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Private/Closed The Region Travels

Nick took the attack and collapsed, unable to battle. "Well, that was fun," Gage said returning Nick to his pokeball. He then turned and shifted his attention to the rest of the battle. It would be a tough one for Zane, considering it was now 2 against 1.
Lucas grinned at the sight of Obsidian and Mina clashing. Time for the win! He thought as he prepared to give Obsidian his final command. "Throw Mina, Obsidian!" Lucas yelled. Obsidian snapped his head back, tearing Mina away from his wing, and shook her off, throwing the small Pawniard about 10 feet away.
"Good job Eevee, you've done great, I'm gonna make this fair and return you to make it and Obsidian-Mina 1v1" John said before returning Eevee and watched the Carnage that was Obsidian destroying the poor little pawniard
Zane watches as Obsidian tosses Mina off of it sending her crashing hard on to the ground leaving her fainted. Zane returns Mina back to her pokeball with a small on his face. "You did great for your first official battle" Zane said to Mina's pokeball, "That was great guys but don't think this is the end I will want a rematch" Zane told the two opposing trainers. As he turned to see what the other trainers of the group was doing he noticed the new face on the sidelines watching the double battle.

"Hello did you enjoy the show" Zane asked the new trainer.
"It's about time they finished that double battle." Alex mumbled before he walked over to the rest of the group. "Alright, so, where are we going to head next? I was thinking Viridian City," Alex said as he grabbed Rotom, activated the map feature and pointed to Viridian on the map.
"Oh, this is Axel by the way, his partner is a Zangoose!" Alex exclaimed, motioning to Axel after letting go of Rotom.
Axel nodded before approaching the group, 'It was a good fight. Hi, im Axel. I suppose you should know ill be joining you all on your journey..." Axel's head turned as he watched Scar approach him. "Zang..." Scar said looking around the group before tapping Axel's pocket. "All right Scar, I know you dont do well around strangers, return." Axel said while patting his partner on the head and returning him.
"Hi Axel, I'm John and these are my partners Eevee and Pascal" John introduced himself while sending out his Pokemon, sticking out his hand "It's gonna get confusing having an Axel and an Alex but yeah Viridian sounds good!" He finished, pumped to move forward with his journey
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Lucas walked up to John and Axel, Obsidian hovering overhead. "I don't think that we've met," he said to Axel, sticking his right hand out for a handshake. "I'm Lucas. And that-" he said, pointing to his Aerodactyl, "-is Obsidian." Lucas was getting a weird vibe from this guy. Not weird in a bad way, but more like way you can almost feel a charge in a room.
Axel shook Lucas' hand with a slight grin on his face. "Aerodactyl huh? Thats a really powerful pokemon." As Axel finished he fumbled with Scar's pokeball. "Wonder what this guys like in battle..." He thought before glancing at the rest of the group. "Well....right now might not be the best time. Looks like we've got some ground to cover." Axel clapped his hand to together looking around at everyone. "So....should we get going?"
Alex nodded, "Finally, let's go to Viridian!" The young trainer exclaimed as he recalled all of his Pokemon and began to walk toward Route 1.

"So, is everyone planning fighting all of the gyms?" Alex asked, trying to make a little small talk and trying to learn a little his new companions.
"If it gives me a chance to increase my strength then ill do it. Ive heard the gym challenge can be tough, it excites me." Axel clenched his fist while walking forward. Adrenaline pumped through him as he thought about the intense battles ahead. Axel pictured he and Scar going toe-to-toe with powerful trainers at the Indigo Plateau. "Yeah, then after that ill touch up my team and finally beat my sister." he continued his march forward through route 1 with a fire in his eye.
John pulled his hand back up and brushed his hair back "Never-mind then I guess" He said, dismayed that Axel didn't acknowledge him "We should probably stop in Viridian Forest for a bit of training" He added louder and more excitedly
"Mina's attacks were much to slow nothing of them connected we need more experience but how?" Zane thought to himself he was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Alex ask his question. "Challenging the gyms would provide me with must needed battle experience" Zane said continuing to walk with the group. Zane turns to the new addition to the group Axel. "You look very determined over there Axel has the thought of battle light a fire in you?"
"I don't know if I want to take the gym challenge. I want to be a comedian. Make people smile. It's kinda my thing really." Gage said making a peace sign as Nick happily grinned while on his shoulder.

"My name is Gage, and this is my partner Nick. And we're gonna be Ace Comedians!"
Axel glanced over at Zane as he returned, "Yeah I guess you could say that." Axel walked beside Gage as he spoke and studied him for a moment before giving a toothy grin. "So be a comedian, but remember, that doesnt mean you cant be a powerful trainer as well." He raised his fist up to Gage, still maintaining his large smile.
Nate followed everyone while still thinking of his battle with Axel before looking up. Nate looked up and saw Viridian City up ahead and ran ahead of everyone else towards the Pokemon Center. As Nate entered the Pokemon Center he was greeted by Nurse Joy, "Is it possible to get the Trainer's Guidebook here?" Nate asked. "Of course, I'll just need to see your Pokedex," Nurse Joy replied. Nate patted himself down trying to look for a Pokedex, Nate sighed as he took out his Pokeballs and handed them to Nurse Joy, "Can I just get a checkup?" he requested. Nurse Joy took Nate's Pokemon to the back room for a bit.
As the group was nearing Viridian City Zane watched as Nate ran ahead of the group heading for its Pokemon Center. "I wonder what is he in a rush for?" Zane thought to himself as the group make it into Viridian. Zane walks inside of the Pokemon Center spotting Nate talking to Nurse Joy he walks up to counter. "Before you go back there do you mind taking a look at my pokemon as well?" Zane asked the Nurse Joy before she got to far.

"I don't mind at all" said Nurse Joy as she took Zane's pokeball and continued to the back.

"So why did you rush to the Pokemon Center?" Zane turned and asked Nate.
"I'm just excited to get to my first gym battle so I thought I'd stop by and get a Trainer's Guidebook to figure out where some gyms are," Nate explained, "But of course when I got here, I don't have a Pokedex so I can't get one until everyone else shows up along with the Rotom Dex so that I can get the book, along with register for the Indigo League." Nate sat down at the closest bench, "Candice told me that you can register at any Pokemon Center for the League but you need to sign in at the actual League," Nate heard a ringing sound soon after and ran to the desk.

"Nate we're glad to say that your Pokemon are completely fighting fit! We hope that you will continue to use our services," Nurse Joy said happily as she handed Nate his Pokeballs. Nate happily took his Pokemon back and immediately sent them out.

"I'm glad that you're both doing great," Nate exclaimed as Opal leaped onto Nate and into his hoodie and Weedle crawled onto Nate's shoulder.
Alex rushed into the Virdian Pokemon with a smile, it was his first time going to heal up his Pokemon. "Can you take care of them for me Nurse Joy?" Alex asked, handed over his three Pokeballs to the Nurse

"Sure thing, they'll be ready to go in no time!" Nurse Joy said with a welcoming smile as she took the Pokeballs and went into the back to heal them up.
After a few minutes, Nurse Joy came back out of the back, "Here you are, they're all healthy and ready to go!" Nurse Joy said with another smile as she handed the Pokeballs to Alex.

"Thanks Nurse Joy!" Alex exclaimed as he took back his Pokemon and walked over to his friends. "So, how do we register for the league?" Alex asked, looking toward Nate, Bulbasaur sat on Alex's head.
Nate heard what Alex said and the sentence echoed in his ears, "I've got it!" Nate ran out of the Pokemon Center and towards everyone else, "Weedle use String Shot on the Rotom Dex!" Weedle shot a sticky string at the Rotom Dex and quickly reeled it back to Nate. "I've got a Pokedex!" Nate exclaimed as he ran into the Pokemon Center. "You could have just called me over!!" Rotom yelled.

"Alright I'll register you right away," Nurse Joy replied as she requested Rotom Dex to help. After a while of waiting Nurse Joy had some items on a tray, "Here you are, a Trainer's Guidebook, a Badge Case, and finally your Trainer ID, enough for everyone you'll be travelling with."

Nate happily took his ID and badge case and placed them in his bag, "Now let's see where the closest gym is," Nate commented as he flipped through his book, "Hey it looks like there's one here in Viridian City."
Alex picked up his Badge Case, Guidebook, and Trainer ID from Rotom and thanked it for getting them for him. Alex walked back over to Nate and sat next to him, "I wouldn't challenge the gym here. Look." Alex said as he pointed at the book, "It says that the Viridian Gym is the hardest gym." Alex said, reading what it said in the book.

Alex flipped through his own book, "We could go to Pewter City and challenge Gym Leader Forrest. Pewter is just on the other side of Viridian Forest." Alex said, looking at the pictures of Pewter and map of Viridian Forest. "Bulba!" Bulbasaur exclaimed in agreement.
"The harder the gym the better the challenge!" Nate exclaimed, "What do you guys think?" Opal and Weedle both cheered in agreement. "Next time you see me I'll have beaten the Viridian Gym!" Nate happily marched off towards the Viridian Gym. When he arrived Nate stared up at the gym, "Viridian Gym, I hope you're ready for Nate Karlo!" Nate stated as he placed his hand on the handle of the door and began trying to open it, "It's not even budging!" Nate muttered as he tried to open the door, "Wait, maybe it's a puzzle, yeah that's it! Weedle use String Shot on the door!" Nate declared, Weedle shot a string at the door but instead of grabbing the handle it grabbed a nearby sign as hit Nate in the face with it. "Hey! What was that for!" Nate yelled as he rubbed his head and read the sign, 'Closed, be back in a week' it read, "You think I would've seen that," Nate shrugged as he hung the sign back up.
"Sweet." Gage said tapping his knuckles against Axel's. "Trust me, me and him will be strong, but we just won't go for the badges, like the rest of you guys are, presumably." He gave a slight shrug, as he entered the Pokemon Center.

He looked around the Pokemon Center as Nick clamored down his shoulder and ran around the center. "Well someone is excited, huh?" Gage said laughing.
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Zane received his Trainer ID, Badge Case, and Trainer Guildbook along side Alex watches Nate speed pass them heading towards this city's gym. "I can already tell this will be happening a lot" Zane said to Alex with a defeated look. That is when he notices Gage entering the center and Nike running around inside "Hey Gage you took your sweet time getting here wheres Axel?"
Lucas entered the Pokémon center with the rest of the group. He walked up to the counter and Nurse Joy gave him his Trainer ID, Badge Case, and Guidebook. "Is there anything else you need?" She asked. Lucas thought for a moment, and handed her Obsidian's Poke Ball. "Can you heal him for me? Thanks." A minute later Nurse Joy handed Lucas back his Poke Ball. Lucas was about to walk away when he thought of something. "Nurse Joy, do you know if the Viridian City Gym is open?" Nurse Joy tapped a screen presumably a calendar of some sort, and said, "I'm sorry, but the Viridian City Gym is closed." Lucas opened his map and saw that Pewter City was just beyond Viridian. Guess that's where I'm going, he thought.
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"Come on, Nate, do you really want to challenge the 8th gym leader now?" Alex said with a sigh as Nate ran out of the Pokemon Center, Bulbasaur also sighed, trying to be more like his trainer.

"Yeah, so do I." Alex said with another sigh, looking toward Zane. "At least the gym is closed so he won't get royally defeated." Alex said before taking a seat once again and waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive.
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John was lagging behind but finally made it to Pokemon center and entered. "Hey Nurse Joy, can I get my Pokemon healed? Oh and also do you know if I could have a trainers guidebook?" John asked. "Your friends came in earlier with the rotom-dex so you can get your handbook, here you go" Nurse Joy responded, handing me the handbook "Hand me your pokeballs and I'll heal them right up" She finished. John handed his pokeballs over to Nurse Joy, grabbing the handbook, badge case, and ID.
Nurse Joy returned and handed John back his Pokemon. "Here you go" Joy said as she turned towards her computer and started typing. probably something important John thought. John walked in the opposite direction of the computer and peeked over the counter at the screen. Is she seriously on Pikabook right now? walked outside just in time to see Nate get hit in the face with a sign, this adventure looked like it was going to be fun.
Axel retrieved Scar's pokeball after after being healed by nurse joy. He looked to the door seeing a Nate run out yelling something about beating the Viridian Gym. A grim expression washed over his face. "Oh man, he can't challenge the most powerful gym in Kanto with no experience like that." He said to himself while running out the door after Nate, seeing Alex had beat him to the door.
After arriving at the gym Axel stopped, listening to Alex' plea. "He's right Nate. I beat you and I know for a fact I would lose to this gym. Its a really bad idea and it would put your Pokemon in danger."
"What was that place Alex told us about? Pewter City?" Nate asked his Pokemon, they both nodded in response, "Alright then, let's just see where Pewter City is," Nate began flipping through the pages of his guidebook until he found a map of Kanto, "It says here that Pewter City is just past Viridian Forest, well I guess we'd better hit the road then!" Nate happily began walking towards Viridian Forest, "I wonder what kind of Pokemon we'll find in there."
Alex looked out the window to see Nate rushing off and jumped up and ran out the door of the Pokemon Center. "Man, he rushes off way too quickly." Alex said with a sigh as Bulbasaur hung onto his head for dear life.

Before rushing into the forest after Nate, Alex stopped by the Pokemart to pick up some of the bare essentials. "Extra Pokemon food, food for me, medicinal items, extra Pokeballs." Alex said to himself as he quickly filled his shopping bag. Alex paid for his items, thanked the cashier and ran back out of the store after Nate.

It took a while and a lot of sprinting, but Alex had finally caught up to Nate, "Man *heavy breathing* you should really learn *heavy breathing* to slow down." Alex said as he wiped the sweat off of his brow.
"Yeah I guess I shou-" Nate got cut off by something flying above him, Nate quickly opened his guidebook and began flipping through pages, "Alright it says here, that's a Pidgey! Weedle let's battle it!" Nate said confidently, Weedle threw Opal out of Nate's hoodie and hid inside of it as a response, "Come on Weedle, you can take it, no sweat!" Weedle glared at Nate waiting for him to make a smarter choice.
"Now use Thunderfang!"
Obsidian raced towards the Pidgey that had attacked them, his jaws crackling with electricity. The Pidgey's small eyes widened as Obsidian clamped his jaws down on it, throwing it aside. The Aerodactyl was about to attack again when Lucas called him off. "It's had enough, Obsidian." The Pidgey almost looked grateful as it flew away. Obsidian watched it go, then began to glide down towards Lucas with his jaws open slightly. "Hear you go bud," Lucas said, tossing him an Pecha Berry. It's gonna take a while to get out of Viridian Forest, he thought.
"You think you should use Weedle who is a worm against a Pidgey who is a bird?" Alex asked Nate with a chuckle before seeing another Pokemon in his peripherals. "Woah a Metapod." Alex said as the Metapod looked at him with an angry expression and began to quickly hop toward Alex. "I think he's mad at me." Alex said before Bulbasaur hopped off his head and go into a battle stance.

"I see, you want to battle it! In that case, use Tackle!" Alex called out while extending his palm. "Bulba!" Bulbasaur cried out as it charged Metapod and tackled it to the ground. Somehow, Metapod managed to "stand" up again and used Harden and then tried to attack Bulbasaur again. "Quick, now Vine Whip!" Alex exclaimed with a smile on his face, Bulbasaur cried out again and used Vine Whip to pick up the Metapod and throw it against a tree, causing it to faint. "Good job Bulbasaur!" Alex exclaimed as he ran over to his partner and patted it on the head. "Battling is actually pretty fun." Alex said, Bulbasaur nodded in agreement as it smiled.
"Oh yeah I guess, using Weedle would be a bad choice," Nate commented as he began flipping through his guidebook, "Let's see here, Pidgey is the Tiny Bird Pokemon, it's usually very docile however, if attacked, it will often kick up sand to protect itself rather than fight back." Nate read, "Alright then Opal, Go!" Nate looked up and saw that the Pidgey was gone. "Man and I was so set on catching it too," Nate muttered before an idea struck him, "Hey Alex, what would you say to a Pokemon Battle!"
Alex turned to Nate, "A battle? Sure, why not." Alex said, this would be his first actual battle, but he was confident he could win. "So, how do you want to have it? 1v1, 2v2?" Alex asked Nate as Bulbasaur excitedly prepared for the battle by practicing its moves.
"How about we have a double battle," Nate offered as Weedle and Opal both leaped off of, "A battle using 2 Pokemon at the same time, it makes for some interesting battles."
"Alright, sounds good." Alex said with a smile as he threw out his second Pokemon, Pikachu. "You guys ready? This'll be our first battle so just do your best!" Alex exclaimed, both of his Pokemon confidently nodded as they got into battle positions. "Nate, you can have the first move!" Alex called out to Nate.
Axel walked through the forest quietly, the trees behind him covered in claw marks from recent battle. "Hm, so the others are starting to catch more Pokémon. Perhaps we should add a member to the team?" The young trainer said looking towards Scar. "Zang..." Scar replied folding his arms and looking away. "Aw, cmon bud. It can't just be me and you forever, we're gonna need help." He pleaded. "Zang!" Scar replied in a rough tone. Axel stopped and looked at his partner for a moment before slowly approaching him. "Scar, bud...just because I'll have more team members doesn't mean I'll forget about you. Your my best best friend." Axel held his arm out making a fist towards his Pokémon. Zang stared Axel for a moment before rolling his eyes and tapping his fist against Axel's. "Good. So, who should we add?" Axel said looking around the forest.
"Alright if you say so," Nate replied as he opened up his guidebook, "Pikachu, is the Electric Mouse Pokemon, it says here it's popular in most regions." Nate read over what the guidebook said about Pikachu quickly, "Alright, Weedle use String Shot on Bulbasaur and Opal use Icy Wind on Pikachu," Weedle and Opal both launched their attacks at the Pokemon with haste.
Long after the other trainers left the Pokemon Center Zane stayed to read throught his guidebook. "Um, excuse me sir but your friends have already left you should try to catch up before they get too far" Nurse Joy informed Zane. He looked around and saw none of his friends still in the center. "Wow, was I reading that long well they shouldn't be that far they still need to go throught Viridian Forest" Zane said to himself walking out of the Pokemon Center. As he was walking in the direction of the forest he saw a old man showing two younger trainers how to catch a pokemon Zane noitced both of them had bored looks on their faces Zane chuckled to himself as he continued onward.

Nearing the forest he saw Nate and Alex having their own double battle. "Have fun you two if guys need me I will be in the forest training Fluffy!" Zane shouted over to the two as he enters the forest, "I really hate that name" Zane thought to himself before taking in the beautiful sight that is the forest. "Come on out Fluffy its about time we get some training" he said releasing the small fire lizard from its pokeball. "Char" cried Charmander ready to become stronger as it followed Zane deeper into the forest.
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