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Open The Fall Of Kalos

Kalos, a beautiful region, with stunning architecture and a chic fashion shows. Kalos was the place to be, but not anymore. Ever since the fall of Team Flare, Kalos returned to normal, but with the rise of Team Spectre. Team Spectre is an organization founded by Kane Morelle, the CEO of a very famous tech company. His only daughter then took over the role as Spectre leader, and in which brought Kalos closer and closer to its doom. With the goal of destroying all the gyms and the Pokemon League, Team Spectre's plan is still not complete until they take over the rest of the regions.


  • All Pokecharms rules apply
  • Cursing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum
  • No romance!
  • You may be a part of Team Spectre or a hero, but I would prefer if you could try and be part of Spectre
  • You may have up to 2 characters
  • If you are part of Team Spectre, your outfit has to be mainly purple and black
  • Once a role is taken, you must choose another role
  • Up to 2 shinies
  • Have Fun!

Team Spectre Roles:


Admin #2:
Admin #3:
Scientist #1:
Scientist #2:
Scientist #3:
Scientist #4:
Spectre Spy:
Spectre Spy:
Spectre Spy:

♡ Character Sheet ♡
Name: (First and Last)

Part of Team Spectre: (Yes or No)
Role: (Team Spectre members only)
Pokemon Team:

→My Charater←
Name: Rosalee (Rose) Morelle

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearence: Petite, 5'0", Fair Skin, white-lavender colored hair (Just like Kanna Kamui's hair), her bangs are styled in a blunt fringe, she has long hair that ends in a wave at mid back, she has beautiful crystal clear blue eyes that are in the shade baby blue, she also has adorable naturally tinted lips. She wears a purple and black long sleeved victorian lolita dress with ruffles and lace, she pairs this up with ankle high, black lace gothic lolita boots, along with knee high white bow lolita socks. And on top of her head is a black and purple flower crown, while around her neck is a black lace choker with a amythest placed in the middle.

Personality: Rose tends to act like a young child and is pampered by the members of Spectre, but the reason she is feared and worshipped by others, is because in battle Rose is rutheless and will do anything to get what she wants, and the fact that she is already a brilliant leader at her age, just adds to the fear factor. But behind her terrifying facade, shes a delicate flower, and thanks to all the bullying she suffered from at a younger age, she tends to have major trust issues and will have a mental breakdown. She only truts her Addmins and her team of Spectre Spies, Rose will usually only appear when somebody such as a gym leader is being battled. Outside of the base, Rose acts creepy and cold hearted, but when inside the base, she acts like a young child and loves being babied by her members. And she is obsessed with looking like a lolita.

Likes: Sweets, dolls, stuffed animals, tea, her members, her pokemon, and dressing up

Dislikes: Coffee, bitter or spicy food, people who meddle with her plans, bullies, dirt, and people with no manners

Part of Team Spectre: Yes

Role: Leader

Pokemon Team:
  1. Shiny Gardevior (Female)
  2. Gengar (Male)
  3. Absol (Female, larger than average)
  4. Garchomp (Male)
  5. Alolan Raichu (Male)
  6. Togekiss (Female)

Backstory: Rosalee, the daughter of Kane and Delancey Morelle, was bullied ever since she could remember. She was always teased and made fun of, because of the way she dressed. At that age, the only thingS that could make her smile were her pokemon and cute things. She would always dress up, and her parents always supported what she did. So when her father asked her to take over Team Spectre, Rose didnt hesistate to say yes, since she knew that it would be the only chance for her to make the people who bullied and made others feel like outcasts or freaks, suffer.

Other: She always carries around a doll

Rose sat on the floor inside her office, within the Spectre mansion that was located in Lumiose city, and played with her Raichu. "Raichu, do it again" Rosalee giggled out, as Raichu squished his soft cheeks together in order to make funnt faces, and in which caused the Team Spectre leader to burst out into fits of laughter. A knock sounded from the door and Rosalee stood up and opened the large double mahogany doors, to reveal one of her grunts. "Lady Rose, your tea is ready and the new members are waiting for you in the meeting room" the female grunt informed, Rose nodded her head with a smile before dismissing the grunt, with a bow the female grunt and her Weavile left. Rose then walked up to the large meeting room, with Raichu floating behind her. "So you guys are new?" The girl questioned, as she sat down at the head of the table, while Raichu plopped himself into Rosalee's lap. The new membera nodded their heads in confusion, due to the sight of the small leader. "Alright, to provs your loyalty to me, hunt down and bring all the trainers that plot to destroy my plan and if you fail me........well lets just say whatever your imagining is going to be a million times worse" Rose threatened, and the four new members nodded their heads before rushing out the room. Leaving behind a laughing Rosalee and Raichu, "did you see their faces when I threatened them?" Rosalee questioned through her soft laughter, Raichu nodded his head and continued to giggle. Rosalee looked out of the window from her seat and smiled, "I cant wait until Diantha finally has the courage to battle me...." the young teen whispered.
Name: Zed goethite
Age: 45
Gender: male
Appearence: 6'4 muscular build, jet black hair, full beard, pair of darkened glasses, black coat with all badges earned in it, black shirt, grey pants, black shoes, black socks.
Personality: Stone cold but at the same time kindhearted. Likeable once you get to know him, wise when it comes to anything.
Likes:Food, people he has traveled with, his pokemon, kindhearted people, classic and alternative rock,
Dislikes: People who ruin his vacation, evil teams, people who hurt pokemon.
Part of Team Spectre: no
Pokemon Team:
slaking (larger then normal)
Backstory: After not even getting half way through the hoenn or kanto regions pokemon league he got dropped in the shinnoh region and actually made it to the champion only to lose. He then went back to living at his parents who ditched him in alola were he then finally completed the leauge and one. After losing the champion position he went to the world tournament in unova. After participating in that he went back home to alolah for about 20 years he lived a normal life and even settled down and had a kid. He then had a midlife crisis and decided to travel the world again. He started in shinnoh and is now traveling kalos only to find it is over run with an evil team. He now takes things into his own hands.
Other: Has a walking stick and brass knuckles.

Rp: Zed was searching. Even if he was on his vacation he still needed to find were this team specter was. He knew he couldn't keep up doing things like this forever but he needed to do this one last thing before traveling the world again. He was walking around with his slaking behind him. He always wants to have a different team with him for every region travels in. This team had many strong members on it which was why he had it here. He wanted to do something first. He knew who he had to have with him for this. So he went to the nearest pokemon center and called his wife.

Name: Elie goethite
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Appearence: 5'5, average build, non darkened glasses,
Personality: very easy to get to know, easy going, perfectionist
Likes: Zed, her son, pokemon battles, her pokemon, the warm air of alola
Dislikes: cold air, people who hurt her loved ones, people who hurt pokemon
Part of Team Spectre: No
Pokemon Team:
Backstory: A Johto native who had met Zed on his travels through the kanto region well she was on vacation. She thought that his give no shits attitude was amazing and gave him her number. He then called her 4 years later when he began his travels though sinnoh. After the she went back to Johto to try and challenge the league their. She then received another call from Zed, this time it was from alola. She did want to complete the indigo league so she continued on her quest and managed to get up to karen before losing. She then took the money she had made and got a boat to alola. She met Zed at the ship yard and then moved in with him after he one the pokemon league. Zed then proposed to her on their 3 anniversary after he competed in the pokemon world tournament.

Rp: Once Elie got the call the first thing she did was get someone to watch her son. She asked her neighbor to watch him for awhile until her parents could get to alola. She then got her first ticket to kalos and got to snowbelle city. She called Zed as she needed to know were he was so that she could fly their. Once she found out were he was she flew there and they just talked.
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Rosalee walked into a large helicopter with some of her grunts and her Absol. The young girl sat in her seat, as the helicopter flew in the direction of Laverre City, where Rose would take down the gym leader, Valerie.

Once arriving at the city, the helicopter landed near the pokeball factory. Rosalee then elegantly gor of the helicopter with Absol by her side, acompanied by four of her grunts and their own pokemon. Knowing that this was a fairy type gym, the lolita sent out Gengar, since he was also a Poison type.

Rosalee walked into the battlefield, where Valerie was waiting with her Sylveon and some of the trainers from her gym. "Take the other girls out, I have no need to battle them" Rosalee ordered, and in which the guards nodded their heads and sent out their pokemons.

The battle started when Valerie's Sylveon shot a large Mooblast towards Absol and Gengar, but the attack was dodged by both pokemon. While Absol jumped out of the way, Gengar sank into a shadow. Knowing that she couldnt beat Rosalee wuth only Sylveon, Valerie sent out her Mawile, who lunged itself towards Absol, but was stopped by Gengar, who had appeared out of the shadow and grabbed the fairy types leg, before throwing it towards Sylveon, and in which caused the two Pokemon to collide together. Sylveon and Mawile stood back up and glared at Absol and Gengar, who both just smirked at tge Fairy types. "Absol, flamethrower on Mawile and Gengar use poison jab on Sylveon" Rosalee commanded, the two pokemon complied, before using the attacks. Absol shot a powerful burst of fire towards Mawile, while Ganger ran up to Sylveon and jabbed it on its stomach, using poison jab. Both fairy type Pokemon fell backwards and fainted.
Name: Rosalia 'Rose' Lunelini

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rosalia has shaggy, chin-length blonde hair, and eyes which are both blue and gold, caused by central heterochromia. She wears the standard uniform for a Team Asclepias grunt; a white, Greek-style mini chiton, with gold buttons near the shoulders, nude tights, and brown high-heeled sandals. She also wears leather arm braces, and blue asclepias flower-shaped hairpins.

Personality: Rose is cold, blunt, and sarcastic, doing whatever it takes to get the job done, and put criminals behind bars. She was the daughter of Giuseppe Lunelini, a wealthy businessman, who engaged her to his business partner's son upon birth, and demanded that she dress and act like a doll, so that she would be the perfect wife for him; she was to sit still, eat very little, and make herself look beautiful, and nothing else. She was kicked out by her father at the age of twelve, when she declared that she was a lesbian, and would not marry her arranged fiancé. As a result, she was homeless for several years, until Team Asclepias offered her a job. She took it gladly, wanting to rid the world of bad men like her father.

Likes: Her pokemon, being praised, flowers, good battles, sweets, especially chocolate, cheap snacks, and her girlfriend, Violet, who also works for Team Asclepias.

Dislikes: Lolita fashion (Having been forced to dress like a doll, prior to being kicked out, she hates it with a burning passion), the mention of the word 'marriage', coffee, and bitter things.

Part of Team Spectre: No

Occupation: Rose works for Team Asclepias, an organisation dedicated to fighting crime in Kalos. Team Asclepias are an elite unit, specially trained by the police, and carry the same authority as regular police officers.


Mimi (Lopunny)

Mari (Drifblim)

Dee (Minun)

Kagura (Skuntank)

Oktavia (Glaceon)

Sayaka (Lapras)


"Situation in the factory! Team Spectre is attacking Valerie and her pokemon!"

Rosalia held up her walkie talkie. "Copy that. Our chopper is headed to the location as we speak," she replied, "There's eight of us, plus Admin Hera."

"Excellent. R23562, is everyone fully equipped?"

"Yes Ma'am. We're all carrying six pokemon, plus our gas masks and riot shields."

"Good. Over."

Rosalia shut the device off, waiting for the helicopter to land. Admin Hera was the first to exit, calling the rest of the grunts to attention.

"Storm the factory, and capture as many members as you can," Admin Hera ordered, "Our priority is to ensure that the leader doesn't escape."

"Ma'am, yes, Ma'am!"

"An ambulance is on its way for the gym leader, and any other casualties," Hera added, "Ensure that the paramedics get to the casualties safely, and help transport them outside."

"Ma'am, yes, Ma'am!"

"Good," she replied, "I'll help with the emergency responders. Unless I tell the rest of you otherwise, focus on capturing grunts, until we've cleared the area enough for the employees to escape safely."

"Yes Ma'am!" The grunts said as stormed the building, getting into position. Phase one was to flood the room with poison gas, and block all exits, so that no baddies could escape.

Everyone got into position, including Rosalia, who already detested the leader of this new organisation. A spoiled brat who already had it all, but had decided it wasn't enough, so she wanted the whole of Kalos...How pathetic.

Rosalia sent out her lopunny, and skuntank. "Alright, you spoiled little brat," she spat, "Time to put your temper tantrum to a stop."

She sent Kagura forward, and the rest of the grunts put on gas masks. "Kagura, poison gas!"

The skuntank did as she was told, releasing a giant purple cloud. The other grunts sent out their own poison types, to do the same.
Name: Luke Orpheus
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 6’2
Hometown: Snowpoint city
Region: Sinnoh
Team Spectre: Yes
Role: Admin

Special Items: (N/A)
Trainer Type: (N/A)
Badges: (All 8 of Sinnoh)

Standing at 6’2 he is not very bulky, but slender instead. He is not really pale or tan. His eyes are almost always in a cold glare. His hair is spiked up and he wears a dark blue jacket with a long collar and matches with black pants with a long blue stripe down the side. He wears running shoes for travel and dress casual shoes for battle.
He believes the strength in pokemon is the only thing that matters, and all other beliefs are ridiculous. He uses a wide variety of vocabulary mainly to show of his arrogance. He dislikes the weak mainly referring to them as “commoners” or “peasants.” He drops this arrogance around Rose and does what he can to make her smile.
Being raised under wealthy trainers he grew up knowing battling. Because of this seeing weak and poor trainers makes him feel above them. He trained to become the champion of Sinnoh and when he did so he wanted to do more, so he traveled to Kalos to become champion there, but is choosing to start over. When he arrived he found Kalos was beginning to become controlled by Spectre. He joined the team only for the benefits of battling. Enjoys watching his Pokémon defeat other Pokémon with ease. Secretly likes to pet fluffy pokemon.

Pokémon Team

Species: Infernape
Nickname: Infernus
Gender: Male
Ability: Iron fist
Egg moves: Thunder Punch
Tutor moves: None

Species: Luxray
Nickname: Lux
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Egg moves: Ice fang
Tutor moves: None

Species: Braviary
Nickname: BraveHeart
Gender: Male
Ability: Defiant
Egg Moves: N/A
Tutor Moves: SuperPower

Species: Haxorus
Nickname: Hatchet
Gender: Male
Ability: Rivalry
Egg Moves: Counter
Tutor Moves: N/A

Species: Milotic
Nickname: Cordelia
Gender: Female
Ability: Marvel Scale
Egg moves: None
Tutor moves: Dragon tail

Species: Gallade
Nickname: Galahad
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast
Egg moves: None
Tutor moves: Leaf blade
Rosalee crossed ger arms together and let out a "hmph". "You need to mind your own buisness, you old hag!" Rose screamed as she tried her best not to throw an actual tantrum. "You wouldnt understand anyway......." Rosalee whispered. The young girl then returned Absol and Gengar, before sending out her Gardevior. Rose gave a look to Gardvior and nodded her head, the pokemon let out a cough, before holding the young girls hand. The Psychic type then used teleport, in order to help her trainer escape. The pair dissapeared from the building, before appearing outside of the gym. Rosalee calmly walked towards her teams own helicopter, which was located near the pokeball factory.

Once safely inside the helicopter, Rosalee started to whimper, before bwing embraced by her Gardevior. The pokemon calmly soothed Rosalee's hair down, as the helicoter started to take off into the air. "We left my grunt their!" Rose cried out, Gardevior nodded, as she continued to listen to Rosalee cry. The young lolita was going to continue to cry, but the sound of Gardevior coughing stopped her in her tracks. Thats when Rosalee remembered, she had held her breath whilw in the poisonous gas, but Gardevior had no heads up about the poison and ended up breathing it in. "Gardevior, its going to be okay, we are going home now" Rosalee informed, while hugging her shiny pokemon
Rosalia hissed, as she watched the brat escape. It was bad enough that they'd let her get away using such a cheap trick, but listening to her blurt out, "you wouldn't understand!" was borderline sickening. There was no excuse for attacking innocent people. Nothing that could possibly justify the attack. But that wasn't the priority right now. There were still grunts in the building, succumbing to the gas, and they needed to be apprehended, fast. A visit to the interrogation room would surely force them to talk, and reveal the little brat's location. Then, it was a long sentence in juvenile detention, for her.

"Shit, we lost her!" the remaining Asclepias grunts cried, "What do we do?!"

Rosalia shook her head. "Round up the grunts. All of them," she ordered, "We can't let a single one escape!"

Everyone else nodded, getting to work. Dragging the grunts to the chopper wasn't hard; most of them had succumbed to the gas anyway, so all that was left to do was get them, and take them away. Admin Hera left the casualties to the emergency services, before joining her crew in the chopper.

"We need to move. Now," Admin Hera demanded, "The boss isn't gonna be happy about this, but it's the best we've got for now."
"Princess dont you think that the grunts will rat us out?" A doctor that worked for Spectre asked, "no, they are loyal to me and my cause, the understood the risks and plus they support our plan to purify the region" Rosalee informed, as the doctor treated Gardevior. "I will come back for Gardevior later" the girl stated, before walking out of the small infirmary of the mansion.

When Rosalee exited the medical room, she walked outside of the Mansion and into the large garden. Rosalee let out the rest of her team, in order to let them play. The young girl ran around with her pokemon, while Togekiss flew up in the sky, keeping watch of the area.
Zed began to leave with Elie when the news flashed that there was an attack in Laverre city. Zed jumped on his volcarona well Elie jumped on her skarmory as they flew off to Laverre to try and find out more. After they got there all they found was a group of people leaving in a helicopter with grunts. Even if the grunts look different that didn't change anything to what was going on. Zed and Elie got back to their search for anything relating to what was happening.
Rosalia remained silent, as the chopper landed at headquarters. Admin Hera went to explain the failure to Team Asclepius' boss, Athena, while she and the other grunts dragged their enemies to interrogation rooms. Team Asclepias spared no expense, when it came to torturing information out of criminals; polygraphs, waterboards, electrocution, nothing was out of bounds.

Rosalia dragged a grunt into a room, strapping them into a chair, before switching a light on. "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way," she began, "I'll cut you a little deal. You tell me where your boss is, and I won't waterboard you until you die from secondary drowning. We capture her, Kalos is saved, and you get away with only a few years behind bars, or even a suspended sentence. Copy that?"
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The grunt let out a chuckle, "Lady Rose is the only hope Kalos has now, she is going to purify the region from those who have inflicted damage on us, those who have made innocents cry, are going to pay" The grunt informed, "and plus, the Princess is just a young and innocent child, she justs want to change Kalos so that the innocent people wont have to go through the same thing she did, but the gym leaders and champion dont approve of her plan, but in short, you wont be getting any information from us" the grunt stated.

Rose hugged Gardevior, once the pokemon appeared at the garden. "You're okay!" The girl cheered, "I dont know what I would do if you left me!" The short girl cried out. Gardevior chuckled and hugged Rosalee with a smile
"Same thing she did?" Rosalia said with a raised eyebrow, "Oh, boohoo. Lemme guess...Maman and Papan didn't get her the doll she really, really, really wanted? Someone once told her she should dress more like a human being, and less like a creepy doll? So she decided to throw this little temper tantrum, and threaten millions of innocent people? What a disgusting brat!"

The grunt went to fetch a waterboard. "No sympathy for her. None," she replied, "Guess what? My papan kicked me out when I was twelve. I was homeless until I was eighteen. I had to eat from bins, sleep on the streets, got mugged, you name it, and what did I do? I became a cop. I save people. I protect people. I help people. You, and everything you stand for, are the works of a petulant child who needs to be put in her place."

She held up the board. "Now, are you going to talk, or am I going to have to use this?"
Luke walked out from the garden with his Luxray and saw Rose our playing. “Hello my dear princess.” He walked up to her and his Luxray followed and sat down and Luke rubbed its fur. “How did your mission turn out?” He asked with a smile.
"She was ridiculed by everybody! Forced into isolation! Just for being herself, Lady Rose was driven to insanity just because she was what people precieved as not normal" the grunt informed, "you can hurt me as much as you want, but I will never betray the leader".

"We took down Valerie and her gym, but an old hag was there and foiled the rest of the plan" Rose stated. "Luke, I need you to send a team of grunts to occupy Laverre town, while we take down the Anistar city gym leader" Rosalee informed. While her Absol walked up to Luxray, wanting to have a battle
After following the helicopter Zed and Elie stumbled upon some kind of base. After landing out front they went for the entrance to try and find out what this place was. After finding out it was a police headquarters they knocked knocked on the door looking to find out more.
"You mean, a few people made fun of the way she dressed," Rosalia said coldly, "That's hardly the same thing. And even so, I do not care. She attacks innocent people. Those factory employees are going to be scarred for life because of her actions today. Valerie, one of the gym leaders, thus one of the main sources of income via tourism is in the hospital, and she will be out of work until she recovers. She is a bad little girl, who needs to be stopped, before she irreparably damages this region. And we're the ones who are going to stop her."

She set up the board, strapping the grunt in, before preparing a bucket of water. "This is your last warning. Talk, or you get the board. Talk, or you will be behind bars for a very, very long time."

Another Team Asclepius grunt attended to the person at the door. "Excuse me," he said, "Did you need something?"
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" Yes I would like to know what kind of operation you are up to, I know you were one of the groups involved in the attack. I would like to know if you are the group that helped people if we could help your cause and if you aren't we would like to do something else."
Luke nodded and noticed the Absol. “Rose I believe your Absol wants to battle with Lux. I don’t object but I will leave him with you for the two to... play. And Lux.” The Luxray looked up at him. “Go easy on her I don’t want our leaders Pokémon to get injured.” The Luxray nodded and Luke gave a wave. “I will organize a group of grunts to occupy Laverre. Once I have them I intend to set out immediately.” He said this quickly and then walked out of the garden.
The grunt flashed his badge. "We're Team Asclepius, a police unit dedicated to fighting organised crime in Kalos," he replied, "We went to the factory, in the hopes of apprehending Team Spectre, but we only got away with the grunts. We're focusing our efforts on interrogating the ones we captured, until we get word of further operations by them."
" Well then I am Zed former champion of alola, completer of 2 pokemon leagues, compeater of 4, pokemon world tournament competator, and world traveler would like to join your task force in order to stops what is going on hear. This is my wife Eliza who would also like to join with me in the fight, she is a former Johto champion and a hell of a strong battler." Zed hoped it would work since ti would be something he could do that wasn't travel the world.
The grunt nodded. "Lucky for you, we're recruiting new grunts," he replied, "Boss Athena is busy right now, so you'll have to talk to Admin Aphrodite. She'll give you your equipment, train you, and explain uniform regulations to you. Leather sandals are a requirement for both sexes, and it is imperative that you wear white or blue, in your main outfit. You'll be useful allies, if you are what you say you are."
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The grunt thought about his option for a second, and with a sigh he spoke, "I can only tell you their location, if you ensure the safety of Rose" The grunt stated.

"Lukas once you send a team out, just give me a call and I'll meet you at the Limo, since a helicopter would cause too much attention" Rose informed. While Absol tackled Luxray down with a playful growl, "Absol play gently" the small lolita ordered, the dark type nodded and continued to play fight with Luxray
" Well I can show you what I am." Zed pulls the right park of his coat out you see 22 badges, and 10 Z crystels. Zed then looked and said " I do want to help and I will go with you but this is only temporary."
Rosalia smirked. "Smart man," she replied, "Once apprehended, your leader will not be subjected to physical harm, if she comes quietly. Since she is a minor, she will be placed in a juvenile detention centre, if found guilty, until she reaches eighteen years of age. Once she comes of age, she will be transferred to an adult prison for the remainder of her sentence."

The grunt outside nodded. "Very well. Right this way," he ordered, "Admin Aphrodite will be upstairs, in the office on the right. She'll have her froslass with her."
"Miss Rose...her base is located in Lumiose, its the large mansion with the Morelle family crest above the iron gates" the grunt informed, as guilt invades his thoughts.

Rosalee sat in a chair at the glass coffee table, located in the garden, as she drank tea and ate sweets that her maids had prepared for her. "Princess, is there anythinf else you would like?" The maid asked, "no thank you, you are dismissed" Rose ordered, the maid then left with a bow towards the small teen
Once Luke sent out a squad of grunts he called Rose. “The grunts have been mobilized. I will be awaiting you at the limo.”
Lux snickered and continues to play fight with the Absol using his paws to push its face.
Zed and Elie walked up the stairs both had a pokemon out. Zed had his gastrodon well Elie had her Mimiku. They both walked into the office and Elie went "Hi we are the new people who just walked in and want to have a job."
"Is that her current location?" Rosalia demanded, "Or is she elsewhere?"

Aphrodite nodded. "New recruits, I see. Very well," she said quickly, "Come with me, and I'll get you fitted with your uniforms and equipment."
Zed and Elie followed along quickly. They kept their heads down as they made their way to through the facility. They wanted to get involved with something and this was the only way to do that and help.
"She should be at the mansion but if not she should be going to Anistar" the grunt informed

Rosalee returned all her pokemon, except Absol. "Absol, Lux, we need to head to the limo now" Rose gentle informed, as she walked out of the garden and to the limo
"That's what I like to hear," Rosalia replied, unhooking the board, "Since you were found guilty at the scene, you must remain here for now, until your trial. However, since you provided such valuable information, you'll likely get off with just a suspended sentence. You won't even have to spend a day in jail."

Aphrodite showed them to a large kit room, filled with equipment. "Standard issue outfit for men is a white shirt or tunic, shorts or trousers, and leather sandals, with optional arm braces," she replied, "For women, it's a white dress or chiton, sandals, optional arm braces, and blue hairpins."
Lux followed Rosa his playful face returning to his normal aggressive looking appearance. Luke was waiting for Rosalee, Lux and Absol and opened the door for them and let them in. He then got into the limo and sat down.
The driver drove the two trainers towards Anistar city. Rosalee looked at Absol and smiled, "Lukas, our goal in Anistar city is to just talk to the gym leader" Rosalee sternly informed. "I dont need any problmens while were there and you may only have Lux out, unless I say otherwise"
“Understood. I know how you dislike my other Pokémon. I believe Lux enjoys your company just as much as I do.” He smiles and rubs Lux’s fur and he gives a low but happy cry. Luke gives a faint smile as he continued to rub the Luxray’s fur.
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Rosalia led the inmate to a holding cell, before heading to her quarters. Dealing with a crazed lunatic was one thing, but dealing with the people who worked for said crazed lunatic was a whole other can of wurmples.

She slipped her sandals off, lying atop her bed as she sent out her lopunny. Mimi was always good for a cuddle, when work was done.
Name: Ghasto Spooks

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearence: He looks like a small mousy boy wearing a school uniform. his brown hair was naturally messy and is fringe covered his eyes.

Personality: He is very shy and introverted, this is to hide a perverted and dark inner self.

Likes: Scary Pokemon theories, Ghost and Psychic Pokemon and his Alolan Marowak.

Dislikes: Other boys, boys bigger then him, mean girls, Fighting, Fairy and Dragon Pokemon.

Part of Team Spectre: No

Pokemon Team: Ganger, Alakazam and Alolan Marowak
Pokemon profiles
Gangar knows, Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Grudge and Night Shade. His ability levitate.
Alakazam knows, Spite, Shadow Ball, Hex and Confuse Ray. His ability is Inner Focus.
Marowak knows, Shadow Bone, Shadow Claw, Confuse Ray and Night shade. His ability is Lighting Rod.

Backstory: Ghasto was bullied for most of his young life, and without a father there to encourage him he became rather the introvert. He and his Cubone would sit and read about the dark Pokedex entries that some Pokemon had, like Hypno or Banette. Soon he came to a decision to form his own team, Team Sad but is right now still on his Pokemon adventure and wont be doing anything to move on his plans just yet.

Other: He has a natural attraction to haunted houses, Pokemon towers and graveyards. Team Sad Gimmick. All Pokemon in Team Sad, regardless of type, can learn Ghost type moves.
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Zed went strait for the white shirt and shorts. After getting a pair of sandals and an arm brace Zed was ready for almost anything. Elie got a white dress, got her sandals an arm brace and put the blue beads in her short blond hair.
"Next is the equipment," Aphrodite continued, "You're equipped to handle any situation as part of our team. You'll need riot shields, gas masks, a taser, and even your own handcuffs."

She held up a pair. "These things can withstand any impact, human or Pokemon inflicted."
Ghasto woke up and dashed away from the girl in bed next to him. He and Marowak slunk about the streets and hung about with all kinds of dark, poison and normal type Pokemon.

"Ha, I wonder if there is any work around here, big place eh Waky?"

His Marowak merely grunted in response.
(@Whittaker was your character supposed to be next to mine? If so, why would they be there, unless they were a part of Team Asclepius?)

"Geez, what a day, eh, Mimi," Rosalia commented, "Still, at least we got some good intel. I'll send a report about this to Athena, and then, hopefully, we'll get the order we need to bust that brat's operation wide open."

"Lopunny," Mimi responded.

Rosalia's expression darkened. "A man like...Giuseppe, probably did this to her," she added. She'd seen it before, back when she was a spoiled brat; kids getting everything from their daddies, only to throw it all in the dumpster, or go crazy with it. It was sickening. And then they had the nerve to ask for more.

The woman jumped to her feet, going to her desk. "Well, time to make that report to Athena. The sooner she goes down, the better."