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This isn't right. (A Steven Universe Rp)

Hello! This is a Steven Universe Sign up for a rp ill be making. Romance is allowed but please follow all rules. This is also a detailed rp, meaning more than a paragraph. Please follow all rules and enjoy! Character sign ups and starter intro below~ (Also keep in mind, no hybrids, or male gems, this is going to follow to the show as close as possible.)

Character Sheet

Gem Location:
Gem Weapon/Powers: (Try not to copy.)
Social Heirachy:
Job on Homeworld: (N/A to crystam gems)
Affliation: (Gems,Neutral,Homeworld)

(You can also have Human chatacters just leave some spaces blank and add a few , Sex, Orientation, Age etc)


Gem: Azurite
Gem Location:Back
Gem Weapon/Powers: Healing ablities and a Shield
Personality: Warm and friendly to her company of friends she can be cruel to those she doesnt understand. However she has a good heart and eventually warms up.
Backstory: Azurite was a homeworld doctor before being sent on the earth mission to accommodate the troops with medical assistance. She doesnt see a need to wipe out eart and rather enjoys the precense of humans and other animalia. She is a older gem, as she watched Roses rebellion as a young child.
Social Heirachy: She is a middle ranking citizen and serves under blue diamond.
Job on Homeworld: Doctor/ Healer
Affiliation: Neutral.

Azurite watched the large drop ship enter the earths area of space silently she almost felt bad for the nice creatures that resided there. She also wondered if the rebbellion was actually their or rumors started by the growing rebellion supporters. She though about this in her cabin, Which was a lush green, filled with beutiful flowers. She made sure to let everyone know onboard she was running studies on the plant life, but really she just liked to wath them . A mandatory meeting was called over the ships intercom. Azurite sighed quietly before entering the main hub. Seceral other gems sat already and she made small talk with them. (Ill add onto this later)
Gem: Emerald
Name: Emerald
Nicknames: Mera (from the humans)
Gem Location: inner Left hand
Gem Weapon: Katana
Powers: Full control over, the creation, growth, and movement of most plant life.
Personality: relaxed, patient, protective, experimental, and uses simple predictions in every action they do. Has a tendency to talk to plants like they can respond.
Backstory: She was casted into battle, but just as her and her crew was joining the battle, her captain launched her into space. When Emerald finally arrived at earth by some sort of luck the battle was already over. Pink diamond was shattered, corrupted gems were everywhere. The rebels had destroyed pretty much everything Emerald once was, her cause, her queen, and her treasured crewmates. Stranded on the planet, she adapted and made peace with herself and the life on earth. Every 100 years, she would go back to the now deserted battlefield and pay tribute to her shattered diamond.
Social Heirachy: medium ranking that served under pink diamond
Job on Homeworld: Soldier
Affliation: Neutral

On a vast scenery of strawberry fields with giant swords lunging out of the ground, a lone, human sized green figure ventured across toward the pink Palanquin. As she arrived, she knelt down in front of the ruins. Doing this always reminded her that she has to continue to push on, to continue preserving pink diamond's planet.

After some time, the green figure stood up and walked away. She had quite the trip to go before she returned home. Taking a deep breath, she told herself," alright, let's get home." She had to reassure herself since she was starting to notice a disappearance of corrupted gems. It wasn't a bad thing, in fact, it actually made traveling easier. But what she was concerned in, was the possibility of someone collecting them. The feeling made her uneasy, so she shook it off knowing if that were to happen, and her home is attacked, she would be ready.

Sorry that I didn't ask first before posting. This looks interesting, and I don't wanna start another pm conversation. I have way too many of those.
Gem: Turquoise
Name: Turquoise
Nicknames: N/A
Gem location: Chest
Gem Weapon/Powers: Sword, Floating Bubble
Personality: Shes quiet most of the time since shes guarding all the time when she does other things shes very nice
Backstory: Since she was made she was a guard adored the job with her Diamond until the Gem War many gems were shattered and Poofed she Turquoise had defeated most of the rebellion making her a high rank gem in her Diamonds court
Social Hierarchy: High Rank Guard/Warrior
Job on Homeworld: Guard/Warrior
Affiliation: Homeworld
(Is this too late? i'm looking for a RP to join and i love Steven Universe)