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Ask to Join The God of Highschool

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Dante was dropped off at the God of Highschool building he looked around and saw a bunch of people of various shapes and sized lifting weights playing chess, or just casually talking he went to his assigned room put his stuff down got his and went to the gym he didn't bring his weapon's in order to throw people of so they wouldn't know he used weapons. He headed to the gym were he was practicing his unarmed combat stretching and pretending to struggle to lift light weights to throw people off. He sat their exhausted looking around to see if anyone else had turned up.

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Ever punctual, the uncharacteristically nervous Xue arrived first of many, but waited for a decent crowd to accrue before entering -- passing through everyone, changing his form as he moved between various, growing crowds of people. He kept things simple, sticking to human forms and faces, though being careful not to copy those of others he encountered along the way. Slowly, Xue wandered into his room and dropped everything off, his door wide open as he did so. Sure, he probably shouldn't have his back facing that wide open door, but he was quietly confident that things would be fine.

After changing into his fighting clothes - a black tank-top emblazoned with the crest of his patron deity - Shen, though dramatized to look more threatening and dragon-like - and a pair of baggy, yellow pants tied at his waist with a simple, rope belt - Xue stopped to wrap his fists and feet; when all was said and done, he turned, preparing to train. From the room directly parallel to his, another fighter stopped in his room to put his things away before heading off -- likely for the same reason, to the same place as Xue.

This boy covered himself with a hood, and wore simply tracksuit pants. The Southern Dragon of Hainan waited several minutes, not wanting to directly follow the other fighter, taking with him one of his dao, slipped into the rope belt at his hip. When Xue arrived at the gym, he stretched -- and stretched some more, focusing on meditative breathing exercise. After about ten, fifteen minutes of that, he found the space to spread his legs into a wide, low horse stance.

And he stayed that way -- for a very, very long time; unmoving, except for his chest as his breathing deepened, got slower, his eyes closed though feeling everything around him.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Jake stepped out of a car, one of his least favourite means of travel due to his height making it a tight fit, and glanced around at the crowd of people gathered for the tournament. He made his way to the training gym to get warmed up, he ducked through the doorway and made his way to some weights, ignoring anyone else within the room he started to lift some semi heavy weights as he whistled to himself casually as the ever present voice of Jack the Ripper floated in and out of his thoughts.
Coco finally arrived to the god of High school building. It had taken a while for her to get there, hitchhiking, stowing away, and bumming rides. But she had finally made it. Coco made her way to her room, putting down her small bag she had brought. The girl let out a breath, taking a moment to drink some water and recover.

Eventually, Coco made her way to the gym. So many different people were already here, and many of them looked so different and interesting! Coco was dressed in her simple light blue tank top and black pants, with black fingerless gloves. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail before walking around the gym, getting acquainted with all the equipment. It was as she did so, an interesting event caught her eye. A teenage boy, dressed in a hood with dark black hair, was struggling with some weights. Coco approached, taking out her notebook and pen as he sat up. Writing a quick message in it, she showed it to Dante.

Need a spotter? The message read.
Dante looked up and saw the girl stopped lifting the weight and looked at the notebook, he looked up at the girl she was extremely pale and had a cut along her throat, he quickly put two and two together. "She can't speak." He thought to himself. "Yeah I'd love one." Dante answered the girl. He moved over to the bench press, looking at the girl trying to analyze and find out about her. He wasn't really thinking and put on a normal weight he'd lift putting 175kg on each side of the bar and began lifting at quick pace with ease. Ruining his strategy of lifting light weights. "So what's your name?" He asked the girl.
Coco couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow as the teen went from struggling to lift 100 lbs to benching 350 lbs with ease. Still, the girl spotted Dante confidently as he worked out, ready to jump in and help should he lose his grip on the weights. To be honest, Coco hadn't had too much experience with these sorts of gym settings. But her father had managed to teach her enough in the few times they had gone together.

As Dante worked out, Coco couldn't help but to wonder what fighting style he used. One she had seen before? One she hadn't? Either way, this guy seemed rather strong. It would probably be best to stick with sixes and sevens when going against him...

The teen asked a question, and Coco blinked in surprise. In between reps, Coco flipped through her notebook and showed Dante the front cover. It read 'Coco Dune'. Coco gestured to Dante with an expression of curiosity, as if asking the same question to the dark haired teen.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Jake watched as girl entered and began talking to another of the contestants. Hoping too avoid talking to them he continued to bench press weights getting heavier and heavier. Eventually he noticed that their weren't anymore heavier weights, he took a quick look around and groan. There were some better weights but they were over by the talking pair and that would mean talking to them, he sighed but straightened and walked over before clearing his throat, "excuse me, would it be ok if I took some of those weights there please" he said politely as he pointed to them glancing at the two before actually paying attention to the two with the girls appearance catching him off guard <Damn why'd she have to be pretty> he thought to himself trying not to freak out as he didnt have much experience with socialising with girls, so had therefore hoped she was ugly so he could just imagine she was a boy but her being pretty stumped him, but he stood smiling waiting for a response.
"Ok Coco, my name is Dante he outstretched his hand wanna be my training partner?" He asked the girl out stretching his sweaty hand to her for her to shake it. Then suddenly another guy turned up asking for the weights. "Yeah I'm done with these." Dante sighed grabbing the weights and giving it to the guy's casually staring him in the eyes. He was way taller than him, and seemingly at a similar strength to Dante. "Shit how the fuck can I compare to this guy." Dante thought scared. He turned to the Coco. "Yo, wanna do anything I'm all done, with what I wanted to do?" Dante asked Coco trying to get out his scared thoughts tomorrow was the day of the competition he had time to prepare.
Left about to his own devices unbothered, Xue remained in his horse stance; in an ideal training scenario, the Southern Dragon of Hainan would spent the better part of three hours that way -- his feet planted firmly on the ground spread apart to the width of his shoulders, knees bent at a perfect ninety-degree angle which kept him so low that his butt was about level with his ankles. Xue's arms were tucked in at his sides, bent at the elbows where he made fists with his palms faced toward the gym's ceiling.

With closed eyes and open ears, he listened to the conversation building up near the weights -- apparently between three people by the sound of their footsteps and the conversation itself, though Xue only heard two voices.
Coco gave Dante a small smile and shook his hand. She wiped the sweat on her pants and shrugged as an answer to Dante's question. A third person approached, a boy with longer gray hair. He was more lanky, and very, very tall. Coco blinked as she looked up at him, her small 5'4" stature not stacking up very well against Jake's 6'8" height. Talk about having a reach advantage. He didn't look particularly strong, but strength was a hard thing to estimate from looks. Possibly agility and strength? Combo with the reach, and that's already a nasty combination. And Coco didn't even know if he had weapons yet!

But the strangest thing was his eyes. Where there should have been whites of his eyes, they were black instead. His pupils were thin, like a cats. Overall, a rather strange look and almost creepy. Still, Coco gave Jake a polite smile and wave. Glancing around Jake, she noticed the weight set he had came from. Lots of weights. It was enough to confirm Coco's thoughts about this stranger. He'd be a bit of a pain to fight. Flipping to a page in her notebook, Coco pointed to a message in it.

Hello, I'm Coco. What's your name? The message read.

Turning back to Dante, Coco shrugged again and flipped through her notebook. Picking a fresh page, she wrote down a message before showing it to Dante.
Dunno. Not used to this gym stuff. Haven't really used them that much before. The message read.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Jake smiled as he took the weights from Dante and paused just before leaving as he saw the pretty girl wrote something down "oh hello Coco, my name is Jake, pleasure to meet you both" he said before realising he was staring at her face for far to long and looked away quickly, if you'll excuse me I've still got some exercise to get to" he said as he returned to his original locations and got back into a steady rhythm with the heavier weights. The two seemed like decent people and they hadn't seemed to put off by Jake so maybe things wouldnt be so bad for once, he thought as he bench pressed steadily. But then the reason why socialising was something he tried to avoid piped up "That lovely lass would look wonderful with her intestines tied round her neck" said Jake's friendly neighborhood voice in his head "For gods sake Jack no" he grimaces through his teeth. This only prompted Jack to conjure up a horrific mental image "well that's only cause you havent seen what it would look like, see it looks.." as the image came to his thoughts Jake reacted violently nearly jumping out of his skin, causing one of his hands to slip and the weights to fall to the ground. Embarrassed Jake jumped up and quickly exited the gum before resting against the wall outside the gym with his hands over his face as he tried to calm down "I told you to stop that Jack" he muttered.
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"It's getting late I'm going to sleep see you Coco, nice to meet ya." Dante told her and headed to his room while walking he looked to his right to see something surprising him a Library he walked into to see it it was massive he'd never been in one before but there was something unusual even to him the different shelves were labeled with different countries he strolled through, a lot of the books had been taken out from what he could see, he was surprised and kept walking through he looked at the spines of the books they had names on them Beelzebulb, Mammon who, or what where these.
"See something your interested in?" A man asked from the end of the library. Dante walked over to him.
"What's the deal here?" Dante asked The man looked around 50, with pale skin and unkept hair, piercing blue eyes, and seemed to be skinny and taall, he wearing a suit that was untucked, and judging from the glass next to him had been drinking.
"You know what a borrowed power is right?" The man asked rhetorically, "This place documents all borrowed powers if it is being used the book the respective entity doesn't appear on the shelves if it isn't then you can see it still here." The man explained looking Dante in the eyes. Dante didn't have a borrowed power he'd never been chosen and never attempted to contract one. "Anyway I better get going." The man stood up from behind his desk and walked past Dante. Dante sighed and looked at the desk and picked up a book the spine read Benkei.
"Hey you left your book." Dante exclaimed trying to follow after the man but couldn't see him. "Guess I"ll put it back he thought." But when Dante turned around there was a regular room much smaller and with none of the book Dante looked down and still had the book in his hand. "I'm going to bed." Dante thought confused, when Dante returned to his room he opened up the book. and began reading, he became immersed int the book telling the story of the legendary monk benkei "Whats the point of this, this is a borrowed power does he want me to have this power or something else." Dante thought . He laid down and fell into a deep slumber. Dante awoke on top of a cold mountain his body felt numb, He looked around to see in front of him a man double his size at least covered in armor and weapons he had face paintings on his face. "It's you." Dante muttered under his breath Benkei stood up and looked down at him.
"Many men have wished to contract me why should I choose you why do you fight?" Benkei asked and unsheathed a katana pointing it at Dante's face.
"I don't fight for anything I fought for survival ever since I was young." Dante exclaimed holding back tears and his knees buckled causing his knees to hit the snow. "My parents abandoned me in a fucking junkyard, ever since i've just wanted to be useful to others and prove to them, no myself that I have some worth!" Dante shouted crying. "Benkie stuck out his hand
"Raise your head!" He shouted. Dante slowly stood Benkei handed him the katana.
Coco blinked as Dante walked off. It was getting a little late. Coco took some time to do some stretches, and worked out for a little bit. She spent her time using mostly push up, sit ups, squats, crunches, and cardio. She moved on to weights, using hand held ones instead of the bench press. It gave her some time to scout out the competition and think over the small interactions she had. Dante seemed nice, but it's not like they had talked much. Jack was polite, but something about him just... felt off. It was more than his strange eyes and height, there was something else that Coco couldn't pin. There were a few others, some (the stocky, hooded boy) appeared to be meditating.

Finishing up her workout, Coco made her way back to her room.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Deeming that his mood have been sufficiently soured by Jack's unwanted inputs, Jake opted that it was a good time for him to get some rest. He stood up straight and made his way to the room he knew to be his and entered. He changed into some more comfortable attire and lay down to let sleep take him. As he drifted off he began to experience the usual dreams, provided by his own personal nutcase. As with most nights he dreamt he was in a large room surrounded by mountains of dead women, the faces of which were those of any woman he had spoken to be it, family, friends or even random cashiers and baristas and then Jack's voice would ring out "Become like me, you know you want to" and then as per usual a disembodied hand would appear and gesture to what Jake was holding in his arms and it would be a woman's body, always baring the face of the last woman he had an interaction with so the star actress of this evenings nightmare was Coco from earlier laying in his clutches horrifically dismembered with the bloodied knife clasped within Jake's hand as he clamped his eyes shut to try and shut out the nightmares.
Xue remained in the gym long after everyone else had gone, still without moving an inch, still holding his horse pose as if his life depended on it. It grounded him in reality, and in his training. He thought of his family and home, his patron god and the future of brutality that lie head. Things were supposed to be simple, as an adolescent -- Xue and these others had no such luxury.

When he had the gym to himself, the South Dragon of Hainan got to work with more complicated exercises, utilizing his fists, feet and sword in a flurry of varied movements and techniques. Still, the boy remained as quiet as he could, out of respect for his peers who could potentially be near enough to hear the sounds, even as they tried to sleep.

It wasn't until he was completely drenched in sweat, red from body heat rising over the stress of his exercise, that Xue started to clean himself up, drink some water, and return to bed to get some rest -- far later than most. And when he returned to his room, he returned to silence, used to the quiet dragon Shen. The two got along, in some ways. Xue'd met Gods that tormented those who held their power, but Shen was much more...distant. But so was Xue. Maybe it was a match made in heaven.

He tried to fall asleep, remembering the first time he'd met Shen.
Dante got out of bed headed down to the canteen, got some food and ate it, after he'd finished an announcement came over the speakers. "Please head over to the stadium participants." Dante followed his way into the stadium it was colossal, he felt tiny due to the sheer size, him and the other fighter lined up around the stage.

"Welcome one Welcome all today we announce the first day of the God of High school Competition, the competition will be split into three sections the first will be a standard tournament you will get points based on performance then, half the participants will be eliminated you will be sorted into teams, you will be allowed to use your own weapons, points will be awarded we will then remove another half of the competition who scored below a certain point score, weapons will be allowed In the third round you will be given access to government weapons including national treasure's the higher the point score the more priority your pick will be. National treasures can be called to you at any point and strengthen you. the rules are simple you win either by your opponents forfeiting, a knock out, or if we find it necessary to step in. The winner of the tournament will granted status as an executive , and given government assets to help the achieve what ever they wish ." The announcer explained and the crowd clapped. "We also have some big names here. Dusht Hitaishee the world president and the man who defeated the gods." The announcer exclaimed and a thunderous applause could be heard from the crowd. Marcus Bellator a member of the six and the twelfth champion of the God of High school who quickly got stronger. Lev Besformennyy another member of the six, and of course the executives many of these men and women have won previously including me your fantastic announcer the eleventh winner of the god of High school dynatá kai perífana. Now lets begin the tourenment!" Dynata announced loudly so everyone could hear. For a thunderous applause. Now look at the screen above the stage there was four screens facing the different sides of the audience and they showed a thirty-two person tournament bracket. with the fighters names and a number next to them Dante was number nine. Alright today will be a busy day. We'll work through the first sixteen fights. Now come first and second the on the left side we have number one from South Africa Alles Sien, and now number two from Colombia Resbalosa, now let the the match begin!" Dynata announced. Resablosa rushed him sticking out her hand a large snake-like borrowed power lunged at Alles but he effortlessly dodged he then threw a quick chop at the opponents throat causing her to fall to the ground in pain Alles got ready to stomp her head with his foot but was interrupted by the announcer. "Alright that's the first round now let's move on. " Dynata explained.

Dante was shocked the reflexes and speed of the south African where super human, Dante would be fighting soon so he'd have to prepare and on top of that the restrictions on weapon's would be difficult for Dante who is a weapon's fighter Dante headed to the lockers and began stretching.
Coco found a seat with the other competitors, mentally readying herself for the day's fight. Today was a big day. Nerves were high as she felt the pressure. She had to do this. She had to succeed. Coco listened carefully to the announcements. Weapons. That was another thing to be nervous about. Her training had taught her many defenses against various weapons, but not all of them. She wasn't sure what sort of weapons her opponents would have in store.

The first fight was quick and tense. An exciting match, but one that ended quickly. That Alles looked like a tough customer. Coco waited patiently, taking sips of water as she watched the matches.
Dante was on the left side of the stage he was bouncing back and forth, shacking his arms.He heard the announcement
"Dante Clifford!" the announcer shouted Dante began to walk out with his arms up. "Now the Egyptian light god Kayin Khafif. The Egyptian walked out in a traditional boxing hood, he was wearing boxing shoes, and his hands were rapped, he had long hair tied up into a bun and was the same height as Dante but had much longer arms. When he entered the arena he had his hands in a boxing stance with his right hand next to his face and his left close down to his body. "Begin!" The announcer shouted Dante quickly went into a boxing stance, but instead was much more defensive, he had both his fists up covering his face for defence. Kayin began rapidly throwing jabs at Dante's body, Dante was being pushed back he tried to throw a jab of his own, but was hit by a powerful right hand to the face sending him reeling back from the power. Kayin threw his hands up to gloat. Dante took the opportunity to rush forward he fainted a leg takedown but instead head-butted Kayin, breaking his nose. Kayin stumbled back in shock, but quickly regained composure. "Osiris!" He shouted strange marking's appeared around his eyes and along his body he rushed forward at much quicker speed but was stopped by Dante's foot. Kayin was too busy focusing on his upper body he didn't even notice the front kick from Dante Kaying stumbled which Dante quickly capitalized on grabbing his legs tacking him to the ground. Dante began punching down at his opponents face breaching over and over again covering his fists in blood he got ready to throw another punch but his hand was grabbed by the announcer. "Alllllright now that match was brutal Dante takes the win!" The announcer announced pulling Dante off Kayin with ease, the crowd began to slowly clap a lot of people had lost a lot of money betting on Kayin an established boxer instead of the unknown Dante. Dante went back to the change rooms where he took a shower and changed into more casual clothes he walked up to Coco and sat next to her, watching the matches until something interesting happened. Until eventually he heard the announcement "Jake Smith form England!" The announcer announced motioning her hand to the left "Ethan Philips the Canadian bear!" The Canadian walked out he was a incredibly large man standing at around 6'6 he got ready for battle in a grappling stance.
Coco watched the next match. Dante was up! She was curious to see how he was going to fight. His fighting style an unusual one. Started off with boxing, but there was definitely much more there. The fight was quick and brutal. Not as fast as the first fight, but still intense. Coco clapped as the fight finished, and considered going to try to find Dante and congratulate him. But before she had to, the competitor showed up! Coco offered Dante a smile and thumbs up, before quickly writing a message in her journal.

Good job! The message read.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Jake watched Dante's fight with minor interest as he knew getting as much info as possible would be extremely valuable. The fight was interesting enough and was over relatively quickly but was still pretty entertaining and he was pretty impressed with Dante's eventual victory. He then heard his name and made his way to the stage and immediately found himself smirking at the fact that despite this guy probably being very proud of his size and stature the The Canadian was still 2 inches smaller than him. He waited for the instruction that they could begin and took up a flimsy looking boxing stance to lure the guy in as Jake had quickly noticed the guys stance and assumed he would go for something wrestling or judo based. As the guy charged Jake let himself get grappled but as the guy tried to lift Jake over his head Jake evaporated into smoke before rematerializing in front of his opponent he threw a powerful jab into the guy's stomach causing him to take a few steps back. Now no longer trying to fool the guy as much he took up a stronger stance and start to throw a few combinations of punches and popping in and out of his mist form as he toyed with the guy, at one point though the guy managed to throw a punch which Jake wasn't expecting but he managed to just about avoid it by evaporating just in time and upon rematerializing he threw out a powerful jumping, spinning hook kick to the guy's temple knocking him out cold. He then turned and waved to the audience before returning to take a seat.
Jakes concluded and up next there was a match between Italy and Australia it was a slow match but Italy eventually took the win. "Now next up Coco Dune on the left side." The announcer explained, and the crowd cheered.Coco had competed, due to that she was the crowd favorite. "And now her opponent on the right Tsoaloa Bocha the first ever fighter from Lesotho in God of Highshcool history!" The announcer explained, the boy got into a kick boxing gym. Coco's opponent was an unusual one he was a darks kinned boy who looked around 13, he got into a kick boxing stance preparing for battle.
It appeared Dante wasn't much for talking. Coco watched the next match, Jake fighting against another rather tall man. The fight was intense, but Jake still managed to pull the win. Another match came and went, and it was her turn. Giving Dante a thumbs up, the girl made her way down to the arena. She was surprised by the crowd's reaction to her, not expecting to be so well-liked. She smiled and waved sheepishly.

Entering the inner circle of the arena, Coco surveyed her opponent. Tsoaloa Bocha. He was young, younger than her. Coco didn't want to fight a child, but it looked like she had no choice. The girl took a defensive fighting stance, more reminiscent of a boxing stance. Gingerly, she put out a fist for the boy to bump. The kid looked at the fist in confusion for a moment before realizing what Coco was doing, and the two competitors bumped fists before quickly jumping back. Tsoaloa took the offense earlier, launching himself at Coco and attacking her with a flurry of kicks.

3 of Clubs. 3 of Hearts. 3 of Clubs. 5 of Diamonds. 5 of Diamonds...

Each kick Coco blocked carefully, using her arms, legs, and elbows to redirect, stop, catch, and slip under Tsoaloa's attacks. The boy was fast, but Coco appeared to be putting in all her effort on evading and blocking the attacks. And then- an opening.

10 of Diamonds- Spiked Aegis. 8 of Spades- Choking Counterpunch.

Tsoaloa threw a jab, and Coco struck the punch with a powerful elbow strike. The boy let out a pained inhale and drew back, but Coco stepped forward with a jab of her own. The punch struck the boy in the throat, and he staggered back choking. For the finishing blow, Coco grabbed the boy's head and slammed it into her knee. He crumpled to the ground, and the fight was over. Coco stuck around for a moment to make sure Tsoaloa was okay before heading back to the seating area.
Dante felt embarrassed after his first match he struggled to beat his first opponent. He saw Coco's message but chose to ignore it out of embarrassment. He watched Coco's match, she was very good she could block what ever her opponent threw at her. "You smashed him good job!" Dante complimented Coco trying to brighten his mood. He watched the next matches with interest. They were up to the final quarter of the matches when he heard the announcer. "And now for the next fighter Shaheen Bacha from Pakistan." Shaheen walked out wearing a suit with sunglasses and tan skin. He stuck out his hand and a weapon appeared in his hand it was a fancy speckled rapier. "And now on the other end Xue Li from china the announcer announced, with her hands outstretched. "Begin!" She shouted.