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Private/Closed The Region Travels

John followed Lucas, excited to get a battle in so close to his journey's beginning. "Okay Eevee!" John exclaimed letting out his Eevee "Lets do a double battle, it's been a while since your last fight!" "Eevee Ee!" Eevee shouted out in excitment. "So who's gonna be Zane's partner?" John asked, shaking with excitment
Robby ran over to Landon, his Pokemon followed behind. "Hey, Nate what kind of Pokemon did you catch?" Alex asked, Rockruff and Bulbasaur looked at Nate's Pokeball curiously as he put it away. "Is it somethin-" Alex was caught off when a Pikachu ran through the grass ahead of him. "Hold on Nate, it's my turn!" Alex exclaimed, "Bulbasaur use Vine Whip to stop it!" Alex exclaimed, "Bulba!" Bulbasaur cried as it ran toward the Pikachu, jumped into the air and tripped it with Vine Whip. "Now finish it with tackle!" Alex exclaimed, making a confident fist. Bulbasaur rushed the Pikachu, tackling it doing more damage. "Alright, go Pokeball!" Alex called as he drew a spare pokeball he had and threw it at the Pikachu. "1... 2..." Alex impatiently counter as the ball rolled on the ground. "3..." Click!

"Yes! I caught the Pikachu!" Alex exclaimed as he ran over to the pokeball and did a little celebratory dance to commemorate his first Pokemon capture, Bulbasaur and Rockruff did the same. Alex then looked down to Bulbasaur, "Wow, you're pretty strong." Alex said, patting the Bulbasaur on the head, "Bulba." Bulbasaur said, blushing a little.
"I guess it'll be me and Nick." Gage said taking his postition, while Rotom floated around him. "We got this," Gage said giving a large grin and a thumbs up to Nick and Zane. Nick happily leapt off of Gage's shoulders and did a little dance.
Zane looked on in confusion as he heard the other trainers talking about taking partners he through for a quick sec to understand what was happening. "I guess we are going to be having a double battle, well it will be easier to see how skilled they are" said Zane said as he stays next to Gage.
"Well then," Lucas said, taking his position opposite Gage. "I guess I'll start us off. Obsidian! Use Bite on the Aipom!" Obsidian's jaws began to glow with a black energy as he dove down at Nick. Obsidian tucked his wings in to a full dive, and the Aerodactyl went hurdling at Nick.
"Dodge it with a tail spring!" Gage shouted at Nick. Nick pushed himself back onto his tail and waited until Obsidian was close. Then, last minute he leapt over him into the sky. "Now Swift!" Gage added on. B6 flicking his tail, he fired a flurry of bright yellow stars that would hopefully, Crash into the Aerodacyl's back.
"Obsidian!" Lucas called. "Pull up!" Obsidian's Bite attack dissipated and the Aerodactyl pulled up from the dive. "Now corkscrew to dodge the Swift!" Obsidian spun around, dodging most of the Swift attack but getting hit by one of the stars. Obsidian climbed into the air steadily until he was above Nick. "Now dive down in a corkscrew while using Wing Attack!" Obsidian began to drop from the sky, spinning wildly as his wings became enveloped in a white light.
"Eevee rush in with Quick attack and beat that Aipom into next week!" John commanded. Eevee was cloaked in a white light and charged towards Nick at blinding speeds, hoping for the first attack to hit its mark while he was distracted with Obsidian.
"Hey dont forget about us, Mina protect Aipom use Metal Claw" commanded Zane as his Pawniard ran in front of Aipom. Her knife hands glowed white slightly growing longer the Metal Claw clashed with Eevee's Quick Attack the force of the two attacks sent both pokemon slipping back. "Two on one isn't fair how about trading blows with us" said Zane with a smirk.
"Sounds good to me" John growled "Eevee vee!" Eevee agreed. "Eevee use sand attack for cover and follow up with swift at Pawniard!" John commanded quietly to Eevee, so no one would hear
The two pokemon were sizing each other up Zane heard John give he's order. Eevee turned arounded and began to kick up a lot of sand to the point where Mina could no longer see Eevee. "Mina keep your eyes out for any surprise attacks" as Zane said that a flurry of stars shot towards Mina doing decent damage. "Ok we founded him Mina use, Pursuit" Mina's body begans to be cover in a veil of dark energy as she charge straight towards Eevee.
"Okay Eevee, we've got a hit, wait till he's close, chomp his leg with a bite and swing him towards Aipom!" John commanded. Eevees teeth began to glow with a dark energy as he waited to pounce, excitement clear in his eyes as he's in the midst of his first Kanto battle, it was looking good for them.
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After the sudden flurry of attacks, Nick barrel rolled his way to safety. Avoiding hit after hit, before stopping to catch his breath. Gage winced. Nick may have had a good amount of stamina, but he wasn't the strongest battler. "Okay bud, use Brick Break!" Gage shouted instantly remembering the move his father had helped Nick learn.

Raising his hand in the air, it began to glow with a soft orange light. Then, Nick rushed forward and raised his glowing paw up even higher and swung towards Eevee, hoping to help Mina's attack in the Normal Type.
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"Keep on him, Obsidian!" Lucas called. Obsidian nodded and re-activated Wing Attack. "Stay low!" Lucas commanded. Obsidian flapped his wings and took off, staying only a foot off the ground and minimally flapping his wings. Looks like John is going to have Eevee throw Pawniard at...Nick? I think that's what Gage called it. Let's see if we can help out with that. "Obsidian! Knock Nick towards Eevee!" The Aerodactyl flapped his wings once more and caught up to Nick, sweeping his Wing Attack low to knock Nick forward.
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The Wing Attack, pushed Nick's head forward, and he made a flip, over Eevee's attack. He landed behind the Normal type, with his attack still at ready. "Strike now buddy!" Gage roared. Nick swept his arm forward towards Eevee's legs, hoping to knock him off balence and deal some damage.

"Wow, Nick's a better battler than I am." Gage thought to himself.
Eevee was struck by the Aipom, dealing super effective damage. "Eevee no!" John shouted out "We didn't come all the way here to get beaten in our first battle, leap high into the air to dodge the incoming Pawniard and rain down some swift from above!" John shouted. Eevee leaped high into the air and began glowing, firing starlike projectiles at random hoping he would hit someone.
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John's Eevee lepted high into the air dodging Mina's attack as it was in the air it let loose another Swift. "It doesn't look like Eevee is aiming for us, we should pay Gage back for the help Mina use, Metal Claw on Aerodactyl" said Zane. Mina knife hands begun to glow a metallic silver as she charged towards the Aerodactyl who was still flying low to the ground only getting hit by a few stray stars from Eevee's mid air Swift.
Nate walked back to everyone with his newly caught Pokemon, "Rotom, can you tell me what Pokemon this is?" Nate asked as he released the worm-like Pokemon. Rotom flew down and scanned the Pokemon, "Weedle the Hairy Bug Pokemon: a Bug and Poison Type. Often found in forests, eating leaves. It has a sharp venomous stinger on its head." Rotom explained. "Wow, so you're a Weedle," Nate stated in amazement as he picked up the bug Pokemon and began hugging it, "Pleasure to meet you Weedle," Weedle quickly retaliated by stinging Nate's chin to free itself.
Axel charged through pallet town in a panic. "Oh maaaan, I cant believe I got on the wrong boat! I hope they haven't made it far." He said as a bead of sweat ran down his forehead. As the young trainer ran through the streets a large pokemon caught his eye distracting hi. Because of this he didnt notice the boy with a baulbasaur he was about to collide with. "Gah!" He yelled while tumbling over the other trainer. "Oh, im sorry.... I was kinda in a hurry." He said brushing himself off before smiling and offering a hand to the unknown boy.
Alex looked behind him to see a trainer rushing toward him, before he knew it, he was on the ground. "Ow... That hurt man." Alex said as he grabbed Axel's hand and got up, "Don't worry about, I understand." Alex said, brushing off himself as well. "So, what's your name any way? I'm Alex and this is Bulbasaur, I actually just got him today." Alex said, introducing himself and his new partner to the trainer.
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"Hi, im Axel, and nice to meet you Bulbasaur." He said with a friendly smile before returning his attention to Alex. "So im actually looking for a group of trainers who just recently left Prof. Oak's lab, you wouldnt happen to have seen them pass through would you have?" Axel asked completely unaware Alex was one of the trainers he was looking for.
Bulbasaur smiled and used its Vine Whip to wave to Axel, "Oh, well. You're in luck because I am actually apart of that group and the other four are just having a double battle over at that battle field and the fifth guy is Nate who is currently talking to the Rotom-dex Oak gave us." Alex explained, motioning to the battlefield where the others were gathered.

Alex's Rockruff and Pikachu ran back over to him and curiously looked at Axel before waving to him. "So, are you also a beginner like us?" Alex asked Axel before starting to walk over to the others with Axel.
Axel walked alongside Alex, glad to have found the group. "Well technically, no. I spent the last few years on an island with my father and sister. My sisters a really powerful trainer and me and my partner have battled her several times, but...weve never actually beat her. Hehe." He awkwardly laughed while continuing towards the group.
Nate began walking back the Alex with his new Weedle by his side, "Hey Alex," Nate called as he walked over, Nate saw the new face that had shown up when he left, he quickly spun around and turned to him, "Hey, I'm Nate," Nate extended his hand to Axel.
"Ah I see, that's cool that your sister is a super strong trainer. I actually came from Alola with my pet Rockruff so I'm a beginner." Alex said as Nate began walking back to them. "Oh hey, Nate. How's that battle going with those four?" Alex asked, trying to get a better look at the fight.
Axel smiled and shook Nates hand, "Im Axel, nice to meet you." He glanced over his shoulder at the ensuing battle. "So, a tag team battle right away huh? These guys are getting intense early on. They'll become powerful." He folded his arms before taking a step forward to watch the battle more clearly. "Lets see what kind of trainers im up against." Axel thought to himself with a smirk.
"Hey Axel, what would you say to a battle?" Nate asked as he took out a Pokeball and threw it into the air releasing his Spheal. "It would be you're Pokemon against my Opal!" Nate stated confidently, Nate looked down and saw that Opal was fast asleep, "I still stand by my previous statement," Nate added before his lightly tapped Opal rolling it towards the battle.
Axel was caught off guard by the request but wasnt unpleased. He couldnt help but crack a grin at the sleeping pokemon. "Okay Nate, I accept your challenge. Meet my partner. Lets go Scar!" He yelled throwing a pokeball down, it burst open revealing an angry looking Zangoose. "Ill let you take the first move." Axel said with a confident grin. Scar crossed his arms over his chest and stood ready to attack.
"Opal use Powder Snow!" Nate ordered, Opal refused to move a muscle as it continued to sleep, "I said, Opal use Powder Snow," Nate repeated, Opal just turned to it's side as it continued to sleep, Nate clenched his fist with anger, "Opal use Powder Snow!" Opal continued to just sleep, "Just use a move, any move!!" Nate yelled as he stomped his foot, Opal just continued to sleep. Nate fell to the ground, the battle hadn't even started and he lost, Nate was ready to surrender when he began to here a different noise, it was quiet at first but quickly turned into an ear bleeding snore, "You just had to use Snore didn't you!?!" Nate yelled over Opal's snoring.
Obsidian roared a challenge to Mina, flapping his wings. "Obsidian!" Lucas called. "Use Fire Fang! Full force!" The Aerodactyl almost grinned as his mouth heated up with a small flame. The fire engulfed his jaws, and Obsidian dove towards Mina, gnashing his blazing jaws. Fire Fang is super effective against Steel Types.
Scar flinch as the Snore rang over him. "Dont worry Nate, we'll wake up up. Now Scar! Use Quick Attack!" And with that Zangoose shot forward at Opal with his arm extended for a powerful impact as he speed continued to increase. "Looks like Nate hasnt quite yet mastered giving his pokemon commands. He'll have to pick up on the basics in this battle."
Zangoose hit Opal sending it flying towards Nate. "I got you!" Nate exclaimed as he caught Opal in his arms, "There that should get you some fighting spirit," Nate looked down at Opal who was still fast asleep, "Wake Up!!!!!" Nate shouted as he began shaking Opal. Opal slowly opened it's eyes and yawned as if it was just a normal nap, "Finally you're awake, we are in the middle of a battle!" Opal quickly shook it's head and leaped out of Nate's arms ready to battle, "Use Powder Snow!" Opal leaped up and shot a cold breath of wind toward Scar.
Axel grinned, "Here we go, glad to see Opal is ready for a fight. Scar, bank to the left then use Hone Claws." The icy frost barely missed Scar and he jumped to the side. He claws gave off a gleam as he scraped them together. "Nic, now he'll harder harder and more accurately. We shouldnt drag this battle out if we dont have to, but im curious to see what he does." Axel thought to himself as the icy blast died down.
"Now Water Gun!" Nate ordered, Opal shot a spray of water straight at Scar, "Hone Claws, never heard of that move before, guess we'll need to see what happens," Nate muttered to himself as he watched the attack.
"Dodge!" Gage shouted realizing too late that the Swift attack was headed his way. However it wasn't enough, as Nick took the full force of the attack.

When the dust cleared, Nick was struggling to stand. The boy wasn't the best battler. He was a comedian. That was his goal.

"Okay Nick, let's use Swift!" Gage shouted giving a flail of his arm. Nick swung his tail, firing spinning yellow stars towards Eevee.
"Quick Eevee counter with another Swift!" John shouted when he saw the glowing stars streak towards Eevee but just as it was with Nick, it was too late, Stars smashed into Eevee sending him flying across the field, an extra distance as he was already in the air. When Eevee landed he was extremely hurt but still able to stand. "Eevee use quick attack to finish Nick off, then use swift on Mina!" John shouted out, hoping this could finish the battle (OOC) Real me is hoping so too XD (BIC)
Axel grinned as Scar dodged the Water Gun without being told to. "Now, Quick Attack followed up with a Scratch!" Axel yelled causing Scar to drastically increase in in speed before dragging his claw upwards towards Opal to slash at him. "Dont let up! Scratch back to back!" Axel yelled as Scar advanced.
Scar's scratching hit Opal hard, making quick word of it and sending it flying, "Opal!" Nate yelled as he dove to catch Opal, "You okay?" Nate asked, Opal nodded weakly, "Alright, use Rest for now, you did great," Opal fell asleep and the wounds quickly disappeared. "It looks like we lost Axel," Nate called out as he moved Opal into his hoodie, "But next time we battle, I'll be the one to come out on top."
"I look forward to the day. It was a good first battle." Scar nodded to Opal before walking over and sitting under a tree with an annoyed look on his face. "Scar has power, but he still needs to overcome his attitude. Hehe." Axel gave a soft grin before turning his attention back to the tag team battle.
As Mina lepted into the air ready to slash at Lucas's Aerodactyl as she doing that Zane heard Lucas give his orders. Now Obsidian driving down towards Mina with its flaming jaws. As the two pokemon met in mid air the clash isn't what Zane had in mind he watched as Obsidian flaming jaws bite down on Mina small body. Mina scream out from the pain of the super effective move but not wanting to disappoint her master with the strength she could muster up she slashed at Obsidian's wing that was closest to her with Metal Claw.