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XY/ORAS Trading Rare Ball Pokémon and Events/ LF Scatterbugs

Hi, BlackoutSLM. Unfortunately I don't have a Ability Capsule, I'm trying to get one to trade with you, but I'd be very greatfull if you can trade this pokemons with me. And I can trade with you any pokemon in my list, of course. Actually, I'm interested in 15 pokemons, because you get some new ones. If you can help me it'd be awesome, and when I get the AC I'll tell you at the same time:
Level: Slugma
Fast: Rattata, Diglett
Lure: Goldeen
Love: Venonat, Meowth, Mr. Mime, Chimecho
Friend: Snubull, Spoink, Meowth, Spinda, Oddish
Moon: Chatot
Heavy: Wobbuffet
Hi. I should be back next week. When I get back, I'll breed you those pokémons.
Can you get me a moon Absol also? Jolly nature please.
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No problem :)
I should be able to trade next weekend.

Edit: They´re ready. When can you trade? And can you trade me a Dream HA Zubat?
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Hi @Jay Lucas .
I can trade next saturday, but I was hoping to trade as soon as possible, because I need the space in the boxes for my own breeding purposes and I don't have pokebank... Can we trade earlier than saturday? If not, that's okay.
By the way, did you see my request for a dream HA zubat?
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Hi. I didn't see your Zubat request at first, but I'll breed one for you. Can you trade tomorrow night, from 7:00 to 11:00 pm, Brazil time? It's the time that I arrive from work.
I'm sorry but my X cartrigde data has corrupted...
I've lost almost all of my pokémons. I only have some on my Alpha cartrigde.
Unfortunately I've lost the ones I was supposed to trade with you...
I'll have to check wich johto and dream balls I still have.
Can you help me get back at least some of the ones you have traded me before?

(By the way, I did not hack my game, nor my console in any way, so there's nothing to be concerned about all I've traded you so far)

EDIT: From the ones you asked me before I can trade Friend Snubbull, Meowth and Spinda, Love Meowth, Fast Rattata and Moon Chatot. The list is updated with everything I can offer.

From yours I'm particulary interested in the ones I've lost, wich are:
Level Mankey, Sentret, Elekid, Koffing and Smeargle;
Moon Sneasel, Meowth and Drowzee;
Lure Chinchou, Corsola and Psyduck;
Love Smoochum;
Fast Marill, Ralts, Swablu, Paras, Ponyta and Yanma;
Friend Bellsprout and Plusle;
Heavy Phanpy, Cubone and Makuhita;
Sport Caterpie, Pinsir and Weedle;
Safari Poliwag, Sandshrew and Stantler;
Dream HA Shroomish and Castform;
Luxury Ball Woobat

I know they're alot and I don't have much to offer but could you please breed me these? I'm pretty desperate and I don't have anyone else to trade these with.
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Hey, BlackoutSLM, that's bad news. I think that I can help you with this pokemons that you want. Are you okay to trade 10 this saturday, same time? I'll want:
Friend: Meowth, Spinda, Sudowoodo, Snubull
Love: Meowth
Moon: Chatot
Fast: Rattata, Mareep, Minun
Dream (HA): Darumaka
Ok. I'll breed them. I'll want Level Sentret and Koffing, Lure Corsola, Moon Sneasel, Heavy Phanpy and Cubone, Sport Caterpie, Weedle and Pinsir, Fast Ponyta, Safari Sandshrew. Could you also catch me a Luxury HA Woobat in the FS? If you have the time, please breed the Dream Castform and HA Shroomish...
Thank you very, very much!
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I'll breed at least 10 of them, and if I have enough time until saturday I'll breed this 13 pokemons and cacth the Woobat. Can you breed a Tirtouga and a Cyndaquil for me?
Hi, BlackoutSLM, I'm interested in 8 of your pokemons. I've updated my list, are you interested in trading?

Love: Venonat, Chimecho
Safari: Hippopotas
Dream (with HA): Snorlax, Burmy
Dive: Anorith (HA)
Nest: Lileep (HA)
Luxury: Aerodactyl (HA)
I can breed you Venonat, Chimecho and Hippopotas. I don't have many time to breed because of work so I won't breed females with very small hatch ratios. When I have time I'll breed them for myself and I'll give you leftover females. Anyway, will you trade the three above for a Fast Marill, a Heavy Numel and an HA Ultra Stunfisk (if you have a Safari with it, if not breed a Dream one)? I should be able to trade today at same time.

EDIT: I will also breed a Dream HA Burmy for a Dream HA Illumise.
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Hi. I don't understand HA Ultra Stunfisk. You want a HA Stunfisk? In Ultra, Safari or Dream Ball? I have one in Dream Ball.
I'll breed this 3 pokemons for Venonat, Chimecho and Hippopotas.

Snorlax, Burmy and Aerodactyl I've already caught, so I'm only interested in Lileep and Anorith (when you breed them, of course).

See you today at same time.
Hey, Jay Lucas! Everything's good. Yes, I do want to trade. I finally got some free time :) !
I'm interested in a Love Ball Heracross and Dream Ball Shelmet.
Also, if you happen to have acess to a Friend Safari with Wooper/Quagsire, would you catch a Relaxed one with HA (in Dive Ball)?
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Sure, I can get one for you, but to catch the pokemon with HA and the nature Relaxed (in Dive Ball) it will be a little hard. It's okay for you to trade 2 pokemons for this Wooper/Quagsire?

I want Safari Scyther, Lure Mantine, Fast Ledyba and Heavy Wobbuffet.

When can you trade?
Thanks for the pokemons. I'm also interested in those:

Lure: Remoraid
Friend: Spoink, Bidoof
Love: Mr. Mime, Carnivine
Heavy: Remoraid, Kangaskhan
Fast: Diglett
Luxury: Aerodactyl (HA)
Nest: Lileep (HA)

If you don't have time to breed the ones with low female ratio, I'd be glad if you can lend me them, so I can breed and turn one back to you. Of course, if you lend me then I'll trade you one of my pokemons for each one. What do you think about that?
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Hey @Jay Lucas. Sorry for the lack of reply, but I've been working. I can give you a Love Combee, a Fast Magby and a Dive HA Anorith. In exchange, can you breed me a timid, 5IV (except attack) female Scatterbug (native of your region) in a quick ball? I'm trying to collect competitive Vivillons.
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So, can we trade next thursday at same time? Do you want something else for the other pokemons that I want?
Also, I'm interested in some of yours event pokemon. What is the ID of Giratina and Dialga? I have the 08193 (America) Dialga, but not the 08303 (Europe), and I have the 09273 (Europe) Giratina, but not the 09303 (America). I'm interested in those two (if you have the two that I don't), Heatran and the Oblivia Shaymin. What do you want for those?
Hi @Jay Lucas. Right now I'm mainly looking for Scatterbugs but, if you have a Diancie, I could trade you two of the Events you want. Unfortunately, I have the same Dialga and Giratina you do. Anyway, I don't know if I can trade today, due to New Year's eve preparations. If I'm available, I'll be online at the same time as always.
I do have a Diancie, but it is at level 51, so it's not UT. Are you interested in it? If you do, I'm interested in Heatran and Oblivia Shaymin. Next year if you are interested in other things please tell me, because I really want those pokemons, and some of them are easy to breed, like Remoraid, Bidoof and Kangaskhan. Also, if you could lend me them (specially Aerodactyll and Lileep) I'd breed them and give it back too you.

I'll be online at the same time as allways, in case you do too. Happy holidays for your and your family!!!
Thanks! Happy New Year!
I'm interested in the Diancie. What's it's nature?
I bred/caught almost all the pokémon you want (only Spoink left). In exchange I want Premier Cyndaquil, Dream (all HA) Basculin, Skitty, Slowpoke, Igglybuff, Cleffa, Sudowoodo, Seviper, Spiritomb and Moon Spinarak. Let me know when you have them ready.
Thanks!!! The Diancie's nature is naughty. Have you bred all of this? For me that's perfect, I'll just breed them and send you a PM whem I'm ready.

Lure: Remoraid
Friend: Spoink, Bidoof
Love: Mr. Mime, Carnivine
Heavy: Remoraid, Kangaskhan
Fast: Diglett
Luxury: Aerodactyl (HA)
Nest: Lileep (HA)
Okay, so it's three trades, right? This 10 x 10 pokemons, Shaymin and Heatran for Diancie and the other 3 for Scatterbug. Am I forgetting something?

Edit: Can you trade today or tomorrow at same time?
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