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StarCraft 2

A lot of us here have this, right? Why don't we have a thread on it yet? D:

I just picked it up today, and its actually my first Blizzard game too. It seems really great - I'm just delving into the Protoss bits of the Campaign and I like their units and playstyle so far :)

Yet to stray into multiplayer however... Though I doubt it'll be long until I'm there.
I'm going to buy it one of these days. My friends are playing it online but I don't really like playing RTS's with them. They're mean.


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The region restrictions for this really put me off the multiplayer, so I actually haven't gone back to the game since discovering that. I'm stubborn, yes (but you can also blame WoW for keeping me occupied >>).

Anyways, I wouldn't mind adding the characters of anyone who live in the North American region. Just don't ask me for random vs multiplayer matches 'cause you aren't gonna get any (not confident in my abilities to play this game yet at all). Teaming up to take down the CPU/other players would be cool, tho. =)