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Yo. How y'all doin'? Good? That's good. Here's a little idea I had for an RP. It's the small of the two ideas I've had bouncing around in my head for a while, so we'll see how this goes.

Welcome, to the 32nd Annual Villian Convention! A yearly event where villains all over the Pokemon world converge not to fight or argue, but to try hiring new members or exchange information with other villains. You can be a member of a villainous team and set up a booth, or you can be a freelancer trying to enlist to a team. Or you can be whatever. None of the big bosses of the organizations ever show up, though. (They don't want to risk getting busted by the police).

Mi characters:

Name: Delta
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Organization: Team Rocket
Appearance: Delta wears a lab coat with a Team Rocket R on it's breast pocket. He has scruffy brown hair, wears glasses, and has grey eyes. He carries around a fossilized Kabutops claw in his pocket that he keeps very sharp, and uses it as a knife.
Personality: While at first Delta seems like a nice, reasonsble guy, don't be fooled. He loves experimenting on live subjects, and feeling powerful. He does not tolerate failure.
Position: Head of the Research and Development Branch
Pokemon: Porygon-Z, Kabutops, Vespiqueen, Magnizone, Beheeyem
Other: Came to the VillianCon to exchange information with other scientists, as well as possibly recruit other scientists and security members.

Name: Cleo
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Organization: Team Rocket
Appearance: Has the same type of unifrom as the grunts from Heartgold and Soulsilver. Cleo has pink hair and blue eyes, and carries a whip on her belt.
Personality: Cleo is a very open person, and is always smiling. Even when she's killing someone. But she doesn't do that much.
Position: Secretary/Bodyguard
Pokemon: Raticate, Golbat, Lickitung
Other: Came to the VillianCon to help Delta with management, but also hopes to see hot male grunts.

Name: Petra
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Organization: Team Rocket
Appearance: Has the same type of uniform as the grunts from Heartgold and Soulsilver. Also has short, dark green hair, and green eyes. She carries a telescopic nightstick on her belt, that she also uses as a Tonfa.
Personality: While Cleo is cheerful and talkative, Petra is cold and prefers to stay quiet. She is very loyal to Delta, and won't hesitate to break the jaw of anyone that is annoying her.
Position: Bodyguard/Secretary
Pokemon: Haunter, Raticate, Arbok, Arcanine

1. Should probably follow the Charm's rules. They're pretty solid rules. Good rules. Should probably do that.
2. Be nice to other players. We may be villains, but we have standards, people!
3. Don't RP as the bosses. They ain't coming to this VillianCon. Other then that, go crazy.
4. Have fun! This is gonna be a pretty chill RP, so yeah. I don't got a real solid plot to power this baby, but whatever.
5. Oh, btw Fakemon and other fan-made stuff allowed.

Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-32nd-annual-villiancon-discussion.18876/


Abandoned Warehouse, Undisclosed Location

"You know, for an 'Abandoned Warehouse', this place is pretty hopping." Cleo said, adjusting her grip on the bunch of flyers she was carrying. Indeed, the warehouse was quite busy. Grunts and scientists from various organizations were moving this way and that, putting final touches on their booths or intense conversation.
"Well, of course it is. What did you expect?" Delta asked, pushing his glasses up as the pair passed a booth run by a pair of Team Magma grunts. "Try to keep up, Cleo."
The two Rockets finally reached the Team Rocket Research and Development booth, just in time to see Petra directing a few grunts putting up the sign.
"Ah, good! The sign is up!" Delta said, sitting down behind the booth. Cleo quickly put down the stack of flyers on the table, then straightened out her uniform. Petra stood stiffly at attention.
"Sir, while you were at the copy machine Julia and Caesar reported in. They were unable to locate Articuno at the Seafoam Islands." Petra reported. Delta shook his head.
"Ah, whatever. It was a long shot anyway, and doesn't matter now. Now, let's just focus on the convention!" Delta said.
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Alright, I will be using my fan made Pokémon and having a member of one of my fan made villain teams after getting permission from the RP creator.

Trainer Bio:
Her name is Ling Suei.
Gender: Female
Age: She is about 17 Years old.
Organization: Team Nebula. (Team Nebula is a criminal organization that takes all but other Pokémon not in their possession. Leaving others with only their Pokémon was a enigma to all that witnessed their various crime sprees. Team Nebula's primary objective was to colonize their personal hideout on the moon and seize control of all other planets for their own personal gain. However, that soon proved to be nothing more than an utter failure when one person ratted the entire team as a result of their brother being kept in an underground laboratory under abysmal conditions.)
Appearance: Ling stands at a short height of 4'8" and has pale skin, short black hair in the style of a ponytail and brown eyes. She has on pink safety goggles and a gray gas mask that covers her mouth and nose. She wears a pale pink cape that is behind her black shirt and gray skirt, as the cape goes down to about halfway on her skirt. The cape has the emblem of Team Nebula on its center area that shows when someone is taking a good gaze at her back. The emblem is the letter N in a shade of darkly black that has two dashes going through horizontally on the center area; along with a white circle on the letter's center area that also has some gray spots over it. On the center of her shirt lies the emblem of Itonidon, as it is a modest, but mostly grayish circle with a small, green circle being in the center with the entire circle being surrounded by a small, white rim that is preceded by another rim that is aquatic blue. She has on black oxford shoes with a black bow tie near the tongue and eyelets and medium-sized white socks that have a comfortable fit.
Personality: Ling tends to be quiet mostly when out in public since she does not exactly interact with others as much as a social butterfly would under normal circumstances. She tends to be rather gentle around her Pokémon since her Pokémon can be easily startled and communication is something that her Pokémon is beginning to grasp after some attempted training between the two.
Position: She is the head of the Branch of Automation and Robotics.
Pokémon: She has an Itonidon. (Information on it is below.)
Other Info: The cape hides most of her gray purse that is made from the finest of leathery material, as it holds everything she needs; from basic necessities to even her personal items.

Pokémon Bio:
Name: His name is currently unknown.
Species: Itonidon / Lil' Cleaner Pokémon
Type: [type]Water[/type] [type]Steel[/type]
Gender: Male
Age: His age is currently unknown, though he appears to look rather young even to the trained eye.
Primary Moves: Pound Rush, Cleansing Wash, Vacuum Draw, Sud Spreader.
Ability: Synchro Drive (Countering an enemy attack significantly increases the Pokémon's focus, as the power of the next move used is doubled. This is the signature ability of Itonidon.)
Appearance: Itonidon is a small, mostly humanoid Pokémon that resembles a robot. He has a primarily gray body and a slightly large head to body ratio. He has solid green eyes, and his mouth has no teeth whatsoever. There are two flat, perfectly circular protrusions on the sides of his head that are in the shade of a cloudy gray. His arms and legs are modest sized, as his hands each have five small fingers while his feet have five baby-sized toes. Both of his hands and feet seem to lack any claws or nails upon closer inspection and are in the shade of a cadet gray. His moderate sized, thin tail is shaped like a squeegee upon closer analysis. It is mostly a gray tube that is flexible and made for the purpose of transferring water and other materials in and out of his body and/or other areas. The end is shaped like a smooth rubber blade, though it is slightly more thicker to allow more room for cleaning and for another prime function of his.
Personality: [To be revealed in the RP as this can change depending on the circumstances.]
Love Relations?: [None at the moment, though this may be subject to change, but it is highly unlikely it will.]
Fakemon Creator: @Kibago
Other Info: Due to an absence of the Pokédex in his trainer's home region, he was slightly modified with a special chip that grants him the ability to communicate more effectively with humans and also have other various functions that serve the purpose of the Pokédex and other key items.
Moves Information:
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Category: Physical
Power: 10 x 5
Accuracy: 100%, but can be evaded more easily
Power Points: 25
Target: Single Enemy
Range: Close Quarters Combat
Description: An elementary move that most species of Pokémon learn from the start or early on. The user strikes the target with a series of quick strikes.
Effects: The chance of critical hits increases when all strikes connect.
Type: [type]Water[/type]
Category: Status
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Power Points: 15
Target: Self or Single Ally
Range: 15 Meters from user if on Ally
Description: The user purifies themselves or another Pokémon from all impurities and harm inflicted from before. The move's potency is increased when the target has more debuffs and status conditions.
Effects: Heals the target by 25% max HP without debuffs and up to 75% max HP while also gradually removing all debuffs and status conditions.
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Category: Status
Power: N/A
Accuracy: 10% to 90% (Depending on attack's power, this is the success rate of this move.)
Power Points: 10
Target: Single Enemy
Range: Can be used up to 10 Meters from self
Description: The user gathers in a substantial amount of energy and draws in all incoming attacks to absorb the attack. However, absorbing too much power from the attack can sometimes backfire, so choose wisely when to execute this move!
Effects: After absorbing an attack successfully, the energy is stored from the amount of damage the attack would have inflicted. The energy can be used to increase an attack's power or simply heal one's self. Absorbing too much power will inflict double the damage the attack would have otherwise inflicted and stun the Pokémon for a brief amount of time.
Type: [type]Water[/type]
Category: Special
Power: 1−15 x 10 (Damage scales with range.)
Accuracy: 5% to 75% (Accuracy scales with range.)
Power Points: 20
Target: Single Enemy / Multiple Enemies (This attack can hit multiple enemies due to the attack's wide spread.)
Range: Up to 0.25 Meters (Effective range before power and accuracy start to fall.)
Description: An advanced move that some species of Water-type Pokémon learn later in their teenage or even adult years. The user launches a salvo of lathered bubbles on the target. This move is excellent for using against hordes of wild Pokémon due to its ability to hit multiple Pokémon at once.
Effects: No secondary effects.
Although everyone else appeared to be preoccupied with preparing for the convention or their formal conversations likely about their tasks, the Itonidon in his trainer's arms did not seem too interested the various booths his trainer walked by. The Itonidon glanced at a man in a lab coat sitting behind a booth before noticing the man swiftly placing down a stack of flyers on the booth's table. The Itonidon's eyes flashed for a split second towards the man, as a moderate amount of data was uploaded onto his mind processors soon after. Once the data finished uploading, the vision display of his read:

TIME: 08:22
TEMP: 20.22°C




The Itonidon took a brief look at the flyers after analyzing the data in his visual display, as his trainer also seemed to be looking over at the flyers on the table. The Itonidon turned towards the warehouse's exit while looking around to see if there were anymore doorways he could go through in case if everything turned for the worst.
Delta turned his attention back to the front of the booth to see that someone was already looking through the flyers displaying the various facilities and small breakthroughs of Team Rocket's Research and Development Branch. The scientist allowed himself a small smile. It looked like Cleo's idea wasn't all that bad. The person looking at the flyer was a girl, wearing a gas mask and cape. Not an odd thing. Many freelancers that came to the convention preferred to use some way to stay anonymous. What really intrigued Delta was the Pokemon in the girl's arm. He hadn't seen one like it. Hmmm....
"See anything you like?" Delta asked the girl.
Name: Ruby
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Organization: Team Rocket
Appearance: Has the same type of unifrom as the grunts from Heartgold and Soulsilver. Ruby has red eyes and blue hair (dyed)
Personality: Cleo is a very cheerful person who always likes to meet people
Position: Recuiter
Pokemon: Diglet, doduo
Other: Came to the VillianCon to see hot guys, maybe a few cute girls

Ruby was at a stall opposite lings, he saw cleo and smiled "we have the same clothes" he muttered under his breath looking around to see if anyone would be willing to come by and vist his small stall
"Well, you ask me... I haven't seen another team ever since mine was disbanded a few months ago," Ling replied to the man. She looked down at the Itonidon in her arms, as she felt his body shivering in fear. The Itonidon's rubber blade end of his tail pointed towards the man, almost as if he was attempting to protect himself from the man.

Ling gave a concealed sigh towards the Itonidon, as she calmly stated to the man, "Please don't mind him... he's been a bit jumpy lately."

The Itonidon took a silent breath and gathered some energy in his body, as his tail drew in some of the elements commonly found in what everyone took in to sustain their lives. He allowed his body to discreetly convert the absorbed gases into a small amount of water at a time to allow his pressure levels to remain at stable levels. He turned away from the man while continuing to keep the end of his tail pointed at the man.
Delta let out a small chuckle as he watched the unusual Pokemon. He could practically feel the heat from Petra's gaze over his shoulder as his bodyguard glared at the Pokemon. Petra would probably be on the girl and her Pokemon in an instant if she suspected anything were to happen. Delta leaned back in his chair and glanced at Petra. Sure enough, he was right about her glaring at the Itonidon.
"Relax a little, will ya? If you keep glaring like that, you'll scare off everybody from coming here." Delta said. Petra stiffened and looked away, muttering an apology. Delta shook his head and turned back to the girl.
"Your Team disbanded... You wouldn't have happened to have been part of that Team Nebula, would you?" Delta asked, interested. He hadn't heard much about them, something about the moon and other planets, but had heard enough to know that they must have had an amazing technology branch.

Meanwhile, Cleo was leaning against the booth and scanning the crowd and other booths. She looked over to see a young grunt at a different Team Rocket booth, just a basic recruitment booth the organization had out every year. A playful smile came across her face, and she began to make her way towards the recruitment booth.
He scratched the back of his neck and smiled at the small doduo laying down next to him, Ruby saw cleo running towards him and smiled excitedly "yay! New people to talk to!" He though feeling a little jumpy now, he waved a little and scanned the area for other people
Name: Grant
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Organization: Whoever wants him, currently looking for work.
Appearance: Grant is, well, cool. You think of a picture of a grunt, take away the suit and give him short and spiky black hair and you got him. Grant wears a black leather jacket holding security cards for 98% of most criminal bases. Along with the jacket, matching pants are worn.
Personality: Grant isn't the kind of person to take no as an answer. He could easily knock out the admins of most teams with one swing, and wouldn't care anything about it. But behind the tough guy, Grant it probably the most loyal person you will ever meet.
Pokemon: Magmorter, Zoroark, Luxray
Other: Grant has worked for most evil teams at LEAST once in his career.

Grant slowly made his way across the convention for villains. This was one of the best place to get work, so best make the best of it. He had a booth around the bend that his team might be coming to. It was labelled, 'Bad Boys for Hire.' "Hrm." He said as he looked at the sign. It did not look serious due to his sister being the one who made it. "Really?" He said to nobody in particular. Shrugging, he made his way around the booth that was next to a Rocket research booth, or something.
(OC: I might add more OCs later)
(OC: That's cool)

Cleo reached the Rocket Recruiting Booth and inspected it carefully, then took a closer look at the grunt inside. He had blue hair, but what really stood out to Cleo was his red eyes. The grunt didn't look much older than Cleo, though.
"Well, you think that an organization like ours could scrap together enough money to get a bigger booth for recruitment." Cleo said to the grunt with a playful smile. "Is this your first time at the VillianCon?"
He chuckled "you really would and yeah, accually it's my first thing I've done as a member of team rocket" he said smiling "happy it is too, maybe I'll get some cute guys number!" He said with a childish smile


Previously El Spazzino
aHAAhahaA nice.

bios be like

Name: Larry Amados

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Organization: Team Engine (Check my about to see whats its about. But I can sum it up for you. So basically they use bots to "train" pokemon when they're actually stealing them and are trying to take over they're region and make it more... tech-ish and more bot society.)

Appearance: Just a regular dude wearing a sweater vest and brown hair with green eyes, goggles and pants. Nothing cool about him. (He likes wearing his casual outfit more than his uniforms.)

Personality: Really diabolical when exaggerating or thinking of plans, nice, well, mostly, sarcastic, joker, english man (the europe type)

Position: Admin Engineer

Pokemon: Eh, I'll think of some later when we need them lol.

Other: Came to Villain-Con because his boss, me, Noot, the leader of Team Engine (I'm really sponsering myself ain't I?) told him so and to impress people with his mini bots. Isn't really the lovely guy tho.


Larry was walking around, checking some booths until he noticed a Team Rocket booth, Huh, haven't seen one of those in a while now, why don't I check it out? He thought to himself as he walked over to there. "Ello there, my names Larry! I'm from Team Engine, you know, part of the successful business in the [insert region for Team Engine]. Say, aren't you one of the teams that have been beaten by a... like, ten year old?" (OOC: If this takes place before that, ignore this.) he joked as he placed one of his mini robots down for no specific reason, like, at all.
The Itonidon winced the moment when a woman glared at him earlier, as he took in a series of quick breaths. His vision display read:



Y / N

The end of his tail started to gather up some energy, indicated by the moderate sound of a vaccum attempting to do its job as quickly as it could.

“Yes, I was part of Team Nebula. I’m surprised you already know,” Ling replied before looking down at the Itonidon.

“Now now, no need to hit anyone or anything. I would like you to relax and take a deep breath,” Ling calmly said to the Itonidon while his body started to shake uncontrollably.

“B- but... s- sh- she...” The Itonidon responded while cupping his right hand into a shaky fist.
Name: Laura Rhodite
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Organization: Modify Inc.
An organization that was once prestigious, now it has been revealed to have shady activities. The original headquarters were torn down, but they've built a new one underground in the Prosperita region. They study the genetics of Pokemon and do things such as create hybrids, Delta Pokemon, Pokemon with moves they normally cannot learn, and even brand new species.
Appearance: A woman with grey-blue hair and light grey eyes. She wears an uniform signifying her status as a grunt in Modify Inc.
Personality: Laura is obedient and loyal to her organization. She generally obeys orders without question. In interacting with others, Laura is surprisingly relaxed and informal. As long as she's not following any orders, she's rather fun to be around.
Position: Grunt
Pokemon: Sandile (Delta Electric/Psychic) and Rattayena (Rattata-Poochyena hybrid).
Other: None.

Laura had entered VillainCon. She could already see that the other members of Modify Inc. is here. And she had one goal here. Either to recruit more members into the team, which it seems that every organization here is doing, or to get hooked to sell modified Pokemon with them. And, well, Laura was sure they would like to have their Pokemon genetically modified or buy Pokemon that are much better than other Pokemon.
Petra's glare shifted from the robot Pokemon to the man from Team Engine that walked up, not noticing the reaction that the Pokemon was having.
"That was many years ago." Petra said to
Larry coldly. "And in case you didn't know, that 10 year old boy went on to become one of the most Powerful Pokemon Trainers ever."
She glanced down at the robot that the man had placed on the table.
"What's that do?" Petra asked Larry.

"It was just a guess." Delta said, leaning back in his chair. "From what I heard, Team Nebula was trying something with space, or a moon colony, right? That takes a whole lot of work and tech to do."
When the Robot Pokemon spoke, Delta's eyes widened. He pushed his glasses up his nose and looked again at the Itonidon. Talking Pokemon weren't exactly all that common.

Cleo looked at the grunt for a second, then sighed. I guess the saying really is true. All the good guys are either dead, taken, or gay. She thought. Cleo extended a gloved hand at Ruby for a handshake.
"My name's Cleo. This is my second year for the VillianCon." Cleo said, her smile returning. "So let me give you a suggestion... If it's cute guys you're looking for, check out the booths for Team Magma. Total hotties!"
Name: Winter
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Organization: Team Rocket
Position: Grunt
Appearance: She wears the normal Team Rocket uniform but with a cape
Personality: She acts really nice but she really hates people.
Pokemon: Lucario, Greninja, Umbreon, Luxray, Charizard
Name: Tina
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Organization: NA, works with Grant. Kind of a special ops force.
Appearance: Rina wears a black tank-top with a dark silver skirt and black leggings. Rina also has long blonde hair streaked with silver and gold marks. She also has dark blue eyes and white skin.
Personality: Tina is kind, but can get quite mean when needed. She has the skill to charm people, except she uses it for evil. In a way, Tina is the brains of the operation.
Position: Partner with Grant
Pokemon: Dragonair, Melotic, Wevile

Tina raced by her team's stand. "Hey Grant, the battle's start!" She called over as she waved him over. Grant sighed, "Thanks Tina, I'll be heading in a little." He said to his partner. He looked over to the Rocket booth beside his. Grant walked over to it. "Hey you guys. There's a battle going on down in the basement. You might want to check it out!" He called over as he ran off to the stairway down, which currently was swarming with goons trying to watch as their team's best tried battling. It was open to anyone, but not many wanted to ruin their reputation by losing. But those who won rose high quickly in the ranks.
“Yes, that’s what the team was trying to do... but that failed after someone told the press everything. It was just like... bam, and then we all ran off and hid. I don’t usually reveal myself because I don’t want my little one here to end up like my other one. I wanted to bring him here, but I was afraid he would be too aggressive towards everyone,” Ling explained while the Itonidon’s eyes were intensely focused at Petra.

The Itonidon’s vision display read:





Previously El Spazzino
Larry chuckled, "Well, all it does is generate chocolate, but I have to load it with melted chocolate to do so, its a pain in the butt, though." he replied to Petra.
Ruby's eyes lit up "wanna go check em out? Heard there's this one cute gal" he chuckled "no-one'll realise, I can have one of my friends cover" he said looking over at the team magma stalls "and do you know if any of em are gay?" He asked
Delta nodded. He hadn't had much problems with members of the Research and Development Branch going off to snitch to the authorities about their supposed "unethical experiments", but he could sympathize.
"You know, the Research and Development Branch is always on the lookout for new scientists. We do have a few openings at Team Rocket." Delta said. His eyes fell on the Itonidon in the girl's hands.
"Tell me, little one, can you communicate with both Pokemon and humans?" The scientist asked the Pokemon.

Petra stared at Larry and his machine for a moment before signing and putting her face in her hand.
"So... You're telling me that this machine... Turns melted chocolate into hardened chocolate." Petra said, looking back up at Larry. Her expression was a combination of confusion and disappointment. "Why... Why would you need this?"
A man in a black leather jacket walked by the booth, announcing that there was a battle going down in the basement. Petra looked at her watch, then turned to Delta.
"Sir, the battles are starting. Looks like a bit earlier then last year." Petra said. Delta smiled happily.
"That's good! I'm gonna need Cleo." Delta looked around, but Cleo was no longer in the booth.
"Hey, Cleo!" Delta yelled into the crowd.

"I dunno. It's been a year, and the ones I saw last year might not even be there." Cleo said with a shrug. Suddenly, she heard Delta calling her name. Cleo turned back to Ruby. "Sorry, maybe some other time. My boss is calling."
Cleo turned and began to make her way back to her booth, when she paused.
"We'll hang out later, huh? I never got your name, by the way." Cleo said to the grunt.


Previously El Spazzino
Larry laughed, "I HAVE NO IDEA. Well, anyways, I'm gonna finish up my very-illegal bot fighting station. Catch ya later!". He walked over whistling to his station with 20 dangerous-looking robots, along with joke looking robots, and said, "Step right up for a can of metal smashing! I use a robot, and you can use another robot from my collection if you don't have on! Very-illegal bot fighting at this place! We also sell candy for 5 cents." After a few bot fights, he put up his on-break robot and headed down into the basement for the fighting and he was holding out his large bag of nerds. "This'll be interesting.
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Cleo smiled at her "I'm cleo, cya" he said a little let down but accepted it, he drooped and laid his head on the counter and he smiled at her as she left "and what's your name?" He asked hoping that she'd hear his question
"Well, I'm not sure if specializing with machines and robots like my father would count as being a scientist. So, what kind of things does that specific branch deal with anyway?" Ling replied while the Itonidon gulped the moment when he heard the man asking him a question. His visual display read:

"Tell me, little one, can you communicate with both Pokemon and humans?"


The Itonidon looked over at the man and faintly said, "U- u- umm... y- y- y- ye- yes..." His body shook uncontrollably after realizing what the flyers he read earlier meant, as he took in a shallow breath while his visual display read:

"Oh, nonsense! At Research and Development, it's pretty much what it says. We research a vast majority of things, mostly relating to Pokemon. How to bring out their inner power, or how to make them more powerful. We recently had a big breakthrough regarding an easier way to use genetics to modify Pokemon than an older way, pretty big stuff. I actually wrote a paper on it for the underground scientific community." Delta said, feeling quite proud. "Anyways, we also develop and make most of the machines that other members of our organization use for schemes of theirs."
Delta looked around the booth, and found that Cleo still wasn't there.
"Cleo!" Delta yelled.

The pink haired grunt turned back to Ruby.
"My name's Cleo. I really gotta go, see ya!" Cleo said, then quickly ran towards the Team Rocket Research and Development Branch's Booth.
"Here I am, sir!" Cleo said, giving a salute. Delta handed her his belt with his five Pokeball on them.
"Check and make sure they're ready for battle." Delta said, and turned back to the girk with the gas mask.
"I'm afraid I'm going to have to talk more with you later, the battles are beginning in the basement." Delta said, and flashed a smile. "And I intend to prove the worth of Team Rocket's Research and Development Branch. Here's my card."
Delta handed Ling his card, with his name and position on it, then took his Pokeballs back from Cleo.
"I don't believe I ever caught your name..." Delta said to the girl.
"Oh, so that's what everyone does at that area. If it involves experimenting with other Pokémon, then I might probably need to stay back since I work with machines here. I'm not exactly one that deals with biology and life if I had to be honest..." Ling replied while the Itonidon picked up some sort of quiet gliding noise in the distance.

"And about that... My name is Ling Suei, but most people know me as Ling. If you must leave for now, then go ahead. We can always talk more later," Ling added while the Itonidon noticed his trainer politely taking the card the man handed over. The Itonidon attempted to stabilize his pressure and temperature as fast as he could before his trainer would discover his body issues he sometimes had during times of stress.

Meanwhile, a small, lizard-like Pokémon silently landed near the seemingly abandoned warehouse with the help of his winglike flaps allowing him to have a smooth descent. He took a brief glance over at the stockroom while noticing various groups of people inside the warehouse. It appeared to be that they were all busy with something, perhaps with a celebration or a special event of some sort. His steady gaze soon turned into a fierce glare the moment when he managed to pick up a sign of Team Rocket indicated by the booth of Research and Development for the criminal organization.

He attempted to move along the shadows to hide his spring green body that would likely stand out within any source of bright lighting. He kept his gun-shaped twigs comfortably holstered in his winglike flaps while hoping there was another way in aside from the most obvious entryway that everyone else appeared to be casually walking in for the convention. He went over to the building's left side where there was no sign of any social life whatsoever, as his glare soon turned into a light smile the moment when he noticed an old, rusty ladder. However, that smile turned into a slight frown a mere second later when he realized the ladder had a lock at the halfway point out of his reach.

He stood near the ladder for a good minute while pondering about the lock and other potential ways to sneak into the warehouse. After some quick thinking, he pulled out one of his gun-shaped twigs with his left hand while briefly licking a small part of the index finger of his right hand. The coolest part of his index finger appeared to be facing towards the east, as he pointed the gun-shaped twig towards the lock and shifted the weapon's aim about an inch left from the lock in order to compensate for the wind's direction.

He took in a deep breath and attempted to concentrate on using the weapon as quietly as he could, though it still needed enough power to hit the lock. A small, green orb was formed at the weapon's tip facing towards the lock's direction, as it zoomed at an incredible speed! A slight thud was heard, as all that remained was a shackle broken in several pieces and the body lying on the ground with noticeable cracks on every side.

The little Pokémon gave a silent sigh of relief and climbed up the unfolded ladder while holstering the weapon in the appropriate area. He could only hope that no one heard what went on outside, as he carefully made his way up onto the roof in hopes of finding an alternate route leading into the warehouse with undetected presence.

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Previously The Bog Hog
Name: Maxis elea
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Organization: Team Cataclysm
Team Cataclysm is a group of prestigious villains who work on experiments creating fusions of multiple pokemon and mechanical pokemon that are still being worked on. These pokemon are more powerful than their normal counterparts but are still in testing.
Appearance: A man with a neon green gas mask on and a black and neon green hoodie that covers the rest of his upper body, including his head, shorts with the same color scheme and black shoes... with neon green socks, none of his body is shown because of his clothing, he has gloves with the same color scheme
Personality: Maxis has sworn loyalty to team cataclysm and would die for his team, he loves to have fun and is the most fun loving of team catalyst's admin, altough... when the times get serious he also does.
Position: Admin of Team Cataclysm
Pokemon: Aggyognal (Aggron +Cryogonal), Kommodon (Kommo-o + rhydon), Clawdrill (Clawitzer + Beedrill ), noivern and a mechanical version of toxicroak (Not at full power yet)
Other: He sounds as if he were still a teenager, he has two grunt bodyguards, not important for the roleplay, they might have some dialog but not a lot.

"Wow, for an abandoned warehouse this place sure is getting a lot of attention, I expected there to be like twelve people here. Sure are a lot more!" Maxis said as the two grunts stood stiff "C'mon! loosen up guys, aren't we here to have fun and meet new people!" he said as he pat the grunts on their backs "NOW, MY CHILDREN RUN FREE, RUN FREE!!!" Maxis shouted as they entered the building and heard the person talk about taking over alola... Maxis fell on the ground laughing, It was so funny to him he started crying. He got up and acted like it never happened "Dude, Cataclysm took over your bases and stuff three months ago, with less pokemon than you." he said as he let out his Clawdrill "It's stuff like this that makes team cataclysm better. I heard they even used a mechanical luxray when beating your team, I heard it was fun... wish I was there"
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Ruby sighed and smiled "she seems really nice" he told nobody in particular, he smiled at felt as if he should talk to her and hang out with her but shook his head knowing that would get him in trouble, he smiled "wish I had some cooler Pokemon..." he whispered

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Previously The Bog Hog
Maxis somehow heard ruby and walk over "You want cooler pokemon?" he asked sarcastically "Of course you do, Cooler pokemon, how about two cool pokemon in one!" Maxis said as he passed him a pokeball labeled hydeptile "Trust me, it's a cool pokemon"
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"I better not open this thing to find a fricking bloody mess of a mangled dead body" he mumbled "th-that was a bad day" he added sadly "anyway, show me what it looks like and I'll make a disicion"

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Previously The Bog Hog
"Alright, prepare to see pure AWESOMENESS!!!" Maxis said as he threw out a sceptile with hydreigon heads on each side of its shoulders, it had the color scheme of the hydreigon and had its wings and other features "These pokemon aren't even scratching the surface of what the Cataclysm Team is doing!" he said exitedly.