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Open The chronicals of Necros 2 disscussion.

Name: Ashei Ibuki
age: 24
sex: Male
appearance: Brown hair and brown eyes. Ashei wears a black and blue Shinobi.
nationality: Boie
weapons: Naginata and a Katana
Sexuality: Unioner(Hetero)
It's a medieval fantasy RP based off of a book series I'm writing.
This is the second rp in the series. While the first one focused on Ragroth primarily this one will involve every kingdom as listed on the fist page.
Name: John Adams
sex: Male
looks exsactly like this.
nationality: The Great Forest.
weapons: Tomahawk and knife for close combat and a bow and arrow with dragons carved into it.
Sexuality: Straight.
I want to post but I don't know how I would get my charater into the plot right now XD @Jagson could you tell me whats happening in the rp and maybe ill find a way to enter
Well currently the Flovion islands are under siege. the Tagryns tried and failed to get a beach head in Hethia. and Avian sent out letters to bring the seven rulers of Necros and whatever people they would like to bring with them to Dragon's vail because he thinks something might be happening.
Also Jagson you have some weird names for the sexuality tell me if I'm wrong Unioner meens your straight. Sword player meens your characters gay and maiden lover meens your charaters lesbian and mixed meens bassically bisexual am I right I just want to make sure
Correct. My idea is that since it's more medieval that there would be different names for them. and those were the names I came up with.
Name: Qadir
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Appearance: Qadir is a well-built man, dark-skinned and tall. He wears a cloak and studded leather, prepared for any eventuality. He's wyvern, Otroth, is as large as a horse, with scales of varying shades of yellow, and is absolutely loyal to Qadir.
Nationality: Hethians
Weapons: While mounted on Otroth, he wields a battleaxe and attacks with heavy blows. He carries two scimitar for fighting while he's on foot, and uses a fighting style that looks akin to dancing.
Sexuality: Unioner
Basically this is a medieval fantasy based in the fictional continent of Necros.
two hundred years prior house Tagryn had complete control of the continent after a rebellion driving them away from Necros to the continent to the east. Afterwards the continent was divided into seven kingdoms.
now present day the Tagryn's are returning to claim their birthright.

Does that help explain things?
"No." He said. "What that assassin said made me start to think of the time of the Tagryns." He said as he took the files. " That's why I arranged this meeting between the seven kings and those they can trust." He said as he looked at her. " You should stay here until Zeke gets here." He said.

Sure... no...maybe. Have Zeke appear and the meeting begin
choice is yours. Plus since Storm currently has bad internet and other reasons she isn't able to put anything on this so it's just you and me.