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Open The Lives of us Pokèmon (Just Join, dont ask)

Alright so we are stranded in the middle of the desert and we find a piece of grassy plains with a big lake in the middle of it. It was surrounded by large trees. There is a pathway that leads to somewhere but pokèmon that goes on that path never comes back and nobody knows why. Oh and you have to be a pokemon that can evolve (Like Glameow evolves into Purrloin so that the eventually evolve somehow)
(Start RP)

Volt walked through the desert panting like a maniac. She was a Weird Coloured eevee. Her Pelt was a bright yellow and her mane, tail tip, paws and the fur inside her ears were brown. Her eyes were a Sparkling Bright Purple. Her Trainer abandoned her because she was a Weird colour and she didn't like him. Volt spotted a tree and she mustered all her energy to run. Once
Volt got to the tree she walked around it. Her eyes widened as she saw a lake. Volt ran up to the lake and started to lap
up water like crazy. Volt looked around and Wagged her tail cutely. She saw a
row of leaves witch she will probably sleep on but right now she needed to
cool off. Volt jumped in the lake and started to swim she spotted a clearing
and got out of the water. She walked closer to the clearing and spotted a path. Volt wasn't going to go on that path because she could sense danger. Bolt will wait until there is a group of 8 pokèmon before she went anywhere. She turned around and spotted another Pokemon looking at her
Zoura hated this heat.

It was always extremely hot, even in the nighttime. She just wanted to be in a dark, cool forest, but she had to keep going.
Volt noticed a Zoura walking towards the Forest because she has super sight. She sighed and quickly started to weave a basket. Volt was Starving but finished the basket and then started to weave two hats. Volt finished the hats and sighed before popping one on. She put the other hat on her back and picked the basket up by her mouth and ran to the lake and scooped up water in the basket. She looked up at the trees and saw some oran berries so she place the basket down and bolted up the tree. Volt picked a few berries and slid down the tree and placing the berries in the basket full of water. Volt picked up the basket and it fell so it was around her neck and she didn't have to carry it in her mouth. Volt bolted towards the Zorua and finally reached her. "Here you must be hot and starving" Volt said at put the basket with water and floating oran berries around the Zorua's neck and placed the hat on her head. "Follow me" Volt said and turned around, walking back to the Island that she could see clearly.
Volt finally got to the Forest and Volt sat at the edge of the lake, sensing someone needed help. Volt walked to the Path and noticed something green walking this way. She shrugged and walked to the giant leaf bed and grabbed some leaves and started to climb a tree that was hollowed out. Volt spread the leaves out and curled up and fell asleep.
Dove hated the island, she hated everything here. She couldn't find any pokemon. And it was incredibly hot. Her silver paws padded softly on the ground as she walked north.
Volt slowly opened her eyes to see just in time to see a Nidorino walk in. Volt got scared and scampered up the tree she was in tree. Volt jumped on the branches as she followed the Nidorino. Volt decided it was safe and jumped off of the branch and landed in front of the Nidorino. "Hi who are you?" Volt slowly backed away and ready to use quick attack to get away. Volt's yellow Pelt sparkled in the desert sun.
"I'm Volt and I was born like this!, say do you wanna be friends?" Volt asked as she picked oran berries and slid down the tree and placed them in front of Rino.
She slowly walked out from a cave exploring her new surroundings. She was an ice type so in a desert it was for her really hot. The glaceon focused and changed the temperature around her so it was to her liking. She sat of in the distance watching the two play she was interested in them to say the least. "..." She noticed that there's some water over by them. She was very anti-social so she just was gonna wait it out till they were gone to get a drink.
Dove sighed, the island was hot, she once had a good life. She saw the other pokemon playing, due to her quirky and naive nature she dashed up to them. (sorry if typos computer is laggy, so too laggy to fix)
She silently huffs in frustration watching more show up to play. She then decides to go and sleep. She thinks if she sleeps it out know later they will sleep and she can get a drink of water quietly without noticing.
Volt turned her head to see a Shiny Eevee and a Vulpix running at her. "Oh hi!" Volt waved and smiled. "Do you guys wanna swim? It's really hot!" Volt then picked up Rino and threw him in the lake before jumping in and floating on her back.
"Because it's too hot when we get out and-" Volt said and started tickling Rino with her tail. Bolt grabbed Rino and put him on her tummy. "Happy now?, your in the sun and in the water!" Volt said happily and splashed water at the Shiny Eevee and the Vulpix. "Oh and I didn't get your names?" Volt said and smiled at the two, Playing with Rino's ears. "Your ears are so spiky...but ticklish at the same time..." Volt said slipping into her own world.
(She's not sleeping she's just Daydreaming LOL)
"Gah!" Volt said unexpected. She swam to shore and put Rino on the grass. Volt dived underwater and watched under Dove. Volt pounced out and gently pulled Dove in. "Hehe...Let's play water tag! Your it!" Volt said swimming away. Volt pulled Rino and the Vulpix in and Dived underwater again, Obviously coming up for air but Volt holds her breath up to and hour.
Rino was thinking about Volt (Does.Volt Have a Crush on me? No. It can't my mind is playing tricks on me agai. Like the time I Ate A To mato Berry That was a bad idea.)
Volt saw Rino was about to sink so she went under him and gripped him, jumping out the water. Volt placed Rino on the grass and slipped on a piece of mud, Volt fell in the water and began to panic. She thrashed around and swallowed water and inhaled it. Volt began to sink and she hit the bottom. She felt the urge to continue swimming so she did. Volt jumped out the water and landed in front of Rino. Volt Quivered and started to cry from fear of almost drowning. She ran to the leaf bed and curled up still crying. Volt was shaking like a maniac. Was Rino ok? Something seemed to be on his mind... oh well.... Volt couldn't stop crying and she became tired and slowly drifted off to sleep, still crying as she slept.
Poochyena sat under a tree in the shade. She groomed herself and looked around. There wasn't too much going on around. She didn't want to move away from under the shade because her fur might get messed up, and it was so hot.
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The Nincada was walking, lonely, and weak, he saw the nidorino playing with volt. he hid, watching, tried to talk, but he was shy, and did not want to talk to them. he hid there hoping not to be seen
Rino say a nincada by a rock he walked over and saod to the Nincada "Hey I'm not going to hurt you its ok I am a friend" Rino said calmly to the Nincada
Luna noticed some figures in the distance she quietly walked over trying not to catch any unwanted attention.
Don't get her wrong she loved attention being the Snivy she was but due to her time with her best friend Oshawott who was always clinging to her begging for her to go out with him she stayed quiet.
But now all that was gone all because some stupid houndooms chased her off.
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Igor was a shiny Meditite roaming the desert. He was tired, miserable, hungry, and thirsty. He looked in the distance and saw a pathway. He was skeptical, but went towards it anyways. "Might just be a mirage, but a slight chance is better than no chance." he said to himself as he runs toward the pathway. He thinks he can see some pokemon around the pathway and runs faster.
Volt looked and saw two pokèmon running at them from different directions. "What?" Her fur then turned black and her mane and tail tips turned a Bright Blue. Volt blinked and her eyes were a gleaming yellow. "I'm not Volt, I'm Eclipse!" Eclipse said and looked at the two pokèmon again.
Luna continued her way over to the pokemon in the distance but saw one of them spotted her she began to freak out
'What if they attack me?!'
She quickly turned to her right and ran off screaming.
"Don't kill meeeeeee!"
Eclipse ran after her and tacked her gently before walking back to the lake and setting her at the shallow end. "Hi I'm Eclipse! I won't hurt you, nor kill you!" The Black eevee said smiling.
Igor saw the figures running in the distance. "Ok, either the mirage is really a trick, or I'm not the only one here." He says running to the group, getting into view of the others. He hesitantly goes up to make sure they won't hurt him.
Igor looks at the Eevee. He then smiles at her and says "Sure, I'll join you guys. The names Igor" He says to Eclipse. "I guess you all are in the same situation as me, got lost in the desert and found this place, right?" He asks.
Eclipse nodded slightly and jumped into the water. She never liked to tell people about her past. Eclipse floated on her back and closed her eyes, looking like she is dead.