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Open The Pokécharms Show (An Object Show RP)


Previously OaW Target
Okay, this is like, I think my third attempt at doing this. Why do I continue? Boredom.

This is an object show role play, where you can do stuff! Yeah. I have changed some things up, to hopefully get enough people, but I would love to hear your thoughts on these!
  • Eight contestants total. Each person can sign up as two contestants.
  • Voting will be different. I think we could use the poll feature to decide who should be eliminated. Or we can use the old idea of private messaging me. Whatever works.
Rules! Follow these rules for the role play please!
  • Follow the site rules.
  • No more than two contestants per person.
  • Don’t be upset if you lose/get eliminated. It is just a game. Besides, we may do a second season.
Here is the character template! Don’t be afraid to go all out on the creativity!
(all limbs, just arms, just legs, none, or a bit of mix-and-match)
Appearance: (optional)
Where Your Character Is From:
(I was kinda thinking that the contestants who get in would be taken from their homes and put on a separate planet for the show.)

Here is my character, the silly host.. not with the most.
Name: Gradient
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Limbs: arms and legs
Appearance: He is like a blue to yellow gradient, is the best way I can describe it. I kinda just googled gradients and chose a random one to be his color scheme. But the gradient is like a ball (it’s encased in a circle), with his face on the gradient, and he has arms and legs.
Personality: Gradient is a bit of a wild card. His personality flips like a dime. One moment, he could be as happy as could be, then the slightest thing can make him a broken mess. He also has anger issues, thus, he yells a lot.
Where Your Character Is From: The show planet (yes, that’s what he named it). It’s a planet similar to earth, with blue grass, purple oceans, and a green sky. The show takes place on the one and only continent on the planet, so it’s kinda like a big island.

I can’t wait to see how this does! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to speak them! I will address them all.
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Name: Camera (as in security camera)
Gender: Male
4 legs, 4 arms
Personality: Camera is a crackhead. He will do stupid shit when there is a chance to do stupid shit. He is perpetually changing his personality but will always do stupid shit. One day he'll be addicted to punching the ground and the next he'll probably be... you know what? Nevermind that.
Where Your Character Is From: he does not know



Previously OaW Target
Wonderful characters, both of you! You are both in!

Paperclip, I do hope being in this won’t take you away from the other object camps of mine, LOL!

Camera, that is a very creative OC! I love their personality. I feel like him and Gradient would feed off of each others bad behavior, LOL!


Previously OaW Target
Of course!! You can sign up if you please! Don’t forget that if you want, you can sign up as two characters! Then, once you do, you’ll be in!! Have fun!!
Here’s 1 of 2.

Name: Bunsen Burner
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Limbs: Arms and Legs
Personality: Bunsen Burner (or BB for short) is always curious about the world and its many aspects, always eager to learn more. However she is actually very intelligent and perceptive, along with being quite creative. She doesn’t tend to be logical, being more exploratory in terms of her research. Bunsen Burner is quite hyperactive and can sometimes ramble on and on about science and other topics she likes. A consequence of this is she doesn’t really have any sense of personal space, but she can dial it back when told. She can sometimes panic and overthink situations. While not her speciality, she is still a decent inventor and can make tools in a pinch. She’s also quite sympathetic, empathetic, and friendly to the other contestants most of the time. While she rarely ever gets angry, she can be a complete firestorm when she does. However she is very apologetic afterward.
Where Your Character Is From:
The Dodecahedron, a giant spaceship/space station/planet where society is focused on science and innovation. A transparent hollow dodecahedron is of immense size containing various flora and fauna inside, along with containing a futuristic utopian metropolis.
Other: Bunsen Burner actually has ADHD, which can affect her flame. This flame is dependent on both her emotions and surroundings, and she can make it bigger by plugging in a gas tank in her valve. Bunsen Burner is actually around 17 in terms of age, and she isn’t that athletic. She always keeps her goggles near her in case of emergency. She has a soft spot for animals, and has a floating alien cuttlefish as a pet that she left at home. Bunsen Burner is also bisexual.
Appearance: (She doesn’t have a twin/sibling, this is merely a reference picture inside the Dodecahedron)

Also I’m curious, what does Gradient look like? He’s not really a singular object, at least what I am aware of.
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Previously OaW Target
First off, that character? Just. Wow. AMAZING!! I’ve never actually seen a Bunsen Burner in any object show before, so it’s awesome to see one!!

As for Gradient’s appearance, he is like a blue to yellow gradient, is the best way I can describe it. I kinda just googled gradients and chose a random one to be his color scheme. But the gradient is like a ball (it’s encased in a circle), with his face on the gradient, and he has arms and legs. I guess I never really specified before.
Maybe Gradient is like a crystal orb/wizard orb, with the gradients being either magic or a liquid that sloshes inside of him (maybe that’s what contains his host powers).

Welp, I finished my concept for Gradient, our gracious host.



Since blue and yellow make a purple in the gradient, and he has a whole planet dedicated to his show, I decided to turn him into a space wizard. To go along with this theme, I made him look alien and ethereal, which explains the white eyes and mouth. Also if you like the design, I will add a space-themed top hat since it feels like he’s missing an accessory.

Also a dumb idea would be that the colors of his gradient changes every episode. Also @T.C. hopefully you can reply to this message to avoid double-posting. Also do not worry, I am working on my second character, and maybe something extra…


Previously OaW Target
I like your design of Gradient!! However, I still prefer is canon design, LOL!! And as for your second character, I would like to inform you that they would both not be able to be on the same team, to avoid double votes against teammates. So, let’s just hope the two you make aren’t friends so they won’t mind being split up, LOL!!


Previously OaW Target
I mean, I suppose they could? object shows don’t normally have things like love in the shows, because it’s normally frowned upon. However, as I don’t really care, then yes, that can happen. Just try not to go overboard. And as for Gradient’s design, I would post it, but I don’t know how to attach images.


Previously OaW Target
Is this role play dead?
It is not. Not sure about others, but I feel it’s still very much alive. I just don’t type here often unless it is necessary, because due to Pokécharms rules, we shouldn’t be posting twice. Or short messages. That’s why I don’t type here. No idea for others. But no, this role play isn’t dead. Just, in a bit of limbo for lack of a better term.
Well, I might have the solution for that.

Name: Comet
Gender: Female/Demigirl
Pronouns: She/They
Limbs: Arms
Personality: Tougher and rougher than the rest of them, Comet is a headstrong tomboy who looks for adventures across the galaxy. At first glance, she can be bold, brash, and volatile. They seem to prefer doing her own thing and taking charge, with poor social skills. However this is merely a consequence of her spending most of her life alone exploring the depths of space. While it may not look like it on the outside, they are fiercely loyal and faithful, especially to those she considers her friends. She may be blunt, impulsive, and a bit dense, but makes up for it with a heart of gold. She can also be very awkward when trying to connect with people, especially when she isn’t trying to act tough.
Where Your Character Is From: Not from any one planet, Comet is a drifter among the stars. She usually chills in deep space, visiting planets and other extraterrestrial locales in her long journeys. Seems like the show planet was the next stop on their intergalactic tour…
Other: Like Needle from BFDI, Comet is exceptionally fast and strong compared to most other contestants. When they do speed up immensely, their eyes glow blue. She has crossed paths with the Dodecahedron (Bunsen Burner’s home planet by technicality) though she hasn’t met the scientist yet. She is pansexual and 18 in terms of age.
Appearance: (Same as Bunsen Burner’s art, these are just multiple poses.)

Also I made some cool sketches.



If it’s allowed, I may make a third character as an NPC.
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