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Open The Lives of us Pokèmon (Just Join, dont ask)

Igor went beside a tree and sat down to rest. He traveled far to get to where he was. Hopefully these pokemon were nicer than the so called "friends" he had back outside the desert that forced him to flee here.
Igor opened one of his eyes. Seeing that Eclipse was right next to him, he slowly turned to her and says "It feels peaceful here...almost too peaceful, what do you think?" He asked Eclipse.
"Yeah, it's WAY too peaceful for me, considering my background" Eclipse said and watched the other Pokèmon that was here. "So many people came, I was the first one here, now look" Eclipse said and looked at Igor.
Igor nodded. "I know its a crowd now, but trust me, don't make the same mistake I made. Keep them close, don't push them away. If you do push them away...then you might have no one that will help carry your burden when it starts to become too much" He says to Eclipse. He knew full well the mistake he made, he didn't want to repeat it here, and he didn't want to see a friend make that mistake either.
"I'm most likely going to die in these conditions" the young Bulbasaur thought to himself. For Chase had been walking for hours on end for food. After hours of walking he had found a suitable tree with a few berries and most importantly, shade, "Why is there a tree in a desert like this!" thought Chase as he was busy climbing the tree.
The little togepi wiped the sweat off her shell. It was running out of energy considering it runs on happiness; and there was none in this dreaded place. "If only I could have a tiny drink," she thought. Just then she realized she could go no further; she ploped down on the sand. She turned over feeling like she was being hard-boiled. When she did, she saw some trees and a pool with some Pokemon around it. She quickly forgot her weary legs and ran over to them.
The small Joltik was joyfully jumping in the sand. "This is so much FUN!" he said to him self. As he was jumping, he saw a tree in the middle of the desert. "Woh a tree, there might be some more pokemon there." he said greatly. The little baby Joltik ran over to the tree. "Hi, anyone there? My name is cast!"
Akela padded around, her tail down and her ears droopy, she saw other pokemon and tried to run to them. But she gave out a small howl and collapsed in front of the Nidorino.
Ryu desperately wanted to stop walking, but at the same time he wanted to press forward. He has always been hard on himself, and pushing himself to do more; even better than before. Every time he fell, he would get back up, trying his best to ignore the pain, and exhaustion. Then, he felt a surprising, and alarming sensation. It felt like he was between two objects that he couldn't see. He felt the presence; the auras of others nearby.

He looked around hastily for some figures, but found nothing...at first. After taking a few more steps, he saw what appeared to be a tree, and a pathway in the distance. The Riolu dashed forward at full speed. Once he approached the pathway about 2 minutes later, he darted towards the tree within the vicinity. After a good 30 seconds later, the tree was about a few meters away. He slowed down dramatically, and collapsed in front of what appeared to a...darkly-colored Eevee.
Eclipse instantly raised her head and looked down at the Riolu that collapsed in front of her. "Hey....are you....alright?" She asked, gently poking him to make sure he's not dead. "Uhmmmm.....hello?" She asked again, unsure what to do with the Riolu.
When she woke up she saw a Gabite and a Riolu.. "WHERE AM I????!!" Akela yelled.. she looked around and felt her head, then she proceded to introduce herself to the Gabite. "Hi! Im Akela the Poochyena! Do you know where we are?"
He felt almost nothing with the impact. He was panting heavily, and could practically feel his heartbeat in his head; within his ears. He was hungry, thirsty, tired, and momentarily deaf from the sheer exhaustion. He could have sworn that he heard a voice soon after falling, but it was too nullified by the head rush after-effect of the exhaustion, and he was too tired to lift his head to see if anyone was there.

He turned his head to the left, and let it lay there, while trying to look up at the person who might have spoken. Sure enough, he saw the black Eevee that he thinks he landed by, but he wasn't sure if it was real, or just a hallucination. He brought his right paw out in front of him, and let it lay on the ground next to his head. "Tap...my paw...if...you...are r...real..." He said, panting heavily, while trying to say it as loud as he could without it being too loud, as he couldn't exactly hear how loud he was speaking because of the deafness.
Eclipse put her paw on the Riolu's paw and then stood up. She climbed the nearest tree with oran berries and picked some. She then climbed down and put the berries next to the Riolu. She then picked up the bucket that she made and ran to the lake, scooping up some water and running back over to him. She poured some water on the Riolu and then set the bucket, with some left over water, next to her.
Ryu then felt a paw upon his own. That told him that the voice was real. The deafness was fading, and he felt the Eevee's aura return from someplace somehow. He didn't recall her ever leaving. He felt a few vibrations in the ground as what appeared to be a few Oran berries hit the ground. He looked towards them, which were luckily on the same side he was facing. Then, he felt something cold cover his body. He figured it was the Eevee pouring water on him to cool him down. He sighed in relief from this. He weakly grabbed a berry, his paw skidding across the ground a few times from fatigue.

When he took a bite, he smiled as the flavor of the juice from the berry danced around his mouth in a parade of fruity goodness. He suddenly got the strength to sit up, but still slightly panting. He looked around, and noticed that there were also many other Pokemon around, as well. He located the Eevee that was helping him. "Thanks a million. You're too sweet." He said, bowing his head slightly. "Almost like these berries." He said, holding up one of the Oran berries, and gently chuckling afterward.
"Umm... hello? HEY!!!" She barked loudly. Does anyone know where we are? She howled at the air. She wanted to be in the forest alrrady
Eclipse sighed in relief when the Riolu got up. "It's a pleasure to help, I wouldn't leave anybody to die if there was a way to save them" She said, deciding to lay beside the Riolu. "So, what's your name? Mine is Eclipse" She said somewhat absentmindedly. Eclipse wagged her tail some and watched the Riolu eat the oran berries she got for him.
The Eevee asked him what his name was, before telling him her own name. Waiting to finish chewing the Oran berry in his mouth, he stayed silent for a while. Once he swallowed the berry, he spoke. "Eclipse...that's a nice name. Mine is Ryu." He told her, taking a bite out of another Oran berry. "Wow, these berries are amazing! Where'd you find them?" He asked Eclipse, clearly enjoying the taste of berries once again after one-and-a-half years.
Eclipse nodded at Ryu "The berries are in the trees, all different kinds, I just grabbed the oran berries because I thought you were hurt" Eclipse admitted, sighing. She then turned and watched a few other Pokèmon running around, making her smile slightly.
Ryu looks up at the tree, noticing that there are a few berries here and there. "I cannot express how thankful I am for this." He says to Eclipse. "Surely there must be something I can do in return." He says, taking the last bite of the last Oran berry that Eclipse gave him, hence recovering the rest of his strength.

(I'm done for now. Be back in about 12 hours! :D)

(Also, I'd like to voice over this role play! If anyone wants to oppose to this, please send me a message and let me know!)
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As Losnar ran carryimg Akela toward the lake and trees and saw a riolu and a differently coloured eevee but Losnar kept running......
Akela looked at the water as Losnar carried her. She saw the riolu and eevee and called to them... then she fainted from heat *AGAIN*
Quickly Losnar realised he was losing Akela so he put her in the water and jumped up the tree and grabbed a couple oran berries and splashed her with water again
Cast was jumping some more till' he bumped into a eevee. "woh, sorry abou- WOH! why are you yellow?" Cast yelled. "Im cast, i fell in this desert 2 days ago." He jumped joyfully after seeing a new friend. "I can help you guys, I have FOOD!!!" He yells again as he pulls too pecha berries from his fur
A little head poked out from behind the tree that grew Berries, looking at the group of Pokemon before it. Harmony had no idea whether or not she should confront them. Deciding for the latter, the Helioptile climbed the tree, picked a Berry, and sat down on a sturdy branch, back against the base of the tree, and munched on her snack as she gazed down at the unknown Pokemon below her.
Luna the Espurr wandered the endless desert. She had been lost for days and days with no sense of direction aside from the sun. The sun burned at full heat on Luna's gray fur, searing her. She was also very dehydrated. She had tried following the sun but it still got her nowhere.

Wait. There on the horizon. Was that the top of a tree? As dehydrated as she was, she started running. It was, there were trees up ahead. But she was growing weaker by the second. She was... almost... there... when she just couldn't go anymore. She collapsed just yards away from the oasis that could save her life.
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Ryu moves under a tree for some shade, but before he sits down, he sees a figure in the distance in which he came from. It then started gaining speed. In a matter of a minute, the figure was as clear as crystal. It seemed to be an Espurr. It eventually fell down, and kinda...stayed there for a while. It was at this moment that Ryu decided to run out there to save her.

He ran over to her, picked her up, and brought her over to where he landed. "We've got another one." He said aloud, setting her down.
Harmony's eyes widened as a Riolu brought an Espurr into view. She listened intently to what he said. "'Another one'? What does he mean?" she whispered, quietly, so she wouldn't be heard. Finishing her Berry, she slunk down to the base of the tree, sitting in its shade, so the group, hopefully, wouldn't find her, and watched. Besides, she preferred shade to a searing sun's heat, anyway.
Luna was sure this was the end. She was so close, yet so far. But she was completely unconscious and couldn’t move.

She suddenly felt something pick her up. Help... me... she wanted to say, but she heard herself just weakly moan. After a minute whatever was carrying her set her down on something softer than the sand. We've got another one, she heard dimly. She wondered who or what it was, but she still couldn't open her eyes.
Ryu went over to the tree which Eclipse got the berries from. He jumped up to one branch, and to another in search of the same berries that Eclipse gave him: Oran berries. He managed to find about 3 Oran berries, and 1 Sitrus berry, unsure of which she likes more.

He jumped down from the tree, and walked up to the Espurr, and set the berries down beside her, just as Eclipse did to help him out. He then took the basket, sadly without asking, filled it up with the water from the oasis, and poured some of it on the Espurr. If Ryu knew any other way to do this, he definitely would do it, but seeing that this is the only way he knows works, he just had to go with it.