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The Banning Game

*Tyler could be seen lying in his trainer’s arms while sneezing a bit, as the thermometer that his trainer takes out of his mouth shows the number to be 104.7 while it’s blinking red*

@WalterTheRalts is banned for using a word with a negative connotation.
@Kibago, you are kidding, right? You're banned because italics are used to add drama to a subject or sentence.
For example, take this sentence:
"I never said he took my car."
Using italics, the meanings can change.
"I never said he took my car," states that he never said that a particular person took his car and refers to someone else.
"I never said he took my car," states that he never said that he actually stole the car but performed another action with it.
"I never said he took my car." states that he never said that the robber took a car from him, but instead another object.
*??? comes over and charges his attack at max level 9 times in a row and perfectly executes it as he uses his signature X-Move, Super Superb Sublime Star Slammer, as he attacks you with an incredible hit and deals 937202 damage and inflicts Stun, Flinch, Fragility and Vulnerability*

@WalterTheRalts Banned for the continued use of italics.
(Man, you and grammar. You like it, don't you?)
@Kibago, you are banned for posting on a number that when multiplied by the number of letters in your name will still have the same digit in the one's place.
*a familiar ghost seal Pokémon comes over and uses Antijur’s Judgement on you to reduce your HP to 1 and reduce all your stats at the random range of 1-3 stages*

@WalterTheRalts is banned for attempting to prove something by the means of mathematics.
*Simon comes over while struggling to do basic addition as his trainer tries to help him out on counting numbers and trying to use the blocks to assist him in adding up numbers*

(Try AP Calculus, it is a 9001% chance that you’ll end up in 5Y with the cube root of Z + X buckets of tears.)

@WalterTheRalts is banned for using a common contraction.
(I mean... would a Neourk really be wanting to use Water Gun instead of a nice, custom made move?)

*Neourk sits on his booster seat while enjoying some well done steak in his fancy uniform*

@WalterTheRalts Banned for using air quotes.
*Tolpriam comes over and uses Paranormal Pulseade at you, as various pulses of mystical energy are fired from his four arms at his trainer in a bit of anger after he sees what today is on the calandar*

@WalterTheRalts is banned for having no sort of commentary in the three dots of the last line.