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Open Star Wars: The Old Republic RP

"I'm the wnd that blows across the land, the air that fills your lungs, The voice of freedom, in evryone's ear." Daneil exclaimed. Michral started to lower his blasters. Daniel still clutched hi light saber.
"None-ya," Daniel exclaimed,"None-Ya Busniess," Micheal raised his blasters again, ocasionally shorting out. Daniel raised his light saber," Now, If you please let me through, I can find the part I need a get out of here."
Name/ Hannah Solo
Age: 20
Race: Human
Role: Smuggler (Later a rebel)
Appearance: Leather clothes, long, brown hair that covers one eye, goggles.
Personality: Cool, Sarcastic, Funny
Gender: Female
Home world: Coruscant
Role: General
Hannah ran to the ship. "Goodbye, suckers!" She laughed. "Get her now!" Yelled a trader. The traders of tatioone.
The ship rose up, and began going at light speed. "Thanks, captain." Said Hannah. The captain nodded, and began shooting at a T.I.E. Fighter.
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Name: Lonk Merano (Darth Gokk)
Race: Human
Role: Sith
Appearance: Dark hair in the center of the head, one stitched eye, black jacket, black pants and boots
Personality: Evil, Mean, Liar, bully
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Mustafar
Skills: Melee, acrobatics
Role: Apprentice
Weapon: Red lightsaber

Gokk looked at the pilot. "We now have you. You shall join the dark side," Gokk demanded. "Shut your mouth, fool!" Said the pilot.
(OOC) TIE Fighter's weren't invented by the time of the Old Republic (the game's set 3000 years before Darth Vader was born. However, Valiant Starfighters were very close to TIEs.
"Micheal, Open Fire," Daniel said as he ignited hisblight saber," I didn't want to do this," Micheal fired out of his blasters towards Novian and The HK. Daniel used the force to make an illusion of himself and Micheal.
Daniel started to walk away, leaving his Decoy to try and trick their opponent. Micheal backed away slowly. Daniel scoffed and said," I guess we'll meet again someday."
The rogue jumped into the air and delivered a meia lua kick on the illusions. They faded away. Novian muttered a curse under his breathe, "Why didn't you do anything?" He angrily asked HK.
"Here we are, Coruscant!" Hannah yelled out at the crowd. Many Aliens and Humans walked around the streets. "Stay close." Said the Pilot "The Sith and troopers may be here." But, before the pilot could speak anymore, a trooper shot the pilot down. Hannah moved quickly and shot the troopers. "Handor! Are you okay?" Asked Hannah. He was dead, for sure. "Gambler!" A Alien screamed out in his language. Hannah shot the alien, but a whole group followed. "Gambler? I am a Smugler!" Laughed Hannah.
Gokk saw Novian just a few feet away from him. "Novian, the Emperor must see you now. Get on the ship or I will have to execute you immediately." He said in a dark voice. He went over to HK-97.
"You, the droid. We Won't be needing you causing anymore trouble. Get on the ship." He ordered.
Hannah got back on Yavin. Her ship hid in a crater, because there were millions of troopers. "Be quiet, Gorn!" Whined a trooper. Hannah climbed out of the crater, and was almost shot by a rocket. The rocket blew up the ship! "Oh!" Screamed a trooper. "A soldier. Get her!" A trooper got her in the back, and grabbed her.

20 Minutes later

"Ugghhh....." Stammered Hannah. "Be quiet, little one." Said Gokk peacefully. "Time for you to die." Hannah struggled to get out, but that didn't help one bit.