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The world is your canvas.


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You, a child, teen, or adult, could have the entire would for yourself, what would you do?
Basically, your god. What animals are in the world? What do people do in the world? You decide!
Personally, I would want to have a world....what would I have for a world?
Anyway, yeah, you get the point.
Personally, I would have a world without the disgrace called humans. We're fragile, we waste more than we gain in terms of resources, and we're the cause of Global Warming, World Wars, and other things.
The animals would be able to think similarly to humans, but better, and they wouldn't make the same decisions that we humans have made. They'd make their own culture, and they would find their own ways to live.
There would be no need for clothes, as animals are fine being cloth-less.
Since they could not plant seeds, I would come down as a fellow animal, but I could walk and function like a human, and I would plant the seeds for them. From there, they'd need to harvest it themselves.

If they somehow did start a war, I'd simply try again, remake the world, and tweak the functions of the world one bit at a time until it was a true land of peace.
I dont know what I would want, but my younger brothers would definitely want the world to be Minecraft. The younger one calls the world's "virtual reality" lmao

Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
@PokeStorm Whats wrong with making earth Minecraft? xD

Anyways, I've had this vision in my head for an annoyingly long amount of time, thank you for bringing it up.
I would (first) strip down the current and horrid disaster that Earth is at the moment, including the humans. I'd probably put a few back later, but first I'd have to replenish the animal population (the endangered ones, at least) and then let nature take it's course. Let it thrive for a couple thousand years. And then probably sometime around 5000 I'd place two humans and then let nature take it's course. Hopefully it stays pure. If they die, oh well, Earth can do without humans then, I really don't care. If they do, I'll be sure to keep them straight. That meaning that we can cross words like endangered, poverty, racism, ect. out of the dictionary. If the population rises over 3 billion that's where I draw the line. And even that's really pushing it. I'd prefer it stay at a range of 500 Million to 1 Billion. I'd probably (if I could) stick the land back together as one big continent again. Anyways from there, I might think about letting them slowly crawl back to the modern age. That being said, they won't be starting up any wars (hopefully) or else I wouldn't hesitate to either start over or just wipe humans off the face of the earth. If they obey, and we get back to the Modern Era, then I'd congratulate humans, I guess. If I were actually in the place of God tho, I'd probably get bored and start flicking whole stars at Earth to see what they do. It's honest...