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Private/Closed The Snowy Glacier

(Please ask to join)

The Eevee ran through the snow, the cold powdery substance biting at his paws as he ran from the Mightyena who was trying to eat him. It began to snow even harder as he scrambled for footing on the Icy terrain.

"Get over here so I can EAT YOU!" bellowed the Mightyena as he chased after the Eevee, getting closer with every breath. The Eevee only ran faster until they reached a cave that looked sorta like a den. He hid deep inside the cave, peering out into the darkness as he heard the Mightyena search for him.

The Eevee backed up into something warm, and turned around and cried out, covering his eyes, "Please, don't eat me..." As he shuffled backwards up against the cold stone wall as his Aproacher grew closer...

(@GlaceonPlayz @EspeonTheBest)
"Ooff." She mumbled. "Why would I eat you?" The Pokemon snorted. "That's completely disgusting!" Another eevee emerged from the shadows. "Good Arceus! Why did you ever think that another eevee would eat you?"
"Because that thing will!" He said squeezing his eyes shut as he heard the Mightyena come closer. He heard the scrabbling of nails on stone.
"Why didn't you tell me?" The eevee hissed. "Follow me." Quickly, she used dig on a weak spot in the wall, and a passageway opened up, revealing a small cave, filled with many colorful stones. The floor was dirt, but was furnished with many gems. In a corner was a small pile of hay, obviously where someone had been sleeping. When both of the eevees were inside the cave, she piled up the dirt in front of the entrance, leaving no gaps for air, hoping that the scent would not leak out of the wall.
"Thanks..." He said shaking his dark brown fur.

He shivered, slightly jealous of the other Eevee's thick winter coat, grumbling he curled in the corner, stomach growling.
The Eevee noticed the newcomer shivering in the cold. "Well, theres an advantage to having a thick coat." She mumbled. The Eevee ran over and grabbed a large blanket that she found in the forest one day and draped it over the newcomer. "So, My name is Kallie, What is yours?" Kallie asked the Eevee, trying to make a fruit salad in the meantime.

((Yay! A new character has appeared! Kallie the Eevee!))
"Oh, my names Nocturn." He said shyly, batting his tail to the left as she draped the Quilt over him.

"Thanks," he murmmered grateful for the company.

The Den like cave smelt of Vannila. 'Odd?' He thought as he smelt the smell again.
With skill, Kallie brought the salad over to Nocturn. "Well. Go ahead, I've already eaten." Kallie hoped that she would never have to see anyone again, thats why she lived in the Glacier. Her Trainer hated her at one point. All she had was a Purple tipped tail and purple on her paws and ears. One day after hard training, Kallie's trainer has had enough of trying to get her to evolve into an Umbreon, so she was released. Now, Kallie despises ever becoming an Umbreon for that purpose.
The Eevee bowed greatfully. As a wild Pokemon, he had never known the benifits, or lack there of, of having a trainer.

He ate a little and soon after a little while the salad was gone.

"Thanks." He mumbled blushing abit before laying back down, to let his food digest.
Once upon a time, Kallie wanted to become an Espeon to be the complete opposite of Umbreon, but now, she has taken a liking to herbs and healing. She can name lots of different plants just by looking at them and she knows how to make basic first aid medicines. Also, the downside to being an Espeon would be because of the Mightyena packs that live around here. Being a psychic type would greatly hinder herself here. Despite it being a glacier on the other hand, more water than actually ice types live here. Kallie watched the newcomer sleep. For the time being, she was going to let him stay, but she can't let him stay forever, she has to go on her mission.
The Eevee squirmed fitfully in his sleep, as he could never escape the jaws of the Mightyena, and was always partially eaten by the end of the dream.

He woke up franticly, but was imedately reassured when he remembered he was with the other Eevee.

'Argh, what's with that smell? It's like making me feel all tingly?' He thought again as he sat up and yawned, leaving the blanket around his shoulders.
Kallie was preparing some herbs for today, just in case she was attacked outside. "Ok, so winter weed is here, Pine leaves are here, mix up the dandelions..." She mumbled at the table, Mixing up multiple herbs. Kallie had not yet noticed that Nocturn was awake. She hummed a little song as she went over to the spring of water in her den to wash her paws. In the dark, the place was very haunted looking, but when it was daylight, and the sun was at noon, The sun's rays fly into a hole hear the top of her den. Then the grass is illuminated and the multicolored gems reflected rainbows all around the room.
The Eevee sneezed as he realized what it was. Flowers. He sniffled a little, before walking over to Kallie. "Good morning." He mumbled sleepy as he almost tripped over his own paws.

He smiled as he felt the warm sunshine on his back, making his fur bristle a little.
Kallie paused, grinning. She swiftly turned around and flicked Noturn with water. "Yes!" She cried as she bounced around the room. "I've always been wanting to do that!" Kallie cleared her throat and acted like nothing happened as she continued to work with her medicines. "So, how are you feeling?" Kallie hasn't had any conversation for the past few years, so talking was usually done herself.
"Gah!" Cried Nocturn as he blindly fell over clutching his eye, thinking it was acid or something.

He laughed nervously as he realized it was water, and sat back up.

"Um, well kinda lonely. The packs of Mightyena took my sister, and destroyed my Village so yeah." He said blankly.
"Well, you were lucky that you had someone who loved you." Kallie responded bitterly. "I never had someone like that." She sighed, again going to dip her paws into the water. "Village? So you came from a group of people? Was it nearby?" Kallie asked, not sure whether to act really sorry or just talk him through it.
"Yeah, a little while back from this cave." He replied as he scratched his chest nervously.

He couldn't tell whether to trust her or not. As she could be a carnivore in disguise.
"Ack, can you believe that some Pokemon are resorting to eating their friends these days? It disgusts me!" Kallie stomped on the berry with too much power in the last one, spraying Oran juice in her eyes. She sighed. "I'm going out to get more Oran berries, you can come if you want to, but you don't have to." Kallie used dig on the shallow dirt to create an entrance, leaving it open if he decides to come with or so he can cover it up if he wants to stay behind.
Kallie proceeded, walking confidently out of her den. She immidietly noticed winter weed. "Hey, can you help me gather some of that winter weed?" Kallie asked as she started to pick some herself. "Oh, don't swallow if you have them in your mouth, they'll make your throat feel funny for a while. Just a warning." She picked up her little stack of herbs and continued to move forward to gather more berries.
He grabbed caustiosly, knowing if the side affects.

He brought it over to Kallie, who seemed like she had don this before,

"Now what?" Asked Nocturn blankly.
"Now for the berries. Try your best to pick them at the stem." Kallie demonstrated, carefully picking a pecha berry off of the bush. She continued to pick more, until there was a large pile of them. "If you have too big of a pile to carry, grab a leaf..." Kalli grabbed a rather large leaf from a nearby bush. "And wrap them up!" She picked up her sack, waiting for Nocturn to do the same.
The Eevee tried to do the same but only ending up crushing the ones he picked

He sighed as he sat down, covered in pecha Berry juice. Nocturn was a Klutz, especially around girls.
"Don't worry, I already have a lot of pecha berries. Plus the spring water should be warming up by now with the sun's rays, so you can get cleaned up." Kallie reassured. She started to walk back to her den, snow sparkling off of her tail and paws. When she arrived, she found her crevice and placed today's gatherings in there then did the same with Nocturnal's. Kallie sighed and plopped down in her nest, ready to warm up after being in the cold for a good 20 minutes.
The Eevee padded into the warm den. There was a large patch of sunlight on the ground and he laid down it. the warm season was coming, and soon there would be meadows and streams and all sorts of food.