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The Slew of Ideas Kal Has Locked Away Somewhere



And then I didn't.


I'mma just go straight to the thing where I share my ideas with people.

Pokemon In Spaaaaace

This was the RP I started that died before it even got off of the ground, and I really want to bring it back, but maybe not necessarily run it for fear that EVERY RP I RUN DIES. But what would happen is a group of select (or rich) trainers were taken into a space station run and operated by the Hoenn Space Center in Mossdeep. And when you get up there the station is a giant ring built around a central device (Because that's how space centers are all run) and each separate compartment is a different thing making up the internal ring. And in the central device there are two things. On the bottom is booooring stuff. Just stupid gears and flotation devices and shit.

But the top is something special. It's a Pokémon battle arena. (Woah what) And it operates under zero-gravity conditions, meaning your Pokémon can move around in Zero-G and have intense battles. WHICH I THINK IS COOL. And there could be a tournament or something, and everyone is shepherded in there and are sitting around in their harnesses watching the battles. (The audience could be in Zero-G too.) And then in the middle of it, OH SHIT HERE'S TEAM GALAXY. They're taking it to build a SPACE LAZER to hurt the earth and make a new world order or something. Whatever it is, they want it. And so they take over the stadium and try to detach the outer ring so that they can use the central flotation/stabilization device to set up their lazer and blow up the earth.

And then you have to stop them with your pokemon.


(Whatchu gaiz think?)

Airship Tournament

I want to say that this would be an Isshu thing, because they seem sky-oriented, but whatever works for you guys works for me.

ANYWAY BASICALLY WHAT I'M SAYING IS that there would be a big airship that flies around (In the shape of some flying pokemon or something. Probably whatever uselessbird is being used by that region. [Again I say Isshu because flying Noblehawk or Graceswan is so much cooler than flying emobird] And it wouldn't utilize the wings or anything. That's just aesthetic.) And it takes in trainers every so often for trips based on the tickets they buy. For location and length and stuff. And there's a big dome in the middle for battles. To make it safe or something. I dunno. But there's a tournament there. I haven't thought much of this one at all.



Shut up, haters.


This is a random idea I had that I've barely developed. But maybe some kind of dome that has simulated environments in it that you can battle in, and they change based on a slot-machine type thing that picks an environment and a movement. Like Metal and Lift, making rising metal platforms, or Ground and Spin, making rotating conveyor belt spots for Pokémon to get stuck on and spin around on cutely. Or something fun like that. I mean, it might take a little bit to set up in between changes. Like, maybe if a Pokémon faints, the other Pokémon have to be pulled off and the arena changes over like fifteen minutes or something into the new arena.

That was just an idea I had a while ago for you people to hear about.

Thoughts? Ideas?
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Okay, before I start, and this is just an amatuer guess. Do you like these things called Si-Fi movies? :D

I really like your Idea for the pokemon in space RP, zero grav battling would certainly change the dynamics of alot of strategies. Though something I would change, the name of your antagonist team is very similar to Team Galactic. (Team Galaxy, Team Galactic) So I think it would be a good idea to change it to a new name or just make it team Galactic.

If I coud give just a little direction for your airship RP, I think an interesting direction to take it would be something like this. The tournaments held on the airship are held as a sort of recruitment drive for a criminal organization(Team "insert name here"). The best candidates can choose to be (or are forcefully) recruited. That could be one idea.
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Dude I totally messed up Team Galactic's name.

My bad. |D

Team Galaxy ololololol.

Yeah, they're Team Galactic. Hahaha. And that Airship idea sounds nifty. :o
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OH KAL I LOVE YOU... Now onto the main event... Me =D

I want to be in the Pokemon in Space RP because, well, I was in it the first time and then it died. Died like a bird hit with a rock. Died like two birds hit with one rock. And I didn't like it because I like birds. And that RP. Yes. SO I WANNA DO IT AGAIN!

Airship would be pretty win. I like the concept and whatever the plot may turn out to be, like the recruitment for the evil organisation. Though, would it be a seekrit recruitment? Just because a criminal organisation having open try-outs would be kinda weird. "OLOLOL COME JOIN US :DDDDD" And all of my characters would be pretty against openly joining a criminal group, and some of them have come through situations where they were forced to already (see: Reformation)

ALSO I LIKE THE DOME IDEA even if it hasn't been planned out. Not that I have any ideas about it or anything, it's just interesting. Yes. That's me done.
I agree with Kalseng. Airship evil-ness is cool.

Zero-Grav oh god. AND WHY NOT TEAM GALAXY IT COULD BE AN INTERNATIONAL-REGIONAL TEAM GALACTIC. Ahem. And Secad, water in space beats fire.

Dome idea's cool. That's all.
That Pokemon in Space RP sounds interesting. Like Dinova said, Zero Gravity would change many battling mechanics. Space is also a frontier rarely visited by Pokemon, so it would add an interesting twist to the background.

As for the other ideas, you may need to develop them more.

If I may make a suggestion, the Eviro-Dome sounds interesting. How about making it part of a resort for trainers? Trainers can come to a battling resort where they can train their Pokemon and battle at the eviro-dome. They can also buy certain items to help train their Pokemon, or just relax at a hotel. However, the resort could secretly be run by an evil organization trying to find strong trainers to add to their team, or simply steal strong Pokemon. I think that's an interesting plot.
The pokemon in space one sounds great and I would love to join that. ;D
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