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Open The 32nd Annual VillianCon Discussion

RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-32nd-annual-villiancon.18873/#post-583467

Welcome, to the 32nd Annual Villian Convention! A yearly event where villains all over the Pokemon world converge not to fight or argue, but to try hiring new members or exchange information with other villains. You can be a member of a villainous team and set up a booth, or you can be a freelancer trying to enlist to a team. Or you can be whatever. None of the big bosses of the organizations ever show up, though. (They don't want to risk getting busted by the police).

1. Should probably follow the Charm's rules. They're pretty solid rules. Good rules. Should probably do that.
2. Be nice to other players. We may be villains, but we have standards, people!
3. Don't RP as the bosses. They ain't coming to this VillianCon. Other then that, go crazy.
4. Have fun! This is gonna be a pretty chill RP, so yeah. I don't got a real solid plot to power this baby, but whatever.
5. Oh, btw Fakemon and other fan-made stuff allowed.

Sooo... Yeah, this is just a discussion for the RP and stuff. Talk about stuff here, I guess. Yeah...
You can make up any role, really. There's your standard stuff, like Grunt, Scientist, and Admin, but you could also be like a recruiter, or a security team member, or a strike team member or something else. Or maybe a janitor, cause even Villians need janitors. Whatever position you think a villainous organization needs to have filled. And you don't necessarily have to be a member of Team Rocket. At the VillianCon, every villainous organization is there.
Hey, I was thinking about having a kind of battle tournament to gain some kind of compensation for their team, like if Rocket won, they would gain some kind of money or power with the villains. Good idea?
I will be introducing another character that will be coming over to the VillainCon for unknown reasons, and he does not have a trainer yet.

I will put in his character bio soon since he is mostly unknown to everyone and to keep with the theme of mystery for him.