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Open The Fall Of Kalos

"Lukas, its not that I dont like your pokemon, its just that I want to seem civil, and Lux is the pokemon you already had out" Rose stated, as she petted Absols head.

The Limo stopped upon reaching Anistar city, where the driver opened the door for the two Spectre members. Rosalee exited the vehicle, along with Absol, who closely followed right behind the lolita
Luke exited and said “It’s not like I am uncivilized it is that other people are mere peasants. It is abhorrent to think that mere peons can even oppose us.”
Lux followed behind Luke and remained focused on the path Luke and Rosalee were taking.
Name: Hec Monstar
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearence: Black mowhak, full black beard, 5.9" , slim, right arm is all full of tattoos from the fingers to the neck, always wears a jean vest with a purple shirt and black torn jeans along with purple converse.
Personality: Hates being sober. Lazy, rude, sloppy. Hates people in general.
Likes: Punk music, battles and loud parties.
Dislikes: The government.
Part of Team Spectre: Yes
Role: Admin
Pokemon Team:
Scrafty (Linkin)- Male
Hability: Shed skin
Moves: Crunch, drain punch, rest, protect.
Crobat (Damien)- Male
Hability: Inner focus
Moves: Cross poison, haze, wing attack, hypnosis
Alolan Muk (Moco)- Male
Hability: Poison touch
Moves: Poison jab, fire punch, crunch, gunk shot
Raichu (Marley)- Female
Hability: Static
Moves: Thunderbolt, nuzzle, iron tail, quick attack
Backstory: Hec was born and raised in Goldenrod City in Johto. His father lost it all at the casinos and left Hec and his mother when Hec was only 10. When he was 15 his mother was killed during an attempt to take over the radio tower. Hec then left school and get a job at the department store. He started his own band at the age of 17 called "Flaming Monfernos". He fell in love with the main singer and they were engaged two years later. His band got a chance to make their first music video in Kalos. After the video was filmed he and his band went to celebrate, however since his fiance was tired she left early. When Hec arrived later that night, he did not find her. He, the band and the Kalos policie searched for weeks until the case was closed and she wasn't found. Hec continued to search and the band left back to Johto. Years passed and Hec gave up on the search. Seeing how incompetent the government is, he join team Spectre to get revenge on the world.
Other: Never says no to a beer or a cup of coffee. He plays the drums.

Hec laid in a sofa listening to music while Raichu cuddled in his chest. The grunts around him talked about the incident earlier. Hec wondered if he will have to get up today for any mission.
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Not long after Rosalia had sent her report, Athena had received reports detailing identical information, extracted from the other grunts. Now they had Team Spectre right where they wanted them, and it was time to get moving.

Athena ordered for half of the grunts, plus Admins Aphrodite and Poseidon to head to the mansion. Admin Hera, and the boss herself, plus the remaing grunts, including Rosalia, were ordered to head to Anistar City, to intercept the attack on the gym.

"So, this is where it ends," Rosalia commented, suiting up in full riot gear, before heading to her chopper.
Zed looked at all the tools he would be using. He quick got a riot shield. He threw the rest in his pack. Elie did the same thing but got a small riot shield do to her height.
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Rosalia spied two new grunts as she headed towards Boss Athena. Athena was stunningly beautiful; blonde hair held up in a neat bun, with a few strands hanging free, a floor-length chiton, with gold buttons, and a white pashmina, and silver sandals, adorned with blue Asclepias flowers. She also carried a long, arbok shaped silver staff.

Athena cleared her throat. "I'm only going to say this once, so listen up," she began, "We'll need everyone on guard for this. Once we arrive, block all exits. Don't let anybody escape."

"Ma'am, yes, Ma'am!"

"If the worst comes to the worst, and somebody does get out, radio the grunts at the mansion immediately. Today, we must apprehend all of Team Spectre, before they cause any more damage to this region."

"Ma'am, yes Ma'am!"

"We will allow one chance for Team Spectre to come quietly," Athena added, "They will be instructed to come out with their hands up, so we can arrest them. If they refuse, deploy riot gear, and fight with everything you've got. Flood the room with poison gas. Paralyse their pokemon. Use your guns, if you get cornered. But whatever you do, do not let them escape."
Hec got up and headed to the kitchen. He noticed there were a lot less grunts then usual.
"I guess they left me behind again." Hec said with a confident smirk as he and Marley sat down at one of the counters in the kitchen.
He noticed a grunt rushing by and stopped him to ask him where everyone went.
"We were assigned two different missions sir. Sir Luke and the princess left together and another group was...." Hec interrupted the grunt. " That's all I need to know."
Hec ordered his food. He was happy to know that Luke wasn't around.
Zed knew what he had gotten himself into. He knew he was going to be apart of this raid. He soon went to leave but Elie stopped him. She said "Are you sure your ready for this." She to was worried. But then Zed had an idea and told here that they should ride there on there pokemon so that it was more hidden then if it was on a helicopter.
Rosalee continued her pace to the gym, where she opened the doors. "Its nicw to see you Olympia" Rose giggled out, the purple haired woman looked at the lolita and sighed.

"So if you join my cause, Anistar will have full immunity to our attacks and nobody in your city will be harmed" Rose informed, while her large Absol stood behind her, crimson eyes glaring at the gym leader. "Fine, if it means that my city will be safe, then I agree to work with Spectre" Olympia informed, Rose smiled sweetly before saying, "Good, I wouldnt want to have done the same thing I did to poor Viola and Clemont"
Team Asclepius' first choppers landed outside the gym momentarily. Athena was the first to step out, followed by the admins and grunts, who went to block the exits, as they'd been told. Athena herself, meanwhile, headed to the front of the building, megaphone in hand.

"Team Spectre, we're placing the lot of you under arrest," she began, "Come out with your hands where I can see them. If you do not comply with these orders, we have the right to use as much as force as we see fit, in order to ensure your capture, and that might include killing some of you."

Athena cleared her throat, before continuing, "You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence in court. You cannot run. You cannot hide. Every possible exit is blocked."
Luke hears this and has a grim look on his face. “W-what? How could this have happened. If they have a force here with our best members away they have to have another group infiltrating the mansion.” Luke pulls out his phone. “I must contact Hec immediately. If that lazy lout still is not asleep as is.” Luke called him while Lux snarled after he heard the noise outside.
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Hec got the call from Luke. He hated talking to him but this time it was necessary. Hec hanged up, finished his meal and grabbed the nearest grunt by the throat and scolded him "I want every entrance blocked, every grunt on guard and all the emergency plans ready to be activated." Hec pushed the grunt away and walked towards the main entrance.
"Grunts! Blast my favorite song on the speakers!" He yelled out.
He reached the main hall and stood before the great front door. Marley got in her fighting stance with sparks flying of her cheeks. They were both ready for anything.
The remaining admins, plus another fleet of Team Asclepius grunts arrived at the mansion, executing the same orders as the grunts at the gym. The grunts got out their riot gear, while Admin Poseidon gave the order.

"Team Spectre, you're under arrest for terrorism, breaking and entering, and aggravated assault in the Pokeball Factory," he began, "Come out with your hands up. If you resist, we reserve the right to use whatever force necessary to capture you, including lethal force. You are completely surrounded. We are armed, and should you attack any of us, you will be shot."
Hec heard the noise outside. He ordered one of the grunts to phone Luke and inform the current situation. He told another one to ready the traps.
"SOMEBODY get me a DRINK!" Hec yelled out. His Raichu glared at the front door waiting for the moment to attack.
A hand full of grunts joined Hec's side, ready to battle. Old school punk music started to play in the speakers. A grunt gave Hec a canned beer. He chugged down the beer, crushed the can with his hand and threw it to the side.
"Sir, what are our chances of winning?" One of the grunts asked.
Hec burst out laughing, "None. But we going down swinging!"
Poseidon shook his head, contacting Athena. "Ma'am, the team has failed to comply with surrender orders. What do we do?"

"Deploy attack plan 1A," she ordered, "Go all out."

"Yes Ma'am," he responded, hanging up, before he radioed the grunts. "Those of you carrying bug types, deploy sticky webs," he ordered, "Poison types, flood the room with poison gas!"
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Rosalia sent out her full team, practically buzzing. The feeling of taking criminals down gave her pleasure beyond her wildest fantasies, and now, it seemed like she was about to get that fix. Oh, how she couldn't wait to put thie one behind bars...
Zed has just landed on the roof when he had heard attack plan A. He assumed that meant attack all out so he did what any logical person would do and broke through the roof with his slaking. Once that happened he got slaking back in its poleball and sent out metagross. Elie on the other hand sent out her skarmory, toxapex, clefable, and gliscore. Then the began their decent into the mansion.
"Sir we got sticky webs all over the garden and poison gas!" One of the grunts reported to Hec.
"Forget the garden! Turn the air filters on!" Hec ordered the grunt, who ran off to do as he was told.
Another grunt rushed to Hec's side, "Sir! Two Intruders have broken through the roof in the back part!"
Hec glared back at the grunt, "Take em out then."
The grunt gulped as the idea ran through his head, "One of them is a former champion... I don't think we can..." Hec raised his hand, asking for the grunt to stop talking.
"I'll go greet them. Meanwhile prepare trap 6B. When I give the signal..." Hec whispered into the grunts ear, "Active it."
Hec and his Raichu walked towards the back of the mansion while he yelled for somebody to get him a drink.
Zed continued walking through with his brass knuckles on making sure to check around every corner. Eventually he and Elie made it to a stairwell. Zed returned metagross and sent out swalott. After making it down the stairs Zed heard a loud yelling along the lines of someone get me a drink.
Hec turned into a main hall. At the end he could se two individuals. He chugged his beer down, crushed the can and threw it at their feet.
"The former champion Zed!" Hec yelled out, "welcome! May I get you anything?" He said with a smirk.
"Why hello there I hope you know that there is only one thing that I want and it is for you to leave. But since you wont I'll just have to help you in getting out of here. " Zed knew that there could be many ways but this would be the easiest.
"Well that's rude. I kinda leave here." Hec replied scratching his head. Marley stepped in front of her trainer, ready to battle. "I always wanted to battle the champ!"
Hec looked over at the woman next to Zed.
"So it's two against one?"
" Sure why not I mean if you want to battle me you have to battle my wife also. We are a team and this is how it's gonna work."
"Huh... Kinda just lost my respect for you." Hec said while he took out a dusk ball. He let out a crobat, the Pokemon hovered over his partner Raichu, starring at his enemies.
"Let's do this Marley and Damien!" Hec called out.
Team Asclepius staff stormed the mansion, ready to pick off and arrest members as they came. Poseidon sent out his whole team, using them to shove captured grunts into the back of their helicopter.

Meanwhile, at the gym, Rosalia got the same call from Athena, when she reported that surrender orders had not been complied with.

"Lay out spikes traps, and thunder waves," Athena ordered, "If you can, take out the leader's gardevoir."

"Yes Ma'am," Rosalia responded, "What about ice?"

"That too," Athena replied, "Ice will prevent them from moving."

"Understood, over." Rosalia replied, sending out her minun first. Dee lay out a thunder wave, while Rosalia and grunts burst into the gym.

"This little tantrum ends now," she threatened, sending out her glaceon, "Oktavia, use ice beam! Dee, thunder!"
Luke had realized the situation he was in. "Princess we have a situation at the mansion and it looks dire. We need to escape. I can get us out of here quickly but we need a more suitable mode of transportation can you acquire it? Even so these baseborn peasants will get no satisfication from me... or you.” He sent out his Braviary and Haxorus.
"You're not getting away on MY watch!" Rosalia cried, "Oktavia, use blizzard! Grunts on this side of the room, cover me! The rest of you, keep rounding them up!"

The grunts obeyed, some rushing to capture grunts, while the others sent out their pokemon, to back up Rosalia. It was time to go big, or go home.
Luke remained in the gym and eventually walked out with his Braviary and Haxorus. “Braveheart remain here, Hatchet break through.” The Braviary remained next to Luke while the Haxorus roared and started to go on a rampage attacking the Asclepius grunts. “Hatchet make sure to avoid the leader she uses ice types and that will ruin you, but once anything goes for a physical attack, eliminate them.”
"Don't run away, you cowards!" Rosalia cried, "Team Spectre?! What a joke! You're more like Team Spoiled Crybabies! So much for trying to take over Kalos, when you can't even hold off one police unit!"

"R23562, what do we do about the haxorus?" a grunt cried, "It's a trap, for sure! They're using it as a distraction so they can escape!"

"Deploy ice types!" she ordered, "Those of you with fairy types, do the same!"

The grunt nodded, sending out his own glaceon, and ordering it to use blizzard. A few nearby did the same.

Rosalia, meanwhile, chased after the escaping higher ups, pistol in hand. Oktavia and Dee remained at her side, casting blizzard and thunderbolt at the targets.

"If you think getting outside is gonna help you, you've got another thing coming!" she panted, "The big boss herself is waiting out there to take you down. Athena and her crew don't mess around!"
“I find it ironic that you can only use childlike remarks. And anyone in our situation would understand the need to retreat. We are severely outnumbered but not yet defeated.” Luke joined up with his Haxorus.
“BraveHeart use steel wing to protect us from the attacks.”
The Braviary then shielded Luke and the Haxorus using steel wing.
Meanwhile Lux remained with Rosalee and was going to protect her.
Rosalia smirked. "That's twice in one day you cowards have failed your own missions," she snapped, "I came to put you people behind bars, and Team Asclepius will not stop until we do. We're not in the business of letting greedy little girls ruin this region."

She ordered her minun and glaceon forward again, this time commanding ice beam and thunder wave, pulling a pistol from her belt as she followed them. She was tempted to get out her drifblim, but that seemed a little excessive, considering that they were still inside.

"I ended up on the streets because of a rich brat like you," she spat, "Kicked out by my dad. Forced to sleep rough, eat from bins, you name it. I suffered, day and night, for years, and then Team Asclepius gave me my job. They, and this region have been my saving graces. I don't have to suffer anymore because of them."

Her expression darkened, eyes narrowing. "Not that you would know about suffering, would you, Rosalee Morelle?!"
Zed said "well just because you can lose respect for me doesn't mean anything. I will stop you and it will be easy." Zed then sent his swalot forward and told it to use thunder punch on the crobat well Elie told her Gliscore to use substitute.
Rose sighed and rolled her eyes once again, "yes, I am changing this region, but not in the way you all see it, it just so happens that you all assumed my plans, nothing much will change in this region, I just need to get rid of the people who have caused pain towards others" Rose informed with a yawn. "Suffering, is different in the eyes of different people, we dont all cry and feel pain from the same thing. Yes, you were kicked out by your father to live on the streets and look where thats gotten you. While I was terrorized as a child for being what they call different, you may all think that this is the works of a spoiled child who wants the world, but I just dont want anybody else to feel like they dont belong, or to be told to die, or to be beaten because they looked different, and to be shunned by their own love ones because they dont see eye to eye" Rosalee continued. "Plus, catching me wont do you any good, just because Im the leader doesnt mean that Spectre cant operate without me, and also we have a truce with four out of the seven gym leaders, so good luck". Rosalee then sent out Togekiss, as her Absol stood next to her with a blank expression.
"A cocky little one you are," Rosalia scoffed, "We're already having people storm the mansion. We're not leaving until all of you are captured. If you think you can intimidate ME outta this mission, you've got another thing coming."

She sent out her skuntank and drifblim, deciding that if this was to be a four on four, then four on four it would be. "You're a hypocrite, you know that?" she continued, "You have the nerve to go on about how you want all of these nasty people gone from the world, and yet, you're just like them. You're a terrorist. The employees at the Pokeball Factory are going to be scarred for life after today. The whole region's pokeball supply is going to be in the toilet for months. Some of the gym leaders and staff have been hospitalised, and now they're out of a job for possibly months!"

Her eyes sharpened into cold, sapphire daggers. "If you think that what you're doing is making the world a better place, the place you envisioned, then you're even dumber than I thought," she said with a sigh, "But it's not too late for you, y'know. You're still a kid. If you really want to make the world a better place, then you need to start helping people, not hurting them. But there's only one way you're gonna get the chance to do that."

She held her hand out. "Come with me. First, you need to atone for your sins. You will have to serve time, but since you're still a kid, you won't get a lengthy sentence in prison, just juvenile detention," she began, "And then, once you get out, dedicate yourself to helping people. If you care so much about people being beaten for being different, then set up a shelter for them. Help them escape their abusers. Educate people. Help them, instead of terrorising people."
Rosalee looked at the hand stretched out towards her, before thinking about her team. "I still believe in my plan, but my team...my family..." Rosalee started, "if you let the remaining members of Team Spectre go, I'll turn myself in" the lolita informed. Absol and Togekiss looked at their trainer in bewilderment, "I know girls, but if we are currently outnumbered and I can't risk the lives of the members or their Pokemon because of me, and maybe they are right, maybe I'm just thinking about it wrong....highly doubtful, but still I can't risk letting you get hurt..." Rose whispered, while hugging her Absol. She then turned to Rosalia and nodded her head, "also, you guys must promise to not take away my pokemon, their the only ones who can truly make me feel normal..."
The Luxray was behind her and Luke rejoined with her. “Not now. You will not surrender today. Quickly we must fly on your Togekiss, BraveHeart will make sure we are not harmed. I will have to take us somewhere safe, but as long as we can flee into Shalour city we will be fine. We only have one opportunity so quickly.”
The Haxorus was still on a rampage and Luke put Lux back into his poke ball as he extended a hand to her.
"You reserve the right to your pokemon, seeing as there is currently no evidence to say that you have caused them harm in any way," Rosalia replied, "The rest of the team will remain armed as we leave, but that's simply a formality. We can't have you trying to escape at the last minute."

The Asclepius grunt took a step back. "You will be allowed regular visits, at whichever facility you end up in, and you will also attend their on-site school. You may even participate in extra curricular activities, if you earn the privilege," Rosalia continued, "Small pro-tip, kid. Show some remorse in court. The more you do, the lighter your sentence is likely to be."
Rosalee gave Lukas one last look and a smile, "take care of Spectre, I trust you Lukas, and please make sure that you do not cause trouble while Im gone" Rose ordered in a soft voice. Rosalee then turned to Rosaria and sighed, "you dont have worry about me escaping, theres no point in running if you guys continue to just chase me, and plus I cant bear to break a leg while running in these ridiculous heels" the small teen mummbled, before walking out of the building where she gagged at the sight of the members of Team Asclepius