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The Dark World: A Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Story - Suggestions Thread


Previously gutens
Hello! I've been writing a Pokémon fanfiction based on the Mystery Dungeon series and I've decided I may need your help making it possibly better, and more diverse. So far, I have 4 chapters and 9 characters, and those four chapters are pretty tough not to relate to some anime, movies, etc., but I may need help, so I've put up a suggestion thread.

Last Name: (Yes, this is a thing in the fanfic)
Introvert or Extrovert:
Role: (Protagonist/Antagonist/Minor Character) (You can also make Protagonists and Antagonists minor)
Interesting Fact:

If you want to suggest an event, you can write (or type) the details and the characters included.

Just to tell you, the Flash family (Lucid, Kerrigan, etc.) are protagonists in this fanfic, the Montmorency family (Komoden, Mesendera, etc.) are antagonists and, just a quick disclaimer, CHARACTERS ACTUALLY DIE.

That is all.