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Ask to Join The Pirate Eeveelutions

Hey guys! You are either a shiny or normal eeveelutions and your a pirate! You search for treasures and the normal and shiny versions always stick together when the team splits up. (E.G Shiny and Normal Sylveon stays together). There are great wars.

Dusk the Umbreon- _Umbreon_
Eclipse the Shiny Umbreon- EclipseTheShinyUmbreon
Jewel the Espeon-
Krystal the Shiny Espeon-
Keegan the Flareon-
Riley the Shiny Flareon-
Spark the Jolteon-
Dash the Shiny Jolteon-
Splash the Vaporeon-
Aqua the Shiny Vaporeon-
Shard the Glaceon-
Snow the Shiny Glaceon- Art3mis
Ribbon the Sylveon-
Bow the Shiny Sylveon-
Alpha the Eevee-
Dove the Shiny Eevee- Lilyheart0930

Eclipse burst through the window with a golden orb in her mouth. Her purple scarf whipped around as she ran. Eclipse was the fastest pokèmon in the deck even though there were two Jolteon's on deck. Eclipse turned her head and grinned at the Houndoom. Eclipse saw the docks and the big mother ship. Eclipse ran and took a leap, landing in the deck as the ships gate closed and the ship started to move. She walked to Keegan's and Riley's room and put the golden orb on the carpet in front of the door. Eclipse walked back to Dusk's and Her room. Eclipse walked in and saw Dusk sleeping on their shared queen sized bed. Eclipse jumped on the bed beside him and curled up, almost instantly falling asleep.
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Dusk mumbled something indecephirable. He rolled over quietly. He couldn't fall asleep. Dusk looked up at the ceiling. 'Atleast it's calm seas...' He thought. He listened to the gentle rocking of the waves, as Eclipse settled in beside him.
Dove bounced down the stairs, Alpha following her. "Today was a wonderful day! The pirate life is for me, I think!" The shiny Eevee exclaimed, giggling. Alpha nodded. She took off her bandana, resting it on a shelf. Dove hopped into bed, Alpha by her side. "Night night!" She yawned. Dove curled up, and fell asleep extremley quickly.
Eclipse woke up. "It's already morning?" Eclipse said and got up. She looked at Dusk and sighed before slowly shaking him. "C'mon Dusk, we have to get the two crystal amulets for Keegan" Eclipse said and Rose of the bed. She sighed and flattened her soft fur. Eclipse tightened her purple scarf and also tightened the red one that hanged loosely on Dusk's neck. She jumped of the bed making a thump, before trotting to Alpha's and Dove's room. Eclipse peeked in and saw the two sleeping. Eclipse closed the door and walked back to her shared room.