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Private/Closed The Region Travels

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Gage Warren walked through the peaceful town called Pallet Town. This town, was incredibly small, and was only on the map for one reason. The very place he was going today. Professor Samuel Oak's Pokemon Lab, where the man, spent his life studying Pokemon.

His partner, a nosy Aipom named Nick, stood perched on Gage's shoulder as he walked. Today was an exciting day for the both of them. They would begin their adventure soon.
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"Hello!! Kanto!!" Nate yelled as he stepped off of his plane that had just arrived in Kanto, "Hey Opal are you excited to meet Professor Oak?" Nate turned back to look at his hoodie where his Spheal was that he named Opal. Opal didn't reply as it was fast asleep inside of his hood, "Sometimes I wonder if you have anything better to do but sleep," Nate sighed as he walked through the airport terminal. As he excited the airport he looked up at the sun and shielded his eyes from the sun, "So this is Kanto, it's a lot warmer that Snowpoint City," Nate muttered to himself. Nate was a trainer that was originally from Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh Region, he was sent to Kanto to begin his first Pokemon Journey. As Nate continued walking he saw a man walking by, "Excuse me, what town is this?" he asked. "Why, this is Pallet Town, home to the infamous Professor Oak," the man replied as he pointed to a lab, not to far away. Nate thanked the man and ran off to Professor Oak's Lab.
"Finally, we're here." Alex said, out of breath stepping into the small town known as Pallet. Alex's partner Rockruff shook his head and ran after Alex, they had been trying to find their way to Pallet town for three days now.

"Alright buddy, let's hurry up and meet Professor Oak! I'm so stoked to begin my adventure!" Alex exclaimed, his Rockruff barked happily in agreement as they followed the path to Oak's laboratory.
Nate heard barking behind him, he turned and saw a trainer running with a small dog-like Pokemon, "Hey there!" Nate waved to the trainer, "I'm Nate, pleasure to meet you," he introduced himself, he was very curious as to what kind of Pokemon the trainer was with, "May I ask what kind of Pokemon that is?" he asked.
Lucas stepped off of the private plane, courtesy of his cousin Grant. Backpack in hand, Lucas pulled out a Pokeball. "Obsidian, come out!" He said, his partner materializing in front of him. The gray dragon roared in anticipation, just as excited as his trainer. "Time to go to Pallet Town and get our Pokedex!" With that said the two hailed a cab and, with Obsidian back in his Pokeball, started towards Pallet Town.

*Half an hour later*

"Hey buddy! Cab rides over! You owe me $37!"
Lucas woke up from his nap to the sound of the cab driver's voice, yawning and removing the money from his wallet. He paid the man and got out of the cab, releasing Obsidian from his Pokeball. Together the two began the walk down the road to Professor Oak's lab, walking near two other boys.
Alex saw another trainer that looked around his age and ran over to him, "Hello!" Alex exclaimed with a smile, "My name's Alex and this guy is Rockruff! Nice to meet you." Alex said, introducing himself and Rockruff to Nate. Rockruff wagged his tail and sniffed at Nate's feet, "We're from the Alola region and came here to start our journey." Alex explained to Nate.
"So you're not from here either," Nate replied as he began twiddling with his fingers nervously as he zoned out, "Oh sorry, I'm Nate Karlo, I'm from Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh Region, and the buddy in my hood is Opal my Spheal," Nate looked back and saw that Opal was still sleeping, "Can you even wake up for introductions!" he complained before just giving up on trying to wake Opal up.
Alex laughed as he watched Nate try to wake up his Spheal, "It's nice to know I'm not the only one who's new to the place." Alex said with a smile. "So, are you off to Oak's lab too?" Alex asked Nate, he assumed he was but just wanted to make sure. "I personally can't wait to begin my journey!" Alex exclaimed, Rockruff barked in agreement.
"Yeah I was just about to head in myself," Nate replied before and ear-piercing noise was launched from his hood. Nate pulled Opal out of his hood and saw it was still sleeping, "You're using Snore NOW!!!!" Nate yelled trying to go over Opal's snoring but it was no use. Nate took out his Pokeball quickly, "Opal Return!" a red beam was shot from the Pokeball covering Opal and returning it to the Pokeball, "Sorry, that happens when it falls asleep," Nate appologized.
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"Hey, you guys here to meet Oak," Gage said, jogging up beside the group of teens. Nick looked around at the other trainers and their Pokemon, and gave a smiling wave.

Gage was a bit nervous to meet Oak, but still excited. It wasn't every day you got to meet a Pokemon Professor, especially one of Oak's fame and caliber.
Zane's plane has just landed in the Kanto region. As he was making his way out of the plane he took a moment to take in his new surroundings. "So this is Kanto it's quiet unlike Castelia City I think I'm going enjoy this" said Zane walking out of the airport's lobby. "Oh, how selfish of me I bet you would enjoy the change as much as me" Zane reaches into his pocket grabing a pokeball releasing his Pawniard Mina, "Shall we be on our way to meet Oak" as Zane continued in the direction of Professor Oak's with Mina following close behind her master.

As he was nearing the lab he heard a horrible noise that is when noticed the others trainers hanging outside the lab. He watches as one them returned their Spheal who was the cause of the noise, "I guess I'm not the only starting their journey in this region" Zane said to himself as he walks pass the others trainers accidentally bumping into Gage. "Oh, sorry about that" Zane said as he continued to walk towards the lab with Mina quickly bowing to the trainer for her master's rudeness.
Alex laughed at Nate as he struggled with his Spheal until he got it in it's pokeball, "That's one heck of Spheal you got there." The teen said as Rockruff jumped onto his shoulder.

"Hello! Yeah, we are actually," Alex said, waving to Gage, "Are you also here to meet him?" Alex asked, Rockruff curiously look at the new people and wagged its tail.
"My name is Alex and this is Rockruff. Nice to meet you all." Alex said, introducing his partner and himself to Gage and Zane.
Lucas watched the four other trainers introduce themselves, chuckling at the trainer with the Spheal. "Come on, Obsidian-" Lucas said to his partner, turning to face him. "-Let's go on ahead." We can introduce ourselves to them at the lab, he thought. Lucas broke into a jog while Obsidian took to the air, flying above his trainer.
"Well I love introductions as much as the next guy, but I'm super stoked to get into Professor Oak's Lab and get registered for the Pokemon League," Nate stated, as he slowly backed up he accidentally bumped into Gage. He quickly spun around, "Hi, sorry, Nate, snoring Pokemon Opal, Sheal, gotta go," Nate apologized, or tried to, before heading for Professor Oak's Lab.
"Wait for me!" Alex called as he ran after Nate, "I'll see you guys there!" Alex called back to the other trainers. Rockruff barked in excitement as he lept off of Alex's shoulder and ran along side him.

"Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle... Which should I choose?" Alex asked aloud as he began to near Oak's lab.
John was running across route 1 alongside his Eevee, when he saw a sign saying Pallet Town. "Yes were finally here!" John yelled pretty much at the top of his lungs, his Eevee reciprocating "Eeeeeee!" Eevee yelled out in excitement at the new town. John bolted forward only to have his foot catch on a line of rocks and fell face first into the ground as Eevee laughed at him. John slowly got up hoping no-one saw it but his Eevee and slowly walked forward toward where he thought Oak's lab was.
Alex slowed as he neared Oak's lab, took a deep breath and stop in front of and enjoying the area around him. He could hear the cries of many Pokemon from behind Oak's lab and through the window he could see many machines. Alex and Rockruff looked at each other, then opened the door and stepped inside. Alex looked around in awe at all of the brilliant machinery and pictures of Pokemon throughout the lab.
John saw the sign for Oak's Lab as well as a couple other people, he was kin of shy to say hi to them so he snuck by to get closer to the Lab, he wanted his starter. He signaled for Eevee to be quiet and He complied staying silent as they walked quietly by and opened the doors to oaks lab, it was magnificent. He saw another trainer in front of him but stayed silent, basking in the glory of the gigantic lab.
"Welcome Trainers!" a voice boomed from another room. A grey haired man in a lab coat walked in at about the same time as Gage. This was the man, they had all came to see, Professor Oak. Beside the man, a red machine floated, giving the boys an electric smile. "As you probably know, my name is Professor Oak, and I study the relationships with People and Pokemon. And I am the one, who is entrusting you all with a Pokedex. But first I have a gift for three of you. Here I have three Pokemon. Bulbasaur the grass type. Charmander the Fire Type. And Squirtle the Water type. Now this is all I have, so you will all have to decided among yourselves who gets one."

Gage stepped forward and smiled. "I have my partner Nick. I won't be taking one, Professor. Let someone else get one."

Oak gave a nod, and the machine's smile grew even bigger. "Now who will get one?"
John took a long lanky step around the person in front of him slightly raising his hand "Excuse me, can I have one?" John asked nervously, he was the kind of person who was awkward until you got to know each other. "If its possible could I have a squirtle, its been a dream of mine for a while to have one." He added to his previous statement. "Also does this mean everyone here is gonna have to travel together, cause I'm not the best socially" He finished
Alex stood there, deep in thought, Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle.. Rockruff looked at Alex, smiled and nodded his head almost encouraging him.

After a few minutes of thinking, Alex stepped up closer, "I would like to choose Bulbasaur, sir." Alex said with a confident look in his eyes. This would be the moment when his journey would finally begin.
Lucas stood away from the others, Obsodian at his side sitting at a short 4 feet. "I won't be taking a Pokémon either, Professor." He said, scratching under Obsidian's chin. Lucas didn't need a handout from the old man. All I need is my strength, determination, and Obsidian. The Aerodactyl looked up into his trainer's eyes, and Lucas could tell that he was thinking the same thing.
"I think I'll pass as well," Nate stated as he wandered into the lab, he was mostly there just to get some Pokeballs and his Trainer License. Nate slowly walked away from everyone and took out a Pokeball, "Let's try this again," he muttered as he sent out Opal who was still sleeping. Nate twitched a little before grabbing Opal and vigorously began shaking it, "Wake up!!" he shouted, Opal began using Snore again filling the entire lab with a horrid noise.
Zane walked up next to the trainer that chosen Bulbasaur looking over the two remaining pokemon Zane closed his eyes deep in thought. After thinking it over he made his choice walking up to the pokemon , "I choose Charmander" Zane announced smiling while looking in the fire types eyes. With his new pokemon partner marks the begining of Zane's journey.
"Perfect!" Professor Oak said handing each trainer who requested a starter, their Pokémon.

"And now for your Pokedexes. Well I'm giving you all one to share, that is. Meet the Rotom Dex. Professor Kukui and I developed a Pokedex body for a Rotom, making the perfect Pokedex." Oak explained as Rotom waved.

The Pokedex floated over to Gage and circled his head. "ZZZ Nice to meet you," Rotom said.

Gage chuckled. "I guess that means we all have to travel together."
"Opal wake up!!" Nate shouted over Opal's snoring. Opal slowly opened it's eyes which stopped the snoring, "Thank goodness you're finally awake," Nate sighed as he put Opal down, "Alright now let's head back," Landon walked back and Opal followed by rolling along side him, they arrived just in time to see the Rotom Dex, "I guess we are then," Nate replied to Gage's comment.
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Alex took the pokeball from Oak carefully and examined it, it gleamed in the light. "Now our real journey begins." Alex mumbled to himself, Rockruff put and a serious face and nodded. "Thank you very much, Professor!" Alex exclaimed after having that little moment of seriousness.

"Woah. A Rotom Dex! Trainers all over Alola have them." Alex said watching it fly about. Alex then turned to Gage, "I guess you're right. It'll definitely be a blast!" Alex said with a smile.

"Oh yeah, I should probably let Bulbasaur meet everyone." Alex said, he then tossed the pokeball into the air and a Bulbasaur popped out and landed right in Alex's arms. The Bulbasaur curiously turned its as it looked at Alex before smiling and nuzzling Alex, "Bulba!" Bulbasaur said. Alex laughed, "Nice to meet you Bulbasaur, my name is Alex and this is Rockruff. And we'll be traveling with all of these guys" Alex said introducing himself and showing the Bulbasaur Alex's new companions . "Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur said, waving to Rockruff and the rest of the gang with a vine that came from the side of its bulb.
John looks around at everyone talking and releases Squirtle "Hey little buddy, how're you doing, wanna travel with me?" He asks the little turtle. "Squirtle Squirt!" The Pokemon shouted out in agreement, firing a weak water gun at John's face. "Well I guess thats a yes!" John Exclaimed wiping the water off his face, "Let's meet the others" he finished, turning towards the other trainers nearby. "Hey everyone, my name is John Jet, I'm from Unova and these are my partners Eevee, and hmm, what should you be called?" John said looking at the Squirtle, "I think I'll call you Pascal!" He exclaimed, "Sorry for getting off topic, anyways, this is Pascal, its nice to meet you all"
Zane turns to face John and his pokemon, "Nice to meet you John, so your also from Unova it's a pleasure to meet you" Zane greeted the other trainer. "I guess I should introduce you to my pokemon this my Pawniard Mina and....Fluffy" Zane gestured to the two pokemon in front of him. "Please hope he does ask why I named Charmander that" thought Zane.

"Hey Zane, how're you doing?" John asked his new traveling partner "Also, why did you name your Charmander Fluffy?" He asked, it seemed like a pretty odd name for a fire type.
"Hey Rotom, what does the Pokedex say about these Pokemon?" Nate asked. "Leave it too me!" Rotom replied as it pulled up images of the Pokemon, "Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokemon. A young Bulbasaur uses the nutrients from its seed for the energy it needs to grow. Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon. When the tip of Charmander's tail burns brightly, that indicates it's in good health. Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon. During battle, Squirtle hides in its shell that sprays water at its opponent whenever it can." Nate looked at the three Pokemon in amazement, "They all look so cute and strong," he commented, Opal nudged against Nate in anger, "They're awake at least," Opal responded by using Icy Wind on Nate's feet, freezing them in place, "Mature."
Alex looked down at his Bulbasaur, "Wow, nice to know." Alex said patting it on the head, Rockruff barked happily. Alex then turned to Professor Oak, "So, Professor, what do you recommend we do next?" Alex asked Professor Oak. He had a rough idea of what to do, but he hadn't really thought too far ahead.
"I was wondering the same thing," Lucas said. I've gotta journey with these guys now? Lucas thought. All because Oak couldn't bother to make a few normal Pokedexs. What a joke.

Obsidian playfully growled at the other Pokémon in the room.
Zane just froze up when he heard John ask that question. "Well what happened was I was thinking of cool nicknames to call him, out of nowhere I said Fluffy out loud Charmander heard me and took a liking to the name I didn't have the heart to change it" said Zane scratching the back of his head. Zane returned his pokemon "So seeing as we are all going to be traveling together, I would like to have a battle with you if you don't mind John I will be outside to waiting" Zane said making his way out of the lab.
Gage crossed his arms and listened as everyone else happily chattered away. At the thought of a battle, Gage immediately got an idea. "What if we make it a double battle? What better way to get to know everyone." He said giving a hands in the air, gesture. "Plus it sounds like a lot of fun."
"Double battle sounds cool, we'll have to tell Zane though, he's already outside." John explained "I think I'm going to use my Eevee, dont wanna be unfair with a type advantage." he added. "So who wants to be on my team?" John asked
"I suppose we will join your team." Lucas said, stepping forward with Obsidian. Obsidian roared his approval and flapped his wings. A double battle will be good experience for Obsidian.
Alex walked outside, "Watching the battle might also give us some tips and tricks we could use whenever we get into our first battle." Robby said, walking out of the lab to watch the double battle.

"Alright, before they start, Bulbasaur what moves do you know?" Alex asked the Bulbasaur as he set it on the ground. Bulbasaur put on a determined face and showed off Tackle, Vine Whip, and Growl. "Nice! You look like you love battling." Alex said patting Bulbasaur on the head, "Bulba!" Bulbasaur responded with a nod and a smile.
Nate walked outside after removing the ice from his feet. "Alright, let's catch a Pokemon Opal!" Nate cheered, Opal shrugged and turned the other way in anger, "Oh come on, don't be like that," Opal refused to turn, "Fine, drama king," Nate sighed as he opened his bag, taking out an Oran Berry and handing it to Opal. Opal turned around, quickly eating the Oran Berry and forgetting all about being mad, "Now how about we go catch a Pokemon?" Nate asked, Opal happily cheered as a response. Nate and Opal wandered not to far from Oak's Lab, just to make sure they wouldn't get to far from everyone else, Nate looked around for a Pokemon to catch before seeing a small yellow worm-like Pokemon, "I wonder what kind of Pokemon that is?" Nate asked himself in amazement, "I'll ask Rotom when we get back, now Opal use Water Gun!" Nate waited but never saw an attack, when he glanced down to Opal he could see it was fast asleep. "Forget it, I'll do this without you," Nate sighed as he took out a Pokeball, "Let's go, Pokeball!" Nate cried as he threw the Pokeball at the Pokemon, the Pokeball hit the Pokemon, opening up a flash of red light brought it into the Pokeball and after 3 shakes it was caught, Nate quickly ran and held the Pokeball up high, "We just caught a... uh... uh... wow, not knowing it's name really kills the mood," Nate shrugged as he put the Pokeball away.
Lucas walked outside with Obsidian, looking around to see if he could spot an area for the battle. He saw a small clearing with a sand pit behind the lab, which he assumed would be okay for a battle. "There's a spot behind the lab for a battle!" Lucas called behind him to Gage and the others.