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Private/Closed The Citadel

Welcome to the Citadel; a prison for teenage abominations like you. Why are you an abomination? Because you were born with a supernatural power that makes you a threat to the people, and you were taken from your parents when you were born, as the curse was found in your DNA. Your home is a stone tile cell with no windows and power dampeners line the outside of the prison room to keep you in check. After all, you're a virus to society and must be isolated from the public to ensure their safety. You have no chance of escape, so please: make yourself at home.

Xenon sighed quietly as he sat against the wall of his cell. His normally bright eyes from his past were now quite dim as he repeatedly tossed an apple into the air, catching it in his hand before throwing again. The apple was part of his meager "lunch" (if that's what the guards wanted to call it), and it was given to him along with a small bowl of bland porridge and stale bread. When the prisoners were given their food, they were free to roam around the prison room, but nowhere else. The Korean teen preferred to stay in his cell and eat, as he knew what came next. Their break time out of their cells would be over in 15 minutes, and the guards would, quite forcibly, direct the prisoners back into their cells for the rest of the day, armed with tranquilizer dart guns and metal poles tipped with power nullifying electricity on both sides, should a "situation" come up. It was just life around here.

Xenon took a small nibble from his apple, which tasted unusually salty-- he had no idea how that was possible-- and stared up at the ceiling where a single bright light hung from a metal cord. Having lived in this condition for about 2 years since he was captured, he had grown slightly accustomed to how it was in this hellhole, but there was never a time where the teen pondered an escape plan. One day, I'll get out of here. But he knew, and he was sure all the other prisoners knew as well, that today was not that day.
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A guard was carefully eyeing each of the prisoners outside of the cell during their lunch break. His gaze stopped at a blonde teen staring at the ceiling and walls. Elizabeth notice the guard looking at her as he held on tightly to his stun gun. Seeing this she felt the need to make fun of him. "Yeah make sure you have that weapon as close a possible. You never know if an exhausted, powerless, girl is going to limply sneak up on you." He flinched but besides that continued eyeing the girl. Her eyes barely widened as she pretended to be surprised. "What? Why are your panties so twisted? I'm just helping you guys out by checking if any dirt formed around. This may be a prison but try not to make it a pig stall."

"One more word and i'll blast ya" the guard shouted. he raised the gun and aimed at her stomach. Elizabeth loudly sighed and turned away, that was the softest guard, but just two quips was more than enough to warrant full on torture. She was dumbfounded at the fact she could still get a rise from the guards. She had been here since two years she expected them to think its just routine. In truth she was checking if there were any changes in the room. even if it was just specks of dirt. She noticed a couple of tiny cracks over one corner, or a cobweb in another, but nothing worthwhile that would help leave this dumpster of a place. She ripped off a piece of her abnormally stale bread and ate it like hard candy. With not much else to do she stood around thinking about whoever made this stuff should seriously be fired.
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Tony merely laid his back against what was supposed to be his bed... yet it was too uncomfortable to be called such a thing, he heard banging against his door. "On your feet, Prince. It's almost lunchtime!" The guard shouted almost aggressively. Tony remained on his bed, but gave the guard the middle finger sign.

The guard merely scoffed. "Very funny." He said sarcastically. Tony scoffed and decided to get up from his 'bed', as he did, he brushed off any dirt he had on his surprisingly fine clothes; for a prison, they at least have a good selection of clothing. "What's on the menu today: Is it crap?" Tony asked rhetorically. "Doesn't matter what it is, you're eating it." The guard replied. "Oh, so we're eating your mom's cooking?" Tony responded with a sly smirk. The guard looked back with annoyed expression whilst Tony tried to hold back a chuckle, the only little entertainment he had for the last two years was talking back to the guards.
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Graced with perfect facial features,
-with the ability to chose her own features how could they be anything less than perfect?-,
the noblest of bloodlines,

-her name, Laspia Melatina Viola, had been so posh it must've come from a family of noble descent!.. or so the guards would frequently tease her.-
and a sane, intelligent mind,
-this was relative to the other prisoners. The way some of them had spent the past few years politely requesting beatings from the guards had cause Mel to question their sanity, intelligence, or their proclivities. Perhaps they just really enjoyed being abused? Who was she to judge that?-
Mel was the picture definition of perfection, but alas, being too perfect was a crime. For someone of her impeccable looks, noble lineage, and exceedingly gifted capabilities to find themselves detained in such a harsh prison...what crime could she truly have committed? It was clear that upon laying eyes on her transient visage these lesser humans had grown strife with envy and tossed her into this godforsaken hole. A decadent sigh bubbled through her being- quite literally.

As her body had been entirely composed of slime, the power dampeners lining her prison cell had weakened her ability to mold herself into any distinguishable shape. Thus her human and slime forms were unachievable, and as such, she spent most of her days as a purple puddle of sentient slime. It wasn't a very dignified form, especially for someone of her standing, but it was all she could really do.

As she sighed her puddle bubbled- as if excited. This was a sight the guards, as well as her fellow prisoners, would've been very used to. She tended to remain in her prison cell -finding it very difficult to maneuver her body with her powers suppressed- and thus her puddle-form was practically the only form anyone would've ever seen her in. The guards often simply threw whatever gruel they were serving for lunch into her puddle, and she would do the rest, slowly dissolving the food for nutrients.

Fire Mana

Previously Top_Smug_
Parker sat quietly in his cell. The demon inside of him did the same. His power was different than the others, it didn't originate in his DNA. Thus, the power dampeners had a much weaker effect on him. Still, he could not use much of his power.

"Why do the others here try to get punished? Are they idiots?" The voice rang out in Parker's head.

"I'm not sure. They clearly aren't the most intelligent." The boy in black replied in a near-whisper.

"Why haven't we broken out of here yet? We're strong."

"Yes, we are. But we can't get out of here alone. The others are affected by the dampeners much more than us."


Parker sighed and rose from the metal board and thin linen sheet he called a bed. He was angry, as he always was, but he knew he could not lash out. His rage would not be stopped once it was started. He knew the guards would rather kill him than subdue him.

"So, what's on today's schedule?"

"Same as always."
Ari sat back in his cell, watching the other freaks of nature around him. He spectated the madness, as they were looked up like beasts in a zoo. “You gotta be kidding me,” he said to himself, “we’ve been here this long and they still haven’t figured it out? Jesus, so much for path of least resistance...” The young boy grumbled in his cell, looking on as he always did.
"So that's the head of the resistance?" Asked one guard. "Yeah, he WAS, now he's just another prisoner here." Answered another.

The one they had been referring to was none other than Kyles Yuma who sat on with his back leaning against the wall on the bed of his cell. He had his arms crossed, not paying attention to the two guards conversing about him outside his cell. "Ha, now that their leader is in a cell like all the others, the rest of those abomination will realize that that there's no use resisting arrest." Said the first guard. "Their petty excuse of a resistance will soon fall." Added the second. Hearing this, Kyles couldn't help but smirk a little. "Huh, the morons are clueless." He thought.


Previously 5DigitNeb
Mentis sat at his cell with his eyes looking at the ground. He seemed to be doing nothing, yet he had been sitting like this for a couple hours. Surely someone would get tired of nothing at one point, right? However Mentis remained motionless and patient, perhaps deep in thought. What else could someone's mind be doing like that?

It should happen any minute now...

"Catch, freak."

He looked up quickly as a syringe was thrown into his cell out of the blue. However Mentis could still easily catch it, even if he couldn't move his hands or arms. His eyes darted towards the syringe and he focused on it, everything else becoming blurry for a second. Suddenly the syringe stopped moving and didn't touch the ground, as if gravity no longer affected it. However it was because another force was acting upon it.

The syringe slowly moved towards Mentis's neck and the needle poked through his skin, though it did no damage to his nerves. The liquid inside flowed into Mentis, providing him the nutrients he needed to live. For Mentis, this was the normal "lunch" that he's been received everyday in the prison.

After receiving the nutrients he threw away the syringe onto the floor of the cell and watched as it rolled outside of the metal bars. Then he looked around and observed the other prisoners actions during "lunch."

Interesting, I wonder why the react the way they do to the guards... I guess that's one good thing about my limitations. I'd get beat less since I can't even speak my own mind. Not like I would talk back anyways, but still...
Raiden was very hopeful he wouldn't have any problems with the guards, because he was a nice guy that obeyed commands from people he has to listen to. He wanted to meet some others, but they probably wouldn't let Raiden do that because these people are very strict with every single one of their prisoners. Even though Raiden did wanna meet some people, and he had a smiling face, it looked some other people didn't. Raiden was watching as others groaned, and mumbled, but even though he hated where he was, he still had a happy face on.
A red haired boy sat at the edge of his bed reading a human biology book that laid upon a small square stone table in the middle of his apparently one man cell. Most prisoners wouldnt have such luxuries, but after five long years of Marik's persuasive and likable nature rubbing off on the guards, the young man had managed to weed his way between the cracks of the 'system' ever so slightly.

"Prisoner 2807. On your feet!" A large dark skin prison guard ordered as he round the corner into Marik's cell, his taser probe drawn and primed.

"Yeah yeah, what the hell do you want, pig?" Marik responded in a loud, over exaggerated voice as he and the cop went silent for several moments, only for both of them to break out in an inaudible laughter. The guard put his weapon back in its holster, tossing the young man a fresh, juicy apple after they had both regained there composure.

"So, how you doing, Red?" The guard asked, flicking his cap up slightly as he leaned against the side of the cell.

Marik took a small bite from the fresh fruit, talking in between each chew, "Eh....been fine.....how about you Reese? Hear anything on the 'Meta Rights Act?"" He questioned with a large hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Hehe, you know if anything like that had come up you probably wouldve known before me." The newly revealed Officer Reese retorted, exiting the cell as his smile faded back to a stern frown.
"I dont wanna hear you talk any more shit, unless you wanna get bound and beaten, Meta freak." Officer Reese yelled in in a somewhat cynical tone, knowing no one of importance would be listening anyways.
"See ya around." He whispered, walking towards the more troublesome prisoners to give them a hard time.

"The government wont be of any help now, we've got now choice but to stand in fight. Problem is, when is the right moment....." The fiery haired meta contemplated to himself as he took another bite from the apple, fresh and sweet.
Elizabeth slowly wandered around what little space she was given to walk in without the guards responding. She quickly glanced at the people who rather stay in their cell than do anything. Lazy and dumb, she thought to herself. he movements stopped as she noticed one boy get out of his cell. he was seemingly more defiant she she was and wondered if he was active on any plans. Elizabeth waited for the guard to be as far as they would from the guy. she did her best to nonchalantly walk in his direction and when close enough she sat down on the floor behind him.

"keep it brief and simple" she said make sure to pick at her bread and not turning to look at him. "since the guards are dumb enough to give any break time its a waste not to abuse it." Even without seeing a clock she could tell that most of their time was almost up. "what do you know? Say it in three sentences or less."
One year.
Alexandra Saetes has been in The Citadel for one year.
In hindsight, she understood that wasn’t very long. Some had been in it for well over five years, and despite knowing that, she couldn’t understand how she could possibly survive any longer there.
Alex had always been a crybaby of sorts, and not too long ago she would’ve been ashamed of it. Hide the tears, that was always the case. But as she sat in her cell, solemnly stirring her cold, bland porridge in circles, she remembered her first three months at The Citadel. Tears.
Upon arriving, she was in hysterics. Screaming, crying. Begging for them to let her go, that she wouldn’t hurt anybody, she promised.
For those first three months, she couldn’t stand any guard to look at her.
She’d take a shaky breath, trying to hide herself from their judgmental gazes. She was no mindreader, but she knew what they were thinking. They were disgusted.
In many ways she felt violated, purged.
Purged of everything she felt she deserved.

She thought she deserved a first day of high school. A first significant other, maybe a first Homecoming dance. But she wasn’t able to have any of that, no, because one year ago she was taken away.

Deciding with a sigh that dwelling was no use, the girl set her untouched bowl of porridge aside, standing up to stretch, her nose scrunching as she let out a mumble, pushing her arms out to relieve the ache in them. Because she had minimal time outside of her cell, she always tried to make the most of it. As a hardcore claustrophobic, Alex despised her cell, which provided hardly any moving room. So, naturally, she decided to pace the prison room, ducking around and scampering from those taller than her, which proved to be about everyone. Being a part of the younger minority in the Citadel, Alex wouldn’t be done growing if she were still in the normal world. But, as it turned out, her current state of malnourishment offered little time for her to hit a growth spurt before her bones set, ultimately meaning she’d probably be 5’0 for the rest of her life.

Considering she’d wasted the majority of her time in her cell, Alex understood that she didn’t have much time left to roam and stretch, so she tried to make the most of her time, looking around and studying faces. And, with her luck, the moment she looked away from in front of her to look at her prisonmates, she walked right into a guard.
Stumbling back and holding her nose, she looked up at the man. He was tall, maybe 6’1, and she guessed he was late forties, early fifties.
The man screwed up his face, grabbing the girl by her shoulder and shoving her back. Lip wobbling, she stood, her eyes on the ground.
“Get back to your god damn cell, you freak.” He hissed. Alex stayed rooted to the spot, paralyzed, a petrified look on her face.

“Are you dense?!”
Don’t cry.
“Listen to me, you juvenile monster!”
C’mon, Alex, don’t cry. Don’t let him see you.
“Get in your cell, NOW!”

Snapping back to reality, Alex blinked at him, bleary eyed, before turning tail and quickly stumbling away. She found herself in the corner of her cell, biting her tongue to keep herself from screaming.
I can’t do this I can’t do this I can’t do this I can’t-
Xenon turned abruptly to see a guard screaming into the face of one of the prisoners; Alex Saetes, according to what he had overheard. He watched as the girl scurried back to her cell and retreated to a far corner. Like Xenon, she had been in the Citadel for a year, and the boy thought that she would have gotten used to life here, but it was clear that she had not. The ice manipulator quietly left his cell, and upon leaving, the same guard stomped over to him and brandished his tranq dart gun. "Back in your cell. You want the same ordeal that girl had to deal with?" Xenon sighed and looked at the clock above the door of the prison room before firing back a cold retort. "According to the clock up there, we still have 40 seconds of lunch left. I'd rather you don't waste your breath screaming at me; you probably have much more of that coming." The guard's face wrinkled with anger as he holstered his gun and stormed off, leaving the boy alone. He walked over to the entrance to Alex's cell and quietly shushed her, already knowing she was having a panic attack. "You're okay," He whispered, quietly but audibly for the girl. "Just breathe." Having been in the prison with her for a year, one could say that Xenon had made an "acquaintance"-like relationship with Alex, so he was normally there to provide reassurance, regardless of whether he was inside or outside his cell.

Suddenly, the prison room doors burst open, and a guard shouted, "Lunch time's over! Close the cell doors! It's time for your monthly experimentation; Xenon Jung. You're up first." Xenon sighed and backed away from the cell as power dampening cuffs were locked around his wrists before the guard led him to the "white room", as the others liked to call it. As he entered the room, one of the scientists holding a clipboard turned around, adjusting his glasses. "Now then. Let's begin. Xenon, I heard you can conjure and manipulate ice; start by conjuring a sword." The cuffs were removed from his wrists, and taking a moment to harness his powers, the teen opened a dirty palm. wisps of freezing air were emitted from his fingertips as solid ice began to materialize in the air above his hand. The ice gradually grew in size and took the form of a hand giving everyone "the finger". The guard behind Xenon seethed as he brandished a metal baton hanging from a wall and stepped in for a swing. The stick cracked the temple of the teen, who stumbled to the side, bleeding profusely from his head. "You're going to cooperate, even if we have to break you," The guard hissed, swinging once more as the baton made contact with Xenon's stomach. Xenon doubled over and spit out a glob of blood, but he remained silent. It truly was just life around here, and he wouldn't scream once. Not for these assholes.

After many more punishments, Xenon finally but reluctantly complied with the experimentation, giving little effort but enough to satisfy the scientists. The teen returned to his cell, new bruises marking his face, torso, and arms as he laid down in his "bed", wincing with pain as he did so.
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'Odd...did he really like being beaten that much?'

The observant puddle of slime peered through the high-tech bars of her cell, looking on with interest as her prison mate of many months, the cryokinetic Jung Xenon, returned to the cell room. The signs of abuse were obvious, but most noticeable was the smudge of blood on his lips. While the guards may have liked beating them, they usually wouldn't beat them to the point of vomiting blood unless provoked. Clearly, the cryokinetic had been less than cooperative with their experiments. She shook her nonexistent head in disapproval, as her 'eyes' tracked the boy as he slinked back to his cell- battered an broken. The guard soon followed, a fierce expression of annoyance on his face as he barked out, "Alright slime princess, you're up next." His words were filled with mocking sarcasm and mirth. Although her gender in her puddle form was rather questionable, the guards knew for a fact that she was female. She'd been in her human form when she'd been captured, and their tools...whatever they were using to restrain her powers, had caused her body to go completely haywire. It was the most horrific thing she'd ever experienced as her body collapsed in on itself without the slightest hint of resistance. The feeling was so unpleasant she'd refrained from taking human form ever again. Rather than be forced into puddle form every time she entered her cell, it was better she remained in puddle form from the start- which she choose to do. However, today would be different.

As her liquid form trickled out of the cell, the door having been opened just moments before, her slime wreathed and boiled. Swiftly thin threads, more like tentacles than anything else, extended from the puddle, weaving themselves together as they rose from the ground and took the shape of a young girl. She approached the guard but made sure to turn her back to the remaining prisons. As if someone had taken a finger and begun carving, a line of words appeared across her back between her liquid shoulderblades.

We, Laspia Melatina Viola, are curious. Why do you engage in futile resistance?
We admire your grit, but pointless actions are still pointless. If you despise your situation that much, then you'll need to do a bit more than snappy quips at the guards.
The words were large enough to be readable from a distance, and Mel was sure the other prisons would be able to read them. This was her first time really attempted to communicate with the other prisoners, but her curiosity had bested her.

A slight sound of surprise left the guard's mouth, Mel had refrained from taking her human form in months, so its sudden appearance was rather startling. He couldn't see the words she formed on her back, but even those words soon faded as the guard clamped the power restraining cuffs over the slime girl's hands. Her body wobbled, losing it's well-defined edges as it collapsed back into a sentient purple puddle. With little resistance the guard directed Mel to the 'White room' and she oozed along the floor. She was quite cooperative with the orders of the scientist and got through the experiments rather quickly. Soon enough, the guard led her back into the prison room and she returned to her cell, no worst for wear.
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Tony remained silent within his cell. He wanted to help whoever was screaming, but one: Someone beat him to it and two: He wouldn't hear the end of it from the annoying guards who he looked at with a morbid frown. When given the chance, he would massacre every single guard for the abuse he was given for the last two years. His ears perked up when he heard banging on his door. "Alright 'Prince' out of your cell, it's experimentation time!" The guard said as he held out handcuffs with a smile. Tony sighed and rolled his eyes as he walked to the door and held out his hands, the door swung open and the cuffs were put on him the next second later.

He walked with the guard past the other cells, always making sure to give him the middle finger whenever he or another guard wasn't looking, he eventually made his way to a white room and was uncuffed once inside after the door behind him sealed shut. The white room felt like another prison to him just as every other room did, but the only benefit was that he could use his powers and practice using them.

The sound of breaking glass in reverse as well as loud crashes shortly after could be heard from the white room. The scientists within the citadel were testing the precision of his powers, but what really surprised them was how brutal the dummies were shot, the second the 'crystal' he materialised was shot into the dummy's limbs, multiple spikes protruded from that crystal and through the dummy.

Once testing was done, two guards entered the white room just as Tony could no longer feel his power and cuffed him once more. "Well that was a good distraction." Tony said as he walked back to his cells with the guards, he noticed the writing left by the slime woman and rolled his eyes at what it said. Upon passing Mel's cell, he shot her a friendly little smile before he was put back in his cell. Once uncuffed and the door shut, Tony went back on his bed and remained silent once more.

Fire Mana

Previously Top_Smug_
Parker had returned to his meditation after the lunch period had ended. He knew today was testing day, he would have to control the Demon for a while. Sudden screaming had interrupted his focus, breaking his concentration. He sighed and stood up, feeling the link with the Demon strengthened with the meditation.

"We're next, aren't we?"

"Yes, I do believe we are..."

A guard with a clipboard and an electrical baron approached Parker's cell, banging on the bars for a second before opening the cell door. Parker walked towards him, already aware of where he was heading. He wasn't new here, he obviously wasn't the first one here, but it had been easily more than a year and a half.

"Let's go hellboy, I don't want to be around you fucking freaks longer than I have to."

The guard spat on the floor in front of Parker, getting a bit on Parker's shoes. He simply rubbed it off on the floor and followed the guard to the testing facility.

"Why must you humans be so vile..."

The scientist was rather light on the tests today. Simple check ups on the conjuring of Shadow Fire, the forming of his sword and shield, seeing if other items or weapons could be formed, and that had pretty much been it. He returned to his cell with his head down, avoiding the looks from the others.

"Do you think the others faired any better than us?"

"Probably not."
The sound of the guards calling for tests was the most dreadful aspect of this entire prison for Elizabeth. It reminded her of the experiments before she wound up here. She did not have any time to react as a hand grabbed her neck from behind and began dragging her to the white room. She noticed how the others returned from their appointments, some fairing better than others. She especially payed attention to the slime girl as it made a message on her back that was probably addressed to her. Elizabeth scowled at the slime, not caring whether or not she could see it. An action serves a purpose no matter what . She thought. Even if all it does is piss off the guards, I'll gladly take the opportunity. Its all I can do.

As Elizabeth was hauled into the white room the atmosphere was filled with even more dread as out came a frustrated scientist. "This time we will get it, and this time you will cooperate!!" even though he shouted this Elizabeth knew this would be another terrible experience. Elizabeth knew that they wanted to see the full extent of her power, but in these conditions it would be impossible. Her strength comes from others sharing their power, but the moment she even suggested the idea, they tightly clamped her mouth shut. So all they could do was test the minuscule shocks she was able to give. Over and over they would prod her with different voltages of electricity to see if her own output would be even higher. As usual it would never work and the scientist would be furious. He grabbed Elizabeth's arm and twisted it, ignoring the plentiful bruises that were already there. "Every time" he said "we do the same thing over and over again and you still wont cooperate, I know there is more you can do but What!? these petty shock are nothing better than rolling around on the damn carpet! If He told us that you would be the key, that you would solve the greatest obstacle were facing. So tell me what is it!" he twisted her arm even harder but she didn't care. The scientist just mentioned the one person Elizabeth hated the most and at that moment she was visibly angry. With every muscle in her arm she directed as much lighting as she could to sting his hand. The burn was only strong enough to have him let go.

"Don't you EVER MENTIO-" she couldn't even finish the statement as behind her a guard punted the back of her head so hard she toppled to the ground and almost lost consciousness. The guard stayed on top of her and vigorously tied her hands together.

"Uncooperative yet again." the scientist noted "I am seriously considering if you are even useful to begin with. you're vitals will have to.........." Elizabeth couldn't tell what else he was saying as she fell into a cold sleep. When she woke up she was untied in her cell, with a small piercing on her leg that must have came from a syringe. As she curled into her cell, Elizabeth almost started to cry, but that feeling of sadness was soon replace with a pervasive emptiness. "Its all i can do" she muttered to herself. "Its all i can do".
While leaving the testing room, Kyles overheard the scientist inside talking. "This freak's energy readings are absolutely incredible, with energy like this we can power a whole district for up to a week." Said one. "Imagine all the money we can get from this! We'll be rich." Added another.

Hearing the comment about money, Kyles sighed in annoyance and disgust. "Money, this is all you people ever think about." He thought before a guard ushered him back to his cell.
Seeing the message traced on the slime girl's back, Xenon shrugged-- with a little bit of difficulty after the beating he had received-- and returned his gaze to the ceiling above him as he laid down in his bed. The next few prisoners had gotten their experimentation over with, so now the guards had gone quiet, only moving to glare at the prisoners to make sure they didn't try anything suspicious. The teen rolled over in his bed to face the wall across from the cell door and attempted to clean the dried blood that had flowed from the corner of his mouth a few minutes ago.

Somewhere, in a remote facility unknown to anyone but the people who stayed there, a man with cybernetic limbs walked to the meeting hall. Warren Hendrik walked up to Alex, the "replacement" leader of the Resistance-- now that Kyles was gone, anyway-- and he dipped his head slightly downward in a small nod of respect. "How're the Citadel rescue plans coming along?"
Sitting at a table looking at the plans of the prison, Alexandrea raised her head towards Warren when he asked about the plans. "Not that badly, I hacked the prison’s mainframe a bit earlier and got a copy of the prison plans, its dissapoing how easy it was to hack into the highest security prison for metas." She expalined. "I cross referenced it with the map I drew from the information I got from those wasps I sent in to the place and it seems its pretty accurate." She added.
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Yuneko was playing around on her phone, looking up funny videos on her social media page. As the leader of this group asked for information she quickly shoved the phone into her pocket. "oh, everything is going...." She paused for a minute, then widely smiled. "All good. Super good. Even my outfit is still clean." Yuneko stood up to present the copied clothes of what was assumed to be one of the prison's guards. While they already tailored disguises, she held onto to them as she felt proud of herself.

"What do you guys think? A good match for me or is the hair too bright for this tough look?" She tried to strike pose as the uniform was far too big on her. " I even got the weapons so that brings in a sassy vibe" she slaps the side of her gun which is the exact brand of stun/kill gun used by the soldiers.

"Honestly i got everything i need. I just want to see my friend again. So what are we waiting foooor." she groans the last part.
Putting her elbow on the table and resting head on her closed fist, Alexandrea turned his chair around to look at the excited Yuneko. "We won't have to wait for long. We'll trike tomorrow around noon." She declared. "Lunchtime is when the security is at its lowest since they keep less guards around to watch the cafeteria. Infiltration squad will sneak in at that time." She explained. Alex pulled out a small box device and handed it to Yuneko. "Deploy this when you see an opening, its an EMP device that will shut off all of the Jailhouse's power. Thought will only last approximately 2 seconds as the prison's secondary generator would activate, you'll have to go to the control room to turn that off." She explained before closing her legs. "I would do it myself but the prison controls are locked behind a tight security which makes it hard for anyone to access it outside the main control panel, but to be honest, I words would not be able to describe my disappointment for the facility if it wasn't." She explained before turning bat to the plans she had laid on the table. "There's also a pickup truck arriving tomorrow to bring in more inmates so there's also tat distracting the guards." She added.
One by one, her fellow inmates were dragged away to the white room, willingly, or after a good beating. Mel watched curiously. She didn't quite understand the rationale of resisting just because resistance was possible. After all, besides the blunt edges of steel batons, or what other cruel machinations the guards could come up with, it didn't give much else in return. She'd long since stopped such pointless resistance. If she was going to get beaten, it would either be unavoidable or with the end goal of putting herself one step closer to escape. When she'd just arrived at the Citadel, she'd spent a month quietly trying to dissolve the floors of her cell by increasing the acidity of her slime.

Since she was still in the Citadel, the results of that attempt could be guessed. Every so often, whenever a new idea came upon her, she would silently test it out, keeping it hidden from the guards, and each time met with 100% failure. Such methods of resistance were far better than inviting a boot to the face, but perhaps her fellow inmates thought differently. Nevertheless, most of the methods she could think of on her own had been tried and tested, and thus, she'd need assistance if she ever wished to get out of this constricting box.

Carving words and symbols in the liquid mold of her body, Mel tried repeatedly, to establish contact with the other prisoners whenever the camera's shifted from her cell. Her progress was...moot. While she was able to send signals rather efficiently, she couldn't receive them. She -admittedly- was only good at charades when she wasn't the one guessing.

Hours ticked by second by second, until eventually, the day had passed and night had fallen. While she certainly couldn't see outside her cell to determine that, she was able to vaguely guess the time by the rotation of the guards on shift. Figuring that her efforts would yield no more useful results, the Slime princess slipped into a state of low activity otherwise known as sleep, or whatever the slime equivalent happened to be.

Like that, the night passed as well, and the rays of sunlight from a new day once again failed to fall upon the godforsaken inmates of the Citadel.
At soon as the day arrived and the sun rose, Alexandrea moved outside the base and looked to the sky. "Today's the day we put our operation in motion, we won't get another chance like this if we fail." She to herself as she pondered the day ahead. "I already had my wasps inform Kyles of our operation today, he should be ready for it." She thought before turning around and walking back into their base. "Infiltration and rescue teams, get ready!"
Yuneko held her fist up with a motivating cheer as though it was a battle cry. She had spent days trying to perfect her acting as any other grunt. luckily they were two other members that would back her up just in case. "Yes" She said in a more serious tone she was planning on using. "I will check on the prisoners and generator just as scheduled" she couldn't help but smile at how good she thought she was. "Send the signal and expect us to get the job done."