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Private/Closed The Oscillation: Fractured Skies (RP Thread)

Even as the crowds surged forth into the school's halls, Sarah had managed to keep to the side, and watched as the student body forced themselves inside. Until they suddenly stopped. Why? She quickly discovered the reason- One certain snake-man had taken the opportunity to cram himself in the doorway. He probably assumed that either the majority of the students were inside, or that the gang would accommodate for him, but either one of those was stupid and selfish.

This was something Sarah was going to alleviate herself, by scolding the dropout snake, but another changed student had been ahead of her. Somehow slicing the door off the hinges, which would optimally let the big snake through. If he wasn't just being a massive jerk about it in the first place. The cat-like student...Cat-like may of been an understatement, but she wasn't sure if cat ears and tails counted as half-cat...Had already repeated Sarah's message. To move or die.

Sarah decided that she'd also contribute to that- Running up to Orm, wrapping an arm around his torso, and pulling. "Come on, you stupid lug! If you want die, don't block everyone else while you're doing it!" She was seriously reconsidering her previous assessment of who she liked less. It was still the gang leader...for now.
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Orm was positively fuming with rage at this point. He warned the gang that he couldn't fit, was forced to go inside anyway and now they were going to shoot him? Thrashing around in anger, he attempted to get out of his confinement. Thankfully, a cat-girl of all things came to his aid and got him out. He didn't appreciate that orders were getting barked at him, but he'd let it slide given the circumstances. Something else he didn't appreciate was the fact that the girl that tripped over him earlier was tugging him to move. "I can move myself now, hands off." Shaking Sarah off, the boy attempted to grab her by the collar of her shirt to both get her out of danger and to show her that he was not to be messed with.
Marcus could barely think through his bloodlust as he pondered Alex's plan. How does the mist actually work? It doesn't seem like we need to breath it in to be affected, since nobody could see the gang through it even before it got close enough to breath. Then again Alex wasn't guided to the window until after he already entered the thick of it...We'll just have to take our chances on that front.

The angel crossed the room to the broken window and examined the fog coming through. The stuff coming through the hole was beginning to thicken up to the same degree as outside, but Marcus could still see clearly what was going on at the other end of the field. In shockingly-great detail given the distance, he could make out the stampede of students being urged on by the gang members, with the leader waving his handgun around in a clearly threatening manner. Seems like he's getting impatient, Marcus thought, But what else can he expect? His goons are waving guns at a bunch of high schoolers.

Speaking of goons, the angel's enhanced senses picked up on the clanging sound again, this time a little louder. Whatever that is must be getting close, he reasoned. He didn't remember any of the students or faculty on the field making that noise, so it was safe to assume it was another Oscillated gang member. "We're really in between a rock and a hard place, here." Marcus called to Alex from the window. "We don't know if me guiding you through could work, but going out into the halls probably isn't much better.

"Then again, if flying does work we could get back to the field much faster than through the halls. Maybe we could catch them by surprise?" The last part wasn't so much a question as him thinking through the plan aloud. Even then, what could we really do? "While we were still out there, I counted at least half of them with guns. You might be bulletproof, but I don't think I am." He turned back to face his fiery companion. "So even if we did get back to the field in one piece, what could we really do? Take a couple of them out before we're gunned down?" Marcus jumped up and sat on the window sill as he continued. "I think the hall is our best-"

Just as he was about to finish, Marcus recognized the sound of a set of rapidly approaching feet. He jumped from the windowsill to ready himself for a fight, and looked at the door only to realize the fish-like student whom Kirin had been speaking with on the field was staring back at him. He watched as the fish-man hastily entered the room, and listened as he requested he and Alex's assistance in driving the gang form their school.

Marcus contemplated it for a moment before saying, "I'll help y'all in any way I can." This is our new best shot. The cops should have been here by now, but I don't hear any sirens. We might be on our own. The angel turned back to Alex and shared his thoughts. "Besides," he added, "There's strength in numbers. We have a better chance if we ally with them."
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Previously Swirled
Fortunately, the angelic flyer was willing to lend assistance to Jonah's cause, but that didn't mean that his companion shared that willingness to pitch in. Though Jonah didn't want to leave the fiery student behind, the perception warping fog was leaking its way inside, putting his recruitment efforts on a time limit.

"Not to rush either of you, but we should really get going. That fog will be a major thorn in our sides if we let it spread," Though he was starting to panic, the transformed senior tried to hide it by keeping his voice steady and somewhat authoritative. The fog wasn't too thick, but without any sort of intervention from his part, the fog would continue to spread.

I just hope Catherine and Erik aren't having any problems...
Though irked by his inability to try flying once again, Alex still couldn't fault his logic. Sure, he wanted to stretch his wings, but he wanted to save his classmates just a bit more, and he was about to voice this before the wet slaps of... footsteps? interrupted his train of thought. Somebody burst through the door seconds later, Alex instinctively throwing up his wings in defence before realising it was another student. This one was tall- really tall, and seemed almost amphibious, though Alex didn't pay nearly enough attention in biology to make that call.

He was asking for help in getting rid of the gang, which Alex was all for, but he was lost enough in though that he barely managed to register this before the fish-man was hurrying him through the door. He climbed to his feet, and gave them a thumbs-up.

"Sure thing. I want them gone as much as you do, and as cool as the fog looks, I don't want to fly into another wall," he said, taking a few long strides down the hallway to match pace with the others.


Previously Swirled
Once Marcus and Alex exited the classroom, Jonah exited the classroom himself, slamming the door hard to prevent any more smoke from leaking into the school building. Fortunately, the door was relatively new, so the smoke would have a difficult time spreading throughout the school. Now that the situation had calmed down, the transformed senior felt the freedom to ask the people he recruited some essential questions.

"If you don't mind me asking, what are your names?" Jonah addressed the two in a direct but relaxed tone, "Also, do you guys use Discord? My friends and I are using that as our primary method of long distance communication, so if you have accounts, let me know your tags so I can send you the invite and if you don't I can walk you through creating an account and joining the server."
Thomas was walking through the hallway as he heard some really loud noises of a pissed snake somewhere close to the entrence and cautious went in that way.

He saw such scene, two girls, one being a Neko and an oversized snake that seemed to be in a rage of ten suns as they did something, god only knows what. The boy then looked outside where was a leader of this Madness and only in last second he managed not to pierce this guy as only he saw him and he approached the... Interesting group of people... Although people is a wrong name now...

People that ended up in very similar unlucky situation like him... Better.

"Why are you so pissed, Snake?" Horned boy asked as he approached them, trying to sound as friendly as possible in this harsh time.
Null materialized behind Jonah, having had left messing with Marcus to go outside and check what the gang was doing. Silent as the void of space, he put his cold, lifeless-like hand on Jonah's shoulder, before saying "Hello there." in his usual sly and unnerving way, his voice being mixed with Kirin's in an almost "voice of the legion" type way. He walked through Jonah, something that could give anyone chills, before looking back and giving a mischievous smirk.

"Kirin gives his regards, fish-boy." He said, slightly chuckling to himself before turning around to Marcus and Alex.
Null grinned, before saying "Well, it looks like everyone is slowly getting together. Why not, I'm coming along too."

Null knew that Marcus would be strongly opposed to the idea, but he decided that it's not HIS problem that i unnerve him.
However, he didn't know how Alex would react, which he was somewhat interested in seeing.
Catherine wrinkled her nose at Orm's unwarranted aggression.

"Maybe you guys should remember what situation we're in before you start having a lover's quarrel," the cat-girl snorted and then hushed her voice, "more importantly, some friends and I are trying to gather some of the stronger changed people, the ones that feel stronger. If we catch the gang off-guard, maybe we can surprise them...interested in joining la resistance?"
"Lover's quarrel?" Orm quite literally hissed at Catherine, the mere insinuation that he was a couple with that brat who could not see his tail when it was nothing less than a scaly log was enough to make him seriously consider biting off the head of the girl. Then again, his temper was not changed for the better after becoming a giant snake and he hadn't exactly had a chance to calm down with the gang attacking. "La resistance?" The interest of the boy was piqued and his voice lowered. "Sounds interesting, any chance to show those gang members to not mess with us is a chance that I will take. Count me in, what's the plan?" He noticed Thomas asking him a question, but he was not planning on answering it. One look around would answer the question the boy asked, it wasn't as if the gang was trying to be subtle.
"As for a plan—" Catherine paused, "we have no plan."

"We discovered some things Zola left behind, and we think we can use those to get a jump on the gang. All the predictions she made are coming true and we found letters she wrote that explained more. The only thing we need are people willing to take the risk..."

Catherine beckoned the duo of Orm and Sarah to follow her. She also took note of the new arrival on the scene, a wooden, antlered boy, that made her claws itch. Scratching him would probably feel good...

"Hey you—you look pretty strong. Wanna come with us?"

Ehhhhh, he's still unconscious. Well, as disappointed as I am that I didn't get as much action in my role, I suppose it's better if I have fewer chances to collapse the entire building.

Yes, Erik was disappointed, and he was bored. Kirin continued to lie on the infirmary bed, breathing but out cold; how long was he gonna stay unconscious, anyway? To Erik, it seemed like the guy would be out for quite a while, considering the lack of any recent stir in body movement that might have suggested that Kirin was beginning to wake up.

Wait, now that he mentioned it....

Quickly yanking out his phone, Erik accessed the Discord app and began typing away before sending a message to the group chat with Catherine and Jonah.

'Just realized that we never really set up a rendezvous point after gathering the others, and I don't know how I feel about carrying this guy anywhere, considering the big ol' unit he's packing with that tail of his. How about we meet up back here at the infirmary? Have you guys gotten to anyone already?'
"Let go of me you slimy son of a-"

Wait, lovers quarrel?! The only thing Sarah would love was her hands around his neck. Tight.

She did decide to listen to the cat girl as she freed herself from Orm's grasp. Resistance, against the gang. Well that sounded good. The snake wanted to know if there was a plan- Of which there was none. But they did have letters from a girl who predicted the future...the crazy girl? Oh yeah, wasn't she lucky, bailing out before everything went down the crapper. Maybe she was in some asylum scrawling down her predictions still, but that was better than this situation.

To be honest, the prospect of working with the serpent was not exactly appealing. But she still hated the smug asshole gang leader more for the time being- So fine, she'd work with them for now.

...And the horned kid who showed up. Asked why the snake was mad.

"He's mad because of me. And I'm mad because of him. Since he's a dangerous idiot." She did follow Catherine's beckoning, "Anyways, I'm in, I don't mind sticking it to these bastards."

Sarah's fists were clenched. Those guys really did make her blood boil...Just a little more than Orm made it boil. Maybe they could just gang up on the leader and make the rest scatter...And where was that guy, anyways?
"I see, understandable" He said as Sarah gave him the answer and as he could suspect, he wouldn't be the one to take action. Proposition of a cat-girl to get rid of the gang sound tempting enough.
"I am in. I never liked when adults force me to stay in the school more than I have to anyway... And also..."

"As for a plan, I may have one..." He mentioned, but he didn't want to speak out loud with walls that have ears. He walked up closer to the cat girl so she can hear his whisper. "There is a tunnel made under one class, non visible as long as someone doesn't get idea to move one of the desks and it leads outside the school.." he whispered to her "I don't know if its the best plan though, rethinking all options would be good"

"Kay,that would be all from me! I am up to help you all"
"My name's Marcus," the angel replied, "Marcus Kosika. And as for Discord..." He trailed off as he reached into his pocket for his phone, retrieving the device and double checking his username. "Mine is MarKos#7294." And to think I was gonna delete this app, Marcus thought as he exchanged the information with Jonah.

"While we're talking, I've been thinking through our predicament here." Marcus stated as he returned his phone to his pocket. "If we're going to face the gang, it can't be on even ground. We'll need to either out power them or out smart them, but to do that we'll need to learn as much as we can. Alex and I already had a run-in with the woman that I'm assuming controls the mist. I wasn't able to gauge much about how powerful she might be, but my gut tells me she'll be the biggest threat."

As the group walked, the once-distant clatter of plates grew louder. Marcus stopped in his tracks as he listened to the slow approach, trying to deduce what might be making the sound. Another gang member for sure, he reasoned, And definitely oscillated. But into what? It almost sounds like old medieval plate armor but I don't think any of us got items when we transformed. Maybe his case is different? That or the armor is somehow connected to him.
Maybe some sort of bug with chitin armor?

Marcus' thinking was interrupted by Null's reappearance. "You're coming along, huh? Just leave me be, and I might be able to tolerate you. Anyways..."

"...There's someone on this floor with us," Marcus warned the other guys. "But it sounds like they're farther up the hall than the stairwell. We could probably get down before our paths cross." The angel rounded on Null and fixed the creature with a glare, and his words were dripping with venom as he spit out, "Course, you can go right on ahead and face whatever it is. We'd probably be better off without you."
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Null looked at Marcus with a smug grin.
"If i was able to, I would. However, due to being more or less a manifestation, I'm not really able to interact with much."
Null shrugged, his image slightly jittered, somewhat looking like his apperance RGB shifted, then came back together.
"As you can see, i am more or less intangible, due to me not being fully materialized. I can't do much when kirin isn't awake."


"I can recon all i want, seeing as i can materialize basically anywhere in this school and not be seen, as i can go through most anything."
He paused, thinking, before replying.

"So, technically, i could go see what we are up against. Just a thought."
he said.
"Regardless, there's no need for aggression or spite, since we are all working towards a common goal. Surely you can loosen up to focus better." he stated, listening to the clank clank of the upcoming being.


Previously Swirled
Admittedly, Jonah was somewhat startled by Null's sudden appearance. Though by no means the strangest thing he's been involved with, the high schooler still wasn't expecting a manifestation from Kirin's psyche to greet him. Despite that, he recognized that the Death God was offering his services for the time being, an offer he would be foolish to refuse. Of course, he had to add Marcus to the Discord group, but that didn't take long once he had his tag. He also noticed the request Erik made to meet at the infirmary, which he intended to bring up to the others.

"You can run surveillance, Null. Just don't endanger yourself," After addressing the apparition, he turned to Marcus and Alex while slowly heading to the stairwell, "We're going to meet up at the infirmary with everyone else we've gathered. There we should be able to formulate a plan to get these gangsters out." He motioned the two to follow him, shuddering slightly as he recalled Null phasing through him. Pulling out his phone, he began to type in the discord server and fill Erik and Catherine in on his situation.

"I'm on my way to the infirmary right now. I got the flyers to our cause, as well as someone named Null, who will likely get some surveillance on the gangsters. He says that he's related to Kirin but that's an issue to address at a later time. As for other info I got, we know who's creating the fog and we suspect that she's the main offense the gang has. However, this should be discussed once we meet up. I'll see y'all soon."
"We should move before we get noticed," the gang had yet to follow the students inside and Catherine couldn't imagine what they were waiting for; but, if she had to guess, maybe they were sealing the school's other exits. Catherine paused and perked her ears, listening carefully for movement outside. What she picked up wasn't the shuffle of feet but the wail of a siren.

The arrival of the authorities would've made her excited if she hadn't already known they would fail. As long as the gang had easy access to this many children, the authorities would have their hands tied. Catherine bit her lip, her ears flattening against her hair. They needed to do something.

"Follow me."

She beckoned Sarah, Orm, and Tommy to follow her while she pulled out her phone to report back to the other two. The log of messages told her where she needed to go, and by her count, it also meant they'd gathered at least ten people. She didn't know how much time they had before the gang barged in, so ten would have to do.

[I've got three people with me, we're headed back now. The Police will arrive soon too.]
"Leave the name calling for another day, I'd say we have more pressing issues than our mutual hatred." Growling at Sarah, Orm followed Catherine to wherever she planned to take them. It was a better plan than just sitting here like a bunch of sheep waiting for the slaughter. He was willing to take any risk necessary to get the gang out of here, though it was far from a noble reason. He just really did not like people bullying others around, unless he was the one doing the bullying. Whilst Sarah had shot up far on the bullying list, the gang was still above her. Not by a lot, but it was still above her. He didn't know why he wanted to attack her, he just knew that he did. Reasoning was never his strong suit and neither was patience, but thankfully there was an outlet waiting for him. Sticking his tongue out, he quickly flicked it back inside. He had no idea what would happen, he just knew that snakes did it and wanted to try it. "Do any of you know why snakes do that tongue thing? Because it does jack shit for me."
"They taste the air so they could aid their smelling sense for seeking predators or pray.. Cuz both seeing and hearing senses are terrible on snakes" Tommy split quick facts as he followed Catherine with others. "So... Who are you guys anyway.. Whats your names?" He asked as he thought that he is the only new here.
"Sorry, I just.. Want to refer to you somehow" he added embarrassed and just followed.

All this situation felt weird and Tommy just.. Felt so out of place, not really needed for others. He just hope he will be of use to them and will be able to help them somehow...
"Save the introductions for later, we're here."

Catherine pushed into the infirmary and immediately noted that Kirin was still unconscious. "Have you tried splashing him with water?" She asked Erik, eyeing the sink in the far corner of the room.

"It turns out I can make fire," she continued, flexing her claws and the ghastly green flames she could produce. "You know what they say about dipping people's fingers in warm water?" A devious smile came to her lips as she let the suggestion linger.

"Oh, and have you seen Jonah? Did I beat him back?"

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Yukiro had been exploring the school, being a look-out for other oscillated Gang Members and oscillated students.
Entering the Infirmary, He saw six Oscillated, one knocked out. "Hey, Is there a party going on in here? Even if there isn't, It seems like there'd be too many gang members to fight" Looking around, He heard something from the nekomata. she said "jonas". It seemed like a name of someone, That person wasn't here though.

"Looking for someone?" Yukiro asked. "I could look for him if you want" Yukiro knew that they weren't getting out alive if they didn't work together, So Yukiro knew he needed to help at all costs. "Tell me what he looks like and i'll look for him" As he waited for a reply.


Previously Swirled
At long last, Jonah led the duo of wingmen to the infirmary, where the rest of the Oscillated happened to gather. Admittedly, he was surprised at the sheer number of people they gathered: discounting the original 4, 6 other students had joined their cause of evicting the gangsters. Disregarding that, he found a way to squeeze into the increasingly crowded infirmary room and turned to Catherine and Erik to get them more up to speed.

"Sorry I'm late guys, though it seems that my tardiness won't be too much of an issue," He motioned for Marcus and Alex to enter the infirmary as well before turning back to Catherine and Erik, "I presume this is everyone?"
"If that is the case, then I must be doing something wrong as nothing's happening. Maybe my eyes and hearing are too good for that thing, maybe I just flat out do not have it." Orm stated as he followed Catherine to the infirmary. "Yeah, I ain't fitting through that and it would be too obvious to let me stay outside." Letting out a sigh, Orm looked up to the ceiling. "Give me my legs back." As if on cue, which it probably was, the large snake turned into a cat. It wasn't any less out of place, but this way he was smaller. Walking into the infirmary, the drop-out immediately made his way to an empty corner. He didn't know these people save for Marcus, and he really did not want someone to try and pet him or step on his tail on accident.
"Speak of the devil," the catkin huffed as Jonah arrived. " This is everyone and then some..."

Her brows were raised as she assessed the new arrivals, needly pupils passing over them in turn. In addition to their starting fours, they were now joined by the fliers, the lovebirds, and the stragglers. In total, they were ten strong. Or maybe they were only nine strong. For all his bluster and girth, the snake man didn't look too reliable. So far he'd gotten stuck in a door and now he'd transformed into a kitten. Catherine couldn't claim to be an expert in magical combat, but she was pretty sure none of those abilities were very strong ones.

'At least he's cute now,' she mused to herself, prancing over to stroke his fur

"First, introductions." Catherine started, "I'll go first. I'm Catherine, Mythickin Nekomata."

Her twin tails flagged to exaggerate her point, and she gestured for someone else to introduce themselves next.
"Do not pet me, I'm only a cat because I am too big otherwise." Orm hissed and puffed up his fur, creating the image of a cat with an immense ego. "My name is Orm Skau, when I transformed I heard a voice say 'Legendkin: Jörmungandr'. I have no clue what that means, all I know is that Jörmungandr is a big fucking snake apparently and from what I've read about him prior before turning, he ain't exactly the nicest snake around. So far I've only been able to turn into a cat for some unknown reason, but I am confident in my physical strength. Even if I am not venomous, pretty sure I can crush a couple of bones if that is needed." The drop out informed the other turned people. He had no clue if what he said was important, but he had nothing to lose. Even his dignity was gone as a cat.
Thomas decided to introduce himself next.. But a shiver suddenly hit on his spine.. He felt out of a place, those guys could as well know each other at least a bit from the school.. But well.. He just need to introduce himself, no matter how much out of the place he seems to be. He wanted to be helpful.

He make a note to himself that there are two cats in a group, and Orm is one of those proud and mean at that.
Him being kinda like some sort of tree started to feel being in danger of getting scratches later.. He hoped also there aren't any dogs that could mistake him for real tree tho..

"Emm..." He started, it was easy to detect how shy he was in his voice. He kinda looked down and then again at the group. "My name is Thomas.. Thomas Dzikowski... Leshen" He said quietly and quickly.
Erik had been mindlessly scrolling through his phone, waiting for the others to arrive as Kirin continued to lie unconscious on the bed. Finally, Catherine had arrived with 3 Oscillated students, followed by another who had stumbled in a bit later.

"Hey. I haven't really tried to wake Kirin up, but once everyone else gets here, we'll see."

His attention was then directed toward the wispy flames dancing around Catherine's hands, and he let out an amused exhale of breath through his nose in response to her next quip. The infirmary door swung open a few moments later while Catherine had been inquiring about Jonah's whereabouts to reveal the boy in question, as well as the company he had managed to snag on his own quest.

As soon as everyone was situated in the rather cramped room, Erik finally stood up and squeezed his way toward the sink; after filling a small paper cup with water as cold as the faucet would allow, he then returned to the bed Kirin had occupied and unceremoniously dumped the cup's contents onto the boy's face.

Not sure if it'll work, but it's worth a try.

Returning his attention to the rest of the group, it seemed that Catherine had asked everyone to introduce themselves. First it was her, then that snake-but-cat guy, and then a guy with horns. When the room fell silent once more, Erik decided to interject, slightly raising his hand.

"Erik Cho, Legendkin."

Unlike the other three, Erik didn't dare reveal the legend into which he had oscillated, and he shot a brief and subtle glance at Jonah, hoping his friend would get the memo.
In the somewhat uncomfortably cramped infirmary, Sarah was surprised at the crowd. Either the gang wasn't about to confront a room filled with pissed off teens with super powers or were just occupied at the moment. There was also a suspicious lack of the snake, though she got her answer when a conspicuous cat spoke up- Formally introducing himself. So was he a cat, or a serpent?

There were a couple other introductions, prompted by the catgirl, who also reintroduced herself as Catherine. Thomas was the next one, horned boy she had still met- Though the once she hadn't met was currently pouring a cup of water on some unconscious sap laying on the bed. Erik, and unlike the others, he didn't seem to reveal his new 'title'. Must've been uncomfortable with it or something.

So, given the moment, Sarah decided to fill it. "Name's Sarah Thrud, nice to meet y'all, and-" As she spoke, she attempted to lean on a cart of supplies and tools. Which quickly proved to be a mistake, as she easily pushed it aside, the items inside rattling as it shifted from under her. She did manage to catch her balance, but her attempt to seem laid back or cool only served to be a mistake. Damn snake was gonna give her grief for that one, shooting a glare to the cat in the corner.

As she got her bearings, she continued where she left off. "-Legendkin, Kriemhild I'm pretty sure. Also I keep hearing about this Siegfried guy, I have no clue who he is or what he's doing in my head."
Orm chuckled as Sarah pushed back a cart on accident. That'll get her off her high horse. As Sarah glared at him, he didn't break eye contact. Who did that girl think she was? If they had more space, then he would simply turn back to show the girl who was boss. Forcing himself to calm down, he focused his attention to the elephant in the room. Or rather, the person in the room. "What's the case with that guy on the bed? Is he sleeping or did someone knock the fool out?" He wasn't going to move out of the corner to check himself, he really did not want that cat girl to pet him or that other girl to punt him. Why did I get the dumb cat power? How does that have anything to do with this giant snake I am? Too many questions and too little questions, but they would have to wait for now. The gang was a bigger issue than his catboy transformation.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
"It's my turn then! I'm Yukiro, Yukiro Shikimura. I am a Kitsune. Nice to meet you all. Look, I think we shouldn't keep standing here." He looked around to check if there were any more gang Members around. He chuckled as he noticed the cat on the ground, as it spoke up. "I can create fire with my tails. I can also hypnotize people. But enough about me, What about the others?" He seemed calm at that moment, but it'll be short-lived if they didn't move.

"We can move this conversation somewhere else, We're sitting ducks in here, and i don't wanna get shot down" Yukiro spoke up. They needed to either fight or flight. and they needed to choose now.
Alex wasn't exactly happy with the Null thing Marcus disliked so much tagging along with them, but it's not like they had many choices of allies in this situation. He tailed along with Jonah into the infirmary, where he managed to spot a few semi familiar faces, along with some new arrivals. They'd managed an impressive turnout, with about eight people or so managing to have escaped the gunmen outside. Cat girl had started some sort of introduction circle, Alex perking up slightly from his slouch against the wall when his turn came

"Heya, I'm Alex- Alex Leffen," he introduced himself, giving a quick wave. Trying his best not to giggle at the display 'Sarah' had put on, he continued. "I managed to get some sort of phoenix transformation, thus the wings," Alex lifted his left wing and gave it a shake, "and I'm pretty sure I could manage a decent grill on them if any of you have a pack of burgers on hand." Sure, a joke wasn't completely appropriate, but wisecracks were something of a nervous habit for him.

However, glancing at the door, Alex couldn't help but agree with the catgirl. They had a window that was being wasted, and as good as morale building is, moving to meet with the police was probably their best bet. "Listen, I'm on board with getting to the police, but how do you think we're gonna manage it? Marcus and I might be able to fly but the mist makes that risky enough as is and I'm pretty sure the rest of you can't fly out with us. Unless antler boy has some wings hidden back there," Alex jerked a thumb towards Thomas, "I don't think that's an option."
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Previously Swirled
Jonah grinned to himself as the students introduced themselves to each other, it was like he was in kindergarten again. Not only did he get a faint sense of nostalgia from the introductions, he also got a snicker out of witnessing Catherine, a cat-girl, attempting to pet Orm, the currently normal cat. However, that paled in comparison to watching Sarah fall over after attempting to lean on the carts, which provoked outright laughter. After taking a moment to compose himself, it became apparent that he should introduce himself as well as suggest plans of his own.

"As for me, I'm Jonah Reeves, and I'm pretty sure I've transformed into some kind of ocean god," He began, hesitating on how he'd describe himself without pulling up the Ryūjin's Wikipedia article. Once he introduced himself, he turned to Alex to address his concerns on how they'd rendezvous with the police.

"Hmm, that's tricky. Maybe we could just...call them?"
"Flying out is definitely still on the table," Marcus interjected. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I can see through the mist. That's how I was able to see Alex when he smashed through that classroom window. So as long as the gang is distracted I could definitely fly to the cops, and maybe bring Alex along with me if staying within a certain distance will let him follow me without being tricked by the mist."

It would be a risky play, but we don't have many other options for contacting the cops besides just a phone call. "But us flying to the cops doesn't mean we can't fly back. Alex and I could act as messengers and relay information both ways, maybe even try and get some equipment like kevlar vests from the cops. I'm not exactly looking to test it, but I don't think I'm bulletproof."

"Oh, and I'm Marcus Kosika. Legendkin, Archangel Raphael." He outstretched his wings and flapped them a couple times for dramatic effect.
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Previously NotAPokemonRanger
"If you say so-" Yukiro wasn't sure, But if she said so, He had no choice but to believe her. And then two other students suggested to fly out. "Woah, wait... You can't just fly out like that, If you remember that gang leader has a Golden Chain. If you flew too close, He could easily grab you with it. It's really risky right now, And if you were to do that, We'd need a distraction.." He took out his phone, Taking a look at the wikipedia page for "Leshen". "Okay.. I think you" pointing at Thomas, "Can make a distraction. Says here that you can control plants and animals. Sadly, We'd need to sacrifice a few animals for that distraction." He said, in a calm voice.

"If we want these two" Pointing at Alex and Marcus "To be a messenger of some kind, We'll need it. Of course, This is only a suggestion" Still talking a calm voice. "Not gonna lie, If we wanna escape, We need to use the assets we have right now." It wasn't like he just wanted to drop blood, No it wasn't like that. He wanted to escape the school with less casualties than risking the death of two people.
Null's image split into two, one darker and one lighter.
the lighter one went down the hall near the incoming sound, the other one went to the infirmary, where he saw erik unceremoniously dump ice cold water onto Kirin.
Nulls ghastly appearance wisped across the room, walking through people until he got to Kirin, and said:
"Wake up, that's enough time."

He then pulled back his arm and delivered a rude right hook right to Kirin's unconscious face.

Kirin woke with a start, before angrily yelling out "O ciod an ifrinn- thu dia- damn wankers"

He then realized he was dripping wet, and that pissed him off greatly.

"Which one of you fucks splashed me with all this GOD DAMN WATER?"

He shot off several arcs of red lightning that angrily shot across the room. The room got more humid as he vaporized the water on him, causing the room to have a slight mist.

He got up, before nodding to Null.
"Come on already, introduce yourself."

Null chuckled, before turning to face everyone.

"My name is Null, and he is Kirin Lyrugia."
"He is the Legendkin: Bahamut, and i am the manifestation of Null, the Draconic God of Death. Nice to meet you all."

Kirin seemed to now exhibit an aura of sheer demise, but the effect seemed to only really take effect when one looked directly at him. It almost seemed as if looking at him made one's ears ring.

Kirin looked around the room, shooting a slight glare at Erik while doing so.

"Anyone wanna tell me how the FUCK i got here?", Kirin said, his right hand sparking with lightning, which seemed to also give off a shadowy black mist.
As the remaining Oscillated students chimed in one by one to introduced themselves, Erik noticed Kirin jolt awake in the corner of his eye. What followed was a series of loud and irritating events, and once everything had quieted down, the already cramped room was now incredibly humid, and Erik could feel his patience slipping away by the second. As Kirin continued to emanate a demeanor of malice, the crackle of electricity off of the Legendkin's right hand caused a stray spark to hit Erik's hand, and in that moment, his indifferent disposition quickly became one of exasperation.

In contrast to Kirin's shadowy black lightning, the white-haired teen abruptly grabbed the Oscillated Bahamut's wrist with a hand encased in bright silver electricity as he met Kirin's gaze. A sudden rush of pressure came upon him, accompanied by an audible ringing in his ears, but Erik shouldered his way through the effect as his irritation was given speech.

"Cool it. It was enough trouble hauling you in here after you passed out; you're helping no one by lighting this place up and making it even more uncomfortable than it already is."

As he released his grip on Kirin, Erik shoved the boy's arm away and folded his arms over his chest. However, as he drew nearer toward putting all of his pent-up stress into words, Erik's eyes suddenly began to glow with white, as a voice that wasn't his own spoke with a depth that seemingly radiated an assertive authority through an unfamiliar, commanding tone.

"Know your place, demonic filth."

The sudden change in voice was gone as quickly as it had come, and as the light encasing Erik's vision faded away and his eyes returned to normal, he blinked a few times in bewilderment and cleared his throat. Raising a hand in apology, he then backed away, shuffling into the crowd so as to blend in—if he even could after what he had just done.

“Sorry about that—don’t know what just happened. Didn’t mean any of it.”
"Hey!" Catherine snapped, and her voice rose to a shrill, unbearable hiss. "Cut that out."

Her stare was sharp as daggers, just like her claws and fangs, which were displayed in a snarl that swept across the room.

"We're here to discuss the gang not turn on each other," Catherine berated, before leveling her glare at the feuding duo and folding her arms. "If you can't behave then I'll put you both in time-out."

"Anyways," She huffed, "there's something you all need to see."

She reached into her pocket, from which she pulled Zola's letters which she began to pass around.

Diary Entry 1: The beginning of Chaos
5:45 PM
September 20, 2018

Dear Diary,

I don't know what's happening...I was having lunch on the roof but then the sky...it broke! Cracks appeared spilling multi-colored light and it...it changed people...it changed...me. People are calling it The Oscillation. That was yesterday; but, since then I've been living with constant migraines, these stupid visions, and those voices...Ugh, It's driving me crazy!

It was all fine at the start. Sure, it was a little crazy what with people sprouting tails and scales like some kinda monster mash-up party, but the teachers had it under control. Those of us, the ones who were changed, they made us gather in the gymnasium while the other students went to their homerooms for attendance. There were over a hundred of us changed in all, even a few of the teachers had been changed. It was like straight out of a movie. There were Mermaids, Dwarves, Fairies, and even one guy who said he was a Goblin; green, gnarled, and—Ew!

Anyway, things were fine until they came. They barged through the school gates and trapped us here. They said they were a local gang and clearly, they'd also been changed. It gave them confidence, enough that they attacked the school and took us hostage. They've been keeping the authorities at bay by threatening us, trying to negotiate a ransom fee and safe passage out of the country but…negotiations don't seem to be going well.

That isn't the worst of it, though. I heard the teachers whispering; we're almost out of food, we’ll run out by tomorrow. those thugs are starting to get violent. One of the teachers tried to talk to them yesterday, but they took him somewhere. No one's seen him since...

There are people saying that they killed him, but I don't think so. I don't know how, but I can feel it...I think. He's not dead but something...worse. What could be worse than being dead though?

…ọ̀dàlẹ̀? What was that?

Ugh, nothing makes sense anymore…


Diary Entry 02: The Truth and the Light

9:45 PM
September 20, 2018

Oshun…that’s who I am now: Lover, Protector, and a well-spring of sweet water.

The Gang announced our execution date. It’s tomorrow. If the authorities don’t capitulate to their demands by tomorrow, then they’ll kill all of us. They seemed to take a vile pleasure in our distress. The teachers protested, but there was nothing they could do before the Gang’s power. The only ones that stood a chance were the other changed, the Oscillated. They had a brawl in the school but…it didn’t go too well. They couldn’t fight the Gang and protect all of us at the same time. I wanted to help; but, I’m not a fighter. I’m hardly any stronger than Teachers; nowhere near strong enough to fight against one of the Gang members.

I’m not useless though. I’m not too good at it yet, but I can use divination. It’s not as good as seeing the future, but it’s still useful. I’ve been using my divination to help plan our escape but…something feels off. I can’t tell what it is but it feels like…we’re doomed to fail. The teachers say I’m just overthinking it but…maybe I should do something just in case?

If I can divine the future could I manage to send a message to the past? If we had a heads-up I’m

"It seems like Zola knew a lot more than she let on, but these are the only clues we have." Catherine's ears drooped as she leaned back onto an infirmary bed.

"Whatever our plan is, we need to get it done in a few days."



Previously Kid_Nukas
Sam was sitting down in the hallway still trying to pull herself together from all of the craziness that she was now dealing with, along with trying to figure out, besides her obvious new body, what else had changed about her. The only problem was that she really couldn't find much out without knowing exactly what she was looking for, guess she would just have to play it by ear. She then remembered that Tommy had asked her to round up as many people as she could and she just completely shirked off her responsibility. Why would I just leave him hanging like that, I just really didn't feel like doing it for some reason... She soon got her answer through a little voice in her head.

Sirene Manipulation (Cooldown: N/A; Cost: N/A; Duration: N/A; Range: N/A) Passive, Reactive-Type. Sam’s transformation enhanced her already lazy nature. She now has a tendency to get others to do things for her and will manipulate them in order to get her way; however, she is still capable of doing things on her own, it is just more difficult for her to make herself do things than it was before.

Of course, another ability that seemed like more of a hindrance than a help. Well, guess she would have to try and go against that a bit if she wanted to get much done, after all who was she going to get to do things for her. She slowly got up from where she was sitting and went to look for people. She walked around the halls, but it didn't take her long before she heard a bunch of voices all coming from the same room. She followed the sounds and she came upon what looked to be a large cluster in the infirmary.

"Umm are you guys all trying to hide from the gang? I don't feel like bunching up all together in one room is a smart idea, especially if I could hear you from down the hall..."