecha, Black Chaos and Power Gem?"

Wandering the plains, Mighty was hanging out with Mina and Ray. They were all currently hanging out at the hotel in Station Square. Mighty was relaxing by the pool, watching the clouds.
"You know, I crave adventure. But I can also really enjoy some downtime. We've spent so much time searching for Metallix that we haven't gotten a chance to just relax."
"Yeah, but that's why we're here!" Mina said, walking over with a glass of water she was drinking. "To relax. No worrying about Metallix, no worrying about Eggman, no worrying about-"
Mina was cut off by the sight that they both saw. Metal Sonic flying in the sky, through Station Square. The robot flew into Emerald Coast, on a mission.
"Metal Sonic!" Mighty said, alarmed. Getting out of his beach chair, the armadillo began running towards Emerald Coast. Mina, finishing off her glass, followed him. With her super speed she caught up easily.

Metal Sonic, flying though Station Square, got a blink on his radar.
"Yea, you may be right there." Amy frowned, letting go of Sonic in the process. She picked up her hammer, and sighed. "We-" Amy was cut off by Tails.

"Hey! It's picking up Chaos Energy!" Tails exclaimed, showing the radar to the pair of hedgehogs. Their was a blue dot on screen, meaning their was a chaos emerald somewhere nearby. "Looks like we didnt even need an emerald this time!" Tails smiled.

"Well how can we know its not bugging out like it did a few seconds ago!" Amy couldn't help but call out.

"Well we don't know for sure, but if it is the Chaos Emerald, we need to go find it, before anyone else can!" Tails called out.

Amy thought about it, before agreeing. "You've got me there." Amy smiled. "Well Sonic, lets say we go get it!" Amy smirked.
Cubot hid behind Orbot once the doctor approached them, shaking slightly and holding on to the red robot's shoulders. Orbot merely shook his head, a servo slapped against his face. "You're welcome, sir," he replied sarcastically to the egg man's words, looking back to Cubot, who basically had his entire body pressed against his back. "Get off me!" Orbot yelled, pushing the yellow bot away from him.

"S-Sorry..." Cubot apologized, hiding his unmoving mouth from Eggman's view as he pointed to the doctor. "He scary!" he explained, making sure he stayed as far away from the doctor as possible.

Ignoring the cubed robot, Orbot turned back to Dr. Eggman and proceeded to answer his questions. "No, haven't heard back from them. As for the Egg Fleet and Death Egg, they're up and ready to go. Project SSII is going fine, from what I know," he replied in a bored tone.


Ray fell off the chair he was seated on once he heard the mention of a certain metal hedgehog. Looking up quickly, he scrambled back to his feet, looking very much alarmed. "Metal Sonic!? Where!?" Ray yelled, beginning to back down to the ground. He quickly and suddenly extended his arms as far as they'd go, rising into the air as he followed Mighty and Mina. As much as he hated being near Metal Sonic, his flight was the quickest thing he could use to catch up to his friends. Once he did catch up with them, Ray fell backdown to the ground and continued to run, fearing for his life and those of his friends.
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"Sounds like a good idea." Sonic said. "Race ya!" The hedgehog dashed off immediately. Having seen the readings, he saw that the Emerald was supposedly in Turquoise Plains Zone. The hedgehog entered the zone, preparing for action.
The blue blur dashed through the zone. There were many obstacles - loop-de-loops, falling platforms, spikes, badniks, pits - but he blasted through them. Blitzing with speed, the hedgehog soon arrived at a sign post with the visage of Robotnik. Sonic knew these posts - they were scattered everywhere. The hedgehog blasted through it and the sign changed to Sonic's face.
SONIC CLEARED ACT 1! (Bada-ba-ba-bada bada, ba-ba-ba-ba...!)

Mighty and Mina saw Ray catch up with them, and started moving through the zone. The armadillo broke through a wall, and Mina took them through some loop-de-loops at high speed. Mina stopped, arriving at a cliff-side. There was a track of land on the other side, but she couldn't jump across.
"Mind giving us a hand, Ray?" Mina asked.

"Eh... mixed results." the doctor replied. "If I want the best results, though, I'm going to need to do something. But what...? I know!" Eggman opened up a personal folder, with a list of files. He also opened a notepad and began typing. "Let's see... Project Zeti, no. Still don't have that conch. Project Eclipse? Tried that. Failed. Project Iblis? Possibly... but no. Project... E-series. Right, this thing. I do remember giving the order to continue it. Let's take a look and see what's been created. ...E-123 Omega? Function: Walking Arsenal? Now THIS seems interesting! Status: Standby? Let's fix that!" The doctor pressed a button, activating Omega. He inputted a code that would tell the E-series robot to come to the deck as soon as it could. Eggman then closed the folder and kept looking. "Project Chimera? Oh, right! That old thing. Let's see how it turned out. 'Subject groups 1-7 and 9-12: Failure. Result: DNA of subjects incompatible, species too different.' Oh well. Wishful thinking I suppose... Wait! Subject groups 1-7 and 9-12? What about subject group 8? Let's take a look. 'Subject group 8. Subject species: Echidna and Tenric. DNA compatibility rate: 87%. Chimera fusion process:' ...SUCCESS?! Project Chimera actually worked?! Of all the...! Orbot! What happened to Project Chimera's sole successful subject? I need that beautiful creation here to serve me!"

The powerful and final unit in the E-series awoke, finally being activated. E-123 Omega ran a full weapons-check to ensure he was locked and loaded. Then he ran diagnostics. The robot found a message that had been sent to him - an objective. The robot began to lumber its way to the deck of the Egg Carrier v3.
"SONIC!" Amy yelled. "Err! Why does he keep leaving us behind like that!" Amy yelled, looking to her side to see Tails was missing, instead to see him dashing off without her.

"Sonic! Wait for me!" Tails yelled, using his twin tails as propellers to atleast try and catch up. Amy growled. "Tails! Get back here!" Amy yelled, dashing after the two tailed fox.

Once they made it to Turquoise Plains Zone Act 1, Tails stopped waiting for the out of breath Pink Hedgehog. "Looks like Sonic already made it through." Tails sighed. Amy collapsed in front to Tails. "Oh come on, you'd run for miles to catch up with sonic, but you're seriously giving up on me!" Tails frowned. "Too, Tired!" Amy frowned, her voice slightly muffled. Tails sighed, sitting down, considering to wait for Sonic instead.
Glancing back up to the sky, Ray nodded timidly. "Yeah, sure. I just hope that robot doesn't get too close or anything," he replied, taking one of each of his friends' hands, extending his arms once again to lift all three of them into the air. The flying squirrel soared across the chasm, careful not to drop either Mighty nor Mina on the trip. Once he made it over to the other side, he touched the ground with his feet before releasing his grip on his friends' hands. Almost immediately, he took off running once again, not waiting for the others to catch up. "Now c'mon!"


"The subject, Your Eggship, is at Final Fortress, in cryogenic stasis," Orbot replied to his master, arms folded over his metallic chest. He didn't bother asking what the doctor was thinking of doing with Tai, instead waiting for whatever other question he'd surely ask. Because why not, right? he thought, half annoyed, half amused with himself, as he continued to watch Dr. Eggman work.

Cubot stayed backed far away from Eggman, still behind Orbot but not up his rear end. His servos were pressed to his face in fear of what the doctor could possibly do to them if they messed up again.
Sonic, seeing Tails and Amy arrive at the checkpoint, dashed on back.
"C'mon! What are you waiting for, slowpokes!" The hedgehog said, tapping his foot impatiently. Then he saw Amy exhausted. "Huh. Tails can keep up but you can't? Ah, fine! Just because I'm impatient." Sonic picked up Amy and dashed off. "You can keep up with me, Tails! Come on! The Chaos Emerald awaits!"
Sonic blasted through the level, carrying Amy. The Hedgehog dashed into a cavern, and saw some beautiful waterfalls. "Cool." he said. Sonic noticed an opening, and some springs. The blue blur bounced off of the spring, flying into the air and out of the cavern. He found himself above a hill, where he landed and kept running. The hedgehog saw a boardwalk crossing a lake that would be the fastest way across. Landing, he dashed down the path, Amy still in his arms.
Then an orca emerged.
"No no no no nononononono! Not here! Not now! NOT AGAIN!" Sonic said, running faster.

Mina caught up first, Mighty close behind. They saw a signpost, and dashed past it.
MIGHTY, RAY & MINA CLEARED ACT 1! (Bada-ba-ba-bada bada, ba-ba-ba-ba...!)
Slowing down, Mighty looked around. "Now where's Metal? He's gotta be around here somewhere..."
The armadillo was then hit in the back by a blue streak.
Mighty was sent flying, landing in the beach. Mina saw the event with shock. "Mighty!" The blue blur flew up and revealed itself to be Metal Sonic. The robot blasted Mina and Ray with lasers, pelting the surrounding area. The automaton then blasted off farther into Emerald Coast.
"You're not getting away!" Mighty said, springing himself up and dashing after Metal.

"Good." The doctor said, smiling. "Perfect! I'm getting a devilish idea. I'm heading off to Final Fortress. Take care of the Egg Carrier while I'm gone." Eggman started to leave, but came across E-123 coming up the stairs. "Ah, Omega! The perfection of the E-series. I'm going to go on a little trip. But with me gone, the Egg Carrier will have little to no power players to defend it from any pesky heroes showing up to sabotage my efforts. I know you're meant for so much more than this, but I need you to defend the Egg Carrier and watch over these two to make sure they don't do anything stupid." Eggman pointed to Orbot and Cubot as he said the last part. "Understand?"
"Mission objective: Not acceptable." Omega said. "I was created for the sole purpose of destroying Sonic. Why is my first mission upon activation NOT to destroy Sonic?"
"Because I need you here!" The doctor shouted. "And if you disobey, I'll turn you into a sheet of tin and throw you in the incinerator! And then you'll never get your chance to fight Sonic."
"...Mission objective: Acceptable." Omega said, walking past Eggman.
"Good. Now, farewell! I'll see you all when I return!" The doctor headed off, going to his Egg Mobile.
Omega turned to Cubot, changing his hand to a gatling gun. "Do anything stupid, and I shall violently eviscerate you."

The doctor hopped into his Egg Mobile, flying off to the Final Fortress. When he arrived, he came to Subject 8's personal cryogenic chamber and unfroze her. The doctor brought her to a table, and pulled up some tech gear. "I may be a doctor of technology, but it's time to perform some surgery."

Eggman closed up his "patient", as he had finished upgrading her. He removed the needle in her shoulder, allowing her to awaken. The doctor stood, waiting for Subject 8 to awaken.
(You can now play as Tai! @Icena)
The Chimera stirred and slowly opened her eyes, blinking a few times. In front of her was a large man with a mustache. She slowly lifted herself up and sat down on the table she was on. She felt a little bit of pain in her shoulder, but it didn't bother her as much as an important question: Where was she? And even more importantly, who was she? It was obvious the man with the mustache in front of her knew the answer to those questions, as he seemed to be waiting for her to awaken before. She decided to start with the first question.
"Where am I?" she murmured, looking at the man's face.
Vector sat down in his office after a long day of helping people in detective cases. "Oh great, finally we are back in the office. Helping people may be fun, but it's tiresome, man, I wish I could go for a nap..." The crocodile, which was known as the Team Chaotix boss, spoke. He then went to his desk and investigated some papers.

(@The Trionic machine, @PokeKitty42404, your allowed to post now as Espio and Charmy.)
Espio had entered the office, and had heard what Vector said. '' I do not get tired, '' Espio said, looking down and leaning against the wall. '' The danger does not rest, '' Espio said taking a Shuriken, and had thrown her into a well-pierced target. "Shall we have another mission now?" Espio said looking at Vector, who was moving the papers.
"Eh, things take their time. I don't think we have any missions at least left, but perhaps there could be more." Vector said, moving the papers once more. "Let's see here... Mhm.... Not much to see here... Nope, none. Nobody's asked us... yet. But when the time comes, somebody'll ask us." The big crocodile said, putting his feet on the desk. "Where's Charmy, anyway?" He asked to the ninja.
Espio had thrown another Shuriken on the target, and had looked at Vector again. '' Maybe Charmy is out there, we did not forget him on the last investigation. '' Espio said throwing another Shuriken. '' Let's see outside. '' Espio said walking to the door.
"Yeah, your right." Vector said, leaving the desk alone and walking towards the door. "Some things never change, do they? Just sometimes I wonder what's with that bee...." He said, thinking. He then went outside, and looked. "I don't see 'em." The crocodile said, looking around.
Espio had left, and seen the landscape, but no one was there. '' He's just curious, he's a child, '' Espio said looking intently out. '' He's not here right now, '' Espio said looking out again "Let's go look for him, he should not have gone too far."Espio said walking away from the office.
"You got that right!" Vector exclaimed, walking away from the office as well. He then grabbed one of his binoculars (Which he had to pay a lot for) and used it to look around while walking. "Nope, no sign of him here." Vector said.
Espio had looked at the Binoculars that Vector bought. ''You think you can walk with it on your face?''Espio said looking forward, and a tree was on Vector's path.''And in two minutes no sign of it will appear.''Espio said as the tree approached.
"Hey, don't tell me where to-- OW!" Vector said, hitting the tree. "You were right.... I'm not sure to say thank you or something else right now. I'll be careful." The crocodile said, putting the binoculars away and then went forward.
Ray fell backwards as Metal Sonic made a reappearance, spooking him into losing his footing. An audible "ooph!" sounded from his mouth as he hit the ground, only to quickly rise into the air with the help of the skin flaps at his sides. With his newfound flight, the flying squirrel was able to dodge the lasers sent hurtling towards him by the enemy, and he picked up Mina before darting through the air. He flew after Mighty and Metal Sonic, quick to catch up to his friend, but he still had a long way to go to make it to the robot. "You won't get away with this. you... robot," he began to yell, only to resort back to his normal voice and look down to the ground, teeth clenched, but still flying.

When Doctor Eggman pointed at them and called them stupid, Orbot and Cubot reacted in two completely different ways. The spherical robot tightened the grip of his folded arms, narrowing his glowing blue eyes at the living egg and emitting a nearly unhearable growl. The cubed one jumped up and darted to Orbot's side, beating on his metallic chest like a gorilla. "No stupid!" he replied, matter-of-factly. "We smart!"

Orbot placed a servo on Cubot's shouder, patting him lightly. "He'll only disagree, y'know. Don't bother trying."

Cubot immediately shrunk back when Omega pointed a gun at him, floating backwards to the nearest corner and covering his face with his hands defensively. "Me stop! Me stop! Me stupid! Me sorry!"

Orbot merely smacked his forehead with a servo as he watched the scene play out.
"You are aboard the Flying Fortress." Dr. Eggman said. "A large battleship/R&D station of the Eggman Empire. I am your brilliant creator, Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik. You will call me Lord Eggman. You used to have some semblance of normal life... but I removed that from you. Now, you are my living weapon. My newest destroyer. You are my ultimate annihilator. You are...! Hm." The doctor stopped his maniacal speech to readjust his glasses. "I haven't thought of a name for you yet. And I'm not going to call you Subject 8. Let's see here... what about...? No, doesn't fit. Maybe...? Nah. That's for a robot. Perhaps...? Eh, it works. You shall now be named... TAI!"

Mina was shocked and surprised at how fast things were happening. As soon as Ray got them to the same pace as Mighty, Mina hopped down. "I'm the fastest one here! I can catch up!"
"But you're still not combat-trained!" Mighty said. "Get me up there! I can wallop him!"
"Alright!" Mina said. Grabbing Mighty and Ray by the hands, she dashed forwards at maximum speed. The Mongoose quickly caught up to Metal Sonic, who was trying to increase his speed. Mina tossed Mighty up towards Metal, who used a Speed Uppercut to whack the robot. Mighty then dunked Metal into the ground. The robot got up, and the power generator inside of him whirred up. Metal charged forwards, using the Maximum Overdrive. Even with Mina's speed, the group only barely dodged it. Metal flew up and ransacked them with lasers from above.
"We have a problem!" Mina said. "I can't throw you up that high!"
''No need to thank me, just be careful.'' Espio said looking at Vector as he walked. '' Charmy must be in the woods, he would not go that far, '' Espio said, stopping and looking at the bush. '' Just do not confuse his wing-flapping with a bee. '' Espio said unwillingly to be attacked by bees.
"Alright, I guess... Now, where could he have gone? HEY, CHARMY! WHERE ARE YOU?" Vector the crocodile exclaimed, looking all over for Charmy. "Bees are annoying, but Ch-- Anyway, I don't wanna change the subject." He said, still looking around.
Tai... Tai was a nice name. Tai slid off the table and landed on her feet. She longed for more information about herself, and how she could possibly be this man's weapon. He said his name was Eggman Robotnik, and they were in a battleship of the Eggman Empire... That meant he had an entire empire named after him! Why would this man need me as a weapon? Tai wondered. He probably has many other battleships.
"Thank you for creating me..." she said, pausing for a moment to remember what the man wanted her to call him, "Lord Eggman, yet I don't see why you would require me. You must have other battleships and many guards. I am only a..." Tai looked down at her body. "What am I?" she asked.
"A chimera." the doctor said. "A fusion between two of Mobius' animalistic species. Despite this, you are much more. And this is why I need you in particular. While I suppose I could have done it to any of my robots or Shadow, I decided to upgrade you. You are no longer completely flesh and blood. Now you are a chimera of the next level. Not only a fusion between two Mobians, but also a fusion of organic and mechanic. A cyborg chimera, you could say. Now sure, you don't look like a robot. That's because all of my upgrades were internal. Do you know what this is?" Eggman held up a strange disk with a white rim and a reddish-orange center.
Tai was surpised to hear she was mechanical. She didn't feel mechanical at all. Tai stared at the odd-looking disk in Lord Eggman's hand. It didn't look familiar, but nothing did.
"No, I don't," she answered. Tai wondered if he put a disk like that inside her. She hoped not.
"This is a Kinetic Pulse Generator and Manipulator." Eggman said. "Trademarked Eggman industries 20XX. This is currently inside of you, and hooked up to you. It allows you to manipulate kinetic energy, and create Kinetic Runes. These runes allow you to create bursts of kinetic energy and the like. Currently, I only have two of them. They're quite costly to produce, you know! I decided to waste one on you to... well, I don't quite know why. Let's call it an investment. Anyways... I want to see what you can do with those powers. I don't want ANOTHER work I pour my heart and soul into come out as a failure. Time for some training!" The doctor pressed a button on a remote, and a door opened. "This door will take you to Test Finale Zone, a zone I made exclusively for testing my creations. Your goal is to destroy all the robots inside, defeat the Mecha Sonic at the end, and make it back here with the prize that it holds. Good luck! You'll need it..."