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Hey guys! Basically, I am creating a roleplay called "The Grand Festival!", which is, if you have basic knowledge on Pokemon, is the largest and most extravagant final Pokemon Contest of the year, where any Coordinator that has 5 Ribbons from normal Contests in their arsenal, may enter. The winner of this large festival will receive the Ribbon Cup and the title of "Top Coordinator" for their superior performance. As a Contest Enthusiast (as I like to call it), they are my favorite part of the anime and games, and I figured this could be a great site-hosted competition, but since thats unlikely, I am creating an RP for it. Feel free to join, but since this will be as realistic and enjoyable as possible, here are the requirements.

| Please read before joining |



- Must have (only) 4 Pokemon entered in the Festival

- You must have decent roleplay experience (i.e, able to write more than a couple lines)



- Only 1 Pokemon can be used for Round 1 of the appeals, and then 2 paired Pokemon can perform for the Second Appeal Rounds (You can reuse the first one you used), and then the other 2 will have to be used to battle.

- Pokemon will be a first-come-first-serve process, no two participants can have the same Pokemon. ( However different evolutions of the same Pokemon is allowed )


- Please do not post one liners. If it is your turn to perform, your posts have to at least be a paragraph. Express your creativity, paint a picture in the reader's minds for better scores from the judges.

- Each performer can have at most 4 combinations to appeal to the crowd/judges. This is only a rule to prevent posts that contain an endless amount of combinations, dragging on the performance.

- There will be no knock-outs in Contest Battles. An in-RP timer will be set (5 minutes) and the two Coordinators will battle it out then. It is only over when the timer is out. But fear not, you will have much more than only 5 minutes to battle in real life time :up:

- In the battles, you cannot constantly dodge or counter every attack. Although dodging and countering is definitely something you want your Pokemon to do, you have to get hit eventually, of course. Just do your best to come back from those attacks or make them work in your favor. Not every attack of yours can hit either. Avoid posting that your attack "hit and was super effective" in the RP. Because, as all Contests go, it is not about your attack hitting, but how it looks and shows off your Pokemon's grace, beauty, intelligence, strength, etc.

- PLEASE DO NOT post your character giving a performance directly after someone has already given a performance. Please wait until you see a post from me giving out that person's points and results. (Since me and the judges need a little bit to gather and tally up points)

- Please be active. Life happens, trust me I know. But don't disappear for days at a time when it supposed to be your turn - we have to be fair to the others :)



In the Grand Festival, any amount of Coordinators can participate in the appeal rounds, but depending on the amount of Roleplayers, only a maximum of 8 will advance into the battle rounds and finals. If I need to step in as an NPC I will!

Please do not worry about me being bias to anyone, as I am only 1 of the 4 judges I will be asking to help run this RP. I will not be showing favoritism to anyone participating in this RP, as the other judges and I will solely be judging by your creativity, uniqueness, originality, and writing skill.

Please post your character sheets below!


Four Pokemon:
(Optional) Contest Specialization: (Toughness, Beautiful moves, Cuteness, etc.)


Sorry that this was so long! I hope that if you join you enjoy the roleplay and give it your all! Please no sore losers or boastful winners. Any amount of people may join, even if this is your first time trying out a Contest RP, so please do! Have Fun! ♥

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(Oh wow, glad to see you back on and active again! Seems like I was roaming around the site at perfect timing. I'm contest trash so this oughta be fun lmao.)

Name: Platinum Summers

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Light Sandy Blonde Hair, Gold-ish Eyes, Olive Skin. Fairly skinny build for his age.

Four Pokemon: Dragonair, Glaceon, Togekiss, Gallade.

Contest Specialization: A combination of Coolness and Beauty of sorts. Likes to make quick big moves pleasing to the eye.
I'm interested in joining, accept I have one question. With the 4 combo rule. Is it per post or per round? Also, I'm unable to post a proper bio, at the moment but I am reserving a Glameow, Lopunny, Paschirisu, and Roserade (if that is okay of course)

My person, who is an OC's I've been planning to use for a bit, just haven't had the chance.

Name: June Wilson
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: June has a soft kind face, with hazel eyes. Her hair is a dark nutty brown, with a slight curl, and that's parted to one side. Her face is freckled across the bridge of her nose and she has light peach skin. She wears a pink hoodie, and navy jeans, for travel clothes. During contests she wears a pink dress down to the bottom of her thighs. The sleeves are a bit poofy with white lace and she wears pink shoes.
Four Pokemon: Susie (Glameow), Charles (Pachrisu), Juliet (Lopunny), Alice (Roserade)
Contest Specialization: It depends on who she is using. She overall, uses beatity, but when using Alice, adds a bit of toughness into the mix, while when using Charles, takes advantage of his general cuteness.
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@Ry_Burst Yes! I see, sorry for the confusion! The 4 combo rule only applies to the first (and possibly second) appeal round, when it is only you and your 2 chosen Pokemon performing for the judges.

It doesn't mean you are limited to what moves you can use or how short your post has to be, but things such as "Milotic used Psybeam, and Glameow used Shadow Claw to split them, sending the colors all across the arena." can only be used 4 times!

As for your Pokemon, Accepted ♥ I have seen your past posts and know you are a great RPer! But I would appreciate a character sheet whenever youre able to post one (just edit your current post) - but take your time! :)
Thank you for the kind words. I've edited the original post to include my character. A last minute scedule change gave me a bit of time. So we can use as many different combos, as long as we each one a maximum of four times. Like if we had a long combo that involved multiple smaller steps would that be okay? I'm making sure I'm completely clear on this.
@Ry_Burst Kind of. I mean that you can only really use 4 combos in general. You can use whichever moves you choose, but you can only make appeal combos 4 times. That way it keeps the post from being too long and boring to some. It also keeps everyones turns from dragging out.

So I'm saying you could use like Bubblebeam as apart of each of your 4 combos, but you can only make 4


Previously Sarah316
Name: Mary
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short, brown hair, brown eyes, white long sleeved shirt, blue skirt & white shoes.
Four Pokemon: Sylveon, Gardevoir, Braixen & Milotic
(Optional) Contest Specialization: None in particular, but loves combination moves.
I might not be the most active, I have school, but I'll definitely try my best to be as active as I can. Also, might I suggest something? Thesaurus.com could help with finding more descriptive words. Just trying to help out and share a tool!

Name: Ashley
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Bright red hair done up in a ponytail, bright blue eyes, light blue jacket, jeans, and darker blue shoes(note that she has a black shirt under her jacket)
Four Pokemon: Aurorus(Crystal), Alolan Marowak(Flare), Herdier(Lukas), and her signature Pokemon Dragonite(Nugget)

Name: Aaron
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Spiky blond hair, gray eyes, white tank top under an open denim short-sleeved jacket, jean shorts, black sandals.
Four Pokemon: His signature Pokemon is Greninja(Blake), with the rest of his team consisting of Houndoom(Grey), Gogoat(Maya), and his Shiny Umbreon(Gamma)

Let me know if Gamma can't be a Shiny, if so then I'll edit it to make it a normal Umbreon. Also I have two Trainers because I can write longer with two characters.
Also, @Platinum_ | @Ry_Burst | @Sarah316 | @AspenTR33 | Sorry to change things up last minute, but for depth of an RP, the First Rounds will consist of only using One Pokemon to Appeal with, and then if you advance into Round 2, then you use 2 Pokemon to appeal with. Yes, you can reuse the Pokemon you use in Round 1 for Round 2.

Also the thread is posted! Whoever posts first is the next Coordinator being introduced! Have Fun!

Name: Jolene McGuire
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long auburn hair tied up in a ponytail, bright green eyes, purple T-shirt under a blue jacket, jeans, and black and blue tennis shoes.
Four Pokemon: Ninetales (Flare), Vaporeon (Splash), Lucario (Mars), Gengar (Hades)
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I've set up my first round performance. I also won't be on tomorrow until afternoonish due to a Scholar Bowl competition. I hope that's not a problem.
Hope im not too late! Is it still round 1?
Name: Jonathan Toms
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears a black top hat on his head, and has a nice slim black suit and pants, however, he couldnt find fancy shoes in alola so he wears black nikes instead
Four Pokemon: Delphox (Torch) Aerodactyl (Rocky) Noivern (Nightwing) and Ribombee (Kayla)
(Optional) Contest Specialization: Kinda does a Coolness and Cuteness combined with a mixture of interesting. Likes to show judges how much these pokemon rock in performance.
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Also, guys, I hope you know in the rules it says you can only use 4 Combinations, you are not restricted to only use 4 moves! A combination is more than one move combined to create on effect.
Okay, thanks!

Also, I'm not going to have Aaron perform for a while, probably not until most everyone or everyone else does.
If the judges rated me before I deleted my post, ill post again so re-rate.
Also everyone got a sneak peek at what I was gonna do :( should I finsh up and type it again or start a new one?
Well I havent seen your post at all, neither have the other judges. So I say just type it again, but you can do whatever you want really :)
Oh and sorry guys, I won't be online much until 1:00 PM EST, sorry.

Those who haven't posted yet: Go ahead and take turns posting your Round 1 Appeals, and I promise to have everything ready when I get back!