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Tell Us About YOUR Cringy OC!

I’ve never really had super over powered or Mary Sue characters, except for a few here and there, but GOD did I have some cringe characters back in my day of role playing.
So, let’s go back to a more simple time. Let’s say about 2015, my impressionable eleven year old self is exposed to the internet, where pretty much anything was possible. My first stop was YouTube and the endless stream of content from Minecraft youtubers, particularly SkyDoesMinecraft. I absolutely adored the weird fictional universe him and his friends created where squids were the most hated beings on earth and gold had turned into solid sticks of butter. So thus, my first OC was born.
Meet Madi, my first ever OC and Mary Sue. Madi was more of a self insert than anything, as I didn’t want to seem cringy by straight up putting myself in the story so I had her take my place. As one can imagine, she was pretty much based off me, as I took inspiration from my own life and interests and poured it all into her. I made her the most special, quirky, shy ass character one could possibly create.
She was the daughter of Herobrine (yeah, you read that correctly) and was insanely overpowered. I believe she could teleport, have superhuman strength, and probably whatever power Herobrine had she had too.
And as all children of ridiculously strong dads that are almost on the level of God himself, her childhood is spent without a father figure (like me). She fell into depression (like me) and liked creative things such as art and music to get an escape from that (can you follow the trend yet?). She had short hair, I believe it went down to the shoulder so not that short, and her only friend was I believe a boy named Aiden? Because you know, she’s a tomboy and unlike other girls cause she wears hoodies and headphones and she’s just unique.
Moving past my mistakes, I learn about the game Five Nights at Freddy’s, and sweet Jesus did that just make things worse.
I love the games, and the story and the characters no matter how convoluted it gets, but the characters I created were just awful. I vaguely remember roleplaying with a group of people on instagram with a female child who was supposedly the spirit of Golden Freddy. She could teleport (which I guess isn’t that out of line since she’s a ghost) and just defy another characters actions easily. Like if she’s being picked up she can just slip out of it. I honestly don’t remember much of her, so let’s trek further down memory lane for my last OC before I bore you to death.
I probably had some animatronic OCs, in fact I know I do, I just literally can’t remember their names or anything else, just what they looked like.
Aaaanyyway, moving forward. After I saw the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse for the third time in the theater (it is SUCH a good movie please go watch it) and watched Venom for the seventh time at home, I decided I should make a few characters for my own personal MCU.
Meet Riley, a shy boy just starting high school that is probably the equivalent of Link from Legend of Zelda. Like, seriously, he just doesn’t talk unless he absolutely has to. He has a bandana he uses to cover his mouth for crying out loud. Again, sticking with the “I project on to all my characters until I can flesh them out more” theme, his dad is no where in sight. In Riley’s universe I tried to come up with all this fake science so instead of getting bit by a radioactive spider, the mutation was already in the genes from when he was born and just took time to fully develop. The only reason I did this was because we were learning biology at the time which just made it harder for myself.
After about a month of abandoning all the character I created for this mini passion project, I went back to Riley and changed up a few things. He’s still shy but not so emo anymore with the whole bandana, another one of my characters, Max, acts like his father figure, he’s got an entirely different and much more happy personality now, and his actual father is the villain of the story, so who knew I guess?
I recently came back to one of the first stories I started writing when I was a kid, and it's not good. Basically it was a bit like Eragon (except way less serious) with dragons and dragon riders. Here were some of the characters:
Jade: The love interest. Just a generic, good guy. He was actually my favorite when I went and reread the story, only because he seems like the only sane one. He had a wise green dragon that I can't remember his name.

Simon: Jade's friend. That's it, that's the whole description I had for him. He was posed as the villain in the story since the "evil" dragon chose him? The evil dragon's name was Thorn I think.

Raven: The main character. A level-headed, intelligent girl with black hair and green eyes. Also a total Mary Sue. She's cool, sarcastic, and hates Simon for his one defining character trait. Her dragon was also very sleek and black, and was beautiful and very intelligent, her name was probably Shadow or something. Basically, ugh.

The story summed up was that Raven and Jade along with two other insignificant characters whose defining traits were being happy and being mean went through this fantasy world to find and defeat Simon (Raven's motivation was that she disliked Simon, Jade's motivation was to save him, and the other two characters just followed their lead I guess. Also the dragons were all related so they basically were treating their own brother Thorn as an outcast despite literally just hatching.) In the end Simon's defeated and Raven dates Jade. Disgusting.

As I came back to this, I realized just how much I set myself up for the subplot to be Jade and Simon's gay romance. Right now I've edited the story and I'm pretty satisfied with the new plot. Raven instead receives a weird-ass, runt of the litter dragon named Nugget, she goes through her journey and learns more about how she shouldn't pass judgement on others, and she doesn't get the guy. Simon becomes a much more fleshed out character in terms of his home life, his desire for friends, and Jade's support for him. The two insignificant characters become Raven's best friends and can actually make their own decisions. Jade pretty much ended up the same but started defending his friend a lot more than in the previous version where he basically said "yeah he evil I guess let's go kill him".


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Is it okay if I join? I don't want to come on rude or anything.

Name: Alexander (Alex)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Trainer Class: Pokemon Breeder
Random fun fact(s): Caught the entire Johto Pokedex, except the legendaries, in under a year! Born in Cianwood City.
Random character traits: Corageous and Adventurous. Always protects Pokemon in danger. His eyes always look tired.
Pokémon Team: Swoobat (Pulse), Quagsire (Sire), Lurantis (Faux), Tynamo (Levi), Doduo (Duo), has a peculiar egg in a bag.


"Hm...", Alex looked up at Mount Moon," Is this the right place, Pulse?"

"Swoo, Bat", Pulse's eyes sparkled.

"Huh? Oh yeah, we first met in a cave", Alex remembered," Let's try and find the Moon Stone we're looking for!"

They entered the cave," Hm... Go, Levi!", the Tynamo hopped out of it's Dusk Ball. "Let's go, Flash!", the room lit up from Tynamo.

"Huh? Is something going on over there?", Alex looked at the cave's many tunnels," Well, let's go, guys, it must be a new Pokemon to catch... wait. Where ARE the Pokemon."

Pulse sighed.

This... is garbage. It is my first post on this website. It was on the first day I joined and I didn’t really know how anything worked. It isn’t as bad as the others on here, I know. But ‘Alex’ is the name of an old friend of mine. I don’t know why I used his name, but alas, it happened. The thread it was on was in PRP, but it was also half discussion. The premise of it was also pretty interesting, but then I showed up so that didn’t go to plan.

Name: (IRL NAME!!!)
Age: ...14 back then... I think... probably 18 because I wanted to appear "mature"
Personality: Kindest person ever really, very nice and outgoing, while also being tactical and logical in his battling styles, however, he has his own struggles and issues... no clue what those were that required thought and actual effort! He's very helpful and works hard to train his Pokemon between his time traveling and also being the Pokemon World Champion (I know not mary sue, right?).
Looks: Fit, charming... just generic anime pretty boy really... and literally the opposite of what I look like
Pokemon: No clue how many he had, but he had a Ho-Oh and Latias, and that is 2 Legendaries too many.

I know this probably seems like a joke-post but it's not before I discovered Pokecharms I tried to make my own story, it was really dumb, with basically this character just being a self-insert, mostly developed from how the games were made and designed story-wise. Oddly though, he had a Luxio, not a Luxray, this was mostly because I actually own a Luxio from my first playthrough of Pearl, and it hasn't evolved since 2007. It is level 29 and sitting in Bank right now. I'm waiting for DP remakes to evolve it... Anyway yeah, that was my cringy OC that actually existed and I deleted from my brain when I discovered Pokecharms.


Previously Night's Shadow
Me: *was literally born in 2007*
Yeah, um, I created many cringe OCs that I have erased from my memory because, well, you can imagine. I was like seven at the time I created my first Pokémon OC. Aaaand... here she is!

Okay, this is Kate. I was watching indigo league (oh god the animation is so crappy) and I immediately fell in love with Pokémon. Kate was a ten-year-old girl who lived in Kanto, who had an Eevee that could evolve into any of the Eeveelutions and devolve back to its adorable self. She was also Ash’s girlfriend. (This just shows how misled I was on romance at the time. Ten year olds should not be dating. And also, Ash? Total cringe-fest.) I also had some sort of love triangle going on between Ash and Clement over her, and then Serena got jealous. (Did I mention she was also Prof. Oak’s assistant and also champion of the Pokémon league?) At this point, I realized that this OC was trash and scrapped her, with good reason.
When I was super young, I had a very unoriginal MLP OC. Not exactly a Mary Sue, but boy was she a boring character. I don’t remember her name, so I’ll just call her “Crayon.”
Crayon was supposed to be my “ponysona” even though she looked nothing like me. She was a white pegasus with blue and pink hair and her cutie mark was a blue crayon drawing a heart. Yep, her talent was drawing. So original! I don’t remember her personality all that well, but it was probably like, “cheerful and likes to draw.” Also very unique!! Good thing I was too young to know what online RPing was. I probably would’ve been banned right away, though.
But when I got into online RPing about two years ago, I made really bad Pokémon OCs that would probably count as Mary Sues. I mean, they probably weren’t that bad, but boy they were cringy. Like, they were all a bunch of female Eevees with literally all the same “cute and helpless” personality.
When I was still fairly new to the world of ROBLOX role playing, I had an oc on a Lion roleplay named…

Cuby. (Or was it cubey?)

He was neon green with black stripes and neon red hair. I honestly had no idea what his personality was but I bet it wasn't good. Moving on to crappy Pokémon ocs, I had an oc named Scratch. That was a total nut job, and way too offensive that I don’t even wanna talk about him. He was a togedemaru. That’s all you need to know.

Overall, I had ocs that didn’t have sucky sucky sucky personalities, but they still stunk and I make way better ocs now.
Cringe characters? This sounds like a fun trip down memory lane!


Long ago the universe was ruled over by the gods of primordial chaos (Chaosbornes) They were a race of evil deities that saw mortal life, as nothing but a mere toy, to be exploited for amusement. The chaosbornes were exiled form the heavens for their evil deeds.

Eventually the gods that ruled over the heavens were forced to intervene, otherwise the universe would be destoryed. They waged war on the chaosbornes for countless eons. Eventually these gods (Called Creators) Managed to secure a victory by turning the chaosbornes power against them. This was only a temporary victory, and the chaosbornes, athough imprisoned, were still alive.

The creators feared the worst if the chaosbornes ever got free, thus they remained in the mortal realms. Their goal to make life for mortals worth live, and to prepare for the worst. The ultimate horror is that only a chaosborne, has the power to end another chaosborne's life.

Countless years later, a human baby is born, with only his father aware of his origins. The boy, named Manuel Shafer. (Manny) Was the result, of his father John's affair with the world's matron goddess. A shining gift, showing his devotion. Manny was born a demigod, but due to his mother's wishes, would never know she even existed.

Manny lived a relatively normal life, until the worlds dark secret began to turn in it's grave. unknown to the world's inhabitants, a chaosborne was imprisoned on the planet. Slowly stretching it's infuence. The chaosborne, known as Daius struck full force, quickly tearing the world's society apart. The corpses began to pile up, but all hell really broke loose when Daius reanimated the deceased causing a full out apocalypse.

Manny watched everything he cared about get torn apart right in front of him. Daius immedietly sensing his heritage, tried to take advantage of this, and turn the damaged child to his will. Reluctently Manny accepted the chaos god's offer, but as Daius tried to possess him, his mother intervened. Confronting Daius in his own lair, She sacrificed herself in a last ditch effort to seal the dark god away for good. Her efforts may have suceeded that day, but the herself and the entire planet were destroyed in the process.

However, something else happened that day, Manny was teleported far away from the dying world. His mind free from Daius, but forever changed. Manny had become a god of primordial chaos, but his mind remains untouched by the powers awful taint.

Manny no longer remembers his homeworld, he no longer remembers anything. and he has the one thing that the chaosbornes fear. His free will. Manny is now caught in the middle of a war that had been raging since the dawn of time, and may just be the universes last hope for defeating the chaosbornes.


That was the backstory of a big character in a role-play that I ran quite a few years back. Thankfully I at least have the common sense to make Manny more of a MacGuffin. He was crucial in that the other characters needed him. In a nutshell he was walking plot device and Deus Ex Magica. Fortunately for myself and my players that role play was never seen to completion.

PS: Sorry for how sloppy that backstory segment is. It's been years since I looked at it. XP
Putting this here a year after the last one let's gooooooo

Back in a new installation of the popular thread Outcasts, titled "Outcasts: Reborn", I literally made Isaac Netero from HxH and called him Netero Isaac.

Netero Isaac.

Same powers, just a different look because I was so OriGiNAL. After finishing the anime, "life energy manipulation" was pretty much the only power I ever gave to my OC's in a superpower RP setting for like... a year.

One of the darker periods in my roleplaying life--been trying to suppress the memory of my writing from when I started to about a year and a half ago lmao


Previously Gl!tch_12345
Medic, you know about this one.

I can't remember his name, or if he was just a trainer or a gym leader or something like that, but the cringey thing about him was that I made his father N from the gen 5 games. I have no idea why the heck I did this, though. I made him an orphan and N ended finding and adopting him, even teaching him how to "speak" to pokemon.
I don’t think I need to even explain but it’s a Frankenstein angel cause why not
heres some more about him. this is the only art of him I have and I’m not really finish with his backstory but hes technically a angel who got murderd and fell from heaven. His body was found a some scientists decided to give him a second chance at life and reanimated him. That’s all I have but the other version I have was literally made in gacha club
Hooh, well... when I was a pre-teen and very into Sonic the Hedgehog, I had a couple of the requisite bad Sonic FCs:

The first one, "Bebe the Arctic Fox", was... just a white Tails recolor with some ugly accessories and a bunch of unnecessary elemental powers: cryokinesis, telekinesis; possibly shapeshifting. She lived in either Marble Garden or Carnival Night Zone, didn't have much of a personality as far as I remember, and was going to be my fandom sona. Thankfully, though, nobody else had to be subjected to her: not even five minutes after I uploaded her reference to deviantART, an older user left a comment on the picture accusing me of having traced someone else's art (probably because I'd heavily referenced a Sonic X screenshot when I was drawing the head). I deleted the submission and discarded the entire character after that. BUT...

... after throwing Bebe aside, I made a new Sonic sona in her place: a Neutral Chaos Chao named Zero, after my favorite chao from SA2B. Her bio written when I was 12 pretty much says it all:
(Full) Name: Zero Alpha
Gender: Female
Species/Subspecies: Chaos Chao
Home: Carnival Night Zone/Chao World
Ability Type: Ghost & Psychic
Weapon(s): Psycokinesis, Pincer-like hands, ghost attributes
Diet: Local phone and power cables have been found severed and broken, believed to be caused by Zero chewing through and eating them to draw an unknown energy.

Bio: Zero is a ghostly light chao who is very well known for her accomplishments at Chao Stadium, having won every race and karate tournament. Even chao race legend, Chacron, has been overtaken in the ranks. Zero is an explorer who travels the small world of Mobius as a part-time hobby. Aside from that, she is known for causing occasional mischief. Zero constantly feeds on unknown energy drawn from power lines as well as certain livestock (rarely). She enjoys pulling practical pranks on others and sometimes lives in any of the six chao gardens, particularly the Egg Carrier garden (and even the Egg Carrier itself).
She looked about as edgy as she sounds, including her initial design having a wolf tail for no reason and me drawing inspiration from Pokemon when I was thinking about some cool elemental powers to give her. Zero went on to become my first roleplay character and general internet avatar for a while, though somehow I at least had the sense to use a version of her in RPs that was nowhere near the levels of Mary Sue that the above version of her from my more personal writing projects was.

And lastly, my first Pokemon FC from the very first roleplay that I started myself wasn't too great, either. The RP itself was just a giant sandbox with no overarching plot, so there was TON of making stuff up as my group and I went along. My Shaymin character went from starting off with maybe one line of generic "all-loving hero" characterization, to becoming a pinball protagonist who would have a bunch of random, edgy and outlandish things happen to her based on whatever seemed fun to write at the moment. At one point in the story she died, only to be revived by Arceus because it sensed that she had an "important" role to play in the world, and by the end she had an evil twin — a fire-type Shaymin bent on world domination — from a parallel dimension. Good times.
cool Oc fraised. I’m going to show something cringey but this is the gatcha club version of him. This version his wrappings have been removed and has a cool set of armor and hair of course hair. The reason I made this version in gatcha club was because i can’t really draw armor and hair so it was easier to do it in gatcha club.