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Seeing as I'm sat here in hospital recovering from my fourth operation, I'm curious.

Have any of you guys had any surgical experiences? What kind? Have you only visited someone? What's your hospital-related life like, or are you lucky enough not to have one?

Post if you want - it is a very personal thing, so its entirely up to you. I'll post a bit about my experiences soon - having trouble staying awake at the moment :(
Believe it or not, I have had seven- SEVEN- operations to both my ears. As a child, I was near deaf. Now I can hear just a little below average. So I guess it helped.

I still hate medical injections, though.

I haven't really had other serious operations. I broke bot my legs, but left the hospital as soon as the bandage was done.
Oooh, If only my body was a diary I've had quite a few surgeries in my lifetime, but I don't mind telling :)

I've had tubes put in both of my ears, several times in fact. For some reason, they keep on popping out, so I beleive I've had four sets (maybe more).

Another kind of surgery I had was when I was little, about under five years old when you have to be careful of what you eat. My sister fed me a hotdog (which I loved), however she didn't cut off the skin, which caused me to get very sick. I had to go get it pumped out of me.

However, one (which I'm not so proud of, and not even sure I should be mentioning it on 'Charms) was when I was eight, and a particular organ (which shall remain nameless for the little children here) just decided to float up my body. I couldn't walk right, and it hurt so much I was in a wheel-chair for about a month. "It" had floated into my hip, was retrieved, and was placed back in its normal, er, place. I was quite impressed, as apparently grown men had cried from it, when I only cried when they removed the staples (not sure how many, but I've still got a scar.).
Personally, I've never had surgery past wisdom teeth (if that counts).

But my brother on the other hand, had open heart surgery before I was born. He had a congenital heart defect called "Tetrology of Fallot". He's all better, but he has to see a cardiologist now and usually holds the local record for "biggest scar" for the scar on his chest.
His condition has pretty much given us a free pass on disease reports, no one else has heard of it, not even the teachers.

I probably should have kept it more personal, but if you ever saw him with his shirt off, you'd wonder where that scar was from and we'd have to tell you :p.
Well, I had an appendectomy, which was weird, because afterwards there was this tube in my stomach.

It was awful not eating for 24 hours before the operation. I was really thirsty.

Man, those anaesthetics are strange. They make you go out like a light :p
So I just had all of this taken out of my feet:


It was put in to help hold my reconstructed feet together, because they were a pretty bad shape before.

Other surgeries I've had include putting the metal in (3rd), reconstructing my septum in my nose because I broke it in rugby (2nd), and putting some metal in my knees to help bend my legs back straight. My legs were like this from the knees down: / \ - so that was my first surgery.
After birth really, I don't think I've ever had surgery. And even when I was born, it wasn't really surgery, I suppose. I was born about a month early, pretty ill as well, so the doctors had to do some serious business to keep me (and my momma) alive that day....er...week. We were in the hospital for about a week.

Aside from that, nothing, really. Personally, one of my greatest fears is surgery, but I feel that it's just about inevitable...
Cody said:
Aside from that, nothing, really. Personally, one of my greatest fears is surgery, but I feel that it's just about inevitable...
Its nothing to be afraid of, really Cody. They're trained to be at the top of their game, this is their job. Its what they do for a living, so they're really really really good at it. They'll calm you down, they'll talk about anything and everything you want to whilst you're being anaethetised. I've talked about holidays, weddings, the nurses' son playing cricket, you name it. Anything to take your mind off of them putting you to sleep. And once you're under, you wake up later in recovery having had everything done. And thats it, its uphill from there. After you've slept for the night as much as you can, the next day you'll feel a ton better than the day before.

Its not that bad. Really :)
LoN said:
Its not that bad. Really :)

I agree. Doctors are the most specialized and educated people on earth, and the rooms are always completely sterililized. The chance of something going wrong is about equal to getting hit by lightning on a clear day or snow in the Sahara. But I do understand your fears. I used to be afraid of surgery too, before I had my seven operations, but that was gone after the first one. Once you wake up from your hospital induced sleep, you feel healthier then ever and suddenly think how weird it was that you were afraid before. That happened to me, anyway.
Well, I've had nothing major done, besides the tubes I had in my ears when I was 4, but nothing too amazing. I have however had my fair share of stitches. Back when I was about 8, I was dared to... (this is going to sound really dumb) ... ride my bike off of my friend's roof. It SEEMED like a good idea, I mean, he lived in a ranch house. When I started going, I made a bad turn and ended up falling on my head. Thinking about it now, I probably could have died, but luckily I only had a few broken bones, and I had stitches going down the back of my head, so yeah, I was young and dumb back then, now I'm older and dumb.
Well, i hate surgery for three reasons: 1 It involves a lot of blood. *Shudder.* 2 It involves needles. *Double shudder.* 3 It involves cutting me open. *OH MY GODS, SHUDDER.*

Although, when I was born, I had to have something done, and whatever they operated on didn't heal right, and I had to be taken back. But, I was a few days old, so I wouldn't remember.

I may need surgery in the near future. I have a serious nasal condition, which may require surgery. Not looking forward to it.


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After 23 hours of trying, it was decided that I just didn't want to be born, so obviously the forced me to be. Not sure if that counts as I guess the operation wasn't on me, but still :V

I've never had surgery. I've only ever had local anaesthetic, once when I had those silly baby teeth removed and then when I had a bug bite removed from the back of my leg (my body had decided to react with the bite and form a squishy lump under my skin). I did also once smash my head open after a fall from a bike when I was very young. I walked all the way home, mum screamed and I was rushed to the children's hospital holding a Thomas the Tank Engine pillow case. They just stitched me up. And the of course once me and my dad were play fighting and he accidentally dislocated my arm. They just cracked that rather painfully back in. Other than that, I've been quite accident/problem free thus far ♥

I suppose my jaw could have been operated on (it used to click quite badly when I ate) but I don't like the idea of surgery at all, so I said I'd rather try the weird stuff they suggested, like never chewing gum again. Aside from the occasional click, my jaw is now pretty much okay, so I'm fine with it~

I hope you're doing okay LoN ♥

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I once had my fingernail ripped off by getting it trapped in the hinges of a door at school when I was like 6/7. I ended up getting surgery to get it sorted, so I had to go in a couple of times for that.

Other than that, though, nothing big.


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I've personally had dental surgery done on me to remove a root fragment that was left within my gum from me having two teeth removed. I was awake during the entire procedure, and I must say it is one of the strangest things to ever experience. I had two injections to numb my mouth, one into my gum and one into the roof of my mouth (the latter injection was quite painful, the first oddly wasn't at all,) but my mouth was numbed so greatly that not only could I not feel any pain, I couldn't feel anything even come in contact with the area. I must say, it feels strange knowing that you're having your gums drilled into, but you can't actually feel the drill touching you at all - all I had to go by was the sound, and I must say that losing your sense of touch in that way is, even if only temporarily, a very, very strange feeling.

Ultimately, it all went well, they removed the root, stitched my gum back up and I recovered fine. As to be expected though, most dental surgeons have a bad habit of trying to talk to their patients, which is redundant since the patient can't actually speak at all during the procedure.
I just had a microvascular decompression (MVD) done this April. I had a disease called trigeminal neuralgia. It's an inflammation of the trigeminal nerve causing severe pain in the face. In my case, the pain was limited to my right cheek and right nostril. I had to stay home from school for three months. No one knew what was wrong. It's a very rare disease, especially in my age group.
I'm all better now, though~

Here's a photo of the incision right after surgery two days after surgery.

I don't know if this counts, but I also had an endoscopy done last January.
I think Quashie wins for most dramatic-sounding surgery thus far for a member here :o

I've got my least favourite part coming up with me soon: Changing dressings. I'm so paranoid about it, and its all stuck down well to hairs and ouchy it'll hurt :(
Well, today, I was at the local skating rink, and I was skating really fast, and I fell flat on my... chin. There was a flash of light, and my chin and head began throbbing. I skated off, and I went to rest, and realized I was pouring blood from my chin.
I was saying, "OH MY GOD." and was panicking. My friend Madison followed me, and we went to go get ice and bandages. My mom had to come and get me, and we went to this urgent care place nearby.
And they had to give me shots of anesthetics twice. My face wasn't numb enough. Then I got four stitches. With a needle. I told them, "You are NOT going to use a needle unless I'm unconscious." And I was, surprisingly, very calm. And I had to wear these itchy bandages. Ugh, horrible.

And that's how I survived my first surgical experience. More or less.
I'm one of those lucky people who really has never had any major physical injuries/disorders/diseases. Well, I may have physical disorders, but screw your fancy machinery, I'll just diagnose it myself o~o It hasn't killed me, it's obviously not that bad.

That being said, I have had some not-so-fun injuries- like when I was around 3, I was playing in the backyard, like any normal child. Well, they had been doing work on the roof, a fact which I was blissfully unaware of. The metal detector they used to find the roofing nails had missed one, and the little bastard decided to hide right where I tripped. The little thing went into my knee. I don't remember it, since I was so young, but it sounds pretty nasty.

Luckily, nothing I've ever done has required stitches. I'm afraid of them. I've also never broken a bone, and my wisdom teeth seem quite happy not showing themselves/hiding in my jaw/not needing to be operated on.
Well I dont really have much to say in this topic because I've never had surgury (weirdly enough i've never actually been to a hospital)
I've never needed too
My sisters and parents live at the hospital/clinic or whatever and im just there like .. meehhh
Im just lucky I guess :]
I've had foot surgery to prevent fallen arches when I was little. What I really hated when the casts came off, however, is that I had a ton of trouble walking.

Recently, I have had dental surgery. To prevent crevices for bacteria to fester in, I have had my gums re-contoured. This is code for "lets numb you up a tad and laser the nasty tissue away!" Oh goodness, I could still feel the cool burning.

As my wisdom teeth will come in horizontally, I will have to have those out as well. >_<
Ooooh, Secad, what were your casts like? I had a blue one and a pink one. But then the pink one needed repairing so I made them do it with green bits xD

I'm nearly fully recovered now I think ^^ Haven't driven anywhere yet though, so I figure that's the final hurdle.
I got a blue right leg and a green left leg. I loved clonking around like a little Godzilla until I got yelled at. Apparently that could damage my feet! XD In addition, I have to go to a podiatrist every other year now to get checked up on. Apparently, those little screws can get damaged. (Little Secad: "So that's why mom freaked out every time someone stepped on my feet!")
Hmm.. the only time I can remeber was when I got stuck with my ear in a branch and almost made a hole right trough my ear ;) I was only like 4/5 years old so I cried alot ::)

I'm a twin so when i was born, me, my brohter and my mother almost died. Don't really know why
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I have my own little lot of fun times to add to this thread, of course!

-When I was young (3-5) I broke both my leg and arm (not at the same time, but I've broken both) and had to get those fixed and wrapped in a cast. I think both casts were pink.
-Slightly later, probably around the age of 6-8, I had to have 4 of my upper (baby) teeth removed because they wouldn't fall out on their own. They wouldn't even loosen! It was the most weird feeling being under anesthetics and having your teeth literally twisted out of their socket in your gums.
-Around the same age as before, 6-8, maybe actually a little younger, my Golden Retriever, Leo, poked a hole through my ear (the cartilage just above the lobe) and I had to get that stitched up, of course.
-I had ear tubes when I was a child and had to actually have one of them surgically removed because it wouldn't fall out.
-I stepped on a chunk of broken glass (again, me being a catastrophic youngin') on the way home from my friends house (bare feet in the summer ftw!) and had to get both my big toe and the one next to it stitched up.
-I had my lower wisdom teeth taken out quite recently and, lo and behold, they found an extra tooth still growing inside of my gums when they took the x-ray. If they hadn't removed it during the surgery it would have continued growing and severed the nerves in my entire mouth. That would have been fun!

I think that's about all the fun times I've had as far as surgery goes. If I remember anything else I'll be sure to add it! ;)
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iv'e had 2 surgerys once when I was a few weeks old I kept puking everywhere so i had a stomach transplant i'm not sure though about the transplant but it something to do with my stomach 2nd i had appendecidus I can't spell it so they had to take out my appendix before it exploded