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"Move it, goatt!"

Haru stumbled forward when a spear was jabbed into his back. Chains held his arms tied behind his back, rattling as he walked forward. A metal collar was clamped around his throat, and a chain connected to it. The one holding it yanked it, causing him to nearly fall flat on his face. Laughter from his captors rang in his ears, and he folded them back.

The ground beneath his hooves was warm to the touch, in some places, it burned. Nothing less than to be expected in Fernis' domain. Sunlight blinded him as he was taken from the darkness he'd been trapped in for who knew how long. He had lost track of the days he'd been imprisoned. The dungeon cells were deep underground, with no light to bless those trapped within the stone walls.

He was led up a platform with a wooden square that had a whole in the center. The buck was shoved forward, made to stand in front of it, facing a crowd that had been made to gather to watch his execution.

"Before you all, is the last of its kind!" Fernis' voice boomed. "All others have been hunted down, and placed on the chopping block."

Along with other innocent species, Haru thought bitterly, but didn't dare speak up.

"Before you, stands a traitor to our glorious land, and the faith and protection we Gods have spent tireless hours and years for you all. As such, this beast must be dealt with, so it can't poison your minds with its lies and slander. But, fear not! With this last monster dealt with, you won't have to fear any longer!"

The goatt was shoved onto the chopping block, his fearful blue eyes looking into the mass of other folks. Haru shut his eyes, and for a brief moment, there was a sharp pain, then there was nothing else.

"Re-joyous, my brothers, sisters, and all in between! The last beast is dead!"

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Previously Night's Shadow
It was hot. Quite hot, in fact; far hotter than KT was used to, as though she were swimming toward a mag-crack, where hot air would escape and bubble up, heating the water around it. But that was fine, she supposed. It was just how the surface was sometimes. KT kept a thin film of water over her skin to combat the heat, and continued towards the square.

A crowd was up ahead — a huge one, like an entire school of minnows, as though the whole town had gathered. KT wondered curiously what had brought them all here, but as she slipped through the throng of people (making a sharp-toothed grin at anyone who cast a dirty look her way), the answer soon made itself apparent to her. A young goatt was being jerked forward on a chain, while Fernis himself proclaimed him the last of his kind.

KT winced imperceptibly. She could pick up on laughter — not joyous laughter, but that of the unkind, jeering variety — beginning with the guards on the platform with the goatt, then rippling mutedly through a few members of the audience. KT knew that laughter, had been quite familiar with it throughout her last three or four years of wandering, and now found herself feeling both sympathetic and ashamed.

The goatt was scared, it was plain to see; he looked nothing like the monster he supposedly was, an old thought that had turned misgivings to borderline heresy to her own God. KT slowly forced her fists to unclench, keeping her face very carefully impassive as she remembered where she was. But the thoughts remained. Next time, I can’t wait for the decision to be black and white. This is where doing nothing got you, KT.

The Orka forced herself to watch as the blade came down.


Previously Deathstalker62
Darkness washed over his view, a blurred layer of haze over his eyes as he opened them. Where was he? What did he do last night? And most of all.. why had his head felt like it was ready to explode? Rodney felt his back ache, his head pulsated with pain, and his arms and legs hung down from wherever and whatever he was lying on. The numb feeling of his limbs started to fade as he begun moving them, causing him to promptly slide off of whatever he was lying down on and fall face-first onto the ground.

There he lied for a few before struggling to get up, bending his knees slowly and grabbing the nearest thing he could hold on to for support. As his vision adjusted and normalized, he found himself in a vandalised, destroyed tavern. Some blood was spread here and there, evident that he had gotten himself in the middle of a bar fight.

Did he participate? Probably, but he's already forgotten all about it. Different species were lying all around the bar in different locations, unclear if they were knocked out, hung over or straight-up dead. Well, in any case, the stench of alcohol and iron did not mix well together, so while Rodney could bare it, he didn't want to particularly stick around. Especially if any authority figures could come walking in at any moment and assume him as the perpetrator (even though he most likely was), which was something he was not looking forward to.

Exiting the Tavern, Rodney found himself at a lonely crossing a fair few ways away from the nearest bounds of civilization. Well, a little hike never hurt anyone, right? So long as that hike didn't have one running into trouble, at least.. So, Rodney made his way down a random path, taking in the fresh air while his mind slowly gathered itself more and more.

Eventually, he stopped on the spot to look up, hearing murmurs and laughter around him. There was a crowd gathered in front of him, another voice shouting off words the half-awake Ratt could just barely hear from his still-warped and numbed senses. Doing what Ratts do best, Rodney went under in the crowd, making his way past people and moving up to the front, his smoking pipe already in his left hand, smoke emitting from it. What he saw made him pause, almost drop his pipe, then realise this and immediately clutch the thing tighter.

It was a Goatt, the proclaimed last survivor of his kind, ready to be executed mercilessly by one of these so-called 'Gods'. Though at this point, Rodney couldn't even think of this guy as any sort of God. At this point, he saw this thing as more of a butcher by how proud he appears to be having slaughtered so many creatures. Utterly disgusting, some people just deserve no such power to their name, as was evident right now.

" 'tis a shame this, it is. Gonna need me a puff for this, bloody hell.. "

Rodney muttered under his breath, too quiet for those around him to hear. He raised his smoking pipe to his mouth, taking a sharp inhale before lowering it again and exhaling the smoke after some moments spent in his system, breathing it into the air. Were it up to him, he'd at least try to give the goatt one little smoke to make this whole process easier... though to be fair, once that cleaver cut his head off as if it were lifestock, he'd not need a puff to relax his nerves. Corpses don't tend to get stressed out. So, Rodney kept quiet and watched as the blade went in motion, hoping his herbs would kick in sooner than his anger would make him snap his pipe in two.
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Haru's mind was fuzzy when he opened his eyes. He was left staring up at the dark void. Confusion crossed his face as he rose to his hooves. Torches lit up the surrounding area, lighting a single path in front of him. Seeing as how he had no choice, he marched forward. After what felt like forever of walking, he came face-to-face with a large, dark-furred feline. The panthar's crimson eyes stared down at him, and his dark blue ones gazed back, wide and fearful.

"Do not be afraid, little goatt. You are safe here."

"W-Who are you?"

"I am called many things, child. You might know me as the Dark God, Tenebris."

The goatt's fur bristled. He took a step back in fear. Another God? He grew to distrust them all since they ordered his kind to be slaughtered. He had to live his life in fear just because he existed. Just because he was born a caprine, the world was out to get him.

"You have no reason to fear me, goattling. I will not harm you. I cannot, for you are already dead."


What did he mean by that? How could he be standing before him if he was dead? The realization of what had happened came rushing back to him. The chains that curled around him like angry snakes, the sharp pokes and jabs from the spears the loyal followers of the Gods stabbed him with... Being led up the platform to stand in front of a large crowd... Some joined in with the laughter and mockery.... Others that looked neutral, and some with pity... and disgust. At himself or what was happening to him, he wasn't sure.

The rush of wind that came with the blade coming down on him when he was forced to kneel for his death. The brief pain, before he woke up in this strange place....

"Worry not, little goatt, for I can help you."

"How can you help me?" Haru asked, disbelief in his tone. "I'm dead!"

"True as that may be, I can grant you a second chance at life," Tenebris said.

"Why?" The goatt narrowed his eyes, distrust clear in his dark blue eyes. "Why would you want to help me? You're a Leadan! No better than the others! You let my kind be herded to the slaughter for years!"

"Silence!" the Dark God roared, and at once Haru lost his nerve. The goatt shrank back, cowering before the powerful being. "It was not I who did that, goattling. That was the other Gods' doing. I have suffered just as much as you have."

"... You have?" the caprine squeaked out. The feline nodded.

"The Leadans have trapped me here in this void, deep below the surface world. They feared me, and while they cannot kill me, they have imprisoned me. You know this well, do you not?"

Haru nodded, needing no words to speak for him. The God knew this as well, being able to see all that happened in the land. The panthar slithered out of the darkness, seeming to melt out of it as though he was one with it. He circled around the goatt as a predator would its prey. The buck followed the tom as he went around him, feeling dizzy after a bit.

"I saw it in your eyes when you snapped at me. You are angry. Bitter. Filled with rage and hatred for the Gods above. I will allow you to get your revenge. The Leadans thought they could stop you from meeting me, but they sent you right into my waiting hands," Tenebris purred. The crown on his head was plucked off, before it hovered in the air. "Take my crown, and with it, my powers. Find my other Heretics. They will explain everything to you. Strike down your enemies, make them fear us, and free me from my prison, so a new age can begin. We'll meet again soon, little one."

The dark crown with two crimson jewels- One at the top right, one left bottom came to rest on his head. The large diamond in the center opened to reveal a scarlet eye. Power surged through him, and the world went dark once more.

── ⋅ ⋅ ── ⛧ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──

The first thing that Haru noticed was the loudness in his ears. His body floated up off the ground, and demonic red light covered him from horns to hooves. When it faded, he landed back on the platform he'd been killed on. His fur was no longer messy and matted, having been unkpet for days on end. While still spiky, it was much neater in appearance. Gone were the ragged clothes he had been forced to wear, and the chains that held him captive. He now sported a red-and-gold cape, with a black collar under it. Atop his head rested the four-pronged dark gray, almost black looking, crown. The diamonds shone bright in the sunlight, and the single eye burned with power as it stared out into the still gathered crowd. A sword, dark as night with the crimson eye in the center, was in his right hand.

Deafening silence had befallen those around him. Dark blue eyes stared at them, opening his mouth to say something, but any word he wanted to say died in his throat the moment he tried to speak. Pain flared up in his neck, and he recoiled at the sudden harshness that bloomed. Eyes wide of shock, of fear, horror, disbelief... So many different emotions looked back at him.

Cries and screams came from all around him. Fernis snarled, ordering for him to be captured or killed once again. Screaming that the prophecy would not happen. Haru backed away, eyes wide as people headed toward him. The sword, that he hadn't realized before, felt warm in his grip, wanting to be used. He lashed out, striking his attacker that was closest to him with the weapon.

Any who dared come after him was met with his weapon. Blood splattered across the ground, on him, and those unfortunate enough to be too close. The goatt moved on autopilot, taking down any that tried to stop him. When he was finished, he panted for much-needed air, taking in what he had done. Cold fear gripped him as he saw injured and dead followers that Fernis wanted to get him. The God, himself, glared at him with one that spelled he was about to be burned alive where he stood.

The goatt spun around on his hoofs, and bolted, heading deep in the forests to hide, angry and feared shouts behind him.

Location: The Westlands of Fernis, Four Hours Before the Execution...​

Artemis stood at the edge of the lake, looking down past the waterfall. In one paw, she held her bow. In the other, an arrow. Her bow was a sturdy compound model that tapered off at the ends. Its color resembled burning branches. There was a ripple of movement. Artemis nocked her arrow, waiting for her prey to reveal itself. For several moments, the young Tigress heard nothing but the sound of wind and running water. Then suddenly...splash!

Artemis released the nocking point just as a large trout leapt out of the water. Her arrow hit the trout's belly and sent it tumbling down over the waterfall and back into the stream. This trout was followed by many more, five of which Artemis speared in the same manner of the first. When she was out of arrows, Artemis descended the hillside to retrieve her catch.
The first trout was by far the biggest. It had blue and red specks on its sides that reminded Artemis of flecks of paint. Its vacant eyes were pointed skyward, as if its last thoughts had been reaching the top of the waterfall. Artemis tossed the fish into her basket along with the others.

The path to Artemis's home was well worn. She had been coming to these woods ever since she was a cub. Her father taught her how to nock a bow when she was 10 years old. Since then, Artemis had become obsessed with the elegant weapon. She dropped her basket off at the house. Her brother, Paul, was still working in the forge. His forehead was sweating and his stripes looked about ready to fall off. Whatever he was hammering away at over there was clearly taking a lot of energy. She decided to check on him later. If there was one thing Artemis learned from growing up in a blacksmith family it was that the workshop was no place for distractions. She took the largest fish from the basket and slung her bow over her shoulder.

Artemis's neighbor, Kassandra, lived on the fringe of civilization. Her home housed a collection of plants, salves, and weird things in jars. Walking up the cobblestone path, Artemis felt a mix of dread and wonder. Everything about Kassandra's place was foreboding, from the creaking wood to the thorn covered weeds on the lawn. Yet, Kassandra's was a place of healing. Everything from splinters to war wounds was treated at Kassandra's place, and for reasons Artemis could not fathom, she had been selected to be Kassandra's assistant at the tender age of 14.

Artemis still recalled that evening. There was a terrible hurricane that swept through the valley. Artemis's house shook like a leaf ready to fall off a tree. She was huddled next to her siblings on the rug when two figures bursted through the door. One was a male Boarr wrapped in a blanket and the other was a female Lionn. The Lionn was unlike anyone Artemis had seen before. She wore a white suit, something like a cross between pajamas and a clerical outfit. Her eyes were like cold steel on sunlit morning. Her fur was drenched but, unlike the Boarr, she wasn't shivering.

"A house collapsed," she said. "This one's family is inside."

Next thing Artemis knew, she and her family were sifted through piles of wood, trying to get to the pigs trapped underneath. They managed to recover the Boarr's family who were thankfully all alive. The Boarr shook the paw of Artemis's father and blubbered about how grateful he was while his wife pulled Kassandra aside. The lionness's face darkened. She scanned the crowd and then her eyes fell on Artemis.

"Can you boil water?"

Artemis was stunned by Kassandra's tone. She couldn't speak. She nodded.
Without another word, Kassandra dragged her by the wrist towards her hut. Artemis spent the rest of the night helping Kassandra deliver twelve piglets.

Artemis knocked on the door. It was opened a second later by a small child, a orphan girl from the village.

"Hi. Is Kassandra in?"

The girl nodded and ran off. Artemis stood in the doorway twiddling her fingers until the girl came back.

"She says you can come in, but wipe your feet."

Artemis sighed and wiped her feet on the rough mat in front of the door. The house smelled as it always did, like vinegar and straw. There was a handmade stool and table at the center of the room. Artemis propped her bow against the stool and went to the back room. A Bearr cub was knelling on the floor, petting something in his lap. The moment he spied Artemis, his eyes lit up. "Artie!"

Artemis gave the Bearr cub a light hug. "Hello, Sedge."

"Lookie at what Miss Kassy got me," the young Bearr held up a tiny animal with black-spotted fur. It resembled the Rabbitt folk, except for the tiny pair of antlers sticking out of its head.

"It's a baby Jackalope." Sedge squealed. "I call her Pepper because of her fur. Miss Kassy said I can take care of her until we find her a new momma."

So, that was it. Last week, Kassandra found a warren that got busted into by a predator. The mother was no where to be seen, but the babies were still alive. Being the one who found them, Kassandra took it upon herself to nurse the babies back to health.


"Hmm? Oh!" Artemis wasn't aware she had spaced out until she heard Sedge say her name. "I'm sorry, buddy. What were you saying?"

"I asked if you wanted to see Miss Kassy."

"Of course," Artemis replied. "I have something for her, but I wanted to show you first."

She held out her paws which, until now, had been hidden behind her back. Sedge's eyes landed on the trout, and they nearly popped out of his skull.

"Wowzers!" He exclaimed. "Did you catch that yourself?"

"Mm hmm." Artemis nodded. "I was waiting all morning for it. Why don't you run and tell Kassy."

Sedge bobbed his head vigorously. He set the Jackalope back in its pen and raced down the hall.

"Miss Kassy! Miss Kassy! Come see what Artemis caught! It's a whopping monster fish!"

Artemis laughed. That ought to keep her out of trouble, at least. Kassandra may act like a grizzly old buzzard most of the time, but when it came to children, she was putty in their hands. Moments later, Kassandra was lead into the room by the Bearr cub. She looked as stern as always. The bags under her eyes indicated that she had not slept the night before.


That was it. No "hi's" or "how are you's". Those questions were reserved solely for her patients.

"Sedge, why don't you go play with Lydia?"

"Okay, Miss Kassy."

Sedge ran off, presumably to find the girl who had answered the door. Artemis stood motionless, not daring to speak until Kassandra spoke.

"I see you caught a trout."

Artemis nodded.

"He's awfully big."

"Yes, Kass." she answered.

Kassandra took a step closer. "Fish don't grow that big in the stream."

"No, Kass." she answered. "I caught him in the woods. Down by the waterfall."

"The water fall." Kassandra hmmed. She knew Artemis had been honing her archery skills for weeks. Ever since she turned 19, Artemis was training for the town guard. Only the most skilled fighters and magic wielders qualified for the position, even fewer stood a chance at obtaining the highest honor.

"During breeding season, the trout attempt to ascend the water fall to find a safe play for their offspring."

Artemis gazed at Kassandra. Her voice sounded...hollow. Not like it usually did.

"It is a long and difficult journey," Kassandra continued. "That fish you shot through the belly was probably the last survivor of its siblings. He dodged birds, frogs, and fishing nets to reach the top of that water fall. Thanks to you, he died before he got the chance."

Artemis was suddenly irritated. "Why do you do that?"

Kassandra looked at her.

"Every time I do something, you make me feel like I'm the bad guy. If I so much as a cockroach in this room, you'll be telling me about its family tree and that ending a life is wrong." She waited for Kassandra to say something. When she didn't, Artemis got even madder. "What about you? Huh. What about all of the plants you harvest to make medicine? What about the insects you experiment on to find cures? You know what, I don't need you lectures. If you don't want the fish, I'll give it to someone who needs the nourishment."

Artemis turned and stormed off. She was halfway to the door, when she heard Kassandra speak.


Artemis stopped. She didn't turn around. She didn't want to give Kassandra the satisfaction.

"Are you still going to the execution?"

Artemis froze. Of all the words that could have come out of Kassandra's mouth, those were one's she had not expected. She nodded her head slowly.

"Let me give you a piece of advice."

Here we go.

"Don't look away."

"What?" Artemis couldn't help it. She turned around.

"A brave person looks injustice straight in the face. Turning away only makes it easier for you to become a coward. If you really wish to become a Herald, you are going to be faced with all kinds of injustices." Kassandra leaned towards Artemis until she was less than a breath away. "No matter how ugly, frightening, or terrible the injustice, never turn away."

Kassandra would not attend the execution. But she would later learn that the event gave birth to chaos. Artemis would recount most of it. How her sister Luann shrieked when the blade came down. How noble Fernis looked pious when it began and outraged when it was long over. But the worst part, Artemis refused to tell Kassandra. You see, Artemis had not actually what happened when the blade came down. She had covered her eyes.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Yanlu Tetsuya stood in the crowd of people, watching the execution. He knew the dangers of the prophecy, of course, but watching the murder of the last specie of Goatt, it made the Katt sick. Yanlu could never kill somebody, not even if they were as evil as the Heralds say, but the swordsman knew that if he ever spoke out of line, especially in a place like the land of Fernis, it probably wouldn't end well for him. Soon, it had happened. The last Goatt had fallen, and the jeers of the other Heralds could be heard.

Only moments after, a horrible thing happened. The Goatt flew into the air, with red light covering it all around, as it was revived. The swordsman was confused, and of course, most of the Heralds there were too. What just happened? Why was it alive again? Was the prophecy going to continue? The divine power of a god is strong enough to revive something, that's what Yanlu knew, but which one? The other gods despise the species, so who could even have done this? Then screams, and the fighting of Heralds could be heard. Slice after slice could be heard, but the Heralds were losing. Blood splattered among the crowd, as the Goatt ran for the woods. Yanlu ran after him, of course. He didn't wish for the Goatt to be killed, but he must stop the propechy from occuring.

"Kish Tin!" The swordsman shouted, as his sword flew out of it's belt, being directed by Yanlu as he ran chasing the Goatt down. The sword chased after the escapee, as Yanlu followed close behind.
What had he done? Never in his life would he have thought that he would have attacked those that wanted to hurt him. Haru didn't want to kill, the copper taste of blood filled the surrounding air, and he refused to look down at his blood stained fur. Yet, at the same time, why had it felt so good? Being able to fight back for once, power surging through his body... The screams of fear.... It felt good. No longer was he at the bottom, no longer weak. He was powerful. Strong. He-

The sound of rapid foot falls behind him made the caprine turn briefly, bringing him out of his train of dark thoughts. Chasing after him was a katt, a flying sword flew at him, no doubt guided by the feline that gunned after him. The crimson eye on the crown narrowed at the chaser, and Tenebris' voice hissed in his mind.

What are you doing, Vessel? Strike back! Show no fear to your enemies!

Despite not wanting to, but also not wanting to anger his god, Haru did as he was told. The goatt skidded to a stop, turning around to face his pursuer.


Previously Night's Shadow
A deafening silence fell over the crowd as the goatt’s body went limp. An uneasy feeling permeated the square, each creature eyeing their neighbors to gauge their approval and react appropriately. Hushed murmurs of pride in the Gods’ actions clashed with muttered disgust hidden behind ducked heads for fear of retribution.

KT hadn’t blinked once since the goatt had come onto the platform. Now, the orka continued to endeavor to keep her face neutral and her emotions guarded, though she was certain the only reason she hadn’t drawn the suspicions of the more supportive audience members was that the surface dwellers weren’t used to reading the expressions of sea dwellers.

But before the crowd had time to come to a general consensus of whether to cheer and celebrate or quietly disperse, the unthinkable happened. KT wondered at first if it was a heat mirage; she had heard about such things happening on the surface. It happened again, and those musings were killed. The goatt — the very, very dead goatt — had moved. He was suddenly very, very not dead. And glowing and floating, but that was minor compared to his very, very much aliveness. The crowd around KT erupted, and chaos took over. The cacophony of sound and movement around her keen senses left her disoriented, and for a moment all she could pick out was the unmistakable scent of blood.


Back home, blood in the water in this amount would have caused a frenzy, a giddiness that would start amongst the sharkks and spread to the others, turning that red patch of sea into a churning mass halfway between a dance and a free-for-all death match. It was a wild, joyous event that most surface dwellers would find sickening if they ever chanced to lay eyes on it. But here, as KT managed to get her bearings and keep her balance while half the crowd swarmed up in a mob and the other half ran screaming, she had a thought that perhaps that bloodlust wasn’t unique to the denizens of the Sink. Perhaps here, on the surface, it was simply better hidden.

No, that wasn’t quite right. This was no ritualistic rave that left plenty injured and none dead — this was a true bloodbath. As the goatt fled, a katt with a sword hot on his heels, the blood-smell slowly grew thicker. Some of the fallen cried out. Some of them, worse, didn’t. KT’s jaw set in a sharp-toothed grimace as she came back to herself. In the Sink, the blood of others was sacred, the desire to spill it something to be celebrated, but controlled. It was a fact of life there, but here it stole in like an angler fish, tempting the rage inside with an outlet then exacerbating conflict to a terrible degree.

KT’s eyes followed the goatt and his pursuer until they were swallowed by the treeline, then she began to approach the blood-soaked platform. Only a few remained standing in the area; most had fled if they hadn’t run to re-kill the goatt and been struck down themselves. As she picked her way through the fallen, KT searched for those who still had heartbeats strong enough that they might pull through. They would be able to survive being carried to whatever passed as a healing cave in this surface village.

KT bent to a wounded hauk, ignoring the look of fearful suspicion he shot her way as she lifted him, careful of the wing he held at an awkward angle. It seemed like he didn’t have the energy to struggle. KT set him over her shoulder as gently as she could, then kept searching. She thought she could carry maybe three more, four if they were all as light as the birrd. She felt she had to try, at least; it was the least she could do.


Previously Deathstalker62
Rodney took his sharp exhale as the blade came striking down, severing mind from the body. A tragedy indeed, what some people would go through in their belief of what most consider but a fairy tale. Maybe at some point in their miserable lives, these wretched things realise the sheer impact of the mistakes and atrocities they had willingly committed. There was no way they could ever recover what had been done on this day, that was for sure. But at that point, they could at least carry the guilt of having extinguished so many innocent souls with them.

..However, it appears that fate, or some other supernatural force had other thoughts for the little goatt's body appeared re-vitalized by an energy most strange in nature, going from rags to riches in a metaphorical sense mostly, though even some literate points were evidently visualized. And just as another slaughter was attempted, the victim defied his destiny and fought his captors, fleeing into the woods, a katt trying to go after them.

Rodney attempted to suppress a wicked laughter, only barely managing to turn it into a barely audible mischievous snicker instead, a twisted smirk casting its way onto his face, the ends of his mouth arching upwards, his lips just barely opening up to reveal his malicious grin. Oh, how poetic and beautiful this debacle was! A creature at the end of its rope, forced to execution by a paranoid power freak, now partially freed from his shackles and given the opportunity to somewhat return the favour! If it weren't for the fact that he was in the presence of someone significantly more powerful than him (speaking both metaphorically and literally), he'd had burst into laughter right then and there!

Well, he wasn't quite sure if this really DID happen or if it was just the nature spirits playing pranks on his eyes again. Though, given the mixed reactions amongst the crowd, it was easy to assume that this was all quite real. So, only one thing left to do, right? Rodney once again dove underneath the masses and emerged on the other end, giving chase to the two. He had no real goal in mind so far, he was neither for nor against the goatt's survival. Really, the only reason he followed along is because he felt like watching how this debacle went out for the poor fellow.

..that, and maybe give him a swig or two to help the guy cope with what just happened. Hell, with what's STILL happening at this point, too.
Jason sat in the stands gloomily. Another poor soul was being dooming to the chopping block. Sure, he was probably just an evil as the other goatts but it still hurt every time he saw their expressions changed from fear to the soulless look of a corpse. But apparently, they were doing this for the greater good. Right?

Well, whatever it would all be over soon anyways, and he wouldn't need to worry about this anymore and he could get back to work. At least he wasn't the one causing his death.

Jason watched as the blade came down on the goatt's neck and shuddered. That was horrible... Eww... The stench of blood was everywhere, and it made him want to throw up. Why did people even like the sacrifices? No matter how evil people where they didn't deserve a death like this! Jason turned his head to look at the others int he audience. He noticed some other heralds sitting around some of them he recognized some of them he didn't. Some of the people in the audience looked just as depressed as he was. It was nice seeing people who felt the same about things like this. It wasn't like they could stop it though. They would be going against freaking gods!! And who was dumb enough to do that?! Jason definitely wasn't!

Suddenly in the corner of Jason's eye he saw a glow and turned.

What. Was. That.

What poor Jason saw was the body of the apparently somehow now revived goatt floating in the air with a crown and red light surrounding him! Jason just sat in horror. Jason just watched as his fellow heralds were obliterated and then started getting ready to leave. He needed to run! He would not be next! There was no reasoning with that thing! He stumbled up grabbing his things but was then pushed to the ground by the crowd of audience members trying to run away! Jason just sat there curled up, ears pinned back, and tail kept close to his body so no one would step on it. The already frail and fragile Jason did not feel like losing his tail.

Eventually he could get to his feet again while he looked around panicked.
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Previously NotAPokemonRanger
The swordsman became prepared for a fight as the Goatt turned around, sword at the ready. The sword flew back to Yanlu as he was much better at hand-to-hand combat than relying on Kish Tin to win his fights for him. Yanlu knew the risks, of course, but he needed to capture the escapee. The Katt didn't want to indirectly kill someone, but there was no way he would let some prophecy, especially a bad one, to occur. Yanlu ran straight towards Haru, ready to slice. He wasn't going to aim for a kill, just to incapacitate.




Yanlu had come face-to-face with the sheep, ready to take him out, and stop him from escaping. One quick slice to stop the fight, one hit to help the world to make it a better place.
Haru gripped his sword tighter in his hand once the katt reached him. He didn't want to hurt anyone else, much less kill them, but they wanted to kill him at worst, and captured at best. His attacker ran towards him once his weapon returned to him. The goatt met his pursuer with his own blade, the two metals clashing together with a cling sound.
"Haaa, another fake." Magmora sighed as she tossed the colored iron into a pile of fake valuables. It seems like the rich blokes were getting a little bit smarter by the week. The young Draconian female sat alone in her cave, sorting through her latest haul. The victim was a well-dressed Alephant traveling with three Wulf guards. It wasn't easy, but she did manage to knock them out before taking anything that looked valuable before dragging them to the forest edge. Sadly, it would seem that the pachyderm was either a con-artist, a counterfeiter or maybe even both.
Just as she was about to grab and inspect another piece, Magmora heard something. It wasn't quite a ring, but that alone was enough to make her curious. "Who could it be?" Setting the piece down, Magmora crawled out of her cave, keeping low to the ground to avoid detection, following what was likely the sound of fighting. As much as she would have liked to fly there, the trees were too close together for her to be able to fly comfortably, leaving her no other choice but to walk. As she got closer, she realized that the sound was of clashing blades and picked up the pace, her scales tingling in excitement.
The second she saw what was going on, Magmora's eyes widened. In front of her was a young Goatt fighting a Katt. It was strange enough seeing a Goatt as they were for all intents and purposes extinct, but when she saw the crown on his head she couldn't help but shiver in fear. She could tell it wasn't an ordinary crown, but she couldn't quite pin down what about it unnerved her so. As much as she didn't want to get involved, Magmora felt bad for the kid and sighed to herself before releasing a loud roar accompanied by a jet of flames into the air.
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Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Once the blades clashed, blood splattered. Not from Haru, but from Yanlu. In moments, the swordsman was knocked back, bleeding. His arm was cut off by the sword of the escapee, and now he was bleeding out and was disarmed. Literally. His eyes blurred, and he was in no shape to fight. As he got dizzier, and dizzier, until all he could see was black.

He wasn't dead, no, just fainted. But he knew at the back of his mind, that he had lost the encounter against the Goatt.
Jason had noticed the Goatt's disappearance and found it strange. Sure, Jason was a total wimp and would usually have run away but he had seen a Katt running after the demonic Goatt thing, and he had a good feeling it wouldn't end up well for him... So yeah. Jason was going to follow them.

Jason ran after them staying decently far behind. He didn't feel like being the goatt's new target. So, Jason just watched from behind a tree. And as soon as the fight started the fight ended. The Katt's arm had been cut off and now was lying on the ground bleeding out. Oh Terris... Was all Jason could think.

Jason looked from the Goatt to the Katt and back again and eventually decided to run out and risk his own life for some random guy he didn't even know! A very Jason move actually!

Jason ran over to the brown tabby Katt and sat down next to him pulling out some simple medical supplies. Mostly just a bottle of water to hopefully help clean out the wound and bandages. Jason started cleaning the wound trying not to look at the Goatt but also looking at the Goatt. Sure, he didn't want to make eye contact with the creature, but he also didn't feel like instantly dying. Jason soon enough started wrapping the bandages around what was left of the man's arm, muttering under his breath, "Nosho," To make sure the bandages would stay on tight. Sadly, at this moment Jason couldn't remember any healing spells due to the panic he was in so no magic healing for right now.

((OOC: Honestly, I just can't think of a healing spell ._.))
The goatt's eyes widened when blood splattered once more. The arm of the feline came off, and blood spilled in the surrounding area. Haru recoiled back, disbelief in his eyes. The sudden roar made him jump with a frightened squeak. He ducked out of the way as few spewed past. Before he could do anything else, another newcomer appeared. The stranger darted over to the katt that had gone to attack him, doing what he could to heal him, and keep him from dying. He backed away, his voice hurt, but he forced himself to say a sorry, before he went to make a run for it a second time. He was sure to been worse off now with what just happened.
The second the Goatt turned tail and continued running, Magmora ducked back into the overgrowth and gave chase, throwing stealth to the wind just to keep up. Magmora growled to herself. "Fast little guy." With that in mind, the Draconian spat a fireball ahead of Haru in an attempt to redirect his path, preferably towards her cave. Sure, she wasn't a fan of company, but sighting the phrase that, "an enemy of her enemy was her friend", she figured that she would take a chance.
More foot falls came from behind him, and this time he didn't turn around to see who was after him. Haru skidded to a halt once a blast of fire flew by, landing in the path ahead of him. He was forced to come to a stop unless he wanted to run through the flames. The goatt turned around to see that the dragon-like creature had come after him this time. He tensed up, wondering if she too was going to try to capture him or kill him, or if she wanted something else all together.
Seeing the Goatt come to a halt, Magmora couldn't help but smirk to herself. "You're a fast little guy, I'll give you that." She then turned towards the direction of her cave before looking back. "Come on kid, I have a place where no one is likely to find you for the time being." The Draconian gestured for Haru to follow her before adding. "My name's Magmora by the way. How about you?"
The buck stared at her in a mix of surprise and shock. She was willing to help him? Kindness was something he wasn't used to getting from everyone. His dark eyes gazed at her with distrust, before he decided to take the chance and follow her. "H-Haru," the goatt answered her, wincing at the stutter, and flinching at the pain it caused. "Why... are you helping me...?"


Previously Night's Shadow
KT hefted a hyina with a head wound, then stumbled. Besides the hauk and the hyina, she had picked up an injured dogg, as well as another birdd whose exact species she couldn’t place. She was strong, but she couldn’t carry any more than these in one go. As quickly as she could while keeping her gait smooth for her passengers’ benefit, KT headed into town.

The orka could see eyes shining from the shadows, or families holed up in their houses. People were afraid. KT supposed she didn’t blame them, considering the fact they had just watched someone come back to life, suddenly very adept with the sword, making him willing and able to defend himself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too good for KT’s plan.

She caught a pair of eyes watching her from a nearby alley. She took a half-step towards them, beginning with a nonthreatening “Hey,” but the second KT moved closer, the ferritt fled. She sighed in frustration, then peeked into a nearby house. Tapping her foot against the door was as close to a knock as KT could get with her cargo of injured.

The door opened a crack, revealing a vertical slice of an elderly tabby katt. “What do you want?” he snapped suspiciously. “Don’t you know the world is ending? If you want to join me in my bunker, buzz off.” It was then that he seemed to notice the near-unconscious, possibly dying creatures KT carried. His ears pinned themselves flat. “Oh. Very sorry, I—”

KT stuck her foot in the door to stop it from closing. “Wait. Please. Where can I find a healer? They were injured when… you know…”

The katt knew. It was still fresh in everyone’s minds. He stopped trying to slam the door. “Yeah. Up in the woods past the marshes, there’s a waterfall. Can’t miss it. Then from there look for a path made of stones. I hear some doctor lady lives up there.”

“And that’s the closest one?”

“Yeah. ‘S far as I know.” The graying katt shrugged. “Now go on and get them treated, or whatever, but I’m goin’ back to doomsday preppin’ if you don’t mind, now that that prophecy seems sure to be.”

KT let out a breath. “Thanks, old man.” She turned and started walking again as the katt closed his door with a snap. KT knew she had to move quickly if these creatures were going to live, let alone to go back for anyone else. The orka headed to the edge of town, then started out past it, to the wetlands beyond.
Magmora turned back to Haru. "Well, Haru, if you must know, I'm not a big fan of those shits that call themselves gods or their heralds. Honestly, exterminating an entire race just because of some stupid prophecy? Absolute lunacy. And don't get me started on their heralds. They're the reason I live out here in the first place." Remembering the way her family had lost their livelihood all because they were wrongfully accused by one such herald, Magmora growled. "Look kid, I'm from a family of ruined jewelers. We also worked as appraisers and merchants, always giving a fair price. I don't remember which herald it was, but he tried intimidating us into lowering our prices using his station. When my parents didn't cave, he accused them of fraud and no one came to our aid. We were forced to turn over everything and quit." She got closer to Haru before adding. "Look, the faster we move, the sooner we get to my place." With that, the Draconian turned on her heel continued home to her small mouthed cave.
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Meanwhile, at Kassandra's cottage...​

Kassandra looked at the letter one more time. It was an old one. The paper was yellow and wrinkled from were she had gripped the edges. She must have read this letter one-hundred times.

Like jasmine vines
you and I
are so woven together
Your eyes like stars
Oh, I wish that I
could behold them forever

To this day, Kassandra didn't understand why she wouldn't chuck it into the fireplace. It wasn't even a good poem. The grammar was atrocious, not too mention the rhyme scheme. Yet, she had once found these words beautiful. Perhaps, it was a part of her, an ever microscopic remnant of the dreamer she used to be, that clung to the words of the letter. A part of her that believed once, a long time ago, someone truly loved her.

The door flew open. Without a moment's hesitation, Kassandra thrust open her dresser drawer and shoved the parchment inside.

"Sedge!" She exclaimed as the Bearr cub bursted into the room. "I told you to play outside."

"There's a weird katt lady coming this way. She's dragging bodies."

Sedge said all of this in one breath. Fortunately, by now Kassandra had become fluid in the language of child-speak.

"Show me."

She rose from her seat and put on her lab coat, the white apron she reserved solely for operations. An anxious Sedge led her out of the cottage and past the cobblestone road. Jacob had laid most of these stones himself, with Kassandra's help of course. Even then, she had refused to sit by and let a male have all of the fun.

She spotted a figure some distance off. It appeared to be an orka with some other animals draped over it. Kassandra wouldn't be able to tell until she got closer. Sprinting down the field, she saw that it was indeed an orka 'dragging bodies' as Sedge had said. They appeared to be alive. For now. They would have to work quickly.

"Is this all of them?" She asked the stranger. No time for pleasantries. Assessment of the patient was always first priority. She surveyed the wounded as she led the orka to her house. A head wound. Possible brain damage. Priority one. The others appeared to have some broken bones. They could wait.

"What the hell happened?"
Magmora turned back to Haru. "Well, Haru, if you must know, I'm not a big fan of those shits that call themselves gods or their heralds. Honestly, exterminating an entire race just because of some stupid prophecy? Absolute lunacy. And don't get me started on their heralds. They're the reason I live out here in the first place." Remembering the way her family had lost their livelihood all because they were accused of fraud by one such herald, Magmora growled. "Look kid, I'm from a family of ruined jewelers. We also worked as appraisers and merchants, always giving a fair price. I don't remember which herald it was, but he tried intimidating us into lowering our prices using his station. When my parents didn't cave, he accused them of fraud and no one came to our aid. We were forced to turn over everything and quit." She got closer to Haru before adding. "Look, the faster we move, the sooner we get to my place." With that, the Draconian turned on her heel continued home to her small mouthed cave.
The goatt listened to what she had to say, a frown appearing on his face. The gods and their heralds truly have harmed the land, didn't they? Was this what Tenebris had said? Was this the reason he was chosen by the Leadan to come back to life, and free him? Free the lands from such corrupt overlords? Haru nodded, quickly following after her.
Artemis got her family out of the gathering place as fast as she could. When the chaos was over and most of the crowd dispersed, she looked back over her shoulder.


Her sister Luann called to her.

"I have to go back," she told her sibling.

Before Luann could object, Artemis ran off. A herald would never abandon their gods in the line of duty. She was confident she could find that goatt. She had tracked larger animals before. After all, how hard could it be?


Previously Night's Shadow
KT relinquished her injured to the lionness gratefully, assuming her to be the ‘doctor lady’ the elderly katt had told her about. She was appreciative, too, of the quick, businesslike manner in which the feline spoke, no ‘who are you’s or ‘what are you doing here’s. The lionness clearly had her priorities straight, something KT found admirable. She shook her head at the first question as she regained her breath.

“No. More back… in town. Some dead… some dying. These… were all I could carry… at once.” KT flicked her tail and took a deep breath, thinking of how best to concisely sum up what a mess had happened at the execution while bracing herself physically to head back down and gather more wounded.

“Whatever public execution was supposed to happen did not go as planned. Long story short: goatt comes back to life, some audience members attack him — Fernis was all ‘we gotta re-kill him’ — and the goatt goes full samurai. Fought his way out then ran off into the woods. Some furry folk chased after him, didn’t get a good look. Asked around for a healer, and I came as soon as I got directions.” The orka glanced restlessly from side to side. “Town’s pretty much in chaos, but some of the injured are sure to be alive still. I should go back.”

KT was aware that her storytelling skills left much to be desired, but she was also aware of those she hadn’t been able to carry who were still likely bleeding in the square. The whole situation had her on edge; while she would have been all for the goatt making a getaway, to do so with such violence… Morality had smeared into an unrecognizable mess. The currently injured, dead, and dying would have killed the goatt, so he struck first. The systematic destruction of an entire species was inherently wrong, but to leave these creatures to die couldn't be right.

It didn’t matter. All KT could do was follow her instincts, and they were telling her to do something, this time. She wouldn't let any more deaths be due to her neutrality.
Having reached the entrance to her cave, Magmora dropped to all fours and started crawling in, her wings tightly folded to her back. "Hope you don't mind getting dirty kid, but trust me when I say this place is much bigger on the inside." With practiced movements, Magmora made her way inside before adding. "And don't mind the mess, this is about as clean as this place gets." Walking over to one of the sides, she pulled out a pillow and a rug, setting them down on the stone floor for the Goatt before sitting back down next to her recent pile of loot to continue sorting it.
Jason sat there watching as the Goatt ran off. Easy to say Jason felt pure relief. He let out a ginormous size and turned to look at his katt patient.

"Alright... Spells... Healing spells... those are a thing... Got to remember them..." He sat for a minute thinking about healing spells, and which would work best for this kind of thing. He needed something that would stop the bleeding and would make the guy feel better and would hopefully make him conscious... Well, that was a lot! No pressure at all! Nope! He bit the inside of his cheek as he thought and then clapped his hands together in a "Eureka!" moment of remember something.

Jason put his hands over the arm nub of the katt muttering, "Nosho Sha." It was a spell that was supposed to bind blood to a person causing a scab to form faster. He continued on like this. Using a spell that was supposed to clear the wound of infection and using spells that would help the healing process faster. No the wound wasn't entirely healed. Jason wasn't a doctor or nurse or something. He was just some dude who knew some healing spells.

Jason sat watching the katt hoping he would wake up soon.
Having reached the entrance to her cave, Magmora dropped to all fours and started crawling in, her wings tightly folded to her back. "Hope you don't mind getting dirty kid, but trust me when I say this place is much bigger on the inside." With practiced movements, Magmora made her way inside before adding. "And don't mind the mess, this is about as clean as this place gets." Walking over to one of the sides, she pulled out a pillow and a rug, setting them down on the stone floor for the Goatt before sitting back down next to her recent pile of loot to continue sorting it.
The caprine ducked into the cave's entrance after her. True to her word, the inside was far larger than what it looked on the outside. Haru dusted himself off of any stray dirt that might have clung onto him, before walking over to the pillow and rug she had sat up. He sat down on it, watching as she looked through her pile, tapping his fingers together.

So much had happened in such a short amount of time. Haru was still reeling from it all.
Just as she was about to continue going through her loot, Magmora realized that she forgot something. "Oh jeez, do you need anything to eat or drink? I only have water, but I can make some herbal tea if you're interested." She stood up and walked to what was essentially her pantry, retrieving a waterskin and a bag of assorted nuts. "I've not interacted with many herbivores so I'm not sure what you like." She walked back to Haru, grabbing a cup on the way. Setting everything down, she filled the cup with water and handed it to the Goatt. "If you need anything else, just let me know." With that, she returned to her task.
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Did he need to eat or drink anymore? He wasn't sure with all that had happened. Everything was a blur, and truthfully, he felt sick to his stomach. He had killed people. Lives were gone because of him. Yet, they had been coming to snuff out his life first, if anything, it was self-defense, wasn't it? Haru looked up once she handed him a cup of water, a quiet thank you, left him, before he took it from her.


Previously Deathstalker62
Rodney had been watching the events taking place, hiding himself within the covers of surrounding foilage. The fight was over as quick as it started, the Katt getting amputated by this little guy, causing Rodney to laugh to himself and almost give away his position. Someone else ran over to help the guy who's arm just left to get milk, though the Ratt could care less about that right now. He's got better things- no, better creatures to pay attention to, after all.

Quiet and quick, the Ratt was the secret third party tagging along with the Draconian and Goatt, not even hiding himself at this point and just blatantly walking behind them, although lagging behind far enough for his steps to be out of earshot for both of them. Then, the two disappeared within a rather small hole in the wall. What was that the scaled one was talking about? Something about a cave? So, that was the entrance, then? Sweet.

The Ratt crouched down by the hole, listening in on the conversation that was going on. Or at least, the words he heard coming from the Draconian. Now, he could theoretically just crawl inside.. but what if they were expecting him? What if they stood by the other side, ready to torch him? ..well, what's a little heat matter to him, anyhow? Even before getting ready to crawl in, the smoke from his pipe already climbed its way into the entrance, first a small cloud emitting from the other end. Then, another. This would repeat, becoming a steady stream until the source revealed itself, his head and torso stuck halfway through the other end, his upside-down view just staring with total disregard for his own well-being first at the Goatt, then at the Draconian.

" 'ello there, lad and lass! Ye've left yer door wide open, figured I'd drop on by! How's me favourite.. "

He tried coming up with something witty, then spaced out for a moment before snapping out of it with another puff from his pipe, inhaling smoke from the left side of his mouth where he kept the pipe stuck with his teeth, then promptly exhaling another cloud from his right side.

" How's me favourite somethings goin? Ye'se got room for one more in that den o' yours? I'll be quick, I promise! "
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| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
In a few moments after Jason has used his healing spell, Yanlu had woken up in a bloodied state, but better than he was feeling earlier. He tried to get up with his right hand, but he couldn't feel it. He didn't understand, where was it? He finally looked over to his right, where he didn't see his right arm. Yanlu thought he was hallucinating, dreaming, even.. But he knew it was real. Deep down, he just didn't want to admit it. The Katt finally came to his senses, as his face turned white with fear. Tears could be seen streaming from his eyes as he sat laying on the grass. He really couldn't believe it. Not only had he lost an arm, but he had lost to the Goatt. The one destined to start the prophecy. The swordsman knew the risks, but he had taken them anyway. He'd lost the gamble, and he had to pay the price.

"I... lost, didn't I? The Goatt, he'd gotten away, and to put salt on that wound, I had lost my arm too," He looked around, before speaking again. "Thank you for doing what you could to help me. I appreciate what you did." Soon enough, the tears stopped flowing. He thought that even if he became physically weaker now, he still has cards up his sleeve. He knew he couldn't just give up that easily, especially now with what had happened.
Haru let out a startled bleat at the sudden voice, only to grip his throat, face screwing up in pain. He looked toward the course to find a ratt had entered the cave. He tensed up, ears folding back. Had he come after him like that katt had? He reached for his still blood soaked sword, just in case the stranger lashed out at him or the nice gal that had offered to help him.
At the sound of the Ratt's voice, Magmora growled in annoyance, mostly because she failed to realize they were being followed this whole time. "You're lucky I don't like breathing fire indoors old man, or you'd be extra crispy right about now."
She then noticed Haru picking up his sword and she sighed. "Put the sword down Haru, I don't like the idea of killing people in my home."
Turning back to the Ratt, Magmora asked. "So, what are you doing here? I understand that we may not have been subtle on our way here, but following us? Seriously?"
He looked back at Magmora at her order to put his sword down. He paused briefly, eyes shifting back to the rodent that had followed them. After a moment, he nodded, placing his weapon back where it laid before. He wasn't going to kill unless he had to, and the last thing he wanted was to upset her when she had bee nothing but kind to him. Haru looked at the ratt, wondering what business he had with them.


Previously Deathstalker62
Wha- Old?! OLD?!? How dare this scale-bearing, smoke-inhaling oversized lizardd dare imply that he was some shrivelled up prune of a ratt! That was just no way to talk to.. well, whatever he was, if he could only find the words for it! Why, he oughta give her a piece of his mind, right here, right now!

" I'll let ye know that I am at least.. I am.. er.. "

Wait.. how old was he now? How many moons had he lived through? Or was that one outdated now? Didn't people tend to count by years nowadays? Wait, why did it even matter? What would he care how old someone thinks he is? What was he even mad about? Something was said about him.. or was it? He couldn't even remember anymore, not that he cared.

" ..what were we talking about again? "

Then, it hit him again, his eyes lighting up as he made an audible gasp of realization before quickly standing up, careful not to drop his pipe out of his mouth while doing so, only taking it in one hand after having stood up to take a proper puff from it before immediately re-inserting it back in between his jaws.

" Oh, right. You there, goatt. You, my lad, are absolutely amazing, ye know that? I figured all that 'prophecy' nonsense was just a wee ol' fairytale de godfathers and godmothers told to they's godkids, not that it'd be true after all! I hick myself hav always hated these bloody self-righteous pricks and so-called 'Gods'. They's nothing but hick power-hungry blusters, I tell ya..! "

Rodney then prattled on with some form of a rant for a short while, speaking nothing but undecipherable gibberish, before catching himself in all the colourful ways he could insult the Heralds and Gods, holding a hand up to stop himself.

" ..Anyways! So, with you's supposed to start an uprisin', ye can count me in, lad! I'll be of help as much as ye want me to be! Until.. eh.. until I don' want to continue. I'll just.. go, if I want to stop. That fair? "

During this entire tirade, the Ratt took out a wineskin and drank from it in between pauses (additionally taking huffs from his smoking pipe every now and then), causing his speech to slowly start slurring and his previously still head position to start swaying as he had put away his drinking container again, attaching it to his belt before having finished his speech with his declaration of wanting to join the cause.

" .. 's it jus me or am I forgettin' somethin? Oooh, wait, I got it! Me name's Rodney! Don't go on forgetting it now, lad! ..and lass, I suppose. "
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Jason watched at the now awake Katt seemed panicked and tried to get up. And then watched as the Katt realized what had happened. He listened to him talk and felt guilt over not being able to save his arm.

He turned to look at the arm that was so longer connected to the Katt's body. He wondered if he could have saved it by using to spell or something. No. That was impossible. The Katt would have just had a dead limb on him and he didn't like that. It sounded horrible. Extremely disgusting. He wanted to throw up at the thought of that. Eww...

He looked back at the katt and listened. Finally, he replied with, "I'm sorry I couldn't save your arm... I tried my best but... Yeah..." He didn't feel like mentioning the no gone arm again. He stood up from his seated position and put a hand out to the katt to help him up. "My name is Jason Foxeglovee, by the way," He added.
Haru blinked, clearly not knowing what to think of the ratt that had followed them into the cave. He seemed.... to have a few bolts missing, to put it nicely enough, even if he didn't voice the thought out loud. Even so, at the moment, he didn't seem to be bad. He wasn't trying to attack them like the others in town, or the katt that had come after him. He seemed to dislike the Gods and those that followed them, if his comment on them was anything to go by.

Kassandra appreciated that the orka was to the point. Most victims of traumatic events babbled for hours, describing their emotions at length and in tremendous detail. That might look good on a book cover, but when time was of the essence, it's better just to tell it like it is.

"Bloody hell," she remarked when KT told her about the goatt's resurrection. She didn't gasp. She didn't sound surprised, just defeated.

When they arrived at her cottage, Kassandra relieved the orka of her burden. She set the hyina down on the table and had the others lie down on the floor. She sucked air in through her teeth. This was going to be tricky.

She grabbed the instruments out of her drawer, a collection of strange metallic objects designed for mending and cutting. Presently, she grew aware that the orka was still talking.

"If you insist on going back. SEDGE!"

"I'm right here!" The Bearr cub dipped his face through the doorway.

"Get the stretchers out of the closet," Kassandra barked. "Follow this lady to where the people with boo boos are, and if you see Artemis, tell her to get her tail in gear and help out."

The Bearr nodded. An instant later, he reappeared carrying what looked to be several large ironing boards. Despite his enormous load, the cub appeared undaunted.

"Let's go!" He was out the door before the orka could even respond.

"My name's Sedge by the way," the Bearr cub looked up at the orka. "What's yours?"