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Private/Closed The Very Best - Pokemon Academy Discussion and Sign-Ups

Hello (your name),

You have been invited to join the prestigious Cedar Academy, the very best in Pokémon trainer education. At Cedar Academy, you will learn the basics of Pokémon education, and once you get through those classes we will take regular field trips off-campus. The campus rests on an island off the coast of Kalos, and consists of four buildings. The first three are educational and the fourth houses the dorms, Pokémon Center, and recreational area. We would be very glad if you join us for this year’s first semester.

-Professor Cedar, Founder and Principal of Cedar Academy


  • Follow all Pokécharms rules
  • The godmodding; we can’t all have a full team of shiny Arceus
  • Mini-modding is only allowed when reasonable; obtain permission from the other person via PM or the discussion thread.
  • Put the word “Cheesecake” in the “Extra” section of the bio.
  • Use proper grammar/spelling and absolutely NO ONE LINERS! I understand that being on a phone can make it difficult, but if you’re on a phone then try to make your posts about 6-8 lines. Then your posts will be about 3 actual lines.
  • No OOC talk in the actual RP; that’s what the discussion thread is for.
  • Keep romance rated PG
  • Anime rules-Pokemon can have all their moves that they’ve previously learned.
  • No fan-made Pokémon
  • You can start out with 2 Pokémon. 1st stage evolutions only when you start.
  • TM moves are allowed but within reason. A 13 year old isn’t going to have a TM that costs $100,00 after all.

Age (Minimum 13):
Appearance (Physical):
Appearance (Clothing):
Backstory (Optional):
Relationships (Platonic):

Bio (Pokémon):

Identifying Marks/Accessories:

Accepted People :p:
@Glaceon trainer (Prof. Halt Mohagany)
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Trainer Hayley

Previously Sparkster
Ah alright. Is it either Pokémon or Trainer or can you be both at the same time? Just curious though it's probably obvious and I'm just oblivious.
Well, I'd like to reserve a spot for now since I'm going to be going to my doc's appointment for like an hour or so and I can't be replying when they're fixing my arm.

Also, before I sign up for the RP, I was wondering if I could perhaps use my fan made Pokémon since I would love to use two of them that would be a perfect duo after they have encountered each other in a previous RP and there are nothing in the rules of the discussion that mention nothing about the usage of fan made Pokémon.

Ps, I will be providing pristine details instead of artwork since I can write in great level, though my art and drawing skills are not exactly my strong point.
It’s trainer only. If you want to have one of your Pokémon interact with anotheand that’s fine, but you can’t RP only as a Pokémon.

@Aquaman Sorry, no fan-made Pokémon. I must’ve forgotten to add that in the rules.
Okay, thank you for telling me about that first before I was about to get my character bios. I suppose I'll be using the official Pokémon then.

I'll get right to signing up when I can.

Trainer Hayley

Previously Sparkster
Alright, gotcha. Was just curious. Would love to join but I definitely don't want to bother anyone with late replies because of work.
Yeah, you can teach those two things. Pokémon studies is basically just reciting Pokédex facts. History means like the history of the game world. All the events of the games really did happen. This RP is set about ten years after the events of Sun/Moon.
Name: Professor Halt Mahogany (Pro. Maho)
Age (Minimum 13): 32
Appearance (Physical): Tall and slightly built. He looks gigantic at a size of 6'7, but very thin.
Appearance (Clothing): He always wears a white lab coat with a light blue undershirt, but will take it off during battle. He has glasses, and a dorky grin. Keeps a z-ring in his desk, with iceum z.
Personality: He likes to put humor into his teachings, making him a favorite in his studies. He does like battles, and will accept any challenge, teacher or student. Pro. Maho uses battles in his descriptions and lessons as well. He is most famous for his work on Z-Moves. He does not like CHEESECAKE
Backstory (Optional): na
Relationships (Platonic): Single
Extra: Teaches Pokemon studies, and history

Bio (Pokémon):

Species: Glaceon
Nickname: Frosty
Ability: Ice body
Personality: Very cute, and likes roaming around the class during lessons. Extremely loyal, and easy to open up to.
Identifying Marks/Accessories: na

Species: Alakazam
Nickname: Spoondini (Student nick)
Ability: inner focus
Personality: A know it all, and likes to think he's the best. A trusted companion, who fixes Pro. Maho's mistakes.
Identifying Marks/Accessories: Wears a white coat while teaching.

Species: Infernape
Nickname: Fists
Ability: Iron Fists
Personality: A hard hitter. He is the main fighter of the team. Never likes to lose.
Identifying Marks/Accessories:
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I'll be putting in my bios as soon as possible since I just got back from the doc's and I'm cooking myself some nice pasta.

(Just know that the bio may contain more info than usual.)
Name: Damien Orellia
Appearance (Physical): 6’ 2” tall with an athletic build and sun-kissed skin. Curly black hair frames a roundish face that is usually smiling.
Appearance (Clothing): Damien can usually be found wearing a light-grey hoodie with a black shirt underneath. The shirt has a picture of the Unova’s Toxic Badge on it, and underneath it is the name of Roxie’s band. Slim-fit black jeans cover Damien’s legs, and he wears black and purple tennis shoes/sneakers.
Personality: Damien is a pretty outgoing and friendly boy. He tried to be nice to the people he likes but those who are mean to him aren’t treated well. Damien is a pretty reckless battler, and his Pokémon often suffer the consequences. He has been working on being a better strategist, but he and his Pokémon prefer a simple strategy: hit the other opponent until they can’t battle anymore.
Backstory (Optional): Born and raised in Virbank City, Unova, Damien grew up around a lot of poison and dark type Pokémon. As such, he prefers them and their battling style to those of other Pokémon.
Relationships (Platonic): N/A
Extra: Only eats cheesecake if it has berries on top.

Bio (Pokémon):

Species: Croagunk
Nickname: Locus (Short for Locusta)
Ability: Anticipation
Personality: Very stoic and thoughtful.
Identifying Marks/Accessories: Black scarf around neck.

@Aquaman Just post your bio and we will go from there. The way I do things is I go back and look at previous posts to get a feel for your RPing ability/style. The Roserade was an exception because she has no previous Pokecharms RPing experience.
*Toadman conceals a giggle and uses Toad Slap and chains it with Silencio Verse on a target dummy*

Well, I do write a lot to be honest... and sometimes even too much if I think about it while comparing. (Not in a bad way though.)

I'll get my bio up as soon as possible.
*casually shoves some information*

NOTE: The stats and descriptions of Aron's moves have been modified for realistic and justified reasons.

Trainer Bio:
Her name is Mindy Avalon.
Age: She is about 14 Years old.
Appearance (Physical): Mindy stands at a short height of 4'10" and weighs approximately 97 pounds. She has long, blond hair, which is made in the style of a ponytail. She has blue eyes, a small nose, fair skin tone and some freckles on her cheeks.
Appearance (Clothing): Mindy wears an early 80s era sci-fi reading glasses, along with her purple, short-sleeved, one piece velvet dress and her white penny loafers. She has a golden watch fitted around her left arm and a platinum necklace around her neck. The necklace has a figure of that of a five pointed star, as there are five small diamonds each on their respective edges. She also carries around a smooth, shoulder strap, leathery purse that has various items stored inside.
Personality: Coming from her father's side of the aristocratic family of Avalon, Mindy is one that tends to be rather sassy towards others. Her arrogance can often get the better of her manners when it comes to interacting with others. She tends to spoil her Pokémon, as her soft, caring nature can sometimes get in the way of battles. She attempts to solve as much problems as she can with the pen, since she despises using the sword for resolutions.
Backstory (Optional): [To be revealed in the RP.]
Relationships (Platonic): [N/A at the moment.]
Extra: Due to the absence of a Pokédex in her area, she has a small, curled white spherical drone that can be seen resting on her right shoulder when it is in sleep mode. Its tiny, but resilient twin rotor blades unfold when it is in flight. Its small mechanical arms also unfold if any assistance is needed, as the device has an artificial intelligence of its own morals. Its big, one-eyed lens survey the area around her, as its swift processors and other mysterious parts process the information to her on its back, holographic panel.

Pokémon Bio:
[His name is currently unknown, but may be revealed in the RP with the correct actions and conversation triggering it.]
Species: He is an Aron.
Gender: Male
Age: He is roughly about 12 Months old in human standards.
Height: 1'02" / 35.56 cm
Weight: 20.8 lbs / 9.43 kg
Ability: Rock Head (Nullifies the effects of recoil damage.)
Appearance: He is your normal, everyday Aron; nothing too special and dramatic about his physical appearance.
Personality: He is reserved when it comes to social interactions, as he prefers to be secluded from others. His emotional side often gets the better of him since he has a fear of needles and despises battling other Pokémon. He does have some quirky habits he typically does when alone; the main one being that he likes to put his right arm in his mouth. Although he can be a bit silly at times, he can still usually get the job done with some effort involved.
Primary Moves:
  • Metal Claw: Aron gathers in a surge of energy and sharply strikes the target with his right arm, inflicting moderate damage. This move can be repeatedly used to chain together attacks, but significantly increases the cost of power.
  • Protect: Aron deploys a field of defensive energy to protect itself from all incoming attacks, nullifying all damage and status conditions they would have otherwise inflicted. This move may fail if used consecutively however.
  • Mud-Slap: Aron launches some dirt, sand or other similar matter at the target to inflict slight damage and reduce their accuracy. This move may also blind the target if it hits on the eye.
  • Metal Sound: Aron emits a dreadful screech at the target, sharply reducing their special defense. This move can also be used for distractions and echolocation in dark areas for times of stealth.
Identifying Marks/Accessories: He has some bandages snugly wrapped around the top of his head. (The hole near the top and above his left eye is also partially wrapped.)
Other: Aron's body is much lighter than the typical weight of his species since he is young and his armor is relatively thin compared to his kind.
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Name: Kell Owen
Age (Minimum 13):
Appearance (Physical): 5'9" with an average built and slightly tanned skin. Has short spiky red hair, Greenish blue eyes, scar under his left eye
Appearance (Clothing): Kell wears a loose fitting cobalt blue sweater with a red pokeball logo on the left shoulder sleeve, white under shirt, black jeans, black and white tennis shoes, has bandages over both of his hands.
Kell is a extremely nice guy but has the appearance of a delinquent making it hard for him to make friends. Kell has potential to become a powerful trainer but prefers not to battle not wanting to cause his pokemon harm. He is a teat freak has a uncontrollable urge to correct anything he finds out of place.
Backstory (Optional):
Kell was born and raised in Hearthome City he is a huge Pokemon contest fan. Whenever he battles he battles as if he was in a contest. Some of his close friends nicknamed him K.O from the way knocks out his opponents in one hit.
Relationships (Platonic): N/A
Not allowed to eat sweets especially cheese cake

Bio (Pokémon)

Nickname: Dizzy
Gender: Female
Ability: Klutz
Personality: Dizzy often wants to be the center of attention and acts as if she is better than others.
Identifying Marks/Accessories:Name: Shiny
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Name: Benjamin “Benjy” Ryber
Age (Minimum 13): 14
Appearance (Physical): Benjy has thick dark brown hair, that is medium length. He has thick eyebrows and light blue eyes. He has pale skin and he is lean and short, standing at 5’5”. While he is not physically strong and muscular, he is quick.
Appearance (Clothing): He wears a black t-shirt, with a black leather jacket over it. He wears a pair of black skinny jeans and black combat boots. He wears black fingerless gloves, and a Pokeball necklace, which is where he keeps Ronin.
Personality: Benjy is a slacker in a lot of ways who often gets confused and into trouble. He is known to pull pranks. However he is a quick battler and somewhat sly. He is strategic and a harsh battler.
Relationships (Platonic): N/A
Extra: Has thrown a Cheesecake out a open window before. It hit a Pidgey.

Bio (Pokémon):

Species: Sneasel
Nickname: Ronin
Ability: Keen Eye
Personality: He is quick and harsh. he relies heavily o his speed and power. Ronin has a major ego and thinks he’s as stronger than everyone else.
Identifying Marks/Accessories: He wears a black scarf around his neck.