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The Sea is not For Me

((OOC:Well, it's been a few months since I was on the this site, but I think my last roleplay went pretty well. Therefore, I've decided that I'm going to make a new roleplay. This rp is based on a pokemon tournament that will be held on a cruise ship.))

BIC:Kyle stood there watching as Jak continued to dodge his opponent's attacks. While the Raichu was indeed quite powerful, it lacked speed. His opponent was clearly used to brute force. "Come on, Raichu! Keep it up!" Kyle let out a small smirk as his Riolu dodged yet another Thunderbolt.

"Ready to end this Jak?" he asked. He looked back at his trainer and smiled, letting a small nod out just before dodging another attack. "Use Endure!" Jak breifly glowed white and stopped in mid-place. The Raichu fired another bolt, yet it was blocked. Jak struck out with his paw and split the bolt into to sides that went past him. The surprise was evident on both the Raichu and it's trainer. "Now use Reversal!" Jak suddenly shot forward and slammed into Raichu, instantly knocking him out.

The boy just stared at him. "Woah."

Kyle smiled as Jak came over and climbed onto his shoulder. "That was a good match. You can keep your money." He then left to head for the Pokemon Center so Jak could get some rest.

As he came inside, he found a woman standing barely inside the door. She wore a long, black dress. She looked like some type of business executive, which meant to Kyle, a long, boring talk. "I asume that you're Kyle of Sootopolis City?"

Kyle was pretty sure that a vein could be seen rising on his head. "I'd prefer if you not mention that place and my name in the same sentence." She gave him an odd look. "But yes, I'm Kyle."

"Good. I've got something for you." She held out a letter to him. He took it, then opened it to find two boat tickets. "You've been invited for a special cruise trip."

"Mind telling my why?" he asked, looking back at her. "I don't know a lot of people with cruise money."

"We are going to be using the ship to hold a tournament. We've had scouts going around to find trainers of exceptional skill. I noticed your battle and decided you'd be perfect. The first ticket goes to Slateport, where our ship resides, the second is for you to get onto ours."

After thinking it over for a minute, Kyle spoke "I'll go."

"We look forward to seeing you." She said, then she turned and left the building. Kyle stopped to heal his pokemon, then left for Slateport.

((OOC:I'm going to be looking for three people to join. We'll make up the other opponents to face throughout the matches. You can send me a pm with a post telling how you got accepted. I'll send a reply telling if you're accepted or not. Before any of you say I'm doing the same thing Sem did, I'm going to admit that I am. I made my last rp open to anyone and I only got one person for quite a while. I figured this would be an easier way to find people who'd join me.

Okay, this rp has four people now, so the sign-ups are now closed.))
(It's about time I brought myself back to my signature character, and thanks for the invite)

"You know, if this was how you were beaten in the Hoenn league, then it is obvious that you need a change of strategy." Brendan commented to his opponent,

"The only change we need is a transition from challenger to champion!" Ryan retorted, and then returned to the battle. "Machamp! Take that munchkin out with Cross Chop!" The four-armed brute put his arms in an X and began charging at his opposition.

"Machop, dodge underneath his arms!" Brendan called to his partner. The grey humanoid ran for Machamp as well, but before he reached him, he slid across the street floor, that was their battlefield, and under Machamp's arms as they swung down for him. Now Machop between Machamp arms and his hulking body, with a very important weak spot flashing. "Now follow up with Sky Uppercut!" Brendan continued, Machop bounded up with his fist up as it slammed into Machamp's chin and knocking him over.

"That may leave a scar, but we're going to give you a lot more!" Ryan commented, but he was already beginning to realize something was wrong, Machamp wasn't getting back up: he had been knocked out.

"Machamp is unable to battle, Machop wins! We have a winner for this 1-on-1 challenge: Brendan Savem from, here, in Pallet Town." A seven-year-old referee announced, Brendan smiled and turned to a group of kids in the sidelines when Machop rejoined Brendan by his side.

"And that is why evolution isn't always the solution." Brendan announced. After a round of cheering, the kids scattered to go home, try battling themselves, etc. Brendan turned to Ryan to deliver some feedback. "That was a tough match; Machop and Machamp are quite even on the long shot." He commented,

"I still don't get it. Machamp used to be able to take that little thing out as if it was a fly. How'd that change?" Ryan asked, seeming to have calmed down quite a bit.

"Back then, in New Bark Town, Machop and I were used to a strategy that didn't bring out Machop's full potential against pokémon three times his size. We made a massive change in the battle plan for what happened way back in the Johto league." Brendan explained.

"Are you saying that our strategy has faults in it?" Ryan asked,

"It's possible" Brendan answered, "Just try changing strategies in some practice battles; you might find one that can take out anything"

"I don't think you showed much emotion about winning or losing in a long time Brendan, it's always the feedback for you." Ryan said, and then looked over Brendan's shoulder. "Hey, I think someone's waiting for you" Ryan said, Brendan looked behind him to see a man dressed in black sitting on the bleachers, glasses protected his eyes from the sun that reflected from them.

"Just listen to my advice, it usually works." Brendan reminded Ryan, and then approached the man; he seemed to be staring at him like some sort of zombie. "What brings you here? Pallet Town doesn't usually get any business visitors," Brendan asked,

"I came to approach you with a tournament invitation, are you still under retirement?" he answered,

"I never retired; I'm just saving up for a ship to Sinnoh, those ferries charge a lot for visitors these days." Brendan explained, "Tell me more about this tournament."

"This is a tournament that takes place on board a cruise ship in Hoenn, trainers from across the region have been invited to take part; and a few from the rest of the world are coming as well. As an exceptional challenger from the Hoenn league three months ago, my bosses feel that you will make an interesting addition to the candidates. So what do you say, you might find Theodore for a rematch?" he explained. Theodore made Brendan look back a bit, he was also in the Hoenn league, when he and Brendan faced off in the quarter finals, Brendan was defeated by Theodore's Medicham, thus helping Theodore go to the finals themselves where he very nearly won. Ever since, Brendan wanted to have a rematch and prove to himself that he had the power to go all the way to the top.

"Then count me in, is there anything else I should know?" Brendan asked,

"Just that you'll need these," the man answered, pulling out two ship tickets as if they came from nowhere. "One ticket will take you from Cinnabar Island to Slateport City, where our ship resides, and then the other ticket will get you onto the ship and into the tournament. We hope to see you go a long way in it." He finished, and then he walked away. Brendan looked at the tickets for a minute, and then raced home to tell his dad and pick a team of pokémon to stick with for the time being. Two hours later, he was riding his Swampert on a direct course for Cinnabar Island. Checking the Cinnabar-Slateport ticket, it looked like he was going to be in Slateport City by sunrise tomorrow. The wind blew in his face as if it missed him; the waves constantly splashed him as Swampert surfed over them. In addition, Machop was standing on Swampert's head as if he was the statue at the bow of a ship. Brendan could already feel that there are going to be some tough challengers up ahead.
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OOC: This will be a good start for my first RP.

BIC: Allen standing firm with his pokeball in his hand stared his opponent in the eye. He seemed that he was trying to act tough, but Allen could tell by slight the tremble of his lip that he was not an experienced trainer. Then, with a whip of his arm, Allen cast his pokeball into the center of the clearing. The opponent gave a look of pleased astonishment with the appearance of Allen's Pidgey.

The opponent employed a delighted smirk and said, "That's it, a Pidgey! My Nidoking will crush it!" Allen simply replied, "Really, let us see." The opponent then chucked his pokeball releasing his Nidoking in an angry rush. Upon releasing his pokemon, the opponent shouted, "Nidoking, make this quick, use poison jab!" The Nidoking rushed foreward, yet Allen shouted, "Pidgey, use gust." And with a sudden burst, all the debris on the ground rose up and pelted the Nidoking. "Nidoking, use flamethrower like I taught you." But he didn't listen. The Nidoking used thrash, but with Pidgey in the air, he couldn't nearly reach.

The opponent screamed at his Nidoking, "Calm down!" But with every passing moment, the Nidoking became more and more crazed, thrashing here and there until he was too exhausted to stand. It was at that point that the opponent said, "Now that you finally settled down, use flamethrower!" But it still disobeyed, the Nidoking rose up and planted his feet. Allen recognized the situation. The Nidoking, overflowing with enraged energy launched into the air forming a giga impact attack. Allen knew that Pidgey wouldn't be able to match that power, but mabey he could outrun it. Allen shouted, "Pidgey, climb higher, whatever you do, don't stop." obeying his master, Pidgey sped strait upwards desperate to escape the titan bearing down on him. climbing ever higher, pidgey could feel thw air getting colder, but soon followed by an extreme heat. The Nidoking was within spitting distance of Pidgey, and just when it seemed as though it was over, the heat faded.

When Pidgey looked back, the Nidoking had lost all momentum and began to plummet back to earth. Steadily gaining speed, the Nidoking fell with tremendous force, much greater than the giga impact attack itself. The Nidoking struck the ground so hard, that the shockwave blew both Allen and the opponnent over completely. The Nidoking was totally knocked out, and the opponent stood over him awestruck. He said, "What happened?" Allen simply replied, "You couldn't control your pokemon, that's what happened. Go to the pokemon center in Cherrygrove City, they'll help you out."

With that, Pidgey swooped down and perched on Allen's shoulder, giving a gentle call, "Pigooo." The opponentreturned his Nidoking and called out to Allen, "Do you have any other advice?" Allen turned around and said, "Call this number, they will help you train." Allen handed the boy a piece of paper, and walked away.

Upon reaching Violet City, a man in a grey suit confronted Allen. "Hey kid, we saw you're little performance out in the forest. Thought you should get this." He handed Allen an envelope. "What is it?" ,asked Allen. "An invitation to a tournament cruise, we need trainers like you." "Sure I'll be there" said Allen. But the man was already gone when he looked up. When Allen got up the next day, he left the pokemon center he was staying at, and took a pokemon ranger transport helicopter to the location on the invitation.
Killian smiled cheerily at the trainer she was battling, poor guy had no chance. He had sent out a Linoone against Amaya, her Lucario... Not smart. "Amaya use Force Palm!" She cried, and her Lucario seemed to smirk at the normal type Pokemon.

I thought about using Aura Sphere but Force Palm will do, I guess.
Killian rolled her eyes and her Lucario used Force Palm.

The Linoone was obviously weakened by the attack but surprisingly survived. "Hah! Is that the best you've got?" Her opponent shouted and she narrowed her eyes.

No. She thought, wondering if she should slap him but then realized she was just as bad.

Idiot... I told you Aura Sphere was better, now this weakling thinks he can beat us. Amaya bent down slightly, getting ready to dodge whatever the Linoone was going to do.

"But he can't." Killian smirked and then blinked when the trainer shouted his attack.


You've gotta be kidding me.
Amaya groaned and Killian sweatdropped before the attack hit Amaya. I hat-What pretty eyes.

Killian cracked up and then grinned at the trainer, "She says your Linoone has pretty eyes. Isn't that sweet? Now all we have to do is finish off your Linoone and voila, I'll win. You should've switched in that Blazekin and used him againt Amaya, he'd of had a better chance at beating her. Amaya, use Quick Attack."

But it'll hurt the pretty eyes.

"Yeah, but not as much as it could. Besides, you have to fight in a battle. Show him how strong you are." Amaya's eyes twinkled and she attacked, defeating the Linoone.

She shook her head and blinked, Ha! I will not fall for such a stupid Pokemon! Killian just burst into laughter and the boy pouted before running off.

"Hey! I earned money! Come back here, twerp!" She cried but noticed he was too far away and stuck out her tongue, "Wimp!"

Suddenly a man in strangely formal suit walked out and handed her an envelope. "You have been invited to a cruise for strong trainer. I insist that you accept it."

She stared at him for a while and Amaya glared at him before she cried, "Okay! I'll go!"

"One ticket is for our ship in Slateport, the other is so you can get to Slateport." She blinked.

"Okay... I'll be there..." The man stood there for a minute and Killian shifted from foot to foot. "You know, you can leave now." He nodded and she tilted her head in confusion. "Then go."

"...Very well." He walked off and she fell over in laughter.

...You know, he could've been a powerful trainer.

"What! Then I want to challenge him!" She looked over and then sighed when she noticed he was gone. "I guess we'd better get going... You guys can come out now."

An Absol, a Luxray, a Mightyena, an Umbreon, and a Houndoom walked out of the shadows. Mitsuki... We girls better stick together... Too many weirdo couples. She eyed the strange couple of Kuro, the Luxray, and Tsukiko, the Absol.

Kuro, seemed to blush, but Tsukiko glared. "Ab, ab, absol, sol!" She growled and Amaya turned her back to the dark Pokemon, offended.

"Umbre." Umbreon growled out neutrally and walked over to Killion. "Eon."

"Yeah, I agree. They need to stop agruing."


Na uh!

Killion sighed and then took off towards Slateport, her Pokemon right behind her.
About a day after getting the invite, Kyle had arrived in Slateport. He was surprised to see almost the whole town packed with trainers. He whistled to himself. "Whew, this looks like it's gonna be a big tournament."

Well to me, it looks like they picked everyone who could throw a pokeball. Jak said, also eyeing the crowd.

"Oh, don't be so negative. Besides, that just means it'll be easier for us, right?" He then looked around, looking rather confused.

Something wrong? Jak asked, noticing his master's confusion.

"Uh, while I don't know a lot of people who could put on a cruise, I'm pretty ure of one thing. 'Cruise' does mean on a ship, right?" He then gestured to the crowd. While trainers were everywhere, there wasn't a ship to be seen. Kind of an odd thing for a place like Slateport.

Well, I guess in the meantime we could take a look at the competition.

"Ah, why not?" Kyle said with a shrug. He then started walking through the crowd, looking at the different trainers and their pokemon.
(if you're sticking to your policy, then we have our cruise team)

Just on schedule, the cruise ship that Brendan was riding arrived early the next morning. The harbor was pretty deserted, there was also only three ships in the harbor, Brendan checked the dock check in to find that the ship wasn't to arrive in the harbor until later that day. Taking advantage of his six hours, he decided to head out of town to warm up his pokémon since he didn't know when the fighting could start. Heading North, Brendan soon reached an abandoned field where weeds dominate the soil. Machop, who often spends his time out of the pokéball, was already taking punches at a scarecrow that now looked like a fat stick. Brendan drew out five pokéballs and called out the five other pokémon he had brought with him. Swampert, Scizor, Dusclops, Shiftry, and Fearow quickly got into a rhythm of training like Machop. Now with that sorted, Brendan was beginning to realize that the sleep on his previous ship ride wasn't enough. Brendan laid back, closed his eyes, and then fell asleep.
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Hey, has Kyle met Killian in this RPG? If not then I'll change this post.


When she reached Slateport, Killian cringed at the amount of trainers before shouting to the sky. "Why me?! Can't there be like ten or less!?! What is wrong with the world today, doesn't anybody know a real good trainer!?!" Her loud shriek earned quite a few odd looks and she stuck out her tongue.

Amaya seemed to chuckle, amused with the dark-haired girl. Don't like this crowd? Might this have something to do with-

"Don't say that evil place. Everyone looked trustworthy but the whole city was really a base for Team Rocket and there were only two normal people who were mentally insane-"

Like you?

"-and then there was the cage! Oh my God, the cage! Everyone was laughing at me and it was scary and dark and smelled bad and there were rocks and screaming and blood and there was pink everywhere! It was the most terrifying place I've ever seen! And let's not forget the evil, blood-thirsty clowns!" She shuddered, "Never again will I go to that horrible place which-doesn't-even-deserve-a-name."

You can shut up now.

"I could." Killian smirked, "But that doesn't mean I will." She looked over at the tall grass and saw her Pokemon waiting, she sighed. "I hate this so much, why can't people just let someone walk around with their friends. God, but everyone has to make a big deal out of it and voila you have to put your Pokemon into balls and the most you can have out are two."

Amaya rolled her eyes and wondered just how stupid her trainer was. Most humans don't think of their Pokemon as 'friends' or even companions. To some they are tools used to raise them up in popularity and whatever other crap humans like. Killian glared around her for a moment and then Amaya's eyes widened, I sense Kyle and Jak.

Killian's eyes brightened, "Really? That's great! Let's go find them and show our newest members... And how strong we've gotten!" The blue-eyed girl grinned broadly and she nodded to her other Pokemon.


"Lux!" Kuro exclaimed excitedly and ran through the crowd, Killian burst into laughter.

"Lead the way!" She too, weaved her way through the mass of trainers and grinned when she could make out Kyle's form and Jak... But they were walking away. She twitched, "Hey! Kyle! Jak! Turn around!"


Ta-da! Wow, I'm in the mood to type. Hope this post is okay.
OOC:Don't worry. We've met in this one. Also, your post made me literally fall to the floor with laughter.

Kyle had just been walking around checking the other trainers, when he heard someone scream about no one recognizing a good trainer. While he had to agree, it didn't exactly seem like the best way to put things. Plus, that probably shouldn't have been said at a tone that could be heard by the deaf. Suddenly, he out two and two together as the person started screaming about something else (which honestly sounded like just a circus). "Jak, how long has it been since we've seen Killian? he asked.

I don't remember. Why?

"Because her voice is still ringing in my head." he said, putting a hand to his forehead. He was about to start moving again when he heard that same crazy voice calling him this time.

"Hey! Kyle! Jak! Turn around!"

Okay, that had to be her. He turned to see her, Amaya, and Kuro. He waved over at her. "Hey guys!" He started running over to greet them. Problem was, while Killian and Amaya had stopped running, Kuro's brakes were a little defective, and apparently, so were Kyle's.

Kuro crashed into his legs, which one would expect to make him fall backwards. Since he was running as well though, his feet went behind him and he fell forward, falling right on top of Killian.

Kyle tried to do two things then. The fall hurt, so he tried to say ouch. He had landed on top of Killian, so he wanted to say sorry. Both of these happened at the same time though, so as childish as it sounded, they both came out together.


OOC: Couldn't resist the slapstick scene. I saw something similar happen to my brother yesterday, and I just had to mix it in.

Lol, it's funny... And yeah, I had to add some humor for the sake of... Well, randomness is always welcome because it has no rules. ^-^


Killian blinked and then burst into hysterics, pushing him off. "It's okay..." She laughed again, "Kuro's meh buddy..." She glomped her Luxray, and then cried out in dramatic horror, "Oh no! You hurt your ankle! We need a nurse!"

Amaya sighed and turned to Kyle, Once upon a time she wasn't this bad but ever since that one incident she lost all of her tiny mind and now has even more mental problems than before... I would be very afraid if I were.

Killian glared at her Lucario, "You weren't surrounded by evil, smiling, pink clowns that sang happy birthday every two second with their horrible evilness!" The blue-eyed Lucario did not care. "Hello! Are you listening? They were evil!"

Yeah, which is why they were locked up with you. Team Rocket would totally lock up their minions just to drive you insane. Amaya rolled her eyes at her insane trainer, Face it Killian, you just have a fear of clowns.

The teen crossed her arms defiantly, "No, they were evil." She turned to Kuro, "Tell her they were evil!"

"Lu lu lux ux, raaaaaaaaaay!"

"Ha! I-"

How would he know? He wasn't there.

Killian rolled her eyes, "Then you wouldn't know either. You shouldn't argue with me! I've taken care of you since you hatched!"

Are you saying you're my mother?

The blue-eyed girl paled and then shrieked, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Then, she realized Kyle was still there and grinned, "She's having one of those rebellios stages in life... I took her away from her one true love obviously." She waved her hand half-heartedly and smirked at her Pokemon.

I sooo did not like that Blazekin! He was a half-wit who didn't deserve the dirt beneath my feet!

"See?" She asked Kyle, and her Houndoom and Mightyena eyed him curiously. She'd introduce them after she won her fight again Amaya... She would win one way or the other!


Amaya and Killian don't get along very well at the moment... Lol, hopefully I'm not spamming too much but I had to put that... They are so close that they never stop arguing X-X.. Can you tell?
OOC: Sure, almost reminds me of my brother. Except we use fists, not words.

BIC: Kyle tried to catch what sense he could from there conversation. There wasn't much.

"Okaaaaaay." he said, at first kinda confused about what to say, so he went in order. "I don't think I need to know about Amaya's love life, and I CERTAINLY don't want to here your clown story. Next, Amaya acts more like she's your mother then the other way around. Last, don't worry about Kuro, I've got some potions right here." He took off his backpack and took out a super potion. He then applied it to Kuro's ankle.

Jak took all this in a little more easily, and after watching the two fight, started to laugh. Was this incident before we met her or after? Because I think she's exactly the same.

Kyle let out a smile as well. "I gotta agree with him. Still, I can't imagine you being any other way." He then put a small bandage over Kuro's ankle and got up. "Now would you two stop fighting? This is a tournament. You're gonna need to work together if you want to win."

Especially against us. Jak added.
Killian glared at Amaya, "I still won." She grinned at Jak, "Oh yeah? I shall win! Even if I have to die trying!" She jumped up and glomped her newest companions that really weren't so new, "My newest buddies will win! Saimia and Gouro are the best! I made up the names myself!" She grinned and the two Pokemon reacted differently.

The Houndoom snorted and tilted his head away from his trainer, before glaring suspiciously at Kyle.... Growling at him with a warning.

The Mightyena though eyed him curiously, studying him carefully and leaned into Killian's embrace happily. "Miiiii!" She called and then turned to the Houndoom, "Yena." The Houndoom stiffened, bared his fangs at Kyle and then licked the Mayonaka behind the ear.

Killian seemed blind to what was going on around her and winked, jumping up. "See? They're amazing!" Then she grinned mescheivously, "Besides, Amaya knows Psychic so you'd better watch out Jak."

Amaya rolled her eyes, Yes, but sweatheart Lucarios are weak against fighting type attacks and guess what? Jak knows them. Killian blinked and then turned back to her Lucario, eyes blazing.

"Oh yeah? Well then Mitsuki knows Dream Eater and Psychic!"

Weak against fighting.

Killian twitched. "Tsukiko knows Psycho Cut, Ariel Ace, Psychic, Future Sight, Zen Headbutt, and Dream Eater! Ha! What now-"

One word: Fighting. The Lucario was smirking and Killian was having a mental breakdown.



"Gouro knows-"

He's also weak to fighting moves.

"ARGH!! I'm gonna loose against fighting types! My whole freakin' team is made of weak-against-fighting Pokemon!" Killian glared at Amaya, "You meanie, I would've never noticed! My own stupid love of dark and dog Pokemon will be my end and it's your fault!"

How? I am one of your Pokemon.

"Friends aren't supposed to put other friends down." She crossed her arms and then turned to Kyle, "You heard nothing. You have absolutely no clue I am weak to fighting, none at all.... Noooooone."

And you wonder why people look at you funny.

"What's that supposed to mean!"

Oh, I'm sure you know. Killian glared angrily at her Pokemon and the two began to bicker again. Saimia headed towards Kyle curiously and then sniffed.

"Ena?" She growled, confused. "Mi?" His scent was strange and in a faint way reminded her of her own trainer. "Igh-"

"Doom!" Gouro boomed angrily and stood between Samia and Kyle, glaring hatefully at him. Mightyena shook her head and looked apologetically at Kyle. Kuro headed over to Jak and timidly crouched into a playful position.


Tsukiko, the Absol, jumped and tackled him down. "Ab! Sol, ab!" Then she too turned to Jak and tilted her head. "Absol?"


...No comment, lol. :D
Kyle was rather enjoying himself as he watched his freind break down in front of him. "Well sadly, I can't just erase my mind. Besides, don't you have any other pokemon you can use? One that Jak doesn't have an advantage with?" However, the two of them were at it again. Man, I oughta just buy a whistle and striped shirt.

He then noticed her Mightyena sniffing at him. He started to reach down and pet her when her Houndoom practically bit him. He didn't catch anything, but it didn't seem like that thing would get along with him. He couldn't help but smile at the thing. He spoke breifly, but it wasn't something most people would understand. "I must admit, you remind me a whole lot of someone."

Jak glanced over at his trainer for a second, then turned back to Kuro. He was rather surprised as Tsukiko suddenly jumped Kuro. Mind explaining what's up with Tsukiko, and why your Houndoom is looking at Kyle with pure hate?

"I think I've got a good guess for our aggresive freind here. Is he and your Mightyena another one of your team's 'lovely couples'?" He was pretty sure he was poking a sleeping Ursaring with a stick, but he found it's agression towards him a tad amusing. Besides, if he could handle Oblivion, he could handle something like that.
Killian stopped bickering with Amaya and turned to answer. "No... I didn't want to catch anymore because then they'd have to go... To the PC!" Her eyes widened in horror, "And I have to be with all of them! So I decided not to catch more than six."

Amaya turned to Jak, Gouro is very aggressive and yes he and Saimia are... Mates. Quite close if you can't tell. Gouro even bit Killian but she snarled at him with a fury that even frightened me... And I'm used top her little tantrums. She's got a scar on her thigh and as much as she'd love to show it, it'd be a little strange.

Killian stuck out her tongue and grinned at Jak, "Tsukiko wants to play and Kuro wouldn't mind to have a little play fight... He's a predator and they 'fight' when they play... Jak, since you're are his friend he probably wants to play with you as well."

Amaya looked at Jak, sizing him up. Hmm... Maybe I could beat him. It's hard to tell if he's stronger than me because he had yet to evolve. And I know it's simply because he doesn't want to.

Killian punched the air, "I can beat him! I can! I can! I can!" She continued to chant and then she cried out in pain and held her forehead, "Owie.. Something bit my mark."

Amaya rolled her eyes, Maybe it's 'cuz you put that crap over it so no one would stare... And you said you'd never wear make up. The Lucario shook her head and the teen glared at her with murderous intents.

"It's not make-up! And I found out if I concealed the mark my fangs and claws would retract so shut up! I had to look normal-" Her nose scrunched up. "-or else those freaks would've found me." She shuddered. "The clowns."
Kyle was getting rather put off at her clown thing but the mark made it a little understandable. "Well, I'm pretty lucky then. Most of it gets covered by normal things, as for my eyes." He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small contact lens case. "Simple color change." Kyle's eyes were indeed their regular blue, not the firey color they were supposed to have become.

He then looked at Tsukiko and Kuro. "Anyway, let's save the fighting for the actual matches." He then stopped for a moment to think. "In fact, your arguing is driving me nuts. SO, as a nuetral party for the two of you, I'm placing a ban." He pointed at Killian. "You need to top talking about stupid clowns," He then moved to point at Amaya. "and you need to stop saying things to get her ticked off." Great, now I'm the parent. he realized.

Well, it could be worse. Jak said. Kyle gave him a confused look. You could be stuck with them your whole life.

Yeah, then I'd never be able to hear myself think. He thought, shaking his head.
Killian blinked and then glared at him, "Fine!"


"Hey! He said-"

I didn't say anything.

The dark-haired teen narrowed her eyes at the Lucario and then slapped the Pokemon, surprising her. "You're rude!" Then she blinked and turned to Kyle, "Wait... You're not my dad... So I don't have to listen to you." It grew silent for a moment and then she grinned, "Oh well!"





Everyone looked expectantly at the Houndoom and he rolled his eyes and then growled at Kyle, barking some cruel commands and scooted Saimia a little farther away from the 'suspicious human male with a weird scent'... Earning a barking laugh from Killian.

Her grin grew almost cruel, "Don't worry, you can trust him. Else Akane would've killed him long ago... She was kinda like you at first..." She stared at her Houndoom quizzically, "Except she never fell in love... And she was smarter than you... Naito was really smart-"


"Yeah, I know you never met them! Get over it already! You don't have to meet everyone I know!" She crossed her arms and then after a couple seconds glomped the Houndoom, "I love you too, li'l bro."

Amaya sighed, Li'l bro, I'm sure that's something every Pokemon wants to be called by their trainers.

"Well then he'll be my Nii-chan!"

Older brother is ever worse.

Killian shrugged, "Oh well, I can call him what I want. It's a free country and ya'll are my family whether you like it or not." Gouro and Saimia stared at each other as did Tsukiko and Kuro... "Well.... In that situation you can be family through mates.... If that makes sense."

Amaya turned to Kyle, You seem to have more sense than my trainer... I have a question for you. Does any other trainer you know consider his or her Pokemon as family... In the same way as Killian? Or is she really just that strange?
Kyle sweatdropped when Killian defied him. Well, that didn't happen on the game.

Jak looked at him in surprise. You got that from a videogame?! And actually thought it would work!?!?!

"Well, everyone listened to him for a little while." Kyle said

He then turned to answer Amaya. "Well anyway, I have heard of a few trainers who call one of their pokemon little brother or something. Still, it was never the whole team, and even then, I don't think she means it in the same way as I've seen."

There's no denying that she's strange though. Jak said.

"Have to agree with you there." Kyle said nodding.

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Brendan had been dozing in the fields for about five hours; more than enough time for his pokémon to grow tired of training and nap alongside him. What Brendan woke up to was to be pretty much buried in his pokémon. He had to retreat most of them just to stand up. The only one who stayed out was Machop, who fell over due to leaning on Shiftry. Leaping back up in seconds was an automatic response. Machop saw Brendan slipping his backpack back on his shoulder and knew that it was time to move out. Machop scrambled up Brendan's back and perched itself on Brendan's shoulder.

"For a pokémon that's supposed to be stronger than the average human, you sure like lazing around on my shoulder." Brendan commented to his friend. Machop just grinned about the advantages of being a pokémon. Ignoring him, Brendan hopped over the fence and walked back to Slateport.

The city had changed a lot since he left it previously. Now it was crowded with at least thousands of people bustling around the museum, market, and docks. Brendan realized a large number of these weren't spectators, but participants in the tournament; many were also pretty young like he was. Brendan decided to check and see if the ship had arrived yet, taking along a shortcut that took him through the market. Suddenly, a small stall caught his eye. He stopped and looked at a collection of trinkets and stones on a table covered with purple velvet.

"Are you looking for something young man?" a voice spoke, startling Brendan. He looked up and saw a foreign man with a turban and white robes, being at the opposite end of the table told Brendan that this was the shop owner.

"I was browsing, what are these anyway?" Brendan asked,

"These are a collection of objects that my people from the deserts in the far west consider lucky." The man explained, then looked at Machop with interest. "I presume you're here for the tournament cruise everyone speaks of."

"That would be correct," Brendan answered,

"Seeing that your closest friend is this Machop here, I suggest you purchase this warrior stone." The man suggested, he picked out a brown stone from his collection, it about half an inch long and was polished until it shone like something more valuable than gold. It had a small hole in it that a small, leather thread was pushed through so it could be worn like a pendant. "This rare stone is found deep within the sandstone found in the deserts, it and the other stones have been valuable charms in battle, people say it gives strength to the corresponding pokémon that wears it, such as a fighting-type pokémon with a fighting stone like this one." The man explained, Brendan looked at Machop and saw that the fighting-type was quite interested in the stone.

"You know what, I need as much luck as I can get. How much?" Brendan asked, taking out a pouch in his bag that had the money Brendan took with him.

"Usually, this stone is worth 2000 runos, or 800 pokédollars. However, I'm willing to charge you 700 pokédollars for this one." The man offered. Brendan took out 800 pokédollars.

"I'll take it for what it's worth, that retains its value, right?" Brendan insisted, handing the money over. The man looked at Brendan and smiled

"You are an honorable trainer, unlike some of those that think pokémon are merely tools. I think you have the power to go far." He commented, Brendan nodded then left the stall.

"Here Machop." Brendan said, after snipping bits off the leather cord. "You should try wearing it." Brendan tied the ends of the cord then passed it to Machop. He put the cord around his neck and studied the stone. "Superstition or not, that looks pretty good on you." Brendan commented,

"Mach" the humanoid answered. Brendan and Machop then continued down through the crowds to the docks.
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Killian grinned broadly, "Bye! I'm gonna test out these wimps!" She took off and then in a second realized she was missing something... Her Pokemon. She blinked and looked over and then yelled, "Come on everyone! We've got some battling to do!"

Amaya rolled her eyes and went over to where her trainer was. Weirdo, can't stay still for very long... Always moving... Why don't you battle them yourself? You've got powers.

"Oh my God! That's an amazing idea! I'll do it! Bwahahaha!" She pulled out a water bottle and got ready to pour it over her mark-

Don't. Remember last time you tried to battle that Pikachu? The Lucario crossed her arms and then chuckled when Killian paused, paled, and put up the water bottle.

"Yeah... You're right." Her other Pokemon, the ones who didn't argue with her twenty-four-seven, crowded around her and she looked for a victim... "Found one." She grinned and her focus stopped on a brown haired girl with violet eyes and a strange outfit.

The girl wore a short, white skirt with violet trimmings, a white shirt that didn't cover her stomach, a violet cape, and violet high heels... Killian decided this girl was strange. The cape was kinda cool though, it was attached at the back of her neck and on her wrists but still Killian couldn't help but wonder what kind of Pokemon she had.

The only Pokemon the girl had out was a powerful-looking Espeon, before Killian could utter a word the girl looked up and grinned broadly. "Why, hello? Would you like to play with my lovelies? My name is Violette and I love my lovely Pokemon!" Killian stared at her for a moment...

"How old are you?" Amaya stared at her trainer.

You're not thinking she's strange now, are you? That's hypocritical because you're at least ten times weirder. Killian shot the blue-eyed Lucario a glare and then turned back to the girl.

"Seventeen, you? Also, what's your name?" The girl's smile didn't change, "Are they all you're Pokemon? I would keep my lovelies out but I don't want my babies' feelings to be hurt... They are very sensitive, you see." Violette rambled on a little more about her Pokemon and then she blinked, "You never answered any of my questions.

"O...Kay... Well, I'm thirteen and my name's Killian. And yes, these are all of my Pokemon." She motioned to the array of black, blue, and/or dog-like Pokemon around her. "Do you want to battle?" The brunette across from her suddenly got a smile that could match the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

"Why, of course!" She cried. "Choose you're Pokemon. Three on three, what do you say?" Killian nodded and looked over at Amaya.

Of course I'll battle! The Lucario stepped forward and Killian waited for Violette to pick a Pokemon. She was shocked when she saw the Pokemon of choice.

"Go Ember!" She tossed a violet Pokeball into the air and Killian gasped when a purple Ninetails beamed out of the ball. "Isn't she precious? I was very, very worried when the Vulpix I got was gold instead of purple but when she transformed she was just the right color! Her friend, Kiara, my beloved Rapidash was also a worry... But she's pale purple as well!"

Killian simply stared at the girlish trainer in shock. Amaya, can you dye a Pokemon purple? Or is it something else, 'cuz this is just a little weird... And even I'm not so obsessed I dye my Pokemon!

No, it's just shiny. Obviously, her Rapidash is shiny as well. Amaya sighed, Great... A fire type... Something every Lucario loves to fight. Killian glared at her Pokemon but chose to ignore the sarcasm.

"Flamethrower!" Before either Killian or Amaya could react, a jet of powerful, red flames shot out of the purple Ninetails and enveloped Amaya for a couple seconds... But it greatly damaged the Lucario and she cried out in pain... A scary, human-like shriek that sounded slightly a howl.

"Hurry! Amaya use Stone Edge!" The Lucario, though in pain, used the powerful rock attack and it was now the Ninetails's turn to shriek in pain. "That was great Amaya!" After the dust cleared Killian saw the Ninetails stand and glare reproachfully at Amaya... "Crap."

The trainer also looked angry, "Okay! Ember use Psychic!" The Ninetails's eyes glowed and then Amaya shrieked in pain and to Killian's surprise... Fainted.

"..." She was silent for a minute, shocked... And then furious. "It's okay Amaya, you tried!" She glared at the Ninetails, "You wanna fight Gouro?"

"Doom!" He snarled and jumped into the battle, then without Killian's 'command' he sent a Shadow Ball at the Ninetails. "Hound! Ound doom!" He snarled and the Ninetails struggled to stay up. "Doom!" He roared and the Ninetails fainted.

Killian blinked, "Okay... Sure, I'll go with that." Gouro replied with a triumphant howl which was soon stopped when she let out her next Pokemon.

"Go Rain!" The name was enough of a warning for Killian... Water Type. This girl really wasn't that original when it came to nicknames. Instead of a normal Vaporeon, a purple Vaporeon came out.

"Va va, poooooooooreon!" Killian wondered just how many purple Pokemon her opponent had and was shocked when the Vaporeon let out a strong Hydro Pump and defeated Gouro with one blow... That did not just happen. She looked in disbelief at the grinning trainer and narrowed her eyes. Veeeengeeeeeaaaaance.

Before she could call out Kuro, a very angry Saimia ran forward. "Might might mi ight ena yen yena mi yena!" She barked out furiously and then snarled some more, angry that her mate had been hurt. Is it me or are my friends taking over... She shrugged, Oh well, they are the ones fighting. Saimia's fangs sparked with electricity and she bit down angrily on the Vaporeon, who let out a wail of pain.

"Rain! Are you okay?" Before Killian could speak she realized the Vaporeon couldn't move. That Vaporeon is paralyzed! Once again Saimia bit down with electrical fangs and the Vaporeon cried out. "Hurry sweety! Use Quick Attack!" Since the purple Pokemon was paralyzed it was slowed down and Saimia easily dodged.

"Yena!" She barked, "Mighty mighyen ena!" She growled and then lunged, this time only using a tackle to defeat the weakened and paralyzed Vaporeon. Violette seemed surprised that her Pokemon hadn't even damaged Saimia but returned her sadly.

"I guess it's time to use Claire." She muttered and brought out a Pokeball, "Go!" A purple Dragonair jumped out of the Pokeball and eyed her opponent with boredom. "Use Thunderbolt!" The Dragonair seemed to roll her eyes but used the attack... Saimia was hit and howled in pain.

"...Use Ice Fang." The Mightyena whirled around and bit down on the Dragonair with ice blue fangs. The Dragonair winced and then shook off Saimia. "Wow..." In a flash the Dragonair whirled around and used Dragonbreath causing Saimia to yowl out in surprise. "Crap!" She blinked when she saw Saimia clinging to the Dragonair weakly, using another Ice Fang.

The Dragonair shook her off again and when she hit the ground, it showed she had fainted... "Ha! I won!" The brunette cried happily and glomped her Dragonair. "What no-huh?" Her Dragonair sunk to the ground and fainted. "...I still won." She replied and put the Pokemon back into the ball. "Nice meeting you... Bye!"

Killian glared after the ground, "Maybe she wasn't a wimp... Oh well.... To the Pokecenter!" She picked up Saimia and stared at Gouro, Amaya had already woken up but she was still rather weak. "...I need help."


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BIC: Kyle had to admit, Killian was a bit unnerving this time around. But she'd sure make the trip interesting. He started to look around for someone else. Some of the trainers were passing the time by battling each other. He was beginning to wonder if the boat was ever going to even show up. He decided to lie down for a little while and take a nap. Maybe the boat would show up when he was awake.

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BIC: As the pokemon ranger helicopter dropped Allen off, he waved good bye to his fellow ranger friend Lance. The hellicopter rose to the sky in a colud of dust and slowly disappeared over the horizon. Allen took a deep breath of salty air, and took out his old Pokegear. Allen didn't have a Poketch or a Pokenav, he had the Pokegear, a reliable little gizmo onced used by trainers all throughout the Johto region. "Ahhh", Allen sighed, "finally, havent been to Slateport in a looong time". "I think I'll go over to the marketplace." As Allen walked further into the city, he began to see how many people there really were that were going on this cruise. He stopped and checked his watch again, he didn't have to be on the ship for a while, that's when he noticed, "Where is the ship?" A nearby officer overheard his exclamation and answered, sorry kid, it isn't here yet.

Somewhat taken back by this remark, Allen started to question this whole cruise competition in the first place. Who is organizing it? Why are there so many qualified trainers, isn't it exclusive? And where is the SHIP!!!

To relax, Allen decided that a battle was in order, but before he could ask someone, some random guy grabbed Allen by the arm and challenged him. Allen accepted and both of them made their way to an open stretch of sidewalk. The guy called out, "Hey everybody, check out my pro skills when I destroy this kid." Then with a long mope, Allen said, "Awww crap, not one of these." The opponent stared Allen down with an arrogant grin. "You go first", exclamed Allen, with a calm undertone. The poopnent sent out his first pokemon in a rush, "Go Graveler!" With joy in his expression, Allen sent out his Poliwhirl.

"Okay Graveler, use rock blast!" shouted the opponent. sure enough, the Graveler, let loose a barage of rock, "Poliwhirl use water gun on the ground!" Allen shouted back. Poliwhirl shot into the air and out of the way of the rocks. "Now use hypnosis Poliwhirl." With that, the Graveler was asleep and under Allen's mercey. "Use water gun." And again Poliwhirl released a torrent of water. The attack woke Graveler up, and the opponent retaliated, "Use rollout Graveler!" allen saw this as a chance to win, "Poliwhirl, use body slam." As the Graveler barreled down, Poliwhirl braced himself, then slammed the Graveler. The Graveler flew throug the air and into a water fountian.

The Graveler struggled in the 4 inches of water, gasping and thrashing about. The opponent returned him. Allen simply looked at the kid and mockingly said, "Wow, those were some REAL PRO SKILLS." Then Allen walked away with his Poliwhirl leaving the kid staring at the fountian.
(My turn!)

Brendan was most of the way through the town when he spotted a battle going on between a girl around his age and one slightly older with all purple pokémon; the Dragonair was appealing since this was a pokémon he used to have. The younger of two won closely. As the two left the scene, Brendan considered the battle a bit, it was likely that these two would become his opponents in the tournament soon enough. He was about to continue on his way when he was stopped in his tracks.

"Hello young sir, may I interest you in a one-on-one battle?" a voice with a delicate English accent requested, Brendan turned around to see a boy about eighteen holding a pokéball with a seal capsule on it. He was fair-haired and dressed in a formal suit with bowtie.

"Sure, why not? I should warm up a bit." Brendan answered, the two of them moved over to the battling ring and stood on either side, Machop stood back a bit, prepared should Brendan choose to use him for this battle. Brendan's opponent threw the pokéball he was holding,

"I choose Pidgeot!" the boy announced, retaining his accent. In a flurry of feathers and colored smoke, the bird pokémon appeared, but this wasn't in its usual colors. This one was a bright yellow color with orange head and tail feathers. This was clearly another shiny. 'Does everybody have one these days?' Brendan thought. Ignoring this surprise event, Brendan took out a pokéball.

"Let's go! Fearow!" Brendan called, throwing it like a discus. It opened up to show the brown, long-beaked bird.

"Let's make this quick and painless, like the show my sister pulled." The boy commented. 'So they're related? This means shinnies run in the family' Brendan thought, nearly taking his mind off the battle. "Pidgeot! Use Wing Attack!" the boy ordered, the bird began to fly for Fearow with wings extended.

"Fearow, strike with Drill Peck!" Brendan instructed, Fearow let out a call, and then began flying towards Pidgeot in similar fashion, except he began rotating as he approached his target. The two birds jousted several times in this fashion; both exchanging blows one after the other.

"This joust has gone on long enough, Pidgeot use Whirlwind!" the boy called, Pidgeot shrieked, then flapped its wings and a swirling vortex of wind formed, picking up light objects from the streets. Pidgeot then threw the winds at Fearow, smothering the bird in these objects. Dust that also collected in the whirlwind made Fearow fade from view. When the winds came to a halt, the dust stopped and began to settle. Nothing moved for ten seconds. Pidgeot let down its guard, thinking that it over. That was what Brendan was waiting for.

"Fearow! Aerial Ace! Go!" Brendan shouted. From the falling dust, came a shadow that burst into a Fearow moving at incredible speed with wings glowing. Fearow moved straight until it was below Pidgeot, then swerved up and smashed into Pidgeot's belly. Fearow did a loop-the-loop, landed next to Brendan as Pidgeot fell, and crashed, knocking it out. Without saying anything, the boy returned his Pidgeot. He approached Brendan with observant eyes, and then extended his hand.

"I hope we can see each other again during the tournament." He said,

"Same goes to you, if we both make it through." Brendan replied, the boy then left without another word, retaining his posture. Brendan returned his Fearow and moved towards the pokémon center to heal what wounds needed to be healed.
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Kyle had been trying to take a nap. However, he was awoken by someone else battling near him. Rather, he heard one of the trainers yell about how he was going to win. Kyle looked up to see a Graveler and a Poliwhirl battling each other. The thing had a pretty humiliating defeat, being tossed in a fountain. He got up and walked over to the winner.

"Hey, that was a pretty good match back there. I'm guessing you're in the tournament too?" he asked. In retrospect, that was probably a pretty stupid question, but he wasn't good at starting conversations with someone he never met before.

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At the center, Brendan quickly healed up his Fearow and took a seat in the corner, eyeing the ocean for the ship. Five minutes later, the girl who battled earlier healed her pokémon and sat down close by. Her Lucario sat next to her; the two looked at each other as if they were talking to each other. Knowing that Lucario is capable of talking with humans using a special form of telepathy. After two minutes, Brendan decided to start a conversation.

"I saw that battle you pulled off earlier. I must say you might be a challenge in the tournament." Brendan started, unsure of how this girl or her Lucario would take to him.

(short, I know. But interaction posts tends to be like that)
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"Yeah I'm in the tournament, I guess that was an OK match, but I'm just itching to go all out", Allen remarked. "I'm Allen by the way", Allen stretched out his hand to shake, but then Allen heard his gut groan, "Wurrp". "Uhh, need food, sorry kid, I'll see ya later."

Allen and his Poliwhirl went into the pokemon center, he went up to nurse joy and asked, "Can you please heal my pokemon for me?" "Sure, but it will be a minute, there are a lot of trainers in need of help right now." she said. "Take your time," he said. "Poliwhirl, I'll be bach in a jiffy." Dashing outside, Allen ran to the noodle vender in the marketplace." One noodle bowl please," said Allen in a hurry. when allen got his noodles, he didn't care how hot they were, so he slurped them all at once. Bad mistake.

"WATER! I NEED WATER!" He saw a kid and his Squirtle. "Hey kid! Tell your'e Squirtle to spray me with water gun!" "But mister" replied the kid, "wouldn't that kinda hurt?" "I don't care, just give me water!" The kid obeyed, and the Squirtle soon knocked Allen over with the rush of water. Sprawled out on the pavement, Allen let out a deep sigh of relief, "Ahhhh, that's better...." Soaking wet, Allen returned to the pokemon center and picked up Poliwhirl. knowing the ship would probably be arriving soon, he wandered back to the crowded docks where the trainers were all waiting.

Time for... randomness. :D

Killian blinked and then jumped up, "That girl was good but she was too purple! But I don't mind, purple's an okay color... Now pink... Oh my God the horror! That color should be banned for evilness!" She twitched and then grinned, "You bet I'll be a challenge, me and my friends will beat anyone in our way... Well... We'll try to beat 'em anyway..."

Amaya snorted, What do you mean we? We, your Pokemon, do all of the work... All of it!

Killian turned and glared at her Lucario, "Oh yeah, well I could battle if I wanted to! I just don't want to freak anyone out because I'm nice! I mean, fangs and claws can be scary." She turned to her Luxray, who was watching the boy curiously. "Oh yeah... I'm Killian by the way, who are you?"


X-X My mom is baking cookies and it's making me hungry.
(tries to get a flight to Killian's house for cookies XD)

Brendan tried hard not to laugh; he was finding it difficult to tell whether she was talking to him or her Lucario.

"I'm Brendan, and I can say that in a fight, I don't usually hesitate to give it all I have." Brendan answered,

"Machop" was the introduction Machop gave as he approached and began speaking with Killian's pokémon.

"And yeah, some people need to learn how to have a diversity. And good thing for you that I don't have any pink pokémon" Brendan commented on her color ramble, "Anyway, are you one of those trainers that travel often? Anything that goes to show your talent?" Brendan asked, taking out his large badge case to show what he meant.
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I just ate them. :p

She blinked and then looked at the sky, "Thank God, I'd have to be reminded of... Them." She shuddered.

Get over it, that was two months ago.

Killian glared at her Lucario... Again. "Yeah and guess where you were? You were all the way in Sunnyshore City having the time of your life and I was being tortured to death by clowns and pink and cages! So you'd better just shut up!"

Amaya rolled her eyes and turned to Brendan, You hear her? She's absolutely insane, I suggest you run away before it rubs off on you.

"Hey, I heard that!"

Good, you were supposed to.


Lol, because Amaya is a Lucario when she speaks telepathically it projects all around her but sometimes she stays silent and doesn't look like she's even thinking to make Killian look crazy. Isn't she just the Pokemon you would want? X-X
With a stomach full of food, and healed up pokemon, Allen decided to take a load off, he wandered over to a small patch of grass and sent out all his pokemon. "Okay everyone, we probably have some big battles ahead of us so take a rest." Resting his head on his backpack, Allen slowly drifted off to sleep.

"Hey, where am I?" Allen yelled, he was in a forest somewhere surrounded by dark shadowed trees. "Wuh, what is that!" A looming figure approached him, its stance was strange and angled. As it came closer, Allen slowly realized what it was, "Oh crap! It's a Drowzee!" At that moment, Allen's Poliwhirl blasted him with water gun. "Ahhh, who, what, where, ohh... I was having another bad dream wasn't I?' Allen's poliwhirl nodded his head. Allen simply said, "You know how Drowzees scare me." Once again, Allen was soaking wet.
After the guy left, Kyle was thinking of trying to take a nap again. However, he heard a sound he thought he'd never hear. A foghorn. He turned around to see a ship the size of a coliseum pulling into the harbor. "Woah."

The boat honestly looked a bit strange. While the bottom made it seem like a regular boat, what was on the deck made one have second thoughts. The were a bunch of floors set up on the deck. They got smaller as they went up, making the ship look like it was carrying a pyramid. Looking over at the actual port, he saw a group of people, dressed similar to the woman who'd given him the tickets. All the trainers were starting to head over.

Well it's about time! Jak said.

"Come on. Let's hurry." As Kyle was about to take off, he suddenly heard music. He turned to see a brown-haired kid next to him with headphones in his ears. Since he could hear it from a distance of five feet, it probably wasn't set to a safe volume. He tried to ignore the guy, and went to one of the lines that were forming.

Much to his surprise, the person at the line was the same woman who had given him his tickets. She smiled when she saw him. "Glad to see you made it, Kyle of-"

"Don't." He said, the anger again quite obvious. She gave him an annoyed look.

"Is that place the one thing that ticks you off?" she asked him.

"Guess so." he said, a bit more calmed down. She sighed then gave him a strange card. It had his name, a picture, and a black line. It looked sort of like a credit card. "What's this for?"

"You'll find out soon." she said, a rather mischevious smile on her face. Kyle simply shrugged then went onto the ship.
Before anyone had time to react, a foghorn blew. Killian jumped up, grabbed the Pokemon closest to her(Mitsuki) and shot off toward the docks. She yelled back, "Nice meeting you, I'll see ya' later!" She scurried up onto the ship, laughing maniacally.

Amaya had to run full speed to catch up with her insane trainer, Could you run any faster!? Stupid, you're human! You're not supposed to be so fast! Killian grinned.

"Because I overpower logic! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!" She collasped on the ship and when one boy stepped on her she screeched loudly and growled, "What it wimp! I'll get you!" He let out a girly shriek and ran away from the ship. She stared at him and sweatdropped, "...Yeah..." Then she threw her arms into the air and yelled as loud as she could. "I LOVE THE OCEAN!!"
"Ahhhhh, finally!" The ship had pulled up and Allen was racing to the boarding dock. He stumbled into the admission line, the attendant asked for Allen's invitation. But when he reached for it in his pocket, he discovered something bad, the two times he got wet melted the paper in his pocket. Thus, his cruise was over before it started.

But just as he began to walk away, he remembered something. he went to the attendant and said, "Would this get me on the ship, my name would be on the list wouldn't it?" He handed her his pokémon ranger card, she checked her list. "Ahh yes, everything checks out, here you go" She handed Allen his ranger card and another ID card of some sort.

Happy to finally be on the ship, Allen took a look around until he found the snack bar. "Do you have pokémon food?" Allen asked. "Of course," said the cashier. allen ordered some food for his pokémon and sat down at the nearest table. Poliwhirl munched on an oran berry, while Pidgey had some mixed food. Allen then leaned his head back and started to drift off once again. He was good at falling asleep. This place was nice and bright, the trees were green and lush, it was very familiar to Allen. It was his front yard at home. Allen looked up and saw a Pidgey up in a tree. The Pidgey looked down at him, then swooped down and landed in front of Allen. The Pidgey looked at Allen with loving eyes. Then with its beak, tapped the pokeball in Allen's lap. The Pidgey was instantly snatched inside. Allen picked up the pokeball with two hands, it was big for a three year old. Then Allen remembered, this was when he first caught Pidgey.

"Huh" Allen woke up. Looking at the table, Pidgey was fast asleep, and Poliwhirl was pestering the cashier for more food. "Poliwhirl, stop that." Poliwhirl looked back and nodded his head saying okay. Allen returned poliwhirl and pidgey. Getting up Allen said, "Okay, time to scope out the competition."
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Brendan chuckled when the Lucario tried to get him to run away. Before he had a chance to reply, a foghorn blew. Brendan looked out the window and saw a huge ship cruising through the harbor. Had he not noticed it before? Brendan looked back and saw that he was on his own. Killian and her pokémon were already outside and Machop was at the doors. Brendan sighed, and followed on out. If there was one thing he learnt about trying to keep up with Machop when running, it was to take some interesting ways around obstacles. Brendan improvised by leapfrogging a person, bounding off a short light over a person, and sliding between two people. He eventually ended up as one of the first forty trainers to arrive. After waiting for two minutes, Brendan was at the front of the line, faced by a woman dressed similarly to the man that brought Brendan here.

"May I see your ticket?" the woman asked, Brendan reached into his pocket and pulled out his ticket. Handing it to her, she gave him a card with his name, a profile picture, and a black line.

"Is this a battle pass?" Brendan asked, since it reminded him of the passes used at the leagues.

"You will see" the woman answered, then ushered Brendan up the gangplank and on board the ship. The room that welcomed Brendan was a huge plaza where a dozen passengers were already on board. A fountain in the shape of a Blastoise stood in the center of it. numerous stalls in the walls of the plaza sold souviners and food just like the marketplace outside. The distinct thing about the plaza, apart from how little people were inside right now, was a large screen that hung from the ceiling. A large grid of question marks filled up the screen, and a few profile pictures had appeared on the screen so far; one of them being his own. Brendan looked at some of the other pictures when a question mark flipped over to show another profile picture for another face. Brendan looked behind him and saw that person step inside. Looking back at the screen, Brendan figured out that this screen was being used to show which participants of the tournament showed up. Looking around, he sat down on a bench to relax. Machop had secretly followed behind Brendan and made himself scarce to many of the other passengers up until now. Brendan stayed on the bench and watched the screen and tried to match faces on it to faces in the rapidly filling plaza.
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Kyle had to admit that the ship was rather impressive. When he went inside the ship's 'pyramid', he was spellbound all over again. The place was like a department store. Shortly after, he noticed some more guys in those suits come and form a line by one of the doors. He then saw a man in come in.

He was, kinda impressive. The suit he wore must have cost, like 8 million dollars. On the other hand, he looked 8 million years old as well. Still, that must have meant he made some kind of fortune when he was young. Wait a minute.

"Attention everyone!" he said. There must have been a mike on him because his voice echoed across the ship. "Now that everyone has gotten onboard, and all of you have had a moment to look around, we can start the tournamert." A few trainers gave him a confused look. The man got a crafty smile and clapped his hands. A loud rumbling was heard and as everyone looked up, a number of glass floors began to extend along the walkways.

Kyle looked up to see they had battlefield lines on them. "We will be starting off by everyone teaming up and having a two-on-two double battle." He said. "However, the ones who lose will not be taken out of the tournament. In fact, the losers will be able to fight their way back into the tournament."

"Here are the matches for the double battles." One of the guys said. He then started reading off a list. Kyle listened as he called out various trainers who then headed for an elevator. He then heard his name. His eyes widened as his partner was named. "On Floor 9, Kyle Taylor and Killian vs.-"

Sadly, Kyle had reached the elevator too quickly. The door closed so he didn't hear who his opponents were. "Oh well, guess it doesn't matter." Kyle said.

Does it really matter? Jak asked. Come on, what are the odds that it's someone else you know?

"Good point." Kyle said. Just then, the elevator opened up.
Brendan became absorbed into examining the screen until all the question marks were gone and fully replaced to show the entire cast for the tournament. He looked down and saw how packed the plaza had become. He then passed the time by polishing his pokéballs until they reflected the light around them. He had just finished when the man began announcing the tag-team matches. Brendan suspected he was the organizer of the tournament and was also playing the host. Brendan watched as trainers left the plaza and disappeared into the elevators. The man was starting from the bottom and working his way up. He announced Killian and another trainer as tag-team partners, that was the only highlight he heard. Until he reached Floor 13

"On Floor 13, Brendan Savem and Allen!" the man started, Brendan was already weaving through the crowds until he reached the elevator. "Versus Paul Ganters and-" the man started to say, Brendan couldn't hear the rest because the elevator doors closed on him and he was on his way up. On the 13th floor, Brendan stepped out and the elevator immediately rushed back down to pick up Brendan's tag-team partner. The entire room was made of glass, providing a view of the ocean and Slateport, along with a birds-eye view of the trainers below him standing ready to battle. If one of them looked up, that person would be looking at Brendan's feet. This made him feel quite sorry for those that wore dresses and skirts. The room he was in was currently empty except from a referee and a camera. The lines of the battlefield were hard to see on the clear surface. The room was probably the size of a small baseball pitch, and was nearly seven times taller than he was, providing space for large flying pokémon. Brendan heard a noise behind him, he turned around to see the elevator back on the floor: with his partner in the doors.
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Killian heard her name and jumped, "Did someone say my name?" Amaya looked at her oddly and then shook her head. "What? Was it important?" For the last ten minutes Killian had been running all over the deck and jumping around with excitement. She glared at her Lucario, "Sorry! Can you tell me?"

Yes. Go to floor nine and meet Kyle. You are in a double battle against some dude and that violet girl.

Killian grinned broadly, "All right! Let's ba-attle!" She took off to the elevator and Amaya shook her head. "Come on everyone! We have to go.... Now!" Her Pokemon followed her, each one with their own reactions.

Gouro was growling at every trainer in sight... And every Pokemon while Saimia scampered after her, excited for a battle but she also seemed a bit angry at the violet-haired trainer she knew she would fight. Kuro bowed his head and followed her shyly... While Tsukiko ran ahead of her and looked back. Mitsuki and Amaya just followed at their own pace, slightly annoyed.

Killian laughed and they all crowded into the elevator, pushing a few other trainers out... Including a wierd, brown-haired boy listening to music. "Sorry dude, but I never put them up!" She winked and the door closed.

Amaya sighed, You probably just earned yourself a few enemies on this cruise.

Killian laughed, "I don't care... Do you want me to put you in a ball." The Lucario shook her head and Killian grinned, "Didn't think so." She earned quite a few glares in the elevator and when she got out they all looked relieved. She took a step out and blinked. She looked around for a bit and saw Kyle get out of another elevator. "Hi!"
OOC: This part of the story happens so it matches up with the end of last post from Brendan Savem. it is short, but I feel it is necessary.

BIC: As Allen stepped out to the snack bar, his thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice. He couldn't understand everything he heard, but he was sure that the voice said he was to battle on floor 13. "Ugh",Allen sighed, "a battle already." Allen wandered over to one of the ships evevaders and pressed the glowing call button. The elevader arrived momentarily, and Allen stepped in. The doors shut with a groan and the elevader slowly made its ascent.

At about the 8th floor, the elevader stopped with and abrupt screech. "Noooooo!" Allen yelled. Allen started jumping up and down to try to restart the elevader, but with no luck. "Wait", he said, "go Magnemite." Allen's Magnemite burst out of the pokeball. "Magnemite, use thundershock on the control panel, enough energy should override the system and cause it to restart." Magnemite did so, and with a quick flash and a clunk, the elevader was moving back up again. As the 13th floor approached, Allen was excited to meet his battle partner. So as the doors slid open, he stepped into the battle stage with confidence and a grin.
Kyle turned to see Kilian come up next to him. "Hey Killian, glad to see you again so soon." he said.

So Kyle, who do you plan on using first? Jak asked. Both his tone and the look on his face made it quite clear that he wanted to go first.

"Alright, you can battle." Kyle said, shaking his head. He and Killian were seeming to have more and more in common all the time.

Suddenly, he started hearing music again. He looked around and saw the headphone guy walking up to the other end of the field next to their other opponent. The other trainer was a girl who was covered with purple. She seemed rather confident, as well as staring at Killian. He then noticed how she had a skirt on and, blushing slightly, looked through the floor to make sure no one was looking upwards.

Trying to focus, he called over to the boy with the headphones. Rather, he yelled it since he probably had the music set to maximum. "You may want to take those out now, don't you think?!"

He took out his player and pressed something and the music stopped. "You don't need to yell. I can hear you just fine with these on." he said, pulling one out. He looked at Kyle like he'd just said the dumbest thing in the world. "Name's Max. Good luck in the match."

"Okay then. Good luck to you, too." Kyle said, glad to see the guy had some respect and a sense of sportsmanship.

"Why? You're the one who's gonna need it." he said back. So much for respect and sportsmanship. He then turned to look at Killian. "Well, if it is't BB."

"BB?" Kyle looked at his friend in confusion.

" 'Black Bullet'." He said with a smile. "When I was going to the elevator, some girl came outa nowhere and shoved me on her way over. She hit like a bullet, and all I saw was a black blur." He seemed to think it was pretty funny.

Okay, this guy's getting really annoying. Let's get the battle started so we can waste him. Jak said, growing impatient.

Calm down, would ya? No one else has even sent out there pokemon yet.
"You must be Allen. I'm Brendan, but I think you knew that already." Brendan introduced, Machop tugged on Brendan's pants and pointed across the stage. Brendan looked and saw one of the challengers; a man probably in his twenties, he had a burly body and hair that pointed straight up and was cut like a knife was thrown through it. Brendan looked at the face and suddenly knew that he had seen it once before, that was in the Hoenn league, he was probably one of the challengers that lost in the first or second round. Brendan was beginning to wish he had watched some of the earlier replays of the matches when he had the chance. He gripped a pokéball as if it was a rock he was trying to crush, ready to toss it and throw out whatever was inside.

(I would have made it longer, but I think SilverScizor should select the other opponent first, and sirarronjunior, I'm not sure whether each trainer uses one or two pokemon each)
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Allen reached out his hand to shake with Brendan, but he was looking over to the other side of the field, transfixed on the opponent, so Allen let it go. Then, the elevader door opened once more, and a tall lean man stepped out. The man was wearing a tan suit and had greased up hair. Allen didn't know this man, but he had shifty eyes and was smoking a sigar. When the match official arrived he exclaimed, "Excuse me sir, there is no smoking on this ship." The man was annoyed by this, and stamped his sigar into the floor. The man seemed impatient already, as if he had somewhere more important to be. But having to stamp out his sigar sent him over the edge. "Can we get this match started already!" "Yes," said the official, "we just need to wait for them to announce the start of the matches.

Waiting for the match to start, Allen got his items ready. He currently had 2 super potions, an awakening, and an antidote. He had left most of his supplies at home so he had to make do. The familiar voice came over the intercom again. "Now that all trainers are in their assigned battle stages, the matches may begin. All officials please check the trainers' ID cards. Thank you and good luck." The intercom clicked of, and the official in our stage shouted, "Okay, everyone let me see the ID cards we gave you to verify so we can get going."
Killian grinned, "Hello, dude with the headphones... But my friends come first." She motioned to her Pokemon and then jokingly added, "Except Amaya, she's annoying." The Lucario glared at her trainer and began talking to Mitsuki about how annoying the dark-haired girl was. "Kidding."

Amaya turned her back on Killian, Why don't you fight instead of me, I don't feel like battling. She smirked and thought she won...

And then Killian grinned and chirped, "All right! I have permission?" Amaya stared at her in disbelief before shaking her head. Then Killian turned to... Violette. Her grin shrunk but then grew again. "You're a good trainer, that was a pretty awesome battle."

Violette's grin mirrored Killian's, "It was, I even had to use my darling Claire and she's my second strongest... I just couldn't use Kitty against you with all your dark types."

"Yep! Me and my dark types sure do rule... I've taken on an Espeon I'm pretty sure is twenty times stronger than yours... And I didn't really battle her. Kyle and Amaya did." It had been some time since then and Killian hadn't even seen a majority of the battle since she had been.. Well, kidnapped.

"Oh really? Well then maybe Kyle will be a problem but you... You will loose." Killian twitched but shrugged. Violette turned to Kyle, "So what did you use to battle this powerful Espeon she's talking about." Killian burst into laughter for obvious reasons.


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