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Open The Evil Squad (I’m Trying Okay)

Well hello there fine person. This is my first Role-Play here so, Don’t judge me too hard if it’s horrible. This is a story about an evil team squad by the name of The Pluto’s. They’re goal? World Domination. But right now they are just a traveling group of bandits and thieves.
Deputy Leader:
Tactics Director:

(Start a Conversation with me if you want a role other than being a member)

Age: (Preferably older than 12)
Pokémon: (Start with up to three. No mythicals, legendaries, UB, or stuff like that. No Shinies to start at least.)
Team Role:


Name: Oliver
Age: 15
Appearance: Short scruffy bright pink hair, fair skinned, well toned muscles. He wears a tight black t-shirt to show off his muscles and black leather pants.
Personality: Nicer than you would think. He likes to trick his victims into believing he’s a friend and then robbing them. He can be harsh but likes to joke around.
Pokémon: Joltik (Ant), Mawile (Jaws)
Sexuality: Gay
Team Role: Member

Oliver sighed as he stood at the beginning of the first route. His Mawile was collecting berries from a nearby bush and his Joktik was playing around in his hair. He waited for the gang to gather.
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Name: Nick
Age: 16
Gender: male
Appearance: Medium beveled brown hair, pale skin, emerald eyes, tall and thin guy wearing white hoodie and black jeans.
Personality: He is a strong-silent person, who is always focusing on his job and he likes to rob strong trainers after beating them and their confidence of their power.
Pokemon: Noctowl, Deino, Seviper.
Sexuality: Straight
Team Role: Member

Nick saw that someone is already in the place of meeting. He didn't want to went here but he thought that can be something important. when he come closer he saw a guy with pink hair and his two pokemons. His deino walked next to him and they both came and stood under the tree in the gang gather place.

(sorry if my post is hard to read.I'm still learning english,so I please for indulgence.)
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Oliver looked up. He smiled. “Hey there! I'm Oliver! This is Tik and Jaws! How are you?!” He asked as he stretched. He yawned as he examined the other male closely.
"I was bored all the way here" Nick replied roughly
"do you want a Quick pokemon battle, 1v1. Its always good to know the strength of persons which you can work. I will use my Deino".
(This actually sound rather interesting. I assume you can't have another role than team member?)

Name: Gabriel
Age: 16
Gender: male
Appearance: 6'0 in height. Dress mostly in black. A black t-shirt under a black hoodie and black torn jeans. He wears a half-finger glove on his right hand to cover up a scar. He wears the hoodie for the same reason
Personality: sarcastic with a cold attitude. But when you get to know him, he's a real softie. He would either just overpower you in battle and steal your stuff that way or pickpocket you (he's extremely stealthy even though he's so tall. He hides things in plain sight you could say)
Pokémon: Charmeleon (Blaze, kept outside of the Pokéball), Lycanroc (Sassie) and Umbreon (Lunar)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Team role: Member

Gabriel yawned as he looked down upon the two boys below the tree he sat in. As this was where the team he joined was gonna meet, he assumed these two where part of that team.
"They don't look like much, right Blaze?" He said.
"Char" his Charmeleon agreed. He had made sure to keep his tail out of the leaves way so he wouldn't burn the tree to the ground. Gabriel jumped down and Blaze came after. He yawned once more as he went over to the boys.
"What a way to say hello. Even if you know the person, that's rude. "Hey i'm bored. Let's have a battle!" That's just dumb" he said to the taller of the two. He turned to the one with the pink hair.
"Hey. I'm Gabriel. I heard your name from the tree so i decided that it'd be polite if i came and told you my name" he said dropping a hint to the other guy.
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Nick wasn't shock, when Gabriel reveal himself. He was angry, but not enough to want crush Gabriel face on his tree. He wasn't intrested on making a new friends, he only wanted to beat that bastard trainer from 2 months ago. He was huminilate by him, destroyed by one pokemon.

"if we really have to tell our names... My name is Nick, better for you two if you won't forget it. Come Deino, we are going to train if we want to be usefully."Nick yelled to his pokemon and they went to the grounds next to gang gather place.
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Oliver looked at Gabriel. He examined him and smiled slowly. "I'm Oliver. I guess you heard that though. Nice Charmeleon!" he said. "Jaws c'mere." he said. Jaws made her way over. She stared at the other trainer. "Mawile?" she said. Oliver hummed. "No. We can not battle. You aren't strong enough." he laughed.

(You can have another role if you ask me in time.)


Previously Keet
(Sounds like a neat concept)

Name: Nokon
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears a blue striped shirt under a green winter coat, with some black and blue sweatpants. He has black shaggy hair with a striped red beanie. He has some blue shoes and wears blue gloves aswell.
Personality: Nokon could honestly not care for anything. He`s really carefree and playful, but snoozes off a ton. But when things get serious, he`s up for a fight. His methods of stealing are, for the most part, really bad. He flies up with his Drifblim and tries to sneakily pickpocket, but he usually just falls over while stealing or drops his loot. But battling people for loot is where he shines, mostly overpowering his victims.
Pokémon: Ghastloon the Drifblim, Kyrpt the Gigalith
Sexuality: Straight Line
Team Role: Member

Nokon was flying overhead on Ghastloon. He had no plans in mind, but he saw a sight way down. It seemed like some of the team members. "Lets pay them a little visit," he said in his head. Ghastloon drifted down and he landed on his feet, but landed behind a tree. "Go Krypt!" he yelled. Out popped his Gigalith, and he strode out with both of his pokemon. "Hello there!" he greeted. "This is Krypt, and this is Ghastloon," he said. Both Pokemon growl their cries. "So, whats up?" he said with energy.
Oliver looked at him. “Oh hi! Who are you?! I’m Oliver and this is Tik the Joltik and Jaws the Mawile. Say hi.” His Pokémon smiled and waved. Tik continued to burrow into Oliver’s bright pink hair.


Previously Keet
Nokon smirked and said hi. "Hello, im Nokon, nice to meet you Oliver. This is Ghastloon and this is Krypt. Cool pokemon you got there." He went to a nearby rock and sat down, watching his Pokemon play a game with eachother.
"I'm Gabriel. This is Blaze" Gabriel replied. He took out his two Pokéballs and threw them up into the air to reveal his other Pokémon: Sassie the midnight Lycanroc and Lunar the Umbreon. He introduced them to the new people he met just now. Only Blaze was willing to play with the other Pokémon. Lunar jumped up in a tree and took a nap while Sassie remained at Gabriel's side
Nick saw that there appeard someone new but he didn't want to end his training with Deino. He wanted to be usefully to another members even if he wasn't nice to anyone here. He also didn't want to start dialogue when Gabriel was still standing there.
(Hope you don't mind if I join in)
Name: Danny
Age: 16
Gender: M
Appearance: Looks like a magician/street performer. Has a top hat, black dress shoes, and a flashy purple tux.
Personality: Appears as an outgoing extrovert to fool others. He has trust issues with humans due to a tragic past, but loves pokemon and steals money and other things to help sick pokemon he finds. He does however give his fellows in Pluto respect, but will not forgive anyone for the smallest betrayal.
Pokémon: Butterfree (Bada), Ninjask (Bing), Shedinja (Boom)
Sexuality: Straight
Team Role: New member
" Aww. Guess I'm late to the party!" Danny chuckled as he approached the group of his soon to be comrades. "Well I know why you all is here, fellas. So therefore, you should know pretty well why I'm here too. Let me introduce myself, the names Danny, master of deception. And your names' are?"
"Master of deception? That's some ego you have. Did you make up that title yourself or was it given to you? Anyway, i'm Gabriel and these are my Pokémon, Blaze, Sassie and Lunar" Gabriel said and pointed to each of his Pokémon, Charmeleon, midnight Lycanroc and Umbreon. He sat down and made things comfortable for him.
"Now, shouldn't we all begin? Does anyone even know why we're here?" He asked in confusion
"Hey watch it pal. The money I make speaks for itself." Danny remarked, these are my pals here: Bada, Bing, and Boom. Danny said while respectively releasing out a Butterfree, Ninjask, and Shedinja. "Came here with orders from the boss himself, well at least I got a message from one of his lackeys. Apparently when I was out on the streets, scamming people with my magic, I stole from a member of team Pluto. Next thing you know, the boss was impressed with my skills and hired me as a grunt. Says I gotta help some others steal some pokemon from some campsite. I guess you guys are just as incompetent as the bad guys from Alola if you need my help. No offense" Danny said while grinning.


Previously Keet
"Nice to meet you, Gabriel," Nokon said. He started to look around for other stuff. He saw another person with a Deino nearby. But he couldn`t really care. He found a shady spot under a tree and started to watch Ghastloon and Krypt playing a game. It looked like tag, but he didn`t really know.


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
Name: Shean
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Profile Pic. Don't say i'm lazy, It's good Quality Image, ya know. Though I didn't make it.)
Personality: Shean is what you would call a 'Weasel'. A Selfish, Deceiving Guy. As he Rarely Ever Does a Kind act, He is Protective of other Member's. He has learned to be Skilled at being a Pickpocket, and Hide's His identity perfectly. The perfect person to bring on robbery's.
Pokemon: Weavile (Female), Garbodor (Male), Toxicroak (Female)
Sexuality: Straight
Role: Long time member
His Pokemon Were Training, As His Toxicroak Knocked over a Tree. "Wow. I'm surprised." he thought to Himself. The Tree fell with a Loud THUD. He spotted a Few Blur's In the Distance. Just looking at the Blur's, He could see a Trainer Sitting under a Tree, While some Pokemon Played Tag. "Ehehe...Another day, Another Robbery." he said To his Pokemon. the Pokemon had Devilish grin's as they Nodded In agreement. The Pokemon and The Thief Rolled to the Other side of the tree, as he Barely made A sound. His Pokemon Followed Behind them, and Waited for the Perfect Moment to Ambush.

Name: Naoko

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Got some faded blue eyes and a head of brown hair cut beneath her shoulder blades. Probably wears some real funky yellow vests with lots of pockets and a black long sleeve underneath. got some short white shorts which contrast to her fully clothed upper body. wears long black socks underneath some shoes that look too big for her. wears long black gloves that extend to the elbow. A red belt is looped around her waist carrying her two pokeballs. short asf.

Personality: Insults people quite a bit. Competitive. Probably will bite you if you come too close to one of her Pokemon. Too confident for her own good. Perverted humor. Not a good loser.
Stole both of her Pokemon by swiping them from their belts as she passed trainers.

Pidgey - male - low leveled - stolen
Murkrow - female - low leveled - stolen

Sexuality: Straight

Team Role: Member

First thing she'd known was her feet were propped up against the leg of the couch and then second, her alarm had chimed. Lazily the girl had shifted her eyes to the chaotic bell tone before realizing that there was some meeting today. It wouldn't take yet a second before she'd recalled that her gang was expecting her. That sucked. She was planning to do nothing today.
Naoko collected her two pokeballs and an apple for the road and she'd be off.

There was a band of geeks waiting underneath a tree. She'd briefly study them in puzzlement before it clicked. Oh, that was her team. "Hey, losers!" she announced her arrival confidently. Her eyes scanned over the trainers and their Pokemon.


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
He turned his Head. "Dangit...! You ruined the Surprise....Now I can't Ambush Them." he said as He Crossed His arm's. "They are Probably just a Member of the Team anyway, So..." he shrugged. "Anyway, Wow! Calling us Looser's! SO good." he said In a Sarcastic tone. "Where did you get your Insult's from? Downtown?" he Insulted. The Toxicroak Glared at The Female, And Croaked. Some of what was assumed to be 'Ketchup' dripped from the Stick the Hooded figure was Holding.
"What's with all the ruckus?!" Danny exclaimed. "Ah no, don't tell me, there's more of you goons? As if it wasn't already bad enough, now I gotta deal with a little girl and a freakshow cosplayer! Now I wish I would've asked for details! If I have known there'd be so many of you here, I'd consider abandoning this team."


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
"HEY!" he said as His Toxicroak immediately reacted with a Claw Near Danny's neck. "Say's the Freak show we have here..." The Hooded Figure Responded. "We all know Boss Only like's you because of your Power's, So your not Exactly a Home run either." he responded. "how do I know you have Power's? Because word get's around Easily in this Team. But that's not the Point..." he said, as the Weird Shadow Like Limb's planted into the ground, Lifting The Hooded Stranger into the Air. "Don't be So COCKY, ya know...Gonna Backfire on ya, kid." he Taunted.
"Heh. I know a bluff when I see one! But I got to hand it to ya. You've got some serious pokeballs, that's the first time someone's ever physically threatened me, and I respect that. I wouldn't exactly call my misdirection a power though, its more of a perfected art. But I'll take whatever you say as a compliment." Danny said. "Note to self, these goons get insecure whenever they get trash talked, but at least they know how to properly threat someone. I like this mimikyu guy!" Danny thought while speaking.


Previously Keet
"The more people, the more we can actually start taking over the region," Nokon said. He had seen how many people were now here. He thought it was insane, but he honestly couldn`t care. All he had to worry about was people finding out, but that would also be eased by the group`s strength. Nokon started to snooze off at the tree, with no cares at all.
"So Mr. Edgelord," Danny said smiling while looking over at Shean, "What do you propose we do? Create a diversion, take hostages, go in stealthily? I've actually never done any crime besides scamming people with magic. So this should be fun!" Danny said
(Shit, sorry. I was asleep)

"Wow. The high ego thing was a joke but now i can see that you really do have a high ego. Anyway, hello there to you. I've already introduced myself too many times now so it'd be a pain to do it again. But i don't want to be rude so i'll tell you. It's Gabriel. This is Blaze, Sassie and Lunar" Gabriel said and pointed to his three Pokémon once again. "And that over there is 'master of deception' he claims".
Gabriel climbed up in a tree and lied down.
"Wake me up if you actually decide to do something" he said and allowed his three Pokémon to roam free. They all knew how to take care of themselves


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
"It's Going to Be fun alright. I usually Don't go in Stealthy. I Take a Change of Clothe's. When they Least Expect it....Bang. they get whacked in the back of the head with a giant stick." he said holding his Stick up. "Why do you think it's covered in blood? But anyway, Since I roam around the rich area Of town most of the time anybody that see's isn't gonna care anyway. Most people keep to themselves over there. Make's it as simple as catching a rattata!" he Explained. "And if were All just going To kidnap somebody Together Now, I might as well Introduce Myself. I'm Shean." His Pokemon Looked at Danny. "Toxicroak! Back off. Just another member..." he said to The Toxicroak. The Toxicroak Removed it's claw from near Danny's neck and Stood Next to it's Trainer.
After Nick trained his Deino he came back to meeting spot. He saw that there is already many people. " It's time to show this region the power of this team" he thought then he returned to premier ball his pokemon and he went nearby to the group


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
He Noticed Another Person Coming. "Look what the Glameow Dragged in!" he said Turning to Nick's Direction. "ANOTHER hotshot like this Squirt over here?" he said, As one of His Shadow Limb's Tapped Danny on the Chest. "Or are You of Higher EGO?" he Said, with a Smug. "Were Planing On Kidnapping Somebody. You in, or are You Gonna Back out like a Wimp?" he Taunted. "Of course, If your Scared...Long time Member's were always more Skilled, Aren't they?"
"I don't think that you can match me. Do you are one of this guys who are only strong in mouth" Clint said, he really liked to crush trainers with big confidence of their strength. "I will join, not becouse you called me a coward but do this once again and You will regret this" Nick said very calm.
"Heh, everyone is at each other's throats, I love it!" Danny thought. "Well there's no doubt that Shean has the deadliest pokemon, better be the first one to get on his good side."
"So rough and and tough, eh. Not my preferred method but, hey, what's life without a little change?" He said out loud


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
He softly Laughed. "What's life without a Little Fun?" he said, as His Pokemon laughed. "hmm. This Guy with the Power's Over here is Alright..." he thought, as he stopped laughing. "Is this REALLY the Group I was Assigned to...At least The Squirt over here Act's Smart! He KNOW'S I'm Not to be messed with! his eye's say it all, ya know."he said, as One of his Black Limb's patted Danny again. "He doesn't even try to Act tough when I talk. He just sit's till it's HIS turn. I like this guy! He's Smart. Unlike this Cocky guy here..." he thought.
"So things are actually happening. Finally. I was getting bored with all of these people doing absolutely nothing but either talk or train" Gabriel said. He looked over to Danny who was sucking up to the guy with the Toxicroak.
"Isn't that nice? We got a suck-up. I thought there'd be one of those people here eventually" he said sarcastically. Sassie was just watching everyone cautiously. But with the looks of a midnight Lycanroc, it might look like she's plotting murder. Blaze was running around from Pokémon to Pokémon as he is a pretty cheerful Charmeleon. He ended up stopping infront of the Toxicroak and excitedly stretched out his hand to introduce himself. Lunar was just laying up in his tree, watching everything as if they all were idiots. In a lot of ways Lunar's personality matched Gabriel's but it was still Blaze that was Gabriel's favourite out of the three. The two other Pokémon knew that but they didn't care at all


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
The Toxicroak Looked at the Charmeleon. it then Smirked. "Oi! Least Mr Suck up over here Know's how I'm not to be Messed with!" he turned and Looked at Gabriel. his Pokemon Looked at the Charmeleon, The Weavile Looked at it, The Garbodor Patted it on the Head, And The Toxicroak Smirked and Shook it's hand. The Claw finger poked it a Little.
"Haha, very funny, pal" Danny said back while mocking Gabriel's sarcastic tone. "At the very least, I'm helping plan out how exactly we take those pokemon." Danny said as he realesed his Butterfree, Ninjask, and Shedinja. "We ready to roll, or what?"


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
"Yea, Sure." he Said. "Come on! If were group Number 3 then we gotta act like it! we got Place's to be, And Pokemon To Steal. That and MONEY." he said as He Placed Himself Back on the ground. His Extra Black Limb's Retracted, so he looked like Somebody with a Cross of some sort on his Back.
Clint thought when he was looking at the Shean. "He probably think now how stupid I am. That would be sad if he will mocks with me once again" he thought and then he maked devil smile while he looked on everyone and concretly at Shean.
(It's apparent that i'm not able to balance two roleplays with real life. Especially not when one of them is hyperactive so i'm sorry but i'll have to leave this roleplay too :()

"Another one with a huge ego. You realize that we can mess with you all we want right? Atleast i can as i have not been revealed to be a part of this team. And therefore i could turn you into the police if you messed back. But i'm just an innocent 16 year old boy" Gabriel said. But he didn't want to stay here for any longer so he called back his Pokémon to their Pokéballs and walked away from the location

(This is my poor attempt at writing a character out of a roleplay. But it kinda fits with Gabriel's personality xD)


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
"I know your Looking at me, Dipstick Number 7." he said, turning his head to look at Clint. His Pokemon Eyed Clint. With a Garbodor, Shean looked like he wasn't to be Messed with. "Come on! As I said, World Domination doesn't happen on it's own. And, Bye. Didn't really know Em but...Bye." "Alright were now a Member short. We need a New Member for Team number 3. But for now, We just steal."


Previously Keet
Nokon woke up from his short nap. "Oh wow, Gabriel left. That was short," he said. He went over to the person who seemed to be in some Mimikyu outfit. "Hi there, i`m Nokon. Nice to meet you. Anyways, you were saying something about world domination?" he said.


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
He turned to Look in The Nokon's Direction. "yea. Why you ask, Skirt?" His Pokemon Looked Nokon. "World Domination is the Plan of this clan!" he said. "For now, Were just Stealing Pokemon..." he said. "this is Group 3. The third Group of the Pluto's." he said, As he pointed at the Other's. "I believe your a Member of this Group, yes?"