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Open The Kanto Journey

In the world of pokémon, humans and pokémon have lived on earth in balance. Pokémon have helped humans a lot through the years, and many humans can become trainers and use pokemon for good or evil. At this time, humans at the age of 10-13 can get their first pokémon, and become trainers. These trainers can choose among five starter pokémon as their starters. Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Eevee. Many beginning trainers will go to Professor Oak's lab, and get a pokémon. It is first come, first serve, so trainers must go early to get their pokémon.

Almond was a average 11 year old with black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. He woke up and got ready to go to Professor Oak's lab. He put on a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans. He ran down and tried to quickly eat what his mother made. "Wow you really want a pokémon, don't you?" He nodded, continuing to quickly eat his cereal. "Well, you better get going, they are starting to form a line." She said, glancing out the window. He nodded, running to put his shoes, jacket, and backpack on. Almond finally said bye to his mom, and ran to Professor Oaks lab.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
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Eitan woke up in excitement, he has been waiting a several months until he could pick up his starter, and this day is today.
The 10 years and 6 months boy fast went to change his clothes, he put on a yellow shirt, black pants and shoes, he then went to the bathroom.
He combed his deep brown hair hair and bruahed his teeth as fast as he can, he didnt want to be the last to choose.
His blue-green eyes were sparkling as he went down the stairs to the house entry.
"Mom! Im leaving to get my partner!" Eitan shouted and almost leaved, "what about the breakfast?" The mother questioned from the kitchen that was in the same floor as the entrance, "i will come back soon with my new partner, then i could do a special breakfast" eitan answered, "okay, have fun!" His mom replied, there was a little worry in her tone but eitan didnt notice, after the mother reply eitan leaved the house.
"I can wait to get my partner" eitan said cheerfully to himself, he didnt know what the starters going to be but he didnt care, he wasnt planning of choosing his partner either.
His green-blue eyes sparkled in excitement as he was thinking on the adventure he would go through, he was to overjoyed that he couldn't wait to see the starters, but unfortunately the professor isnt leaving in eitan's hometown so he had to go through a forest before he could reach the professor's lab.
eitan start running happily and carefully at the route, he was trying to not mess with the pokemons that are living in the forest but he still jumped with joy as he ran, he continued to run excitly until he would reach the lab.
Oliver woke up to his older brother shaking him like a mad-man. "HEY!!! OLLIE!!!!! WAKE UP, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE YOUR FIRST POKEMON!!!!" Thomas yelled at him, causing Oliver to groan and sit up. " Sheesh Thomas.... you haven't acted like this since you got YOUR starter..." Oliver stated, as a Joltean walked into the room. " Whatever! You better get going! The Pokemon may run out! " Thomas said quickly. " I was lucky enough to get Spike when he was an Eevee and... " " I know the story bro! I'll go right now! " Oliver yelled, grabbing his backpack and running out the door. He didn't know what Pokemon to get, but he had some kind of idea which one.
Almond finally arrived at Professor Oak's lab. He stood proudly and wiped some milk off his cheek. "PROFESSOR OAK! ANYBODY?" Almond shouted. "Oh, im very sorry, I thought there was nobody left." Professor Oak walked down, holding a checklist. "I Have a good supply of pokémon left."
Almond thought hard about what pokémon he should pick, he knew they were all good pokémon, but he couldn't tell what to decide on. He finally figured which one to pick. "I pick Charmander!" he shouted. "A good choice, what is your name?" Professor Oak asked.
"Well Almond, i will get you a pokédex, your Charmander, and a trainer I.D."
Oliver walked into the lab, seeing Almond and the professor. " Um...hey! I'm here to get a Pokemon! " He thought for a bit, then realized something, and decided to do it. "...Everyone says Bulbasaur is the worst starter. I don't care about that. I want to give it a turn. So....I choose.....Bulbasaur!" He said , filled with excitement

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Eitan continued to run, "i feel like this forest would never end" he said to himself and stopped, it looked around and it was look like he completely lost.
Eitan start to panic and start running through the trees, he made a lot of noice and annoyed a lot of pokemons on the way, but none of the pokemons was fast enough to complain.
"Im late! Im late!" He told himself as he ran, he start to speed up more and more.
After a minute he ran out of the forest, running toward the lab, "im late! Im lateee!" He continued telling himself.
He almost smashed info oliver and almond but he manage to stop before he doing that.
"Sorry... That.... I..am....late" eitan huffed, after the prof. Said its fine eitan was about to choose, but instead he only sat down.
He was waiting for the pokemon to choose him and not that he would choose you, after a few seconds the eevee on the table came to eitan and start nuzzling him with no reason.
"I guess youre going to be my partner right?" Eitan questioned the little eevee, "ee-vee!" The eevee said happily and nodded.
Miles was waiting just across the street from the professors lab. In his right hand, he clutched a pokeball. In his left, a pokedex. His mother worked at Oak's lab as an aide, which gave Miles access to his starter pokemon before the building was even open to the public. He grinned somewhat menacingly as he gazed with his hazel eyes some peculiar trainers walk in one by one to start their journey. Clad in a red letterman-jacket (A hand-me-down from his older brother), ripped jeans, and a pair of fresh white tennis shoes, Miles made his way across the street and into the lab to get a taste of his first inevitable victory, at least in his mind.

Miles was tan and sported brown hair which he always wore in a beanie, so that all that people could see of his hair was his bangs. He ignored the line of other trainers and ignored them as he walked towards the professor's table, acting as if he had some sort of priority in the lab. He saw three trainers, with an Eevee, Charmander, and Bulbasaur each. Miles's own pokemon, Squirtle, was kept in his pokeball. Miles thought the only time pokemon should be out of their balls is for battle. "Heh, the first thing I'd do once I got my pokemon is to look for others to fight with to become stronger, naturally of course." He laughed arrogantly, "And yet you guys decide to waste your time still standing here and doing trivial things, such as talking to your pokemon." He stared right into Eithan's eyes, smirking at him. "Y'know what? I don't really see myself as a generous person, but I guess I'll do one of ya a huge favor. Which one of you would like the honor of battling me to make their pokemon become stronger?" His arrogant and rude personality shined through every word that came out of his mouth. "The name's Miles, by the way. But you were bound to know it sooner or later, because me? I'm gonna go places, you'll see my name at the Indigo Plateau one day! Now is someone gonna accept my challenge or do I need to play "Eeny-meeny-minnie-mo" here?"
"I can battle!" Oliver said cheerfully, sending out Bulbasaur. " I would be nice to spend time with Spot! " He said happily, as Spot nodded, sitting next to Oliver's leg.
"Hmm... I will!" Almond said. Almond knew it was dumb to fight if he had just met his pokémon, but he knew to grow as a trainer he to at least fight once. Almond used to watch pokémon battles on TV, and remembered how chaotic some of them were, however he assured himself that it wouldn't be like that. "You can do it Charmander, i believe in you, so believe in yourself!" He said. "Char!" Charmander said. Charmander finally walked forward, ready to fight.
Miles was a taken by a slight surprise to see that the trainers were actually taking him up on his offer. "Heh, what losers." He thought, "I guess they'll agree with whatever I say." Two trainers were eager to have their first battle right in front of him, he could choose only one though. Miles didn't really care who he fought as he genuinely thought that he would be the winner regardless, but seeing as how the Charmander was already walking forward, ready to fight, Miles decided that Almond would be his opponent.

He pointed to Almond, "You. You're the lucky trainer!" he then began to talk to the group as a whole, "Alright you two, take notes. I'm going to show you how to properly win in a pokemon battle! Go, Squirtle!" He cried out as he threw his pokeball out to release the tiny turtle. Squirtle appeared to look just as arrogant and determined to win as its trainer and stared down its opponent with a menacing grin.
"Use Bubble!"
Squirtle instantly took action upon hearing Miles's command. He spewed out a cluster of bubbles in a circle around itself as to make some sort of barricade. He then proceeded to shoot out a barrage of small bubble spurts that was aimed at Charmander. The shots did move rather slowly, but the amount of projectiles was decent to keep the opponent on its toes. It all came down to whether Charmander is capable of dodging or not.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Eitan sat madly as he watches the battle, "he wouldn't get far without bonding with his pokemon" he murmured to himself, he hoped that the fire pokemon would win, but it look like the water pokemon have the advantage.
He looked at eevee, who cheerfully waggling her tail upon watching the battle, she somehow got excited from the battle, aspecially from the bubbles thay were floating in the area due to the bubble attack, when one bubble came to her ahe fast tackled the bubble with joy.
Eitan giggled, "do you want me to call you in a name?" Eitan questioned to the little pokemon in joy, the eevee eyes go wide as she heard the question, she just immediately jumped at eitan, "eevee! Eevee! Eev eev eevee!" The eevee said with pure excitement, her eyes sparkled as she wag her tail in overjoy.
"Look like you really excited to get a name, dont you?" Eitan asked the eevee, the eevee nodded with joy.
After eevee got her new name eitan checked her moves though the pokedex, "thats you a good move you got here" eitan said proudly to his partner, the eevee wag her tail even more, eitan and eevee then continued watching the battle, they both were planning to challenge miles after his battle will end, he may dont know about pokemons like their names but he know about types and he have skills and tactics in battle.
Charmander Didn't know how to dodge and took most of the hits. Charmader started to stumble. "Charmander you can do it! Hang in there!" Almond said. Almond tried to think of something. "Use Ember!" Charmander used ember, and a few waves of fire blew towards Squirtle. Almond knew fire was weak against water, but he knew it would do some damage.


Previously DreamyVictini
Axel had just woken up. He looked at his clock, and immediatly started panicking. He ran up to his brother, Nathan (another oc of mine), and shouted "Why didn't you wake me up? I'm late to the lab!" Nathan said "Oh, that was today? Sorry, I totally forgot..." Axel picked up a muffin and quickly ran out of the door. He quickly ran to the professor's lab, and saw a battle between the two trainers. "Are all the starters gone already?" Axel looked disappointed. But then, he saw the last Pokeball on the table. He ran up to it, and picked it up. He let the Pokemon out. It was a Pikachu. Axel looked at the Pikachu, while Pikachu looked at the muffin Axel was holding. Axel noticed this, and gave the muffin to Pikachu. Axel held the Pikachu up, and said, "I have a Pokemon! I have been waiting for this moment for my entire life!" cheerfully.
Squirtle dug into the pit of bubbles it surrounded itself with in order to reduce the damage it would take from ember. The small flames accurately hit Squirtle right on the head, although they were weakened as they had to travel through a small wall of bubbles first. That being said, Squirtle took more damage than Miles would've liked him to take. "Man. That Charmander is quite the powerhouse. But I chose the best starter and I know it!" He began to think to himself, "I need to close distance on the kid so that bubble will do more damage.."

Miles finally gave his second command to his pokemon, "Ok, Squirtle. Use Tackle!" He spoke in a firm and pugnacious manner. Squirtle stood up and began to charge at Charmander. However Squirtle's speed was quite slow, and it moved at more of a jogging speed than the sprint that Miles anticipated. He went over this strategy with his pokemon prior to their first battle. Once Squirtle got considerably close to its opponent, he did a quick pivot before launching himself backwards, so that he could use his sturdy shell to tackle Charmander for extra damage. But this action gave plenty of leeway for Almond to come up with a counter-strategy if he was smart enough, Miles thought.
Charmander took a direct-hit, Since Almond didn't know what Squirtle was gonna do. Charmander immediately fainted. "Nooo! Charmander!" He quickly returned Charmander to his pokéball. "I really shouldn't have battled..." Almond muttered under his breath. He ran out of the lab to a nearby pokémon center. Almond felt bad he rushed Charmander into a battle, even though he didn't even know his pokémon. "I'll get to know you as soon as you are better." He whispered to the pokéball. After reaching the center, Nurse Joy healed Charmander, and he walked out of the center still feeling embarrassed. He sent Charmander out and played with him. "Y'know, Charmander sounds like a weird name. I'm gonna call you Smoky." "Chaaar!" Smoky said, seeming happy with its new name. "I wonder whats going on in the lab now." Almond said to himself.
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Miles grinned victoriously upon winning the battle. He wasn't sure what was better: beating Almond, or showing off in front of others. He laughed obnoxiously before turning to the other trainers. "Well what can I say? That was a proper battle! I hope that you guys took notes. Actually, who else wants to lose?! I still got plenty of time and you guys clearly have much to learn!" Mile's arrogance was getting the better him and he ignored the fact that Squirtle took damage from the previous battle.
"Honey, Honey!!!" Yells a worried mother to her blonde son. "Ahhh, w-what!" Said Lucas tiredly. He then looked at the clock, then his eyes opened widely."Oh shoot, I'm late!!! He then runs to put on a red t-shirt with one hole ripped on it's right sleeve, and some blue jeans. "Shoes, shoes, where are my shoes?!" "They are right here." Explained his mother calmly. Lucas then looked out the window to see 5 kids, nearly his age all with different Pokemon, looking to be a 5 starters. "Awww man, they already got all the starters, it's hopeless..." "What! I don't think so, Simon's don't give up like that, like your grandfather said, "You don't give up till it's over." and you're not giving up! I never thought I'd have to do this, but I have a Pokemon for you..." Lucas's eyes widened once more to the astonishing words his mother said. "Where is it!" Lucas yelled excited. His mother pointed to the her room across the hall, then added a comment, "In my closet, you'll find a Pokeball, pick it up and bring it in here." Lucas then ran in to the room, opened the closet, and found the shiny red and white ball shine on his eyes. "There you are!" He then grabbed it, ran back to the room and opened it. "That looks like a Nidoran Male!" His mother nodded with a grin and said," And it's all yours, because I was never able to take care of it. He then gave his mom a hug and a kiss, then he ran out the door to meet all the new kids for a hopeful battle.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Eitan saw how the charmander get beaten up from the tackle, then seeing almond running away, it make him feel sad, but it make him even sadder when he saw that one of the people that came dont have any pokemon to choose, but he couldn't do something about it.
"I will fight against you" eitan said after miles wanted another one to battle him, he stood up with his partner, "we can do it, right aura?" Eitan said, the little eevee nodded, "eevee!" Aura said cheerfully and wag her tail.
"Shouldn't you heal your partner before" eitan questioned, aura in the meanwhile jumped in excitement, "eevee! Eev!" She said, she always saw battles as fun.


Previously DreamyVictini
Axel turned to Miles and thought to himself. "What a jerk..." He decided that it would be best if he just left. He headed to the door, with Pikachu on his shoulder. When he got out of the lab, he saw a boy, who seemed to be late to the lab. "Sorry, I took the last starter. But I can help you catch a Pokemon if you'd like." But then, he saw a Nidoran Male next to the boy. "Oh, is that Nidoran yours? That's a cool Pokemon!" He appreciated the Pokemon for a few seconds and then looked at Lucas. "Anyways, I'm Axel. What's your name?" Axel looked eager to make a new friend. He held up his hand, and smiled in a friendly manner.
Lucas ran out the door, and through the fields to go see the lab. When he was right outside admiring the lab he saw the door open. There was a boy in the doorway looking very friendly. The boy walked up closer and added to his movement saying" Sorry, I took the last starter." "N-no it's okay, I have..." Lucas was explaining he didn't need to worry, but then he got interrupted by the boy. "But I can help you catch a Pokemon if you'd like." Lucas then watched the boy as he glanced down at Lucas's Nidoran Male. "Oh, is that Nidoran yours? That's a cool Pokemon! "Yeah, it was my mom's Pokemon, but she could never take care of it because she never had the time." Lucas then watched as the boy told him his name. Lucas then thought to himself" Hmmm, Axel, that's a pretty cool name" Then speaking out loud."Hi Axel, I'm Lucas." Lucas then saw Axel raise his hand to shake position, and his grin getting bigger. Lucas then shook Axel's hand, and they went off back in to the Pokemon Lab.
"Shouldn't you heal your partner before?" Miles snapped back into reality and realized that he completely forgot about the damage that Squirtle took. For a fraction of a second his face all of a sudden resembled that of a worrywart's but he bounced right back into his cocky grin in no more than a second. "Hah, as if I'd heal my pokemon. Doesn't this kid know anything about abilities? This just means I'm one step closer to Torrent!" Miles thought to himself excitedly, disguising his epiphany by mainting the same facial expression.

He turned back towards Eitan who was ready to battle and said with a smirk, "Why would you say that? If you hadn't mentioned that you would have an advantage. I guess you don't really think things through clearly enough. huh?" Miles laughed for a brief moment, "If anything, not healing will make this fight more even, so let's quit the questions and get straight into the battle!"

"Okay, use Tackle!"
Squirtle sprung right into action as if it lived for battles. Squirtle approached the rather enthusiastic Aura and did a pivot once more, in an effort to tackle Aura with its shell. Miles grinned and thought to himself, "I hit and do damage, or I miss, get hit, and have my water moves powered up! It's a win-win!" Squirtle faced Aura, turned around, and launched itself backwards, hoping that its attack would land.
A woman stood nearby, watching the battle. Noticing his aggressiveness with Torrent she went over and tried to talk to him, though she knew he probably wouldn't notice her. "You know, though Torrent will most likely win you this battle and can be useful in certain situations, it won't win you a championship battle... It sure didn't me before I changed my strategy..."

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
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Aura got hit from the tackle and fell on the ground, but a moment later she stood up like nothing happened.
"Thats the spirit!" Eitan said happily, the eevee wagged her tail happily.

"Okay aura!, use tail whip!" Eitan called out, he could feel the excitement of his first battle. "Eevee" aura said and nodded, then rushing toward the suirtle and waved her tail in front of him, "thats it, good job!" Eitan said.
She went to the middle of the border and and sat down, observing the battle. “Interesting,” she thought. “I wonder what they’re thinking right now... why tail whip? They may only be beginners, though I think there are things that most any trainer could gleen from this...”
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Squirtle was confused at first as to why his opponent was merely wagging her tail in front of him. Squirtle was somehow entranced by the cute and playful nature of Aura. As a result, Squirtle was beginning to no longer see Aura as a threat, at least subconsciously, all the tension in Squirtle's stance faded as it let its guard down. Miles was not having it, he was disappointed in the fact that his Squirtle was able to become a victim to such a useless move such as Tail Whip. Miles, fired up even more from his annoyance, yelled at his pokemon across the battlefield, "What are you doing just standing there like an idiot! Its just wagging its pathetic tail! How is that making you lower your defenses? Just attack it already!"

Squirtle looked back at its trainer with a face composed partially of sadness and partially of confusion. Squirtle looked up to Miles for the brief time they spent together, and being called an idiot by his trainer deeply hurt his self esteem. Yet, because Miles gave no actual specific attack name, Squirtle remained hesitant to hit Aura, afraid that he'd use the wrong move that Miles expected. Miles upon receiving this pitiable look from Squirtle took a moment to reflect on his outburst. He looked down at his feet and realized how harsh he was to Squirtle, even with his arrogant attitude, he's been against yelling and losing his cool. He retained his composure through a quick deep breath and spoke once more in a his usual voice, "S-sorry, I didn't mean that. Just, hit it with a Bubble!"

Squirtle nodded at its trainer and turned back to Aura. Despite not seeing the Eevee as a threat, Squirtle loyally followed his trainers orders and began foaming at the mouth to charge his Bubble attack. Squirtle still hadn't taken enough damage to activate Torrent, so when he released the clustered projectile of bubbles, it came out at a moderate size and moderate speed. If Aura was quick enough, she could potentially dodge it and counter attack, but she and her trainer would need quick reaction time.
Almond got up and put Smoky back in its ball. He thought of going back into the lab, but he felt embarrassed thinking of going back. "Miles is probably just battling somebody else." he thought. He went out into the wild to look for pokémon, and remembered he needed pokéballs. He quickly went too the pokémart, and bought a few, with the money his mom left in his bag. "I hope these pokéballs will be put to good use." He ran into some tall grass, and Almond encountered a level 2 Ekans. "Ekaanss!" It hissed at him. "Go on Smoky, you can do it!" He sent the Charmander out, and they were ready to get capture the Ekans.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
'aura quick, dodge it" eitan called out, but the eevee instead of dodging she tackled the boubles that were in her way, taking a little amount of damage from that.
"Vui vui" she said as she jumped in excitement, she took the battle as a game and not a battle.

Eitan was surprised from eevee respond, "i-i guess you can do that as well" eitan said in a little confusion.
"okay eev-a-aura! Use tail whip again!" Eitan called out, he almost forget that he named his eevee.
Aura was already close to the squirtle so she just started to wave her tail again in front of the squirtle, she felt a bad for the squirtle from what his trainer said on him before, she hoped that eitan wont say it too.
Oliver picked Spot up, watching interested. “Wow....maybe you’ll be that strong someday!” He told Spot, who said “bullll......baa.....” In response. “Nobody will beat us one day! I’m gonna be, the very best trainer ever!”
Miles grinded his teeth together as he saw how Aura was generally unfazed from Squirtle's attack. He was internally upset that this Eevee hadn't fainted yet despite not taking the battle seriously. More trainers were beginning to watch the two battle, and Miles was beginning to feel nervous about appearing as weak to the others. His reputation is what mattered to him the most, but as always, he hid all inner turmoil behind his determined stare as to not show any signs of weakness.

Aura walked up to Squirtle and began to initiate a Tail Whip once more. "Agh! Again? Why doesn't that fool just attack me already? Is he planning something or just goofing around? Whatever, two can play at that game!" Squirtle tried really hard to not let its guard down, but there was something about the endearing wag of Aura's that psychologically tricked Squirtle into dropping its stance.

" Tail Whip it back!"
Squirtle nodded and obeyed his trainer's orders without question and turned his body around to begin shaking his tail. The two of them have went over strategies for Squirtle's attacks but Miles neglected going over Tail Whip with Squirtle, as he thought it was a useless move. Because of this, Squirtle's tail wagging was rather sporadic and definitely less endearing than Aura's who seemed to naturally be skilled on using Tail Whip in the proper way.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Eitan saw that the squirtle is copying aura and wagging his tail as well, "okay aura, use tackle!" Eitan called out, but he was a bit surprised that she didnt attack.

The eevee wad focused on squirtle's tail and stopped wagging her tail, something in the squirtle's tail made her very curious, the way the tail moved. she let her guard down and watched the tail wagging, she almost didnt move from the focus.

"Aura... Snap out of it" eitan said softly, he wasnt sure what to do and start thinking fast what he can do to make the eevee aware of what happening, he kept thinking until he decided to shout as hard as he can.

"Aura! Snap out from that trick!" Eitan shouted the loudest he can, luckily the eevee heard it and shock her head to snap out from what she was under, then looking back at her trainer "eevee" she said, trying to show she is fine.

"Phew" eitan said to himself and sighed "okay aura, now use tackle!" Eitan then called out, the eevee nodded and start dushing toward the squirtle, evading eye contract from his wagging tail. if the squirtle would be fast enough he may counter it.
Sitorro saw what was happening and giggled to herself, she got up. Going to Eitan’s side of the field she pointed out Aura’s dedication and loyalty to Eitan and then pointed out how Miles’ Squirtle was hesitant in his movements. She complemented him, patted him on the back, and left to go back to her spot.
Squirtle was unexpectedly met with a sudden tackle from behind. Thankfully, Squirtle's thick shell was able to block some damage from the initial contact. However, this didn't stop the momentum from carrying over and knocking Squirtle to the ground. Squirtle had now taken enough considerable damage to feel a difference in itself, a feeling deep inside that made it even more energized when near fainting. Squirtle was determined to not look like a failure to his master, in hopes of earning his respect, he quickly got up after the surprisingly powerful tackle and quickly backed up, providing considerable distance between himself and Aura.

Squirtle looked back at his trainer and grinned with confidence as to send a message. Torrent was activated. Miles gave a similar look back to his pokemon and smirked before giving one more command, "Time to show this Eevee why you're the best! Bubble, go!" With Miles's command Squirtle began to rush back towards Aura while simultaneously charging up its Bubble attack. Squirtle's chest rose as if it was taking a gargantuan deep breath and his mouth was foaming up with water and bubbles. Squirtle's cheeks felt like they were going to pop if he tried to contain more water, so he released the attack when he came five feet close to Aura. Squirtle jumped and launched the large and powerful projectile of bubbles right in Aura's direction. "This is it!" Miles began to think, "The fate of the battle is in the hands of whether this hit lands!"

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Eitan was a bit confused from what sittoro tried to show but he decide to ignore it for now and focus on the battle.
Eitan and aura saw that the squirtle gonna use bubble again, but this time it looked different. once the squirtle shot the bubbles, aura started to tackle the bubbles again, but the bubbles was harder and she couldn't pop them, instead of that the bubbles hurt her badly.

Eitan was in shock, he remembered that miles said about 'torrent', but he wasnt expect it to be that powerful.
The eevee got knocked to the ground from the powerful attacks, she could barely stand up after the big amount of damage that she took.

"Y-you can do it aura" eitan said softly but nervously, he tried to cheer aura but without success.
"Eeee..." The eevee moaned as she trying to stand up again, this time she success but her legs keep shaking.
"U-u-use tackle, y-you can do it" eitan said nervously, aura tried her best and start running toward the squirtle.

Turning out that the bubbles also lowered her speed, but she still used everything she had in that tackle, even that she felt like she is going to fall apart in every moment.
She was serious right now about the battle, unlike earlier when she saw the battle as 'fun', she didnt want to disappoint eitan and tried to keep her balance straight as she getting closer to the squirtle.

Once she made it to the squirtle after a few seconds she used the most powerful tackle she can do at this moment, it was faster then how she ran before but depending on the fact she was exhausted, the attack wasnt that strong as he was suppose to be.
Eitan was amazed to see how aura trying her best even that she is close to faint, but a few seconds later after aura did the attack she losed her balance and fell to the ground, she couldn't keep up and fainted, unable to fight anymore.
"Yay! You and Aura did great!" Ollie yelled, trying to encourage Eitan. " Bullll.....bas-aur....aur-a.... " Sopt said, as Ollie smiled. "Wow! You can say aura? Awesome!" Oliver yelled happily.
Almond prepared a good move to weaken the Ekans. "Smoky, use Ember!" Almond said. "Char!" Smoky breathed out a wave of fire at the Ekans. The Ekans dodged all the fire except one, and took not so much damage from it. Ekans countered with a poison sting, poisoning Smoky. Smoky stumbled from the blow. "Aw man, he didn't take as much damage as i expected. Smoky hang in there!" Almond had to think of another move to use. Almond knew the Ekans would probably expect another ember, so he decided that scratch would be good. "Ok Smoky, use Scratch!" Smoky obeyed, and ran up to the Ekans, Finishing with a quick scratch. The Ekans took a lot of damage, and it was close to fainting. Almond quickly threw a pokéball at him. Ekans went in the ball, and after a few seconds of the pokéball shaking, he was finally caught. "We did it Smoky!" "Char!" Smoky was happy about the capture. Almond finally released the Ekans, and let Smoky play with it. Smoky was still poisoned and hurt, but Smoky still enjoyed playing with Ekans.​
Miles was astonished to find that Squirtle's boosted Bubble was unable to instantly secure a knockout om Aura. Deep down he felt genuinely impressed by just how strong that Eevee was. Miles them cringed as he witnessed how Squirtle took a direct tackle in the front from Aura. From Miles's perspective, he couldn't even see his pokemon's own face as it was knocked right to the ground, but soon after, he was partially relieved to see that Aura had finally collapsed. "C'mon, buddy! All you need to do is stand up and we can win!" He thought to himself as his eyes widened and breathing stopped.

The last turn of the battle was as bit of a blur for Squirtle. As soon as he received the blunt hit from aura, he was on the ground and could only stare at the ceiling. This was the weakest that Squirtle has ever felt in his life, he knew that he was on the cusp of fainting as his vision was beginning to fade. Squirtle was just about to give up when he remembered about Miles, he knew that his trainer was going to be unhappy if he lost, and of course, Squirtle was bound to be the scapegoat. It was more out of not looking like a failure that gave Squirtle any reason to resist all urges to just lay still. Gritting his teeth, Squirtle rolled onto his stomach and began to push itself up on his feet. Despite the weakness in his arms, he pushed as hard as he could and got on his feet. He was dizzy and stumbling but ultimately managed to remain upright enough to be considered able to keep battling, making him the victor.

Once it became clear to everyone that Miles was yet again victorious, he immediately withdrew Squirtle back into his ball. "Well I'll be danged. You actually put up a somewhat decent challenge. You could just maybe even be comparable to me, but of course, you still need a lot of work, Eitan!" Miles said smugly. Internally, Miles was terrified and super relieved at how the battle went. He cares most about his outward image and being superior to others, but in reality, he feared that Eitan was probably stronger than him. He also wanted to instantly heal his Squirtle as he felt bad that it was in so much pain, but nevertheless, he just had to keep monologuing. "Well, I suppose I better get on my way. There's no real reason for me to have another battle here when I could be out there having actual challenges with stronger trainers!" He said triumphantly as he went to the corner of the lab to hook his Squirtle's ball to a healing machine before leaving the lab and heading to route 1.
The woman from earlier walked over to Eitan, "Don't worry, you'll beat him soon. Torrent isn't that effective and you have a better bond with your Pokemon, continue on this path and you'll have a Sylveon on your hands. I'm sorry, I never introduced myself did I? My name is Sitorro, a Kitsune and a World Champion challenger." Outside of battle, it was now clear who she was. Sitorro looked to be around 5'9", and from an asian culture. She wore a Kimono that was colored gold and red. She curiously had a tail that slightly looked like aura's, though from her waist it ended just above her head. She didn't have ears on the side like most, instead, she had large triangle shaped ears on the top of her head, symmetrically positioned. She held out her hand and smiled wide, hoping you'd shake it.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Eitan looked in shock at aura and the fact that squirtle still survived the tackle, barely survived but still, "eevee..." He said slowly in worry.
"Aura, return!" eitan said and returned the eevee inside her ball, "you did great" he whisper to her.
"You fought good, but i guess i still lose" he said to miles before he leaved the lab.

Suddenly right after miles left eitan heard a voice, "Don't worry, you'll beat him soon. Torrent isn't that effective and you have a better bond with your Pokemon, continue on this path and you'll have a Sylveon on your hands. I'm sorry, I never introduced myself did I? My name is Sitorro, a Kitsune and a World Champion challenger".
He froze in place as he hear that and start to get very nervous.