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Ask to Join Space Case Kids (Discussion)

Hi! I had a dream that inspired me to create a Role-play with the same plot.

This universe takes place in space. Everybody lives in space, it’s just the setting.

The story of the Space Case Kids is as follows; a group of kids who happened to be abused or mistreated by their families, created a club for kids who had the same struggles. The club was its own spaceship, carefully designed and created to be as futuristic as possible, and spacious. To become a member of the Space Case Kids, you just had to go there and ask for a suit.

The suits the Space Case Kids had were mecha-suits designed to fit your body to an exact, and could even change your physical form to make you look older or younger. The ability to tell them apart is by assigning a color to their suit, and that would be their code name.

When you went to the Space Case Kids to be a member, you lived there. The reason you went was because your family was abused, and to make the environment safer for kids who were, rooms were set up especially for each member. When you apply, a room is made in your likeness, and that’s where you live when you aren't in other areas of the ship.

If you ever decided to leave the club, you’d hand in your suit and go back to your original form, then be sent back to a family who loves you, or the family you had before, if they had gotten better. All of where you go after you decide to leave is up to your choice, and some kids decided to leave and simply roam the realms of space.

If you have any other additional questions, feel free to ask so I can clear them up! A character bio will be needed if you decide you would like to join, and you can model yours after mine.

Name: Rylee (Purple)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: She had long blonde hair that she kept in a ponytail, blue eyes and a freckled face. When not in her spacesuit, she is in the traditional uniform of unsuited members, A white shirt and white pants. Her skin is pale, and she has a small figure, about the size of a twelve-year-old.
Personality: Rylee is a clumsy ball of energy, often using the Zero-Gravity feature on her suit when she’s bored, which results in a few accidents. She likes to look out for the younger kids in the club, and is one of the longest time members after the founders.
Reason: Rylee was teased and bullied by her family before they started to physically harm her. When an incident one night resulted in a glass bottle thrown to her head. She was invited to the club by one of the founders, Blue, and has been a member ever since.
Yes @NotAPokemonRanger , I’ll reserve a spot for you!

As for the plot, @ThePlayfulFox, the Space Case Kids’ goal is going to different parts of space to solve problems and mystery’s, like robberies, murders, kidnapping, etc.

That is the main storyline that leads into the main idea, but it can arch off to other stories or problems, like perhaps dealing with a member leaving the team, or finding a place to officially call home near the end? The possibilities of where this roleplay could go are endless, but the central point of getting us started is that they’re your average run-of-the-mill super heroes, pretty much.

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Name: Julius (Teal)
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Also i was super lazy so i didn't color in his clothes
Personality: he's pretty serious and quiet, and only talks up when needed.
And i'll probably give the reason why he was here in the first place in the RP
Charlie Zed
Appearance: Charlie has a orange Afro, a red shirt, and blue jeans and is pretty tall for a 12 year old. He has a orange space suit.
Personality: Charlie is a bully towards everyone, his friends and his enemies. He doesn't have any friends and doesn't know how to become anyone's friend. He likes ringer himself into fights and usually starts trouble he can't finish.
Reason for Running Away: Everyone in his life bullied him, his parents, his teachers and his friends so he decided to run away and go to space so he could get away from his past life.


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Name: Katelyn (Pink)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has long pink hair that she keeps loose and flowing, grey eyes and a freckled face. When not in her spacesuit, she wears a white sleeveless shirt and white pants. Her skin is slightly tanned, and she has a busty mature figure.
Personality: Katelyn is a bit like a mother but more the bad cop side, she can be quite strict and gets easily annoyed by younger kids. She doesn't like reckless behaviour and has a slight temper. But she can relax and have a good time and is another one of the longest time members after the founders. She is very smart in terms of medical knowledge.
Reason: Katelyn's father was a very abusive drunkard. Katelyn would often take the brunt of his abuse to protect her younger siblings, she was content with protecting them until they stabbed her in the back when she snuck them toys and sweets by telling their father and throwing her to the wolves. She snapped and ran away before being invited by one if the founders.
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Name: Edwin Warburton (Emerald)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has cross-looking eyebrows, which always make him look frustrated. He has brown hair and hazel-coloured eyes. Edwin wears an emerald fur coat, underneath it is a light t-shirt. He wears jeans and a black leather belt which is always too tight.
Personality: Edwin is distant, calculating, yet his empathy may overcome him. He likes to be level-headed and doesn't like treating others too harshly. Edwin is great at thinking through tough problems, both mathematically and logistically. One always has their faults however, Edwin is no different. He hates collaboration, believing that teamwork pales in comparison to what he can do. As you can tell, he does put on an egotistical façade, but it is undermined by his vast reserves of empathy.
Reason: Edwin Warburton grew up with his mother on a distant and cold moon somewhere in the cosmos. He grew up with a small community that he grew to trust with all his life. His mother worked as a miner in a Thorium quarry, which was one of the main reasons the sparse settlement was propped up. There was no external communications, with the exception of radio signals from one year ago, on the moon. A rogue planetoid about the size of Monaco hit the planetoid, causing a collapse of the quarry and the death of many of the workers. Rescue operations were not funded and couldn't commence, so everyone in the quarry was presumed dead. Edwin had to go to a foster home on a nearby planet. He was disconnected to everyone around him, constantly zoning out. Despite this, he educated himself greatly. His foster parents never payed close attention to him, busy with the other 5 or so kids they had at their foster home. Edwin thought he was smarter than everyone around him and nobody noticed it, so he lashed out for attention. He got sick and tired of his new home, deciding to run away. Hearing about the Space Case Kids, he decided nobody fit their criteria more than him, becoming the fourth longest-serving member at the club (besides the founders, of course).
I like it! I'll boot up the Role-play thread...

Also, why would it be against the guidelines if we posted short replies on a discussion thread? I know that one-liners in role-plays do not follow the rules, but why in discussion threads? Or did I miss it when reading over the rules.
I hope I’m not too late to make one of these, but I’ll try anyway.

Name: Maximillion/Maxie/Max (Red)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Max is a 5”8’ tall teen with a pretty big build. His hair is a black messy modern quiff with a high fade, and his eyes are also black. He has a tanned skin color, and of course, he has a red suit.
Personality: Max is extremely hot-tempered, and saying one wrong word could cause him to hurt someone, even if he doesn’t really want to hurt anybody. He is loyal to those he trusts, but he is strict on who he wants to trust, despite his limited cautiousness. He tends to get into a lot a trouble, mostly by accident, and due to his easy irritability, he is extremely impulsive and loves rushing into battle. However, when he can control his anger, he is a loyal and trustworthy guy, and he will have anyone’s back when needed.
Reason: Max grew up in a family where being tough was a requirement, his parents were extremely strict, and they gave numerous rules in order to keep their son in check. However, Max was originally a more timid and sensitive person, making it difficult to live up to his parents’ expectations. As a result, he received contempt from his parents, and they had given him only one response: “Get tough, or it’s not enough.” As even though he tried to listen, it wasn’t working. And so, Max’s parents had thrown him out of their house and left him to fend for himself. Max became somewhat of a criminal, stealing from stores and other places to get what he needed. He became tough and strong like his parents wanted him to be, and so he decided to try and receive redemption from his parents. However, they declined any offer he gave them, and he was pushed away once more. In anger, Max decided to join the Space Case Kids, in hopes that they would accept him for who he was, and help him redeem himself as a protector of justice and peace.

sorry if that was too much lol, I hope this can help me join this roleplay.

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If anybody wants to interact with my OC, maybe just barge into his room or something, i'm okay with it since nothing's really going on with him so far
Yeah I feel as thought there should be more of a limit, because then the OC might be too OP. With all due respect, maybe tone down the abilities a bit to keep everything at a fair balance. @Shamaniac231
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I agree with everybody else. The first time I kind of let it go, but keep the power to a minimum. Only the founders get the power to control those important things. Your character can still be a bully, keen on playing pranks and getting away with it, but make him believable.
Ha! I laughed. Yeah, I hope we can revive it as well. I mainly stopped replying, because I was the last person to reply, and double-posting to a roleplay thread is against the guidelines, so there’s my reasoning.

I wanna type “lol” so badly, and I realize I say it after most everything I type.
That’s fair and understandable, I just wish you would’ve said something. I agree, @Shamaniac231 , your oc tended to do things not necessarily believable, like hacking into the sound system. I did, however, like how your oc was more of a prankster, and slightly more mean. It gave them some fault.