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Private/Closed The Shelter

"Permision to investigate area, 3204?" Rye asked throught his Walkie Talkie.

"Permission granted 2194." Said a voice back through the Walkie talkie.

Rye stepped out of his police car, branding a Pistol. He hoped he would never have to use it, but due to the increase of Illegal modification, and 'Poke Milling' lately, he had been forced to carry it for protection.

He walked down the darkened alley silently, in the rain. He heard a guttural growl come from a box behind him, and turned around startled. An Umbreon, with a tight chain collar strapped to its neck emerged from the shadows.

"It's ok lil' buddy..." Said Rye gently as he approached the creature, who relaucantly stopped growling, and scurried back into one of the cardboard boxes that were strewn across the alley.

Rye flipped over the box, to reveal another Umbreon, lying underneath a newspaper, both of them huddling for warmth.

Rye picked up his Walkie talkie and whispered into it, "3204, it's ok I have the situation under control. Do not send Dispatch, I repeat, Do not send back up."

He clipped the Walkie Talkie back to his vest, before squatting down to inspect the two Umbreon.

The Umbreon that had growled at him was male, and the other was a Female, who was Pregnant, and most likely his mate. Upon further inspection, it appeared that the two were malnourished, and had hypothermia, which he could tell due to all of the sneezing that they were doing.

"It's ok, I got you." He said gently, before picking the Female Umbreon up and setting her into the warm police car. Rye had placed blankets in the back of his car, becuase of such incidents that occurred frequently. She began to squeak nervously as he began to close the door, which he left open to make sure she knew he was grabbing her friend as well.

He wrapped up some blankets around her, before going back to grab the Male, who nipped at him a few times, before letting Rye pick him up.

"There you go guys, nice and warm." He said gently, before driving off towards the Pokemon Shelter.

He pulled up to the Shelter, and carried both inside.

"Hey guys I found another two, I need to know if they are alright." He said as he walked through the doors.

Nurse Joy almost passed out when she saw the two frail looking pokemon.

"Will do Officer Rye!" She said as she scuttled off down the hall to the Medical Offices.

Rye looked around the room at the other people, who sat, or looked at the Pokemon for adoption.
(You guys can be a person who is adopting, a pokemon, or a Nurse/Doctor, please ask to join.)
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Levy Inspected the two Umbreon as they passed her in the hallways. She walked down to the counter and looked at the Officer who brought the two pokemon in. "What is the condition of the two Umbreons?" She asked smiling, ready to record the injuries. As Nurse Joy's assistant, Levy had to know this information before she preforms the Diagnosis. Levy was also the head of the Adoption center, showing trainers their pokemon before they adopt it.
"Well i would guess that this is the female Umbreons first litter, due to her skittish behavior, and they both have hypothermia from the looks of it other than that there fine. I was gonna bring home later if you didn't mind. But I'm pretty sure that the male one is overly protective type so be careful." He said yawning.

The rain poured gently outside.
"Got it. Once the duo are fully healed, Rye, you will be their Legal caretaker." Levy reported. She gave a smile as she headed over to the adoption desk. "Thank you, those pokemon need it." She whispered to Rye as she passed by him. "Hello! I can help you with Adoption over here!" After a small talk, she went into the back room and found the Poochyena, who excitedly followed her and jumped up to greet his new caretaker. "Have fun!" Levy said, waving to the new duo.
"It's nothing." He whispered as he leaned back into the couch.


The Two Umbreon were clearly confused on what was going on, after bieng poked and prodded, they weren't super happy about there situation.

The male Umbreon hissed loudly as some of the Doctors Aproached them.

One of the Doctors called Levy, "Levy could you help us with this, they male one won't let us get near either of them."
"I'll be right back." Levy smiled to the person she was helping out. "Yes?" Levy asked. After the information was told, she walked back to the room where the Umbreon were being hospitalized. She closed the door, and was happy that no one was in the room with her. Levy carefully walked over to the Umbreon duo, and slowly got on their eye level. "Hey, buddy." She said quietly to the male Umbreon. "I'm just going to touch you, if it hurts, let me know." Levy slowly placed her hand on the Umbreon's head. The Umbreon watched her, but seemed wary of her every move. She eventually found where all of its Injuries were and how to treat them. For the head injuries, she would have to put numbing cream on because she did not want to risk putting any human objects on this Pokemon. "I'll be right back, don't worry." Levy walked over to the closet and pulled out her materials to treat the Pokemon. After she was done, Levy said that she would visit, but left the two Pokemon alone. while she was treating the Pokemon, she was bit, but she decided not to tell anyone for the sake of not being able to work. The blood started to smear across her hands so she grabbed a towel and sat down next to, Rye, the officer she helped out with earlier.
"Sorry, I'm not suppost to say my name at the Desk. Im Levy, assistant doctor and head of the adoption department." She said, still trying to stop the bleeding. "I'm like the travel doctor, if Pokemon or humans need immediate attention, they send me out there. Usually, when reports of abuse come in, I'm sent out." Levy shrugged. "I miss being out in the feild, but that also means that less people are abusing their Pokemon."
"Yeah, those guys look like they came straight out of a 'Poke Mill'. Anyways thanks for everything, and sorry for the trouble." he said gratefully.
"No big deal." Levy said. "The female will have to go home after the male, I've decided to let her have pups before sending her home. If we send her home to soon after being healed, she may push off her own babies birth, severely hurting herself." She said with a sad look on her face. "You can take the male home once he's healed or leave him here with his mate until she has given birth. But this is all assuming that she dosnt give birth before they are both healed." Levy reported.
"Yeah, I figured as much. My mom used to work here, so I have some knowledge about Pokemon anatomy, but I'll leave him here, since he would probably like to stay anyways." He said smiling a little.


The Male was lying on the cool lineoliuim floor watching water drip out if the Faucet head.

"Here, I promised I would visit, so, I'll be right back." Levy walked back to the Umbreon's room, and saw it looking at the water. She glanced at the still full water cup. "Here, this is more natural." Levy turned on the faucet, hoping that the Umbreon would recognize the water to be like a stream outside.
The female sat up slowly and walked over to the water source, and lapped gently. She wants as scared of humans, as the other Umbreon.

Reluctantly the Male padded over as well, and gave Levy a glance of gratitude, before taking a few sips.

The Female repayed Levy with a few squeaks of happiness, before settling down to go back to sleep, and the Male followed suite, and a few minutes later they were sound asleep, curled up cutely.
"Aww." Levy cooed. The center was closing so she went back to her room in the center and prepared for bed. She then did one last check on all of the Pokemon and fell asleep.
The Female woke up to the sounds of squeaking. She sat up groggily as her pups stumbled around squeaking as tumbled over eachother and onto the Male. He woke up to a tiny Eevee licking his nose.

The Female and Male let out a tiny sigh as the Pups clambered all over them.

There were 6 total, 3 Boys, 3 Girls. Eventually the Pups calmed down enough that they fell back asleep again.

There was one little pup that couldn't quite find his way back to the rest of the Group, so The Male picked it up by the Scruff of its neck, and gently lifted it over to the group, where it nestled into the pack of warm bodies.

The Female, and Male looked over at the door as it opened.
It's been a few days since the Umbreon's were rescued. Levy was up at the front desk, still assisting with adoptions. A voice sounded over the intercom "Rye Lancaster? Please come to the front desk to pick up your Pokemon." Levy walked back to prepare the family for their new home.
Rye walked into the building in his causal clothes, a hoodie, and some and some jeans. You wouldn't have even known he was a cop.

"Hi, how are the two? He asked unaware of the births.
"Eight... Wait! Eight?" He asked even more alarmed.

"They had Six pups?" He asked concerned.

"Isn't that like, super rare?" He asked confused. Last time he checked most pokemon had 2-3, 4 tops per litter, depending on pokemon at hand.
"Yeah, the female gave birth to six healthy pups." Levy reported. "You will need to take care of all of them untill the end of this month when they're old enough to leave if you need them to. I personally will be looking forward to the time if you decide to take care of the two, not eight. I think I like the really calm and smart one!" Levy smiled.
"Ok... Let me know if your intrested in one of the pups. Here's my address if you want to see them." He said smiling as he gave her a slip of paper.

The pack of Pups and Adults followed Rye to the car.
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"Sounds good." Levy said. "Levy McGarden? You are needed on a rescue mission." The intercom blared. "Oh! Feild work, what a pleasant surprise!" She hummed as she gathered her emergency medical supplies.
"Sure, I don't see why not." Levy said as she continued to pack. "The pups and the two Umbreon Both know the room better than your house, so go ahead and leave them here, to say goodbye to their old house." She slung her bag over her shoulders, and waited for Rye to return.
You guys are gonna stay here for a bit, k? He asked warmly. A few of the Pups squeaked in response, not knowing what it meant. The Male nodded, and so did the Female.

"Ok ready!" Said Rye as he stepped out to see Levy.
"Let's go!" She drove to the site, where she parked on the side of a road, and quietly ducked through the underbrush, revealing a small Riolu, with many scrapes and scratches. In particular there was a pretty deep gash on its leg. When she got close, the Pokemon released an aura sphere with its last bits of energy. "Ahh!" Levy wailed.
"Pfft. Yeah I'm fine." She stood up and brushed herslf off, but hen she immidietly crouched back down to help the Riolu. "It's ok buddy, I'm just here to help you." Levy spoke quietly and carefully, not wanting to startle the Pokemon. She carefully bandages the exhausted Pokemon and places it on a small bed of pillows near the back of her car. However, she hoped that Rye did not notice that she was using only her left arm, due to her right arm being completely motionless after she was attacked. "Here, you can drive, I need to soothe the poor guy." Levy said.
"Ok." Said Rye as he started up the car

"Don't you think that wound is oddly shaped, it looks sorta like a bullet?" He asked confused.

Zing, ping!

Rye felt the glass of his passenger window explode into a shower of deadly glass shards.

"Get down!" Yelled Rye as another gunshot barely missed them.
Levy jumped out of the back, Riolu in hand. Quickly, she rolled into the undergrowth.
"Hello?" Levy said to her phone. "I'm near Viridian forest and someone is attacking us with a gun. I have a Riolu and another person with me. Please send help." She ducked as the glass shattered from another window, scraping Levy as she protected Riolu.
The Gunman was a Teenager, no older than 17.

"You stole my Pokemon!" He screeched as he fired off more rounds of his gun.

Rye quickly pulled out his 50. Cal revolver, before shooting back blindly as he sought out cover.

'The Umbreon in the Box... Illegal Pokemilling... Selling of Rare pokemon...'

"That up you mistreated and abused, and forced to breed!" He up shouted as he fired of 2 more rounds.
Rye Eventually ran out of bullets, and charged the Teenager.

He tackled him to the ground and handcuffed him.

Apart from and few cuts and bruises, he was fine.

"Let's get out of here!" He said quickly grabbing her arm.
"Aah!" Levy let out a small squeal escape from her, Rye grabbed her right arm. She gave a small squeeze to the Riolu, and then set it down as she checked out her aching right arm.
"Sorry..." he murmured quietly as he inspected her arm, which was turning a dark purple color, most likely a bruise.

He tried starting the car, but the Battery was fried from a bullet entry hole.

"Crap..." He whispered quietly.

"It's ok, at least the Police will be here soon to pick up that punk." He said smiling as he helped her up.


Both of the Umbreon were asleep in the room, while most of the pups were snuggled up against them, One of them was wandering about the room. The door was left open a crack, and the little Eevee pup squeezed through the tiny opening in the door frame.

The Pup walked around until he found the somewhat empty adoption lobby, except for a Teenage girl, who sat there, fidgeting with a small silver chain, which looked like a necklace of sorts.

The Pup looked at her and squeaked cutely while stumbling over, almost falling over halfway.

The girl walked over and scooped up the tiny pokemon, who sat comfortably inside her hands.

The Pup yawned once before curling up into a furry little ball and falling asleep, As the girl cradled him gently.
"Thank you." Levy stood up and inspected the Riolu, who was either asleep or passed out after the drama. "Oh, the poor guy." She rushed over to the back of the car to grab her emergency supplies. "If this Riolu was attacked by that guy and was shot, I need to remove the bullet. This is a prime opportunity, since he's asleep." Quickly levy got to work, hoping that the police would come soon so she can get real care for the injured Pokemon.

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