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Ask to Join Steven Universe: Lost Gems Discussion


Previously ☆ JakeOS ☆
Okay, so here's an idea:

After the events of the show Steven Universe played out, many gems on Homeworld found a place on Earth- but not all of them got a happy ending. Back before Rejuvenators existed, the Diamonds would send gems who stepped out of line to a planet in the farthest reaches of space- it was called Planet Commorata.

Considering how strict the Diamonds were, many innocent gems were sent there, and many ended up being shattered by the creatures there. But tens of thousands of years later, a few still remain. After seeing the universal broadcast sent by Steven, those gems realized that maybe they had a chance to get back to Homeworld, or maybe even this "Earth" planet. However, this planet houses many corrupted gems, and the only communication panel has been destroyed. But maybe, just maybe...

They can escape.

If you're interested, please fill out this bio template, and I'll let you know if you're in!
I'm looking for maybe around 4 or 5 people in this roleplay, so join fast!


Gem: Fire Opal, but you can call her Fire

Age (at least 30,000 years): 34,000 years old

Personality traits: Ironically, her personality isn't very "flaring". Even since she was sent to Planet Commorata, she's been very shy towards everyone she meets. It is hard for one to gain her trust, however once you do she is a great friend. Despite being 34,000 years old, she has been by herself for most of that time, so she still acts as if she was a child.

Reason for being sent to Planet Commorata: She was bringing important files on an undiscovered planet to the Diamonds, but she tripped and they fell into the deepest depths of Homeworld. The Diamonds deemed her useless for not retrieving the files when they were dropped, and they sent her to Commorata.

Likes/Dislikes: She likes quiet places, sleeping, people who aren't too outgoing, and not talking. She hates corrupted gems attacking, said corrupted gems screeching, people who are mean, and the dark.
Sorry that this was so long! Anyways, I hope at least a couple people like this idea, and once I have the right amount of people joined, I'll start the RP thread. See yuh.