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Star Wars RP

I've been getting into too much stuff lately and it's gonna end up killing me, but what the heck, I'll post this anyway.

So, I've been thinking about making a Star Wars RP for quite a while now, but I never had any good plot ideas to work with. A few hours ago this wonderful idea just sort of erupted in the back of my brain, so I dug it out and thought it over. I very much like how this is sounding, but I'll need some help in planning it out and to check if anyone is willing to participate (if not it'll just end up a fic ^^;)

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's plan of overtaking the Republic and ruling it alone was well thought out, but there was one problem that could ruin his entire scheme, the Jedi. Therefore Palpatine devised a plan to destroy them, called Order 66. Palpatine turned the Senate against the Jedi by lying about how they tried to overthrow him, and therefore was able to form the First Galactic Empire. The clone army brutally slaughtered all of the Jedi, and those who were still at the Jedi Temple were wiped out by Lord Vader and a large squadron of clone troopers.

To prevent future intervention from the Jedi, Palpatine ordered all Force-sensitive beings, including newborns and younglings, to be exterminated. All newborns were to be registered and tested, and, if Force-sensitive, taken care of accordingly. Lord Vader oversaw this operation, going as far as to personally take care of any Jedi that were found. Still, the galaxy was vast, and those born on remote worlds, with little or no contact to the Empire, managed to survive, unaware of their powers.

This is basically the plot. We are Force-sensitive creatures (note the usage of word, some of us might want to be non-human) that are unaware of our powers, or only partially aware. You'll see what I mean in my bio. The question is, where will the plot head after this? My suggestion is we sneak into the Jedi Temple (which will, of course, be under tight security) to find any information that the Imperial Army has failed to destroy, and from there to Ilum, where the main mines for lightsaber crystals are located. I don't know if we want to plan ahead what we'll do after that, or just start it and let it fold out on its own. Note also that it is possible and encouraged for at least someone to be non Force-sensitive.

I'm not setting a participant limit on this, but I wouldn't like too many. Maybe a max eight-ish or something. If we are that many, however, I suggest we divide into two teams. I'll post a character template now, and my own bio later. And please, if you're not good at writing, don't join. I'll be using the bio to check on members whose writing skills I'm not sure of.

EDIT: Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. The story will take place in 5 BBY, aka 5 years before the first movie, meaning there is NO REBEL ALLAINCE! (or if there is it's very small and unheard of) Dates may be referred to as BBY or ABY OOC (lol lot's of abbreviations ^^; ),bu not BIC (as the Battle of Yavin hhas not yet occurred)

EDIT2: Here are two links if you need facts or background or anything like that;





Home Planet:


Physical Description:



Skills (other than the Force):


Starship? (If yes, explain):




If there's anything you think of that could be added to this template, please do so in your post and I'll add it to this one (if it's relevant).

I'm a huge Star Wars nerd, so count me in ♥

The Alliance was actually formed not long after the Empire, and was quite alive and well in 5 BBY, they just weren't getting as many victories as they liked. If I may suggest, there are also a few other places beside Coruscant where major Jedi info would be stored, such as the old Temple on Dantooine, the greaty Library on Ossus, as well as even a few Sith hideouts(they would need what they could get to defeat their enemy).

For the template, maybe occupation, or such?

Name: Orion Vanis

Gender: Male

Species: Zelosian(Near-human, but virtually the same thing)

Force-sensitive?: Yes

Home Planet: Zelos II

Age: 22

Physical Description: Like all Zelosians, Orion has emerald green eyes, tan skin, and liquid chlorophyll for blood. His hair is short, and incredibly dark brown in color(it's almost black, but in the right light, you can tell it's brown). He stands at 1.85 meters tall, and weighs 71 kilos. Other than his eyes, he has no outstanding or easily identifiable marks.

Clothing: a decievingly simple beige tunic over a light beige undertunic. Beige pants and dark brown boots. His clothes, minus the boots, have cortosis weaved into them, making them highly resistant to things like lightsabers. However, after enough hits, a lightsaber will cut through.

Personality: Orion, being a Zelosian, is completely blind in the dark. It is to this that he can, albeit barely, use the Force to see during such a time. Orion doesn't say much, but when he does, it's usually sarcastic. All he cares about is doing what he needs to do to get the job done, but he won't risk his life.

Skills (other than the Force): He's a proficient marksman, and can brawl pretty well.

Weapons: SE-14r light-repeating blaster, LaserHone Talon vibrodagger, Zabrak Vibroblade

Starship? (If yes, explain): no

Past: Orion was born a horticulturist, and worked with plants until he was sixteen standard years of age. He can identify poisonous and helpful herbs and such, which is useful when injured and hiding from the Empire. At sixteen, he left home to learn how to shoot and fight from smugglers. Now, he's looking for a ship, and is currently unemployed, although, his weapons may make others think different.

Family: Andan Vanis(father), and Valery Vanis(mother)

Occupation: none

Also, this is a great place to come up with Star Wars-esque names: http://www.dimfuture.net/starwars/random/generate.php
I coulda sworn I had occupation on there :X It shall be added.

I was abit fuzzy with the foundation of the Rebellion TBH, but it's mostly because I wouldn't like anyone to have connections with the Rebels, cos it'd mostly likely force us into joining the Rebellion, which might not work out with the general plot of that time, as portrayed in various books, comics and games. Good idea with the other Jedi sites. I have no idea why I didn't think about that myself ^^; Maybe they can find some info on smaller, hidden Jedi bases here, as the Empire will most likely have destroyed/confiscated most of the information in the larger ones.

Also, great of you to add the name generator. Personally I think half of the fun is making up names for your characters, but there might be people who don't think like me ^^;

Name: Danek Loghar

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Force-sensitive?: Yes

Home Planet: Aargonar

Age: 23

Physical Description: Danek is of normal height (178 cm) and weight (81 kg). He has a very muscular build, and his skin is tanned and scarred from various encounters with various hostile beings. His head is adorned by a short, black buzz cut, and he's usually pretty shaggy, especially after missions. His eyes are a foggy shade of dark grey.

Clothing: Depends mostly on the weather and enivronment of the world he's on, but he'll usually have a black, sleeveless shirt, baggy pants with many pockets and black boots. On colder occasions he'll wear a brown, torn jacket on top of this, with the hood up to act as a hat.

Personality: Danek is a very self-centered person, and will not hesitate to use Jedi mindtricks to bend others after his will. He is generally anti-social, claiming that “Living beings are too unpredictable. A man's only reliable friends are drinks and drugs.” After being alone for so long, it sis possible that he might be able to warm up to someone, if they managed to get close.

Skills (other than the Force): Very capable with a blaster, an above average pilot.

Weapons: One customised S-5 heavy blaster pistol, one Luxan Penetrator MB-450 sporting blaster pistol and one Vibrosword that he carries strapped to his back. He also keeps an RT-97C heavy blaster rifle with his ship, for sniping purposes.

Starship? (If yes, explain): The Sniper Bell is a custom made ship that Danek received as payment for one of his jobs. It is basically a TX-130T fighter tank which has been rebuilt into a starship. The top-mounted turret is removed and a windshield has been built in for visual purposes.

Past: Danek was born on the remote desert planet of Aargonar in 28 BBY, blissfully unaware of the fact that he was actually Force-sensitive. He was six years old when the Clone Wars erupted, and nine when the Galactic Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire. Neither of these events affected him very much, even though some battles were fought on Aargonar during the Clone Wars. These battles were very far from where Danek lived with his family, however, and so he remained unaware of them.

Danek's family was very poor, and they lived in a scruffy village in the middle of nowhere. Danek's father was a hunter, and he tought Danek how to use a blaster rifle at a very young age. Danek proved a capable marksman, but he was even more excellent with a blaster gun, due to his extrordinary, Force-enhanced reflexes. He would participate in fake blaster duels with his friends, out of which he'd always emerge victorious. Still, Danek was forced to do a lot of physical work, which gave him a muscular and powerful build.

Other than his enhanced reflexes, Danek's first contact with the Force was when he was ten. He'd been trying to explain something to a friend of his, a friend who was not very bright. Frustrated, Danek gave up his attempt at explaining, and, with a dismissive gesture, told him to “Forget it,” upon which Danek's friend lost all recollection of their discussion. Danek had unintentionally used a Jedi mind trick, the fact that his friend was rather dim-witted making up for the fact that he'd received no training whatsoever.

Danek began to explore this new power of his, first on his friends only, then on his family and the rest of the villagers. He told nobody about his ability, as he found it a better idea to keep it for himself. Danek had no idea that he was using the Force, as he didn't think about the origins of his power at all, instead concentrating on its uses. His fellow villagers proved to be easy targets due to their generally simple attitudes. Still, Danek dreamed of a life in more civilized places, and so at age fourteen, he stole the village's only speeder bike and headed off for one of the few spaceports of Aargonar.

Once at the spaceport, Danek managed to get involved with a few local criminal gangs, who saw his potential as a mercenary. They hired a Klatooinian assassin called Pandt Darvhocer to train Danek into a brutal killing machine. Danek spent three months with Pandt, during which he quickly picked up the necessary skills to be a successful assassin. While Pandt was a witty and cunning mercenary, Danek was just a tad smarter. Danek suspected that Pandt would want the boy killed, to avoid competition. While the Pandt was asleep, Danek would sit for hours, working his mindtricks on the Klatooinian, who proved to be much harder to bend than anyone Danek'd met before. Still, after three months, the two of them returned, and Pandt would not stop praising Danek, saying he was the greatest assassin alive.

Pandt had somewhat of a reputation, so his praise gave Danek a strong head-start into the life of a mercenary. At first he worked for the local crime gangs, but after three years he decided to head for the stars. He managed to convince his employers to let him go, which proved hard, as they weren't as simple-minded as the people in his village, and he didn't have as much time as with Pandt. Before he left, he murdered Pandt Darvhocer, just in case he'd snap out of his trance.

Danek spent about a year hopping from planet to planet, performing assassinations and various other illegal activities, such as theft. He obtained the Sniper Bell after a successful mission, giving him more liberty in where to travel, and faster means of getting to where his targets were. His connections with the crime gangs back on Aargonar proved useful, as intergalactic communication became much more difficult after the Empire seized the HoloNet. His reputation and said connections became the driving force behind his business, and he also started performing other illegal tasks, such as smuggling.

Family: Father, mother, two sisters and a brother back on Aargonar, but he's likely to never return there, and doesn't care for them anyway.

Occupation: Mercenary, assassin, thief, smuggler, etc. If it's illegal, Danek has been in contact with it one way or another.

Yes, I know I got a bit carried away with his history ^^; Making one in the same length as Shocari's is completely enough I just had so much fun designing him :3


Doctor Oak

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The story will take place in 5 BBY, aka 5 years before the first movie, meaning there is NO REBEL ALLAINCE!

I believe The Force Unleashed occurs around this time (as Leia is noticably a teenager in the game), which establishes the formal Alliance - so it could be fair enough to assume that while your RP is going on, there's a growing movement towards the Alliance. It might be interesting to see how that affects your characters and plot.
Actually, according to Wookiepedia, TFU takes place in 3 BBY - 2 BBY, meaning that the Rebel Alliance would not have existed formally by then. It existed informally before that, but it was mostly oppponents of the Empire working by themselves. 2 BBY is the year that they signed the Corellian treaty, and united as the Rebel Alliance (or the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Alliance to Restore Freedom to the Galaxy, or just the Rebellion. Take your pick.) Therefore I changed my mind about the Rebellion, you may have it as a part of your background or something like that, but I'd rather not have us joining it, as it's still very small. What do you guys think?
Name: Jaxer Farlance

Gender: Male

Species: Twi’lek

Occupation: Mechanic, owns a store

Force-sensitive?: Partial, see past for details

Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa

Age: 20

Physical Description: Tall and dexterous, not physically powerful though.

Clothing: A filthy brown shirt and baggy dark-orange pants.

Personality: Witty, sly, and quite deceiving

Skills: A skilled mechanic, he constructs and repairs droids and starship parts on the outside. But secretly manufactures weaponry for the local crime gang, and a secret side project of his own. In his spare time, he practices swordplay in the underworld arenas, where he has gained proficiency for wielding two weapons

Weapons: E-11 blaster rifle (modified), A43 Hushabye Blaster (modified), T Handcrafted Vibroblades; both are two thirds the size of a regular Vibroblade

Starship: Tie/ln Interceptor, this was Jaxer’s big project, he and some fellow mechanics managed to get their hands on the scrapped remains of the Imperial Starfighter that crashed on Nar Shaddaa in 9BBY (9 years before movie, 4 years before present). The mechanics moved the starship into the backroom of Jaxer’s workshop and every weekend, they would gather to work on it, knowing that a working starship would fetch a very high price in a place like Nar Shaddaa. Jaxer however, will find that he will be the one that needs it most.

Past: Jaxer is the son of a Jedi that abandoned the Order after she became pregnant with him after an affair with an unnamed Jedi 5 years before the breakout of the clone wars. She settled herself on Nar Shaddaa, where she worked as an exotic dancer to support herself and her child. However, even though she thought she was safe, she was already found and catalogued in Imperial Records, which the Clone Troopers used to find her during Order 66. In an act of desperation, she acted brashly and foolishly to try to protect her son; by cutting his connection to the Force. She then engaged the clone troopers, and was quickly brought down. Unaware of her son however, the clone troopers left the seven-year-old Jaxer alone in the unforgiving ecumenopolis of Nar Shaddaa.

In the years that followed, Jaxer was taken in and apprenticed by a local mechanic, who taught the youngster all the tools of the trade, including his secret weapon-trading business, before finally succumbing to a natural illness when Jaxer was seventeen. Jaxer then took over the store, finding harsh competition from other stores, and petty thieves that tried to sabotage him by stealing. To counter this, Jaxer got a hold of a M-3PO droid and reprogrammed it, so that it would spy on any customer, and use a Z2 stun baton to knock out any customer that attempted to steal from the store, the system went especially well.

Jaxer wonders about his father often, thinking that perhaps he was more fortunate than his mother during the Jedi Purge, and was perhaps living a life not too different to his. He also believes his powers to be fully destroyed the day his mother died. However, as time begins to tell, this is not quite the case. Jaxer doesn’t realize it, but he is slowly beginning to reconnect himself to the Force, and it won’t be much longer until the Empire becomes aware of it.

Family: His mother (deceased) Father (unknown) a mechanic adoptive father (deceased), and the M-3PO “Z-WAK”, dubbed after his reprogrammed functions.