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Private/Closed : The Grand Festival! :

Susie landed gracefully on her front paws, after the attack was done. "Shadow Claw!" June comanded as Platinum's Pokemon fired their combonation attack. The rushing beam attack had not only power, but a certain air of sophistication that fueled June to stop that attack. By lunging ahead, from off her spring like tail, she caught herself in a mid-air spin. From her paws, shadowy black claws of energy reached out from her two sides, and she resembled a spinning Excadrill, while it was burrowing. The shadowy tip, hit the beam, where it was redirected into multiple different directions, some parts heading towards the ground, while other redirects of the blast flew into the air.

"Ice Beam!" June added hoping to create a unique end to the attack. Juliet opened her mouth and fired another beam of freezing cold energy. The beam hit the energy as it was being redirecting, freezing it. "Now, High Jump Kick!" Juliet did a frontforward summersault striking the ice with her glowing foot, causing the ice to shatter, spreading sparkles towards the audience.

"Now Thunderbolt!" June comanded. Susie who lay deep in the array of sparlkes arched her back. She was surronded in a yellow crackling energy that filled the gap, bouncing off the sparkles, creating rings of crackling electricity that danced around their head. Glameow jumped into the midst of these mid-air electric rings and gave a spin, before landing softly on the ground.
Platinum could hardly believe his eyes! Their combo was stopped and decorated June's Glameow nicely. He wasn't sure how many points either of them had lost up to this point - but he did know that it was time to get down and serious.

As soon as Glameow's paws had landed on the ground, Platinum called out a command of Aura Sphere and Thunderbolt once more. Togekiss had began to shoot out three bright teal energy balls in succession this time, Gallade blanketing the Aura Spheres with rapid electricity. They seemed like a triplet set of shooting stars, spinning in a unified formation and hurling quickly at both Susie and Juliet. However, that was just apart of Platinum's plan at a cover up.

"Alright now, finish it up a Magical Leaf on Togekiss, and Gallade you take charge yourself with Sword Dance and Close Combat!"

This was it. All or nothing. Togekiss began to spin in place on its tip-toes as Gallade dressed it in Magical Leaf, the glowing leaves dancing around Togekiss circularly, but careful not to cover it up entirely. As the last of the spinning leaves whirled around Togekiss's body, the flying-type charged forwards in a Sky Attack. It glowed brightly as it soared onwards, the Magical Leaves forming in to a type of sharp horn in front of Togekiss. The glowing horn spun quicker and quicker as Togekiss pressed on behind the three electrified Aura Spheres. If the spheres were diminished, Togekiss would aim to smash in to Susie.

Gallade had used Swords Dance, showing off its slender and mobile body as its bladed arms grew longer and sharper. It then gained a red aura once again, using the boosted speed from Sword Dance to run alongside Togekiss and prepare to dish out another barrage of attacks on Loppuny. Each of the two Pokemon called their names out as they pressed towards their opponents.
June closed her eyes as the attacks came flying her way. "Susie, Electro Shiel!d!" She shouted, giving one of her comb commands, she had planned out. Susie glowed, and electricity, sparked around her, as she charged a devastating Thunderbolt. However instead of fired, she created a large Protect wall, and electrified it. This protect took every attack, being absorbed as it rippled across the light teal screen if the shield. But Susie soon became tired after this, and soon began to feel faint. It was up to Juliet to wrap up this battle.

"Bounce," June shouted, giving a Comand that led to the Lopunny to jump high into the air, to avoid Gallade's reaches. Like a graceful ballerina, she summersaulted over Gallade, landing a good deal away from him. "Magic Coat, and Blizzard, in a circle!" The Lopunny's body began to hum and glow with a soft warm pink light. Then, from starting at her feet, a whirlwind of snow and sleet began to form around her, climbing up high to resemble a tornado of ice. However, from the base, was a soft light, the very same that was coated around Juliet. "Bounce!" Juliet leapt high into the air, and emerged from the funnel of the Blizzard tornado. However this sight, didn't last forever,but merely a moment, as the Blizzard collapsed sending icy wind in all directions, and giving a certain sparkle and gleam to the field, with some if them wrapped around Juliet. Juliet pressed her limbs to get her and made a dive, towards Susie, where the duo took their bow.
"Aaaaand thats time!!!" Lisa, the hostess called throughout the microphone. "All 5 minutes are up, so lets look towards the screen and see who our victor of this battle is, and who will be proceeding to the finals!"

Her voice boomed throughout the arena and everything suddenly became quiet. All audience eyes zipped to the large screen, revealing both Platinum and Ry's face. Circular yellow points were shown surrounding each of their faces, however, @Platinum_ remained with the most points over June. The screen cut to only showing his face, with Gallade and Togekiss shown in smaller pictures beside him.

"And our winner this round is Platinum!! Congratulations and we will see you in the final! June, you did an absolutely amazing and stunning job! We hope you join us again next year! Everything both of you did was graceful and powerful. Thank you for an amazing match!"

All four of the judge's scores and comments were revealed on the jumbo screen.


Judge #1
☆ Platinum = 28 points remaining.
"I think this performance could have benefited from letting some attacks hit the Pokémon and still coming back well (as opposed to almost always dodging *in a creative writing way*). But it was all beautiful"
☆ June = 17 points remaining.
"I like your creative use of non-damaging moves as well as damaging ones. This performance, as well as June's, had good descriptive language."


Judge #2
☆ June = 38 points remaining.
"Great in execution and evasion while also making your Pokemon look great! (But remember that your team cant always evade/deflect every move [*in a creative writing way*]. But you wrote it all well and didnt god-mod, so its not that big of a deal)."
☆ Platinum = 30 points remaining.
"Nice battle! I loved your combos and rhythmic synchronization you utilize with your team. As advice I would like to offer to make sure your movements come across more clear, since at times you tend to slip up and add some run-ons (*in a creative writing way*)."

Judge #3
☆ Platinum = 38 points remaining.
[ No Comment ]
☆ June = 32 points remaining.
[ No Comment ]


Judge #4
☆ Platinum = 21 points remaining.
"Amazing use of teamwork and mobility of each Pokemon. Nice fluent language that helped envision the combos (*in a creative writing way*). Bravo!"
☆ June = 20 points remaining.
"Nicely done! This was very close! I believe this was an incredibly close matchup, and that you and Platinum are practically evenly matched! Both posts had pizazz and grace. You should not feel ashamed of this loss, it was hard fought! :)"


Lisa then turned back towards the crowd.

"What an exciting match that was, am I right?! Now lets continue on to our next match! How does that sound?" She called, immediately receiving an enthusiastic round of applause. After everything settled, the jumbo screen revealed the next two battling coordinators. They went on and gave a fierce battle, and a victor was chosen. The large screen continued the same randomizing process until finally revealing two faces -- Mary and Jonathan.

"Alright you two, come on out! Audience, lets all welcome our next two Coordinators to their match! Introducing, Mary and Jonathan! I wish you both the best of luck!"
Jonathan took a deep breath. "I can do this, I can do this." Jonathan thought to himself as he walked on stage. He never knew he would make it this far. He held out his two pokemon he knew would win it for the team. "Rocky! Show them what a rock type can do!" Jonathan hollered as he threw his Pokeball in the air. The seals when the Aerodactyl bursted out became rocks that fired across the arena. "Now to finsh the recipe, Kayla!" Jonathan threw the Quick ball and out came the fairy type, Ribombee! The seal fired out yellow hearts that filed the stage. Jonathan waited for his opponent.


Previously Sarah316
Mary let out a sigh as she walked on stage, wearing a dazzling golden dress with matching high heels. Mary had to give it everything she had, and she knew the two Pokemon who would be perfect for this stage.

"Gardevoir, Milotic take center stage!" Mary calls out as she tossed her Pokeball high in the air, the seals releasing a pair of half-rainbows, each with three colors, that connected for form one complete rainbow. Both Gardevoir and Milotic landed under the rainbow and readied themselves for battle against the Aerodactyl & Ribombee. This was gonna be a challenge, but Mary and her team were ready to give it all the could give.
Jonathan looked at Mary's two Pokemon. "Milotic, Gardevoir..." Jonathan thought. He had to think of something fast. One Hydro Pump from Milotic could deal heavy damage to Aerodactyl. "Alright! Lets start this battle off with a Stone Edge, Rocky!" Jonathan exclamed. Jonathan's Aerodactyl flew high in the air and summons sharp rocks from the ground infront of it. "Now, Kayla, Dazzling Gleam on the rocks!" He pointed towards the Ribombee as it's body began to glow yellow resembling a star. Than it fired the energy into the rocks making the rocks break into tiny sharp bits fired at the opponent. Kayla was still shining brighty like a star.


Previously Sarah316
"Milotic use Surf! Gardevoir get ready, surf's up!" Mary calls out with a smile as Milotic generates a large wave of water, Gardevoir quickly jumps on the rising water before it gets too tall. Soon Gardevoir is standing on a large wave, Milotic behind said wave, before it moves forward aimed at the Ribombee. Gardevoir was high enough to avoid the rock debris, and the wave itself would block them from hitting Milotic in theory. Mary turned her attention to the Aerodactyl.

"Gardevoir Moonblast!" Mary called out as the surfing Gardevoir charged a moon-shaped beam of energy and looked to blast the flying Aerodactyl right out of the sky.
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Jonathan thought for a second on how to counter this and put on a show for the audience.
"Kayla! Psychic on the rocks!" Jonathan ordered immediatly. The rocks soon began glow with pink energy, than floated upward. The rocks behind the wave floated upwards as well.

Jonathan looked up at the lunar energy being aimed at Rocky. "Jonathan knew that the next move might make that Moonblast aimed upward. "Rocky! Flamethrower on the rocks! Full Power!" Jonathan pointed at the stones floating around the stadium. The Aerodactyl fired a ball of flame at a rock and it exploded into fireworks spraying tiny flames and sharp stones everywhere, making the wave to do crazy twists into a wall. The Moonblast changed course and got the Aerodactyl's tail instead of the wing, making Rocky Plummet to the ground but not doing as much damage as a Moonblast on a wing.


Previously Sarah316
Some of the burning debris hit Gardevoir on the shoulder, knocking it off as the wave of the surf dissipated.

"Milotic catch Gardevoir!" Mary called out as Milotic moved under Gardevoir and caught it, preventing it from hitting the ground. After such a display, Mary needed to respond with a combo of her own.

"Gardevoir stand on Milotic. Milotic use Safeguard and Aqua Ring!" Mary calls out, as Milotic was soon coated by a veil of water, one that soon began to sparkle when in mixed with the effects of Safeguard.

"Now Gardevoir use Psychic and take to the sky!" Mary called out as Gardevoir's eyes began to glow before be it and Milotic soon began to fly. This was a dazzling aerial show, but Mary still had to fight.

"Gardevoir Dazzling Gleam! Milotic Hydro Pump!" Mary called out as both Gardevoir and Milotic fired their attacks; Gardevoir fired multiple beams of energy that mixed with the Hydro Pump creating a dazzling stream of sparkly water that looked to hit the downed Aerodactyl.
Jonathan saw the multiple beams of sparkling water coming towards the Aerodactyl. "Think Jonathan, Think!" He thought to himself. The water was quickly accelerating towards Rocky. "I have an idea, I will sacrifice some of Rockys energy, but Kayla got its back..." Jonathan quickly stopped thinking and went for his move. "Rocky! Ice Fang to hold water in your mouth, make sure its icy cold!" The Aerodactyl opened its wide jaws filled with ice and held the water in its mouth.

Jonathan waited a bit for the water to freeze up, than he began. "Kayla, use Dazzling Gleam in the air, and make sure its blue particles!" Jonathan ordered up, and like his orders, the Ribombee fired multiple beams of blue in the sky that exploded into blue particules that filled the arena with snow-like particules. "Now Rocky, Open your mouth and fire the frozen water!" Jonathan pointed to his Aerodactyl that opened its mouth and used its breath to fire the ice water back at Milotic and Gardevoir. Unfortunately Aerodactyl's recoil made it have a brain freeze and it started firing random balls of ice at the ground untill it fell over. The arena stage was filled with ice and snow the Ribombee danced on the ice, almost like it was skating! The Aerodactyl got back up and it soared high in the sky.


Previously Sarah316
Gardevoir and Milotic tried to dodge the frozen water, and did mange to avoid most of it, however a glancing blow hit with enough force to knock them out of the air. Now the two were on a collision course with the ice stage below and Mary need to think of something, and think of it fast! Eventually an idea entered Mary's head.

"Milotic use Hydro Pump on the ground and Gardevoir hang on tight!" Mary called out as the descending Milotic shot out a strong steam of water at the ice floor below. This slowed the descent down just enough for Milotic and Gardevoir to land on their feet.

"Alright, Milotic use Surf and then freeze it with Ice Beam." Mary called out as Milotic generated a large wave of water and then froze it solid to generate a large ice wave sculpture.

"Gardevoir use Dazzling Gleam to break it apart, then use Psychic to sent the debris right at them!" Mary called out again as Gardevoir shot several beams of dazzling light at the sculpture breaking it into dozens of pieces. Gardevoir's eyes then glowed as the pieces hung in the air before them at the opponent: half the debris on the ground to try and hit the skating Ribombee and the other half in the air to try and knock the Aerodactyl out of the sky.
As Jonathan was thinking for his next move, his Ribombee was hit by a ice debris. Right then and there an idea popped in Jonathans head. "Kayla! Double Team and then use Dazzling Gleam!" Jonathan hollared, the Ribombee used Double Team around the Milotic and Gardevoir, then it used Dazzling Gleam hoping it would blind them and stop them from sending debris to the Aerodactyl. Unfortunately some ice hit Ribombee hard.

"Rocky, use Stone Edge around you to use as a sheid, then form a rock starcase!" Jonathan once again pointed to his Aerodactyl as it summoned a huge sharp stones around the size of 12 feet. The stones surronded the Aerodactyl as act of a sheid. It blocked most icicles, but some got through and hit it on the wing. Soon the Aerodactyl fired the Stones outward into kinda like a staircase structure. Aerodactyl flew to the top of the stage as a secret act Jonathan was planning. Jonathan started speaking to Aerodactyl in Sign-Language.


Previously Sarah316
Gardevoir and Milotic were blinded for a moment due to the Dazzling Gleam, and closed their eyes to avoid looking at it, which caused the remaining ice debris to miss their targets. Neither could see due to the bright light so Mary had to resort to creative methods to give out her orders. Mainly, Gardevoir's Psychic communication.

Gardevoir, open the mental link between you, myself and Milotic.

Gardevoir gave a nod, eyes closed from the blinding light as it established the mental link between the trio.

Good, Milotic head forward and to the left, you'll see this stone staircase and be out of the blinding light's path. Go up it and hit the Aerodactyl on top with a Hydro Pump!

Gardevoir use Moonblast and spin, to fire a continuous beam in all directions. Ribombee is using Double Team as has the two of you surrounded. So this way you can take them all down, including the real one. Wait for Milotic to make its move first before you do it. Do you both understand.



Good, then let's do it!

Milotic, eyes closed, moved forward to escape the blinding lights. Once it was far enough away, it opened its eyes and saw the stone staircase Mary talked about, with Aerodactyl on top. Milotic made the climb and shot a Hydro Pump forward looking to deliver a critical blow. Once Milotic made its move, Gardevoir charged a sphere of energy and began to spin, firing the alluring beam while she spun to try and hit the real Ribombee along with all the fake ones. Mary could only hope this would work.
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Jonathan saw what they were doing, he could save Aerodactyl but maybe not Ribombee, he had to think, and fast! He chose Aerodactyl as his Ribombee has a focus sash. "Rocky, heads up, Milotic! Drop the staircase and fly to the air to avoid being hit!" Jonathan said while hoping this was enough to save his Aerodactyl. Rocky did as excatly as he said, and he released his secret strat to ascend in the sky. By the time Aerodactyl dodges the Hydro Pump, his Ribombee was sent back crashing into the stadium wall.

"Hm, not much time left..." Jonathan thought. He had to think of something fast. "Alright! Rocky, Kayla, Both use Double Team!" Jonathan hollared. He watches as the two pokemon duplicated themselves into 10 of each. "Now! Rocky, Stone Edge and Kayla, Psychic!" The 9 clones and the real Aerodactyl used Stonge Edge, making almost the whole entire arena full of 11 feet high sharp rocks. The 9 Ribombees and the real one used a Psychic, sending Magic Energy throughout the field onto the rocks making them be able to fire rocks directly upwards on contact.


Previously Sarah316
Milotic fell as the staircase was dropped, Gardevoir used Psychic to hold Gardevoir to hold Milotic in the air, but that left them vulnerable as the both of them were pelted with Stone Edge. Gardevoir couldn't hold on as Milotic crashed to the stage next to Gardevoir.

"Gardevoir! Milotic! Are you okay?" Mary asked with concern, as both her Pokemon made it up. Shaky, but still willing to fight. However, Mary needed to think quickly to counter the other Psychic rocks and fast! That's when an idea formed in her head.

"Milotic use Surf once again! Gardevoir use Psychic. Time for the big finale: The Aqua Shield & Sword Combo!" Mary called out as Milotic generated a large body of water for Surf and Gardevoir broke it into two pieces: one piece it used to surround itself and Milotic with a barrier of water to defend themselves and the other Gardevoir further broke up into dozens of individual blobs. Gardevoir, using considerable concentration, shaped them into dozens of water spikes and had them aimed around itself and Milotic's water barrier aimed in all directions.


Mary gave her order as Gardevoir shot the water spikes in all directions looking to blast away and rocks and lay the finishing blows on Aerodactyl and Ribombee.

My Pokemon have given it their all, they'll have nothing left after this. This has to finish it. This will finish it!
Jonathan thought about the strat they were using, then, the one he was about to order. He never practiced on this one much, so he wasnt sure if he could pull it off correctly. "Kayla, Solar Beam!"
Jonathan crossed his fingers he could pull it off or else his pokemon would be extremely injured. The Ribombee flew high in the air and starting glowing yellow, then pink, then green. "Rocky, catch the Solar Beam with Roost, then fly to the ground using ice fang to split the Solar Beam into all directions." Jonathan ordered. The Aerodactyl did as Jonathan said. And caught the Solar Beam with Roost, it started glowing yellow-ish."Solar Crash! Jonathan pointed towards Aerodactyl as it flew to the ground at rapid speeds and timed a perfect ice fang, which when the Aerodactyl hit the ground it splitted and fired in all directions. "Please, Please counter, my Pokemon are exhausted. This has to work..." Jonathan closed his eyes and stood still as he thought of that. The multiple beams that collided with the water spikes started a beam struggle until both exploded into rainbow particles that filled the arena.


Jonathan opened his eyes as his two pokemon flew to his side as the auidience was clapping, then he took a bow.
(casually slipping in a year later to wrap this up)

"Yep! That's time!" Lisa called, signaling the end of the battle.

The crowd applauded both contestants as they looked to the jumbo screen, showing that @Sarah316 had more points remaining than Jonathan.

"Congratulations to our victory, Mary! You are advancing to the Finals! Jonathan, thank you so much for all of your hard work! We hope to see you participating next year!"

The jumbo screen lowered to reveal both Coordinators results.


Judge #1
☆ Mary = 30 points remaining.
"I liked it! Your way of battling was sort of repetitive but the attacks were something new despite being repeated/similar moves!"
☆ Jonathan = 17 points remaining.
"Powerful moves are great, but remember there is so much more to think about in Contest battles such as fluidity, grace, and handling sticky situations creatively."


Judge #2
☆ Jonathan = 34 points remaining.
"In a general statement: this battle sort of lacked in a descriptive way for me. Many things were repeated for slightly dull. You two are great, though! Keep in mind creativity in language is key."
☆ Mary = 32 points remaining.
"In a general statement: this battle sort of lacked in a descriptive way for me. Many things were repeated for slightly dull. You two are great, though! Keep in mind creativity in language is key."

Judge #3
☆ Mary = 24 points remaining.
"Not bad! A good mix of powerful moves with effective evasion. Good communication with Pokemon."
☆ Jonathan = 20 points remaining.
No Comment


Judge #4
☆ Mary = 31 points remaining.
"Bravo, exciting battle indeed! Perhaps more creative comebacks within the battle could impress others for down the road."
☆ Jonathan = 20 points remaining.
"Nice tactics! Attacks were powerful, but make sure to remember that strength alone isn't all that factors into Contests!"


"And now, folks. The incredibly anxious-filled moment these past 3 days have been leading up to! OUR FINALS!!!!!!! Our last two incredibly talented and hard working Coordinators, Mary and Platinum, are going to battle it out after a short break to prove that one of them has what it takes to be crowned this year's Sinnoh Grand Festival Top Coordinator! Are you excited!?" Lisa called, her voice enthusiastically booming through the mic over the endless cheers coming from the audience.

People both in the stands and at home were gripping the ends of their seats, eyes glued to the giant battle area. All over Sinnoh, audiences have been rooting and even placing bets on these final two Contestants. The excitement in the air was almost tangible, and people couldn't wait to see what two of some of the best Coordinators in the Region had to offer in battle.

"ALLLLLLLRIGHT. Mary, Platinum, come on out!!"

Once the two competitors had time to get settled, the crowd fell silent. It was the calm before the storm - everyones eyes were glued on the two teenagers that were plastered on live televisions stations all the way from Kanto to Alola. After giving both participants time to get set, Lisa called out.

"5 Minutes on the clock! Go!"
Platinum dawned the stage, wearing his white tailcoat and pants with golden lining - his shaggy hair curled and swept to the side. He waved to the thunderous audience as he and Mary's names were called. His face exuded happiness and excitement, but his gut was trembling. This was the final stage. He had made it much farther into the Grand Festival than he had imagined... his dream, albeit cliché, was coming true.

One battle, 2 Pokemon, 5 minutes. That was all that was standing in his way of becoming a Top Coordinator within Sinnoh. He looked off to the side, taking in a glance of the giant, glorious Ribbon Cup perched on a pedestal in all of its golden glory. He wanted to take that baby home so bad he was ready to do whatever necessary. However, Mary was a formidable opponent who had done amazing in her previous battle. He looked down at the two Pokeballs in his hand, praying that he could win this for Gallade and Togekiss also - so that they could feel proud having a trainer such as himself.

"Alright, you guys! The stage is yours!" He called, tossing both Pokeballs upwards.

Their cases popped open, several shining leaves decorating in all colors of the rainbow swirling about alongside a stream of teal light. The dazzling effects soared onto the ground in unison, forming Gallade and Togekiss, posing with their arms (well, and wings) spread upwards as if it were a triumphant return.


Previously Sarah316
"Okay, you can do this. You can do this..."

Mary finished her last second bit of pre-contest motivation before she made her way onto the stage. Mary wore a bright crimson dress with orange flame designs across and a pair of yellow high heels for the occasion as she soon arrived on stage. Mary had never imagined she'd make it this far, and yet here she stood but one victory away from making a dream of a lifetime come true.

However, she had yet to bring home the great Ribbon Cup placed on display before them, she still had to get past Platinum; which was far from a simple task. From the very first performance she saw from him, Mary considered Platinum a favorite to win and knew from the bottom of her heart that he'd be here. He was simply amazing, and the prospect of trying to defeat such a talented coordinator had been slightly nerving to Mary.

However, she had not come this far just to throw in the battle. She had to believe in Gardevoir and Milotic, she had to believe in herself and she had to believe that they could defeat anyone on this stage if she wanted to realize her dream. Even someone of Platinum's caliber. Mary took once look at her Pokeballs before she gave each one a kiss and, with a spin, tossed them high into the air above her.

"Milotic! Gardevoir! Take center stage and let's give these people a show they'll never forget!"

The capsules opened at once, and a bright light appeared in the sky. Not blinding, but rather illuminating as it almost appeared to be a sun in the sky. As Gardevoir & Milotic descended down, they appeared to be almost appearing from the very heavens as a radiant glow shinned from the light of the capsules onto them before they landed on the stage and struck twin poses as they faced Platinum's Pokemon while Mary faced Platinum himself and had a competitive grin on her face.

"All right, I don't want there to be any hard feelings no matter the outcome. Good luck and let's both do our best to make this a final nobody will ever forget!" Mary said with a smile, though she had every intention to make the outcome one where she ended up on top.
"5 Minutes on the clock, Go!"

Those last few words of Lisa rang through Platinum's head. He could hear the echo through both ears and his hands were on the verge of becoming sweaty. But, he snapped out of it. It was about time that he realized confidence was one of the largest factors of victory within the Grand Festival, and Contests in general. The blonde wonder boy would need to get a grip of himself, and thats exactly what he attempted to do.

He took notice of Mary, who not only looked beautiful in her dress, but also looked ready to completely throw down and do her best to win. It would be a crime if he himself didn't match that energy and truly deliver to this crowd the battle that they have all been waiting for. Somewhere out there, people, fans, and his own family were rooting for him - like hell he was going to let them down.

"I agree! I wouldn't want us to do anything less than our best! Best of luck!" The teenager called back to his opponent.

The clock on the giant jumbo began counting down. Now or never. Right?
Platinum dramatically outstretched his right arm forwards, as if he were at a whimsical opera about to belt the highest note of the century.

"Alright, lets get started on the right foot! Gallade, Leaf Blade - Togekiss, provide a boost with Dazzling Gleam!"

Both Pokemon chirped their respective names in understanding, getting into stance. Gallade side stepped in front of its flying-type partner, charging up its armblades. The fighting-type's forearms began to glow a green aura as they sharpened immensely in a grass like form. Gallade backflipped on to the back of Togekiss, and then kicked off, boosting towards Milotic. It was the smartest choice, due to the type advantaging of the move being used. Togekiss then happily activated Dazzling Gleam - luminescent light blasting outwards from its body. The move grazed the bottom of Gallade's feet as he soared horizontally, causing him to propel mid-air towards Milotic at an even faster rate, ready to attack as soon as they came in contact. It simultaneously provided a glistening white background for Gallade while also covering Togekiss from view due to its blinding properties.


Previously Sarah316
Mary's expression shifted to a more serious one, as the time for the contest had come and immediately Gallade charged toward Milotic as it used its partner Pokemon as Platinum used Togekiss as a means to boost Gallade towards them. But Platinum was not the only one here who knew how to use his Pokemon in tandom and Mary was quick to act as she made over-dramatic motions before she gave her counter command.

"Gardevoir! Move in front of Milotic and use Protect!" Mary called out as Gardevoir quickly moved to the side and got between the Milotic & Gallade as she formed a protective barrier around herself to block the Leaf Blade strike. Though Mary was far from done as she decided to strike back quickly and decisively.

"Milotic use Ice Beam! Straight in the air and Gardevoir guide it with Psychic! Let's separate them!" Mary explained as both her Pokemon knew what needed to be done. Milotic shot a strong stream of the Ice Beam high into the sky while Gardevoir's eyes began to glow as a pink outline covered the ice beam. Gardevoir took the attack and broke it into multiple beams before they descended on the ground. Rather than attack Gallade, the ice hit all around the battlefield as soon ice walls began to form around them which created an obstacle that seperated Togekiss from Gallade and by extension Milotic & Gardevoir. Mary aimed to take advantage of this as she focused on the Gallade now that it momentarily was alone.

"Use Moonblast Gardevoir!" Mary called out as Gardevoir generated a sphere of light that took the shape of the moon over her head before she fired a blast of the fairy-energy with the target being the Gallde in front of it. Mary's intent having been to blast it and hopefully knock it against one of the ice walls to add on extra damage.
The battle had officially begun, and Platinum observed as Mary dished out both her defense and counter attack. The Protect was predictable, however the creation of frosted boundaries was new. It was a good tactic to separate his Pokemon since a lot of his appeals include the two working together in physical touch, and it would have been affective if Platinum hadn't taken the precaution to hide Togekiss in light. Thankfully, he did.

Platinum snapped his fingers. "Now, Togekiss!"

Suddenly, the Jubilee Pokemon swooped down from the sky in high speeds, coated in teal hues. After Gallade was hit with Moonblast, Togekiss had quickly come down upon Gardevoir with Sky Attack. The Dazzling Gleam from before had provided enough light to cover the whereabouts of Togekiss, allowing it to fly straight up into the air unnoticed and charge up an attack. On the other hand, Gallade had been smacked by the Moonblast before Platinum could react - a mistake that he couldn't afford to make again since Fairy attacks were very effective against Fighting. Gallade had crashed into the ice wall behind it, causing him to stumble for a few moments before fully gaining balance back on his feet.

Platinum needed to think of something fast; he needed to figure out how to get Gallade to Milotic.

"Gallade, break down these shields with Psyco Cut! Then use Thunderbolt!"

"Ga-llade!" The fighting-type called, leaping upwards and landing on top of one of the ice walls.

From above, Gallade examined the surrounding area and found the slender, beautiful opponent. Once more, Gallade jumped as high as he could and began executing several spins. Its body began rapidly glowing a bright pink, and he released several sharp energy waves, slamming into each of the ice mounts. The psychic energy imploded upon contact with the ice, resulting in hundreds of glittery sparks decorating the air as the walls were destroyed. Once the field was clear with only faint mist lingering, Gallade pin-pointed Milotic and spread its arms out wide. Lightning began rapidly building up in the center of Gallades chest as gravity began pulling him back to the ground. In seconds, the powerful electric bolt hurtled out and zipped straight for the water type.

"Alright Togekiss, aid!" The blonde trainer commanded once more.

Once Togekiss had finished its goal to ram Gardevoir in a surprise attack, it did a u-turn in mid air and flew towards Gallade. Just before Gallade had hit the ground, Togekiss glided underneath it, catching its partner on its back and once again ascending upwards into the open air of the dome.
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Previously Sarah316
Gardevoir had been knocked back by the surprise Sky Attack as Mary cursed at herself mentally for forgetting to keep her focus on both Gallade & Togekiss. Such a rookie mistake to make in the finals, but Mary had little time to dwell on that.

Mary saw the incoming electric attack targeted her Milotic as she needed to do something to save her partner as she tried to quickly think of a way out of this situation. Eventually, and fortunately for her rather quickly, she came up with an idea and aimed to respond quickly as the attack closed in.

"Milotic use Surf!"

Milotic generated a large wall of water in front of it which blocked the Thunderbolt and the debris of the destroyed ice just before they made contact with the water type. The electricity dispersed as the water gained mass and soon a giant tidal wave that began to move towards Togekiss & Gallade; the wave seemed just tall enough to look down on the pair even in the air. Though Mary was far from content to perform a basic attack like that as she noted Gardevoir had recovered from the Sky Attack.

"Use Dazzling Gleam on the Surf Gardevoir!"

Gardevoir gathered the, well dazzling, energy before she fired the multiple rays of light at the Surf. The Surf soon began to mix in with the energy of the dazzling gleam as the lights caused wave to change into multiple vibrant colors; almost like a rainbow wave, that soon broke apart as dozens & dozens of sparkling, dazzling colored water shots that rained down like bullets. Seemed that Mary had managed to bring down a dazzling shower using the surf in combination as she hoped to cover as much of the side that Gallade & Togekiss were on as possible.

During this, Milotic moved back next to Gardevoir as they were both safe on the other side of the dazzling shower and waited to see what their opposition would do to answer.
"Alright, up you two go! Carve through with Safeguard!" Platinum commanded, watching as the large, colorful wave began growing larger and larger.

Togekiss was in the air, Gallade hitching a ride on its back, so ultimately even with the giant Surf heading their way, they were at the advantage once again. The shining body of water was coming in too fast to simply fly around, hence Platinum's call for a direct cut through. Togekiss then began flying straight towards the thinner top half of the tidal wave, closing its eyes. Safeguard was then activated, Togekiss beginning to gain a bright teal aura mystically surrounding its white coat.

Moving at high speeds, the pair dove straight through the bottom half of the Surf and emerged through the top. The dazzling colors of the wave momentarily fused with Togekiss's aura as they phased through, causing a light hue that fell second only to stars themselves to momentarily surround both the flying and fighting type. Soon, the wave itself broke apart and rained down on the area, leaving puddles on the battle stage. Smart, as that left room for slipping and mistakes whenever the battle would be ground-based again.

Platinum took note that Milotic and Gardevoir were still comfortably standing on their side of the stage. Looks like he would need to try his hand at even more methods to cause some disfunction on their end.

"Time for the combo we practiced! Togekiss, rapid Aura Spheres downwards, Gallade, Nightslash!"

He had to be very careful with this set of attacks due to the opposing Pokemon. Gallade's counterpart evolution was a Psychic and Fairy Type, both categories that were quite effective against Fighting. However, thankfully, Platinum would be able to utilize the only Dark Type move Gallade knew that would deal a good amount of damage if it hit. The move was risky as he had only used it once before... but nonetheless, this was the perfect opportunity and he had to take it.

Immediately, Togekiss chirped and sequentially shot out 3 bright blue orbs of energy from its mouth. The 3 orbs began to rotate eachother in synchronization as they hurdled down towards Mary's Pokemon. Gallade, in turn, leaped forwards from his air-borne partner's back. Pinpointing his body in a needle like position, Gallade began descending down in the center of the rotating Aura Spheres, heading for Milotic and Gardevoir. Gallade began charging up purple-ish dark energy that surrounded his armblades, leaving a trail of flame-like shadows behind the barrage of moves as they zipped downwards from the sky.


Previously Sarah316
Mary saw the pair as the Gallade with the Aura Spheres around it and knew she had to answer quickly. And since Platinum decided to strike with a combination move, Mary knew she had to answer with one of her own.

"Milotic! Use Aqua Tail on Gallade!"

Mary called out as the Milotic nodded before it jumped in the air towards the Gallade before its tail became coated in water as a collision seemed all but imminent between the two, though before that could happen Mary was ready to add on to her plan.

"Gardevoir! Use Dazzling Gleam on Milotic's tail and the Aura Spheres!"

Gardevoir gave a nod as it generated dazzling fairy energy before she fired multiple beams at the intended targets. First where the Aura Spheres around the Gallade as the Dazzling Gleam struck each one which soon caused the spheres to explode and leave behind sparkling fireworks in their place as soon enough the spheres around Gallade were gone which just left it to charge at the Milotic and vice versa.

Though when the beams of the Dazzling Gleam struck Milotic's Aqua Tail, it had a different reaction. As the energy and vibrant colors of the Dazzling Gleam mixed with the water around Milotic's tail as soon enough the Aqua Tail shinned with rainbow colors and seemed to leave a sparkling trail behind it as it raced towards the Gallade ready to deliver a powerful strike across its face.

"Gardevoir! Use Psyche in the broken ice debris. Let's knock Togekiss out of the sky!"

Though even then, Mary seemed far from done as she turned her attention towards the Togekiss as she trusted Milotic to handle Gallade. Gardevoir nodded as its eyes began to glow and the psychic energy covered as many of the broken bits or chunks of ice debris from when Gallade destroyed the ice walls as they began to float up in the air. Though they would only float for a moment as Gardevoir locked in on the Togekiss before it shoot the ice chunks high into the air as the aim was clear; to pelt the Togekiss with the ice debris barrage and try to knock it out of the air. Though naturally being a contest, Mary made sure to have Gardevoir move the ice chunks in a rather dazzling flight pattern to add to the style of it all as they raced towards Togekiss.
Gallade and Milotic had both crashed into each other as the Night Slash and Aqua Tail met with a tremendous amount of force. This caused the energies to implode, the knock-back causing Gallade to be sent flying a decent amount of space back. But before hitting the ground, he was able to recompose himself and land on to the floor with a spinning rotation, quickly getting back into fighting stance. His arms were sore and that was obvious, but the Fighting type still had the ability to stand decently firmed - much to Platinum's relief.

Meanwhile in the air, Togekiss took notice to the chunks of ice flying its way, and began to perform many loops and dives in order to evade the attacks. Although its wings allowed it to avoid a good majority of the ice shards, a good few pieces of debris managed to scrape by its skin, beginning to bring more pain overtime. Eventually it began to fly lower to the ground, picking up traction of speed. Platinum watched as he assessed his current situation, and worked to figure out tactics that could help him gain an upperhand in the battle. It became clear to him that they would have to face Gardevoir head on, as he had only seen the psychic type deploy problematic range attacks. Perhaps a more intimate fight would be preferable.

"Okay Togekiss, Aura Sphere followed up with Air Slash! Gallade, lets see another sharp Magical Leaf!" The boy called, hoping his attempts would not serve as futile.

The Jubilee Pokemon continued flying low to the ground and towards Gardevoir. Gallade than left behind Milotic and began dashing quickly beside its flying partner. Furrowing its brows, Togekiss as it shot out another bright orb of energy. The fighting move surged forwards to Gardevoir. Soon after, the bird performed a quick spin with its wings spread, releasing a couple waves of sharp energy. The air blades shot out and sliced the Aura Sphere precisely in half. Both halves separated a bit, but remained on course for Gardevoir. Once much closer to Gardevoir, Gallade simply leaped straight upwards and began hurling a wave of colorful, razor sharp leaves. The magical leaves moved much faster than the Aura Spheres, surrounding both halves. All that could be seen amidst the colorful array of leaves were two teal sources of illuminating blue.

The combo was shot almost at point blank, so Platinum hoped it was enough devastation to land a hit, or cause Milotic to get mixed in the battle as well, forcing both of them to be near each other again.


Previously Sarah316
Mary's eyes widened as she saw the combination attack head right for her Gardevoir; she realized that Gardevoir had no time to dodge and the fact that even Protect on its own would not be enough to protect against the full force of this combo strike. Time seemed to slow in her mind as she tried to think of a solution to this before one idea popped in her head which might just work but she had to hurry.

"Milotic! Use a bit Hydro Pump on Gardevoir! Gardevoir use Protect!"

Gardevoir quickly formed the protective barrier of energy around itself as Milotic fired a large stream of water from its mouth at its partner; the stream so big it actually surrounded Gardevoir'd barrier which in turn protected it from the force of the Hydro Pump which soon struck the combo attack ahead of it.

Though the Hydro Pump had not done nothing to Gardevoir; as the sheet force of the attack actually pushed Gardevoir and the Protect barrier around it forward as it soon crashed into the combination attack. The Hydro Pump not only pushed against the combo strike, but actually pushed Gardevoir's Protect against it as well making it act as a battering ram.

The two combo strikes pushed against each other with tremendous force, so it was inevitable that something had to give.

And it gave with a tremendous explosion that created a large smoke cloud where the attacks clashed. In moments, Gardveoir stood tall; as the Protect had done well to block out most of the force but the sheer strength of the clashing attacks did cause some visible damage.

"You okay Gardevoir?" Mary asked with concern.

"Gard!" Gardevoir said with a small smile and a nod. That served as reassurance enough as Mary decided to fire a counter attack as she had Milotic move next to Gardevoir.

"Milotic use Ice Beam!"

Milotic fired the frosty stream of energy as it began to freeze sections of the ground and, much like before, build up form ice structures & walls around the field. Though unlike last time, the barriers had not been used to separate the Gallde & Togekiss but rather create an ice field with several ice structures and walls all around them. With Milotic done Mary enacted the next part of her plan.

"Gardevoir use Moonblast on the ice!"

Gardevoir gave a nod as she charged up the Fairy-type attack and fired it, not at Gallade or Togekiss, but rather at one of the ice wall as the energetic light bounced off the reflective surface to another wall...and another wall, and another wall. The light moved all around the field as it created a dazzling light show though the attack had yet to strike Gallade or Togekiss

That changed when the Moonblast bounced off an ice wall behind Gallade & Togekiss before it shot at them as Mary tried to have the redirected blast strike the pair from behind.
"Aura Sphere!" Platinum immediately called, panicking.

He hadn't actually thought the command through, he had just seen the Moonblast rapidly making rounds around the battle field, moving quickly in unpredictable patterns. So when he finally saw that his team was the direct destination for the fairy move, he commanded whatever attack he knew could stop it in its place.

Togekiss's mouth instantly began glowing as it pivoted on its pointed toes, facing the blast that had been coming up behind them. The luminescent teal sphere was fired point blank at the pink orb, stopping it in its tracks. This blending of attacks caused an explosion of cotton candy-esq hues to spark and emit throughout the area. Those points would definitely go to Mary for causing Platinum to noticeably panic like that, dang it. Something had to be done about the ice structures once again, as Platinum would continue to have difficulties to deploy his Pokemon, who both rely on mobile movement.

Looking to the side, Platinum's eyes widened as he took note of the jumbo screen's clock having little less than a minute left for the battle. The blonde Coordinator drew in a deep breathe, preparing to call out what could be his final commands.

"Togekiss, get Gallade up once more! Gallade, Thunderbolt, followed by a final Psycho Cut!"


"Kis, Kis!"

The tall fighting type gripped one of Togekiss's grand wings, and the two began soaring upwards. Togekiss executed a single flip in the air, tossing Gallade up even higher. Gallade was curled up, rotating numerous time mid-air before finally spreading out its body in a star formation facing downwards. He grunted as astonishing electricity rapidly gathered around his chest, and finally burst forth. Various bolts of golden lightning shot down and separated, almost resembling a spider's delicate, yet entrapping web. Each individual bolt surged and clashed with the different glacial structures on the battle field, resulting in another array of smoke and aftershock lingering in the air.

This was exactly what Platinum needed, another smoke screen.

As Gallade began falling back down to earth, Togekiss had flown directly beneath him - whom Gallade only used a bounce pad. Landing briefly on to the back of Togekiss, Gallade soon defied gravity once more by leaping back into the air in a diagonal angle. His arms then began glowing brightly as he commenced spinning with the speed of a drill. An uncountable amount of sharp, glowing vermillion disks then pelted down towards the general vicinity in which Gardevoir and Milotic were - thanks to Platinum's successful plan in getting them near each other again.

The psychic blades rained down upon the dark cloud, hopefully hitting the opposing Pokemon head-on due the sight blockage from the smoke.

Gallade hitched a ride on Togekiss once more as they glided back down to the field, slowly landing on Platinum's side of the arena as they examined the scene before them, awaiting to see the results.


Previously Sarah316
Mary scowled a bit as she saw her ice structures had, once again, been broken down to bits thanks to that Gallade as this time smoke covered the area which made it a little tougher to see. Clever, and this likely was gonna play a factor in the scoring as Platinum displayed crafty tactics time and again during this battle.


Milotic's cry as one of the psychic discs struck it through the smoke caught Mary's attention as the water-type had been struck by the attack which soon happened to Gardevoir as well as Mary cursed and ordered her Pokemon to dodge. Mary knew she had to act quickly; with the little time left combined with the unseen aspect of Platinum's attack due to the smoke if she did not act soon then Platinum would run away with this in the final moments. Something she could not allow to happen.

"Gardevoir! Prepare Dazzling Gleam and use your psychic power to track the attacks! There must be some energy they have, try to focus on that!"

Gardevoir gave a nod before it closed her eyes to focus. Sure enough, it managed to pick up on the psychic energy of Gallade that it used for the discs as it was able to see them in its mental landscape even among the smoke. As such Gardevoir began to gracefully dodge the attacks even while its eyes were closed as it began to channel energy to prepare a Dazzling Gleam though Mary was far from done.

"Milotic move behind Gardevoir and use Ice Beam on Gardevoir's Dazzling Gleam!"

Milotic quickly slithered behind Gardevoir as it fired a beam of ice at the rainbow energy Gardevoir gathered before Gardevoir fired the now frozen streams of ice in all directions. Each chunk of rainbow colored ice clashed with one of the psychic discs which caused an explosion that blew away some of the smoke and caused a little bit of glittering bits of ice to fall to the stage floor. This process was repeated again, and again, and again and soon enough the various clashes between the ice-cold Dazzling Gleam streams against the psychic discs cleared the stage of the smoke as Mary glanced up at the clock and saw that time was almost up!

Darn it, almost out of time! If I can get off one more combo attack, just one more maybe...

"Milotic use Bubble Beam! Gardevoir use Psyshock!"

Gardevoir fired a stream of purple energy aimed right for Gallade & Togekiss while Milotic fired dozens of bubbles the circled and moved around the Psychock as Mary hoped to get this last combo attack in before time ran out on her. This was perhaps her final chance to get some points and each one was vital.
"And that's time~!!!"

Lisa echoed throughout the large dome. That immediately signaled the end of the battle, as all attacks were stopped and the timer had met the finalized '0:00'.

Chills could be felt down everyone's spines as the final battle came to such an unexpectedly abrupt ending. Amidst the thunderous chanting and applause for both Coordinators, thousands of heads turn straight towards the scoreboard, eager to see what would come of the immense display of strength and beauty that they had all just witnessed. Even Lisa herself turned around to gaze upon the final score, seeing as this was truly anyone's victory.

Everyone quieted down only for mere seconds as both Mary and Platinum's face appeared on the jumbo screen with circular yellow points surrounding their image. There was a dead quiet before the audience erupted with shouts and applause as...........

@Platinum_ 's face was seen retaining more points over Mary.

"Congratulations to Platinum Summers - Our Sinnoh Top Coordinator!!!!" Lisa called through the mic, throwing her arms high in the air.

Immediately, confetti of all kinds of colors and small fireworks were shot into the air, his face protruding on to the gigantic screen with images of Gallade, Togekiss, Glaceon, and Dragonair displayed as well.

"Mary, you did an absolutely amazing job and we are so very thankful you have competed in the Festival and showed every single person that talent you and your Pokemon have!! We hope you grace us again and join next time!"

All of the judges lined up on the platform as the results and comments were then shown on the jumbo screen.


Judge #1

☆ Platinum = 25 points remaining.
"This was a fantastic performance. Stunning combos that were clearly thought out and written/described nicely. Some hesitation at some parts, but for the majority of the battle you did very well! This was a close one as I feel like you and your opponent both put a lot of effort into this match!"
☆ Mary = 20 points remaining.
"Great combinations! A lot of the time you seemed panic-y in your attacks, but you managed to hold your own and put up a good fight! I was impressed by the defensive mechanisms you had your Pokemon perform. This was a close one as I feel like you and your opponent both put a lot of effort into this match!"


Judge #2

☆ Platinum = 34 points remaining.
"I am very impressed! It seems that Contest styled battling (*descriptive writing*) comes so naturally for you! The factor that sold it for me was your tactics of keeping Gallade and Togekiss together as partners, succeeding on each others actions and movesets. Your attacks are some of the most creative I have ever seen (in Contest RPS)! Advice: Sometimes you were a tad repetitive, but I think you started to realize that and corrected it fast."
☆ Mary = 10 points remaining.
"I really enjoyed Your use of Gardevoir for both offensive and defensive appeals against your opponent! Your powerhouse moves faired quite well. If I were to offer advice: try to stray away from using the same moves too repetitively. This whole thing is about creativity, try to branch out and bring out more versatile combinations! (No move limit was set for the RP, so I would've liked to see perhaps a wider range of moves, and more illustration)."

Judge #3

☆ Mary = 41 points remaining.
"Absolutely love your choice of Milotic and Gardevoir. These two Pokemon are both beautiful and compliment eachother great (even though there were a lot more opportunities to descriptively display their beauty). Your colorful moves did the job for me.... the glistening Surf was genius!"
☆ Platinum = 20 points remaining.
"Your team work was the most admiring for me. You performed in almost the way I feel like a 'perfect' Grand Festival battle would play out...using your Pokemon to work as a team while also analyzing & controlling where your enemies move. I scored Mary higher because I feel like you could have maybe involved more counter attacks and come-backs."


Judge #4

☆ Platinum = 19 points remaining.
"As per usual, you have impressed me the most throughout this Festival. (Your writing was incredibly descriptive and I could almost see it exactly like how a canon Grand Festival battle would go). My personal favorite aspects were the way you used Gallade, a Pokemon with no flying capabilities at all, to serve very effectively in the air through the use of Togekiss. As well as how you used Gallade to decorate Togekiss's moves and amplify their power!"
☆ Mary = 8 points remaining.
"Nice Nice Nice!:up: You definitely fought hard. Personally I feel like you could have tried some new fresh moves/combos instead of the same type of attacks from your older battles. Other than not branching out your pokemon's move sets, everything else was good! Your attacks were done well and I enjoyed the rainbow colors. For a Finals battle, you did well!!"


Platinum was then ushered on to the platform alongside the judges and Lisa, all facing the rolling cameras and front half of the stadium's spectators. A long, maroon cape with white feather lining was draped over his shoulders, and the sizeable golden Ribbon Cup was placed in his arms. The Judges came by and each shook his hand one by one, congratulating him.

The audience only grew louder with their enthusiasm, both for Platinum's triumph and for Mary's efforts, who did incredibly commendable as well.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH to every single Coordinator that came, appealed, and showed off their tremendous skills. Without them, the world of performing wouldn't be the same! From the Pokemon Coordination Commitee to you, we hope you have enjoyed this year's festivities and excitement! Thank you for showing interest and for tuning in to support your favorites!"
I would also like to thank all of my beautiful Judges (who still wish to remain anonymous) for working with me and doing their best to ensure stable, enjoyable, unbiased, and realistic scores for the RP.

"Well, my name is Lisa, and I will see you all back here-- next year!"
Platinum was in complete and utter.... shock. He was dazed, but in the most amazing way possible.

As soon as the battle had ended, he had turned quickly to see the score screen whenever he heard Lisa clearly announce the ended the battle. The battle had caused his heart to race all the way from the beginning to the complete end, and it continued pounding as he awaited those few intensifying seconds for the results. What happened next blew his mind.

He had actually done it, and managed to win! Gallade and Togekiss had pulled through, and the two Pokemon had burst into calls of joy as Platinum stood there processing everything. Quickly enough, the realization had settled within him, and a large smile grew on to his face, followed by the grappling of both of his Pokemon into a huge hug.

"W-We did it you guys!" The blonde called, sounding like the cheesy, happy child that he was.

After jumping for joy for a couple of moments, Platinum took a step towards Mary to shake her hand.

"That was such an incredible battle - you definitely did not go down easy. It was an honor to face against you!" He spoke.

He then began to be guided to the lifted platform, his heart only began pounding faster as he was engulfed by a long felt cloak, shortly followed by his hands suddenly gripping the golden trophy cup that he had been fighting for so badly all year. He admired its carved golden surface and shining red gem in the center, seeing both his and Gallade & Togekiss' own awe-struck faces in the reflection.

Platinum shook hands with each of the judges, who he in turn thanked with much gratitude. His dream had come true, and it was all because of his team. He hoped that this would only lead to inspire more and more people within Sinnoh, and that he had been able to make those that supported him proud.

He took one last jump along side his Pokemon, with the largest smile on his face, laughing and happily waving to the crowds before him.