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Private/Closed The Festival Of Eternal Eve's

(@EspeonTheBest @Shadewing @Twilight Nova )
( Any Pokemon that is smaller than a Elephant please. I'm looking at you Wailord. ;) )

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The Umbreon strode through the festival gates with such a manner you might have thought he owned it. Sad to say he didn't. But that didn't matter anyway. Since he was evolved he got in without having to say anything. The festival was a joyous occassion. Only on that very Week could any Pokemon evolve in the Kylo Forest. The little lanterns glowed as the danced about in the warm summer breeze. He breathed in the sweet fragrance of the petals that fluttered nearby. His Name was Nocturne. He was slightly different from the rest, having Snow White eyes, and rings. His gaze flickered to the entrance where there seemed to be some sort of comotion.
[should I cause the commotion? Probably yes XD]

Young Growlite Sam and his friend, a female Persian named Abby, were fighting with the people running the event. Sam's tail had gotten snagged on an object, and it came with him, and someone mistook this for theft. Abby's tail flicked too and fro, and she seemed about to attack. Sam was trying frantically to get the object off his tail and get out some money, but the clumsy dog type Pokemon had rotten luck, and his tail got snagged on more objects.
Solstice sighed as she watched her tiny eevee tumble over the thicket of bushes. It was moderately dark here in the shady forest with no sign of anything other than them. A small rustle to her left alerted her as she stood up, her bright pink pelt shimmering in the dim light. "Come on Mist, we need to keep moving. We need to get to the festival in time for you to evolve." The Espeon prodded the snickering Eevee with her nose before pushing him along underneath the bushes.

A small rustle to her left alerted the Espeon, causing her fur to grow on end. She stopped Mist from moving forward and drew him closer to her. Suddenly a streak of black flashed through her vision with the awkward scent of a winter breeze. Solstice sighed as it passed and looked down at her Eevee brother. But... Mist was gone. "Mist! Mist!" Solstice cried in panic. She gazed around the area, but she couldn't find a trace of the Eevee-napper. The Espeon bounded through the woods to the evolution festival.

"Have you?... Wait a moment please... Is there?..." Solstice frantically asked around, but mostly all the Pokemon simply ignored her and continued on their ways. She leaped back and forth, trying to convey her emotions to get others to listen. Finally the Espeon gave up and found a small seculded corner of the festival and plopped down, trying to hide her sickened expression as she tried to figure out a way to fund her brother.
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(Sorry name change to Dusk)

Dusk, being the odd fellow he was, watched the distressed Espeon frantic wandering and padded over.

"Miss... Are you alright?!" He asked rather softly, which was unusual for an Umbreon, who usually vairly selfish.
'Miss... Are you alright?" Solstice heard someone say. The Espeon lifted her head slightly and gazed at an Umbreon who seemed to be showing genuine concern for her at the moment. "I'm fine, but my poor Mist isn't! He was supposed to be here with me right now, but he suddenly disappeared right before my eyes. Some evil Pokemon took him... But there is nothing I can do but hope that he somehow turns up." She responded as she allowed her head to slump once more down to her chest.

(Two things. 1)Are there Humans in this world? 2) the Pokemon who took Mist is a Zoroark for future reference.))
(Yes there are, but the festival is deep in the forest.)(-_- Damn Zoararks)

He had seen A Zoarark with a Eevee earlier. 'Could that have been the kid napper?' he wondered.

"I saw a Shady Looking Zoarark run towards the middle of the festival. It was holding an Eevee, but I thought that it might have been its friend at the time..." He said with a troubled look. "Sulking can't help anyways. Let's have a look around first."
Solstice nodded and stood up. She noted the Zoroark in her head, connecting that the flash was black when Mist disappeared. The Espeon gazed around and coulnt help be feel hopeless. How in the world would they find Mist? "Where do we start?" Solstice asked.

((Right then, can Solstice be subject to forced breeding and despite being very young Mist is her kit? I've wanted to do this to honor my friend who actually became pregnant forcefully quite recently.))
(Err... Yes. ._. I'm not going to ask.)

"Maybe the Zoroark made a mistake?" The Umbreon said hopefully as he led her through the crowd. He reached a large tree and looked up. He could just barely make out the sound of a wailing Pokemon. It was coming from the top of the tree. The branches were big enough to climb.

"Do you hear that?" He asked out loud as he heard the pitiful sound emanating from the top of the tree.
((You don't.))

Solstice padded after the kind Umbreon and listened hopefully as he tried to make up a good excuse for the Eevee-napping. "Well, maybe it was. I'm not sure why he would take Mist if he did mean to take him, but... Ugh. I don't know." The Espeon replied. She looked up at the tree and concentrated.

The wailing sounded strangely like Mist's, so Solstice leaped up onto the tree and started to climb up to her Eevee.
The Umbreon dully noted that the sound was becoming louder as they grew closer. Until it subsided to a sniffiling,sobbing noise. He leaped up to the last branch and peered into the canopie of leaves and vines.
Solstice squeaked happily as she spotted Mist and she lept to the branch her Eevee was on. "Solstice! Solstice, he's still here!" The tiny Eevee screeched as she approached. "Who's here-?" The Espeon found out as soon as she felt someone barrel into her. A Zoroark seemed confused as he noticed who he attacked. "Hey! Get off of me!" Solstice growled, knowing not to attack in the festival.
Umbreon, however not caring about the rules used Crunch on the Zoroark. His jaws were firmly clamped the Zoroarks leg, so it couldn't escape.
The Zoroark hissed in pain as the Crunch landed and prohibited his movements entirely.

Solstice, who rolled out from under the Zoroark, sighed gently knowing that she was unable to use any moves that could even do a minuscule amount of damage to the dark type. Her gaze traveled up to Mist, who she grabbed after a bold jump, and bright her Eevee back down. "Why in the world?..." Solstice hissed as she glared at the Zoroark. Instead of answering, the Dark type made himself an illusion of Mist, causing his total body mass to shrink and be able to escape from Dusk's grasp.
Dusks jaws snapped shut in mid air with a loud snapping sound. He tried to attack the clone but missed, nearly launching himself out of the tree. When he scrambled back he had no idea which was which.

" Which one is ... Which?" He asked.
Solstice protectively picked up Mist, but then the other Mist whined and had a look of pure terror on his face. The Esepon dropped the Mist she was holding at that moment and picked up the other one, but then the one she dropped suddenly and the same reaction. "I can't even tell my Eevee apart from a clone..." Solstice whispered quietly in despair. "Mist! Use Wish!" She called to both of them, but only one reacted and started to glow. "The other one!" Solstice called to the Umbreon as she leaped over and grabbed the real Mist.

((Feel free to control Zoroark if you want.))
The Zoroark snickered quietly and used scary face on the Pokemon around it. As a dark type it didn't bother Dusk at all. It then used that Time frame to scramble out of the tree and take off. The Umbreon shook his head.
"Sorry about that. That Zoroarks a Trickster. Probably didn't mean any harm." He said softly looking where it had escaped.
"I suppose that's alright. It just gave me quite a scare... Mist? Are you ok honey?" Solstice asked as she crouched to the Eevee's level. "Yes, Solstice, I'm fine." The tiny Eevee squeaked in reply. "Ahh, good. We'll get over it soon." She confirmed. "I'm sorry, I'm Solstice and this is Mist my...err... Relative." Solstice introduced awkwardly.
The Umbreon blinked warmly, before nodding. He then began to make his down the tree carefully. "Have a nice evening then!" He called warmly.