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Open The Pokemon Adoption Center!

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( Many Pokemon are released, hurt, or sold everyday. Almost no one helps them, until now. Here at the Sundown Adoption Center, [the SAC] we give away Pokemon to trainers, to find them new homes.)

( WELCOME! I decided to do make a Pokemon Roleplay, and this seemed simple enough! Btw, this is a region that is exactly like the others, but combined, so all the areas are here. Anyway, after getting a Pokemon, you can go on your adventure and stuff. Rule Time!
1. Up to 12 pokemon.
2. You can have as much trainers as you want.
3. Follow all Pokecharm rules!

Pokemon Form!

Good Traits
Bad Traits

Trainer Form!
Good Traits
Bad traits

Time for my characters!

Name: Bubbles
Species: Squirtle
Gender: Male
Personality: Bubbles is out-going, and will trust anyone that seems nice. He doesn't want to evolve, but he loves battling. He hopes to have a trainer that will be very fun-loving.
Good Traits: Fun-Loving, Kind, Energetic.
Bad Traits: Gullible, Trustful, Naive.
Moves: Bubble Beam, Tail Whip, Hydro Pump, Skull Bash
Ability: Torrent.

Name: Kody.
Species: Treecko
Gender: Male
Personality: Kody is very calm, and is one of the most intelligent Pokemon at the adoption center. He wants to evolve into Sceptile, and will train until that day. He wants a trainer who is calm, and cool in tough situations.
Good Traits: Smart,Calm, Strong.
Bad Traits: Not very trustful, will try to fight stronger oppenents, does its own thing.
Moves: Fury Swipes, Slam, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf.
Ability: Overgrow.

Name: Bacon
Species: Tepig
Gender: Male
Personality: Bacon is very shy and sensitive, and doesn't trust others. He doesn't want to evolve, but will if he has too, but only when he wants to it he does. He wants a tolerant trainer, who won't help at him.
Good Traits: Can be playful, pretty fast, will stand up for friends.
Bad Traits: Shy, has many allergies, sneezes out fire.
Moves: Ember, Flame Charge, Growl, Tackle.
Ability: Blaze.

Name: Link
Species: Shiny Riolu
Gender: Male
Personality: Link is very strong, fast, and intelligent, but doesn't trust any humans. He really wants to evolve, to be at full power.. He wants a strong, but caring trainer.
Good Traits: Smart, Fast, Strong.
Bad Traits: Not very trustful, cocky, temperamental.
Moves: Force Palm, Leer, Aura Sphere, High Jump Kick.
Ability: Inner Focus.

( and that's it! Have fun!)

Bubbles and Kody woke up, yawning. They always hung out together, since Link did his own thing, and Bacon was too shy. Bubbles ran over to the window, jumping up and down. Kody simply stood at the window, arms crossed. Link came over later, putting a law on the window, while Bacon watched from afar. They all wanted new homes, and all would do anything for one.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Name: silvia

Species: shiny eevee

Gender: female

Personality: silvia is cheerful and curious, she always like to play with others and have fun. she refusing to have a trainer, she want to stay and have fun at the center.

Good Traits: highly curious, cheerful, friendly, playful.

Bad Traits: get scared easily, can be shy sometimes, very naive.

Moves: helping hand, protect, quick attack, baby doll eyes.

Ability: run away.

Others: she is a baby, she dont have parents and she heard of trainers only from the adoption center, she sees fluff as a big brother.

Name: fluff

Species: flareon

Gender: male

Personality: he care about others and always protecting them, he very careful and he hopes to have a trainer that will take a good care on him and silvia

Good Traits: care about others, careful, love to help others.

Bad Traits: scared from water, afraid of using his fire attacks, his fur get too hot when he get surprised, angry or excited.

Moves: flame charge, ember, sunny day, tail whip.

Ability: flash fire

Other: he was abandoned from his trainer because he dont have a great moves, he was also forced by the trainer to evolve into a flareon.
He now taking care on silvia but he's still a kid, he sees her as a daughter and he see himaelf as a parent.

I might add more characters later


Sivia chased fluff at the center, they were playing together, silvia ran wildly while fluff ran carefully, at some point silvia used quick attack to catch the flareon
Fluff could have use flame charge to get faster as well but he didnt want to hurt or burn someone in mistake, because of that the shiny eevee managed to catch him and tackled his head in mistake, but silvia didnt notice it.
"Got you" the little eevee said adorably in excitement, "you surly did" fluff replaid as he rubbing his head.
After that silvia yawned, all those running really tired her up, she start curling in fluff's tail and in less then a minute she fell asleep.
Fluff sighed with a smile, he lied carfully, trying not to wake silvia, "i hope a trainer thay is not careless will come and adopt soon" he said to silvia, he tried to keep the fur warm, but not too much.
The flareon and the eevee were between a pair a windows, in front of the window where bubbles and the others were.
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Bacon sighed and looked around, trying to find a friend. He was one of the youngest at the center, after Silvia. He saw Fluff and walked over on his wobbly little legs. He then bit down on Fluffs ear as hard as he could and started tugging on it, not enough to hurt, but enough to pull on it playfully.


Previously Possibilit
(WOOP! My friend (I think at least) is in here so I wanna join too!)
Name: Zipz (In mostly every RP)
Species: Pichu
Personality: Rowdy, Kinda Shy, Scared of most things
Good traits: Fast
Bad traits: Scared of mostly everything, and Kinda weak
Moves: Thunder shock, Charm, and tail whip
Ability: Lightning Rod
Zipz had just been put in the Adoption Center. He was shy about mostly everything so he hid in the corner tying not to be seen. "Why me?" Said the Pichu quietly but since Pichu is a baby Pokemon he fell asleep quickly
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Kody walked over to Zipz, not knowing he was asleep. Once he was he was, he picked him up and brought him over to a green bed. " You must be afraid....I'll protect you.... " He said softly, rocking him a bit as he put him down.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Fluff was dozing off until suddenly he felt a bite, he got surprised and his fur started to be hotter, luckily the fur didnt wasn't too much hot and it didnt wake up the little grey eevee, she only struggled a little.
As the flareon calm down he noticed a tepig, "hello there" he said kindly to the tepig, he guessed that he must be the one that bit him but he still acted kindly, "how are you?" He continued.
Bacon kept tugging on your ear playfully for awhile, until he climbed on top of Fluff, making a tiny grunt sound when he saw Silvia. He stared at her awhile, before nuzzling into Fluff's tail fur and curling up next to her, yawning softly before falling asleep.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
The flareon wasnt sure what to do, he didnt want to be a jerk and wake up silvia and the tepig, but he didnt like that pokemons do anything they want with his tail, He decided to wait a several minutes and then wake them up with tail whip.

Silvia was in a deep sleep on fluff's warm tail, she didnt notice that someone is sleeping near her, she slept peacefully in a comfortable spot on fluff's fluffy warm tail.


Previously Possibilit
Once the Pichu woke up and saw a Riolu, he began to freak out. He kept on using Thunder shock and when he was out of energy he hid in the corner. The pain from all the Thunder shocks was severe but he still hid in the corner "Don't come close please.." Said Zipz "Please don't"
(Um, Kody isnt a Riolu, he's a Treecko. ) Kody seemed surprised at the attacks, but stepped back anyway. "Relax, I'm trying to help little guy..." He stepped closer , but not enough to frighten the Pichu.
Bacon nuzzled closer to Silvia, grunting softly as he smiled in his sleep. He seemed content, which was surprising to the other Pokemon.


Previously Possibilit
(Oof sorry)
Pichu was still a bit frightened but due to Pichu not knowing how to use his electric attacks he fainted from the pain. The Pichu could not use anymore attacks apart from Tail whip and Charm
Kody picked Zipz up, smiling softly. "He's all alone in this world now....I'll make sure he gets adopted....I'm sure of it...." He thought, putting him back on the bed , grinning calmly.


Previously Possibilit
The Pichu was really hurt so it may take a day or two. It had horrible dreams of its Trainer using it just for fighting then threw it away "No..No" Said Pichu who was Sleep talking "Not again.."
Kody sat next to Zipz, rubbing his head gently. "Its ok.....no one will hurt you...not while I'm here...."
he said quietly, smiling at him. " Even if I get picked....I won't leave...not without you.... " He said. He didn't know why, but he felt the need to protect the little Pichu.


Previously Possibilit
Tears ran down Zipz face from the dream he had. He woke up scared and still kinda crying. He didn't care if any Pokemon were around and hugged the treecko "There's no trainer here....right?" Said the Pichu still crying "R-Right?"
Kody hugged the Pichu back, rubbing its back softly. "No...it's ok....no one will get you unless you want to go with them.....if they try anything....I'll teach them a very,stern,lesson." He said softly, trying to reassure the Pichu. Bubbles then walked over to the two, smiling cheerfully. " Why would you ask if a trainer was here? Trainers are awesome! At least, some are....hehe.... " Bubbles asked Zipz, as Kody growled. " Look, he might not want a trainer yet! " He snapped at the water type, startling Bubbles into his shell.


Previously Possibilit
The Pichu looked at the Squirtle and said "My trainer only used me for battling. He would not heal me or anything...I was a practice dummy basically.." Said the Pichu then more tears rolled down Zipz Face "I-I don't want to be a practice dummy"

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After a several minutes fluff began to use tail whip, he waggled his tail as he lied on the floor, he wag it carefully but still fast enough to wake them up.

Silvia felt warmer and cozier in the fur until suddenly the tail start moving, in the start it didnt wake her up but after a while she start opening her eyes.
"H-huh?" She said slowly and softly, fluff noticed that silvia is awake and stopped wagging his tail.
Once the tail stopoed moving silvia jumped off the tail happily, then noticing the tepig, "huh? Who is that?" She said curiously, he wasnt too big so she didnt get scared by him.
Fluff sighed, "well..." He said as he rubbed his head, he wasnt sure what to say, fluff then started to walk carefully with silvia, he wasnt sure if the tepig is still asleep or awake.
"What fun we are going to do?" Eevee said in excitement as she keep her eyes on the tepig in a curious way, "before that we should eat" fluff answered to silvia.
Fluff wasn't sure what to do with bacon, he didnt want to take care on another one.
Bacon sat up and yawned, seeing his friends had left. His whimpered softly, but shrugged it off as he walked over to a corner. He lifted a blanket that he put there and picked up the basket of berries he hid under it. He then saw Fluff and Silvia again, running over with the basket. He put it down and held a berry out to Silvia, smiling a bit. He liked sharing with those he could trust, and he trusted Fluff and Silvia, so he wanted to share.

(yeah, @sammy6. This is only for roleplays.)


Previously Possibilit
The Pichu began to walk away from the Treecko and was walking towards Bacon. He wanted to be friends with everybody so that they would not HURT Zipz. "H-hi!" Said the Pichu kinda scared "H-how are y-you?" Pichu was still scared and stepped away one step so that he would have a running chance
Bacon jumped away from Zips frightened, giving a small frightened squeal as he hid behind Fluff. Bubbles walked over, laughing slightly "That's Bacon. He's afraid of everyone except the ones he trusts. Give him time, and he'll come around!" Bubbles said cheerfully. " Oh, and that's Link! He's a "lone wolf" as some people call him. As long as you don't bother him, he'll be nice too. " Bubbles said, pointing to a shiny Riolu.


Previously Possibilit
"Oh! I did not know..Heh!" Said Zipz as he was on all fours walking backwards. He decided to walk toward the "Lone wolf". "Hi!" Said Zipz "My name is Zipz. Your squirtle friend told me about you! I still don't know his name. Though he might have told me and I just don't remember. But your Link right? Well I'm Zipz" Then he began to walk towards Bubbles "Did I do good?" Said Zipz as he got back up on his Tiny feet "Did I?" then he waited until the Squirtle told him what he/she thought "By the way, whats your name?" Said Zipz "You never told me it! And I will like to know it!" (Ima be AFK cause I really want to watch Pokemon the movie: I choose you! Or any Pokemon related show in that matter :/ Also I really hope this is a Paragraph cause apparently i'm dumb and can't count :0 that also was a Joke)
Bubbles grinned and said, " I'm #009-01A. " Kody punched Bubbles in the arm. " Fine, it's Bubbles, can't take a joke, can you Kody? " Bubbles grumbled. Bacon came out from behind Fluff and sat next to Silvia, letting out a small grunt. "Hi!" He said in his small voice.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Fluff couldnt feel something on his tail and silvia saw that he wont stick with them, "plz tell me next time you are tired" fluff said, "alrighty!" Silvia said cheerfully, she couldnt wait until she could play again.

After some moments fluffy and silvia saw bacon coming toward them with a bucket of berries.
When bacon gave the berry silvia's eyes sparkled at the juicy delicious berry, she accepted the berry and start eating it, fluff smiled, "thank you" he said happily to bacon, he didnt want to say a thing abiut the fact he slept on his tail.

As silvia was eating in joy the berry, fluff saw pichu coming and bacon fast hiding behind him.
he wanted to cheer bacon but then he saw Squirtle, fluff immediately stepped back a little, he feared from water type pokemons.
Bacon saw Bubbles as he tackled him, not caring about his type. " Aw, come on Bacon! Get off! " Bubbles said, retreating in his shell. Bacon then headbutted his shell away, letting out a happy grunt. Kody patted Bacons head and said, "Your really improving on that." Then ran off after Bubbles. Bacon then grabbed another berry and held it out to Fluff, wanting to share with him too.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Fluff saw how bacon tackling and headbutting the water pokemon, it was look like the tepig trying to protect him, but he knew he didnt.
Then the flareon saw bacon giving him a berry like silvia, fluff took the berry and smiled, "thank you" the flareon said kindly and start eating as well.
Unlike silvia, fluff finished his berry fast while silvia still trying to eat the berry, she tried to eat the whole berry in one bite, but it failed.
They both finished at the same time, after silvia finished she jumped in excitement and started to run around bacon, "new friend! New friend! New friend!" She said happily as she running and jumping around her new and first friend, her eyes sparkled again from joy.
Fluff sat down when he saw silvia running in circles around the tepig, "she is only 3 month old and already have a friend, i only had a friend when i was 1 year old" he said to himself with a smile.
he started to relize that he act like a parent and see silvia has his daughter, but he didnt really care.

(I might add more characters soon)
Bacon playfully pinned Silvia down, letting out a happy squeal. Suddenly, a human (random character that probably won't show again) walked in. Bacon, looked at him, then recognized him as his old trainer. The human picked Bacon up, grinning. " I think you'll do just fine.... " Bacon squirmed around, trying to break loose as he kept grunting and squealing.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Silvia got scared by the giant human and wuick went to hide behind fluff, "y-you must save him from that scary pokemon, she never saw a trainer before so she think humans are some kind of scary pokemons, even that fluff explained her that humans are not pokemons.

Fluff was in panic, he wasnt sure what to do, the tepig seem to refuse from being taken and the humanis forcing him, silvia dknt want to lose him either.
The flareon decided to use his fire attacks for once, even that silvia would be probably confused, she never saw him using a fire attack.
Fluff used flame charge and start dushing toward the human as flames covered him, silvia thought fluff is on fire and start worrying, almost crying. The flareon hit the trainer in his leg to make him lose balance, as the flames were off his body the eevee looked in confusion.
"Sorry for not telling you before silvia, but i ian make fire" fluff apologized, silvia blinked for a moment then getting happy again, "big bro!" She said happily.
The human dropped Bacon and ran out, grumbling under his breath. Bacon immediately ran over to Silvia, nuzzling her body as close as he could to a hug. He then did the same thing to Fluff, as he grunted happily. About a minute later, the door opened again and a kid walked in.

New Charcter!
Gender: Male
Personality: Oliver is a kind kid who loves Pokemon. He shares a bond with most of them, especially Link.
Appearance: Oliver has messy brown hair, wears a light blue t-shirt, and has one dark brown eye, and one dark blue one.
Good Traits: Kind, Smart, Fast.
Bad Traits: Gullible, Weak, Afraid of many things.
Other: Olivers parents own the center, so he takes care of the Pokemon.
Oliver walked in, looking at all the Pokemon. Link climbed onto Oliver's back, as Oliver put down more food and water. "Hey everyone! I'll be back for playtime later, okay!" He said, pulling Link of him and putting him in the ground. " Bye! " He called, walking off.

( I thought we needed someone to take care of them, so Oliver was put in here!)


Previously Possibilit
(I'm back from the dead!)
The Pichu saw Oliver and Ran away to hide behind some boxes. He did not like trainers! "No no no no!" Said Zipz quietly trying to stay still so he does not make any noise "I don't want to be a practice dummy!" Zipz had quietly been hiding in the Boxes hoping that Oliver would not pick them up and throw them away or put them in storage "Please don't come closer!" Said the Pichu quietly again "I don't like trainers.." when Zipz looked out the Box and saw that Oliver was gone he quietly climbed out and sat down on the floor "That was close" Said Zipz still a Bit frightened (Also @Lillipup07 its spelled "Character"! Not being rude or anything! Just sayin)
Bacon looked at Zipz and walked over to him, sniffing him carefully. He then made a small grunt sound as he nuzzled him playfully. Kody watched this and couldn't help but laugh. "I guess he likes you." He chuckled.
Human Character:
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, but stern.
Good Traits: Gentle with Pokémon, very organised.
Bad Traits: Doesn't always understand some Pokemon's boundaries and doesn't see how Pokémon can be dangerous.
Other: She is an employee at the centre.

Sarah enters the room carefully cradling a Pokémon. "Ok everyone" she exclaims, "I'm bringing in a new Pokémon. Now I know that isn't very unusual but you need to careful, for a bit as she's not very well." She walks over to a bed and carefully lays a sleeping and malnourished looking Nidorina down.

Pokémon Character:
Species: Nidorina
Gender: Female
Personality: Very niave, always assumes things will turn out well. Loyal and Trusting to those she knows.
Good Traits: Friendly, adventurous, loyal, optimistic.
Bad Traits: Very niave, misinterprets things easily.
Moves: Scratch, Tackle, tail whip, poison sting.
Ability: Hustle

"You all need to be nice to her, but she might need some space at first. You guys be good now!"
Sarah walks out closing the door behind her.
(I know this is probs dead but yolo

Name: Blader
Age: 4
Species: Honedge (Shiny)
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet, wants to become an Aegislash to protect his future friends, eats very little, careful around baby pokemon
Moves: Shadow Sneak, Retaliate, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter
Good Traits: Careful, Small Eater
Bad Traits: Insensitive sometimes, hard to make friends with

Blader’s trainer had been unable to take care of him properly, and he knew his trainer was very sad he had to leave him at a center, but Blader was okay with it, he had understood, after he was placed down, he went over to a corner and leaned on the wall, wrapping his cloth oround himself
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