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Open The Exiles

The sudden appearance of super powered individuals sent a massive shockwaves of change across the world. People suddenly became capable of performing incredible feats such as lifting a car over their heads or the ability to set themselves ablaze. Soon, these empowered beings became known as the Newgens. While the origin of why humanity began this evolution was unknown, a much more prevalent question arose amidst the chaos: how would the world deal with these new beings? If left unchecked, who knows what the extent of damages these powered individuals could cause.

Humanity became split on 2 main ideologies: The side who believes they should work alongside the Newgens and help them control their abilities, and the side who believe they need to be kept under leash to prevent them from causing untold destruction. The debates between these 2 sides went on for years to come, but the favor was slowly shifting to favor the anti Newgen faction. Over the years, incidents involving Newgenes became more and more frequent, either due to the individuals not understanding how to control their powers, or the few malevolent ones purposefully using their abilities for evil. There are of course also those who did nothing but good with their gifts, but unfortunately, negative examples stick in the heads of people much more clearly than positive ones.

To combat the spread of the Newgens, an organization called the Enhanced Affairs Agency, or EAA, was founded. Their goal was to locate the super powered part of the population and subjugate them before they can cause any harm. In the beginning, the agency was sympathetic to the Newgens’ struggles, but that changed over time as more and more dangerous Newgens began surfacing. The EAA became more ruthless in their pursuit, treating all powered beings as nothing but cattles to be tamed, keeping them under their control. Forcefully tearing families apart and taking away even the most harmless of Newgens all in the pretense of keeping the world safe from dangerous creatures.

The world is tenser than ever, Newgens get taken away as soon as they are found out to be brought to holding facilities while the ones in hiding live in fear of being discovered. The pro Newgen ideology has basically faded from the public consciousness, the populace being kept fearful of super powered individuals due to the EAA’s propaganda. The once simple agency has evolved into a world power, founding an anti Newgen government that now ruled the world.

While it appeared the EAA's iron grip on the Newgen population was airtight, there exists a small group of powered individuals who managed to escape their clutches. This group was laying in wait, building strength from the shadows in hopes to one day take back control from the unfair government that ruled the world.

A little spiritual successor to the old Outcasts series and its many sequels and reboots

1. Follow the general Charms Roleplay rules, this should be obvious
2. No insanely overpowered characters, it ruins the fun of the RP
3. Be respectful to others, settle your disputes without devolving into a shouting match
4. Don't derail from the others too much, keep the story more of less concise unless agreed otherwise
5. You can swear but don't go overboard, swearing between every other word is not good dialogue writing
6. Keep the RP's maturity settings in line with Pokecharm's limits, there are younger people on here
7. Keep the power celling from climbing too high, we don't want to fall into the DC and Marvel rabbit hole where everyone ends up being cosmic level
8. Have fun, unless you don't want to


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Previously Deathstalker62
EDIT: Some grammar fixes and rewording, mostly, alongside some little extra bits of info scattered here and there.

Name: Ryan McDermot (Though it's really just Ryan now)

Gender: Male

Age: 35, though pretty much ageless at this point.

Appearance: Ryan is a 5'8", spindly, pale-skinned man with messy, unkempt and especially long red hair tied into a ponytail in the back with one singular dyed strand of purple hanging to the right of his head. His body is covered in all kinds of scars, persistent remnants and daily reminders of his past. The only part of his body that isn't scarred is his face - or rather, the lack thereof. In order to cover up the horrific sight of his incurable injury, he wears a prosthetic, expressionless mask over his head at all times, with only his silver-shaded eyes glowing out of the darkness of the eye sockets, their spectral light formed as a byproduct of his powers.

Clothing: First and foremost is Ryan's mask. Strapped to his face with black leather and metal strap with the mask itself being a blank, white shade of color. The rest of Ryan's head seems to be wrapped in stained, bloodied and quite worn bandages, though most of it is hidden by his hair. Ryan's clothing consists of tattered rags sewn and stitched together into a coat worn over a dirtied, worn prison jumpsuit (or whatever it may be for captured newgens) and black shoes. Very fitting for a convict-in-hiding like him.

Here's an image of what Ryan could have looked like if he wasn't born a Newgen, just for reference.


Ryan is much like a wild animal - trying to scurry away from people and staying out of their view. He's much more the lone wolf type, more happy being by himself as his only company tend to be fellow spirits which includes his mother, Shelby McDermot. He's not outright hostile to normal people, but he is very dismissive of them and easily irritated by them thanks to due to a deep-rooted paranoia and sense of mistrust lodged into his mind. He is a bit more trusting of other newgens but thanks to his upbringing, just sees newgens as a whole as just another thing to avoid.

He doesn't like being around either of the two, but holds significantly more disguised hatred for regular people, while he is more merciful towards others who are like him, be it by being newgens themselves or just having had a similarly upbringing. He's very secretive about his past and wants to avoid talking about it at all costs, even willing to go as far as to run away or use his powers to make an escape by hiding away or flying to a closed-off area.

When by himself or with people he trusts however, he's a completely different person. He loves talking and being kind to people, switching up his typically shy and cowardly behaviour with that of a friendly, relaxed man just wanting to do good and live his life to its fullest. In truth, this is the kind of person Ryan truly is, but thanks to his past, has kept it hidden behind a hardened, yet cowardly attitude as a defense mechanism. Too much hurt has been put on him to just keep being who he used to be, at least around strangers.

Powers: Though most of Ryan's powers only manifested themselves in his later years, he did have the ability to witness-, physically interact- and communicate with the dead or, more specifically, ghosts. This, however, was only chalked up to an overactive imagination and imaginary friends, as children often tend to have. His senses can pick up on wandering souls, he can choose to physically interact with spirits and he can even talk with them, as if they were still living. However, they could not make physical contact with him back unless he specifically allowed them to do so, though he could not control the other aspects of this power.

As Ryan aged, this power expanded itself and made its purpose loud and clear - his ability was not just to view the dead, but to manipulate souls in general, though only either his own or those of the deceased, which explained how he could make himself physical to them. He can (partially and/or fully) become a ghost himself, can switch between the ethereal plane and the physical one and can even directly control a ghost's properties, such as creating a new body for it (such as a puppet or a doll, though any object works), projecting a ghost into the real world or reading their memories through their souls. He can even turn his legs into a wiggly ghost tail, though both normal legs and the tail grant him free flight/levitation either way if in ghost form.

Luckily for Ryan, this power allowed him to also gradually become part-ghost as he aged, having rendered any biological weakness such as hunger, fatigue or potential sickness null, effectively rendering him half-undead already. This doesn't mean that he can't still eat, drink or taste, just that he's not gonna die from skipping meals or going full-drought on chugging water, nor will he ever even pass out from living in horribly-unsanitary conditions. Due to his power also affecting his eyes, they are capable of adapting to any light condition, granting him a monochromatic effect similar to night vision while in darkness and granting him normal vision while in lit areas.

Backstory: Being born the first and only Newgen in his family, Ryan was treated much like one's child should be; with love and affection. However, this would quickly change as he was only a late bloomer of a newgen, his powers manifesting as he entered his teenage phase. His life was turned upside-down as his home status grew abusive and, ultimately, violent and borderline inhumane. His mother always had tried protecting him, but his father and siblings were always so willing to pin all their blame on him that, one day, both he and his mother paid the ultimate price; on one of their father's drunken escapades, his violent colors revealed their true selves as he took up his hunting shotgun and had a deluded plan to end Ryan, fully believing that ending his abominable child's life would solve all their recent misfortunes and problems.

Like often so, his mother shielded him behind herself, but there was no going back. Ryan could only remember waking up in a room past that point, locked behind bars, ironically. He was however informed of his mother's passing and his father's incarceration, the former taking all hope from him and condemning himself for his powers, blaming them and his being for the unjust passing. He was neither granted permission to attend her funeral nor would see any freedom for the following years until a rebellion of newgens struck, which gave him the opportunity to escape and lay low.

He's been on the run and hiding in the dark for seven years now, sticking only to himself and living in the wild to avoid any sort of human contact, be it communication, touch or any other kind, his only company being constructs he made with the use of his powers. Ever since these events took place, Ryan vowed himself to disassociate from the McDermot family and to find his mother's grave to pay his respects to her one last time. Up until a few years back, he's been trying to abolish his own usage of power and has only recently come around to accepting, using and even training that part of him. Luckily for him, with his (fairly) recent development in terms of his abilities, getting around, as well as survival in general, has never been easier.

- Ryan's soul-bending power only works to the extent of the already-deceased and himself. Aswell as this, the greater of an effect he is trying to cause, the more taxing it will be.

- Instead of mere stamina, this power actually drains from his mental energy, thus making head injuries such as migraines, concussions, etc. more effective against him.

- Any soul-infused objects or ghost vessels he creates can also just be destroyed like their normal counterparts. The souls of the dead can only be transferred into objects, not other bodies. As well as this, Ryan can only actually manipulate the souls who still linger on earth- those who have already passed on, he can't just simply bring back.

- While difficult to accomplish, Ryan could survive death by transferring his soul into another vessel through possession in his last moments, although this would mean two things; possessing an object would make him far weaker than he would be if he were human; possessing a corpse would not stop it from decaying, only letting him live on borrowed time.

- Once Ryan has already died, he cannot simply just re-possess his own or any another corpse - the body must be intact enough to be revived (it can't still have an injury such as a bullet in the head, a vital part of the body that's missing, lethal injuries, etc. Diseases do not count towards this, only physical damage does.) This rule does not count for objects, though Ryan will instead have to possess a part of an object to his choosing; if he possesses the shard of a vase for instance, he won't gain control of the full vase, just that one shard.

- Additionally, assuming he does die, Ryan can't just revive himself by going back into the physical plane as a ghost - he will still be just a non-corporeal ghost, he'll just become visible, audible, etc. to the naked eye. Ryan cannot use his ghostly powers while still in human form, he will need to become a ghost first.

- In his ghost form, standard ghost rules also apply to Ryan; Possession is only limited to things without a soul (typically objects), making himself visible, audible, physical, etc. requires active concentration and even while invisible, so long as he's still in the physical plane, he can still be detected as his body will constantly emit a chilling temperature, the kind that would make one shudder that passed through him.
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II thooought I was going to use Cackle, but I decided not to, and I didn't want to delete his bio after all the editing and tweaking I did to it. So I figured I'd just leave it here.

Name: Cackle (A little girl would always try call him Cactus but when she spoke it came out as Cackle, and the name stuck.
Specimen 369(Cackle was born and raised in a science lab)
Cactus Alien(For a long time, he didn't have an actual name so people called him this)
Big Green(His best friend calls him that)
Bran(Bran is a male alien alter ego)
Gender: Genderless(unless shapeshifting)
Age: 483(Born in year 1539)
Species: Unknown (Yep. He's a cactus alien)
gender: genderless but can be changed at will
Appearance(s): Cackle has the ability to change and alter his dna so he has many appearances. Cackle often takes on a more masculine body shape when in his natural cactus form.

Natural appearance- In his original state, he appears genderless, but can change his gender at will. He's an amorphous cactus with large spikes. Cackle's skin is emerald green, mostly soft smooth skin except for the sharp spikes along the edges of his body. He has two holes where his eyes should be, and glowing orange light fills those holes. His mouth is also glowing orange. In his natural form, he can change shape from a simple ball, to a large imposing manly humanoid shape with larger protruding spikes, or other shapes. He can also grow flowers. In his natural form, he usually takes on masculine humanoid shapes, but will sometimes take on a more feminine shape cause why not? Whatever.

Natural form Cackle wears no clothes except a backpack with all his clothes in it. He wears these outfits with his alter egos.

Bran- Bran is an alter ego that Cackle transforms into. While his base form changes in appearance, his alter egos always maintain the same size and appearance. Bran is a 6'2" ft. cherry red alien that appears to be in his early 40s. He has a gaunt body structure with a orange boney wiry exoskeleton. The boney exoskeleton covered most of his head and face like a helmet. His eyes are oval shaped and bug-like in appearance which sit on the sides of his head giving him full 360 degree vision. (Bran was his best friend. His best friend died. sad. Cackle likes to alter his appearance like Bran to remember his old best friend) (Bran's race is known as the Jaou)

Bran wears a white full body spandex suit with matching, a white lab coat, matching white boots, and gloves. When he becomes Bran, he acts and behaves like a nice caring doctor.(Cackle has studied various species so he actually can be a doctor). Bran is a very kind, generous, and open minded man.

Kasie is a 5'3" ft tan woman with dark brown eyes, long black hair, thick eyebrows and constant worn/tired I don't give a flip expression. She wears a white blouse, cream colored cardigan, ripped skinny Jeans, blue knee high socks and black tennis shoes.
Personality: Cackle is a simple creature. It loves to protect those it cares over. That's it, there has never been much to Cackle. It enjoys adventures and spending time with the ones it cares for. Just don't attack them because it's one of the only things that will send it into a rage. Especially if you threaten one of its many children.

assimilate- Cackle can absorb a creature to gain its genetics thus allowing him to alter his dna and transform into that species of creature. Cackle swallows the target whole and the dna is assimilated into his body.

Grow/regenerate- Cackle can grow at will, but it must ingest sustenance to do so. The larger the transformation, the more mass needs to be consumed.

Split- Cackle can grow and Cackle can break off parts of his body to become smaller. These parts can in their own grow into a sentient cactus like Cackle.

Its children can be anywhere from 1' ft. to 5' ft. in height. The larger they are the more water they can carry. Cackle's children have a special property that allows the water stored inside them to be purified. Depending on how toxic or polluted the water, the cactikin can potentially become sick or die. Other children can absorb toxins from their fellow kin to prevent this from happening. Despite its children having sharp spikes, they are very weak compared to their mother parent.

Flower power- The moisture inside Cackle's flowers can be used to close cuts, ease pain, and prevent infections.

Cackle was born in a research facility ran by Jaou, strange aliens that went extinct in the early 1600s. By this time Cackle had spent almost 50 years being raised and experimented on. At this point Cackle was known as Specimen 369, for he was not given an actual name. Specimen 369 didn't know either of his parents or if it even had parents. Specimen 369 spent most of the first fifty years of his life as a spikey ball. He was accustomed to rolling around. Despite some of the experiments performed on him, the scientists were relatively kind to him and didn't punish him without reason. Though after a bloody alien war occurred. A war between various alien races that Cackle doesn't remember. Most of the scientists at the facility would attempt to flee, only a few actually successful in their attempts. Specimen 369 was lucky and would be rescued by one of the scientists named Bran.

Bran was always the most kind to the specimens of the facility. Bran had a daughter of his own at the time, but still found time to take care of Cackle. The daughter was Branu(super creative). She was the girl to give Specimen 369 his name Cackle. Years later Bran's life would be taken by a alien slaver. In Bran's dying moments, he managed to land a lethal blow against the would be killer. Cackle would go on to assimilate both of them. From this point in Cackle's life, he would go on to raise Bran's daughter as her new father.

After many years of exploring the stars, Cackle would have visited all sorts of planets for the next few centuries. And have well over 1,500 sapient cactus children over the many years before one day traveling to earth where he would currently find himself.

Weaknesses: Fire

strange facts:

-Cackle's has a rasp sandpaper sounding voice in his natural form. His voice changes with his alter egos.
  • Yes, Cackle ate his best friend after he died. Very weird, but his friend was fine with it, and had expected Cackle would do it.
  • The type of flowers that grow on Cackle are similar to the ones that grow on moon cactus

Here's the character I'll be using for the RP. I may edit him. I'm feeling kinda unsure atm. I also think I could expand the backstory a bit too.

Name: Joel Joyce
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: Joel is a 6'1" tan skinned muscular man with slick short black messy hair, amber eyes and a burn scar on his right cheek and right arm.
Clothing: Casual clothes. He wears a red dress shirt, black slacks, blue socks, and black dress shoes.

Hero outfit. He wears a sleeveless spandex suit, plated gloves that go up slightly past his elbow on his left arm and wrist on the right, plated boots that stop below the knee on the left leg and ankle on the right, a matching belt and tactical harness. His outfit is purple/blue on the left and red/orange on the right.
Personality: Joel acts like a cool friendly dude but is extremely insecure and will get really nervous and talkative when anything cracks his facade. Though when push comes to shove, he knows when to stand up for something he believes in and jump in when someone needs help and does so because he believes its the right thing to do. Joel is somewhat dorky around people he considers friends and doesn't struggle with his insecurities around them as much.

Empath: Joel can feel the emotions of those around him.

Psychic: Joel can read minds.

Psionic Manifestation: Joel can create psychic energy with his mind which changes depending on his emotional state. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the ability.

Control: When calm or experiencing positive emotions, Joel can focus his energy to create astral psionic energy which can be channeled into projectiles to be hurled at an opponent or a pair of astral arms and give off a strong electric shock.

Unhinged: when experiencing strong negative emotions, Joel is unable to properly control his ability. He lashes out in frustration and his creations become warped, no longer dealing electrical damage, but instead can phase through solid objects and give the victim a strong feeling of dread and anxiety. Unhinged creations can no longer be launched as projectiles as they wither away once detached from the host.

Backstory: Joel grew up in a small family. He was an only child and lived with his two parents and his grandfather on his father's side. He was always a sensitive person growing up which created insecurities as he knew what the other kids at school thought about him and could feel what they felt towards him. Despite this, he had a strong pillar in his life. His grandfather who always knew just what to say.

He was always carefree and happy, and Joel could feel it, every time he came home from school. Unfortunately his grandfather died when he was ten years old. This would be the first time his powers would manifest in an unhinged way, which hurt his mother and hospitalized her for almost a month. he struggled to try be normal, but the more he tried, the harder he failed.

Eventually he met a friend in high school who helped him be cool. It didn't solve everything, but it made life easier.

Weaknesses: lack of emotional control
Name: Raven
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Raven screenshot.png

Clothing: Studded black denim jeans and black leather heeled boots, knuckle gloves, and top. A pair of iron knuckles in her hands. Spiked leather collar around her neck.
Personality: Raven has something of a herd/pack mentality, she doesn't necessarily like to socialize so much as be reassured that she isn't alone, especially in the day and age she currently finds herself in. Regardless, she is a reliable individual with knowledge of outdoor survival and hunting. She is also loyal, betrayal is not an option to her.
Powers: Can completely change into different extinct animals, as well as partially. Each animal form is primarily black in coloring with amber eyes, regardless of species. She can also stomach what most people would consider inedible... Mostly in regards to plants and raw meat, as well as the occasional rock.
Backstory: TBA
Weaknesses: Higher metabolism generates more bodyheat than average, sometimes to unbearable levels. Does require a cool down period every now and then to keep comfortable and properly functional. On the other hand, has to consume more calories than the average human to continue functioning properly.

Alright, here's what I got so far. Let me know what you think.
another day, another superhero rp where i recycle the same premise i've used for years because it's cool and i'm lazy; going for a villain route this time though oooo

Codename: Shogun

Real Name: Unknown.

Age/Gender: Unknown.

Appearance: Unknown. Those lucky enough to get even a glimpse of Shogun saw only a figure masked in shadow, a tattered cloak the only thing eyewitnesses could make out as it caught the wind.

Personality: None.


Electricity Manipulation - Eyewitnesses who stumbled upon the chance to see Shogun in action for but a split second reported sights of lightning with an unnatural and intense crimson hue, crackling around the vicinity and dancing about the figure, though their features remained shrouded in darkness.

Blade Mastery - Such eyewitnesses also claimed they caught the gleam of metal reflecting off the light of the moon and stars in tandem with the sounds of slashing blades carving into their victims. Like the flash of crimson lightning, this too was gone as soon as it had come.

Weaknesses: Yet unknown.
Name: Isaac Muller
Codename: Striker
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Appearance: tbd
Clothing: tbd
Personality: Isaac is "reckless abandon" personified. He's impulsive and rash, with a quick temper and a tendency to act on it, and he stubbornly follows through with whatever his passions direct him to do. There's always a way forward, around, or through a problem, and the ones he can go through are his favorites.

At his heart, Isaac is a conqueror. It's not the satisfaction of victory that he strives for, but the thrill of defeating—defeating the other team in sports, defeating his own teammates for a starting spot, and now defeating the ultimate opponent; the government.
Lock-In: Allows the user to enter what athletes refer to as "The Zone" at will. When in the Zone, the user's reaction speed and kinesthetic sense drastically increase. Their instinctual decision making becomes razor-sharp, and they essentially become a puppet guided by their own combat experience and intelligence.
Flow State: By visualizing the flow of their own momentum through one of their limbs, the user can transfer twice the momentum into a target or siphon twice the momentum from a target. For example, a ball kicked by a user would have twice the momentum imparted into it, and a ball kicked at the user could be caught, have its momentum doubled when it enters the user's body, and be kicked again for what is essentially quadruple the original momentum.
So long as the user does not stop moving, they can exponentially increase their momentum through these exchanges for devastating results.
Backstory: Isaac was raised in a loving home, where his natural athletic ability was nurtured from a young age. He always always running, always had a bat in his hands, or always had a ball at his feet. His prowess landed him spots on his high school's varsity baseball, soccer, and basketball teams as a freshman, and by the time he graduated high school he had dozens of offers from D1 schools all over the country.

Isaac's heart was set on soccer, and he instantly became a starter at the top soccer school from day one. His quick success and massive ego drew the ire of his teammates. "How could this kid be so good," they wondered. It was almost supernatural, and in truth it was. Isaac's mutations awakened when he was a little kid, and he put them to use for his entire life.

Due to the relatively unflashy nature of Isaac's abilities, his teammates didn't suspect them until two years into his college career. They filed a possible Newgen report to the EAA, and the agency came down on him hard. Isaac was arrested, and in an attempt to escape retribution even his parents corroborated the teammates' report. Isaac never tried to hide his power usage, which meant there was a mountain of evidence to convict him.

En route to a Newgen holding facility, Isaac was rescued by a group who claimed they were part of a resistance against the EAA. They offered for him to leave his old life behind and join their ranks, and the young man accepted.

Two years later, and Isaac is one of the group's heaviest hitters. He often undertakes solo combat missions, claiming that teammates would just get in his way, and he's often chided for being too reckless. Still, he's a useful kind of reckless, and he earned the codename "Striker" as a reflection of his 'first in the fight' role.
Weaknesses: If Isaac's concentration can be broken, the Lock-In state can be disturbed. If he builds up too much momentum using Flow State and doesn't transfer it before halting, the backlash of energy can break limbs or worse.
another character but good this time wowzers

Name: Soren Park

Codename: Specter

Age/Gender: 21 / M

Appearance/Clothing: Soren stands at 5’10 with a toned build and slightly tan complexion, and his eyes are a deep indigo. His hair is medium length, a natural black with purple highlights and swept to the right. His clothing of choice is most often a casual t-shirt and pants, paired with black sneakers, but when on a mission or in combat, he'll also throw on a black bomber jacket and wrap a tattered scarf around his mouth and nose.

Personality: Soren, despite his somewhat edgy appearance, is rather amiable and friendly, albeit in a more soft spoken manner. He’s never one to turn down a good fight and is very loyal to those he respects and considers a friend. In combat, however, Soren is much quieter and stoic, prioritizing a swift resolution to conflict and focusing entirely on the threat. He also has an underlying perfectionism to his character, which can often be exacerbated in his line of work should he make a mistake, regardless of severity.


Shadow Waltz - An expert martial artist and close-quarters fighter, Soren has created and mastered his own style of fighting in a technique he named the Shadow Waltz, honed in his long years of solitude. This style deals in flowing movements to deftly dispatch targets with precise strikes and the employment of pressure points to cripple mobility, but Soren can also switch his tempo as needed with added options to overwhelm with a more direct and straight method of attack through the help of Ghostbreath. However, with his proficiency being in up-close combat, Soren struggles against those who can easily maintain a distance and zone him out by attacking from afar.

Ghostbreath - Ghostbreath is a more superhuman ability of Soren’s that comes in the form of an energy that courses through his body and moves with the flow of oxygen as he breathes. When harnessed, his Ghostbreath can be seen as wisps of black and indigo flame, boosting his agility and stealth. The more deeply Soren breathes and the more air he takes in, the stronger his Ghostbreath becomes, allowing him to move faster, jump higher, fall slower, and effectively eliminate the sound of his footsteps (dependent on how much Ghostbreath he’s harnessed). However, because Ghostbreath is connected to his breathing, this ability can be made completely ineffective should the flow of oxygen in Soren’s body be cut off (i.e. getting the air knocked out of him, suffocated, etc.).

Backstory: To be revealed
Name: Amelia Brigg
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Appearance: Average height and weight/hazel eyes/medium brown hair tied back in a low bun
Clothing: EAA-certified clothing and uniforms. When undercover or on her day off, she wears black sweatpants and a t-shirt.
Personality: Tormented but with a burning desire to do the right thing. Amelia believes her past has doomed her but keeps going due to her unconditional love for her brother. On the surface, she's collected, calm, and unreadable, but below that facade, she's desperate and terrified, a nihilist and idealist all rolled into one.
Powers: None
Backstory: Amelia was born to a middle-class nuclear family. Her kid brother, Ace, was taken by the EAA when she was just a child. She joined the EAA at nineteen in hopes of finding him. For years, she's played the part of "child prodigy, dutiful soldier" to a T. She graduated with honors and worked dutifully under the most insufferable mentors to move up the ranks, all as part of a plan to learn something--anything--about where her brother was taken or why.
Amelia distrusts the EAA and the resistance, believing that both are corrupt. Her school was targeted by a Newgen rebel when she was seventeen years old, or so the media claimed. During her second year as an EAA cadet, her mentor betrayed her, and she was forced to kill him in self-defense. Amelia blamed her superior's death on the Newgen she was assigned to catch. Given her spotless record, the EAA believed her story and promoted her to the next rank.
Amelia despises the world she lives in but refuses to do anything about it. She fears contacting the rebels will only get her caught or worse, and she doesn't want to risk losing her brother again if he still lives.
Weaknesses: The same as any human being.

Name: Ace Brigg
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Appearance: lengthy/hazel eyes/straight flaxen hair
Clothing: Last time Amelia saw him, he refused to wear anything but polo shirts, blue jeans, and sweatpants. He was also particularly fond of a yarn bracelet they made in kindergarten.
Personality: Gentle and quiet, but with a keen mind. Ace shares all the characteristics of someone on the autistic spectrum. He frequently hums to himself, speaks in riddles, or sings nonsensical lyrics. The latter two were his preferred methods of communicating prophecies. The only person capable of understanding him was his sister, whom he loved very much. He hates being grabbed or touched unexpectedly. As you can imagine, his abduction was pure torture for him.
Powers: Future sight/Prophecy - occasionally received glimpses of the future.
Backstory: Ace was abducted by the EAA due to his prophetic powers. According to a case file discovered by his sister, Amelia, Ace was transferred to Project Helios, a classified research project. His current whereabouts are unknown.
Weaknesses: Bright lights, loud noises, excessive touch or force, and most detriments to average humans.


Previously Mecha Who
was in (one of) the ogs outcasts so i had to come back in for this spiritual revival bros

saw some people had psionoc and spiritual stuff so i wanted to put my spin on it to hopefully get some dope moments + also made him to start something big to get momentum going early on

NAME: Joseph Papparazo
AGE: 36
APPEARANCE: Confoundingly average is a poor way to describe Papparazo's overall appearance; because to say that one is average, would be to imply that he's unnoteworthy. That would be incorrect. It is noteworthy just how mundane he looks. How inoffensive and profoundly normal he is cannot be overstated. Not too short to be called short; not too tall to be called tall. Not too ugly for his age, but also didn't age that well. His stubbly beard and his slicked back brunette hair are both well kept, sure; but with the mediocrity of his looks, he's a very. . . meh person, overall. To be such an innoffensive, conforming man, though, appears to be his goal- because there's really no other way someone could pull off such a look.
CLOTHING: The average cubicle slave clothing when he's at work, but, outside of it, just about anything comfortable enough to be worn. Obviously, he never goes so far as to wear anything that could show a shed of individuality; no stamped shirts, nothing to show off possible musculature (which he doesn't have any of to begin with), or any interests or unusual fashion choices (goodbye accessories, never even seen what a "varsity" could be!). The usual shirt, jeans, and characteristic unbranded, rip-off sport sneakers will do.
PERSONALITY: You know the type of guy that's been in a marriage for 10 years, hasn't divorced wife for the sole purpose of keeping the kids happy, has just about lost all the will to greatness and anything that would make him distinct in a crowd, appears more as a husk than as a person and watches TV all day? So greatly lacking in any form of aggression you're pretty sure that he'd break down crying if someone wanted to fight him, or would fight back if someone disrespected him? This visage covers the teeming, uncertain and repressed entrails of Papparazo's repressed soul.

His harsh life has made him deeply prone to a complex nihilism and resentment of the world around him. As a matter of fact, this refusal of the world is a good way to describe his natural desires clashing with the reality that he faces, and the development of a crumbling man as a result. Naturally, he displays a will to become more, to consume all that he could and ascertain his imprint upon the earth; a hunger. However, unlike how the story would go; where he would become a man of confidence, of respect, of morals, and of deep understanding and empathy when facing struggle. . .

The world stepped on each of his dreams. His family, at first; then, his own inheritance, the conditions he had been put under by just being alive, and, as if his sense of individuality didn't depend on others enough already- the crushing weight of modernity rendering him into just another face in the crowd that endlessly bullies those too weak and dehumanizes the newgens.

But a yearning is in him. One that he hasn't satiated yet. His maledizione does not enable him to become a normal person, no matter how hard he tries, as he seems to be destined to suffer. The facade will crumble- and he'll need to pick up the scraps and figure out what to do, once there's no masters to tell him what to be.

Just one bad day away.


"Maledizione", or "Curse", or simply "Edda" is a mysterious spirit-like entity that lurks around Papparazo, apparently, all the time. It takes on an umbral, vantablack and ethereal, almost humanoid form- were it not for the overgrowing spurts of throbbing dark masses, like overgrown tumors, that replace it's upper body, many jagged white mouths with rotting teeth and eyes sprouting from such for it's perception, with a semi-invisible lower half that fades into the ethereal. A pair of disturbingly long and slender, nearly skeletal arms of a similar hue extend from where the shoulder should lay. Its' many eyes' irises, when deeply observed, are like a never-ending, hallucinatory spiral of varying psychodelic color. Edda's appearance frequently changes; but this is its' most common form. It has also appeared many times with religious symbolry of many types riddling it's body in the form of scars; from upside down crosses, to pagan symbols, to occultist and gnostic emblems.

Despite assumedly existing beyond the material realm, it's cognizant and more than capable of making fluid contact with the material world. Edda is easily capable of lacerating and rending apart the average human in half with it's slim arms, striking- or ramming- through walls, seemingly capable of appearing and reappearing as it uncovers and covers itself from the human vision, employing hallucinatory episodes akin to the worst fever dreams a man on benadryl could have, flipping over heavy objects such as vending machines or small vehicles and even taking heavy physical damage if need be. It has also been seen to be capable of multiplying its' limbs, or changing it's form in other bizarre ways with some time.

While Edda is powerful and seemingly impossible for the average person or even the trained person to kill, there is a jarring issue with the creature.

Edda is highly nefarious and malicious in nature, and seems to only have an interest in Papparazo as far as victimizing and terrorizing his life goes- having repeatedly commited various heinous acts to purposefully disturb, maim, destabilize and demoralize Papparazo all throughout his life using it's mysterious, yet great capabilities- rarely mocking, talking down, criticizing, and overall humiliating him in dark and twisted tones of an inhuman voice.

As such, Edda is a completely independent being from Papparazo- and cannot be directly made to support the man, operating under it's own code of morals, instinct, or some other force while also being nearly impossible to negotiate with.

In opposition to what Papparazo would expect, Edda is a reflection of his own psyche; somewhat like a spiritual projection of the depeest parts of his consciousness, that hunger, still, for power and a place in the world- to make him leave his mark- but have been so deeply repressed by his upbringing and charade of normalcy, that his instinctual and animal-like drive outwardly burst from his psyche. Couple that with his natural tendency for cruelty; and Papparazo has made his own "apex predator"- that savors and haunts its' prey. Sadly for Papparazo, he is the weak one in face of the strong that will consume.

It is also, similarly, an emblem of generational trauma and superstition carried by his parents that has now been discharged upon Papparazo; and seemingly, is what, fused with his repressed will to power and his deceased lineage, gave birth to the entity.

However, perhaps, due to this link, it could one day be controlled- and, even, changed.

That is a far, far away day, though.
Born and raised in an ancient, small town in Italy by a very traditional and isolated community that he called "family", Papparazo was not under the best set of circumstances growing up. With far too many brothers for the love needed by his mother to emotionally develop, too little information outside his circle to advance intellectually, and an all-consuming tendency of his to advance and conquer anyways merge to concoct a broken child that blindly follows what is passed down to it. Apart from zealous religious values, Papparazo most strangely adopts the odd tradition his lineage had for thousands of years that had been the reason for their isolation even in the wake of modernity; dealing with the apparent "Maledizione", or, the curse laid upon them by a pagan witch of old, and everything that entailed. Documenting its' history, performing rituals and prayers, everything you'd expect from psedo-feudalist society.

It had always been a story told to the kids that weird occurences happened around the small village they lived in. Tales of bad luck, of the village nearly being wiped out multiple times by disease, disappearance, starvation and plague; of restless spirits that dwell in the houses of old and in the graves, and obviously, having no philosophical basis to question it, Papparazo bought into it. As a matter of fact, he became obsessed with it- his thirst for importance showing in how he seeded himself to it, and expanded roots around the superstition, to his very detriment.

It began with just sleep paralysis; where the disfigured silhouette would appear at the base of his bed, when he was around fourteen. But it quickly grew to whispers in his ear in the quiet of night that told of malice and sin that no kid should learn of, ridding him of his innocence far too soon- to the sheep and wild animals appearing bisected and torn apart at dawn, when he was sixteen, to dark figures being spotted all across town by various family members; all of them speaking of it's tumour-like, plagued appearance and nocturnal stalker behavior.

Things culminated when after a bad episode of sleep paralysis, the now eighteen year old Papparazo- at the dawn of his very birthday- woke up to a silent surprise. His family laid butchered all across the village in a sight that he would never forget. Immediately, he prayed; that some God, some merciful being, heard his cries, and he fled- farther than he thought he could reach- but he didn't flee the creature that had caused his anguish. With his old identity corroded and attempting to flee the curse, he abandons the zealous religion in a complete collapse of his religious base and trust in the rituals he had done to try and exorcise the curse from his family- and moves away, adopting a hollow mask of normality that alligns with the dismemberement of his sense of self.

It was not a one time occurance, although. Every once in a while, after making friends and getting settled, he would awake or even bear witness to their deaths at the hands of the curse; sporadically seeing increases in Edda's activities, and eventually, socially outcasting himself and becoming so deeply uninteresting and normal that no one else would need to be hurt by it, and to sustain his own mental state after years of torture under the flimsy guias of "the greater good", after figuring that he was the central point of these- but really, to avoid more harm to himself, albeit, this is quickly backfiring. The EAA has not been made aware of his involvement- mostly, for it is incredibly difficult to exactly pinpoint the entity and tie it to him, considering his lack of control over it.

He was recently hired to work at an uneventful, yet large office in the heart of an urban city; a place ripe for tragedy at the hands of his unfortunate circumstances, as tensions brew between the EAA and the newgen all around the world- and his cover of being normal is again under serious threat.
Edda is completely independent from Papparazo. Its' reckless, chaotic, and seemingly random behavior render it- and him- an unreliable pair of allies, but also, dangerous foes.

The creature itself is able to be "slain" by enough damage, albeit, after a few minutes, it will always return. Exceptions are if Papparazo is unconscious, or dead. It doesn't seem to rely on any form of stamina, albeit, a stackup of damage will hinder it's capabilities, and it can be damaged by any form of attack- as long as one can pinpoint where it is.

It is not invisible to the naked eye- instead, appearing as a very ethereal figure under dim lights, far more visible to those that it wants to be seen by- mainly, Papparazo.

Edda relies on Papparazo being alive, and unlike it, he is not very tough, and has no experience in combat. Even though it may try to save him, there are many things it cannot defend the man from, and it may be slain. It doesn't depend on being close to him, also- but it will generally stick to a block's range at most.

Edda can be spotted and communicated with by any with soul-sight (or anything similar that allows you to see spirits), may be influenced/countered by whatever it is that influences/counters spirits, but presents psychological resistance to beng controlled directly by another person that has the capability to manipulate spirits- able to reach into the mind of those that try and instill deep dread; albeit, constant reaffirming can actually lead to a limited form of control over it, being able to at least pacify the creature.

Personality-wise, Papparazo is one bad day away from doing something very unwise. This could be either for evil or for good, as human nature- principally his'- provides a basis for both to grow; and will be up for fate to decide.
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i am finally done with this!!!! i need to sleep right now damn

Name: Aiden Branson

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Appearance: Aiden is a very average looking-man, standing at 5'9, with messy orange hair which is tied up in a ponytail to keep it from dangling around. His eyes are a beautiful hazel-amber eyes, with glasses on top. Aiden wears a comfortable yellow shirt underneath his baby-blue colored swearer, while wearing a brown sling-bag, carrying some of his sewing gear, specifically needles, a thread, and some colors of fabric in red, yellow, and blue. He's also got some supplies like granola bars to keep himself and some others some food to eat. Aiden's go-to pants are usually sweatpants which are colored brown, and some classy black shoes, although he usually takes them off and switches them to black boots when going out.

Personality: Aiden is a serious young man, who hides himself behind walls, as he believes those who wish to try to get to know him are dangerous. To the Newgens though, Aiden is a light-hearted young man, who supports his teammates as much as he possibly can. Before the mess of the world the EAA now controls, Aiden enjoyed sewing and he still does sew from time-to-time, fixing up clothes and sewing new clothes for members of their group. He's always there to support his teammates in anyway he can, even if he isn't fit for fighting on the field.

Future Patches
When Aiden closes his eyes, he will be able to see a planned-out future on the path they will be taking. Future Sight's ability can only see an hour into the future and is only active while Aiden's eyes are closed. Future Sight cannot be turned off, and will always activate when Aiden closes his eyes, which usually means seeing an hour into the future before he goes to sleep. A positive is that Future Sight will usually only last ten minutes but can be lengthened by using his own energy in exchange for more time to see the future.

Seam Ripper
Aiden can rip himself from his own body, becoming a ghostly figure, and has all the basic properties of a ghost. Passing through walls and objects, almost invisible if you don't look carefully. A weakness to this power is that he cannot touch other objects (but passing through them does count as "touch') and cannot move his own body whenever he is outside of his body.

When Aiden touches or passes through a living being, he is able to see a thread that he, and those he chooses can follow to reach a destination or lock-in a target. This effect can only reach a few kilometers and will break apart after they exit that set area. This area is set to where Aiden currently is, and when Aiden follows the target currently connected to the thread, he'll forever be threaded and can be located as long as they are nearby.

Backstory: TBA (too lazy rn its literally so late for me i just needed to get this bio out!!!)

Aiden's powers are purely used defensively and are support-based, which means he has almost no way to fight back against others and relies heavily on staying hidden and keeping a good distance away from the fight. He works best with those who have fast movement abilities to keep him away from dangerous situations or positions. Most of his abilities are also range-locked, and going too far away from his body will immediately cancel the ability.

Another one of his weaknesses is that he's too naive and can be easily manipulated for someone's own uses. Although he is smart enough to know whatever's going on and usually wouldn't fall for it twice.


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Felt like making another one, and so I have. This one's gonna be the final one, though.
EDIT: Actually, you know what? I'm swapping this out with another potential character, will edit in another bio soon
EDIT 2: And done, bio has been changed.

Name: Ralyegh Innsmouth

Gender: Technically male, but truly genderless.

Age: Physically ageless, mentally 26.

Appearance: Think of a human-shaped.. okay, well more humanoid-esque black sludge. Not quite liquid, not quite solid, just that perfect, vile middle ground, like mud or slime. Now, add tentacles for hair, a beak hidden underneath a beard/mustache combo of yet more tentacles, no nose whatsoever and two large, bulbous eyes with suspended black dots like a lava lamp that gives off an ambient, if also eerie glow of the same color as they are - an otherwordly mix of yellow and orange tones to give off that unfamiliar, eldritch vibe that everyone knows and loves.

(Visual Aid made by yours truly)

Now outstretch the physique to look like a person that's been stretched like rubber, slap a height of 14" of long, slender limbs that are both equally adjustable and there you have it. At one point, he USED to have a human disguise that consisted of pale, if also slightly green-tinted fair skin, but he eventually realised it pointless as his other 'details' made him stick out like a sore thumb regardless.

Clothing: Surprise surprise, this lad here doesn't actually wear any 'clothing'. What one would consider apparel is actually just his own mass, shifted and re-coloured to resemble the most convenient clothing of all - one large, comfy-looking robe of dark-green, almost black colouring, this unnatural tone being the most common color for Ralyegh to adapt to when transforming his body as if he were making something out of clay. And that's about the only thing he's 'wearing', since things like shoes and whatnot are entirely unnecessary.

Personality: Despite all signs pointing to the worst result, Ralyegh is a pretty laid-back and lowdown kind of guy. Scream at him, insult him, attack him, he doesn't care much all the same. He's suffered many things already, so there's little things that phase him at this point. All this eldritch-cursed dude wants to do is just live life, laze about and nerd out about the cosmos and lost civillization, but with him constantly getting mixed up with a Newgen, there's always trouble brewing for him. That, and the fact that being a lovecraftian abomination that slowly induces anxiety and paranoia into almost everyone around him makes for a troublesome life.

Friend or Foe, aggressive or passive, Innsmouth isn't one to really strike first either way and is willing to endure a lot before his patience wears thin. Even if he gets annoyed, the most he'd do is potentially flick someone away or give them a mean eye and this usually works to get people to back off but sometimes, when bad comes to worse, he'll do his best not to cause too much damage. Despite his set of powers and previous history, he's not exactly advocating for violence, though he's also one to actively avoid just about any other living soul thanks to his power and prefers hanging out with his minions and lackeys. Which he actually, secretly thinks is pretty sad considering he's technically just hanging around lesser clones of himself. Whatever way the flow goes though, he'll willingly follow along with most things, though it's not rare for him to ask questions along the way, either out of curiousity or just to take the piss, so to speak.

Powers: While he may very much seem like a unique type of Newgen, Ralyegh's set of powers go beyond just being super, but they reach all the way into a whole new territory; ancient curses. Due to his ancestor's shenanigans, everything that made him human, safe for his personality, has been turned eldritch. First and foremost, his body is just a mass of black, sludge-like substance of unidentifiable origins. It allows him to subsist on a purely carnivorous diet and avoid all other biological activities such as breathing or sleeping, requiring him to only eat meat, specifically raw products like flesh and blood, in order to refuel his energy reserve, yet it also grants him supernatural levels of strength, durability and endurance but at the cost of speed, effectively making him a tank.

This sludge not only suppresses/nullifies most of the desires he would have normally had, but also allows him to freely shapeshift, generate new sludge, form different limbs and appendages and even dispense sentient life from himself in the form of minions and lackeys that, much like him, are made of sludge yet never seem to drip or leave behind a trail nor trace of themselves despite being semi-liquid. Unlike him though, these clones cannot shapeshift and also do not share the same levels of strength and durability/endurance that Ralyegh has, though unlike him, they do not need to consume meat to continue existing. When killed/knocked out, these creatures evaporate into a black, fog-like vapor that fades overtime the longer it is exposed to oxygen, with more pure concentrations of oxygen causing quicker evaporization.

And just like any good eldritch horror needs it, the sludge also appears to have given Ralyegh (and to a lesser extent his minions) a small set of psychic talents. For Innsmouth, he requires to have made direct eyecontact with a target before he can send over telepathic messages in a large radius, just as long as the target/s remain in range. However, upon physical contact with his body, primarily his hands, he can induce hallucinations/illusions upon conscious targets on first touch and alter dreams/nightmares on unconscious minds and, on prolonged contact, can read the memories and thoughts of one's mind. His minions, however, only seem to have a short-range telepathic ability that still requires eye contact to make a connection. As the awful cherry on top of this horror-cake, Ral's own mass of sludge gives off an ominous psychic aura that unnerves those around him in a semi-short radius and can even cause minor hallucinations during prolonged exposure.

Backstory: To make it short so that I can think up of a proper backstory later on, Ralyegh Innsmouth is the descendant to a dual-lineage of archaeologists. His father's side were deep-sea divers while his mother's side were underground explorers. However, his bloodline also has a known history of ancestors typically going mad from their journeys and never making it to retirement, instead only landing in an asylum. It seems that whatever or whoever they may have found that struck this generational streak of misfortune has finally reached a peak with Ralyegh's conception, with the poor boy having been on the receiving end of one gnarly curse that ended up causing all his relatives to die and all others to avoid him like the plague and hunt him like an accused witch in Salem.

- Ralyegh will not quite outright die from going cold-turkey on his carnivorous diet, but it will severely weaken him and eventually drive him into a blood-crazed frenzy that will turn him into a ravaging monster until he's had his fill and can return to consciousness once more. And by weaken, I mean that it will turn his supernatural strength and durability/endurance into peak-human strength and durability/endurance. The whole process takes about 1-2 months to reach its worst point, depending on how long Ralyegh can hold it back for.

- Any kind of disguise put on Ralyegh will not work as not only will his looks always stick out from the common crowd, but his aura and active stench that sits between sewage trash, rotten fish and the ocean actively give him away. And when I mean stench, I mean the same kind of stench you get when fishing on a pier with a pipe right by you that is actively dumping sewage into the ocean. It's that bad. And while it cannot be overridden by any other scent and will not sink into actual clothing, it can never be washed nor rinsed out the sludge, either.

- The lackeys only share a minor version of Ralyegh's physical powers, though their physical appearance will also make it more visibly obvious which one they inherit the most, such as a giant monster inheriting strength the most, a meaty monster inheriting durability, etc. However, one thing they and Ralyegh all equally share in common is a terrible speed; Ralyegh's running speed is most people's walking speed because, believe it or not, it's hard to move around a giant mass of sticky, clumpy sludge. At least it lets them climb surfaces much more easily.

- As stated above, any kind of psychic ability, excluding the aura, will need some kind of contact made first to be used. Telepathy is only limited to thoughts only, at most only being useful to confuse enemies or deliver messages to allies through thinking over sounds as tricks or communication. The hallucinations can only be performed while Ralyegh is making direct physical contact - simply tossing a piece of himself won't work, neither will this work for the memory reading, which will only work if aforementioned physical contact is maintained, with the contact being forcibly stopped causing the memory reading to also abruptly cut, thus leaving Ralyegh vulnerable while he is doing so. As for the aura? Just don't stay in it's range for too long and there shouldn't be much problem.
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Name: Alexis Green
Gender: Female
Age: 247
Height: 5'2"
Clothing: She usually wears very casual and comfortable clothing and is usually always wearing a red jacket of some kind.
Personality: Alexis is an incredibly laid-back individual. She seems perpetually happy and unfazed by everything. She loves lazing around and sleeping. She can often be kind of stupid despite being so old and is occasionally quite clumsy. She likes sleeping, laying down and sweets. The one thing that does bother her for some unexplained reason is that she hates cucumbers.
Zombie - Alexis has the ability to come back to life whenever she dies. It is not regeneration or invulnerability but simply that after she dies she comes back to life after a certain amount of time depending on how much damage her body took when it died. She still feels pain and has the same weaknesses as any other regular human. Her power does have some other benefits, she has an enhanced sense of smell and mildly increased strength to a almost peak human level. Also occasionally some of her limbs can become detached for seemingly no reason and she is unsure why this is the case.
Backstory: Alexis was born with her ability, not that anyone was aware of this fact. Alexis' parents died when she was 2 years old when their house collapsed, Alexis only survived because her ability brought her back to life. She was raised by her grandparents. She remembers nothing about her parents and only knows what her grandparents told her. When her grandparents died she got her own place and had a pretty normal life, she became aware of her ability after she died of consumption in a small town only to awaken a while later, in a pile of bodies that was clearly going to be disposed off to halt the spread of infection, she was able to sneak away as noone would notice one less body amongst the dead. It took her a long time to fully understand what was happening and eventually took it in stride and decided to live her best life, later finding out how long that life would be due to her ability. Around the time that powers became a more common and well known occurrence she was apprehended by a group of scientists who kept her and experimented on her in secret until sometime after the founding of the EAA where their experiments were discovered and she was transferred into the EAA's custody, they allected to keep her contained by removing her head and placing it in a cryogenic tank and locking it in the HQ's storage where she remained until 2 years prior to the present day when a researcher decided to go over old projects that the EAA had shelved (literally in most cases) and discovered Alexis' head, the researcher studied the files on Alexis Green and came up with a suggestion to utilise her as an asset, she was awakened and fitted with a collar that would remove and encase her head if she attempted to run or turn against the EAA, she has been reluctantly working to hunt down Newgens ever since.
Weaknesses: No special weaknesses as such as almost any normal means can kill her. Although severing her head and containing it some how seems to render her ability to resurrect inept keeping her dead until her head is removed from containment where she will pretty quickly revive.
A few quick questions, is there a one character limit or can I make two?

Also from the first cases of superpowers to the present day how much time has passed?
I'll say maybe about 20 years that way the new goverment will have had time to get their hold on the world

@Charlotte Pryce Your characters look good, leaves some story threads to explore

@PopeyPenguin I can't see anything wrong with your bio so I guess you're good to join us

@| Korutesu | You're good, furture sight might cause some problems with the plot but we can talk about that later

@DevVoid You're good as well

I already told Pup their character is fine in DMs
I'll literally come back to Charms just to join this RP because I think you've made the perfect plot. Also because I wrote a crummy first draft of a fantasy novel right before I had a mental breakdown, got admitted to a hospital, and was released two days ago. I'm sort of relearning how to do everything, including writing, so please forgive me if mine sucks. I want to use your thread to practice and will have a character up ASAP if you'll have me.
I'll literally come back to Charms just to join this RP because I think you've made the perfect plot. Also because I wrote a crummy first draft of a fantasy novel right before I had a mental breakdown, got admitted to a hospital, and was released two days ago. I'm sort of relearning how to do everything, including writing, so please forgive me if mine sucks. I want to use your thread to practice and will have a character up ASAP if you'll have me.
Welcome back to Charms, hissy one ~! Happy to see you're still kicking! Give that fantasy book a one-two knock out on the rebound, I know you'll do great! Good luck!
@E.K.A.N.S. I'm so sorry that you went through that! I cannot imagine what it was like for you. I hope you take good care of yourself and have strong support (family, friends, etc.).

Don't feel like you have to compare your writing to other people. RPs are supposed to be fun, not stressful. If you are not having fun, you should not feel obligated to push yourself.
Thanks, Charlotte. Maybe I'll name my character after you.

Name: Lottie Chéri
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Description: She's learned to embrace the fact that she's a witch with Halloween-themed stockings, a pleated black skirt, a conservative button-up coat, and a wilted black witch hat that rests askew on her head. Her hazel-green eyes don't need glasses. Her long, chestnut brown hair needs no band. The real reason she dresses like an idiot is so that she doesn't break the government's monopoly on intelligence by looking sharp. She's less than a blip on the EAA's radar... just another undercover cop with questionable loyalties, if anyone were daft enough to question that her loyalties lie anywhere other than to her crazy, stupid self.

Personality: Her carefree and endlessly entertained personality make her a heartthrob. She's rejected, and somehow remained friends with, anyone who's ever approached her. Lottie doesn't think she lives in a dystopia. The EAA must fall, but she'll have all the fun in the world watching it crumble. She's already seen the worst of humanity in jail, the psych ward, and dark alleys, processed the horrors in sane ways, and become the most patient and loving person that many may ever meet. Doesn't even have back problems from being 5'9." Lottie's familiar, a silver serpent that can hide itself at will and act as somewhat of a father figure, threads any pain that ever needles her and slithers back to the shadows of her magic hat. It rests crooked on her head despite her good posture.

- Shapeshifting:
She watched Avatar: The Last Airbender and decided that genderbending would be more fun. Let's just say she's thoroughly explored all sides of herself. On an unrelated note, she can shoot fire, water, earth, ice, or any non-radioactive element on the periodic table by imagining it as an extension of her body. How can Lottie use "shapeshifting" for both defense and offense? In the defensive case, she's shifting her shape. In the offensive case, her shape's acting shifty. She needs to make the rest of her body conform to its whimsy and safely pass the object it's randomly decided to create from her system, lest it destroy her.
- Two-way communication: The ability to converse with animals, bugs, and pretty much any living thing. Spiders are her little spies and will inform her of distant threats so that she can effectively prepare.
- Advanced summary: She's the perfect lie detector because she can parse anything anyone tells her into a single sentence, no matter how many words they use. If more people would get to the point when they spoke, she wouldn't have to. It goes without saying that Lottie is very intelligent. Hearing her say the concluding phrase actually makes the other person smarter.

Backstory: She doesn't like Charlotte, the name her parents gave her. They were two ordinary people who believed they could communicate with celestial beings through witchcraft and gain magical talents. Lottie was born with the powers they sought, leaving them none. She had a rough childhood, a product of her parents' jealousy toward their daughter and just enough love to raise her into the perfect witch. Her rite of passage into adulthood, they decided, was to summon a demon by whispering an incantation before a dark mirror and let it possess her. Lottie tried to say her parents' magic phrase, but it felt so wrong to her that she stumbled on the words until she produced a sentence that felt right.

Her bathroom mirror was as ordinary as it had been when she'd first entered, sans demonic presence. Her parents, who'd been banging on the door for her to come out because she was chanting incorrectly, had gone quiet. When Lottie flicked on the lights and opened the door, she saw that both had turned to salt. The physical and emotional abuse she'd endured throughout her life melted right then, but she shed no tears.

Her parents weren't dead; they were simply seeing the pain they'd caused themselves in the pursuit of perfection, which was so great that it froze them solid. If they had accepted themselves as they were instead of seeking the unattainable, perhaps they wouldn't have ruled their daughter by the same, nonexistent metric. If they had just loved her as she was, none of this would have happened.

She can only talk to living things if they want to talk to her. So if she came upon an injured deer, her silver serpent would have to heal it before they could exchange information. Due to the conversational nature of her power, she can't manipulate objects to achieve a poltergeist effect or tiny electrons to shoot lightning. Those don't have a mouth to speak with, nor are they living. She could talk to the smallest bacterium, were she seeing it under a microscope. What this means is that she can converse with anything she perceives through the five normal senses. She'll need some sort of tool to engage with anything too big or too small.

Incidentally, my mental breakdown had nothing to do with writing. xD It all started with a hypnagogic hallucination actually. LONG STORY.
@Grand Master Koop

To what extent does this RP take place in the real world? I made a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender in my bio, hope you'll let that slide. But what if Lottie's unpredictable, offensive shapeshifting (in more ways than one) creates a rubber duckie that when squeaked, releases a Mexican guy's three-week-old fart to instantly kill whoever dared to cross her?

In this 100% hypothetical, not-disgusting-because-it-will-never-happen-and-is-OP-anyway case, do Mexicans exist? If yes, are stereotypes still a thing? I'd genuinely like to know, so I don't make Lottie too real to exist in this fantasy.

TL;DR What's the setting? Is it just a post-apocalyptic Earth, where the US, Canada, and all other countries as we knew them remain (albeit in a state of ruin with powered individuals running around?)
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For simplicity's sake, I'll say it would be like an alternate version of the real world and takes place two decades after the first emergence of superpowers. The state of the world is still functionally the same, just with the added bonus of people with powers. Like the world of X-Men.

As for Lottie, her powers do sound very versatile and cool to have, but I fear the amount of freedom you have with it might cause problems later on with her having an out for every hypothetical situation. Also, what are the sources of her multitude of powers? Everyone else pretty much only have 1 power officially.
I put three things down because I saw that everyone else’s had 3 (e.g. DevVoid’s had shape shifting and telepathy, facilitated by sludge.) I think I get what you’re saying though. How do my 3 things connect, because they seem too different?

Third one isn’t really a power. The ability to summarize what someone’s told you into a single sentence is just basic intelligence that Lottie has. Could have even gone in her personality. Animals letting her know about an impending threat is certainly a power, but she’d have been weak if I hadn’t given her offensive shapeshifting (that she can’t control) as a way to take care of the threat.

I can tie those two together by revealing that her original power was shape shifting. There was a time she could only turn into animals, which she yearned to do because she had problems socializing with humans (thanks to her vicious parents, who’d seen her transform into a bird and wanted to cultivate her born talents through abuse.) The ability to converse with animals as a human is a remnant of that quirk. She could achieve the same thing by turning into the animal before she talks to it, but she removed that extra step through training. Talking to animals taught her that everything speaks a language, so “Advanced summary” aka a high Verbal Reasoning score on an IQ test comes from speaking cat, dog, etc. and realizing that “human” is just another tongue.

The offensive component of shapeshifting is an outgrowth. Once she thoroughly understood animals, she turned her attention to what connects all of them: the ground that they walk on. She had a psychiatric episode because of this; if you talk to soil or other inanimate objects, you will go crazy, especially if you think they can talk back to you. She gained a semblance of the power she sought when released but does not control it. Whenever the urge to fight/defend herself arises, a random object she’d seen or interacted with in the past (like the rubber duckie she once bathed with, or the Neodymium magnet she used in science class) manifests in her hand. She’ll have to work with what she’s got.

TL;DR The source of her power is shapeshifting and she can thank power development for anything resembling a second or third. I hope to see how everyone’s powers develop in the RP too (unless you’re starting out OP).
Been watching this for a while, and been a while since I been in an RP. Thinking its about time.

Name: Kelvis
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Appearance: Lightly tanned skin with white swept back hair. Kelvis's expression is stoic yet fierce with facial features to match. He is rarely seen without his Victorian-styled goggles with what appears to be completely blacked out protective lenses to hide his eyes.

Clothing: Kelvis is typically dressed in a dark grey sleeveless vest revealing his well toned arms and shoulders, a loose-fitting black leather belt with silvery accents, a pair of black leather finger-less gloves, and a pair of long loose black baggy jeans that covers all but the tip toes of his shoes. Over everything he wears a long silver buttoned white coat with three separate coat tails. A black flame design is around the collar that goes over his left shoulder and down all the way to the bottom of the coat on the right and the EAA logo on the center back.

Personality: Calm, cool, collected, disciplined, and constantly maintaining an aura of fearlessness. Kelvis is ruthless in combat and in the pursuit of his goals. Kelvis does not speak much due to him being alone most of the time,but he is a man of few words, preferring to act.

-Apocalypse Reactor- Grants Kelvis the typical suit of physical enhancements including: superhuman speed/reaction, strength, agility, and durability (via moderate healing factor) among a few other abilities. The Apocalypse Reactor turns the sclera of their eyes turned black, while the irises and pupils are replaced with concentric circles of brightly glowing cyan. When the power is actively being used the blood vessels around Kelvis's eyes glow brightly with cyan along with the blood vessels on the forehead above each eye and on his cheek below each eye down to his jawline. In addition the blood vessels in his hands up to half way his forearms and feet up to half way to his knees emit the same glow. Kelvis is able to release powerful blasts and waves of volatile energy that can be controlled and turned into a glass-like material but even more brittle, upon cracking or shattering the glass-like material will violently explode (explosion power is directly proportional to the size of the shattered shard) releasing a deadly unknown type of radiation in the form of bright cyan colored flames that rapidly damages and destroys nerves and the nervous system of anything caught in the flames, that eventually burns itself out with 4-6 seconds, there are currently no known means of putting it out prematurely. Kelvis is also able to create simple tools and melee weapons with the glass-like material and reinforce them to near indestructibility as long as it is being touched by him.

Backstory: Kelvis was born in a top secret EAA research facility as a part of a Newgen breeding program with the ultimate goal of creating a Newgen special task force for combat, subdue, and/or capture what the EAA called "rogue" Newgens. Kelvis was meticulously trained in close combat with heavy emphasis on speed and precision. He very proficient in hand-to-hand fighting techniques and a master swordsman,the sword being Kelvis's weapon of choice despite being able to create any melee we desired, He also became highly proficient using daggers, hook-swords, and kerambits to further enhance his close combat skills.

Due to Kelvis's abilities he was primarily used by the EAA as a precision tool, often being sent on missions solo or with an extremely small team for assassinations, extractions, or abductions/kidnappings. He had been exceptionally useful for the EAA capturing and subduing individuals of interest, especially girls and women for various breeding programs and other scientific Newgen experiments. Over the years Kelvis has grown resentful of the EAA, but despite this he continues to work for them.

Weaknesses: The Apocalypse Reactor slowly kills the user, as a result Kelvis is destined to die unless a cure can be found, and even then a cure could just straight kill him regardless due to how his body has adapted and embraced the strange irradiated energy. Every fight and battle Kelvis engages in is set on a timer based on how well Kelvis is nourished. When using the Apocalypse Reactor, Kelvis's body temperature steadily rises at a consistent rate regardless of exterior surroundings or how much power is used. It is common to see Kelvis surrounded in steam and water vapor when his powers are active for a while, the steam being water that is physically evaporating out of his body. As a result Kelvis fights with very high velocity and aggression, that can only be described as explosive. Kelvis does not do well in prolonged engagements and conflicts, preferring to end them as soon as possible due to the huge toll the Apocalypse Reactor takes to sustain its power, in addition the Apocalypse Reactor has to whine down after a battle or conflict which also burns Kelvis's nourishment while he returns to normal. Over exertion causes increased difficulty controlling the Reactor resulting in dangerous and uncontrollable energy discharges and explosions, including Kelvis's limbs and body.​
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amaterasu flames? dunno what those are or do, but the cyan flames only damages nerves as in nervous system, doesn't actually cause any burns or have any temperature


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Dang, the bio I was writing disapeared. Well since everyone do appear to be invested I will try to get the will to start the RP without too much further delay. I'll say the end of the week at the latest
Yes sirre (or madamme?), my condolences on your loss there but I'm glad to have some news on this since I've been eager to get started for a while! Hope good befalls on you and you don't have your bio wiped again 'till we start.