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The Person Below Me

Rinoa Heartilly

Mother of Meltans
I never said you did? Where does it say 'want'? It said yet. Rude.
And no, I haven't. Not even heard of it - nor do I wish to play.

Oh jeez, the karma. XD

The person below me has a favourite sport/physical activity.
[Whether it's watching/playing - this could even be something like rollerblading, cycling or swimming.]


Virtual Duck Enthusiast
Staff member
Play nice, kids, no flaming.

My favourite sport is... not a sport: snooker. I think the aspie in me enjoys the mechanical preciseness of it all (and the distinct lack of yelling)

The person below me has played cricket before. Wot wot.


✧luzrov rulay✧
Depends what live stream I'm watching.
But mostly yes, I do enjoy watching live streams, because I love to spoil friends.
The person below also likes to give spoilers away.


✧luzrov rulay✧
Touch screen does make things a lot easier.
So I do like it.
The person below has been to Harvard, or near the campus.