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Ask to Join The Kanto Journey

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Coletrane Blalock slowly got up from his bed, wiping his eyes. "Ho boy.. It's about time." He stood up and went to the bathroom, where he did his morning ritual. He put on his signature outfit, the black with green setup matching nicely with the pokemon he was planning on picking, and walked down. His mother was away, on some business trip for work. His father was probably out training somewhere in the region. Cole only saw him on important occasions.

Cole fixed himself breakfast, some bacon and eggs, nothing too complicated. He fancied himself as a decent cook, able to feed himself with things he was given, but he doubted he could ever cook food found in the wild. That wasn't a major problem, though. He didn't plan on being away from cities too long. He finished his plate and put the dish in the sink, rinsing it off so the eggs did not stick. He walked outside, into the fresh air of Pallet Town. He walked to the lab, slowly but surely.

Hmm.. I can't wait to get my Bulbasaur. Even though I've been told that Charmander and Squirtle are both better options, something about having a grass/poison type just gets me excited. And, he can support by using status moves. He's also very tanky. An all around solid choice.

He entered the lab to find the professor not in there, but it wasn't a problem. He was hardly ever in there, and was usually late to appointments. And besides, Cole was pretty sure he had some more people coming to get pokemon too, so he figured they would arrive before the professor. Still, Cole was surprised he was the first one there.
Maxime woke up around the same time Cole did. Glancing over at his alarm clock, he cursed himself under his breath. "I must have forgotten to set it last night," he said, annoyed. He meant to get up much earlier so he'd have more time to get ready, but he'd have to work with the time he had. He got up, and put on the outfit he put on a shelf the night before. It was a white, long-sleeved shirt, with a plaid jacket, and blue jeans. After grabbing his backpack, which he packed also the night before, he walked downstairs and put a package of oatmeal in the microwave.

Maxime's parents were already at work, both of them leaving very early, and returning very late each day.It didn't bother him too much. He got used to it very quickly. He didn't need their help for much anyway. Over the years, he'd taught himself to cook all of his meals, with the help of the internet, of course, and almost everything else he needed. He could most likely manage the house on his own if he wanted to.
Once the oatmeal was done, He took it from the microwave, and ate about three quarters of it. He was never the biggest eater. He didn't really have to be with how small he was.

Now that he was fed enough to be able to walk, he strolled outside, and walked to Professor Oaks lab. Maxime always looked up to the Professor. Truthfully, Maxime was more excited to meet him than his new starter pokemon. Of course, he already new what started pokemon he was going to choose. He wanted Squirtle. He had analyzed the three starter pokemon for weeks, studying every single pro and con of each until he finally decided that statically, squirtle was the best choice. Now at the front door of the professor's lab, he let himself in, but to his surprise, the Proffessor wasn't their. There was, however, another person waiting to receive the companion that would mark the start of the journey. Maxime didn't know who this person was, but decided not to ask, but instead simply wait for the Professor to arrive.
Angelina Hale let out a yawn as she awoke from her slumber. Her eyes darted over to the window in her room to see sunlight creeping through the blinds. 'Morning already?' She thought as she rubbed her eyes. 'When did I go to sleep? I don't remember-'Angel stopped her train of thought as she realized she was, in fact, not in her bed, but in her computer chair.

"Oh, shoot..." Angel murmured aloud. She looked at the time on her computer screen to see that she was, in fact, not late. "Oh, thank Mew..." She immediately got up and slid on the nearest jacket, her violet one, and her gloves. She had everything else on, she intended to sleep in her clothes the night prior, but she must've stayed up later than intended and crashed. She ran down the stairs of her home, grabbing her backpack on the way. Before she ran out of her house, Angel grabbed a bagel from the fridge.

By the time Angel arrived, only two people were inside, neither of which were the Professor. This caused the girl to sigh in relief. "Whew, not late then, alright. Hey there!" She greeted the other two as she walked in.
Cole looked at the boy who walked in, and was going to say something if he had, but he didn't. Cole sat, eyeing the boy. He doesn't look like much. Almost like he is sick. I wonder if he's okay. He was about to ask something, but then a girl walked inside, seeming surprised.

Cole stared at the girl very quizzically. She had one green eye, and one blue eye. It was nice to look at, but he wasn't sure what could have caused that. Maybe she was just wearing contacts? He pondered this for a moment until he realized he was staring. "Oh, uh, sorry. Hi there." Was all he could say. He began to get somewhat nervous, wondering who this person was, and if she was here for a pokemon, just like him and maybe the other guy. Would they all go on an adventure together, maybe? It seemed unlikely, but he knew it was possible. Oak had always liked sending out people on adventures together. He said it completed the pokedex faster, and gave companionship on tough travels. Cole somewhat agreed, but he had no idea who these people were. Cole probably would have met them, considering they lived in the same town, but he was also constantly away. From the looks of the other boy, Cole doubted he went out much. But still, it was a wonder how they hadn't met.
As soon as the first ring sounded from the blaring alarm on top of his desk, Jackson slammed his hand on top of it to seize the noises. "Nope." is all he said before turning it off and falling back asleep. Moments later he woke up with a jerk, he glared at the alarm before puffing his cheeks- today was the day. It excited him, sure, but he didn't see the need to make the appointment so early in the morning. He stood reluctantly, using his bed to stable himself as he rubbed the sleep form his bright golden gaze. He then let out an exaggerated sigh before walking to his closet and getting changed to the same outfit he always wore- he wasn't exactly open to diversity in his life. Jack then brushed his hair and teeth before heading down the stairs.He knew his mother wouldn't be home, she rarely was. She liked to get up early, didn't have a job or anything, just liked to be out of the house; Jackson never understood that about her. With a shrug he open the refrigerator before deciding it wasn't worth it and closing it without taking breakfast. Jackson hovered around his home for an extra second before walking out, the lab was a town over from his own so it would be a decent walk.
By the time Jackson arrived at the lab, he was tired of walking and anything else for that matter. Walking into the building he was stopped at the door. It was a 'pull' door that he pushed, he shoved it again with no result. With a growl Jack pushed the door several more times, he then took a step backwards and flipped the door off. Walking around the building, Jackson climbed into a window- low enough that he didn't have much trouble. It probably looked odd to anyone else but Jackson would rather use the window than submit to that door. Brushing off his clothes and fixing his hair, Jack looked up to see a couple of other trainers... but no professor causing him to curse under his breath. All that effort for nothing.
To be honest, Angel had no idea what the boy was apologizing to her for, but decided to accept the apology anyway. "Oh, not a prob-" Angel cut herself off as she saw someone else climbing in through a window in the lab. He seemed to be about their age, so that reassured her a bit, at least. "-lem." She finished after a moment. "Hey, buddy, you know the door is unlocked, right?" She asked. 'Maybe he didn't realize the door was unlocked? Oh well, I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned about.'
Cole turned around, looking at the guy coming in, and looking back to the door. "Yeah, it's unlocked... You okay?" He asked, wondering what this person was doing, climbing in a window like that. Not really concerned about him though, he turned back to the girl. "Oh, uh, Hi, again. I'm Cole. You are?" He asked, again confused as to why he hadn't seen her before. He was staring again, wondering about her eyes. He quickly moved his eyes once he realized it, attempting not to be rude. Maybe it's natural. But I've got to stop staring, she probably thinks I'm some creep. Ugh. Cole looked around some more, wondering where the professor might be. "Man, the professor sure is late today. As usual."
Jackson mused on both the other trainer's questions, he then examined the window thoroughly before shrugging. He glared at the door before moving his yellow gaze back to the group of people who had gathered. "Damn, the old guy still isn't here." he muttered before looking around in search of a clock, but he gave up the search quickly after deciding he didn't really care what time it was. Two of the kids were already conversing, the other seemed to prefer keeping to himself. Jack didn't answer the questions directed at him, deeming them dumb and unnecessary.
With a sigh, Jackson heaved himself to the nearest wall before leaning against it- he wondered what starter they all wanted. He didn't really find it important, he knew he'd be able to beat them no matter what. Actually, he hadn't put much research into receiving his pokemon- he just wanted the strongest, whatever that was.
"I will..." A yawn muffled the voice for a second. "Defeat you...!" Kayla murmured to herself in her sleep. "...You beeping piece of - Oh. Whoops." The girl who was previously deep asleep in a dream where she was apparently trying to defeat her alarm clock leaped out of her bed like a kangaroo and snatched her alarm clock, sleepily peering at the time. "Damn it! Again!" She yelled as she burst through her bedroom door and sprinted down the stairs at full speed. While she ran down the stairs she grabbed her clothes off the railing, where she had put them to keep them safe from herself. "This unorganised female should not have legal rights to leaving her clothes in her bedroom, where she will accidentally leave them on the floor leading to clothes abuse, the trampling on them as she walks over the poor clothes!" She imagined in her head as a court hammer sound echoed through her mind.
She was pretty weird.

After giggling to herself and leaping off the stairs at five stairs tall because she was very childish, she ran into the kitchen, swinging open the fridge door as she pulled out a prepared sandwich. She wasn't this organised - her mum had told her to do it. Thank god for her. Closing the fridge door, Kayla then proceeded to jam the sandwich into her mouth while running back up the stairs. She wasn't sure why but she imagined a secret hidden trapdoor in the stairs that would one day trigger when she stood on it and trap her inside the stairs. Don't let this girl's mind run wild, there will be dangerous consequences.

Once she had changed into her daily wear she went back down the stairs once again, picking up her backpack and putting on her shoes before running out of the house. She grinned excitedly, although she was a bit upset. Her parents both had jobs on the Orange Islands, so they were far away. They were gone for consecutive days at a time before returning home, which made Kayla pretty upset, and to be honest, lonely. She was excited for her journey to make friends and bond with her Pokemon. That wasn't the full reason she was going on this journey though, obviously. Kayla sprinted through Pallet Town, her hair flying in the wind behind her. Pallet Town was really nice and peaceful - a cosy little town. She loved living there.

She eventually made it to the lab, hoping she was not late. She wasn't exactly sure what starter she wanted - heck, she didn't even know what they were. She opened the doors with her eyebrow raised slightly, peeking in to see if the professor was in. Nope. Instead, there were four other people - a girl with two different coloured eyes, which she thought were really cool, a guy leaning against a wall, another guy saying about the professor being late as usual and yet another guy who was waiting for the professor. She walked in a little awkwardly, standing away from everybody. "I'm not late, right?" She asked with worry. She knew she wasn't, but she just wanted to make sure.
"Oh, right, sorry for not introducing myself earlier," Angel started. "My full name is Angelina Hale, but you can just call me Angel." She introduced, giving a small mock-bow as she did so. "I just moved here a couple days ago, and I like to get settled in before I go to meet new people," Angel explained with a shrug. Her dual-colored eyes darted over to the door as it opened, and another girl was inside, asking if she was late. "No, the Professor isn't even here yet, so you're good."