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Open The Trialmendous Undertaking Discussion Thread

Hello folks! Maybe you saw my post in regular Pokemon rp, and were interested in joining. Well, you've come to the right place! Here, you can submit a character application, or simply discuss the further direction of the plot.
Rules of Character Creation:
-Follow the Template Example bellow; you can add new categories, but not take any away.
-You must choose a location in Alola, no making a new one up, and no using the Aether Foundation islan, or an already chosen location (whether chosen by an in-game kahuna or current rper on this thread).
-Please be reasonable with your team, instead of making an ultra-competent team. Add in some not fully evolved mons.
-Please have some sort of reasonable physical trial challenge, from a simple maze to a mind-bleedingly hard exam.
-You need to specialize in a type, and it can not be one of the already taken types (Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ghost, and Fairy are the types of the trail captains, but also can't be a type from the kahunas, which are Fighting, Rock, Dark, and Ground) or a type taken by an rper already on this thread.
-Your totem pokemon (which you must have) should not be some mon in your party. They are sacred beings, and provide the actual battle, but are always willing to speak with the kahuna when no trial is taking place, so, don't forget they exist. Oh, and it must be from the gen 7 dex, whether a new pokemon or an alolan form.
-Make your character interesting, with flaws and strengths. Any and all Mary Sues will be hit with a "no" hammer.

And, here is my example app sheet:
Name + Moniker: Jerek, the Haiku Hypnotist
Trial Type: Psychic
Trial Location: Poni Meadow
Trial Captain's Team: Bruxish, Alolan Raichu, Oricorio
Totem Pokemon: Oranguru
Trial Description: The trial under-goer shall maneuver through the meadow. However, along the way, there will be areas blocked by vines, next to which are little plaques that are fill in the blank poems. In the blanks, one of the three flowers from the dangling vines can be inserted. If correctly chosen, the trial taker will pass through easily, but, if not, a Bruxish from a nearby pond will attack. There will be four plaques, each with a different style of poem (prose, in which the most logical flower will work; ABAB rhyme scheme poem, where the flower's name must rhyme; AABB rhyme scheme poem, where the flower's name must rhyme; and haiku, where the flower's name must have the syllable requirements of a haiku line.)
Personality: Jerek is a stoic, calm, reserved young man that admires classical literature and is often seen reading a book, poem, or play. He loves all arts (except painting, go figure) and loves wit and and a glib tongue. However, if someone disturbs him in his peace and quiet, he can easily get frustrated and furious. He also constantly needs some sort of plan or structure to proceedings, or he panics.
Name: Mike the Plant Worker (Make in Hawaii means Poision)
Trial Type: Poision
Trial Location: Blush Mountain (Power Plant)
Trial Captain's Team: Salazzle, and Alolan Muk
Totem Pokemon: Toxapex
Trial Description: When you enter, the first room will have fake buttons, when you enter the next room, it is filled with smoke, you will have 30 seconds to click all of the buttons, as shown as the last room. after pushing all of the buttons, the next door will open, but then an Alolan Grimer pops out! Beat it, to get the locations of the next buttons for the next room. Enter the next room, and click the buttons, but only with 20 seconds until you are pushed back into the last room, with new buttons in new locations. After completing that, you will face a Mareanie. The next room is the same as the last ones, except with only 10 seconds to do it. After completing it, the smoke will clear, and reveal the Z-Pedestal. But suddenly smoke fills the room for 2 seconds, and a the totem Pokemon appears in front of you. Then you must defeat the Totem Pokemon.
Personality: Laid back, relaxed. He is a guy that would rather sleep in than stay up late. He is very sleepy most of the time, and is pretty lazy.
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Name + Moniker: Kelek, the Ancient Guardian.
Trial Type: Dragon.
Trial Location: Vast Pony Cannon, though it would be pretty close to the Altar.
Trial Captain's Team: Kommo-o and Turtonator.
Totem Pokemon: Drampa.
Trial Description: Due to the nature of dragons, this trial mix knowledge and strength. The objective is easy: you must reach the base of the Altar, but first, you need to open the door that leads to the Altar. If you want to achieve it, first, you need to explore a system of natural caves with some old ruins, looking for 5 orbs. At the end of each final cave, a small altar is located, and the knowledge of the trainer will be tested. Questions focused on Pokemon Legends or Dragon-type related. If the question is failed, a weak Jangmo-o will appear. If the answer is correct, a stronger Jangmo-o or a Yakamo-o will appear (it will depend on the difficulty of the question; in the ones that are more difficult, you will face a Hakamo-o, but always with a radio of Jangmo-o/ Hakamo-o of 3/2) holding an orb. If you defeat them, you get the orb. Once you have all the orbs, you can open the door and face the Totem Pokemon.
Personality: Kelek is a tough guy. He looks distant at first, very imposing; yet he is kind. His biggest strong point is his endurance. On the other hand, he is kinda impulsive.
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