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Open Thing with Wings (Mothman Story)

One thing, there will be no profiles, but pick a name

April 21st, 2011, Point Pleasant

"Hey man, did that girl text you?" Asked Mark. "Not yet. But hopefully soon." Said Dan. They were driving late at night, going to some friends party. "Look, there's the creepy forest!" Make yelled. "We gotta drive through it. Are you going to be a crybaby again?" "Shut up, Mark," Demanded Dan. They got into the forest, and saw a big thing. Really big. "What the heck? Probably another stupid guy late at night." Said Mark. Dan turned the car into the ditch. The car hit a tree with a loud slam. "Out of the car!" Screamed Dan. "But it's there! It's at the door!" Whined Mark. The thing grabbed Marks neck, and snapped it. And, it flew at Dan, ready to kill.

Six years later, March 5th, 2017, Point Pleasant
Lance sat on the couch, waiting for people to come in for the party. He received a text from someone, but didn't mind to read it. The doorbell rang. "Hey, Mark!" Yelled Lance. Put the pizzas on the coffee table." Mark was now a pizza guy. He really didn't like the job, but a few dollars from it. "Bye, Lance." Said Mark.
(wait didn't Mark get his neck snapped, but whatever)
Alec walked through the city, he didn't own a car, he had his phone out and he sent a text to Lance was sent but no response "the hell Lance, this is what I get for agreeing to this" he was about to put his phone back in his pocket but thought of something else he brought it up dialing a friend "Hey, hey Jane its me Alec" he said over the phone.
"hey Alec" the voice answered back "what do you need"
"yeah I'm canceling make sure Lance knows" he said "alright see ya"
"bye" the voice said right before Alec hung up. He begun to change direction but not towards the crap apartment he owned but the direction of the forest, he heard the story like a million times but he was checking for his own answers.
Lance glanced at his watch. "Where the hell is Alec?" He asked himself. He tried calling. "Where are you, man!" Lance screamed into his phone. No answer. Lance tried tracking Alec's phone, and saw that he was in the forest. "Oh god." Stammered Lance. Lance looked at the text, and it said that he was coming in a little while. "Big fat ugly liar!" Lance dialed into his phone.
Alec saw Lance's message and typed 'I just got off the phone with Jane, I have to cancel. And like three days ago I going to search for answers I still don't think that there was a monster of any form and I still looking for the evidence.' he sent the message to Lance kinda angry yet not much. He finally got to the site that the monster was seen by Mark and the other guy, Alec never remembered the other name, he looked around the area. As he checked around the area he felt a strong breeze push his hand a bit, confused he looked around not seeing anything but a few pigeons. He was a bit creeped out, he pulled out his phone to use as a flashlight and continued to look around. As he turned a bit to the left he saw the outline of a big figure now he was definitely freaked out and begun to slowly back away but soon sped up. As he backed away the figure turned its head revealing giant red and took off into the air. At this point Alec was running terrified by what he saw phone still in hand, the creature landed a few meters in front of him, he lifted his phone and took a quick picture of it and ran into a part of the forest that was very dense with trees. His breathing was heavy.