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The Pokécharms Global Rules

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Welcome to Pokécharms, and thank you for joining! We are a creative community, and we aim to let everyone on the site express themselves as much as possible. However, like all communities, we need some rules to show people how we do things here, and to make sure the site remains a friendly and welcoming place to be.

Unlike many communities, Pokécharms isn't a chatroom or social network – this means that posts here are longer and have more thought put into them. If you're new to forums and forum-like communities, be sure to look around and see how people post first. It might be a little different to what you're used to!

Please note that these global rules apply everywhere on the site, but each section may also have its own specific rules. Some of the more common local rules are:
On the forums, each individual forum might also have their own rules – you can find them by looking at the top of any forum you go into.

These rules are designed to help you understand how to post here, and we ask that everyone posting on Pokécharms follow them. Remember that we're always here to help, so feel free to reach out to a member of staff if you have any questions!

No Spam

Spam is where you post messages that don't add anything to the conversation. This can come across in a few different ways - here's a few examples:

Overly Short or Pointless Posts
This is posting only "yes", "no", "I don't know", filling posts with nothing but smilies, or something similar. If you have something to say, please take the time to write a proper message. Similarly, if you say you like or don't like something, explain why!

For example, if we were posting in a thread about our favourite Pokémon, a bad way to reply would be like this:
my fav pokemon is bidoof

Instead, try posting something like this:
My favourite Pokémon is Bidoof! I like it because it evolves into one of the best HM slaves in the game and because it's a cute Pokémon! Plus, they say you can finish the entire game with a team of six Bidoof...

Similarly, if you want to express your liking for something but have nothing more constructive to say about it, click Like instead of replying.

Attention Seeking Posts
On the same note, posting things like "is anybody there?" or 'why has no-one replied?" is just as pointless. All new posts are clearly visible in forum listings, news feeds, and so on, and posting multiple times or in multiple places will not make them any more visible.

Completely Off Topic Posts
This one's pretty simple: don't change the subject in a thread. If we're posting about the relative merits of Dunsparce, talking about what you'd evolve a shiny Eevee into isn't going to be appreciated. If you want to talk about something else, post a new thread about it!

"Message For Someone" Threads
Please don't post public threads on the forums just to talk to one specific person - we have several excellent ways of contacting someone directly. Post on their profile, or start a Private Conversation with them - Conversations are just like forum threads, but private and are only for people you specifically invite.

Use Correct English

We ask that you speak English on the forums, and use proper grammar and punctuation. Because the forums are extended, long-form conversations, you have the time to write correctly when posting. This means textspeak or chatspeak - saying "u" instead of "you," "2" instead of "to", and so on is not allowed. Speaking like you would on a mobile phone simply makes you harder to understand, and on a forum it comes across as lazy.

Please note, we do not demand perfect spelling and grammar - we simply ask that you make an effort.

Do Not Abuse Formatting Tags and Emoticons

Please do not make excessive use of formatting tags or emoticons/smileys/emoji in your posts. Occasional use of bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, size etc. where appropriate (such as to denote a header or for emphasis) is fine - but please do not write entire posts in italics, for example. Colour tags, in particular, are not to be used unless absolutely necessary.

Do Not Post Multiple Times In a Row

Please do not post several times in a row in a thread (something you may see referred to as "double-posting" on occasion). Every post you make has an "Edit" button below it. If you have something more to add, please click Edit and add the new information into your original post. Note that certain boards make exceptions for this rule in their additional rule-sets - but these exceptions are not to be abused. Please refrain from posting multiple times in a row in boards where this is permitted, unless it is absolutely necessary.

No Advertising

Advertising is where you post links that aren't relevant to what is being talked about. We don't want you posting about (for example) your YouTube channel on the forums unless someone specifically asks you about it. You can post links like that in your signature or About Me section on your profile.

Be Polite, Do Not Flame

Pokécharms is full of a wide selection of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Because we are so diverse, flaming - being deliberately rude, insulting, or argumentative - is not allowed at all. Nor is discrimination of any sort - racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other judgement against your fellow human beings is strictly forbidden. Be nice to your fellow members.

Be aware that the Pokécharms staff doesn't always have time to investigate who on the site is friends with who, so please don't overdo it when teasing your friends. If we deem something as flaming/trolling, we WILL be issuing warnings/bans where necessary.

This rule also applies to problems caused by mental health issues or similar: many of us suffer from mental health conditions, but this can't be used as an excuse for bad behaviour. If you feel you are likely to be overly harsh or otherwise impolite, we ask that you refrain from posting.

Swearing Is Allowed

Swearing is allowed and not censored on Pokécharms. However, we ask that you don't abuse this right - excessive swearing, or abuse aimed at another member, is against the rules.

Regarding Posting In Old Threads

Generally, reviving old topics is allowed as long as you can add something new. However, we ask that you not revive threads on page 3 or beyond in a forum.

No Mini-Modding

The Pokécharms staff are the only ones capable of giving out warnings and punishments. Please do not try and police the forums for us - posting in a thread to tell someone they have broken the rules is mini-modding and spam. If you see a post that has broken the rules, press the Report button and let the staff know that way.

Pokécharms Is Not For Children

Despite being a Pokémon site, we are not a site willing or able to deal with young children. Although we do not hand out bans purely for being under 13, we are more likely to ban children if they break the rules or we deem the site unsuitable for them.

But It Isn't For Porn Either

At this time, no pornography or hentai can be posted anywhere on Pokécharms - whether that be on the forums, your About Me or signature, or in the Creative Corner. This rule also extends to erotic fiction.

Warnings and Bans

The site has an integrated system to track warnings handed out by staff, and automatically issue the appropriate punishments. The system works by issuing warning points, which are visible to all staff. If your warning points exceed a certain level, the forum will automatically penalise you accordingly. After some time, the warning points expire - however, any warnings issued are permanently recorded and can be viewed by staff at any time.

There are four levels of punishment:
  1. Verbal warnings, which permanently place a note on your account, and count towards your warning points until they expire.
  2. Moderation, where your posts are placed in a queue before being displayed to the public, and have to be manually approved by a staff member.
  3. Read-only, which prevents you from posting content on the site - including saving Trainer Cards. This is generally only given out for severe or frequently-repeated offences.
  4. Full bans, which lock you out completely and prevent you from doing anything on the site. These are a last resort and are reserved for the most severe offenders.
Please note, being banned prevents you from using any part of the site, including accessing the Trainer Card Maker or your profile.

If you are issued a warning, a Private Conversation will be started with you to explain what you did wrong and where. You will have the opportunity to discuss the warning by replying to that Private Conversation.

Account Abuse

You are allowed a total of one account for use on this site, and each account must be used by a single person only. Sharing accounts will result in the account getting banned.

Registering a second account for the purpose of getting around the Trainer Card Maker's 'save to profile' limits, bans, warnings or for creating sock puppets is strictly forbidden. Both accounts will be banned instantly if you are discovered to be doing this. Creating duplicate accounts for any other reason will result in the duplicate accounts being merged into the original.

Trophy Abuse

Rule breaking in order to gain trophies - repeatedly posting simply to raise your post count, begging for Likes, and so on - will result in your trophy points being reset to zero as well as the usual punishments. Remember, we're a community of real people - attempting to game the system ruins it for everyone.

The "Good Faith" Agreement

By being a member of Pokécharms, you agree to use the site in good faith – that is, to be kind to the site and those that use it, to respect the work that the community puts in to make Pokécharms a friendly and creative place, and to treat others as you would wish to be treated. If we find that you're not using the site in good faith, we enforce the right to enforce our rules as we see fit.

This means that, in rare cases, we may need to issue warnings or bans for things that break the spirit of the rules, even if they're not written into the rules proper.
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The rules have been updated to clarify that you are allowed one account. Creating another for the explicit purpose of gaming any element of the site is expressly forbidden. If, at any point, you are locked out of your account, you can request a new password to your registered e-mail. You do not need to create a new account.
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