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Private/Closed The Oscillation: Fractured Skies (RP Thread)

Other than the guy on the bed getting up in a rage from the water, there wasn't all that much to really say- The other guy, who had said his name, but not his legend, seemed to have an adverse reaction. Calling him a 'demonic filth'. But there was a difference in his voice, certainly not the Erik he had introduced himself as. Was he too experiencing the sudden...hate? Sarah didn't have a high opinion of Orm before all this, but she didn't hate him. Or maybe she had already hated him, and was using it as an excuse? She wasn't sure- Memories melding in her head made it difficult to recall what she did know of him before he became the world-eating serpent.

Still, he never made her dread before, not like Sarah got when she first saw him transformed. That much she could remember.

Things in the room settled with a cat's hiss- Catherine, not Orm in his feline state. Reassuring that they did need to focus on the goal of defeating the gang, not fighting with one another. She also picked out letters from her pocket- From the girl who had gone nuts earlier today. Sarah didn't know how, but she also wasn't one to question it. Waiting for her turn to read over the letters, though, she did notice some things.

"They don't make sense." She said plainly, passing the letter along. "The letters are written like she experienced it, but she clearly didn't. She got wheeled out of here just today. I guess she did somehow manage to get herself to write these in the past with that...future thing she mentioned, but even then..."

Sarah took a glance out the window, the field they had been taken hostage at in view. "We didn't go back to our homerooms, and we didn't go to the gyms. The gang swooped in and took us hostage at the field! Like, are we already screwed? Or maybe like, less screwed? Cause it sounds like the gang took longer to decide on the whole thing in the letter. What we had was..."

A new voice piped up, walking into the infirmary. A girl with bird legs instead of a human's. Huh.

She did wonder why they were being so loud while 'hiding'. "We're not hiding." Sarah said, speaking for the group first. "We're planning. Besides, what's the gang gonna do? Waltz up to us and scold us for not being in the homerooms? They wouldn't even be able to take us all out unless, like, they all came in on us all at the same time."

Sarah didn't see it really being an issue. Sure they'd get hurt, but so would the gang- pretty badly at that too. Of course, it may of been a little too cocky on her part...
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Kirin felt Erik grab his wrist, which made him start to raise his other hand. The lightning sparking from his left hand quickly turned an inky black.
His body moved without volition, trying to attack Erik.

However, when Erik release his grip and suddenly spoke in a different tone, before insulting him by calling him "Demonic Filth", Kirin's rage spiked.
His vision blurred, and his mind got foggy. Kirin's eyes turned from their normal mute black to a vicious crimson. Null quickly materialized behind him, pulling Kirin's arms behind him, as the Legendkin tried to reach towards Erik, the shadowy fog wisping out, trying to lash towards him.

When he spoke, his voice was different.
It sounded as if multiple people spoke at once, as if Bahamut spoke though him in a rage.
"bidh mi gad reubadh na leth agus a ’rothaireachd do bhodhaig eas-chruthach tron t-sràid a’ fàgail fuil agus luchd-brathaidh nam dhùisg, tha mi a ’mionnachadh gum bi mi-"

However, when Catherine told them to stop, Kirin's demeanor quickly returned to normal, his lightning turning a pacifying green. He sat down turning away from the others, muttering something along the lines of "yeah yeah, it's ok, whatever..."

Kirin stared at the wall, his thoughts running wild.

He looked at his hands, still generating the black smoke.

He was tired.
And confused.

He put his hands on his head, trying not to think of himself as an uncontrollable, dangerous hellspawn, but him losing control made him seriously doubt his humanity.

Null shot everyone an apologetic look, before glancing at Catherine with a look that told "Later, I'll explain."
He then sat down next to Kirin and tried to console him, but to little avail.

Then, suddenly, Kirin got up and pushed through the others, before opening the door, walking outside.
He went slightly down the wall, before sitting down.
Putting his head to his knees, he silently cried.

Null awkwardly looked to the others.
"So... what's the plan?"
Catherine kept silent as Sarah spoke up for the group. She chose not to contradict the Valkyrie because she was probably right. In a battle between them and the gang, the odds were probably in their favor. But it wasn't them that she was worried about. The ones in danger were the other students and teachers who hadn't been changed. Thinking back to how she'd torn through the door latches to free Orm, she wondered what the fall-out of a super-powered battle in the school would be. She didn't even seem to be the most empowered of their group! The arcs of electricity that jumped from Kirin and Erik were...concerning. What if someone got hit by a stray attack?

Her worries weren't helped by the realization that neither of the boys appeared fully in control of their powers...or even themselves. The grimalkin sighed and addressed Sarah.

"Who knows," she shrugged. "Time-travel is always super-complicated in movies. Maybe it's the same thing here."

Although the future Zola had 'foreseen' didn't play out exactly as she said, it was still undeniable that the letters and perhaps the girl in question, knew a lot more than the rest of them.

"If she hadn't bailed then I would've wanted to talk to her. She might know more than what's written here. She probably could've helped with our planning..."

The mention of planning brought the feline's brows together in a tight frown.

"Forget making executing a plan, we can barely execute basic conversation," Her frustration bled into voice. She looked around the room, pensive. Specifically, her eyes bounced between Kirin and Erik.

"Hey..." She started tentatively.

"You called him 'demonic filth', right?" Her attention was briefly on Erik, before shifting to Marcus. "And you said you're an angel?"

She hadn't noticed before since it was barely a nag at the back of her mind, but if she focused, she realized that Erik and Marcus made her rather uncomfortable.

"Do you think our myths might be putting us at odds?"
Alex rolled his eyes, breaking off his casual observation of the divine duo to throw out a wisecrack.

"Really. You're telling me the demon thing and the literal angel might not have the best chemistry?"

Pushing himself up from leaning against the wall, Alex tried his best to shift his wings behind him until they sat comfortably against the wall, before putting his weight back against it.

"Regardless, a plan would be good. Unless you want me flying solo through a firing squad, I'd appreciate one that'd involve offing a few of the guys that tried to shoot us a few minutes ago."
Alex nodded slowly, unconvinced. "Uh huh. If you pitted an eagle and a kitten against each other, I'll let you guess who'd come out on top," he said evenly, letting the faintest hint of a wry smile slip into his voice. "Plus, I'd like to see how you'd manage that. As far as I can tell most of us aren't even from the same mythos, never mind having actual relations. What sort of interaction can you predict from 'world snake' and 'cat thing?" He asked, gesturing to the respective mythikin
Null glared at Alex viciously when he said "Demon thing".

"Hey, asshole, its called a 'dragon.' Ever heard of one, flying dodo?"
He said, before looking directly at Marcus with his cocky grin,

"We can confirm that some of our Mythos do not agree."

"To look at it basically, Me and Kirin would technically be viewed as 'Dark' aspects of a Legend, even if neither of us are evil."
"Marcus and Erik,"
Null said, before muttering "god damn 'holy god' bullshit" just loud enough for people to hear, while staring directly at Erik,
"Would be 'Light' type."

Null stopped to think.
"However, as far as i can tell, it doesn't matter if our intentions are good, only if the change sorted you into a 'Dark or Light' category."

He turned to look at Catherine.
"You seem to be of the Dark type."
"Orm, however," he paused,
"Orm seems to me more neutral than i would think".

"I dont really know though, considering i can't ask myself. Why don't you all ask your mysterious disembodied voice or whatever?'


Previously Kid_Nukas
Sam listened as everyone seemed to be bickering at each other. She had been there two seconds and could already tell that there was no way this would work if everyone was at the other's throats. "Well, I'm late to this party of yours, so I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Sam Sympmækyr and I am a Mythickin Melodic Siren" She paused for a second to see if anyone in the room recognized her name, she was hoping she wouldn't have to go into the fact that she used to be male. She didn't really think anyone would recognize her besides Tommy, but if someone did, this wasn't exactly the best time to discuss it.

"Since it's quite obvious that you guys would be absolutely screwed if you tried to take on the gang when you're this at odds with each other,, I think splitting into teams would be the only logical option. If I remember correctly, the gang only had two members who looked like they could be an issue, so we should try and split them up, using only people that are at least somewhat compatible on the same teams." Sam quickly started to calm down from all the craziness as she talked. This felt just like one of those fantasy strategy games she used to play all the time. The fact that she might actually have to fight as well didn't exactly dawn on her yet, she was just thinking of it as sending her units into battle in her stead.
Null nodded at Sam's proposition.
Null studied Sam for a while, making a sudden realization, causing him to gain a devilish grin, before whispering "looks like someone got the short end of the oscillation stick", snickered, then quickly looked away.

"Sounds good to me."
"Now, to figure out who we are all at odds with."

Null looked around the room, before replying with "Some of us already know who that would be with..."
He took one more devilish look at Sam that read "i can tell. you really do make it obvious, y'know?"
Thomas listened to all of this calmly.. He was about to burst to calm everyone around, but either power of Sympmækyr worked on everyone or it was just a pure reasoning that they should team up with someone they aren't at odds with.

Although Tommy didn't remember being at odds with anyone, he remembered what he did to Kirin, feeling that this one may not like of him.
He ignored most comments that were earlier made to his way. He knew however he could make a good distraction without wasting lives of Innocent animals.

The Demon of The forest tried to stand closer to Sam, Orm, Catherine... To people he just met before this meeting happend and stood there quietly. He started to give away the 'presence' though, looking at people around, that could have something more than bad in mind.


Previously Swirled
At this point, Jonah had realized that trying to make a group this large cooperate would be a fool's errand, and to his relief, so did the new arrival. After they suggested how they should split up, the senior had to ponder for a bit since he didn't really have a personal reason for doing so, He liked everyone in this group alright, save for Kirin, who was admittedly an annoyance due to his aggression, but they rarely had time to get to know each other, so Jonah didn't want to come to a judgement too soon. Instead, the transformed high schooler was more focused on how his powers would synergize with the rest of the group. Though he suspected he had water powers due to the Ryūjin being an ocean deity, none of his powers had manifested, unlike most of the other students.

'What powers do I even have?'

'You can currently create and manipulate water, and electricity. While you can also gemstones and objects from gemstones, you cannot manipulate existing gemstones.'

'Heh, I didn't think I'd get an answer...'

Knowing that he was capable of, he was now able to properly theorize who he should pair up with. Alex and Catherine both seemed to be ill-advised, since they had their own reasons for hating water. Additionally, Jonah preferred not grouping up with Kirin unless circumstances forced him to, in addition to his electricity powers being redundant. Then again, theorizing could only get him so far.

"Going off what Sam said, I've got water and electricity powers, so if anyone is particularly weak to them, please let me know." After saying this, he felt compelled to test if he did have water powers by making a finger gun and thinking of the times he used to play with Super Soakers during his primary school summer vacations. Sure enough, a weak stream of water shot out of his finger as if it were a real water gun, hitting one of the walls. Now knowing that his powers were real, he wanted to see how strong he could shoot the water. Taking a similar approach, he extended his hand out towards the same wall he hit with his previous test, this time imagining a firehose dousing a burning building. Predictably, a suitably strong blast of water was expelled from his palm.

A siren? Weren't they just fancy mermaids? Orm looked at the newcomer with curiosity, something about her appearance felt....soothing? Nonsense, he didn't even know this girl. Why would she of all people be able to make him feel at ease? He was a giant snake, possibly the strongest physically among the people here. This little girl should not have any influence on him. After the other reptillian person spoke up and demonstrated his powers, he decided to give his two cents. "I don't think I'm weak to water, snakes are pretty chill around water. Just don't make it incredibly cold and we should be fine. I've got no bad blood with anyone, but don't put me in the same squad as that girl. I can't garuantee that we'll get along well."

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Yukiro looked around. Then spoke up "Okay...look, She's right. We need to split up to cover more ground. And so we don't maul eachother to death. Adding on to her proposal, we send a group of three or four people out to scout and come back after five minutes. We don't want to alert the gang members so that's why we're keeping the scouting group a bit small." He took another glance around the room, then deducing who should go scout. "Okay. Null, Me, Sam and Tommy should go out and scout. Kirin can come if wants to contribute"

"So.. does everyone agree to this plan?" Well, Yukiro didn't know if everyone would agree or not, but he needed everyone's confirmation before they did it.
"Kirin stays with me, his shadow too" Catherine declared, her arms crossed to accentuate her point as she stated her claim on Kirin and Null. "No offense, but I don't think either of you could handle his moodiness."

She might've been judging them prematurely—she barely knew any of them, after all—but Sam and Tommy looked a bit like geeky pushovers and she didn't like the thought of them being the ones keeping Kirin in check.

"You guys can still scout, but you should take one of the fliers instead."

"Take Marcus," she suggested, turning to the angel in question, "you said you could see through the Mist, right? Get in touch with the police, but try not to get spotted."
Marcus stayed on the outskirts of the group as he silently assessed their situation. The angel had been skeptical of their ability to resist the gang given the fact they were just teenagers and their opponents were hardened criminals, but he quickly realized along with the others there was an even more pressing obstacle to overcome; themselves. We're entirely too disfunctional for the...what was the phrase? Herculean task laid before us.

Marcus looked out at the dozen faces before him. There are definitely a few solid kids in this group though. Jonah- Marcus' gaze fell upon the fish man that retrieved he and Alex. -has had one of the most drastic changes of anyone, but he's keeping his cool. Unlike- The angel's gaze drifted to Erik as the young god drifted toward the back of the crowd after his outburst. -Erik. He's either got a short fuse or he feels the same bloodlust as me when Null's around. Marcus' eyes snapped up to look at the apparition as it suggested figuring out who was at odds with who. Just laying eyes on the creature made the angel's arm hair stand on end as his wings tensed up.

But speaking of drastic changes-
Marcus took a deep breath as he shifted his gaze again to look at Orm and Sarah. -Orm and Sarah being together is going to be a problem. I caught a glimpse of their incompatibility on the field, but now it's even more apparent. If we don't shape up, the bickering is going to stop us well before the gang. Any team like this needs a leader to keep everyone focused and unified, and as far as that goes- The angel turned his attention to Catherine as she suggested he accompany the scouting party. -She's the closest thing we have so far.

Marcus locked eyes with the cat-girl and realized Null's presence wasn't the only thing putting him on edge. There's something off about her, too. With Null it's like my fighting instinct is being constantly triggered, but with her it's more...subtle.

"As long as we have a clear path I can get to the police easily," Marcus assured her. As he sized up his charges, private reservations began to brew. They don't look particularly fast or strong. Still, if anything was proven today it was that looks are inconsequential when some of us are so powerful. The angel's thoughts briefly flashed back to his encounter with the ghostly-fire woman in the classroom.

Marcus focused his enhanced hearing to listen for the faint sound of police sirens, and recognized their direction as coming from the front gate. "The police are out front, and we're bound to meet resistance in the hallways. So how about the four of us go through a window and hug the edge of the school until we can wrap around the front gate?"
Catherine made a pretty good point- their myths were definitely putting some of them at odds with one another. Fairly obvious odds too- Like her newfound feud with Orm. How Erik acted towards the kid who had...split in two? Had there always been two of those kids? Eh. Sarah couldn't keep up properly.

In response to the baseline question of "Who works with who", she only had a single answer. "Anyone who isn't the Snake there, I'm fine with." Literally everyone else. Though Sarah didn't have much to follow up on about the plan, about sending out scouts and what not. Then there was a spark in her head. Some of them could get out. Not all of them, but those who would be able too would not only give them a connection with the authorities.

"Hey, wait a sec! That Zola girl, she can't be far, right?" Sarah brought up. "And we're all in connection! If somebody can get out of here, can somebody maybe...get in contact with her?"

If she really was seeing messages from the future, and she really was telling the truth, maybe she could still tip them off! They all had a messaging thing to send stuff through too, so they could keep in touch no matter what. "I dunno, maybe she's far gone, or doesn't have anything else, but it could be worth a shot, right?" Though Sarah shrugged. "Or maybe we should play it safe with the scouting thing. I can't see through the mist, and I'm not really subtle, so I'm gonna be pinned here no matter what. Though maybe Orm there can do a bit of solo scouting, I mean, who expects the cat, right?"

Definitely wasn't a ploy to get Orm killed and out of the way early on.
Erik would have immediately apologized to Kirin--who was now going through it a little bit in the hallway--if he hadn't been reeling from what he had just done. Wait, was that even him? As those demeaning words had left his mouth, all Erik could feel was white light surrounding his vision as something else bubbled up within him along with his pre-existing irritation. The discussion between the other students had felt muffled as Erik thought to himself, but a handful of words in varying increments made their way into his ears.

"...called him 'demonic filth', didn't you?"
"Myths... putting us at odds?"
"split into teams....."

Erik was certain: the current Oscillated student population within the infirmary had placed multiple myths in the same place, and with the variance in legend and mythology, it was obvious that at least two different students would find themselves with an unfamiliar animosity toward each other. And yet.... the only animosity Erik had felt was a result of his own exasperation with Kirin. Something, or someone, had revealed within him a different emotion that had been drawn out with as soon as he had lost his cool. The same emotion had also been present when it was only Erik, Catherine, and Jonah, but he had been able to swallow it down back then. Erik recalled that when he had reprimanded Kirin for his sudden outburst, the prevalent emotion that also may have been noticeable in his words was....

Immediately dismissing the thought and taking a deep breath to clear his mind, Erik returned his focus to the group, deciding that his own inner conflict could wait for the time being. The others had reached a consensus to divide amongst themselves into groups, two of which had seemingly been formed already. Stepping forward with a meekness that had been nowhere present in his more recent behavior, Erik raised his hand and quietly intruded into the conversation.

"Um.. Jonah's abilities and mine are pretty similar, so I don't think we'll be too much of a risk to each other as we could to anyone else; if he's fine with it, I can team with him and whoever else our myths don't get all riled up with."
Orm huffed at the plan that Sarah made. "Yeah sure, a random cat in a school won't draw attention. It also does not help that I cannot see through that mist. I can see over it when I am in snake form, but that won't happen as a cat. At most I can use my whiskers to feel my way around, but I don't see how that will be useful when I cannot defend myself against people with guns. It takes a second or two to change between cat and snake, y'know? Maybe I can sniff something out, but I'll be very obvious as a snake. I can defend myself better as a giant snake, but I'm not going to fight the entire gang on my own. I might be a drop-out, but I'm no fool."

It was clear that Orm had no desire to follow along Sarah's plan, whether he knew about the implications behind it or not. Then again, the snake/cat and girl were at odds ever since they met. It was entirely possible that he was disagreeing simply because it was a plan made by Sarah and he didn't want to give her the satisfaction of making a good plan.
As the rest of the students planned amongst themselves, Alex walked up to Catherine and tapped her on the shoulder.

"You got anything for me?" He asked, trying his best to sound like he'd been paying attention as they'd pulled together a plan. He'd zoned a little, and felt just a little bit lost. From what he could tell, the two new, weak-looking kids were going on a scouting run along with a flier, but as Catherine had recommended Marcus Alex didn't see much use for himself there. "I'm pretty sure I can manage some decent firepower, but that mist is really fucking with me, so most of the scouting missions are off limits for me. What's your call?"

Of course, whether Alex would listen to the catgirl's plan was completely dependant on whether he liked it or not, but he held just the tiniest bit of respect for her at least managing to take charge throughout all this chaos. The least he could do was at least try and work with her for the time being
"Hmm," Catherine's arms folded.

Their planning session was going nowhere fast. They were getting too bogged down in the details of the plan and weren't making any headway on starting the plan. That needed to change.

"Marcus and whoever else can be stealthy should go talk to the police. The rest of us should sit tight and wait for news."

Making contact with the authorities was their primary adjective, it was imperative they get the team responsible for doing that on the move as soon as possible, while the gang was still distracted.

"We can't fight the gang and protect everyone. Some of us aren't bullet proof and the others certainly aren't. We'll need to wait for a better opportunity. Maybe we can arrange a night raid or something."

"We'll can keep in touch with our phones, I'll add you all to our Discord group." She flipped out her smartphone, prompting the others to relay their social details so they could be added to the group.


Previously Swirled
Jonah was onboard with the idea of partnering up with Erik, but before he could comment on the idea, Catherine made a more definitive suggestion on the course of action, so definitive that it was more of a declaration than a suggestion. Considering that there wasn't really any other definitive options presented, Jonah was content to play along here as well. However, there were some details that Jonah would like to address before properly putting this plan in place.

"Having Marcus lead a recon team sounds good. However, before we go on a night raid, how do you intend for us to get around seeing in the darkness?"
Catherine faltered. Truth be told, she hadn't considered it that deeply. Her night raid had only been an off-handed suggestion. She fairly sure that she could see in the dark, being a cat and all, but it wasn't like she could mount an operation by herself. She figured the police would have a solution to that, some fancy night-vision gear or maybe just some flashlights.

"Well, we've got the human torch over here." She nickered, as she gestured towards Alex before she adopted a more serious tone and added, "But it's probably better to keep it dark."

"The dark will make it easier to sneak past the gang, and we definitely know the school better than them. We've got the advantage, so we should use it when we start working on a more detailed plan."
Marcus smirked as he listened to his comrades toss around the night raid idea. Who are we, Seal Team Six? Are we gonna fly in on a helicopter with M4s in hand? The angel briefly amused himself with images of he and Alex swooping into battle with the other students clutching to their arms like the rungs on a chopper in some war movie. Still, I think they're on the right track.

"I was thinking about what the rest of y'all can do while the recon squad is out...reconnoitering...and while a night raid would be pretty cool I think there's a much simpler and faster way we can get the ball rolling on our little resistance." Marcus stepped up toward the middle of the group, doing his best to ignore his ever-present disgust for Null as he got closer to the creature, and began relaying his plan's details.

"In any war, there's one thing each side needs: territory. We've all taken the same history classes about trench warfare in world war one and two right? Each side had their territories and they mounted offensives to oust each other? That's basically what we need to do." We don't need to talk about the massive casualties each side received, Marcus thought privately as he continued his speech.

"If we can make it known to the gang that we've claimed our own section of the school and locked it down, they might take it as an insult and send in the goons to take us out. Call it their forward offensive into our territory. Like Catherine said-" Marcus gestured to the cat-girl as he spoke. The angel's voice faltered slightly as he again picked up on his subtle animosity for Catherine, but he recovered quickly. "-We know the school better than them. If we can draw in enough of their forces to fight us, one of two things has to happen: We completely crush the gang and they surrender, or we manage to distract them long enough that the police can come in and rescue the other students. Failure-" Marcus flapped his wings assertively to emphasize his final point. "-Isn't an option here. Lives are on the line and we need to be smart about this. I'll take the recon squad to meet with the police and start coordinating their attack. If we go with this plan, that'll leave the rest of y'all to start claiming our territory."

"At the same time," Marcus continued, "We need to prioritize figuring out which classrooms the gang sent students to. Their leader mentioned sending kids back to their classes, so the student body will be spread out throughout the school."

"If anyone has any disputes-" Marcus looked each of his comrades in the eye one by one. "-Now's the time to voice them. Otherwise, Tommy, Sam, and...Yukiro right? Y'all follow me. We're burning daylight." After a quick glance at the clock on the wall, Marcus realized only a little over an hour had passed since he had first transformed. So much has happened in such a short time since lunch, he thought privately, Who knows what can happen in the same amount of time from now?
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The utter feeling of despair started to creep into the infirmary once again, through the crack under the door: manifesting itself as a shadowy wisp of smoke.

Null shrugged, before responding.
"then we need to figure out who is best for claiming territory. We need people who can hold their own in a fight, and can survive a bullet," he stopped, and then glanced towards the door, before finishing. "or several."
"First things first, someone needs to deal with those clankers in the halls before they come to us."

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
"We should scout the area first. If we're wasting time, then we should already go and scout. If we want to sneak up on them during the night, then we should definitely go. Now." Yukiro had also put in mind what Null had said, and had come up with an extension to his offer. "If we do try and take them out, We'd either make a whole lotta noise, and alert the gang members, or we'd lose against them. Too risky right now. If we do try to take them out, we do it Solo. Since i know a few people here, can't get along with each other" He gave a look to the Angel, Marcus and then Null.

"Okay then, i think we're ready to go. now, I wish everyone safety, So Catherine, can you keep them all cooped up in here for now?" He asked Catherine, since he knew that Catherine would be the most responsible out of all of them. "So, Tommy, Sam, Anything else you need?"
"He's right," Catherine seconded. "It's way too risky."

If they wanted to engage the gang at any point, they would need to pick their opportunities carefully.

"We can't stay cooped up in here, our classmates could get moved and the teachers will start looking for us. I'm going to head back to class first, but I'll keep in touch."

She raised her phone suggestively and, as she strode towards the door, she paused to offer a final warning.

"Be careful. Don't start anything you can't finish."


Previously Swirled
Jonah was content to nod along as the little details were being finalized. As he understood, the definitive plan was to have Marcus, Yukiro, Sam and Tommy out to scout intel on the gangsters while the others gathered territory to use for an eventual night raid. However, before he could say anything about his approval, Catherine piped up about going back to class, which made Jonah realize that they've all been skipping class while they planned their little rebellion.

"We should probably get back to class, let's try to meet up again soon," The transformed high schooler paused before turning to Erik and gesturing to him, "Come on man, we got our next class up soon."
Tommy listened to everyone, feeling they saw him and Sam as not too reliable as he felt through their conversation.. But he didn't say it out loud. He knew better than anyone they were no heroes.

Although war is about gaining territories, a nation is a people, not the land. The point of Thomas thought was, what is good if they capture teritories? Its not like they can protect everyone while capturing classes.. How many can die this way? He didn't say they can't protect others.. But do they know how?

He didn't get to say that tho, everyone was talking and he couldn't get himself to interrupt them, suddenly a question of Yukiro if he and Sam are ready reached him. "I already gathered everything that I need.. And you Sam?" he asked his friend, earlier answering simply, as he took some seeds of plants and trees from the biology class with him. He thought of them as possibly useful, cuz his given by that weird phenomenom power seemed to be related with nature, getting into fight without a 'weapon' would be hard.

After Catherine and Jonah said about going to class, Thomas thought that there isn't really much time to waste and wait. "I think scout team should use this time as classes are going on and gangsters are focused on students in school"
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Erik's concentration was broken when he caught Jonah motioning at him from the corner of his eye. Something about their next class coming up soon. Though he still felt heavily "out of it" after his sudden outburst and all of the chaos that had continued, the teen nodded warily and squeezed past the other students to reach Jonah's side. The two followed Catherine to the door, where they exited the infirmary and promptly began the walk to their next class.

The two had been generally silent, but after a few minutes had elapsed, Erik quietly spoke up.

"I really wish this hadn't happened to me; I don't know what happened back there, but I know it's because of this myth I turned into, and I hate that it is. I shouldn't have snapped like that... I wouldn't have, but something just let loose from inside me... but something that wasn't me."

Rubbing his temple with a heavy sigh, Erik shook his head, seemingly in an attempt to physically clear his mind, and continued walking.

"I don't know, I guess I'm just overwhelmed; I just hope that I can pull it together when it counts and keep myself in check for the time being."


Previously Swirled
As they were walking to class, Jonah noticed Erik speak up about his outburst back at the nurses office, causing the senior to adopt a concerned expression. Fortunately for Jonah's his transformation seemed to leave his personality intact while also not giving him any unusual behaviors, but in this context, it was to his detriment. The senior never considered himself the best at comforting people in situations that he couldn't relate to, but he figured he had to say something.

"It's alright dude," After a heavy sigh, Jonah gave a response in an uneasy tone. It wasn't that in depth, but it was decent. He could move on with the conversation and let Erik ruminate on what his friend had to offer. However, there wasn't much to reflect on, if anything at all. "It's okay" is about the most milquetoast response you could give in a situation like this. Although by nature being milquetoast is fine, its just that: fine, inoffensive, passable. Jonah was having none of that. If he wouldn't settle for mediocre food, then he wouldn't and shouldn't settle for mediocre consolation.

"Its natural to feel overwhelmed in your situation," Jonah began again, this time with more confidence in his voice, "Something that wasn't you took over and made you say something unexpected. I'd be overwhelmed too. These transformations have changed all of us in some way or another, I don't think anyone's gonna hold it against you too much. I believe in you, Erik. You'll be able to control...whatever it was that made you lash out like that"
As Marcus stepped through the infirmary threshold behind Erik and Jonah, his mind set itself to figuring out the best way to the police. If we cut through to the next hallway over, it'll be almost a straight shot to the front doors. He dismissed the thought just as quickly as it appeared however, reasoning that the gang would likely have at least a couple of armed guards watching the entrance.

Then again we'll probably encounter resistance regardless of which way, Marcus thought. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that the gang was spreading through the school as quickly as the students, so they needed to do something fast without drawing too much attention. There are probably still gang members milling about outside, so hugging the wall is likely out of the equation. I could get away, but I'm not sure how strong my wings are, so me flying someone up out of fighting range if we're spotted isn't viable.

The angel glanced back at his companions, and a grin spread across his face as he laid eyes on Sam and realized flight didn't have to be discounted completely. "Let's walk and talk," Marcus said as he slowed his pace to allow the rest of the group to catch up. "Sam, are your wings fashion or function? Plenty of flightless birds out there, y'know?" The senior asked as he oriented himself in the staircase's general direction.
"I hope so," Erik responded with a sigh. He stared at his hand as the two walked, watching quietly as small chains of lightning crackled around his fingers.

The walk had been rather quiet, as the two exchanged other occasional small talk that wasn't kept up for long. Soon, they arrived at class, and Erik silently took his seat. Of course, his and Jonah's new appearance, as well as that of any others who had been changed, garnered quite a bit of attention from other classmates, but Erik paid the stares no heed as he rested his head on his arms.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
"We could go a bunch of directions, and most of the exits are probably blocked off.." Yukiro had no plan of getting out, Unless he had some kind of power that let him turn invisible.
What were the chances of that happening, the Kitsune didn't really know.
They had to get out there somehow, And fast. "What if we went through one of the windows? If i remember outside, Marcus, You flew through a window, Right?"
Yukiro asked Marcus, Maybe they could go out through there. Chances were they'd find someone up there, but there were four of them, And there were strength in numbers.


Previously Swirled
Jonah took a good amount of satisfaction in the fact that he was able to calm down Erik after his freak-out at the hospital. Additionally, it made him feel abundantly grateful that amidst all the personality changes, from Erik gaining the prestige of a god or Kirin manifesting an unsettling embodiment of death, he had remained his normal self. Of course the preservation of normalcy could only be seen in his personality, as his appearance was still altered as a result of the Oscillation, something that the constant stares he got from his peers reminded him of. The senior would've liked to say that he found the stares distracting from the lesson, but to call what his teacher was doing a lesson would be like calling a video recording an elephant clumsily riding a ball a cinematic masterpiece: it's too generous of a statement. In reality, the teacher was merely going through the motions of teaching a class while trying his hardest to hide the fact that he was afraid out of his mind at the moment. In all fairness, a group of superpowered gangsters arriving at your place of business and holding you hostage is a legitimately terrifying event, its just that terrified teachers make for terrible teachers. As a result, Jonah allowed himself to stare off into space as the farce of a lesson droned on.

I wish I could be helping the stealth crew, but I suppose its not like I would be of much use without any of those stealth based abilities. Come to think of it, I wish I could've chosen what I was turned into. Maybe then I would be strong enough to bust us out of here without any stealth required...