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Private/Closed The Magic Misfits

Discussion thread-https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-magic-misfits.21353/
Free walked into the packed auditorium were he struggled to move to the front of the stage he could see the teachers saying announcements. There was a massive amount of excitement in the air as the teenagers whispered about how they trained their magic and how they would be in the S class. Free smiled he thought he'd get into the high class although his ability was so expensive and tiring he trained his arse off. Mrs Leblonk the principal walk up to the stage. "Hello students all the teachers are glad your back,I will now cut to the chase you will be organized into ur classes now I will start of with the high classes." Mrs Leblonk Told the school.
"Here we go, time to shine." Free thought to himself. Mrs Leblonk lifted of the high Class Free shifted "Ahh thats fine the medium class isn't that bad." Free thought. "Then the medium class was announced. "And his face turned Pale he was in the F class.
Mica sat in the auditorium, nervously glancing all around him. It was packed to say the least, and he could literally feel the intense amount of magic in this room. It was quite clear that this was a school for magical people. Squirming uncomfortably, he listened as the principal began to announce the classes each student would be placed in. Mica... wasn't sure what class to expect to be in. His magic was really only as good as he was. Mica thought that it was quite likely that he was going to be put into the medium class. The calling out of names for the high classes began, and Mica listened. He was not picked. Well, that wasn't a surprise. The principal began announcing names for the medium class, and once again Mica made sure to pay attention. But once again, his name was not called.
"Aw man..." Mica said. Was he really in the lowest class? That kinda stunk. Looking around, Mica noticed that the student next to him had turned a deathly shade of pale.
"Hey, dude... You alright?" Mica asked Free. "You're, uh... looking kinda sick."
The golden-eyed kid already knew what would become of this whole ordeal. What kind of magic allowed their user to grow a horn from their head? Definitely not any magic that would be found in the higher classes, that was clear as day. Piecing together those simple facts made Rin sigh, but he wouldn't just call it quits just yet. Plus, the classes haven't even been decided yet, though that peace was shortlived, because the storm was closing in. Rin folded his arms as he listened for any trace of his name. Nope, not in the high class. Not in the middle class either- wait.

Rin's arms collapsed, he couldn't believe it- well actually, yes he could. The boy shook his head, cutting out all the dramatic nonsense, which allowed him to overhear a couple of students infront of him. Of course, Rin had to jump into the conversation without any prior warning. "He's obviously not okay. He most likely just found out he's in the same class as me." Rin held a grin that was both sinister and full of disappointment. "F-class."

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Previously JesusoChristo
Fran dashed into the auditorium, where he was excited to hear what his class is gonna be, sitting beside a guy with a horn, Fran felt like he was lonely, despite the fact there's a whole bunch of students in the auditorium, as the principal walked up to the stage, Fran got even more excited, he heard some of the teenagers whispering about their classes being in the high class, and... some of them were right, Fran didn't worry about this, maybe he was in the middle class, but once again he was wrong, then that means "F-CLASS!" Fran shouted with a big smile on his face, before covering his mouth and quietly apologizing. There was this "unicorn" he sat beside with, who seemed like a villain, with that "villainy" smile across his face, "hi, i'm Fran, you look like a unicorn" Fran said with a chuckle at the end, "i'm sorry, who are you?" Fran asked while apologizing for calling Rin a unicorn, he did look like one though.


Previously McGlitchy
Leo spent his time looking around for people that might be interested in his stories or people that would work as material for a new story, most that he met became annoyed and shooed him off so they could hear their name called. Leo pushed his way through the crowd and used some summoned animals to scare anybody that wouldn't move for him, finally he came across a curious group of people. His name was called, but Leo paid little attention to the announcement, he barely even caught that he was in the F class. Instead he was interested in the sickly looking kid, the guy with the horn on their head, and the two others that had made their way towards them. He began to talk to himself about a story about a dog that had fought alongside a great hero, which summoned a small brown dog clad in some makeshift iron armor beside him. He came close and introduced himself, "Hi there, my name's Leo! Who are you all?" He looked over to the first pale kid he had noticed and pointed at him, "And is that guy okay?"
Hearing a voice behind him, Mica turned to face Rin. He was a gold-eyed kid with scruffy black hair, and looked like he stood a bit taller than Mica. The gold-eyed kid looked like a mix of, well... was the cocky and sadness at the same time?
"F-Class?" Mica asked, confused. "Well, what's wrong with that? I mean, it just means that there are other students that have stronger magic, right? It can't be that bad..."
But before Mica could continue his conversation with the interesting gold-eyed boy, two more students approached and inserted themselves into the conversation rather rudely. The first was a kid with... rainbow hair? He had yelled something about being in F-Class, then began to quickly speak to the golden-eyed kid. The second student was a kid with black hair and purple eyes. Along side him was what looked like a small armored dog. Quite cute. The kid introduced himself as Leo.
"Um... Hey." Mica said to Leo. "I'm, uh... Mica. And this guy, uh... I don't actually know his name, but he's just kind of freaked out that he's in F-Class. So, uh... what's up?"


Previously McGlitchy
“Well then Mica, it’s great to meet you. To be completely honest I really wanted to see if the sheer magical power of this place was making that guy melt. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, but it’s always good to meet new people. Anyways what type of magic use? I can summon creatures and characters from my tales!” Leo pulled out a brown journal and began to excitedly read from it, “Kragnos the ancient red dragon of Mount Grundir reared it’s head towards the entrance of its cave to confront the brave, or possibly foolish, knight at his doorstep.” As Leo spoke the armored dog at his side disappeared, taking its place was a red dragon that was strangely the same size as the dog, “This here is Kragnos eater of souls and destroyer of all that is good. Right now he is under my control so there’s no need to worry about him. Now I’d love to see a small demonstration of your magic!” The dragon flew up and perched on Leo’s shoulder as Leo impatiently waited for Mica to give a small performance of his magic.
Students began to file out of the auditorium, and Mica shifted uncomfortably in his seat. So this Leo guy had the ability to summon creatures he came up with? That seems like it's a pretty powerful magic... This guy's probably at least in medium class.
"Uh... I'd rather not. At least, not right now." Mica said. "I can summon weapons. It's nothing too complicated or impressive."
To be honest, Mica wasn't that big of a fan of his magic. He had never thrown a real punch at a real person in his life, what the heck was he supposed to do with his magic abilities? Maybe he could become some sort of magic research that didn't really have to use his magic. After all, magic was pretty interesting.
In the midst of his conversation with the two upfront, the kid beside him screamed out of- joy? Rin turned to face the loud boy before being called a unicorn. Almost immediately, Rin's face was filled with shock, so much that it looked like he was petrified in stone. The boys eyebrows furrowed at the other boy who introduced himself as Fran. "I'm not a unicorn, my name is Rin! But if I was then I definitely just arrived from your hair!" Rin paused to look at Fran's hair with an undying curiosity. "Seriously man, what's up with your hair?"

Rin couldn't help but notice the crowd getting bigger. And of course, some people were showing off their magics already, Rin huffed at the thought. Looked like some other kid was waiting for Mica to show off his power, this caused Rin to lean over to Mica. "Come on show us, nothing can be worse than a magic horn right?" Rin said, attempting to pressure the boy into using his magic.
Mica glanced back at the golden-eyed boy, then over at Leo. Jeez, what was he supposed to do?
"W-well... I... I mean..." Mica's attempts at a defense trailed off, and he shifted in his seat uncomfortably. The heterocromatic boy caved, and with a sigh Mica held out his hand. "Don't say I didn't warn you guys. It's really not to impressive."
Silver lines began to appear in midair and began to trace the outline of a 3-D structure. After less than a moment, Mica was now holding an outline of a tonfa. He gently tapped it against the seat in front of him with the outline of the tonfa, and it made the sound of something solid. Mica focused on the tonfa, and the lines quickly retraced to form into the 3-D outline of a knife. Taking the sleeve of his shirt, Mica used the knife to cut a small cut into the shirt. Then Mica opened his hand and the weapon vanished into thin air.
"I can do bigger things, like spears and shield and axes. If I focus really hard, I could even make a bow. But right now, I can't make a gun or anything like that." Mica explained.

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Previously JesusoChristo
"my hair?, i call it "MAGIC LAND", and if you were a unicorn you would definitely live in my hair" Fran explained to Rin, before this guy with an armored dog introduced himself as Leo, "oh, hi Leo!, i'm Libra, nice to meet you" Fran joked, before the other two boys seemed to encourage this "Mica", to use her magic, Fran was amazed to see a tonfa floating in the air, THEN it turned into a knife, THEN IT VANISHED, "OH MY GOD, ARE YOU LIKE A MAGICIAN OR SOMETHING!?" Fran asked Mica with curiosity in his eyes, "wait, are you guys F-Class too?", he stopped his childish acts, and tried to be serious while asking everybody, but everybody has done their magic, why can't he do his magic, "do you guys wanna die while being set on fire?" Fran asked these new people he met, he had so many questions, yet so little time.


Previously McGlitchy
Leo was surprised by the horned student’s own request for a demonstration. It turned out to not be a problem as the increased pressure worked and made Mica present a summoned tonfa that was turned into a knife. He did feel sort of bad for forcing Mica to use his magic, but Leo had never seen the process of any other Summoners so the performance was of great interest for him. “Wow Mica, you really understated your abilities. I half expected you to summon one of those styrofoam swords that kids love, but full tonfas, and knives that actually have some edge on them are amazing, that’s S class magic right there.” Another student came up and introduced themselves as Libra, Leo was quick to respond to a new potential source of writing material, “Hello there Libra, it’s great to meet you.” Libra’s attention turned toward Mica, his reaction to Mica’s magic and comment about Mica being a magician gave Leo a chuckle. But Libra became a bit more serious when he questioned Leo and the others about which class they were in, “I don’t completely remember my name being called, but I’m pretty sure I’m in F class too.” Libra’s follow up question about if someone would volunteer to burn to death caught Leo off guard but it didn’t take long for him to gather his thoughts and respond, “Hey Libra I would love to get burnt to a crisp and write about, because it would make for an amazing story, but I doubt I’d be able to get to step two of that plan because of the whole death thing. So how about I summon a creature for you to burn instead?” Leo finished by taking out his journal and flipping to a specific page, there he had written about an ancient elvish ruin filled with the elves’ failed gelatinous experiments that now attack anything that enters, “Here we go, these slimes are easy to summon and should be easy enough use magic on.”

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Previously JesusoChristo
Fran laughed so hard at this new guy, he keeps calling him Libra, he actually fell for Fran's joke, Fran tried to hold in his laughter, but he just can't, "okay, you are really funny, my name's not Libra, I"m Fran, NICE TO MEET YOU!" he said to Leo giggling, before he summoned some kind of slime, finally he can show them his magic, he aimed his hand at the slime while an arrow is slowly forming itself, he spread out his palms, and shot it, the slime exploded, meanwhile Fran was jumping for joy, "OH MY GOD, DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT, PRETTY GREAT, HUH?" Fran asked them all, with excitement in his eyes.


Previously McGlitchy
Libra reintroduced themselves as Fran, Leo being a person that doesn’t dwell on mistakes continued in his current endeavors remaining mostly calm, though in his head he continually recited the name Fran, hoping he wouldn’t make a mistake when addressing them. Leo later offered up a slime for Fran to burn, Leo found the Fran’s magic demonstration fascinating, “Fran, that was awesome! I haven’t seen magic that powerful in a while. So I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to use your magic as a base for a character.” Leo took out his journal and began to write a note for a new character, he didn’t write much beyond, ‘new character: flame arrow’, but it would be enough to start on a his new creation. Leo finished his little note and continued to talk to Fran, “Hey Fran, you said you were in an F class along with me, right? Seeing the power of your magic I’m very surprised you’re not in a medium class at the very least. Are there any reasons they wouldn’t put you in a higher class?”
Abrax slowly walked in the auditorium, and looked upon a group of magicians. One had rainbow hair and made an arrow, one made weapons out of midair, one had a horn, and one had a book.

Interesting ,he thought.

He walked up to them, did not intrude, but listened in on their conversations. He wasn’t the type to be social, but if they asked him for a demonstration, he would accept, and choose one of them. Sure they would be tired out after, but they asked.

He stood behind the one with the hair, trying to gather further information.....
"Students please." The principal shouted. "we will now have you go to your class, first F-class." He commanded with a bit of disgust in his voice. Free didn't even listen to what happened around him as he was too focused on him being in the F-class. "Yeah Yeah." He responded to Mica. The class F teacher motioned for them to leave the auditorium. Free stood up and went to the teacher. The second he stood up an uproar of laughter followed. Free Turned a deep red in response and left the auditorium and followed the teacher down the stairs to the basement.

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Previously JesusoChristo
"Maybe they don't like my hair" Fran replied to Leo, as the principal called for them, he happily followed the principal, but as he followed, a tsunami of laughter filled the auditorium, "HEY!, that's not nice, how would you people like it, if you were F-Class!" Fran tried to defend his class, but his sentence was only drowned in laughter once more, he felt humiliated and sad, but he followed the principal down the basement anyway,... BUT all the sadness faded away in like 5 minutes or so, when he got an idea, "What does the "F" in "F-class" stand for?" he asked himself, "Fran's-Class!" he joked to himself, that joke really did lighten up his mood, and so he walked downstairs, with a big smile across his face... again.
"It stands for failure." Free told Fran condesendigly. "I'm happy his joking it lightens the nightmarish mood." He thought. "So why you here is it cause you annoyed the teachers with your dumb jokes or do you suck at magic?" Thomas asked decently curios as he didn't quite understand his reason for being in the F-class anyway. "Names free by the way." He quickly added not trying to sound rude.


Previously McGlitchy
Fran’s response was... different to what Leo expected, but it wasn’t any worse than something he would have come up with. The principle made an announcement for F class students to get to their classroom, Leo was greatly offended by the principle’s disgusted tone. Leo knew this would likely be his only chance to get back at the principle for their terrible demeanor so he took out his book and read out the passage that mentioned Kragnos. The small dragon appeared and Leo asked it to go to the middle of the crowd in the auditorium and say something directed towards the principle. Leo ran off towards the exit ignoring Fran and the student near him. Once he was out of the auditorium Kragnos flew to the middle of the crowd and said in a rough voice, “You know maybe if you spent less time ridiculing your students and more time helping them there might not be an F class!” When Leo heard Kragnos finish he looked back in the auditorium to quickly dismiss the summoned dragon. Not completely sure of what might happen if he were caught, he hurriedly moved towards the F class’ classroom.
Mica got up and began to follow the teacher, then stopped when the room began to fill with laughter. Confused, the boy looked around the auditorium to try to find what was so funny. But after a moment, Mica realized everyone was laughing at them!
"What the heck?" Mica muttered, glancing around. Because they were in F-Class? Was being in F-Class really that bad, that people would laugh at him just for being in it? Feeling a little confused and embarrassed, Mica followed the F-Class teacher. They were lead over to some (quite sketchy looking) stairs, leading down into a dark and foreboding basement. Was this really going to be where their classes were? Mica glanced nervously at the other students before continuing to follow the teacher down into the basement.
Abrax decided to follow the boy who had created the weapons, and ignored the laughter around him. He touched his robes pocket, and made sure the flute was with him. Thankfully, it was. He did not understand why he was in this class, but the had heard the principal call his name.

He smiled as he was going down the basement though, it was like where his master had taught him. He decided to take out his flute, and play it. He made sure not to play the spirit song, he would not demonstrate his powers just yet. He played a melody he had been taught in Egypt, one that reminded him of his home, and he closed his eyes.
Rin growled as he watched his new class get laughed at just from standing up. How childish. Rin stood up and followed his class out of the auditorium, but not without telling them all to shut up. "Shut up you idiots, you're not better than us- just because your mommy gave you a good magic!" Rin yelled before recalling his own mother's magic, she had a horn as well but she was actually strong. She could shoot beams of stardust or use telekinesis with it and crap. Rin wondered if his horn really had some type of magic stored inside, his dad said it carried plenty of magic but why couldn't he use it then? Whatever, I'll stick to the art of impalement for now. It'll be more satisfying to shut up one of these kids that way. Before he knew it, he was in a basement, what the heck was this place? And if that wasn't creepy enough, some kid he hadn't even noticed starting playing a flute. Rin chose not to say anything because he looked like he was "getting into it," so he just sighed and continued his walk.
Abrax heard the yelling from the boy with the horn. He payed attention to his words as always. He seemed, short tempered. Some of his classmates he had observed seemed either upset, or fine with the fact that they had been placed in F. Abrax on the other hand, did not have any preference of who he was with, or which class he was in.

The horned boy sighed while Abrax was playing the flute. He stopped and put it away. “Pay no attention to them horned one.” Abrax said, his Egyptian accent clearly showing, “For they do not know of our true potential.”

He brought out the flute again, closed his eyes, and started playing a calming Egyptian melody.
The doors swung open to reveal the F-class it looked like a room that hadn't been cleaned in years and the walls had lost all paint. When the teacher turned on the light it simply flickered she hit it a couple of time and then the light just stopped working. She let out a sigh. "Take your seats please." She muttered. Free immediately sat st the back seats so the teacher wouldn't see him sleeping. "Okay class I'm Ms Anne." The teacher introduced herself. "I'm going to cut to the chase your here cause you suck"... She paused. "MY job is to make sure the school doesn't expel you due to the class not yearning in any results." MS.Anne explained. "So are you ready to prove this snobbish school wrong, and that your better than anyone in the highclass!" She shouted to the class.
Of course Rin heard the boy, but he didn't really show any signs implying that he really heard him, since he just kept on following the class downstairs. I can't just not say anything, they'll think I'm even weaker then. His only response was shoving his hands in his pockets and tilting his head to face the floor below him, concealing the irritated expression that rested on his face. Although when he heard a door creaking open, it inevitably made the boy the look up to see what was going on. Almost instantly his already unimpressed attitude was reinforced as he saw the "classroom." No way this is legal... Brushing all his negative thoughts aside for a moment, it was probably best for him to choose a seat before it was taken- so he decided to sit down in a seat that was in the far left corner in the back of the classroom.

When the teacher started to speak, she immediately trash-talked the students. What the hell? Yeah we know we suck already, don't have to say it twice. He subconsciously rested his head on his right hand, which was something he did when he was annoyed. Then, there were some words full of sincerity that followed: "Are you ready to prove this snobbish school wrong, and show that you're better than anyone in the highclass!" Yeah, okay. Good luck trying to fix a boy who can't even tap into his magical side. It was clear that Rin was not sold on the woman's words just yet, he'd need to see it to believe it.

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Previously JesusoChristo
Fran frowned at Free's statement, but was delighted at his introduction, "I DO NOT suck at magic, okay!, i have... potential, and everyone likes my jokes, except you maybe", Fran replied to Free, on the bright side, he's gonna see his classroom, finally the doors swung open, and his expectations were not met, "it could use a little... decoration?" Fran commented unsure about his answers, he squealed like a little girl when the light bulbs flickered and stopped working, Fran dashed to the seat at the front of the classroom, and seconds later they already got trash-talked, "umm, that's a bit rude" Fran whispered to himself, but the next sentence the teacher made, filled Fran with joy, "YEAH!, THEY WILL SCREAM WHILE WE LAUGH AT THEIR MISERABLE BURNING SOULS!" Fran started to shout, while laughing like a maniac at the end of his sentence, after his "laughing session", he sat down like a proper human again. Fran felt happy.
Abrax chose the seat in the middle row in the back. That way he could observe everyone, and more importantly, see everyone. Abrax sat through the yelling and the laughing, not flinching. He turned to the boy in front of him. He seems like the laughable type, the one who comments on things in a humorous way to create laughter.
At lest that is what Abrax thought.

He put away his flute, and tucked it under his robes. He wondered when they were actually going to do work, magical work.

Real Work.
Mica followed the class down into the basement and looked around. The classroom really was super sketchy... the whole place looked more like a dungeon than a classroom. Mica took a seat towards the front of the class, so he could better pay attention to the teacher and take notes. He listened to the teacher as she attempted to... encourage... the students.
I mean, yeah, I guess... But I'm not really here to try to prove anyone wrong, I'm just here to learn about magic... Mica thought nervously. He looked back when the rainbow haired kid from before began to shout and laugh like a maniac. What the... what the heck? Note to self... probably a good idea to stay away from that kid. Perhaps he should have just gone to a normal school and ignored his magical abilities. For some reason, Mica had the strangest thing that this school was going to be quite painful...
"Okay I wanna test what you guys can do." Ms Anne told the class I'm going to make you fight each other so I can tell you how to work on your strengths. So first it'll be Fran vs Free. "Remember your not fighting to seriously do don't try and kill eatch other please I just want to see what you can do." Ms Anne reassured the class. Come lets get out of the dungeon and go out side she motioned for the class to follow her.
Free sighed he'd have to fight the maniac kid. "He didn't quite understand how his magic works but it should be easy enough he walked up to the grassed area. "Ready Fran, I'll go easy on you." Free challenged his opponent.

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Previously JesusoChristo
Fran was delighted to hear he had to burn someone into ashes again, just like the old days, Fran followed the teacher outside, into a grassy area, it looks like they'll have to fight here then, "easy?, why would you go easy on me?" Fran taunted his opponent, "anyways, you're "FREE" to do what you want", Fran made a pun joke while getting into a fighting stance, he aimed his arm to Free, and fired an arrow, hopefully it hit him.
Free dropped to his knees and it sailed over his head and singed his hair. "Crap." "Haha he laughed that was actually a good joke." free laughed he was carrying a handful of stones he then turned it into hat looked like a kind of putty. He then threw it at Fran and began chasing him he left some putty on his hand and hardened it. And got ready to punch Fran. "If the putty hits Fran it'll be hard for him to move." Then I punch him and boom out he goes." Free thought.

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Previously JesusoChristo
Fran saw the incoming "hat", and frankly dodged it, "OKAY!, YOU WANT TO PLAY!?" Fran shouted, getting angrier as he ran farther from Free, "LET'S PLAY!" Fran shouted as he prepared his next attack, which is going to be probably infinite Infernal Arrows, from both his hands, after firing like 10 of it in the same direction cause it had a target, Fran fell to his knees and huffed, with his sweater's sleeves burned from the start of this battle.
Free screamed. "I forfeit." And in a flash Ms Anne had stuck out her hand and and all the arrows disappeared. "thank you, both of you did well." Ms Anne congratulated the students next up how about Mica vs Rin. "Remember if you're worried for your safety just say my name and i'll help you out. She addressed the class.
Free was stumbling around and felt nausea's. "So lame." He muttered to himself. "Good one Fran." "Are your hands okay?" He asked Fran concerned.

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Previously JesusoChristo
Fran was shocked to see all 10 of those arrows just disappear, "well, that was something new" he whispered to himself, when he heard Free forfeit, he walked to the side of the grassy area, to watch the next battle, Fran heard Free's concerned voice, "aaawwww, your so sweet, and my hands are a-okay" Fran said while showing his burnt hands to Free, "uhh, slightly overcooked" Fran said giggling, ignoring the pain he was in.
Abrax was unfazed by watching the battle. It was, lame. Not much action. But he did notice the teachers magic. Magic canceling magic? Odd. She called out the next two to battle. Hopefully this battle would be better and have more action to study.
Wait... they were going to be using their magic to fight? Surely there were better ways to display their magic abilities than fighting each other? As Free and Fran got ready to fight, Mica watched them nervously. Well, maybe this was more of a specialized thing. Like, maybe these two had more of a combat-oriented magic. After all, he had seen Fran use his magic earlier. It definitely seemed like a more aggressive magic. The fight ended, and Mica's heart sank when he was called up to fight next. The boy turned to the teacher, rather nervous.
"Uh... Ms. Anne? Do we, uh... really have to fight? Isn't there a, uh... less painful way to display our magic?" Mica asked the teacher. He shifted nervously and rubbed his arm. "I mean... I haven't even thrown a punch before in my life.... I'm not really a fighter..."


Previously SwiftSwoobat
(In the Past bc why not)

Lukas Hoj sat down in the auditorium, awaiting the teacher's announcements. He expected his name to be called in the highest class, but was blown away when it wasn't. He just sat there, pale-faced. Murielle Riverden, who sat next to him, laughed," You've got to loosen up a little, just because you're not in the highest class doesn't mean you'll be a failure!" Lukas glared at her," Loosen up? I am the middle child of the esteemed Hoj family! It's either my ignorant parents or this school is simply not fit for me!" Murielle sighed, looking back at the teacher. Both were flabbergasted when they weren't called up for the middle class. Their faces turned pale, completely and utterly shocked. Once the cafeteria cleared out, Murielle and Lukas looked at their remaining classmates. Lukas was disappointed, while Murielle was trying to think of something to make times seem brighter.


Murielle and Lukas walked out of the prison they called the F-Class and outside. The two remained relatively quite compared to the rest, until Murielle walked over to Fran, who seemed injured. She looked at the injuries for a while, not talking or anything. In fact, she completely blocked Free's sight unintentionally. "Where'd you get that?", she asked, unbeknownst to the battle that recently occurred. Lukas knew he had no time for dimwits like Murielle, and stayed in the corner, keeping a distance.
Abrax turned around and saw, two more? He frowned. This would make his studying harder. He slowly walked a distance away from the group, just to get a look at all of them together. He couldn’t say they looked like failures, but they just hadn’t grown their powers yet. He had good control over his, but wasn’t sure what the limits were. So he would study how far others could, and then try.

Abrax replayed the battle in his mind. One of them used fire arrows, and the other could change matter. Interesting. The arrow one could use ten at once, but burnt himself. He would have to observe them more to get a better idea of the physics of these magical powers.....
"People act differently in a fight." Ms Anne told Mica "don't worry if you feel in danger just shout and I'll come help you." Ms Anne reassured Mica. Free Chuckled at Fran's joke. "Your funny." Free complimented Fran. Free was excited to see the next fight he didn't know their magic so he was interested.
Well that battle was certainly quick, it was all good as long as he didn't have to figh- he was up next. His eyes grew wide, and when he peeked at his horn, well... they grew even wider. He did not want to fight with anybody, it was certainly going to be a massacre out there! That boy was telling her that he wasn't a fighter, well how about the boy with a horn? That kid was sadistic for sure, he could practically summon weapons, he was surely lying. No, I have a plan. Let's go, kid. He stood up from his seat without saying anything, he only walked over to Mica and tried to egg him on. "Stop complaining and fight me already." He was looking at the boy with an unimpressed face, it was clear he didn't think Mica had what it took to be a fighter, even with such a good magic.