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Ask to Join Strawberry Research Team!


Previously The Pikachan
Mary looked around, the only way out was to follow the alley towards the road block the police had set up, but thanks to her teammates and a stranger, the police probably weren't too happy with them. She placed her right hand on her forehead as she tried to think. Meanwhile Toki flew around the glaring Pokemon, trying to light up the mood with happy chirps, while Michi was now glaring at the other two Pokemon.

"I hate teleportation, but we don't really have a choice." She finally said after a few minutes. "I guess we should report to Professor Strawberry and let her know what happened." She looked at Teyeu. "You need to come along since you were part of this mess!"

She then looked at the Slowbro with a confused look, but she didn't have the heart to refuse a hug. She hugged the Slowbro and patted its back slowly. She then released the Pokemon and looked at her phone, wondering if anyone else was on their way.
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Teyeu sighed, watching as Lumen fiercely glared at the pikachu, and leered at the Garchomp. Lumen was about as headstrong as Teyeu, and would never back down from a challenge. "Fine fine, i guess i'll go, not like i was doing much anyways," he said, looking at the ground.
Teyeu looked over at Alistair, who was freaking out silently. "So," Teyeu said, quiet enough so that Alistair couldn't hear. "What's his problem?" he said, gesturing over to Alistair. "He kinda seems out of it right now." He said, trying to say it quietly.
"So? So what? So, as in everything is just fine? So, as in everything is going to be so fine?!" Alistair said. "Nothing is just fine! There are law enforcement down the street! There is damage to public property! There are potentially injured wild pokémon about! People for the Ethical Treatment of Pokémon are going to be all up in our face, if they come here! When I was in Orre I debated on whether or not I should bring sun screen or not. Looking back, I should have brought a coffin. Cause this research team is going to be the death of meeeeee!!" Alistair thought to himself. Alistair began pinching his index finger to calm his nerves.

Alistair looked over at Teyeu, who was talking a little too quiet for Alistair to hear correctly, "Uuuughh... What was that? D-d-did you say something?" Alistair said. Alistair clasped his hands together, and while Alistair's blood pressure began rising, Watt and Volt just casually sat on his shoulders. Not a care in the world between either of them. Volt was looking at the garchomp, and Watt was watching May and slowbro hug. The look on Watt's face, looked like he wanted to join in.

"T-t-t-teleport? Are you sure nothing bad will happen?" Alistair said. "You think nothing bad can happen? Alistair, you dumb naive child. You ignorant, short sighted, narrow minded FOOOOOOOOL!! Of course something can and will bad happen! What happens if only your torso gets teleported? what about your legs?! What if you get sent into the desert? Or a sharpedo's mouth! Think before you speak! Idiot! Of course something bad can happen!" Alistair thought to himself. Alistair cleared his mind, and tried to act presentable. He cleared his throat, fixed his posture, and for the most part, he looked calm.
After a few minutes of flight, Victor arrived at the scene of the scandal and to his surprise a scene of total chaos and frenzy. It was quite rare that something surprised him but the sounds of the sirens of the patrols, the number of police and wild Pokemon in the area and above all the stench of the poison type Pokemon made his mind spin. Victor was used to the relative tranquility and peace of Alola, so this was quite a bizarre experience.

Victor's intuition told him that those who came from the professor had something to do with this problem. Landing behind some trees to try not to attract the attention of the police, Victor began to observe the area in search of trainers who had nothing to do with the police, at first he could not see much ... maybe it was because he had eevee's tail covering his face, after placing eevee on the ground, he was able to appreciate a group of trainers hidden together with their pokemons, keeping yanmega in his pokeball, victor silently approached them and placed himself at a relative distance, then shout out to them

"You can tell me what is happening, you are supposed to be experienced people, this seems the result of a child who is just learning to train his pokemons" said victor annoyed while eevee frowns in his head
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Teyeu immediately saw the newcomer and new they weren't going to get along well. Especially when they said the group was inexperienced.
"Excuse you, asshat, but i argue that me and him," Teyeu said angrily while pointing at Neon, "are more experienced than you, especially with THAT attitude! You're talking to a trainer who has beaten many different gems from around the world AND a trainer who has beaten the KALOS LEAGUE!" Teyeu said, heated. Lumen now turned to the newcomer and angrily growled, letting off a storm of sparks. 'I may allow Scratch to have a good old time on him.' Teyeu thought to himself.
Teyeu straightened himself, returned Lumen to it's ball, and let out Dusty the Hippowdon, who angrily let off sand towards the newcomer. Teyeu's hair started to flow like a roaring fire, and seemed brighter than usual.
"Gaaaahhh!!!" Alistair shouted with a terrified voice, comparable to a give year old child. Alistair pulled his mace from his fanny pack and began spraying mid-air. Luckily his mace didn't actually hit anyone. After Alistair calmed down and his voice returned to normal, he looked at the newcomer. A boy with spiky blonde hair. Alistair was half expecting this man with the grumpy face to mug them.

Seeing Teryeu get all worked up was a bit awkward. Alistair couldn't help, but to look over at him with a dumbfound expression, and feel sorry for the poor guy. "And I thought I was insecure! But this guy is on a whole 'nother level! Poor guy" Alistair thought to himself. Alistair didn't say anything on the subject ,and simply stepped back so not to get involved in any potential fight.
"Oh so you come looking for a fight ... I would gladly defeat you in front of all your friends here present, but this is not the time or the place, if you remember correctly there is a group of police looking for those who caused all this fuss ... so that beating will have to wait ... and do not think that for winning a pokemon league you are the great thing, the world is big and you are only a grain of sand in it. "said victor to the unknown character ... as much as he would have liked a fight the noise would have alerted the cops, plus it didn't sound like a bad challenge it could have been good training for his Z-moves

"Well and all of you are that group that comes from a certain professor ... raspberry? blackberry? ... it was something like that, right? Victor said as he searched his memories for the name that his master had told him
Alex was not happy with how his arrival to Celadon city had accurred. It seemed that his arrival with the research team was told to the media as they talked about the research of Professor Strawberry. It would be right to assume that they had listed his name as one to be landing in the airport, as such he was greeted to a lot of fans, and was basically torn away from the others. He had hoped to be able to move on to work with them, but it seemed that the city had other ideas.

It took Alex a good few hours to get away, and when he finally was able to, he came across the shopping center where he was able to lose the posey of fans. What he did not expect to come across was that most of the pokemon that did not belong to any trainers where more or less just trying to find places of their own to raise their young. It did not matter to him that they were where humans are, but he could see how it could affect others.

"Interesting, I wonder if the others have noticed this yet?" Alex looked to Lady on his shoulder. "What do you say we find a nice cafe to write to Strawberry in case the others were caught up in something." Alex ended up finding a nice quiet cafe to begin his email to the professor. It seemed to be too good to be true that the peace would last.

That peace was ended by a loud explosion, and caused Alex to jump. He had hoped for a more peaceful day after the fans had chased him like they did. "What the heck was that?" Lady who was on his lap, sat up and jumped at one point when the loud noise happened.

Packing up, Alex looked to find the source of the sound. That was when he found the others of the group. It seemed that they were talking (fighting) with another person. "Guys what is going on? Did you guys happen to know what caused all of the noise that happened a few minutes ago?"


Previously The Pikachan
"Stop!" Mary called out. "We don't need any fighting! We're a research team for Professor STRAWBERRY." She took a deep breath. "Things got a little out of control and we need to get out now before the whole world finds out that the special research team for Professor Strawberry made a mess in Celadon!" She adjusted her glasses. "I still need good pictures, I say we go somewhere private and then gather our information and then go search for another nest, WITHOUT recklessly attacking the Pokemon!" Mary's cheeks blushed red as she tried to calm herself down.

Michi relaxed since it seemed there wasn't going to be a battle while Toki kept flying around cheering everyone on, specially the nervous Alistar, who seemed to need it more.
This strange blonde fellow appeared out of nowhere, and didn't waste time in talking down to Teyeu in a rather condescendingly tone. This was someone Alistair wasn't comfortable to have standing behind him. This was someone Alistair would need to keep in eyesight, in case he turned hostile. So Alistair could turn tail and run at a moments notice. Alistair stood over closer to the others, as there was safety in numbers.

Alistair put his mace back within his fanny pack, zipping it up. Alistair turned now seeing another person approach. A pink haired boy. For obvious reasons the boy asked the group what was going on. It seemed like a reasonable question seeing how an explosion and all sorts of other fighting occurred. "There were some weezing and grimer, next minute theres a big ol' explosion, and I thought for sure everyone was gonna die when the ground shook. Alistair looked at the pink haired boy once more. Alistair could have sworn he seen that face somewhere, like on a poster or something.

Before Alistair could try figure out where he seen the boy from, Mary began lecturing the boys for fighting. Not too different from how a mother scolding her children would act. She seemed pretty upset by the boys actions, and reasonably so. Alistair looked over, "Uuuugh... You okay there? Alistair asked. Watt and Volt continued to look around quietly and patiently watching all the drama unfold.
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Teyeu scowled at the cocky newcomer, having seriously considered letting Dusty use earthquake regardless of the outcome, he straightened his posture, and turned away. "Whatever, lets just get out of here already, before someone resorts to something drastic..." He said, eyeing Dusty, who was still spewing sand towards Victor. He rested his right hand on the sword on his back, in case Victor tried to pull any sort of stunt. He was tired of being blamed for the whole situation, and was just about ready to angrily rant at everyone around him. Teyeu barely noticed the newcomer, but once he did, he recognised him. He was some idol of something he had forgotten about. Teyeu then pulled back the sleeve of his jacket, revealing a bright red Poketch. He pulled an SD card out of it and tossed it towards Mary. "Regardless, this wasn't all a waste... During the battle, mostly when my Luxray was charging, i had secretly took a few pictures with it, before everything really started getting out of hand. Its only 7 in total, but i guess it'll do..." He said, trying to clear his thoughts.


Previously The Pikachan
Mary caught the SD card and looked at it with heavy disappointment in her eyes. It looked like her role in the team wasn't really that special, someone managed to take more pictures during the battle then she was, and that was her only job. She placed the card in her pocket and took a deep breath, trying to cheer herself up.

"Okay, let's just get out of here." Mary said in a much calmer voice. "We need everyone to stay together, part of the team or not, since I'm sure the Professor will want to know about their part in all of this." She began to sound annoyed. "Can we teleport already?" She returned her two Pokemon to their Pokeballs to make the teleportation easier. "Just somewhere far and quiet, like a park or library."
"Pff perfect for me ... all this pointless fuss annoys me, so the faster we get out of here the best posible outcome" Victor said clearly irritated by the situation.

Victor was delighted with the idea of teleporting ... any way to get away from the heights for him was wonderful, but he was worried that he did not know where they would teleport him. Although his instincts told him they were people to trust.

"And that barbarian with the sword also comes? Because I would not feel comfortable that he attacked me when we arrived ... although it would not be difficult for me to disarm him" said victor in a proud and mocking tone.
Teyeu looked behind his shoulder to Victor, and gave him a glare that told "Say another smartass comment again, and i will make your life a living hell. Do not test my patience." with an overwhelming aura of hate, wrath, dread and death that seemed to take physical shape in the form of a murky black veil of shadow surrounding him. So ferocious was the feelings radiating from Teyeu that the others around him could feel it, to the point to where the surrounding area reeked of dread and despair. The glare only lasted a few seconds, but it got his point across. Immediately afterwards, he turned back to the others with no trace of hate and said "Well, I'm ready when you are."
He returned Dusty to it's Pokeball and tried to prevent the impulse of trying to turn Victor into the worlds first human meat tobaggan.


Previously LizardWarrior
Lumiose City - Kalos Region
12:03 PM

"So this is your first time in Kalos?" Professor Sycamore asked the new arrival.
"Sure is." He replied his Dartrix stood perched on his shoulder. "I was told you're the Pokémon professor of this region, is that right?"
"That's me." Sycamore replied. "Why do you ask?"
"I'm a Pokémon trainer, I'm on a quest to collect all Pokémon. I have come from Alola where I asked the professor to care for any Pokémon I collect. would you be able to hep me out?" The arrival replied.
"Well I have been looking for a trainer to help out with my studies. I would be glad to care for any Pokémon." Sycamore replied. "But if we are to work together I must know your name.
"I'm Elijah Lee, from Alola."

The wilderness - Kalos Region
2 days later

"Dartrix Go! Use Razor Leaf!" Elijah cried to his Pokémon. The opposing Fletchling dodged his attack and reciprocated with an ember. Dartrix was weak to Fletchling but meaning this battle would be tough but Elijah figured that the higher level Dartrix could take on a first stage Pokémon.
"You can do it Dartrix use Shadow Sneak!" Elijah called out. Dartrix attacked and a direct hit weakened Fletchling enough for Elijah to throw out a pokéball. It beeped once, twice, three times. Fletchling was caught.
"Nice job Dartrix!" Elijah called out. The Pokémon flew down and took its place perched on Elijah's shoulder. "let's head back to the Pokémon centre." Elijah suggested and the headed t the next town.

After a bit of walking the two found themselves in the Pokémon centre.
"Thank you nurse joy." Elijah said before turning around. He walked back towards the exit when he noticed a poster on the wall. It showed a battle between two Pokémon with the words "Lumiose Gym! Get your tickets now!" He turned back to nurse joy.
"What's that poster there?" He asked.
"Well that's the Lumiose City Gym." She replied. "There's a gym battle with a famous trainer happening tomorrow." She said
"What's a gym battle?" Elijah asked curiously.
"You don't know?" Nurse joy asked looking a bit confused. "Well their battles between trainers and gym leaders, if the trainer wins they will receive a badge and once 8 are collected a trainer may choose to participate in a battle competition where they can become a regions champion." Nurse Joy Explained.
"How do I enter?" Elijah asked.
"Here just show me your ID and I can enter for you, then you can go and battle each gym leader." Elijah handed Nurse Joy his ID and after a few seconds he had entered into the Gym Battle Competition.

After that he exited the Pokémon centre and looked at his map. Lumiose City was the closet gym but he had already spent a night there and wanted to see what else Kalos had to offer. He decided the best bet would be to head to Santalune city for the first gym. He and Dartrix headed off back through the route to take on Their first gym.

+ Fletchling
Dian was just wrapping up with his scans of the area. After he packed up the equipment, he went back to his hotel room. A quick data download later, he had organized the information into a spectrographic analysis, where he could analyze the energies in the area. Unsurprisingly, there was a pretty large amount of grass energy. However, there was also an unusual amount of poison energy.

"Huh..." Dian said aloud to himself, " But where is the energy coming from? This is a difficult conundrum. In order for me to determine a source, I have to keep scanning in the nearby area. I practically need a scan of the whole city. Unless I can think of a more probable source without more information... AHA! What about the department store? A man-made structure built relatively recently in an otherwise nature-y locale."

And with that, Dian picked up his equipment and headed over to the department store.
“Slooooow” Yadon said happily after the hug. He enjoyed hugs. Neon returned him to his pokeball.
His gaze then drifted to Victor, who had basically just dismissed his Kalos League accomplishment as nothing more than washing the dishes. “I worked hard for that, and I think it deserves to be recognized, considering it’s debatable that I’m the most powerful trainer from that region, due to the fact I beat the champion as well. And if I’m a small grain of sand, I highly doubt you’re much more. Let me ask, have you beaten a champion before? Won any league of some kind?” He said all of this surprisingly calmly, but what he said indicated that he was kind of pissed. “Anyhoo, let’s get to it.” Neon said and looked at Alakazam, who nodded, then snapped his fingers, causing all of them to disappears in a flash of purple light. (I think I got permission from everyone for this teleport autoing. Also, sorry if I missed an interaction or two, this post was rushed.) They then appeared in the hotel lobby. Neon looked at everyone. “Alakazam and I figured that this would be the best place to go. Now what?” He said, looking at everyone.


Previously The Pikachan
Mary closed her eyes as she prepared to be teleported, it wasn't something she had done before, although she knew it was safe, she was still nervous. Once it was over though, she adjusted her glasses and looked around and checked herself, to make sure nothing had gone wrong. She took a deep breath and looked around the room once more, trying to answer Neon's question.

"We report to Professor Strawberry and let her know what happened." She said with a sad tone. "I'll call her over right now." She held out her tablet as if taking a picture and made sure everyone who was with her could be seen in the background.

The tablet rang a few times as they waited for the Professor to answer the call. Finally Professor Strawberry appeared on the screen, wearing a gas mask. You couldn't see her mouth but her eyes showed she was smiling.

"Hello everyone..." She paused to look at the ones she didn't recognize. "Glad to see you all making friends! I got the Pokemon you sent me, although I wasn't prepared for the smell. It seems these little guys are overfeeding and therefore smell much much worse. What other information did you gather?"

Mary sighed sadly as she inserted the SD card given to her into the tablet. "Here are some pictures, we ended up confronting some of them and we got help from the guy with the sword." She pointed at Teyeu.

Professor Strawberry looked at the pictures in silence for a few moments. She then cleared her throat. "These are nice, but I've seen you take better ones, unless your work is false." She sounded upset towards Mary.

Mary became nervous. "No, I didn't take those. I actually didn't really manage to take any good ones because of the battle that broke out."

The Professor seemed to be smiling again. "That's fine. I need you all to try and find a nest of Grimer. I'm afraid they are evolving too young from having too many territory fights. If this is true, I can show a decent amount of evidence to Celadon's gym leader and try and get the city to lower their pollution issues. Take the new one with you, Pokemon at nests are really aggressive." She hanged up.

Mary sighed and looked at everyone else. "Okay, now what?"
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Alistair glanced over at Teyeu and Victor with a dumbfound Express, as the two bickered like old married couple. Alistair was too afraid to confront the two however.

~Alistair's imagination...~

Alistair walked over to the two, "Uugh? C-c-could you guys please calm dow-" Alistair was interrupted. "NO!!!" They both yelled in unison. Loud enough for Alistair's ears to ring. Then proceeded to drop kick poor Alistair.

~Luckily this didn't actually happen...~

Alistair snapped back into reality just before they teleport, "and yelled in surprise, in high pitched voice as Neon didn't give them a countdown before teleporting, which caught Alistair off guard. Alistair looked around slightly shaking. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath to calm his nerves.

Alistair listened to Mary talk to Professor Strawberry. After she finished talking, Alistair calmly walked over to the screen. Alistair's seemingly calm expression turned visibly horrified. A true look of fear and paranoia, "Profeeeeeeessor, oooooohhh! Poison pokemon! Eeeeeverywheeeere! Earthquake! Explosion! Eminent death! It was teeeerrible! This is some straight up hazardous conditions! I almost thought arceus was going to appear in front of us at any moment!" Alistair continued to frantically rant until his need to breathe outweighed his need to express concern. His face even briefly turned purple, but turned normal after breathing. Alistair stepped back, palms against his knees as he took deep breaths. Watt and Volt were surprisingly unfazed by Alistair's reaction. It were as if this were a common reaction for their trainer.


Previously LizardWarrior
The Hotel - Kanto Region

"There it is Dartrix." Elijah said to his Pokémon who was perched on his shoulder. That's where Professor Strawberry wants us. They had already been briefed on the mission beforehand and apparently this hotel held the others members of the research team. Elijah entered the hotel and checked in at the counter. After taking the elevator up to the floor he was on he stopped outside the door. He heard voices inside.
"-It was teeeerrible! This is some straight up hazardous conditions! I almost thought arceus was going to appear in front of us at any moment!" A boy Ranted at some unknown person. Elijah hesitated for a moment, if conditions were as bad as the boy just said, was the Research Team such a great opportunity?

Elijah decided what the hell and opened the door to see a group of people and Pokémon, talking to a device of some sort.
"Ummm, hi?" He said to the group.
He was just leaving the hotel lobby when the group teleported in and began speaking with a Professor Strawberry. Thus, Dian figured they were the rest of the research team.

They were a strange group, composed of people of all types. Of the ones who teleported in, there was one boy who seemed like he was having a mental breakdown. There were also three guys constantly bickering with each other, while the fourth, a girl, was trying to keep them from breaking out into a duel in the lobby. There was also a boy who Dian could swear he’d seen somewhere before, but couldn’t quite place it. Then, there were two people who were there before the teleport, whom he also figured were part of the team: a girl who seemed to be interrogating everyone in the room and a guy who just walked in through the doors and didn’t know anybody.

Dian realized he was staring and immediately stopped, not wanting to look stupid. He decided it was probably best to just slip out of the room and continue on to the department store. He was about to do just that when he realized that they might know something which could help him find the source of the poison energy. So, he sat down on a chair and tried to eavesdrop without looking too suspicious.

OOC: I’ll let you try to figure out who each person is.
"Wait!!!" Alex was still confused as to what was going on. He did not know what the others where talking about fully, though as he came to after the teleport, he was able to get his bearings. He hated that he did not like that he was not consulted before he was taken to the hotel. When Mary called Professor Strawberry, he spoke to her to ask to see the tablet. "If you will allow me to speak to Professor Strawberry, I think I might have somethings to add. I also have some files to send as well."
Ciel huffed for the third time after a conversation, people had become too careless with their trash. She sat down in a chair and gave her pokemon some pokepuffs from a box in her bag, needing to gather what she could from what people had told her.

The moment she stepped in Celadon, she had noticed it probably wasn't the cleanest place in Kanto, but it had gone as far as people just dropping their empty bottles, or whatever they had on hand, on the street while out on a walk. Taking the bags out after the collector had passed, or even after big events large amounts of waste would be left with little care from anyone. According to most, this was because a lot of people would count on Muk and Grimer to eat it. Although she had gotten part of the information she wanted, Ciel was frustrated that people would pay such little mind to the consequences of what they were doing.

Sparkle, in an attempt to cheer up her trainer, started flying around her head and making chirping noises, successfully pulling Ciel out of her thoughts and getting some head and chin scratches for it. However, her hand got zapped as they both got startled by the sudden yelling of a boy. Something about poison pokemon and...death? She felt bad for him, he looked seriously terrified. As she looked back on his rant, she noticed he had mentioned a professor and her face lit up, could this guy and his group be part of her team?

Carefully putting the sleeping Mocha into her bag, and moving Sparkle to her shoulder, she went to the vending machine first and bought a water bottle. Doing her best to hold her giddiness back, she called out to the boy that was catching his breath after screaming so much, before tapping his shoulder lightly and extending the water to him. She did her best to look as unthreatening as possible, with a small smile and retreating her hand right after tapping him twice, as he sort of reminded her of the spooked pokemon her parents would sometimes bring to the daycare. "Excuse me, I heard you mention a professor? Could it be you're also part of Professor Strawberry's team?"


Previously The Pikachan
Mary looked around at the ones asking to speak to the Professor, when she had clearly ended the call in front of them. "I don't have her on the line anymore." She also looked a bit annoyed since nobody seemed to have followed up on her latest question. "Hi." She told Elijah and Ciel. "Yes we are with Professor Strawberry." She looked at the rest of the group. "Apparently we all are..." She said slightly confused. "Who are you people?"
Alistair's face regained its color, he turned to see a couple more people have now entered the room. Alistair wiped his nose on a handkerchief he pulled from his fanny pack. Alistair considered calling Professor Strawberry back on his laptop, as when he was ranting, he barely even scraped the tip of the iceberg. Alistair had much more to say, but for now, there were more people in the room. Alistair looked around silently. Alistair looked at Mary who seemed to be equally curious about the other people in the room. "You guys aren't salesmen are you? I don't need to buy anything" Alistair said, trying not to show signs of concern. Alistair began looking around the room for potential escape routes.
"That is fine, sorry to bother you, I thought you still had her online. I was going to update her on the things I had found while by myself. Though I think it might be best to show you guys here." Walking to a nearby table, Alex pulled out a tablet and drawing stylus. He also pulled out a notebook of drawings he had made.

Opening the notebook to the last used page, it showed the nest of grimer he had found. "It seemed that the poison. Pokemon do not mind one person coming up to them, though I did not get that close to them. This is what I have gathered, it seems that the pokemon might be overindulging themselves when it comes to the food that they have around. Everyone in this city seems to not care if the pokemon are healthily when they throw their trash on the ground. I have seen some people as I was working on these, throw it right in the street." With that Alex pulled up the drawings done on the tablet.
His partner Meganium at his side, Sam reluctantly trudged towards the hotel, skimming through the notification he received:
"Looks like we'll be working with quite the hotshots here.....kalos league......capable of mega evolution.....beat all the gyms....ah well that's nothing compared to a three time inter-regional pancake eating champion duo."

With a wink to his partner Pokemon, Sam looked up and continued:
"Ah, looks like that's the place. Now we just gotta meet up with this Professor.......Straw....Strawberry? Huh."
Meganium nudged the hotel door open with its head and the two stepped inside the building. Sam quickly eyed the room and saw the group of people just hanging out at the entrance. Quickly realizing he had no clue what this Professor Strawberry looked like, Sam simply adjusted his hat and sat down at a nearby table and remarked:
"Knowing the crowd we're with here, I reckon something interesting might happen soon..."
Teyeu, having had enough of arguing for time being, walked away from Victor and Neon and sat in the corner, arms crossed and eyes closed. He then thought to himself about his team facing off against Neon, who he now thought of as a Rival. If I'm going to be able to stand a chance against Neon, I need to put a bit more effort into my team. He thought to himself.
Teyeu opened up his eyes, studying the person who had just walked in. "and the good news keeps on coming..." he muttered to himself.

He pulled back his sleeve, revealing his Poketch, and looked through the apps that he had installed until he found the one he had been looking for: the Pokedex.
He had quite a few Dex's from the other regions he had been to, each full of information for many pokemon belonging to the region.
The newest and least completed was from Galar, which he had last been to.
Teyeu took a few minutes to look at all the pokemon data he had accrued from Galar, before finally finding the Pokemon he was looking for:
Teyeu looked at Neon, before thinking Y'know he seems like the type of person to have a Toxtricity, probably an Amped Up one as well. Damn, now if i try to get one I'd look like I'm imitating him... He thought.
Well, not if i get a Low Key Toxtricity... But how in the hell would i find a Toxtricity in Kanto? He wondered, before coming up with an idea.
Teyeu let out Waals, and then whispered it a few instructions. He then pulled out a small piece of paper and furiously scribbled something down, before folding it in half and giving it to his Dewott. Teyeu got up, dusted himself off, before walking out of the hotel lobby unannounced.

As soon as he had exited the hotel and the doors shut behind him however, he took off sprinting.
He immediately turned into the nearest alleyway, navigating the trash and discarded items on the floor to get deeper into the alleys.
Toxtricity is Electric-Poison type, and they were all researching the reason why there were so many Poison types in the city, so i might as well knockout two Starly with one Rock Throw, He thought to himself, trying to get into the darker and shadier sections of the alleys.
"If i want to find a pokemon from a different region here, I'd want to look somewhere they'd normally hang out." he muttered to himself, out loud.

After a few minutes of running through different alleys, he finally found the place: A shady bar, called the "Venom's Pit", where all the Gangsters and the equivalent of Edgy Goths hung out, and also where they had obnoxious metal concerts. A typical place for Poison pokemon to hang out, especially since they tended to hang around shady underground bars. It also happens to be a place where those same type of people abandon pokemon they find as useless, so there tended to be pokemon from different regions here not too uncommonly. He walked around the surrounding area, gripping Dusty's pokeball in case an unwanted fight broke out.

wooo teyeu goes out on a small solo adventure to get a new pokemon since this way it's better than "oh we go out to look at more poison pokemon and one just happens to be a low key toxtricity which just so happens to be the EXACT pokemon teyeu is looking for no waaaaaay im going to immediately first try catch this and continue on like normal whoo"
also because this isnt out of teyeu's character
and because it explains why a galar pokemon is in kanto
so uh yeah
also because plot makes me have to have a valid reason to catch a Toxtricity and possibly a bisharp here without uneccesary bullshitting
yeah i think that covers everything
i mean its not unlikely for celadon to have a shady underground goth bar concert place
unova had an obnoxious goth bar metal bar and several shady alleyways
and Alola had an entire gang run decrepit abandoned city so yeah its not THAT unlikely
but yeah i can change it if need be
this subplot will be somewhat rushed but that's just so that i can immediately join the plot again with little to no waiting for me


Previously The Pikachan
Mary crossed her arms and acknowledged what Alex said before speaking up. "We might be able to use this information to our favor." She squinted her eyes as if trying to see something far away, but she was really thinking. "We can gather a large amount of trash, try and disperse the smell and see how the Pokemon react. If we can get some pictures and videos of this incident, this will prove that the trash people are leaving behind us the actual problem!" She took a deep breath before she continued. "We need two teams, one needs to find a place outside the city to avoid any problems and another team to find a way to get lots of trash!" She clapped her hands together as her eyes sparkled. "If anyone has a better idea then go ahead. I will stick to mine since I got a good feeling about it." She quickly took out her tablet and opened a group chat that included everyone who worked for Professor Strawberry.

She forwarded the plan to everyone to make sure this time they were in the same page. "Okay, I know I'm not the leader but always wanted to say this... Strawberry Team move out!" She grinned and rushed out of the Hotel, walking down the road that lead to cycling road.
Alistair took several deep breaths as he saw the names of the people he was teamed up with. Alistair had strong doubts that their mission would go well. Alistair felt like something terribly wrong was going to happen. Alistair shuddered ,and began thinking about as many safety precautions he could. Alistair had all the necessary equipment, in case something bad happened. Alistair was prepared for all sorts of scenarios.

Alistair grabbed his notepad, and began looking over his list. He began mentally checking off all the things on the list. After feeling mentally prepared he put his notepad away. He patted his pokémon, and smiled. He looked towards the people that he was supposed to be teamed up with, "L-l-looks like we're gonna be on the same team...?" Alistair said. "Abort! Abort! Abort! This is a bad idea! Failure is imminent! I repeat, failure is imminent!... B-b-but, I can't just stop now? I said I was going to help... You said that earlier! And now your saying your gonna take your butt and go! Now!... No, I gotta do this. I hope this isn't too bad" Alistair thought to himself. Alistair put on a brave face, and looked at his other teammates.
Dian had been listening in on the conversation for a while now. The people in the room, of which, he assumed most were on the team, were an intriguing group.

When he got a message on his phone with group assignments, he silently prayed not to be on Mary’s team. She seemed far too bossy. At the same time, Alistair over there seemed like he would be a pain to work with as well, but it was better than being bossed around all the time.

His team had been assigned to look for large amount of trash and record data about it for the city to see. This worked for him, since recording data was what he did. “So, all I have to do is find a ton of trash, record the energy signatures in the area, show that there is heightened poison energy due to said trash, and then I am done. Easy peasy.“ Dian thought to himself. So, he got up, picked up his equipment, and waited for the rest of his group to go so he could follow them to somewhere trashy.
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Absentmindedly skimming through his new assignment, Sam took out a Pokeball and pointed it at Meganium, returning the large grass Pokemon. He stood up slowly and said:
"Rest up pal, looks like we're going to be dealing with some nasty poison types here and I know those aren't exactly a grass type's best matchups."
After a bit of fumbling with his bag, Sam drew a Pokeball decorated with a single pale green stripe and tossed it in the air. From the ball, with a flash of light, materialized what seemed to be a big floating amoeba with large chunky arms protruding from its sides. "Reuniclus, I need your help with this one. Teleport us to this place over here.....walking there would take a lot of energy and we've only had 2...no 3 breakfasts today."
Sam's newest Pokemon gave a confused, almost scared look at its trainer, but the Pokemon dismissed its worry and nodded. He pointed to a shady looking back alley on his phone's town map and Reuniclus pointed both arms at Sam, the Pokemon's entire body glowing bright blue with psychic energy. Sam gave a small thumbs up signal and Reuniclus hesitantly jabbed forward with both of its arms. Suddenly, Sam's eyes flooded with realization and said:
"Wait Reuniclus don-"
Before he could finish that sentence, Sam was flung backwards with an earsplitting crack and crashed headfirst into the hotel wall, making a sizable hole and knocking over several tables. Stumbling back up, he gave a sheepish grin and said:
"I completely forgot.....you haven't learned Teleport yet!"
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"Hai! Baka sabaibaa! Iki no kore kore baka sabaibaa! baaaby! Baka sabaibaa! Kachi no kore kore baka sabaibaa! baaaby!" Alistair's cell phone rang. He quickly picked it up and walked off to the side of the room. His face turned redder than a tomato berry when he heard his mom on the other end, "Is that my little Ali? Momma's calling to see how your doing! Are you running out of medical supplies? I can send more. you should really wear a coat. Did you bring mittens! You might need them. What about an umbrella? Do you got that mace I asked you to get? You do remember how to dial the police in case of a emergency correct? What about sun block? You can never have too much hand sanitizer. Are you even eating enough over there? How come you haven't called me sooner! Your father and I have been very worried!" His mother ranted.

Alistair was considering throwing his phone through the wall, but knew his mom was afraid if he did, his mom would find him, and ask him if he was okay, but in person. "Y-y-yes. I'm fine. No cuts, no infections, no bruises, no injuries, and I did take my allergy medicine, and yes I did eat, and yes I brushed my teeth this morning." Alistair said. "Aaaaand?" Alistair's mom said. "I went through the full checklist. Everything is just fine, okay?" Alistair said. "I'm not hanging up until you say goodbye the proper way" Alistair's mom said. In a low pitched voice, Alitair muttered, "I love you too momma, goodbye" Alistair said. "Okie dokie! Love you too! Remember to call me back, okie dokie?" Alistair's mom continued. "Mhm! Mhm. bye!" Alistair said. Alistair couldn't end the phone call fast enough.

Alistair pinched the ridge of his and shook his head in disbelief. Then tried to play it off as if it didn't happen. Before Alistair could figure out who was who, he heard a loud bang. Apparently someone banged a hole into the wall, this startled Alistair to no end, causing him to leap up two and a half feet into the air. Alistair reluctantly approached the boy, "Y-you okay there? I got plenty gauze bandages and other supplies in my bag if your hurt" Alistair said. Alistair reached into his bag to get his medical kit incase the boy admitted to needing it.
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Sam dizzily hobbled towards the voice, still seeing some odd amalgamation of Staryu and Starmie from the fall. Trying not to make a bigger fuss than he already had, Sam hastily said:
"Thanks but don't worry about it. It doesn't hurt one bit" despite his entire body feeling like burnt mashed potatoes.
Reuniclus gave an exasperated sigh and gently poked Sam in the head with one stubby finger. He let out a poorly concealed "Eep!" of pain and stumbled over again, gingerly rubbing his head. In a defeated voice, Sam yelped:
"Ow! It hurts a lot! It definitely hurts a lot!"
Still feeling like someone dropped a building on his head, Sam clumsily reached inside his bag and produced a Pokeball, then proceeded to accidentally drop it on the ground. In a flash of white light, Meganium reappeared, looking slightly ticked off but concerned at the same time. Sam commanded the Pokemon:
"Use Aroma...Aromathalogy.....no Armaparathy.....that doesn't sound right......Acritochromacy.....no that's not it either......ah! Aromatherapy!"
Meganium gave a very confused expression that said something along the lines of: "Dear god, how hard was that crash?" before raising its head, emitting a warm glow from its petals. Within a matter of seconds, a soothing aroma filled the room and though Sam's head still hurt, it was reduced to a dull throb, his mind relaxed by the move. With considerable effort, he stood up fully, grinning at the guy in front of him and said cheerfully almost as if that whole exchange had not happened:

"Hi! I'm Sam! Nice to meet you!"
Behind Mary, Waals the Dewott aggressively tailed her, trying to give the researcher a note. It dodged and weaved around people, before getting absolutely tired of running behind and jumped on her bag, stowing away silently, waiting for a moment to follow Teyeu's precise instructions.
Meanwhile, in a distant alley
Teyeu had found it after a while. A Low-Key Toxtricity, minding its own business, conversing with a Toxicroak. Teyeu slowly crept up to it, before pitching a Dusk Ball at a blitzing speed. The ball caught the Toxtricity by surprise, startling the Toxicroak, who got aggressive and leaped towards Teyeu, brandishing its claws, which Teyeu assumed was Poison Jab, while the Toxtricity entered the ball and was subsequently caught. Teyeu leaped back and pulled out his sword, getting into a defensive stance, blocking the Pokemon's advance, since it was too fast to let out Dusty to protect himself.
Teyeu parried the Jab, before sliding past it towards the ball. The Toxicroak got pissed, and called out to its friends.

"shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit" Teyeu yelled aloud, realizing the predicament he was about to get himself in, sheathing his sword.
Teyeu snatched up the newly caught Toxtricity, putting it into his pocket, before sending out Dusty and Scratch, who eagerly brandished its claws.
"Dusty, use Sand tomb! Scratch, use Psycho Cut on the Toxicroak!"
Dusty exhaled and sprayed a fierce spray of sand all over the area, before Scratch's claws turned a mystical Pinkish Purple, and slashed at the Toxicroak, who was hit by the super effective move, and had sent it flying.
Teyeu stood next to Dusty, before noticing a sound from above.
He then saw several Pokemon looming on the rooftops, and realized the Toxicroak had set him up.
"Of all the god damn times, Victini decides to give me bad luck NOW?" he muttered incredulously.
He took a stand, preparing for the oncoming clusterfuck.


Previously The Pikachan
Mary stopped running when she felt a slight tug on her bag. She looked down to se a Dewott on it. She was hoping to see the rest of her team following her, but it seemed they had stayed behind. She noticed the note on the cute water Pokemon and took, guessing it was for her. She read it carefully and then looked a little disappointed.

"So much for a team huh?" She told the water Pokemon as she petted its head and made sure it was comfortable in her bag. "Let's do our part of the plan, let the others do as they wish, the important things is we get the information necessary to help the poison Pokemon."

Mary took a deep breath and continued to run down the street. The sign of cycling road Could be seen up ahead as the buildings turned into houses and the end of the city could be seen up ahead. An open area was perfect to gather as many Pokemon as possible. She wished she had brought a bike though, running wasn't her best quality.
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Neon returned all his pokémon and then fidgeted with a nearby pc, editing his party. He then ran out the doors behind Mary. He grabbed a Quick Ball from his backpack, almost dropping it, then let out the pokémon who was in it. His Aegislash, Hexcalibur, popped out. Neon hopped on top of the pokémon, one leg on each side of Hexcalibur’s handle.
(For reference https://media.pocketmonsters.net/characters/2973.png/t/400.png , sorry that it's not the greatest picture, couldn't find a better one.)
The Aegislash flew surprisingly fast, catching up to Mary with ease. Hexcalibur was floating about 3 feet(0.9144 meters) above Mary, so Neon had to look down at her, well, more than usual, he was a good 9 inches taller than her on solid ground. "So, what's the plan, Mary? Where exactly are we going?" Neon said, seeming much more casual than before, now that that annoying blonde guy was out of the picture for now. He barely knew the guy, so he didn't really hate him, but he sure didn't give a good first impression. While Neon waited for a response, he took off his backpack and held it in front of him, shuffling through it to make sure he had everything. (Oh yeah, he has a backpack, I think I forgot to mention that in his bio, my bad.)
Alistair quickly placed a glittery spinda bandaid on Sam's bruise. Alistair's mother always gave him boo-boo kisses, but for many obvious reasons, Alistair wasn't about to kiss another grown man. My name is Alistair Delaney Titus Leopold Maximus the Third, but you can just call me Alistair. I'm a meteorologist specialist" Alistair said extending his hand to shake. "Pii piii!" His plusle, Watt cheered. "Mii miii!" His minin, Volt cheered. "These two are Watt, and Volt" Alistair said. Alistair wondered what his next task was going to be. In Alistair's mind, he was hoping it would be somewhere clean and sanitary.
Ignoring a badly masked giggle from Meganium (It found the giant Spinda bandage on Sam's forehead rather amusing), Sam shook hands with Alistair and said:
"Meteorologist, huh? Sounds pretty difficult. I research Pokemon moves myself, but I find pastries much more interesting"
Reaching into his ridiculously large coat, Sam casually pulled out a slightly smushed box and said cheerfully: "Here, have a malasada! I got these from this joint over by the Pokemon Center, the Breakneck Blitz Bakery. Oh yeah, these two here are Meganium and Reuniclus. They help me a ton with......important....research."
Reuniclus floated upside-down, waving at Alistair and Meganium weakly nodded in greeting, still trying to suppress a laugh.
"Huh?" Alistair said. "Uugh... Don't take that. It's food from a stranger. Don't do it... But he's being nice... But nothing. It's food from a stranger. Politely decline, and move on. Simple as that... But it's rude to do that... But it's stupid to eat everything strangers give you... He's not a stranger... No, he's not a stranger. You've known him for, what? Five seconds, is he your best friend now? Surely this guy is apart of the family now!... I'll take a chance... Don't choke stupid. Died from choking on a Malasada. Even I think that's a lame way to die. Actually go ahead and eat it Alistair. That's the perfect way for you to go out" Alistair thought to himself. Alistair paused for a moment, then smiled as he accepted the malasada, "Thankyou!" Alistair said. He split it into three pieces, giving Watt and Volt a piece each. Both cheered in unison. It was obvious the two enjoyed the malasada, even Alistair enjoyed it.

"Pokémon moves? Sounds dangerous. There's all sorts of dangerous moves like... *shudders* earth power... Thunderbolt..." Alistair cringed while thinking about his eelektross, Farad's thunderbolt. Both Watt and Volt waved to greet the meganium and reuniclus. Watt even jumped on Volt's shoulders though even then they were still much shorter than the meganium. "Meteorology can be tricky, and can sometimes seem really random, but there are a lot of patterns and strongly backed research on the subject so that helps. Plus with modern technology, I never go anywhere without my handheld weather station as well as an old timey one too just in case." Alistair said, but stopped as he didn't want to bore Sam with talk about Weather equipment. Alistair didn't even mention that he written several books, because he didn't wanna look like he was bragging. "Breakneck blitz bakery, huh? Sounds neat" If your research on pokémon moves is just as good as your malasadas then you must be a really great researcher" Alistair said. His pokémon nodded in agreement.