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The Creative Corner Is Returning!

Doctor Oak

Staff member
Happy (20th!) Pokécharms Day everyone!

Make sure you check out all the posts for it on the homepage today - we've got announcements, heartwarming messages, fantastic fan art and plenty of nostalgia to boot - but I wanted to make sure no-one on the forums missed this particular piece of news:

After a year away following last year's relaunch, the Creative Corner will be returning later this year - and will hopefully be better than ever!

I know many people in the community were disappointed to lose the Corner, and I can promise you none more so than myself. That’s why I’m extremely pleased to confirm that we’re already in the early development stages of upgrading the entire site to support and feed directly into your user accounts – meaning, amongst other things, you’ll once again be able to save your Trainer Cards to your profile again – but also that, eventually, the Creative Corner will also be returning!


As I’ve highlighted before, the work required for a feature like the Corner is quite extensive. While we wanted to celebrate today with that news, I will have to caution that it’s going to be a while before we can begin rolling the feature out. We’ll keep you updated as we start moving towards it, but we’re going to have to approach it in several steps – with the Creative Corner being the final piece of the puzzle itself.

You will all be the first to know as soon as we have more to share.

Doctor Oak

Staff member


Question: will our old trainer cards and Creative Corner works still be accessible once these features come back?
There's not really any way to tie the old Trainer Cards to the new Trainer Card Maker backend so I'm afraid that one is definitely out. Short of uploading the PNGs to your own page manually, of course. But saving Trainer Cards will also mean being able to reload and edit them directly, so that's the obvious advantage to saving them to your account vs uploading images.

As for previous Creative Corner works, I don't think we'll be able to migrate them for a number of reasons:

1) The API connections through Xenforo that will enable us to make this entire user functionality work were only introduced with Xenforo 2, meaning the Corner Archive doesn't have any of that functionality and we can't programmatically migrate those works as a result.

2) The new Corner will have some Terms & Conditions you'll need to agree to in order to upload content, which the old Corner content won't have been uploaded under. We, therefore, wouldn't be able to re-upload that content on the site as we cannot retroactively opt-in users to those terms.

On the plus side, however, within those Terms & Conditions will be an explicit clause forbidding any uploaded material to be used within AI/ML training datasets, which will allow both us and users who upload their work to be able to use what leverage we have as individuals against any company or person who is proven to have done such. The amount that we can realistically do about this is pretty limited, but I want to make it clear from the offset that Corner content is not a data farm and never will be.

(In the interests of clarity, because of the above, the Corner archive will be remaining for the foreseeable future even after the new features launch. Although we might revisit how necessary it still is after, say, a year).